La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, September 08, 1911, Page PAGE 5, Image 5

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other and Sons of "76". .
A story of the day of the revo-
jtlon. It Is tragic in; every
ition. - '
i. Thief and the Girl" ....
A gentleman thief has as an
complice a maid in a wealthy
mlly. His reformation is com
eted by the daughter of the
imily he rob.
Treasure Trove" ...Vltagraph
Two sisters are savea rrom
lie pinch of poverty by the un
ipected discovery of a hidden
l-easure. A nne vuagrapn.
. at mi t . . Alnaaln
J pOpUJar hijucdv, uasiit
ngs in spotlight. Miss Garrick
sing "A May Morning." Mr.
eorge Birnle wil sing: "Out on
he Deep." These are the two
ongs which mads such a b't
Let wi?ek and are being repeat-
fto request of many patrons.
d at the request of many Pat-
rhas. E. King, Musical Director.;
That operation may be unnecessary
if you will treat yourself easily and
pleasantly with the Davis Electrical
Medical Battery. A demonstration
treatment or two without placing you
under any obligation and without ex
pense, if you are interested. Address
The inter-Mountain Sales Co.. UOZ1
Adams avenue, La Grande, Ore.
Mrs. Coombs has opened an electric
and steam bath parlor at 1620 Sixth
street and is ready to give treatments.
As most people know we are selling
all school books ait practically cost
and the publishers and their agents
are demanding of all buyers of school
books cash on delivery for them. Hence
for all school books we are obliged to
exact cash from all buyers of school
books at the time they are sold.
0. E. SIVERTHORN, Family Druggist
Electrical Treatments
p Love, Jewelerj212,4 Adams av..
r. Posey, Specialist for Eye, Ear,
e, Tbrout diseases and catarrh.
Ir Settler's store. Eyes fitted with
isses. Honrs 9 to 11:30 1:30 to
2nd 7 to 8 p. m.
Personal attention, modern methods
practical teachers will Insure you
lex returns. La Grande Busintss
A. class In conversation French ia
ing organized In the city. Anyone
erested is asked to call up Main 728.
Don't pay a high price for them
whn you can treat yourself with the
most modern apparatus at a coBt of
17 cents per month If you have t-lec-tric
lights In your home. Marvelous
results in the treatment of rheuma
tism, nervousness, sluggish circula
tion, liver and kidney trouble, Btc.
Complete description of the DavlB
Medical Battery with fall particulars
by addressing a posttl card to th
tern-Mountain Sales Cx, 1102 Adams
avenue, La Grande, Ore. 9-8-tf
but his family has spent most of the
summer la the east. '
A party of Elgin people consisting
of J. L. Hindman and wife, Roy G.
Brown and wife, Robert Jones ami
Mrs. Towmar, were guests In thV city
last night, stopping at the Savoy. They
made the return trip In Mr. Hlndman's
car. " " ' ' ' '.' : . ' .
Nate Ardrey, the piano tuner, is here
from Portland and will meet his cus
tomers before returning.
Claude Hampton of Pendleton was
a business visitor in the city yesterday
staying at the Sommer while here.
Mrs. Mae Walker waB a guest in the
city this morning staying at the Fotey
wbile here. ' . '
Fire Chief Joe Jones leaves in a
day or two for Seattle where he joins
other fin? chtefs of the northwest on a
junket to British Columbia.
f Dr. Chas. ;Ault of Uinierpiute, i
turned to his home this morning after
having spent a few flays In the. city.
He canon to La Grande with his
daughter who is on her way to attend
schol in the south, and while here he
stopped at the Savoy. .
E. S. Givens and wife of Seattle who,
with Mr. Richardson, are Interested In
Grande Ronde valley fruit land-, arriv
ed this morning and are taking B. F.
Givteos, of St Louis, over the valley
today as well. . This is B. F. Givens'
cumr i flrst visit to tnis aistnci. ne is me
he In-'fotv,. f the Seattle man. They are
quartered at the Sommer. v
granted to any person feeling ag
grieved by such assessment
La Grande, Oregon, September 6th,
1911. .
. Recorder of the city of La Grande,
Oregon. ... '
9-8-10t , -.
' Rebutting an Empro
Once. ihf tr.v roti. Emperor
Nicholas of Rusnln asked Llxzt to play
in bin presence : The oiuxioiun coin
piled, but during the iwformance the
cwir started a ponversatlnn wltn to
ald-dt- amp, Ustt topfd playing at
owe. ' Tr-oc ttnr mmkhI wtnit wan tin
matter. "Vhn the iiiK-nr i tents,
jiuld Llaxt. ""vry on must De aliM."
Tbe cjsiii Hiulllnv'l.v t"k the Dint, a or
tb iiitirln irwl
$ $ $ .
H. H. Lenox of Wallowa, was a
guest at the Savoy hotel last night.
I. M. Cox a resident of Rock Springs
stayed at the Savoy last night .
f ARN TO EARN La Grande Busi
ness college. ' '
Don't wait until you Bee others get
position; be the first 4o get one La
fande Business college.
Mr. Joe Woods has taken charge of
b crystal cafe. Mr. Woods has had
M place remodelea anil nnwlv fnrn-
ped and will run a flrBt class place,
POWn U9 the Delmnnlrn. Vmir nat.
f nage solicited. 8-14-tf
Electric and steam, baths.
Combs, 1620 Sixth street.
Mrs. O.
This is the time of year when ev-
pyone should consider remodeling
Bradley & Co. has a crew of first
'ass plumbers, steam and hot water
i'ters at all times ready to do work
atlsfattorily. Come in and unload
our troubles to
pne Black 971. Elm Street.
Miss McMurray returned today from
Union where she has been the guest of
friends for a few days. v
Mrs. F. J. Holmes and daughter.
Miss Nell Grimmit arrived home this
morning from a visit to the metropo
lis and beach points. 1 ,
. Attorney E. W. Barrett went to
Portland and Estacada this morning
after spending a few days here with
Fred Hooper, a memhr of the Elgin
IndlanB, and now proprietor of the
Wigwam, an Elgin cigar emporium,
was in the city this morning on busi
ness matters.
Will N'cill wi?nt to Eugene this
morning to resume his studies in the
state university. He spent the sum
mer vacation here with his mother
Mrs. Nell!rs Neill. .
Druggist and. Mrs. A. T. Hill teft
yesterday for a tour of the states, go
ing to Boston from here. They will
cover the important points on tourist
travel before their return home.' '
'. Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Moon returned
this morning from a business visit to
Pendleton. They are now located at
this city, where Mr. Moon was former
ly a resident, but of late had ben sta
tioned at Pendleton.
Night Chief Dispatcher and Mrs. C.
M. Andrews' and family arrived home
today from an extended visit to points
in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Mr. An
drews has been gone about four weeks
: ' Temporary Chief Jiamed. , .
Fire Chief Jos. Jones has named
Clarence Jackson as temporary chief
during his absence. All applications
for permits should be made to Mr.
Jackson at Snodgrass grocery.
,Jfo Guess Work
whether Ingredients of a prescription
are powerful or not; they are all care
fully weighed or measured her. It's
the only way to insure right results.
If you want accurate compounding,
bring your prescriptions to us. Wrlghi
Drugjcompany. ; ; ' ,
that school opens Monday. and the boys and girls will need new shoes,
w start to school. Our new fall shoes are now la stock and wie can
fit the boys and girla out with the newest and best shoes on the mar
ket. ... :
$LS0 to $31)0
....... tU0tof&50
Boys shoes from
Cirl' shoes from
. Round House Foreman Created.
For the first time In the history of
local shops and round houses, a fore
man hag been created for the round
housv? alone. Ed Thomas was former
ly round house and machine shop fore
man but of late he has devoted his at
tention to the shops and Frank Leav
ltt has now teen , made permanent
round house foreman. '
tice is hereby given that in pursuance
of a resolution adopted by the com
mon council of tbe city of La Grande,
Oregon, on the 9th day of February,
1909, creating Improvement district No.
J.7 and designating Jefferson avenue,
as such district, and in pursuance" of a
resolution adopted by said common
council on the 30th day of August,
1911, whereby said council determin
ed and declared its intention to lm
prove all that portion of Jefferson
avenue in said Improvement district
as hereinafter described, by laying
thereon cement sidewalk, the council
will, ten days after the service of this
notice upon the owners of the proper
ty affected and benefited by such im
provement, order that said abo de
scribed improvement be made; that
the boundaries of said district to be
so Improved are as fallows:
All that portion of the south side of
Jefferson avenue, from the west curb
line of Chestnut street, to the east curb
line of Fourth street.
(A) And the property affected or
benefited by said improvement is as
The north half of block 115, Chap
lin's addition to the town of La Grande,
Oregon. :'.."' ,!, :V if
Notice is herby further given that
the council will levy a special assess
ment on all the property affected ani
benefitted by such Improvement for
the purpose of paying for such im
provement. That the estimated cost of
such improvement is the sum of
$200.00. That the council will, on the
20th day of September, 1911, meet at
the council chamber at the hour of 8
o'clock, p. m., to consider said esti
mated cost, and the levy of said as-
Pay Nothing.
A physician who made a specialty
of stomach troubles, particularly dys
pepsia, after years of study perfected
the formula from which Rexall Dys
pepsia Tablets are made.
Our experience with Rexall Dyspep
sia Tablets leads us to believe them to
be the greatest remedy known for the
relief of acute ludlgMtlon and chronic
dyspepsia.' Tbelr Ingredients are sooth
ing and beating to the Inflamed mem
branes of the stomach. They are rich
in pepsin, one of the greatest digestive
Ms known to medicine. The relief
they afford is almost immediate. Tbelr
use with persistency and regularity iot
a short time brings about a cessation
of the pains caused by stomach disor
ders. .
' Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets will insure
healthy appetite, aid digestion and pro
mote nutrition. As evidence of our sin
cere faith in Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets,
we ask you to try them at our risk.
If they do not give yon entire satisfac
tion, we will return you the money
you paid os for them, without, ques
tion or formality. . They com in
three sizes, prices 23 cents. CO cents
and $1.00. Remember, yon can ob
tain them only at The Rexall Store.
& '5 G$Q$'$Od&M&ft
WANTED Girl for general house
work. Swedish girl prefered. Call
1208 Seventh and N streets.
9-8-St . ''
FOR RENT Oregon Hotel dining
room, No. 10 Depot street. 9-5-3t
LOST Black auto cushion between
La Grande and Hawes bridge up the
river. ' Reward. Leave at Observer
office. ": ' 8-31-tf
FOR SALE A desirable home, on rea
sonable terms and easy payments;
. a nine-room house with acre of
land; good location. Address P. O.
box 254, Wallowa, Or. (A. 19, 8 19.)
FOR SALE Dry chain wood in any
quantity. $1.60 per cord at the Per
ry yards. Grande Ronde Lumber
company Pe.rry, Ore. 6-lB-tf
FOR SALE Two steated trap in first
' class condition. Inquire Dr. A. L.
Richardson. 8-4-tf
FOR RENT Furnished housekeeping
rooms. Phone Ried 251. 9-2-tf
FOR RENT Furnished suite of two
rooms for light housekeeping. In
quire Emil Neiderer, 1201 Eighth. ,
HELP WANTED Gird or woman for
housework;' good wages; apply 1104
' O avenue. 9-5-tf V
A SNAP 80 acres of the best land in
Grande Ronde. Plenty of water, 6
room house with, first class barn.
Two acres of commercial apples.
MuBt be sold to satisfy mortgage at
once. Call W. H. Davis at Black 831
La Grande, or Mrs. Foye at Cove ho
tel. ; '
FOR SALE 10 acre fruit farm at
, Cove. The very best kept orchard
in the valley. Owner is too old to
handle crop so it must be sold with
' in ten days. Five room house and
good barn, the crop goes with
sale and all for $4,300.00. Terms.
Call W, K. Davis at Black 831, La
Grande, or Mrs. Foye at Cove hotel.
fpj IVE timc3 a year we make a de
tailed statement of our affairs
to the Comptrolles at Washington.
-we ask you to
look over the
report we pub
lish today and
note the splen
did growth in
deposits and re
sources during
the past few
Statement of the condition of the
at the dose of business September 1st,
1911. . 5 .. ; : ,
Loans and discounts . .... .$261,833.23
Overdrafts secured and un
secured ................. 1,120.34
U. S. bonds to secure cir
culation ................ 25,000.00
Other bonds to secure pos
tal" savings dep. ....... . . 5,000.00
Premium on U. S. bonds , . . ; 429.69
Bonds and securities 15,168.40
Banking house, . furniture
and fixtures ...,......,. 28,366.40
CaBh and due from banks. . 120,413.73
TteriAmnHrm fund with TT. S. ...
; treasurer ......... .', . ." . 1,250.00
r, .
. Liabilities.
Capital stock paid in ......$100,000.00
Surplus and undivided prof
its ..................... 10,667.77,
Circulation 25,000.00
Due to banks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2,476.35
Certified checks ........... 1,006.67
Deposits . , ... ...... . .' 319,431.05
April 1, 1909 . . . . .... $122,462.43
November Id, 1909 $193,777.13
Sept 1st, 1910 $249,0039
Sept. 1st, 1911 $319,431.05
' An article - that has real merit i
should to time become popular. That
such. Is the case with Chamberlain's
Cough 'Remedy has been attested by
many dealers." Here is one of them.
H.' W .Hndilckson, Ohio Falls, Ind.,
writes, "Chamberlain'B Cough Remedy
is the best for coughs, colds and croup
Haradon's Tru-Fruit
and Marshmallows. ,
Made Just Right.
No Imitation Flavors.
All Leading Gohfectioners
Sell Them.
and is my best: seller." For sale By
all dealers. ' eod
mm -TPocUMd, Oregon -
HMldcnt and Dy School for Girl. In-
chrm of Birten o( St. Johm Baptist (Eplmpll
OollifUto, ioOiali u llnuaurj "-- -T-li I
. Mul. Art, SlMvtias, TBoula. I '
Omoe24. t. Hnlem Hall I
They laoe In front Think what
that means the classic back
correct poise beautiful lines
ease of adjustment with abso
lute comfort. The proof Is In the
fitting: . ;; ;
Mrs. Robert Patlison
CorseiJere. Phone Black 143L
1 - ' : '' ' ' '" - ' ' '' ' fc' ill" T aitHFItilti I mkiiMSiimii,m min mi iS3
n - 1 . ..
For Iess Money
OIo:"i Oil
13 18 Adams A venue