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The Mail wants wood on subscrip
v&ion. The hand that roasts .the turkey
is the hand that rules the world-
Get your horses' teeth fied up by
J. P. Latour, y. S.
Times are so hard in Colorado that
mine owners carry dumb watches and
smoke their own whiskers.
O. F. Demorest, dentist, opera
.block, Medford.
J. A. Whitman shipped three .car
loads of apples to Houston, Texas, last
week. f
New milch cow for sale. Inquire
.at this office.
rtill continues and is an improvement
worthy of note. .
Fresh salt-water fish every Friday
at C. T. Payne's.
R. H. Halley and family have
moved into some of those pleasant rooms
.on the second floor of their new block.
Fetsch takes the cake in making
.clothes cheap. .
A five hundred and fifty pound hog
was the size of one porker brought to
Medford last week -by W. Xt. Dickison.
Judge G. S. Walton, who has been
ill with fever for the past three or four
Tveeks is able to be about again 'though
not entir- : -ecovered.
Come , j the Second Hand Store to
buy goods cheap.
The hog market has slid down in
price a couple of notches since last
week. Our buyers are now paying only
four and four and a half cents.
Have your lame horses -examined
by Dr. Latour, V. S.
Last Thursday Rev. C. H. Hoiie,
At' his residence, united in marriage
Mr. Chas. Cooley and Miss Martha M.
Williams, all of Jackson county.
Have you seen the nice line of
ladies' and children's fascinators and
hoods at the Racket.
Dr. J. W. Odgers was confined to
his house all last week with la grippe.
He is now able to be 'about and Mrs.
-Odgers is the ill one of the family this
Mrs. R. J. Sayre's bread is oa
sale at Simmons' Second Hand store.
-Cakes and pies on order.
The foundation of J. A. Whitman's
fruit store house gave way laslf week
and several hundred boxes of apples
which were piled inside came near being-
precipitated to the ground.
Gentlemen: At Angle Sc Plymale's,
at hard times prices,- a nobby suit
La grippe has many subjects with
in its grasp in and about Medford.
Among them are Mrs. C. Strang, Mrs.
A. S. Foster, Rev. Cravea and family,
I. Woolf, B. S. Webb. J. A. Whiteside.
Assorted patterns of decorated
lamps just received at Fawcett &
The members of the Union Sunday
school will give a bos social, and will
have music and other entertainment
for the evening at the Independent
.school house near Phoenix, Friday
.evening, Dec. 22. Boxes 50 cents each.
Cranfill & Hutchison are showing
a line of dress goods that can't be
beaten for cash.
J. R. Erford's feed store ad ap
pears in another column of this paper.
Mr. Erford is an old timer' in his line
and can be relied upon as a square
dealer. He is now anxiously looking
for a chance to buy some seed oats and
wheat. -
Don't forget what Brooks was say
ing to you last week about his tinshop.
J. E. RoberU is fignring on put
ting in a notion store, the Fair, on
Ubrth C street, in the room formerly oc
cupied by G. L. Webb. He will carry a
line of notions, dry goods and fancy arti
cles. His stock is expected to arrive
Eoon after Januai y first.
: A prt-.tty doll's hat given away
with every doll purchased of Mrs. C.
W. Palm.
J. W. Hockersmith returned Sun
day night from San Francisco. Upon
his last trip he took five carloads of
hogs and two of cattle, and to-morrow
he expects to load six carloads of the
'same product at Medford and two at
XUold Hill and for the same market.
Dr. S". P. Latour, vetrinary surgeon
and dentist, late of Montreal, Canada,
is at Worman's livery stable, in this
Horace Nicholson: "Think that's
an armory? Well it's a mistake. That's
Beek, Whiteside & Co's. show window.
Ain't she a beauty? There are guns in
there that cost big money and you can
bank on their being a prime article.
Y es, we have had a big trade in guns
this season."
The Racket has a good assortment
of gents' overshirts that are full length,
well made and cheap.
The dancing parties given by Prof.
Barton are becoming quite the proper
amusement for those young people
whose ideas of a good tine run in the
gyratorial channel. . Tiie one given
Jast Friday evening, wai attended by
thirty couples and a very pleasant
time was enjoyed. .
Holiday goods of every description
at Palm's. Call and gc, prices before
The Raber brothers; who went to
luano io iei ine value oi tne turner
amalgamator in securing the Sour gold
found on the Snake rivsr bars, have
returned to Corvallis, aid report the
fullest success. They exect to have a
number of the amalgamttors at work
next spring on the beach sands.
For the next 30 da;s Mrs. Sears
.will make a great slaughter in pri
ces on millinery.
T". T T 1 T I r ,
ur. u. x. tvaiu lit: w , igsjaence on
South F street is looming up in fine
nape ana presents an ippearance
equalled by only a few dvellings in
Medford. The doctor will hive a very
pleasant and cosy home andone nicely
located. W, K. Davis u the mechanic
whose hands shaped the stricture.
If you need a trunk or vtlise, save
money bj purchasing it at tie. Racket
Store. - j
Deputy , United State? Marshal
.Hogue, of Ashland,' last Saturday
arrested P. E.. Thorn psoa, of the Ana-
conda mine,- pa Uiams creek.
Thompson is wanted in Portland on a
charge .of furnishing fraudulent cer
tificates for smuggling Chinamen into
the United States, also for smuggling
opium. He was arrested at the mine
and made, no resistance. Thompson
came here several months ago and
.bought the above named mine of
Waldo J. Clark, paying $2,000 for it
He was taken to Portland yesterday.
Our stock in men's rubber boots,
men's, ladies', misses' arid children's
rubbers is complete. Cranfill & Hutch
ison. . ' -
The American Express company
is resorting to extreme measures to
protect it's property. It now offers
a reward or 81,000 for each robber
shot dead and $5,000 for each one shot
and crippled. Train robbers ought to
decrease in the face of these con
ditions. -
The old and reliable LINIMENT
XXX. A friend to mankind as well as
to the animal.
Hon. J. H. Stewart, of Eden pre
cinct, Jackson county, shipped a car
load of fine winter pears to St. Louis,
Mo., last week. He is a successful fruit
grower, and has over 100 acres in or
chard. This year ho will receive in
the neighborhood of $20,000 for his
apples, prunes and pears. Oregonian.
Mrs. Sears has too much millinery
you can buy the same at your own
A father and son in Coos county
eloped with two sisters, a niece and a
cousin respectively of their liege lords
and bearing the same name. People
who would like to figure out kinship
can take a slate and pencil and go to
work on the father's kinship to the son
and the relation by marriage of the two
Xmas Gift! A life sized crayon
portrait of a dear face, at Angle &
Plymale's, free.
Four hundred and eighty dollars
was the neat little sum realized by a
Lane county farmer on a drove of hogs.
The same amount would have been re
alized on 1000 bushels of wheat. One
thousand bushels of wheat properly fed
would produce $900 worth of pork. If
that farmer properly fed his wheat he
realized almost SI per bushel.
Burbank potatoes for sale at T.
McAudrew's four bits per hundred
Arrived In Salem, Oregon, on
Decembe? 9th, at the pleasant resi
dence of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Starr,
a nine pound boy. Mother and son do
ing nicely and George will pull through
with proper attention, and while we
think of it what's the matter with
grandpa E. W. Starr well, he's all
right, too. ,
Large, elegant stock of holiday
goods which are being sold very cheap.
at Mrs. C. W. Palm's..
U. N. Damon and Frank Bellinger
are putting up a miniature telegraph
line between Mr. Damon's shoe store
and the Bellenger residence, corner
Sixth and G streets. Miss Soliss,
the teacher of telegraphy at the Med
ford business college, is boarding with
Mr. Bellinger's family and will give
Frank instructions in dots and dashes.
Take a look at those ladies' and
gents' silk hankerchiefs and mufflers
at Mrs. C. W. Palm's.
The Mail, acknowledges a pleas
ant call this week from Mr. and Mrs.
J. W. Cox. These people reside a f ew
miles east of Medford Mrs. Cox is
a daughter of J. A. Crain In speak
ing of Mr. Crain's health, which has
been such as to confine him to his bed
since October, they seemed sanguine
as to his recovery, but the improve
ment, while noticeable, is not very
Our five and ten cent counters are
loaded down with pretty little presents
for the children just the article you
were liking for, at Mrs. C. W. Palm's.
The residence of Hon. W. S. Cro-
well, at whose place are stopping his
son and bride, was the scene of a merry
serenade party last Friday evening.
The house doors were thrown open and
the serenaders invited to enter which
invitation was accepted and the young
couple together with the clever cap
tain entertained their company in a
most hospitable manner, and all were
glad of the opportunity to be there.
New and second hand stoves for
sale at the Second Hand Store.
Despite all the hard luck W. P.
Dodge has had with his well boring
machine the past season he is still tus
sling hard to turn an honest dollar.
Trifles discourage him not, but in
stead, dispells any possible inertness
which may have been lurking there
abouts. He has recently purchased
the third pair of jars for Jhis machine,
at a cost of upwards of $100, and has
again resumed work on the Carroll
Christmas goods just arrived at
the Racket. If you want something
nice and cheap come and see us.
A. P. Gordon, the Central Point
fruit drier man: "I will close up my
fruit buriness at Central Point between
now ana jsew lears. J nave had a
very good run of work this fall and
have made the enterprise pay. Next
season I will probably put in a drier
either at Medford or Ashland and on a
larger plan. I like the climate of
Southern Oregon. I shall spend the
winter at Salem where I have land in
terests." -r-Hopsackings and broadcloths, 'silk
warp henriettas and India twills, at
Angle & Plymale's.
The Mail is in receipt of a
complimentary ticket to the Brother
hood of Railroad Trainmen's ball at
Grants Pass on Christmas night.
While the recipient don't figure very
extensively upon attending we hope
thesuccess which always goes with
their parties may associate itself with
this one. The railroad boys know how
to dp things in a gallant, royal style
and this event will be a special effort
in that line,
Compare our prices on cotton goods
with any line carried in Southern Ore
gon and you will find them down po bed
rock. Cranfill & Hutchison.
A few weeks ago we made mention
of the fact that Scott Morris, of Spike
nard, had sent us a twenty-two pound
turnip. Scott was in Medford last Sat
urday and gyrated stiff-legged about
our office several times and all because
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report ' I
we said it was he who grew the turnip
instead of Nat Brown, who was the
actual grower of this monstrous piece
of vegetation. Wo applied a soothing
balm to Scott's lacerated feelings,
promised to mako peace betweon him
and Nat, and we now feel ourselves at
ease with the Spikenard fraternity.
Miss Abby Kendall, taught by pu
pils of the Boston Conservatory, will
give lessons upon both piano or organ.
Residence, Hutchison house, west side.
Riport reached Medford this week
that a very rich quartz lodge had been
located on the west fork of Griffin
creek, about eight miles from this city.
We are unable to name tho party or
parties who made the discovery, but
our informant stat ed that the vein was
six or seven inches in-width and would
go $700 per ton. A piece of rock half the
size of one's hand was hammered out
and the estimate of the probable yield
of the ledge was based upon this.
You wonder how Cranfill & Hutch
ison sell good, solid goods so cheap? It
is very simple. We buy for cash and
discount our bills, and sell for cash.
Cash talks every time.
Attorney W. W. Card well is de
termined to turn the Comstock of Ore
gon mine into the yellow metal which
we all so dexteriously seek, if not from
quartz then by placer washing. Last
week he panned out, all by himself, an
even forty dollars from tho company's
placer field.' As soon as the concen
trators shall have arrived the machin
ery will begin work on quartz again.
Unfortunately for this company they
have an insufficient supply of water for
any great amount of placer work.
An immense lot of dolls at rock
bottom prices at Mrs. C. W. Palm's.
You can get a sixteen inch talking doll
for 35 cents, also a sixteen and one-half
inch doll with moving eyes for 30 cents.
"Tob" Brous came near being a
cripple, for a few months at least, last
Saturday. In some way he got mixed
up in Strobridge's heavy dray, which
by-the-way had on a heavy load, and
two wheels passed over his limbs, near
the ankle and above ihe knee. For
tunately for ''Tob" the mud was doep
in the street where the accident occured
or both limbs would have been broken.
Dr. Jones dressed the bruised members
and the patient was about as usual
Monday, slightly disabled but still on
the turf.
Call and examine our line of al
bums, toys, dolls, novelty perfumes,
books, Japanese baskets, toilet sets
and other holiday novel lies, and don't
forget to examine our furnishing goods
and notions. Racket store.
"The special edition of the Med
ford Mail of December is well gotten
up, and shows lots of enterprise by tho
publishers of that paper. Diversified
farming is helping that part of Oregon
very much.'' Cottage Grove Echo
Leader. "This is all right so far as
the excellence of the paper is concerned,
for it was a good one, but the intima
tion that the editing of such a paper is
an example of diversified farming
ought to ba resented by somebody.
Are there no farmers of spirit in Ore
gon?"' DaS" Oregonian.
With but little care and no trouble,
the beard and mustache can be kept a
uniform brown or black by using Buck
ingham's Dye for tho Whiskers.
At this season of the year grip is
particular active in scattering seeds of
destruction. The temptation is con
stant to take chances of catching cold,
going out without extra wraps, leaving
off flannels if the weather is rainy get
ting the feet wet. And to have the
grip is no longer a joke. No more se
rious ailment hag come to plague hu
manity during this contury. It is es
timated that the grip has been directly
or indirectly responsible for more
deaths than yellow fever and cholera
combined. Beware of the grip.
Santa Claus being afflicted wilh
rheumatism brought on by the recent
bad weather, has turned his complete
stock of holiday goods over to the
"Racket" to be disposed of at exceed
ingly low prices.
Farm of 1G0 acres for sale, situated
twelve miles north of Medford, 60 acres
well set to alfalfa, 15 acres in timothy,
12 acres of apple orchard bore some
this year small orchard of stone fruit,
good strawberry bed and blackberry
patch, balance corn, grain or fruit
land; 130 acres under irrigation; farm
fenced in six fields; also a fourth inter
est in a large ditch. Four horses, 6
head of .cattle, 30 head of shoats, 1
wagon, 1 corn plow, 17 tons of hay.
Price $5,000. Table Rock post-office
kept on tho place. School house just
across the road. Address, R. E.
Drum, Table Rock.
Jeweler Pritchard is offering tho
greater amount of his stock of jowelry,
watches, clocks, and plated ware at
very near to tho cost line for the next
thirty days. A piece of jewelry or a
set of knives and forks is always an ap
preciated Christmas present.
There was more troublo at the
Jump-Off-Joe mine this week. Whon
T. J. Chapman, tho recently appointed
receiver for tho mine, presented his
papers to Drew, the purchasing syndi
cate's agent, ho (Drew) refused to give
peaceful possession, whereupon tho
services of the sheriff of Josephine
county were called into use,' and the
report was first current that in making
the arrest the sheriff shot him but this
haB since been contradicted; however,
the arrest was made and Drew was
brought to Jacksonville and placed un
der $2,000 bonds to appear next Mon
day to answer to the charge pf con
tempt of court.
You will want to attend some one
of the Christmas tree exercises, or,
perhaps you are thinking of attending
the K. of P. ball on Christmas night.
In either cose you will probably want
something to complete your "make
up." There is something in tho genu's
furnishing lino at
Woltors that you
New line just re-
were looking for.
F. M. Poo is equal to almost any
occasion when manual labor is required,
but Tub Mail called him down a few
weeks ago when we installed him as
pressman on our John Washington
power press, that works by hand. In
cowboy parlance the animal bucked
with him, and tho tightor he pulled
the cinch the harder it buckod, and it
flew into a multiple of many parts, in
many corners of the office. This was re
peated with nearly every impression of
tho paper and F. M's. impression of the
hilarious conduct of an innocent hand
press was out-distanced only by his
disgust for tho thing. Fifty papers in
an hour and a half's time was .unprofit
able to tho office and a second invita
tion to desist from his cold blooded
execution was unnecessary. He will
soon publish a pamphlet on "What I
know, and what 1 don't want to know
about a John Washington hand press.'
Christmas is tho escape day of hu
man generosity; it is tho day upon
which almost everybody buys some
thing for somebody. Before purchas
ing that something step in and see
what Wolters has tq show you.
L. Siihiodlor's larg-3 ntw resiJenca
in southwest Medford is completed and
tho gentleman and his family are now
pleasantly domiciled therein. The
main building is 14x20 feet in size
with an ell 16x1!) both two stories high,
and a one story addition 12x20. The
house is a thing of beauty as viewed
from the outside, the architectural de
sign being imposing and up to date,
while the interior is finished through
out in natural wood and two rooms have
added the m odern east lake finish.
If the "bouse is a beauty on the outside
it must be doubly so on the inside.
Two porches are as well added and as
neatly constructed as in tho remainder
of the building. Three coata of paint
is about one mori than the average
house in Medford can boast of but this
one can do it. Sbawver and Nich
olson were the builders of this fine
dwelling which fact is a guarantee as
to it's beifeg substantially and artis
tically constructed.
"Costly thy habit as thy purse can
buy: rich but not gaudy, for the ap
parel oft proclaims the man." The
foregoing is a clothing ad Shakesper-re
wrote a few years ago. The same ad
will apply to Wolters' line of gent's
furnishing goods "rich but not gaudy."
Sunday afternoon's freight bad on
board near seventy tramps. Fearing
le3t they would encroach upon tho hos
pitality of Ashland thirty-one of them
stopied off in Medford and waited for
Motukiy's freight. A collection was
taken about tho city to provide some
thing for them to eat and a place to
sleep. A quarter of beef, potatoes,
bread and other articles wore bought
for them and after an evening meal,
cooked by themselves near Mr. Klip
pel's lumber yard, they were given
sleeping room in tho Clarendon barn.
They had three meals off of our people
and took the afternoon freight for the
south. In conversation with one of the
freight breakmen wo learned that
many of these supposedly unfortunate
working men out of employment were
nothing more nor less than bums a
genteel elos of bums who live upon the
hospitality of the people when they
have ample funds in their pockets to
buy their own meals. Says tho break
man, "Take the overalls and blouses
o'.l of some of them fellows and you
will find a better suit of clothes than
the average man dare hope to wear.
They are human leeches. If the rail
road was to refuse to curry them free,
half of that crowd would step up to
this window and buy tickets. It is an
insult to generosity to feed thorn."
There can bo no finer. Christinas
present than one of those hanging
lamps at Wolters besides being things
of beauty they are joys to the house
hold. For tho past few months there has
been employed on the farm of Jas. Ham
lin a young man by the nnme of C. G.
Tasker. Somo three or four weeks ago
while Mr. Hamlin was ill in bed he
gave young Tasker permission to sign
his (Uamlin's) name to nn order for
goods on some of our merchants. This
order was accepted all right, but it ap
pears that Tasker did not stop at sign
ing the one order but forged Mr. Ham
lin's name to several others which
wero, like tho first ono, accepted by
our business men. Tho amount ob
tained, in clotlting and cash by these
forgeries reached to a sum in tho vi
cinity of $100. Last Thursday . the
young man came to Medford with two
of these forged orders and upon pre
senting ono for $22.40 at Anglo fc Ply
mule's store received clothing in ex
change. Another one, for $22.50, was
cashed by A. A. Davis. Friday morn
ing T. J. Hamlin, son of the old gen
tleman, came to Medford and upon
learning of Tasker's maneuvers swore
out a warrant for his arrest and as ho
was boarding the south bound passen
ger train Marshal Johnson laid hands
on his man. lie was brought before
Recorder Webb, who is ex officio jus
tieo of the )caec, and was by him
bound over to tho grand jury. Attor
ney W. I. Vawtor appearing for tho
state and Attorneys -Pentz & White
for tho defense. Upon examination
beforo tho grand jury ho was indicted
for forgory.
J. II. Stewart shipped a car of
his choicest apples ta New Orleans
'A car of apples was shipped to
Helena, Montana yesterday by J.
A. Whitman.
Postmaster Howard has movod
his surveyor's ollice to rooms over
the postoflicc.
County Commissioner Furry
is quito ill with la grippe, J)r.
Geary is in attendance,
There is no small amount of
business being done at the Southern
Oregon Pork Packing house these
times. An average of fifty hogs a
day is being dressed and packed.
My fifteen cent shaves are
catching all tho boys, young boys
and old boys. . It is ten cents saved
and that is equivalent to twenty if
you have it to earn. James Uates,
,he C Btreet barber.
When the sheriff swooped
down upon J, Brandenburg's Grif
fin creek residence in quest ot jury
men the versatile Jim was outside
tho grasp of his nibs, with the big
star on his lapel.
Tho K. of P. boys are promised
a large attendance at their Christ
mas ball. ' People who rarely ever
dance upon other occasions are
almost always sure to attend the
K. of P. ball they never fall Ehort
of bavin; a good time.
Prof. Barton has leased the
McAndrews building on East Sev
enth street and will give dancing
lessons and parties at this place
hereafter, he having removed all
partitions from ' the room and
moved his fixtures thereto.
Married In Jacksonville Dec.
9, 1893, by S. S. Dunlap J. P.,
William Dennis and Miss Bertha
W. Groch, also by Rev. W. B.
Moore, at the M. E. parsonage in
Jacksonville, Dec. 6, 1893, George
M. Sleezer and L. May Wiley.
The Grand Order of the Orient,
or Mystic Circle, has regular ses
sions each Friday evening. This
order has quito a large membership
and new names are proposed at
each meeting. Ur.e leature pecu
liar to this order is that members
attend regularly.
Contractor D. Cofer is expecting
to soon commence the construction
of a dwelling cottage, for his own
use, on the corner of Tenth and G
streets. The building will have
seven rooms and will be of a design
peculiar to Mr. Cofer's idea of lots
of room iu a small space.
Chas. Dunham, alias "Whis
kers," is surclv a gentleman of
much diversitv. It is inside here
to-day and outside there to-morrow.
today a printer to-morrow a. farmer.
He's a good, square boy any spot in
the road, and working in team har
ness his whifiletree never rubs the
Gibbs & Wheeler are here from
Oakland, Oregon, and will open a
photographer's gallery in this citv.
Thev will lease the old ealierv if
possible, but whether they do this
or not they will remain hero and
do outside work. The old gallery
is now held hv lease bv Cottage
Grove parties but there is no cer
tainty that thy will occupy it.
Councilman W. B. Roberts re
ceived a rather severe shaking up
last rridav eveninz. He started
for the well on the back porch of
his residence but the night being
dark lie passed the well unobserved
and walked into an open cellarway.
He fell a distance of ten feet and
received bruises about his head and
limbs, from the cfTects of which he
has not as yet wholly recovered.
The convention of the Christian
Woman's Board of Mission for
Josephine and Jackson counties
was held in Medford last Thursday
and was quite well attended. The
convention was held at the Christ
ian Church and is a branch of mis
sion work confined to that Church
organization. Two sessions of
the convention were held, one in
the forenoon and one in the after
noon, and much good work is re
ported to have been accomplished,
in the evening State Organizer Mrs.
Eli Fisher gave a very able address
in behalf of the work, taking as her
subject the Bible passage, "Go ye
into the world and preach the gos
pel to all nations." A recitation by
Mrs. G. L. Webb was one of the
principle features of the evening's
program as were also two solos by
Myrtle liigby. There was quite a
large attendance in the evening
and all who attended felt better fo r
being there.
Royal Raking Powder lias all the
Honors In Strength and Value
20 Per Cent, above its ear
est Competitor.
The noyal Baking Powder has the
enviable record of having received the
highest award for articles of its class
greatest strength, purest ingredien:s,
most perfectly combined whorevcrex
hibited in competition with others. In
the exhibitions of former years, at the
Centennial, at Parish Vienna and at the
various State and Industrial fairs,
where it has been exhibited, judges
have invariably awarded the Royal
Baking Powder tho highest honors.
At tho recent World's Fair tho ex
aminations (for the baking powder
awards "were made bv the experts of
tho chemical divisinn of the Agricul
tural Department at Washington. -The
official report of the tests of tho baking
powders which wore made by this de
partmunt for tho specific purpose of
ascertaining which was the best, and
which has been made public, shows the
leavening strength of tho Koyol to be
160 cubio inches of carbonic gas jior
ounce of powder. Of tho cream of tar
tar baking powders exhibited at tho
Fair, the next highest in strength thus
tested contained but 133 cubic inches of
leavening gas.- The othor powders
gave an avorago of 111. Tho Royal,
therefore, was found of 20 per cent,
greater leavening strength than its
nearest competitor, and 44 per cent,
abovo the average of all the other
tests. Its superiority in other res
pects, however, in the quality of the
food it makes as to fineness, delicacy
and wholo-omeness, could not be meas
ured by figures.
It is these high qualities, known and
appreciated by tho women of the coun
try for so many years, that have caused
tho sales of tho Royal Baking Powder,
as shown by statistics, to exoeed the
sales of all other baking powders com
bined. If you want goods at bottom cash
prices go to Cranfill & Hutchison, tho
finest ducorated storo iu town. They
havo no old s'.iolf worn goods to work
off on their patrons.
Druggist J. A. Slover was up
from Grants Pass Sunday.
A. A. Davis was in Roseburg, Rid
dle and Oakland this week on business.
Wm. Ratcliff, of Grinncll, Iowa,
is hert visiting Mr. Nicholson's people.
John Swahnek left last Sunday for
his old homo at New Lexington, Pa.,
to remain a few months.
G. L. Davis went north Wednes
day evening going to Riddle, Rose-
burg and Oakland business.
W. E. Nicholson aui W. I. Rat-
cliff uro over at and about Prospect
this week hunting and timber land
Mr. and Mrs. A. Alkoi:d, of Talent,
wero visiting in Medford this week
with the families of C. W. Wolters and
M. Alford. '
Attorney W. n. Parker and
family and Mrs. J. A. Slover left Sun
day morning for their winter's viiit in
San Francisco.
Mrs. Minnie Phipi-s, of Grants Pass,
is visiting for a few weeks with her
sister, Mrs. C. D. Kellogg. The lady
is enroute to San Jose.
Miss Eva Wilson is visiting for
a week or ten days up Ashland way.
U. N. Damon is officiating in the
Postal Union telegraph office during
her absence.
Alex Okme was in from Bolt Mon
day, lie reports mining movements
in that locality clamoring hard for a
good start and a big run during the
coming winter.
J. B. Glims, a photographer from
Oakland, Oregon, is in Medford look
ing over the city with a view to open
ing up our photograph gallery. He is
a friend of our townsman, W. R Wool-
M. A. Loosley. a typo and solicitor
on the Klamath Falls Star, was in
Medford Tuesday upon business. He
is a very pleasant gentleman to meet
and was doing a whole heap of good
talking for his paper.
Miss Grace Foster returned home
from Salem Sunday morning and after
the holidays she will go to Sacramento
and from there, in compuny with an
aunt, will go to San Francisco and en
joy the sights of the midwinter fair.
Mr. and Mrs. A. B. McCLURE, of
Dallas Centre, Iowa, were in Medford
a ew aavs tnis wec looking up a
suitable location. They left Wednes
day morning for California points.
They are old acquaintances of Mr.
Whit man's people.
a. iETZ, o: tag.e foint, was in
Medford Tuesday. The gentleman
brought in a drove of fine hogs which
were bought by the Southern Oregon
Packing company. It is at this season
of the year thai a few gold shiners in
one's inside pocket drives away whole
lots of trouble and inconveniences the
hog seems to be supplying these shi
ners quite a plenty hereabouts, and 'tis
well 'tis so.
Mr. and Mrs. Ira C McCoxnell
of Calloway, Nebraska arrived in Med
ford Tuesday morning and will remain
four or five months. If they like the
country, climate and citizens they will
stop right here for lime without date.
These people have plenty of the nec
essary coin of the realm and, as coupled
with this they possess the qualities
required in good citizens we hope this
valley is the place they have been
looking for. They are old acquaint
ances of G A. Hoover and family.
Al Sti'kgis was in from his mine
on Jackass creek Tuesday, and loaded
back wilh a big supply or household
utensils. It is Mr. Sturgis who owns
one of the richest placer mines in that
locality and from which he has taken
much gold. When his purse runs a
little low he eoes to the mine and pans
out what money he thinks he will
need for a given time. U ought to be
as well satisSed with his share of this
world's goois as the fellow figured he
would be if he l:n:w he could find a
four bit piece in his pocket everylimo
he went after it.
"Davis Best," $13 per 1.000 pounds.
Messrs. Hamilton it Talm
have beeu doing good real estate
business this week. They report
having sold a couple of lots near A.
A. Davis' residence to Mr. Muncer
for?2-"0;one hundred and sixty acres
of the I. J. Phipps farm to John
Flakus and 'eighty acres of the
Isaacs tract to John Mungus.
These two latter named gentlemen
are from Nebraska. They are
thorough, practical farmers and will
without a doubt make their recent
purchases bloom as the gardeu of
roses and luscious fruits.
S Acres
1H A
Cranfill & Hutchison carry the best
line of men's and boys' hats in the city.
burgaius at Angle A Plymale's.
Tun "Life of the flesh is the blood
thereof;'' pure blood means healthy
functional activity and this bears with
it tho certainty of quick restoration
from sickness or accident. Dr. J. H.
McLean's Strengthening Cordial and
Ulood Purifier gives pure rich blood,
and vitalizes and strengthens the whole
iKKiy. 1 per bottle. Por sale by V.
II. Parker & Son.
The lust mil of tho first division of the
Jlidliind Terminal railway has been laid.
Tho line is a Santa Fe feeder from gold
mines of the Cripple Creek district, Col,,
reaching the inoiu line of the Santa Fe
at Divide.
Chicago, it is generally agreed, will
have to nppropri;ile $l,UUO,G0O toward
relieving the wants of the poor and en
forced idle workmen of the city. At all
the churches and many public hallh Sun
day appeals were mado for aid.
"Tom King,n the notorious female
horsethief, has escaped from jail at El
Keno, O. T. "Bloodhounds have been
put on the trail, but it is not likely she
will be captured, as she is on a flout
horso and ridi2 hke the wind, .
Will soon
and their coming will necessitate
the outlay of a little money for
for your children and friends.
Want to buy as
and for as little money. Have
Wolters' fieu Stock?
Don't miss calling upon him be
fore making your purchase:
Is a very appropriate article for a
mend or her husband. WOLTERS has an
entirely New Stoce.
A present fully appreciated by the
the CKULKLUY line a new SET OF DISHES or a
few pieces of CHINA WARE buy something
7th Street,
At the old stand on Seventh street.
o Whole or chopped, Corn, Potatoes and Beans. o
WANTED 230 bostels of Sead Oats, also some Barley and Wheat.
J. R. ERFORD, Proprietor, ... Medford, Oregon.
Practical Bnsmsss Trail ScM of tea
:. WIL
M BLACKSMITH v.v.v.v.y.o
ovv. Al MSE mR
agons find Btigpaes iXCacle to Or er
All Work "Warranted First Class. Cor. C and Eight streets '
ftledford - - - - - - Oregon.
Hardware. Stoves.
t and Fins
Warranted Cutlery, Carpenters and Builders
Redjacket Force Pumps, for doep
JiljJl,' ill-
Contract a Specialty.
Plans and Specifications Furnished
at reasonable rates.
I have Srt) new ds'enes of Cotta;Te homes
those wishing to build would do well to ex-
ainin tbem.
PoaTorrcc Dox, T9.
fear A ff A C Vxre a-
be here
good an article as you can afford
YOU seen
lady to present to her gentleman
good Housewife is something in
Medford, Ore.
Building Materia!.
Ttools. Fishing Tackle, Ammunition. Etc Et
or shollow wells. Tin Shop Attached
v wnrV in hi 1in cnv ... .
erection and repairing ol saw and ouiru SmT
m.ruum iu pruieri- ana promptly.
tHvwu5 tniimuy answered.
address an Trancisco Cau