La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, December 10, 1910, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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LA (JlUiJfc EVKNLMj ULtoLli iut,
e Dennis,
r and uwner.
Entered at the postoffice at La Grande
s 3econd-clasa mat:er.
Published Dally Except Sunday.
Dally, single copy ."
Daily, per week...... .'.
Dally, per month...............
This paper will not publish au ar
cle appearing over a nom de plime.
Signed article: will be revised iub the discretion of the editor.
Please sign your articles and Bare
Again we would respectfully ad
monish the people of the dire need or
having an able administration to take
, care of the city business for the next
two years. Personality counts ror
little, what we need is the man who
"can make good. Of, the candidates
named it would seem to us that Dr.
! Richardson is the ablest. This does
not mean that La Grande does not
possess plenty of v men -who , would
make Just as good officials as the
doctor, but of those who are now In
the race Dr. Richardson is the prop
er person to support.
When It comes to the chief of po
lice Mr, Walden Is almost the unan
imous choice of the people and very
rightly so, His ' experience In the
Office an hl Mr .- trrC-.sCCi
questioned. . .
For recorder C. M, Humphrey Is
an admitted winner. Merit In - this
case Is also the .strong point and he
is not running1 on any personal .pull
platform. Ha la running because he
wants the office and has reason to
believe he can properly fill It, which
he undoubtedly can and will do. The
recorder's Job Is an important one,
so important that a man like Hum
phrey should always be chosen for
Tha rtv fvinnrll flchf la nna that la
scattered over he entire city and re
solves itself Into local district. Most
of the men named appear to be rap
able, and it la up to their neighbors
and friends to do the choosing. -
it should carry. The re&dcn I pijtia. tiua t'omitany aud the City o
A publ'c Improvement has "been ua ; Cranio, for v'aiug Auams avanu
ri?i taken and it i3 found that addk:ou-. rween 4 h street and Kid nu-eeL
al expense piled up until the original said work will be dons as soon as t.n '
Issue is not sufficient. So far aa tne ; weather permits: and sa:d contra; t H
contract of construction of the sewer j with' Bald Grandy shall contain a
goe3 it has been cared for and ther promise and agreement to pay h a i-
is ample means for that, but the pur- j sessment for the Improvement of his
chase of lands for a sewer farm and said property Including the amount 4
other things of that nature; all per-1 assessed for build'ng said curb,
that safd Grandy will make and Un , H
an application to pay his said ass 3;- T
ment and the whole thereof in x -. M
equal annual instalments as provided V
by Ordinance. ft
Section 2. This Ordinance shall b
published in one Issue of the La
Grande Evening Observer, and after
Its approval by the Mayor, shall be fir
force and take effect from and after
the 9th day of January, 1911.
Passed the council on the 7th day:V
of December, 1910, by eight members
voting therefor. . -
Approved this 9th -day Of December '
, . .: ' P.L. MEYERS', j.
. ' . - Mayor.
Attest: .. ,
, D.'E. COX, ' ;, . ' "
.Recorder. ' : '
V: it
fectly legitimate and proper, have
been so great that the original amount
wil lnot cover the cost. It is there
fore necessary for this city, if we
would have the sewer improvement,
to vote the additional amount.
Ileik'w of Its Purpose and What is
Asked of All , Concerned.
At the coming election voters of
La Grande will vote to adopt' or re
ject an amendment to the city charter
permitting the mayor with consent of
the council to appoint the chief of
police instead of electing him by pop
ular vote, as Is now the case.
At present La Grande is very well
provided with an able chief, and his
re-election is practically certain, but
there is no assurance that such will
always be the case. There are many
reasons why an appointment of this
official Is much preferable to an elec-
uuu. ine mayor nrsi is neia oy xne.
.people for the success of an admin
' istratlon, and next to him the council
is held. In order to have a success
ful administration the mayor and
council must always have a chief who
Is in accord with the policies outlined.
Under present conditions the chief
is named by the people and there is
no recourse should he refuse to obey
orders. .-
This city and all other cities of La
Grande's size will find it much better
to place subordinate offices under ap
pointment and then Btrictly hold the
administration responsible for results.
Than will than fcA nn ,V... .Lin
Ing responsibility. One cannot lay
hlame on the other, for it win be up
to the head of the city government
to see that his officers make good.
The small issue to be voted upon at
the coming election is essential and
(By D. B. Stoddard.)
December 13, 14, 15 will mark the
second 'attempt to hold a poultry ex
hibit in the Grande Ronde valley.
Much care has been exercised and
great effort put forth by the board
and members of the Grande Ronde
Poultrymen's Association ' coupled
with that of the business men of the
city to make of this show one of the
greatest mediums of education along
the lines of poultry breeding possible
to be had. If the poultrymen of this
county and the adjoining counties can
be brought together, so that all
phases of the poultry question can be
discussed, whether It be egg produc
tion or the fanciers standpoint, and
acquaintances formed between those
already successful in the business and
the amateur much good will already
have been accomplished. The poultry
show has done more to promote suc
cessful breeding than any other me
dium In the poultry world. And it has
grown to such huge prodiportlons that
the single entries of some of the East
ern shows run . into the thoiini
a ftiauctj'Ht conuiuoiiB ai nome war
ranto the fact that a great Interest
is manifested in poultry breeding
than ever before. Any person having
poultry which they wish to show can
do so by bringing or sending them In
care of G. J. Wagner, secretary. W,
C. Hansen will act as superintendent
of the show and will see to it that the
proper care will be given to all the
birds entered. The show will be held
in the large and well lighted hall up
stairs over the Star office and one
door east of the post office. -The Judge
Is amiable and any question asked of
him by poultrymen will be cheerfully
answered. All are cordially invited
to come out and see the poultry show.
- ' , . '
Ordinance No. 4D, Scries 1910. -
AnJDrdlnance authorizing the May
or and Recorder to enter into contract
with B. W. Grandy, guaranteeing the
construction of cement' curb on . the
south side of Block 3, Grandy's Addi
tion to La Grande, Oregon, in accord
ance with the terms of the1 contract
entered into by and between the War
ren Construction Company and the
City of La Grande, t '
Whereas, B. W, Grandy, fwner of
the portion of the lots in Block 3 in
Grandy's Addition to La Grande, on
Adams avenue, which street has been
improved by laying hereon bttullthij
pavement, objects to paying for the
curb built in front of and along his
said property, for the reason, that
said curb, as claimed by him is de
fective and of no value, now therefore
In order to settle the matter in con
troversy, and in consideration of the
agreement and promise by said B. W.
Grandy, to pay the amount assessed
against his said property tor the prion
of said curb, and la consideration that
said B. W. Grandy will make and sign
an application to pay the assessment
against his said property, including
said curb, now therefore,
. The City of La Grande Does Or
dain as follows: v
.Section 1. . That the Mayor and Re
corder be, and they are hereby au
thorized to enter Into a contract with
B. W. Grandy to the effect that the
City of La Grande, will guarantee the
proper construction of the cement
curbing on and along the property of
said Grandy, In Block 3. Grandy's Ad
dition to La Grande, so that the same
shall be in accordance with, the terms
of the contract made and entered into
by and between the Warren Construe-
. "I J w
ETXu. MtVdL iSiJ-.
r 3
. . .. -
Investigations Demonstrate That Orl
glnul Suspicious Were Correct ,
"It has been conclusively proven
that the .coyote which some time ago
ran amuck in :, Wallowa county and
bit several sheep, & pig and a mn
Lo;, as tmectea with the rabies. At
that time Dr. W. H. Lytle, state veter
inarian, made a trip to vWallora to
investigate the case but as the cojote
had been burned, he was unable to
make a direct 'examination. ; However,
he took the precaution of sending the
little boy to Portland, where he could
be given the Pasteur treatment, and
he also sent the heads of the pig and
one of the sheep which had 'been bit
ten to the state bacteriologist lor an
examination.' . -'-.
The announcement of the findings
of that specie st' was made in the
following Btory by the Portland Jour
nal last evening. . y
Germs of rabies have been found by
Professor Pernod, state bacteriolo
gist', in heads of sheep and a pig
bitten by a coyote in Wallowa coun
ty. The same coyote bit John Bosley,
a boy, who Is being rglven Pasteu
treatment by Dr. White and Professor
Pernot, in order than any tendency
to hydrophoba may be checked.
Professor Pernot's discoveries give
foundation to the numerous reports
that rabies or hydrophobia la epidem
ic amonr coyotes in eastern ' Oregon.
With Negri bodies, germs of Hydro-
Lfhobla, Professor Pernot yesterday
injected rabbits. One of the rabbits
was dead this morning. The other will
be expected to develop rabies in about
two weeks, and if it does, will be tak
en as conclusive proof by Pernot that
"mad coyotes" of eastern Oregon are
really afflicted with rabies. The heads
of bitten animals were brought to
Portland by the. state veterinarian,
Dr. W. II. Lytle.
Professor Pernot is anxious that
the results of tests which he made up
on the heads of bitten animals shall
not be the cause of general alarm till
the results of the injections : in the
rabbits are obtained.
The parents of the Bosley boy have
come to Portland to be with him un
til it is proven whether or not he will
develop rabies from the coyote's bite.
His face Is badly scarred where the
coyote bit him. .'" ' iv
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