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In Ton Tears Amonnt Grown From $L0OO.0OO to $5,000,000 In uT
cate Bookkeeping Follows Dissolution Fifth A venae to Beocme a
' Factory Mwl. . ' '
New York, August 5. That the mu
sic bill of this city for the coming
season will approximate $5,000,000, far
exceeding any similar expendi.nre on
record here or abroad, 1b now indicat
ed by the preparations under way for
the greatest musical season . eve
known. Ten years ago the sum spent
In this way amounted to hardly more
than $1,000,000. What it will amount,
to in another decade in view of the
ever-increasing demard for music of
every character is merely a mattter
of conjecture. In spite of this great
expenditure, however, music has 'not
, yet become a .generally popular form
of entertainment as is . indicated by
the fact that the greater part of the
$5,000,000 which it is estimated will
fee spent in the five months after the
middle of nf xt October for opera, sym
phony concerns' and other forms of
musical entertainment will come from
a nucleus of music patrons numbering
leas than 25,000 or less than one per
v -w w'fiij ' wait -iviuiauuu,
Probably not more than one person In
ive hundred ever attends the opera
although concerts of various sorts are
more widely patronized. Just why
New Yorkers will have to foot such an
bill for their musical enter
tainment Is indicated by, the salaries
paid to the artists. A really famous
operatic singer receives as much as
$2,500 for a single performance, while
ymphony orchestra leaders are paid
as much as $30,000 ror a season last
ing only four months.' Many of these
concerts and recitals fail to earn any
thing. In one case during the past
musical season Just ten seats were
old for a really mervorioua concert.
Eventually, however, the public foots
he bill but whether it can really en
joy the $5,000,000 worth of music it
will absorb next season remains to
he seen. '
'; Here Is Real Bookkeeping, ".-.';.
New York, August 6. One of the
most intricate pieces of "bookkeeping
ever attempted will shortly begin here
tJt a result of the decision of the su
preme court ordering the dissolution
of the Standard Oil company. The
task involves the pro rata division
among stockholders Of . the present
company of all its holdings In the var
ious companies of which it is made up.
At. first it. was believed that ther&
would be about 125 of ''hese neeesi-
radley & Gol
Sanitary Plumbing.
,i -
-I i
t) t ;
I Health and Good Looks j
Kitchen vfork has a lot to do vtith health and good looks. A woman
cannot work overtime In a fornace-like kitchen, with a wood range la
hot weather withput paying the Knalty. i . '
The drudgery, the long hoars, the
1 will cut down her energy and roabe
'If form.- - f. ' f,i .'
U This Is a far J that cannot be disputed and all of ns ran rail to mind if
many examples. Every woman who rooks Is entitled to an electric
1 range, and she gets one. too. w here
welfare at heart. .
au tirvire ioust uimns ruui, ciean kitcnn, a are wiinont a mm.
ot'g wait, that can be regulated with a thumb-screw mals In half
the time and no fuel to handle or
or special rate to users of onr electric ranges, make, them as rcon.
omleal to nse as wood. Ask about them.
Eastern Orego? Light & Power Go.
tating the exchange for each share of
stock in the Standard of fractional
shares In' each one. The number has
now been reduced to 35. But even
so the task of exchanging the proper
amount of each of these securities for
each share of the parent company is a
Job which would make an actuary of
an Insurance company throw up. his
bands, and the presen: day owner of
one share of Standard stock may soon
find himself possessed of all sorts of
fractions of shares in each of the 35
Furthermore the holdings of the par
ent organization in some of the minor
companies amount to only a few thou
sand dollars and were a division to
be attempted In such cases the amount
distributed in exchange for each share
would be microscopical. What will
become of these smaller holdings has
not yet been indicated. It is suppos
ed, however, that they will either be
disposed of or merged with some of;
tne 8b companies, .Meanwnue tne om-
cers of the subsidiary companies will
catcs, one of which will be many times
worse than the Job of the president of
a national bank in signing bank notes.
Fifth Avenue Is Doomed,
New York, August 5. The aristo
cracy pf wealth which baa long con
sidered Fifth avenue as the only real
ly fashionable residential district Is
great agitated over the possibility that I
the famous thoroughfare, on which It
ufm iuai i i, to iwuDBiuiQ w
throw a stone without hitting a mil
lionaire, is to become a street of
shops and factories. As a matter of
: fact this possibility has been assum
ing the shape of a probablll y for
years, although society has only Just
awakened to the fact. : As a result
there promises to be a merry war in
volving hundreds of millions of dol
lars with greatly Inflated values be
tween the present residents and hold
ers of the properties along the famous ,
avenue on the one side and the en
croaching commercial interests on the
other. Already Fifth avenue is practi
cally a business street as far north as -Forty-second
streef. the residences re-'
maining south of this line being far
less numerous than the commercial
establishments to the north of it, with
the- business ', encroachments steadily
'ucreas'nsr. Curiously enough the mat
.''.I,. .,,,- v
y. -:.a ti
extreme heat the smoke and aahra.
her urematnrelv eld In fare and
.-. , .
the man of the linns an. her
ashes to contend with. .
ter is likely eventually to end in a j
drawn battle, since Fif;h avenue in'
itself without transportation lines of
fers no real attraction to merchants.
The one cause of thetr Invasion is its
fashionable name and the value which
this gives to a Fifth avenue aduress.
But as soon as this street loses its
present Identity as he center of fash
ion and wealth, and becomes over
commercialized, this value is likely
to disappear at least, to a large extent.
At present, however, the struggle U
taken keen for serious consideration
of such a possibility, i .
New Gown for "liberty.'"..-.
New York, August 5. Miss Liberty,
who has adorned the New York har
bor for so long will either have to re
tire from public view or have a new
dress, for a careful investigation has
revealed the fact that there are near
ly 50 holes of varying size in her pres
ent costume of bronze plates.
The statue ia built of these bronze
plates which are very thin and wich
are held in place by steel frame work
which is still as strong as could be
wished'. An army engineer recently
made a close examination of the statue
hey look it over that way once a
year and found that there were Just
about 50 small holes In the bronze
plates of which the statue Is built.
are In spots where the plates always
were a bit thinner than the general
run of the statue. . They also appear
seemingly on the more exposed sides,
There Is no immediate danger for
the Goddess, however. Her chief care
taker, Lieut. Jones, says that she Is
good for 100 years yet and maybe
langer Just as she is and, moreover.
Lieut. Jones doesn't Bee why it is not
possible to replace from time to time
Borne of the plates which have become
more badly dlslntegra'ed than others.
So after all, Miss Liberty will prob
ably have to get along with her old
dress, made over.
la Grande Bayers Get Several Car
, , , loads From Sister City.
- s i 1 : . . . ,
(Enterprise Chleftan.) " X '
, Considerable activity has been noted
this week In the sale and shipping of
live stock. Tuesday was the leading
day of the shipments, a total of ten
carloads having been shipped on that
day. Warren Chandler, the well known
buyer from La Grande, shipped seven
carloads of tat cattle to the Portland
market. Mr, Chandler purchase the
cattle from leasers Polk Mays and
Tippets. A fine bunch of Bteers was
included In the shipment.
J. C. Cherry shipped a carload of
horses the same day to Seattle, Tho
shipment waa composed mostly of
small horses and 'were purchased of
Messrs. Warnock, Russell, Dobbin, and
Aaron Wade'of Enterprise; Taylor and
Wayne Wade of Los tine; Duncan Ba
ker and " Charlea Wright of . Joseph.
Included In the same train and ship
ped on the same day was a carload
of sheep purchased by W. I. Dlshman
for the Portland market. Mr. Dish
man also shipped three carloads from
Wallowa on Tuesday. The next few
weeks will witness the heaviest stock
shipments of tho year, owing to the
fact that extensive shipments of sheep
will be made. W. I. D'shman has con
tracted for 50 carloads of sheep which
will be shipped to Chicago about Sep
tember 1. Mr. Dishman's purchase
was made from R. F. Stubblefleld, a
well known local sheep owner.
-Although no other deals have been
made, it' is evidence that many, stock
sales will be made during tho next
few weeks and the coming month has
promise of being a record breaker.
. An Ideal Ooting. (
; The Oregon-Washington Railroad
& Navigation company will have ou
sale 'August 23rd special reduced
round trip tickets to the seashore,
which will afford their patrons an op
portunity to enjoy a delightful outing
on the beach. Also the privilege of
stopping at Portland and Astoria. The
rate for the round trip Is only $10.
Children half fare, . Tickets are Urn.
Ited to fifteen days. Make your reser
vations at the earliest practicable mo
ment. ', V !- ; . ,. -
L F. tt A. M. 1 " -ijOao fa
41, A F. & A. M. tu' v '.-: meet
ings first and third Saturdays at
7:30 p. m. Cordial welcome to all
Masons. L. M. HOYT, W. M.
a. C. WILLIAMS. Secretary. '
B. P. O. E. La Grande Lodge No. 433
meets each Thursday evening at 8
o'clock ia Elk's club, corner of De
pot street and Washington avenue.
Visiting brotbei are cordially ln
. ltd to attend. , - ;
H. J. HITTER, Ex. Rat.
H. E. COOLIDGE. Rec. Sec.
Grande Lodge No. 169 W O. W
meets every second and fourth Sat
urdays at K. P. halL All "vlsltm
mebers welcome, '-. . ' . t
J. H. KEENEY. Clerk.
4 W. A.--La Grande Camp No. 7703
, meets every Monday in the month ai
the I. O.O, F. hall. All visiting
neighbors are cordially lnvltej to
.' attend. -. ..
. v. ED. HEATH. Clerk.
VEBEKAHS Jirystal LodKO No. 6
meets every Tuesday evening in th
I. O. O. F, hall. All visiting mom
hers are invited to attend. . -V
- Lodge No 27 mes every Monrta.
night in Castle hall, (old Elk's hall -A
Pythian welcome to all visittxu
Knights. . .... n - .',.;. i-.
R. L. LINCOLN. M. of R. 8 -
O. E. 8. Hope Chapter No. IS. O. f
C. bol stated communications th
second and fourth Wednesdays o'
each month Visiting members cor
; laliy Invited. -7,V'V
; j; College of Mines to Celebrate. ..
" Houghton, Mich., August :-. 5. The
Michigan College of Mines, the fore
most institution of its kind in Amer
ica, has completed elaborate arrange
ments for the celebration of Us 25th
anniversary. The celebra lon will oc
cupy the whole of the coming week.
Former students of the college , are
coming from many parts of the world
to attend the exercises. Educators
and mining engineers of national
prominence will be the speakers
Among the noted guests will be Gov
ernor Osborn and Secretary of Com
merce and Labor Nagelv
tice is hereby given that in pursuance
i of a resolution adopted by the common
, council of the city of La GrandeOre
gon, on the 2nd day of March, 1910,
creating improvement district No. 14,
and designating Fir street as such dis
trict, and in pursuance of a resolution
adopted - by said , common. xouncil on
the 28th day of June. 1911. wherebv
said council determined and declared
its intention to improve all that nor
tlon of Fir 'reet, in said Improvement
district as . hereinafter described, by
constructing cement walks on eacn
side of street, the council will, ' ten
days after the service of this notice
upon the owners of the nronertv af
fected and benefitted by such improve
ment, order that said above described
improvement be made; that the boun
daries of said district to be so Im
proved are as follows.
All that portion of Fir street, from
the north line of a-W. R. & N. Co., to
the south side of Monroe avenue. .
(A)- And the property affected or
benefited by said improvement is as
follows: .' '' y.4 . ' -O.-W.
R. N. & R. Co. and lot 1. block
121: lots 1 and 34, block 124, and lots
9 and 10 , block 125, Chaplin's addition
to La Grande, Oregon.
Notice ia hereby further given that
the council will levy a special assess
ment on all the property affected and
benefitted by such Improvement for
the purpose of paying for such Im
provement That the estimated cost
of such Improvement Is the sum of
11.010.00. That the council will, on
the 16th day of August 1911, meet at
the council chamber at the hour of 8
o'clock p. m to consider said esti
mated coat, and levy, of said
ment, when a hearing will be granted
to any person feeling aggrieved by
such assessment. ' sesament, when & hearing will be
La Grande, Oregon, August 4th, 1911. granted to any person feeling aggrlev
C1TY COUNCIL OF LA GRANDE, td by 'such assessment.
Recorder of the City of La Grande,
Oregon. - V "
TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: No- 8-5-10t " .
tice is hereby given that In pursuance ,; ' ' '
of a resolution adopted by the common .
council of the city of La drande. Ore- ORDINANCE NO. 543, SERIES 1911.
gon. on the 15th day of December,! An ordinance further defining a nui
1909, ceatlng Improvement district eance, prohibiting the creation or corn
No. 13, and designating North Fir mission thereof, prescribing a penal
street, as such distrio:, and In pursu- ty for the violation", of this ordinance,
ance of a resolution adopted by said and declaring an emergency. r
common council on the 28th day of The city of La Grande does ordain
June, 1911, whereby said council de- . as follows: ,:
termined and declared Its intention '.''...Section .1. The placing of goods,
to improve all that portion of North wares and merchandise, chattels, rub
Fir street, In said improvement dis- bish, wood, lumber, or any other like
trict as hereinaf:er described, by con-t or dissimilar article composed of iron;
structing cement walks on each side or wood in any of the Btree s or sl
ot ' street, the council will, ten days leys ar suffering the same to be placed
after the service of this notice upon or remain therein, Is hereby defined
the owners of the property affected and declared to be a nuisance.
and benefitted by such Improvement,! Section 2. ' The commission of a
Order thai said above described im- nuisance as defined in section 1 of
provement be made; that the boundar- this ordinance is hereby prohibited
les of said 'district to be bo Improved ' and declared to be wrongful and un
are as follows: lawful.
All that portion of North Fir strset Section 3. Any person who snail
from the ..north curb lire of Jftnroe commit a tuisance as defined and de
avenue, to the south de of W ave- clared in tnis oramauce, upon !;
nue. : ' - tion before the recorder of the city of
(A) And the property affected or La Grande, Oregon, shall be punished
benefitted by said Improvement is as by a fine not exceeding $25.00 and in
follows: , . derault of the payment thereof shall
Lots 7 and 8, block 150; lots 13 and be confined in the city Jail for the per
14, block 155; lo's J and 26. block 154, iod of one day for every two dollars
and lots 1 and 26. block 151 ; Chaplin's of said fine.
addition and lot 13, Pre.dmore block Section 4. Inasmuch as much con
and lots 13 and 14, block 2; jdiict herein defined to be a nuisance
lots .thirteen and fourteen, lock is being suffered and it is necessary
8: lots 13 and 14, block 4; lots 1 and for the peace,' health and safety of
26,. block 23; lots 1 and 26, block 22; j the city and its inhabitants that this
lots 1 and 26, block 21; and lot 1. block ordinance ake effect immediately, an
, rreamore aaauion; an in tne crty
of La Grande, Oregon.
; Notice is hereby further given that
the council will levy a special assess
ment on all the property affected and
benefltled by such Improvement for
the purpose of paying for such Im
provement. That the estimated cost
of such Improvement is the sum of
$2,128i00. That the council will, on
the 16th day of August 1911, meet at
the council chamber at the hour of
8 o'clock, p. m., to consider said esti
mated cost, and the levy of said as-
Complete Equipment tor Resetting ann Repairing
. J t " i A 1 Rubber Buggy fires b!' ' J; t
tuMinm !mnHMmnMHimiummnmM4
La Jinnde's Leading;
Oppetlte B. 8. Land OfSee en A dams Avenie,
: ; .1 v
Only ; College in jEastern Oregon
We are conducting a high gradejschooi
in the latest Urns of Bookkeeping and Banking: such as
Loos-leat Ledgers with the toucher System of accounting
The most substantial and well Med Systems of Shorthand '
iefairffAVI0geAr-WiJ.' the associated branches' found'
In all well organized commercial colleges: $ ' 1 f 1 -' '
Write tot catalog pr crt'int'xt) io
those who will enroll or before September fifth.
Baker Business College
Baker, Oregon
La Grande, Oregon, August 4th, 191 li
Recorder of the City cf La Grande,
i emergency Is hereby declared and this
ordlnance shall take effect from and
after Its passage, approval by tte
mayor and its publication in one Issue
of the La Grande Evening Observer.
Passed the council by six council
men voting therefor.
Submitted to the mayor and by him
approved this 4th day of August. 1911.
". " "' - - Mayor.
Attest : . , ; ,-';' '
' Recorder. .
FITZGERALD; Proprietor; , ; '
,,. . V 'ii '