La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, August 08, 1910, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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LllSIl IS HOOD ill
Prof. H. A. Hallowell, dean of the
Lewlston State Normal, visited here a
few days ago. The coming year will
be the best In the history of that state
Institution. During the past year 272
students were enrolled, an Increase
of 73 over the previous term. This
, year an enrollment of 400 is expected,
making a total, including the practice
school, of 600. ThlB will make the
Lewlston Normal the largest of the
lx normals of the Pacific Northwest.
Three new buildings have been com
pleted during the year a central
testing plant, a splendid gymnasium
which Is Bald to be the finest In the
inland empire, and a well equipped j
manual arts and domestic science ;
buHdlng. . ( ' J
Six new numbers have been added
to the faculty, which now numbers !
twenty-five. The new faculty mem-'
bers are all graduates of Eastern'
universities und especially .well-qualified
for their work. They are Dr. Sam
uel W. Brown, graduate of Stanford
end Columbia universities, head of the
department of education; Mrs. Theo
dora Tt. Browltt, graduate of Wiscon
sin rniversity, librarian; Mr. Guy L.
Chlesman, graduate of Lake Forest
University, assistance In science; Miss
May E. Wakeman, graduate of Colum
bia university, assistant, la manual
arts; Miss Mary Frazec, rural training
teacher, and Miss Alba Bui as, gradu
ate of Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, head
of the new domestic Bcience depart
ment Several new courses for' teachers
have been added for next tail,- the
mqst Important of these being the ru
ral school training course and the
course'for special training of teach
ers to teach domestic science and the
manual arts in the elementary and
high schools of the state. 'The Lew
Iston Normal is the only institution
west of the Mississippi, training
teachers to teach domestic science in
high schools.
the art of war. They will leave Ba
ker City at 7:45 Sunday evening In
a special car, and will arrive in Port
land Monday morning at 11 o'clock,
bound for the north. A large number
of guardsmen from this city will go,
and they anticipate an' enjoyable and
beneficial trip. The new uniforms ;
were received this week in Portland,
and will be issued to the men in time j
for use at the encampment Thcnew j
suits are of the same make as those j
used in the regular army. Baker City j
Herald. 1
Members of ('oiiipuuj A. will Li-ave
Baker Sunday Stent .
All Is now In readiness at the local
headquarters of Company A, Third
Regiment, Oregon National Guard, for
the trip to American Lake where the
boys will spend, ten days in learning
When the train passed through La j
Grande Sunday night at about 11 P
m., Captain Haines was seen by an
Observer reporter, as he scoured the
depot for a couple of recruit3 that
failed to show up here. The captain
says that this year, it is almost an Im-'
possible task to get the men to make
the trip. A minimum enlistment of
forty-one men-Is supposed to be had j
Dy eacn company, wnue wis year the
Baker company numbers twenty-sis,
with possibly two or three extra pri
vates, to be picked up adong the trip.
Severe tactics were used ; at Baker
and yesterday two members of "A"
were confined in the guard house, but
escaped an hour or 'so before the
train pulled at Another militiaman J
was given a dishonorable discharge
for refusing, nj the last minute, to
make the trip.
' - "vv ' Try-;
: T .,.
the Functions of the Eye
is necessary to fit spectacles as they
should be fitted
fitted by simply trying glass after
glass until one is found that gives good
vision, areapt to PROVE INJURIOUS
There arc no haphazsrd methods in my
tests and your, eyes are safe in my hands
Lccated next door to Post Office v
x) :
Sheriffs Sale.
Notice Is hereby given that by vir
tue of an execution and order of sale
and decree of foreclosure and sale ls-
'ew Gj mnaslnm at Normal School.
sued out of and under the seal of the
Circuit Court of the Btate of Oregon,
for the county of Union, bearing date
the 7th day of July, 1910. and to me
directed and delivered upon, a judg
ment and decree duly rendered, en
tered of record and docketed in said
court on the 27th day of June, 1910,
in a suit wherein William M. Blakely
was plaintiff, and Asa L. Roberts and
Hattle R. Roberts were defendants,
7VidgmeJt being In favor of Bald
j.iit'u:. igalnst said defendants
lor the. cum . :' i.-O.SO, wlh interest
at 8 per cent per an.iUtn from June
27, 1910, and the further sum of $20,
for costs an disbursements 1 : '
sell on Saturday, the 13t'a day of Aug
ust, 1910, at 2 o'clock p. m., of said
day at the front door of the county
court house In the city of La Grande,
Oregon sell at public auction to the
highest bidder for cash, to satisfy
said plaintiffs judgment,. Interest,
costs and disbursements and accru
ing costs, all the right, title and in
terest that the said defendants and
'each of them had on the date of said
mortgage to-wlt, August 20,. 1908, or
have since therein obtained In and to
the following described real proper
ty, to-wit:
n Lots Two, Three and Four of Block
One Hundred , and . Thirty-five of
Chaplin's addition to the town of La '
Grande,. Union county, Oregon.
Dated this 11th day of July, 1910,
at La Grande, Oregon. '
. ; F. P. CHILDERS. ,
Sheriff of Union County, Ore.
July 14-21-28 Aug4-ll .
Don't waste your money buvlnjat plastei-
when you can get a bottle of Chamberlain's
Liniment for twentv-five cents. A piece of
! fiunnol dampened with this liniment uigure
j rior .to any plaster for luriie back, pains in
the side and chest, and much cheaper. '
, Ladd Park, which Is located In the center of Laurelhurst, Is to be im
proved at once, and when the proposed improvements have bet- made it
will be the most mcgnlficent puoiic park In Portland. These improve
ments include the creation of extensive botanical gardens, an enlarge
ment of tbe present natural Jake now there, and scenic driveways and
Residence property fronting on or convenient to a public park is al
ways in demand and brings high values. The boulevards of Laurelhurst
have been made to conform to the proposed driveways of the park. As soon
as the improvements in Ladd Park are completed, 'then prices in, Laurel
hurst lots will advance mother notch or two. N '
The Ai
adition with
place to invest money In. ". "' " T'
warranty deed with full covenants and a certified abstract of title will be given to each purchaser,
Is nearly always the case in placing
value of all the property Increases
a new addition on the market The prices are made very low to get
as new homes are built, and those who buy early share In the Increased
Lanrelhurst Is a good
'.The titles are perfect. A
The prices are low. .This
people interested. The
value, because they help to make it.
The population of Portland Is growing at the rate of 30,000
for the past 21 months Bhow that 51 per rent of the permits
day 73 per cent of the people In Portland live on the East side,
Does this mean anything? ? ' V .
It means wonderful advances In east side prices n general, atrd Laurelhurst In particular, because Laurelhurst prices are now just
about one-half of the real values.
It surrounds the new city park that Is to be improved at once, and made one of the great scenic attractions of Portland, adding value
to all adjacent property. ,
The lots now selling at an average price of $1150 each will be worth double that amount In one year.
We are offering Special Inducements to those Who commence building this year.
a year, and all of these people niuBt have homes. The building statistics
granted for residences have been Issued for home on the East side. To
and 27 per cent on the West side.
Chas. K. Henry, president Chas. K. Henry Co., Portland; owner Henry Bid...
frank F. Mead, president Seaboard Sec. Co., Seattle.
Paul C. Murpby, director Bankers Trust Co., Tacoma; V. P. Laurelhurst
'Co- Seattle. "
l. B. Linthicum, secretary Williams, Vood ft Llnthicum, Portland.
James B. Meikle. former secretary Seattle Chamber of Commerce.
Edw. Cooklngham, vice-president and manager Ladd ft Til ton Bank
L. A. Lewis, manager Allen ft Lewis, wholesale grocers, Portland.
IT. R. Burke, of the Royal Insurance Co.
Chat. K. Williams, manager Morris Bros., bonds.
Hennr Fries, of Wakefield, Fries ft Co., real estate. '
Robert H. Strong, manager of Corbett Estate. "i "7 T
George J. Dekum, of Chas. K. Henry Co.. real estate.