La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, May 10, 1911, Page PAGE 2, Image 2

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WEDNESDAY 3 IAY 10, 1911.
WWWWWHWHHWW 1 1 1 1 111 H-M II 1 1 n-
J. H. PERE;-?.,:
La Grande's Leading
'. V
Ie B A dual Irene
If r t f r
? $ X i ' ' ' - - -
j . Perry Pneumatic Water Systems, Samson 11
wind Hills, Deming iTimps, tucnarason o uoynion j
Warm Air Furnaces, Pipe Valves and Fittings, Gut- A
ters, Plumbing Fixtures oi All Binds, jruu Assort
ment of Nickel Trimmings.
It ..-'
TTjT-nji" iiii"y 'n'-'ii'"-"'r "i """i1 "i " r- V " rj,Y',r"i "i imihimi
We take care cf the small depositor
"We mean the man who can sate only a few dollars a month. -If
the amouut you can save doesn't seem worth while, remember this.
The size of your first deposit la not Bo Important as the fact that
you are actually making a start. ,.
Some of our largest accounts have grown from, small beginnings. :
Come in and talk It over. You will find us ready to extend th tmmo
protection," and the same courteous treatment that ; is accorded our
largest depositor. We pay interest on time deposits. ;.
The George PaAmer
Lumber Gomp
S-r-fetail Department v r ))
We solicit your orders for Shingles, Rulberold
Roofing, Deadening Felt, Building Paper
We are prepared to furnish and deliver material,
promptly. : . f hone Main 8. ' '
J. Wf McAllister of ta Grande Vice
j President of the Corajmnj. :
Flnaldetall of th: cohsolldatich'of
the Farmers' Union Insurance com
pany with the Pacific States Fire In
surance company, announced , ;XcJu.
ively . In lh'4 pa'pey yesterday wer?
completed today ,t sayi' ih; Pendlejon
Mve'Wire. i U l: A, 4
' As published, Jhe union was effected
with the ; powerful million; dollar cor5
poratlon assuming ail , liablntieB. con
tracts; and policies o 'tie 'Umatjlla
county home company,' and waa
brought about sclely aa result of the
dfsire o' the Farmers Jnon ompany
stockholders toniake-o;gVeai Oregon
Insurance enterprise possible.
As It is now, the consolidation "meant?
the creation of an Oregon fire Insur
ance ccrniiany equal to .the larg Et v
the Uniwd States. , Manuel Friediy. of
Helix, pr-sident; J. W.; McAllister,
president cf the State Farmers' un'en
and vice-pr sider.t cf the Farmers'
Union company; C. C. Connor.?, sec
retary; Dr. I. U. T:n;nl3. treasurer;
Judge J. vr; Maloutv end P H. Nsl'
son, director?, repres-nted M Int?"
ests of th ''Umatilli co;:r.' - 't,;3p?f'
at yeFte; r.:?f:i?.' :
' Th.3 .. ZzclZt Ct-t:i was
represented by President F, B. IJer,;'
of Pbrtland and C. L.. Ayrcs, T. r
Stevens and C. W.' Alger.
An pfficj will be maintained in " "
dleton ind yrfi?, Stcvchi .";.
Alger, who have been here for a num
ber of years, will remain for anotb
week. E. W." McComas la to be t:;
local representative of the c6n?ollel.ic '
ed company. ; ,
i Ex-President Friediy of the'Farr.1
era' Union company, will have a place
on the directorate of the Pacific States
concern, thus giving Um n'a" count
an active voice in the iHa.i-3 of. '.the
consolidated concern. ; ..i'r' .1
:: Retiring Board's Siateinent. . .
Ffr the old boar,d of directors, Dr
Temple made the following statimenf
today::,..; .... .:; . - ;; r . -
"In retiring from the, field of. Are
insurance the Farmers' Union direc
tors bespeak their heartiest co-operation
for th; pacific States company
We investigated the matter .thoroughl'
and came to the conclusion that the
unity of Interests would be feasible
practical and generally, deslrall;
working to the b,;.st Interests of all
directly or Indirectly concerned. ;
Ve ask from our patrons the sam ,
loyal consideration and Bupport fot
0 consolidated tompany that hat
be-n shown to us In the past, believ
ing fully in the future welfare of the
consolidated institution." .. ..
i. i I 7f-s5J - 1 Hi 1 M t- " I r i ? f f ' ' ! 7 '
YrW f and pURABLEtrthese words sumnted tupf
H itMi : tell vnifthe storv nf the5Ah.!f I5?t '..Thfsliiaihi I
less corset is the final result of years of study, re
search and the scientific application of a thoroughly
practical ttea:V - ' Ui;Uv 'jiy:
Thousands of women, the average, the slender
and the stout, never experienced the, joy of real
corset comfort until they wore the ADJUSTO.
Moulding and shaping the form the ADJUSTO
way is the modern mythe correct way. Try it j
vii re t
1 m-
ft ! f-'.'i . ',.-'."'' ( '
f THE ADJUSTO nay times proven itself N
, iy uc ui uit5 .;ir.;. .!.c v.ju, nui only as a reuucuig ;
corset, but as ijwfccl abdominal support. Then,
too, with the rltf'&Fthe IMPROVED REDUD
:C-G. t A: I; G .; -nd; SUPPORTER , LOOPS, the' corset skirt is held
feOT.:. smooth and fiat, uniformly' reducing hip and upper limbs. ! ;
Martin 6
Phone black 3482
. A
Autos and Bicycles
Sole agent for COLUMBIA
$30.00 TO $45.00.
. Bfojcles for llnt ,
Also a few secondt
, .hand, blcvles, for, sale,
..from $6 19 $20. . (,;
Ant for Hire .
Only experienced
t .and careful drivers are .
.sent out with autos.
. Three second .hand,
, nutoB for gale. ,, ,., ,
Special 1 attention 1 to
all kinds of repair
work, ,
R; W. Leighton ii
309 Fir street.
Notice of Street Improvement.
tice is hereby given that ln.pursuanc
of a resolution adopted by the com
raon council of the city of La Grande
Oregon, on the 9th day of Februar
1910, creating 1 Improvement Distrlci
No. 20, and ideslgnatlng Elm; street at
such district,' and in pursuance of ;
resolution ' adopted by said commor
council on the 19th day of April, 1911
whereby sai(l council determined aw
declared Its jiUtentlon to -improve al
tnat portion Of Slut street; in sajd in)
provcrnent district as hereinafter de
scribed, by laying thereon bitul'thlc
pavement, the council will, ten. days
after the service of this notice upoi
the owners of the : property affected
and benefitted by ! such Improvement
order that said above described tin
provenient be made; that the boun
daries of said district to be so im
proved are as follows:
All that portion of Elm street, from
the north line of Washington avenue
to the south curb line of Jefferson av-
enu. ,,' j ..;,; t
(A) And the property affected 01
benefitted b said Improvement is as
follows: All the property In the east
1-2 of blocks 106 and 113 and all th
property in the west 1-2 of blocks 10
and 112, ail in Chaplin's addition te
La Grande, Oregon. .
Notice is hereby further given that
the council will levy a special assess
ment on all the property affected and
benefitted by such Improvement fqr
the purpose of paying for such im
provement Is the sum of S6.300.00.
That the council will on the 10th day
of May.i 19J1. i meet at the council
chamber at the. hour of 8 o'clock p.
m., to consider said estimated cost,
and the levy of said assessment, vfhen
n hearing will be granted to any per
son feeling aggrieved by such assess
taent. - , . . , i
La Grande. Oregon, April 27th. 1911.
OREGON.- ' i ;" ;
... ' By, C. M. HUMPHREYS.
Recorder of the city of La Grande. Ore.
Ap 29 M 10 . . ., ..,
1 (.
Thj T3iple of Economy. s Opera House Block, La Grande
- - iv 'i. ,r .! 1
3 '
Savoy Hotel ; Your Name in a Telephone Dk
. I European plan rectory shows you are progrts-
TheQom. are good and YoU dan get a listing ill
Stearaj lieated only jone OUr HCW directory. Call
biocUrom depot up the Manager NOW :
,.bZ, hohoNeco.;
i 1 : j-5. Local and Long Distance Service.
- - - f - - n . 1
. I , , , . . . .
; - Long Distance Connection with the Entire Bell System
HHMMiMMMMMHMMnMiHHV.. I '"i""""",,"""",""," ,""",","",l,,J"""""rT II I J L
Telephone Main 737 i
Wten y.u vn cold gi a botui
Cliamberliiin's t'oiyh Renin;;, i It will
WD fix you up all :ibt and ?.? :
m tenuencr toward pn,nnionii.
T rvnie1y contains no en.imn or t1. ''
i niul innT ! piven its rnntiil nt:v to a "
an to an icu"., . . ..
, .era.
Benjamin Franklin' said:
"Show me how your gVaveyard
is kept and I'll show you -what
kind of people live In the com
munity." . ..',,,::-,.:.
The Blue Mountain
Marble Works
Has justr received s carload of
Vermont marble. Place your, or. ,
!ders,ti, orC(a; for (; monuments.
5 head stones and markers. ,,., i. ,:
' Decoration
; Day .
' soon be here. v' You should
see that the graves of your dead
1 are properly marked.
The Blue Mountain
Marble Works
Fancy Dried Peaches, 21bs. 25c
Fancy Black Mission Figs, 21bs; 25c
Fancy White " .21bs. 25c ;:
! Fancy Apricots 31bs. 50c i :
Fancy PniriesTa pound ' 15c'kt
Sbawbem'Ev Fresh. J
Vegetables of SI! kihdi
l Swifts Premium Sugar Cxxted
- Hams and Bacon : :
! 'I f I
. l'ill. 1 l.i
.If J!i.5 sl i . !
I-City Grocery, & -Bakery
The Home of Good Things to Eat"
i iiHunnm n tin im nniHiinnniinimnnnt