The Medford mail. (Medford, Or.) 1893-1909, May 25, 1894, Page 4, Image 4

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    "As eld as
the bills" and .
never excellr
ed, "Tried
and proyea"
13 the verdict
o f millions,
S immons
Liver $egi- '
lator . ia the
f 0 'tiP 'only Liver
JLJyyrvt and Kidsey
medicine to
which you
lean pin your
T-7 djiih for a
flJf? cure. OA
JL (JU' mild laxa
tive, and
purely vegr
etable, act
jv ing directly
A-' C on the Liver
J. r?f and Kid
neys. Tryit.
Sold by all
. pruggists in Liquid, or in Powder
to be taken dry or made into a tea.
Th.KingoflJver Medicine.
I have used your Simmons IJver Regu
' lator and can oonsciencioualy say It I toe
king of all liver medicines, I consider it a
' medicine chest in ltaelf. Oio, W. Jac
ao, Tacuma, Washington.
flaa tha ? Stamp to red on wrapper.
fThos. F. Oakes, Henry C Payee, Henry
; Rouse. Receivers.
.... 4
Sleeping Cars
Dining Cars
Staging Cars
Grano Forks
I Helena ano
,.HjLADElPHJA- -,.
. EWVOm ; - - ; "
'': BQ6TON KO AIL-- .-
Assistant General Passenger Agent,
fSo. 121 First St, eor. Vasb.ington
The Shasta Route
' "' DAILY.
Sontb ! I Jforth
8:15 p. m I Lv. Rjrtland Ar.
:4S p. m ! Lv. Mediord Lv
: 10:45 am I Ar. Ean- Frandseo Lv. 7SH p. m
Above trains stop at all stations from Port
land to Albany inclusive. Also Tangent,
ghedds, Ealsey, Harris burg. Junction City,
Irving, Eagene arid at all stations train Bose
purg to Ashland inclusive.
- 830 a. m I Lv Portland Arj4a0p.m
Op. njLy Ttoseborg Lv l7iXJa.m
Dining Cars on. Ogden Route.
Pullman Bafiett Sleepers and Second Class
Sleeping Cats attached to aH .throcgb trains.
Between Portland and Corvallis.
- Valif trains daily, except Sunday:
7:30 a. m I Lv -i Portland - Arl y35p. m
f 2:15 p m Ar UoryalUs Lv 1:00 p. in
At Albany and Corvallis connect with trains
.. ot Oregon Bacific railroad. ' '
Express Trains daily, except Sunday:
1:(0 p.-m I Lt ' Portland . i Ar J 8:25a. m
J tS p. m 1 Ar McMinnvilkJ '. Lv 1 &60 a. ip
43-Through tickets to all points In toe
Eastern states, Canada and Europe caq be ob
"iainrd at lowest rates from W. V. Lippincott,
'Agent. Medford, i.
SV ' Manager. Asst. G. g. & P Agt
Ill Hill
Contractu a Snecialtr.
Plans and SpecificatiQns Furnished
r " ati reasonable fates: ' ' " '
i - - t :
- I have S0 new design es of Cottage homes
those wlsoing o build would do well to ex
irftin them Ppitofrcx ' Box, T.
A young maa informed .his sweet beaitof
his lore fcr hei, and be said. "U you do,
aliqw iCf f3o dojs - -. - ,. -i .
Wjllscn's Monarch Sarsaparilla
show yon wha( a pewer it is to cleanse the
- blood and the entire - siteni, romovirlg
Pimples, BoiU and all d lwoses arising frcda
;' impnre and weak blood. , .
Try 50c bottle and "yoqr wiH have no other
MONARCH SARSAfARILLA is true to Us name
- Da. Rush, founder ol Kosbh Mediral Col
iege, once said this remedy is the World's great
y remedy tor the blood. Try it and let It
anow you what it can do.
Mf , bv WILLSOV SBOS.. Km(m, Wis
IJtBi y3r?9r3'5 -VS'3,MedfQr(l-
Table Rock Items.
.- . BY A. .
Mr. Pelton is pasturing a bunch
of .fine cattle on Mr. R, Moore's
place for a few weeks.
John Vincent and others naye
been on Evans creek examining!
some mining property..
The Table Rock school will close
a very successiui tnree monins
term on the 31st, Mr. Potter teacher.
The rain has enabled a number
of ranGhers to plant corn ground
that otherwise would have lain idle.
J. B. Welch will soon move his
mill to the foot of Board Mountain,
where he has a tine body of pine
and fir timber.
Lee Vincent is now living in the
house formerly occupied by Spen
cer Childers, situated on upper end
of Table Rock Ranch,
E. P. Pickens is building one
hundred rods of board fence along
the county road on the Hunsacker
place, now pwned bv Joseph Parker,
of Dexter, Or.
The Rogue river irrigating ditch
has been repaired and cleaned out
and water is now passing through
it onto the different ranches enti
tled to use water therefrom.
There are lots of strangers in these
parts just now. Very sociable gen
tlemen, all want to shake hands and
enquire after your health, and hope
you will have an abundant harvest.
They will all get back home I guess
by June 4th.
There is more Catarrh in this section
of the couDtry thau all others put to
gether, and until the hist few years
was supposed to be incurable. For a
great many years duc'.ors pronounced
it a local disease, and prescribed local
remedies, and constantly failing to cure
with local treatment, pronounced it in
curable. Science has proven catarrh to
be a constitutional disease and therefore
requires constitutional treatment.
Halls Catarrh Cure, manufactured by
Chenny & Co.,Toledo, Ohio, is the only
consitulional cure, on the nyirket. It is
taken internally in doses from 10 drops
to a taaspooniui. it acts aireouy on tne
blood and mucous surfaces of the sys
tem. Thev offer one hundred dollars
for anv case it fails to cure. Sond for
circulars and testimonials. Address.
F. J. CHEXSY & Co., Toledo, O.
"Sold by Druggists. 75c.
Bock Point Pointers-
Miss F. II.Miles is paying Ash
land an extended visit.
Lindley and Wadden are doing
business at the county seat.
Born On Friday 14th. to Mr.
and Mrs. C, Carr, a daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. Grant Mathews, of
California creek, were in town Sun
Miss Minnie Hamilton of Wolf
creek is the euest of the Misses
A. Helms has returned from the
Sunset city while his wife remains
for some time.
Miss Sophia Wilson has closed
her term of school at Grants Pass,
and is expected home soon.
Misses Ldllie and Carrie Hay
were the guests of Mrs. George Rol
and in Millow Springs Sunday.
; Jas. Hay, the genial clerk, was
looking after bis interest at the
Klippei mill, on Galls creek Sun
day. -
Ben Haymond is stepping high
er than ever since the arrival of a
bouncing boy baby. Mother and
child doing well.
J," Williams, sister and niece, of
Grants Pass, are now residents ot
this place. Mr. W is engaged in
hauling ore to the Lindley mill.
Jas. Wilson returned home Mon
day froni Portland hospital, where
he has been' since the accident on
the railroad. His many friends will
be glad to learn that he is almost
There will be a picnic at the old
fourth of July grounds near Gold
Hill on June 1st. Political speak
ing and horse racing will be the
programme for the day. There
will be a grand ball at Uammersly
ball at night.
Wedding bells rang at the res
idence of Mr. and Mrs. Noe in this
vicinity. "'The happy couple were
Miss Julia Noe and F. Armstrong, a
railroad carpenter of Portland.
They will make their future home
in the metropolis.
A Dairyman's Opinion.
There is nothing I have ever used
for muscular rheumatism that gives
me as much relief as Chamberlain's
Balm does. I have been using it for
about two years four bottles in all
as occasion required, and always
keep a bottle in my home. I believe I
know a good thing when I get hold of
it. and fain Halm is the best 1 iave
met with. W. B. Dtnny, dairyman,
New Lexington, Ohio. 5u cent bottles
for sale by G. H. Haskins, Druggist.
Eagle Point Eaglets,
Dr. Officer and Geo. Holmes talk
of putting up a drug store in the
near future. ' '
Mr. Hufjer, candidate for county
clerk, was doing this part of the
county last week.
Frank Inglernan, of Big Butte,
was down at Squire Johnston's on
business last week. '
Prof. Fysh came nearly having
to dismiss school last Friday, on
account of bis being sick.
Distemper is said to be raging
among the horses on the range? and
has been fatal in a few cases.
' ' There was a republican rally last
Sunday night at the school house,
addressed by Hon. B. F. Alley.
The present 6howery weather is
what all growing crops need, and
is a 'great benefit fo all farming op
erations. I. B. Varren, the nursery and
insurance man, of Medford, was
doing business at Eagle Point, on
Saturday of iagt week.
Geo. Brown & Son have added a
stock of agricultural implements to
their already large stock of goods,
which they keep for the accommo
dation of their patrpns." '
1 The little bird that carries the
wedding bell under its wing, passed
Over this section the other day and
What U It
3--ltte the new shortening 2?
'taking the- place of lardj
or cooking butter, or
S farther, and Is easily &
COt- S
jdigested by anyone.
n. lit pMk.illl. fjf
as nsiws All aUDSlUUiSS.
Had only by L
h. k. fairbakx & co., S
the bell gave one little warning
note, so don't he surprised.
We are glad to report that C. W.
Taylor is much better since ho has
been taking the medicine sent hun
bv an expert from Sacramento.
Hope it may prove to be the right
There are no regular party nomi
nees in-this precinct, for justice of
the peace, but the crop of inde
pendents comes altogether from the
republican party, viz: W. .
Standfield .A. L. Ilazelton and
John Yi'atkins.
A Pointer for Travelers.
While Mr. T.J. Richey.of Altona,
Mo., was tmvel in in Kansas bv was
Uikeu violently ill with cholera morbus.
He called at a druir store to get some
medicine and the druggist recomended
Chamblains Colic, Cholera and Diar
rhoea Remedy so hijrbly he concluded
to try it. The result was immediate re
lief, and a few doses cured him com
pletely. It is made for bowel complaint
and nothicjrelse. It uever fails. For
sale by G. H. Haskins, Druggist.
Sardine Creek Items.
D. W. Hazte is visiting his family
at Medford.
Joe Costactld has gone to Evans
creek on a prospecting tour.
H. Slover is visiting the family
of Mayfields, at the Meadows.
Dr. Vrooman made a trip to
Medford and Ashland, last week.
Miss Mary Downing, of Tolo,
visited Miss Pearl Vrooman, Satur
Mrs; E. Miles, of Galls creek,
took in the sights of Sardine last
Mr. Shepard and family, of Ash
land, spent several days here last
Joe Owen was up from Gold Hill,
last week, to see about his mining
W. A. .Mansfield, of Gold Hill,
made a flying trip to the mill on
Mr. Hiram Moore, of Sams Val
ley, was seen among the Sardiners,
R. Darling is engaged in hauling
quartz from Galls creek to the mill
at this place.
H. Clock and F. Pcnj.ide, of Gold
Hill, are doing Fonie extensive work
on tbeir quartz claim.
The organ agents ssem to make
a bold break for Sardine creek.
There were four here last week.
M issrs Maggie Miller and Lulu
Newton, of Central Point, visited
relatives here Saturday and Sunday.
B.F.Miller and son, Tommy, afier
several weeks visit at Willow
Springs, returned home last week.
A Popular Remedy.
The promptness and certainty of its
cure have mado Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy famous. It is Intcuded espec
ially for coughs, 4 colds, croup and
whooping cough, and is the most effect
ual remedy known for theso diseases.
Mr. C. B. Bain of Union City, Pa.,
says: "I have a great salts on Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy. I warrant every
bottle and have never heard of any on?
failing to give entire satisfaction." 6o
cent bottles for sale by G. H. Haskins.
Gold Hill Knggets.
The recent showers have greatly
revive! vfgetatit n.
Mr. Ray, the butcher, is on the
sick list this wee!:.
John Sizemore, of Sams valley,
is in town this week,
Snakes are beginning to crawl
rather promiscuously.
Candidates are very numerous in
this part of the country.
J. B. Hammerely, of Gold Hill,
has traded for a fine bear dog.
Jerome Fitzgerald is attending
business in Medford this week.
Rev. Jones, of Central Point, is
holding a series of meetings at this
J. W. Marksbury is having a new
dwelling erected in tho eastern part
of town.
T. V. Jeffers, of Central Point,
was in- Gold Hill, Saturday and
Sunday. ' ' ' .
James Dodge was 'looking after
his mining interest on Litch creek,
last week.
Miss Rosa Griffith, of Antioch,
was visiting home people Saturday
and Sunday.
Miss Dorrit Hammersly, who
has been on the sick list for a few
weeks,' is improving very fast.
Hon. W. M. Col vie made a few
remarks on the political topics of
the day to the people of Gold 'Hill,
last week.
Mrs. Brill, who has been visiting
her daughter, Mrs. Marcuson, of
Galls creek, left Friday for her
home in Nebraska.
George Bryant, of this place, will
leave Wednesday for San Fran
cisco, wnere lie intends takine a
three year course in the medical
Al. Smith's little boy was thrown
from a horse while in town Satur
day and had his arm badly broken.
Drs. Blackwell and Stanly at
tended the broken limb.
Bucklen'a Arnica Salve.
The best salve in the world for cuts
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,
corns, and all skin eruptions, and posi
tively cures piles, or no pay required.
It is guaranteed to give iwrfoet satis
faction or money refunded. Price 2oc
per box. For sale by G. H. Haskins.
Forsale by G. H. Haskins, Medford
Prospect Pointers.
George Aiken wus visiting at Mr, Ellis' place,
Henry Gordon was up to the mill on business,
Nelson Nye Is helping Frank Manning with
bis wuter ditch.
Mr.udeUonthby has returned from her vl3lt
with Kittle Ellis.
Mrs. A. H. Boothby spent Saturday and Sun
day with Mrs. Nyc.
Joseph Buck has gone to Ashland he ex
pects to return som.
Mrs. K L. Benson has returned and is again
to be found al her post.
Efllc Post, nred ten. Is atteudlng school,
riding a distance of four miles, on horseback.
Alfred Gonlen. of Trll. Is helping Jol.n
Cii-inRuU wi-.h tllo work on the Hear creek
Krnest Post wa thrown from his horse re
cent iy. while on bis way tn school, he was not
injured to any great extent.
Cfcas. PatU-c, wl-ohas been visiting Channry
Nye's family, relumed to Eastern Oregon,
where he is employed ut carpenter work.
Emma and Edna Pendleton, of Sncrfimento.
Calif., are speudlug the summer with their
pratidmother, Mrs. McKee. Enitna U ulleud
lug school.
Mr. Gray returned from Medford lost week,
bringing household supplies. Mrs. Gray's uncle.
Mr. Wall, nf the Sundwich Islands, is expecUxl
soou, to spend the summer with them.
rjS'icky lane Is a bad place since the rain. One
team stuck and had to be helped out. We need
a now road, and need it badly. Ky putting
road nearer itoguc rtver we could
miss the
Undue exposure to cold winds, rain.
bright light or malaria, rrav bring on
in (tarnation and soreness ot ihe er. Dr
J.H. McLean's Stretijrtht ning Eye Salve
will sutxlue the lntlamatioo, cool and
soothe the nerves, and strengthen
weak and failing Kyes Sivht. L'o cents a
box. For Sale by J. A. Slover & Co.
Evaus Creek Items.
Wlmer Is soon to hare a new store building.
size suw icci anu 13 icei ata.
There are lots of proviectors dlmlnsr around
among the hills and we are liable to hear of
aomo rica finds yet.
Weaihrr cloudy, threatening
era are mostly done planting. We bare had
tew sharp irosu which have damaged the fruit
The saw mill is runnlea- fall blast. We need
more settlers io our little valley. We have
some cheap farms which Uiey can get aiitl
make good homes of theiu.
The Pleasant creek district is enjoying the
beaefll of a llyely Sunday school. Jas W.
Creen. from Portland, who has located omuug
us. isthesuporinteadeni. and Mr. VauAntweii
Is secretary. We need some freed preacher to
run ano give us a rnmuioucor twice ammia.
nov. iimon, 01 uoouviiie, lailis 10 us soma
times with a trood hearing-
Peksons who lend a life of exposure
are subject to rheumatism, neuralgia
and lumbago, and will find a valuable
remedy in Dr. J. H. McLean, s Vol
canic Oil Liniment; it will banish ain
and subdue ir.tlamation. For sale bv
J. A.Slover & Co.
Biff Sticky Items.
We are sorry to say that i J. Creed Is on the
eicc list tuts were.
Key. Fyh. wife and danifhter. Bessie, spent
last aaiuiuay nigat at r. J. l-reta a.
Miss Annie Hwanson spent a couple of drya
last wcvk isiuojc arr iricnu, rran wacaaoi
Miss Znda Owens, accompanied by ber
brother. John, mode a pleasant visit at Calvin
Uveas lost SMtumay evening and Sunday.
There was a family re union at W. J. Greg
ory's last Friday evenlog-. Their children. Mrs.
Lucinda neaunn. sirs. IJuie Owens, lieniy
sou 11 ui, were oil proseat.
Mrs. Corner, dausbtera Anna and Pansr and
son Tom. attended ih rradua!lni( exercises of
the public school, in Medford. on the evening
01 tnc tain, ana returned Dome on iiuraay.
Henry ttrepory. elder son of W. J. Gregory,
of Big stlekv. is visiting bis relatives and many
friends in this vicinity. lie led his family in
Lautndl Valley, sad re ports them well and
There was a "jollification" at John Schneid
ers. May e. j-.:eve:i catltlrn were clirtsieued
seven belonging to Mr. Scho- Ider. and the rest
to friends. A grmtitnany visitors were prefect,
and all enjoyed the elegant repast prepared by
Mrs. acuuviucr.
Rev. Fysh preached an c'oquenl Sensoc at
the Antelope cbarch, last Sundav week. A
good eon err cat inn gntbered and all listened at
tentively to tne rierena gentleman s remarks.
A bakot meeting at the church was announced
for May sr. All arecord'.ally Invited to alien
and bring well Qlicd baskets.
The club met al ths school house. May 1?.
and an interesting program was enrrted out.
Charlie Sehnellboeker read a Mmiel Love Let
ter, r.llsworth. Nellie and Lulu ICuncrts. sang
Marnry McCoy, aua Louis Stnlib read about a
crooked country, that just hits Jacksoa county
ail nrer. w title Minn-son read on intercliiig
piece, and Lulu iloberts lottd. A Frontier Wed
ding, a comic piece, written by a minister's
wife, J. W. Smub and Tnoraas Wcadoa read
pieces for the good of the order, Alfred Msb
renu a selection by jostnh Alien s w ire, in
very creditable manner. r'f. Barnard made
a few remarks ou sciicul matters, and earnestly
requested the putmns of the school to visit It
and sec lor themselves what improvement has
been made. A dialogue by Mr a :d Mrs. Mor
gan. was splei.dldl rendered, aad the actors
were cueereu aain aad again.
To Laud Seekers.
We have 40. 60nnd 80 acre tracts of
land near Medford, at prices and terms
to suit the times, if sold within the
next 10 days. Tho Jackson Co. Flume
& Irrigation Co.
Are You Going East?
If so and desire to go via Portland
and enjoy the luxury, surety and com
fort of a trip over theold reliable North
era Pacific Railroad, you can dosofrom
Grants Pass and all S. P. points in
Southern Oregon as cheaply as by any
other route. The Northern Pacific
runs through trains from Portland to
St. Panl daily without change of cars
free oolontst sleepers, elegant Pullman
and Tourists' slcepeia accompany every
For tickets and full Information ap
ply or writo to A, D. Charlton, Asst.
General Passenger and Ticket agent,
Portland, Oregon, or to S. F. Cass N,
P. Ticket agent for Southern Oregon'
First National Bank, Grants Pass, Ore.
Come to the Second Hand Store to
buy goods cheap.
You will find a fine assortment
of Parasols and Umbrellas, cheaper
than the cheapest at Angle & Ply-
The regular subscription price of
The Mail is $1.00 a year, and tho reg
ular subscription price of the Weekly
Oregonlan isS1.5Q. ' .nyone subscrib
ing for Tms Mail and paying one year
in advance can get both The Mail and
the Weekly Oregonian one year for $2:
All old subscribers paying their sub
spriptions for one year in advance will
Ge entitled to the same offer.
The strikers at Wilkmbarre, Pa.,
placed nine kegs of gunpowder under
the honaes of the bosses and intended to
blow them up, but the plot was discov
ered in time. The plotters are Hun
garians. . '
- Two hogs and a fat goose were blown
207 miles in the ail from Peoria, HI., to
El wood, Ind., during the heavy cyclone
last week and landed apparently in good
Condition. There are several sections
that were visited by the cyclone to hear
from yet.
Ex-General Master Powderly has been
found guilty, with two of his followers,
by the executive board of the Knights
of Labor, of trying to disrupt the order
and merge it into the American Federa
tion of Labor, and all three have been
Frankie Brown, a school teacher of
Delaware, O., has sued T. S. Maianey. a
school director, for $10,000 for reporting
her as guilty of theft, forgery and at
tempted murder. Sudden deaths have
occurred in the neighborhood and Molo
ney claims the last victim was ma wife.
The first of the celebrated Dr. Fraker'a
insurance cases at Excelsior Springs,
Mo., has been settled, the Ancient Order
of United Workmen turning over to the
executor of the Frnker estate f2,0U0.
Fraker carried $38,000 insurance, and it
is expected that the other coinpuuies
having risks will now settle.
The Southern Presbyterians in session
at Nashville, Tenn., decline, the invita
tion of the general presbytery at Sara
toga for doctrinal unity. The Cumber
land assembly at Eugene, Or., refuses to
change the name of the church and re
solved that all agitation on that subject
. At Spring Valley, Ilia., numbers 1. 3
and 3 of the Spring Valley's coal mines
are on fire. The company asked the
strikers to permit the men to permit the
men to extinguish the flames. The
strikers met and by a vote refused aid,
many of them saying, "Let thembnrn,n
Tear them down. " Subsequently per
mission to extinguish the fires was given.
A pawnshop backed by 80 millionaires
has been opened at New York. It is
called the Provident Loan society and is
authorized by the legislature to do busi
ness nnder easier regulation than usual
ly apply to pawnshops. Rev. David H.
Greer is tho originator of tho scheme.
The object is to lend money to embar
rassed people at 1 per cent per month,
the profits of the business to go to form
a reserve fund to help the destitute.
Full value will be loaned on articles
Something like 5,000 Criminals are en
joying liberty through the dishonesty of
an ex-clerk of the district attorney a of
fice. The clerk is now dead. The story
goes back to the days when the lottery
men owned New York. Many indict
ments were sent from the grand jury to
the district attorney's office and then
disappeared. Moses Clark, chief clerk.
took the indictments and the evidence
with them to his home and locked them
in a large safe. When h? died the men
who paid Clark to steal the indictments
went to Clark's house and with the as
sistance of a notorious safecracker they
opened the safe and burned au the in
dictments. The Patriot Army his secretly organ
ized at Tacoma, Wash., and it is drill
ing about 203 men, although only two
meetings have been held to initiate new
members. Its constitution proclaims
"self -protection" for the Patriota. The
spirit of the organisation is treasonable
in the opiniou of some men who have
been invited to enlist, but the enlistod
ones are emphatic in their statemeuta
that the Pauiots will act solely under
the constitution of the United States,
which, however, they assert authorizes
them to take up arms and overthrow the
government when the government be
comes corrupt and tyrannous.
A tramp giving his name as Lacey J.
Baird arrived in Knoxville, Tenn., a few
days ago and asked to be admitted to
the city hospital, as he was aick. A few
hours afterword A. L. Sharrack, land
commissioner of the Burlington railroad
system, arrived in that city in search of
Baird, whom he had followed 10,000
iniles to get his signature to a deed for
a valuable "piece of land in Edgemoat,
S. D. Sharrack went to the hospital
and in a few minutes paid Baird $300
for property which lies in the heart of
Edxeiuent and is valued at $100,000.
Baird left. South Dakota several years
ago after having paid for the property,
and has been a tramp ever since. The
Burlington Railroad company has spent
hundreds of dollars trying to locate him.
Army OOrm Bare Made Harder Rides
Than the Germans.
The recent test of speed of horses and
that of the endurance of officers and
men in which & hundred German officers
engaged from Berlin to Vienna, and a
hundred Austro-llungarian o filters
from Vienna to Berlin, have been free
ly commented upon, but are not con
sidered by army officers as so very re
markable In 1S77, says the New York Tribune,
Capt. Ezra Fuller, of the Seventh
United States cavalry, during the pur
suit of Chief Joseph, was sent out by
Gen. Miles from Fort Ecogh to ascer
tain and give warning as to the rout
which Chief Josepn was taking over
the mountains. Capt. Fuller rode his
own private horse, his guide had two
Indian ponies, and an extra horse waa
token along to carry the-rations for
the party
They were gone twelve days, during
which they rode more than six hundred
miles not over the king's highway, but
through an unknown mountainous wil
derness. During this twelve days Capt.
Fuller was unable to procure more than
three feed of grain for his horses. Tho
Indian ponies gave out on the third
day, and the guide then rode tho extra
Capt. Fuller once rode sixty-six milca
in nine hours in search of deserters.
Adjt, Bell, also of the Seventh cav
alry, rode through the Bad Lands, in
Nort h Dakota, in 18S3, one hundred and
five miles in twelve hours.
Many instances of long rides of United
States cavalr officers might bo men
tioned in which the endurance of both
men and hores was tested, and compar
isons would show that American men
and horses are second to none in tests
of this character.
And the Cloudy Rolled By.
A cloud bad overcast their sky and a
tear fell here and there as the gray shut
out the blue.
She was piqued at some little derelic
tion of his and had taken her smile
away from hl-n' as a 'petulant mother
takes a rose from a child.
Ue had remonstrated and pleaded,
but sho was obdurate. '
Sbo spoko unkindly, even angrily,
but ho showed 'no resentment.
He had erred; he sought forgiveness.
"You aro constantly foolish," she
said, as if in defense ofhor severity.
"Yes, dear," he begged, "but think
how foolishly constant I am." De
troit Free Press. ' -" r
A srooSFUL of stewed tomatoes pnt
in the gravy ot either roasted or fried
meats is an improvement.
Broil steak without "i.?
draws the juices in cooking, and Is
Sable to keep tlicse if poble.
Student Of The Old School.
Poverty Flat. J axon Kounty,Or,
Dear E6 : I jist want ter kor
rect a fu mistakes that appears
onst in a grate while in yer paper
fur the general publick ter gage at.
One appeared tuther day, supposed
tu be rittcn by Mr. Devil, a wether
proflit. He eed a drouth wu a
llud uv dry wether, and if yer
wanted it tu rain, in order tu fetch
up the garden truck, yer must hunt
fur a snake uv trccmendus size, hang
it on a funse and it wuz sure ti:
fotch rain. Prof. Schonschin sayi
the Devil iz goin all 'round the
kentry deceiving the people, in or
der tu make the fokes beleve he iz
havin" an eazy time don't yer no,
Dear Ed., if that wuz the case,
there wud be a big demand fur
snakes in this kentry? Wv. neo
pie wud go tu Afrika ininin' fur
snakes tu 6hip tu Ireland. I jist
beleve that when it gits reddy tu
rain, it will rain, snakes or no
Senator Brice has bet Senator Stewart
$0 that the tariff bill would pass the
senate before June 15.
The entrance of Chairman Wilson of
the ways and means committee into the
house for the first time after his long
illness was the signal for a spontaneous
outburst of applause. In an instant the
business of the house was suspended and
members flocked around the West Vir
ginian and congratulated him on his re
covery. Senator Kyle of South Dakota has re
turned to Washington to assist the sen
ste investigating committee in the prob.
ing of the attempt to buy votes on the
tariff bill. He talked freely of the case
in which he. Senator Hnnton and Major
Buttz are the principals. Sentor Kyle
believes Bnttz was in earnest; that he
meant to buy votes, and further, that
he was only the aent of a New York
lawyer sent to Washington by some
powerful syndicate.
Representative Bryan, Democrat, of
Nebraska declines to be a candidate for
re-election. He says: "If the presi
dent's financial policy becomes the pol
icy of the party, I do not see any reason
for the continued existence of the party,
because the Republicans, having fol
lowed the policy longer, are better pre
pared to support it than we. On ths
other hand, if the party repudiates Mr.
Cleveland's financial policy and renews
its devotion to the common people it
may yet become an effective instrument
in the securing of good government.
The White House is without any of
its distinguished occupants. Mrs. Cleve
land bus gone to Buffalo with her chil
dren to visit her mother, and President
Cleveland and Secretaries Carlisle and
Greshnm have gone to Norfolk, Va., on
a fishing trip.
Secretary of the Navy Herbert visited
Mare island the other day and thorough
ly inspected the place. The secretary
will recommend, many needed reforms
to congress in connection with the Pa
cific station.
The tariff bill has been amended ex
tensively to meet the objections of those
recalcitrant Democratic senators who
would not accept the house schedule.
Sugar below 10 Dutch standard is taxed
40 per cent ad valorem, and above that
standard one-eighth of 1 per cent1 per
pound is added. Butter and cherskre
taxed 4 cents per pound, hay $3 a ton,
milk 3 cents a gallon, poultry not dressed
2 cents a pound. The fruit and raisin
schedules of the house bill are en
Senator Lodge has introduced an
amendment to the tariff bill, of which
he gave notice some time ago, provid
ing that, as agaht Great Britain or
any of her colonies, a duty of double
ths amount imposed in the proposed
tariff bill shall be levied, and a duty of
85 per cent on all articles on the free
list, such duties to continue until Great
Britain shall assent to take part in an
international agreement with the United
States for the coinage and use of silver.
With the spring comes renewed agita
tion for the suppression of English spar
row. Dr. C Hart Merriam, ornitholo
gist of the agricultural department, says
the sparrows are now spreading over
the frnit growing districts of California
where, if repressive measures are not
quickly inaugurated, there are destined
to lay heavy tribute. The best way to
fight the pest is by the destruction of
the nests and the young. Ninety -pel
cent of the poles may be reached by a
long pole and a hook. The strongholds
of the sparrows in the city are the
mosses of Japanese and English ivy and
Virginia creeper on the churches. Mul
titudes of young Hrds may be destroyed
by doucing the vines with water at
night -
"Only the Scars
Says IlEsnY IIchson. of the James
Smith Woolen
Machinery Co.,
Pa., who certi
fies as follows:
" Among the
many testimoni
als which I see
in regard lo cer
t a i u medicines
3ksLa cures, clcansiug
I cVJ oiooi, etc,
kjfjj noue impress lue
tuuro luua my
own ease.
Tvveuty years
ago, at tho age
ot IS years, Iliad
swellings come
on my legs,
which broke anil
became run
ning sores.
Our family phy
sician could do
me no good, and it waa feared that the
bouea would be affected. At last, my
good old
Mother Urged Me
to try Ayer's Bursa parilla. I took three
bottles, the sores healed, and I have not
been troubled since, paly the scars
remain, and the memory of the
past, to remind me of the gopd
Ayer's SarsnpnrtUa, has done me,
I now weigh two hundred and twenty
pounds, and am In the best of health.
I have been on the road tor the past
twelve fears, have noticed Ayer's Sar
saparilla advertised in all parts ot the
United States, and always take pleas
ure In tolliug what good it did for me."
Ayer's Sarsaparllla
Prepared by Br. J. O. Aver kCte?IwU, Mass.
Cures others, VfUcure you
Cheap handkeroblelt at Thp Fair.
2 cents and ter, - "
J. "WV Lawton,
Order Wort Giyen Special Attention. V
All work guaranteed first-class. Plana and estimates famished for
all kind of work either brick or trood.
Bills of LUMBEB of all Itlnds filled on abort
kinds any tiling in the sb3?e ot wood
jSfedford, - " - -
Mill ItfllltiHH
i i i i i i i i i i
O i i PT i i i i i i t I
"Wagons and Bugpies Made to Order
All Work Warranted First Class, C-or. C and Eight stoeets
Medford. ' - - . - - ' Oregon.
Formerly Grand Central.
Best Accommodations in the City
Rates Reasonable.
Hardware, Stoves, Tinware -i
and Fine Building Material.
Warranted Cutlery. Carpenters and Builders
Redjacket Force Pumps, for deep or
The Bert Stoea
fit Si AS- WA.
I 5 ma. ' Jv
W. L. DOUGLAS Shoes are atrlish, eafjr fitting, and grre better
satU&ctlon at (he prices advertised than anr other make. . Trj oae pair and be con
vinced. The stamping of W. L Douglas name and price on the bottom, which
guarantees their ralue. aave thousand of dollars anncally to those vrho wear them.
Dealers who push the sale of W. I Doueias Shoes gain customers, which helps ta
increase the sales on their full line of goods. Ykry mm .tford t n as av tmm wraet.
aad w iMtliev. yoaa eaa aa hiomt )r tatrrtts i-U your t ...r -f tb. 4fakr saAne.
Hurt ailir-T Ornloyna trac oy-tt 7.X. DOCCUtS, Brocktea. Mass.
For aU by A. C. TAYLOR.
V.'e sre r-n-psred to sire etttmates on any
buildup t"r..:n a woodshead to a state capital.
AU rvi-k in our line piarranteed first dasa
in every respect.
Medford, - Oregon.
F. W. Waschau,
The German Watchmaker,
- Sells the best good tn the Jeirelry
line and tor reasonable price.
If yon need repairing done on
your watches, clocks or Jewelry
. COm AKD 8 XX,
Watch cleanlaa-. TC cents: main aprlapa. 53 oeota;
watch glasses, 10 to IS cents each.
Notice to Stockmen.
STOCK mark and brands are not legal unless
recorded with the County Clerk. It Is also
necessary, to make the brands legal, that all
stockmen leave with the County Clerk a correct
impression, branded on a piece of leather, oi
the brend used by said owner- .
Stock Inspector.
County Treasurer's Second
Osncs or County TRiAsmata or 1
Jackson Couhtt, Oregon.
Jacksonville, Oregon, May 4, 18M. )
NOTICE Is hereby sWen that there are rands
In the Couuty Treasury lor the redemption
ot outstanding County Warrants protested from
August 4, 1S3. to September a 1887. Interest
on the same will cease alter the above oate
. .'... i'i L. itiptei,
m-4 m 35. County Treasurer,
For Saje.
Fifteen acres of excellent fruit land
two and one-half miles nortb. of Jack
sonville, on GoJd BUI road. For par
ticulars write to, or call upon, A C.
NicljpUon, ajedtord, Qre. '" '
notice. Sasa. Door and MUl work of al
twit ean be bad on abort notice.
Only white help employed.
' " , .
M. JfiiHpTN Prep
Tools. Fishlnc Tackle, Anudnnitian, Etc E
Bha,jrBajglIa. Tin Srop Attached
W. L 000111
S3 SI31
85, 64 and 83.50 Dress Shoe.
83.50 Police 8 hoe. 3 Soles.
82. OO, 82 for Worklngmon.
82 and 81.75 for Boys.
83, 83.50 82, $1.75
Medford. Oregon
w- .
In Connection with the:
-Hotel Hedford.
W. Ii. TOWHSSZTD, Propr.
2- -a -
Bas ever been known to have the Cholera waa
hafi his sharing aad fcajr eutting done at
i s a eMBaoi
T9 aosuMasi
Our baths are two hits each.
Seventh street, Uedlord. Oregon.
Ia toe County Courj of ths State of Oregoa for
Uie County of Jactijja.
In the matter of tnsv estate of C. P. Babeoek.
CitaUoa. ' '
To the next of kin and ail persons interested
la the above named estate, greeting: .
IK the name ot the Stats of Oregon, you are
hereby called and required U appear in ths
County Coart ot the' State ot Oregon, firths
County of Jackaon, at the Court Room thereof,
at Jacksonville, tn the County of Jackson, on,
Tuesday, the 6th day of June, 18M, at 10 o'cloek
tn the forenoon ot that day: then and there ta
show cause. U any, why an order should not be
made for the sale of the following described
piece ot real estate, as follows, to wit: im feet
off the north end of lots one and two In blocs
No. 8. Park addition to the Town or Medford;
Oregoa, as laid down oa the Plat In lis Beoord
ers otter of the said County. ' .
WmiBss. the Hon. J. R. Wen. Judge ot the
County Court, of the State of Oregoa. for th .
County ot Jaokaoa, with seal ot said County at?
Dxed. this Sod day of Mar, 4- Uet- '
- Connr,cjr
B4 I .
f: no j
1- ,