La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, April 03, 1911, Page PAGE 6, Image 6

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MONDAY, APRIL 3, 1911.
r'fWm '
Tou JTust Try on a Gossard
Corset to Realize Why v
It Excels.
The GosBard Corset shown here
Is model O and !a for the wom
an of ' full proportions. It
make a solid figure appear
slender and graceful. The bust
fits close, without raising the
bust when seated, $8.50. Other
models $3.50 and $5.00.
Mrs. Robert Pattison
Phone, black 1481.
Many La Grande people have wind
or gas In the stomach or bowels, sour
steraac hor constipation and do not
know that these are symptoms of
chronic appendicitis , which may any
minute became acute. They should
try almple buckthorn bark, glycerine,
etc., as compounded In AdleM-ka, the
new German appendicitis remedy A
SINCE DOSE will bring relief. A. T.
Mill, druggist, states that the. QUICK
ctlon of Adler-I-ka is a constant sur
prise to people. .
From the Middle and Eastern portions
of the United States and Canada to
, will prevail DAILY
MARCH 10th to APRIL 10th
'' over the
, RaiIroad& Navigation Co.
and connections, the ,
Oregon Short Lino, Union Pacific and
Chicago Northwestern i
From . ' ,
Chicago at .... $33.00
SL Louis at ...........,..., . .$320
Omaha at $25.00
Kansas City at ..........$25.00
St Paul at ............ r.;.. $25.00
and from other cities corresponding
Yon can PREPAY Fares
The Colonists fare are westbound
only, but if you have relatllves or
friends or employees In the east whom
you desire to bring to this state yoi
can deposit the value of the fare
with your local railroad agent, and an
oraer tor a ticket will be telegraphed
to any address desired.
little mm: shipments from
Seven' Cars Today Clean Tp Available
' Beef Await Grass Stock.
McKennon & Chandler, owners i.
ths sweepstak: carlot of s'; . and
now gelling out their balmce o tY:
pen fed supply, are E'o;:ng seven
cars of beet today and this w'll 'los-'
up tha shipping for ths.prcs i. Tliare
Is" little more beef In the valley at this
time and there will be but little ship
ping until grass cattle come on the
market. This will be in about two
months If the range continues good.
All kinds of stock have commanded
good, prices the past season, say the
buyers, and it has been a profitable
year to feeder and buyer alike.
Let the WORLD Enow
Of our vost resources and splendid op
portunities for ' ,
Call on the undersigned for good
Instructive xatter to send East or
giva htm the address of those to whom
you would like to have such matter
sent ' "' : . ;,
General Passenger Agent
Portland, Oregon. "
a ray mm
Copyright by American Preat Asso-
...... ' elation, mi
'HEN you want a
first-class iob of
V Vd-4!
iniuiug, anu want
it without delay; when
you have a design in
printing you would like
to have figured out sat
isfactorily; ; when you
want work at reasonable
prices, bear the EVElT
mind and call Main 13,
also Independent 1342.
We Do Anything With Type
The Print Shop with a Pay Roll
Of all the strange coincidences J
have ever beard now U stranger thun
one happening in my own !lfe, and It
led to Important results.
One day, bapenlng in at my law
yer's office, be said to me:
"By the bye. we have a big lot of
paper In your case against Bunsby.
It has all been settled up, and I would
like to turn them over to you. We are
overburdened here with dead docu
ments." He called an office boy and sent for
the papers. They came to me In one
large bundle, which I tucked under my
arm, walked borne with It, and threw
it without opening It. into an iron
box kept for family records.
Ten years passed, during which pe-'
rlod I went on an average to' the bos
once or twice a year to toss Into It
some document that would probably
never be needed again. 1 had no oc
casion to look Into the box during all
this period, but the time came when
1 found It necessary to overhaul It In
a search for a missing paper. By the i
time I found my paper every separate
buncb bud been unrolled and their con-1
tents were all in confusion. Picking
up a paper marked "Last will and testa
ment of James Chlenlngsby," I was
somewhat surprised to find such a
document '
I opened and ran my eye over Its
contents. There was nothing to Indi
cate the value of the estate, nor were
the names of any of the legatees fa
miliar to me. There were a few small
bequests to different iiersons, and the
residue was to be given to a minor. ;
uow the paper got Into my box was a
mystery. I was not Interested In the
will, but I was' deeply Interested In j
how It came to be where I found It. :
It must buve been there a long while. 1
but not more than, twenty years, for
the ,date it was executed was no fur
ther back than that But It might
have been put in my box much more
lately than that. '
I should have attached more Impor
tance to It it persons could not make
more than one legal will. It struck
me that this might be an old oue
which bad been voided by a later one
and bad got mixed with old out of
date papers. But that did not explain
how It came to be tn my possession,
for It was not a paper In which 1 or
any of my- family, so far as 1 knew,
had any Interest I looked It over
carefully to see It there was any clew
by which I could discover who were
the legatees, but there was nothing to
give me the slightest information con
cerning It ' I took It to my desk tn a
room I occupied, for smoking and
placed It in a pigeonhole, Intending to
advertise It But time , passed, and I
took no action. .
Some time after this I married my'
tenographer and typewriter. She was '
err poor, aud I was not rich. I was
making a bare. living and until our'
first child was born she retained her '
position In my service. Indeed, It was '
essential that she should, and when1
children came and I was deprived of '
her assistance lu spite of nil my ef-!
forts I. whs losing my grip aud could 1
not afford to hire another stcnogrn-1
pher. j
One uiuruInK while IooUIur ovw my I
nercspnppr my ,ve drifts! to real ex-j
tate item On t tutm mntlonil I
tlu tun ! a ili- t iirtipcrty iwlouv J
Irs " thi Mitf(iimMiy estate Tl;' i
(;:;;!. i wa tin itj oin-, but It wemerl
to me triii t I Hud wn It sotnewbeiv
": dc;ir." i ald t my wife, "did
vuti i-vi't ttfnr ot.thi nauie Chlentujr
i-.vr ' .
"I ii'irt "i un -i "by that unm?
;. i i,. i'i s.. r. ; fjf d!s-;
peared when be was a boy and was
never beard from. All 1 know of him
Is that I heard my motbr speak, of
him before she died"
i kept thinking of the name till sud
denly it flashed upon u that 1 bad
seen It In the wilj found In my Iron
box.. 1 went to my desk, took out the
document nnd rend th name of tfcf
testator J a m rt-ifmnptby I will
ed my wife' and n-m iln lll ro i.r
When I enm t.. m- tinraf of the heir
to the resldu t the estwtp I Htoptted.
wiiidw Rtn-Kii it w:i 'tier maiden
o.inif , '
She was mui-b inrsrlfled as I. All
s!;e knew -t the nam of Chlenlngsby
was - wint ht hud told uif But we
I wtTt inn ill n flutter of excitement.
1 VVtwl .J1H If f.iiAa.. U 'I'lw... I mnm l.i.
....... ...-nil. I urn f 1 rinruiuci
ed thitt n mini may roitke a will every
d:i lT he Ilki-H mid mly the Inst one
In of any vnliie. Nevertheti-W! Iiwax
arouspd . I rushed out to iuv attor
ney. or the one who tind on'e hud my j
law buslncsK. showed tit ni the docu
ment and to ubnut to ak blm to
make an liiveKiigntioii for me when be
"By tbiinderr ' ; '
"Explain;" I i-rled Impatiently
"Instead of answering me be called
out to bis piirtners, "Here- a will for
tbe Chlenlnt'.-hv estate " '
"For hen veil's, mi ki tell me!".
"Where dW yon ret this?"
"Found It- in a m of mine where
It has prolinhly Immmi for years"
"It represents u n estate that has
never been settled since tin one has
been found near enoiiKh of kin to claim
It... If this Is ceniltne ' all hot theve
few bequests pie to Miss Kafherlne
Miller, whoever she may he "
"She's my wife"
We were rich The will had been
ieft hy the testator with my attorneys,
had got mixed with the bundle of pa
pers given to me nnd sid come to
light when most needed. , '
Dr, Loughlin's . res. Main 57; Ind.
: 1297. -
C H. UPTON, Ph. G. M. D. -Physician
and surgeon. Special attention to
Eye. Ear, Nose and Throat Office
in La Grande National Bank Buiid
ng. Phones: Office Main 2.' Kesi
tu-ut Main 32.
DR. H. L. UNDERWOOD Physician
' and Surgeon. . Special attention to
diseases and surgery of the eye.
Phones: Office Main 22; Resi
denceMain 72S. Ind. 631. '
?EO. W. ZIMMERMAN Osteopath
Physician. Sonmer Bldg., Rooms 7,
8. 9 and 10. Phoaes: Home 1332,
Pacific, Main 63, Residence phone,
Black 951. Successor to Dr. C. E
J. C. PRICE, D. M. !. Dentist. Room
23. La Grande National Bank Build
ing. Phone Black 399.
class services given. Office over Lil
ly's Hdw. store. Phone Black-451.
OR. P. A. CHARLTON .Veterinary Sur
geon. Office at UlH's Drug Store
La Grande. Residence phone, Ret
0W Office phone, Black 1361; Inde
pendent phone 53; both phones si
-residence. 1
Savoy Hotel
The rooms are good and
Steam heated only one
block from depot
' . . t '.
D. C. Brichoux,Prop.
30CHRAN & COCHRAN Attom7s:
Chas. E. Cochran and Geo. T. Coch
ran. La. Grande National Bank
Bldg.. La Grande. Oregon.
FalWng Hair Inds and Hair Grows!
' Profusely.
Your money back if Parisian Saga
isn't the best hair tonic the best hair
grower the best hair saver you ever
used, you be the Judge." Ask Newlin
Drug Company.
It's really a wonder what a phenom
enal sale Parisian Sage has mad; for
itself in America in a few years. And
what a multitude of people have been
cured of falling hair, dandruff, and
Itching scalp by its use.
And now the American women
praise Parisian Sage for its peculiar
ability to turn harsh, faded, lusterless
hair into fresh, beautiful, silky and
lustrous hair In a few days.
Parisian Sage is today tha favorite
hair dressing and tonic of discrlminat
ing Americans, because it is the only
hair grower that will do Just as It Is
advertised to do. or money back.
It kills the dandruff germs and cures
dandruff, stops falling haid and itch
ing scalp In two weeks. If it doesn't
Newlin Drug company and druggists
everywhere will give you your money
back, y
If you haven't tried Parisian Sage,
get a large 50 cent bottle today.
Ap. 3 May24 June 3, 14.
T. H. CRAWFORD Attorney at Law.
Practices In at lthe courts Of the
Stat an1 United sft. Office in
La Grande Niuusi Bang Bldg., La
Grande, Orego-u.
Opening Yakima Division.
On Friday, March 24th, the O.-W. R.
& N. will open its new branch from
Attallia to North Yakima, and will
run a through train daily between
Walla Walla and North Yakima, leav
ing Walla Walla at 9:15, arriving at
North Yakima at 3:09 p. m.
Returning train will leave North
Yakima at 8:45 a. m., arriving In Wal
la Walla 2:30 p. m.
In addition to the above service mo
tor cars will be run between Kenne
wick and North Yakima, and betweeu
Grand View and North Yakima, also
between Midvale and SunneyBide. Con
nections westbound can be made with
Washington D'vislen No. 8 and main
line No. 5; eastbound at Walla Walla
with Washington division No. 7 and
main lin No. 18.
For more complete information as
to train service on this branch, call on
any local ageit of the O.-W. R. & n.
eod General Pass. Agent.
O. W. C. NELSON Mining Engineer.
Baker C'ty. Oregon.
Girl Strippers
Wanted at
Cigar Factory
Experience Un
necessary Apply at
. . . t ' i
Oranges are at their best at this
season of the year.
We have just received a fresh
shipment of nice, uicy Sunkist
Oranges, Phone us your orders
riiYsicms mo sntGEOxs.
N. MOLITOR. M. D. Physician and
Surgeon. Corner Adams Ave. and
Depot street. , Office, Main 68 Resl
dface t;9.
Drs. Richardson St Loughlin,
Physicians and Surgeons.
Phones-Office Black 1362; Ind. 353.
Office Hours 9 to 11; 2 to 5; 7 to 8.
Dr. Richardson's Res. Mala C5- Ind
Don't Spare the Rod!
if it's r good1, stout one, because It
liould be able to hold Its own against
ny fish that swlras. Want to be -sar.
tn.n, shoy about yonr Ashing tackle 1
Get It from F. L. Lin, and four
wOI be a soft and slVroo
oue until the alarm clock awakens ,0
for a fine day's syort.
F L.