La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, October 21, 1909, Image 1

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T ume vin
THURSDAY, OCT. 21. 1903
y Seized Lad of Twelve Years and pour
ins? Oil on Ills nohting Ignites It
'- and Flee Boy Dytoff from Injuries
Suffering Horribly When Fonnd
vi u up iu Arms and
j SiauoAiHj Dealing with Miscreants
Aneta, Oct." 21. Made Into a living
torch of fire by the enemiea of his
father, Kenneth McKenzie aged 12
years and a eon of Simon McKenzie a
local butcher, ia dying in the hospital
iiere today. ," : '
Simon McKenzie the boy s father is
said to have Incurred the wrath of
the "bootleggers' whom he has been
trying to suppress, and this was their
revenge. .'" .
Kenneth started out last night to
deliver meat, to his father's customers
as usual, taking with him a lighted
lantern. While making his rounds he
was accosted by two men, and when
he stopped they seized him, one of
the men holding the lad while the
other poured oil on his clothing and
then deliberately set fire to it and ran.
' The boy' screamed and rolled upon
tha grass but was unable to extinguish.
: the flames. His screams and the fire
Qflanally atracted the neighbors who
-ran to the spot and succeeded in ex
tinguishing the flames, but not until
the boy had been hoplessly burned.
The assailants are unknown but the
town is highly excited and if the per
petrators are. found will be lynched
without trial.
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cffiie ffiiir
Was a Famous Indian Fighter and
ThllUplne Warrior.
Rochester, N. Y.,' Oct 21. Malnr
General Elwell S. Otis. (Retired) died
early today at his home at Gates, near
here.-' ' .- - ' -
The General was born at Frederick,
Maryland, March 25, 1838 and was
widely known as an Indian fighter
especially throughout the west His
record during the Philllplne was Is
exceptionally fine. He died of heart
trouble. -
Celebrating the Event In Which Kel.
son Lost his Life'.
London, Oct. 2i Trafalgar Day the
aulversary of the famous naval bat
tle Jn which Nelson lost his life. ftr
defeating a larger French and Span
ish fleet, was observed today with
more than the usual Enthusiasm. Al
though more than a century has pas
sed since the historic engagement
every recurring anniversary of , that
Immortal October 21. ISDS
fresh interest ii the great conflict it
commemorate, ' i ; i
Comedy at Pastime.
What is said to b the funniest play
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All Other Officers Re-elected Though
Krntschnltt and Rockefeller are
Elected to the Directorate LoVett
Also Elected President of the Short
Line Indications that the Harrl
Man Ides are to Be Carried Out by
the Xew Officials. '
..' New York, Oct 21. Judge Robert
8. Lovett, today was elected president
or the Lnlcn Pacific railroad. ThU" s
cancy was caused by" the death of
Harrlman. All the other officers were
Lovett was also elected president of
the Oregon Short Line. There were
three new vce presidents added to illo
Lnion Pacific staff: J. C. Stubbs;
Julius Kruttschnitt; Wm. Mahl. '
; Kruttschnitt has been director of
maintenance of way in the operation
cf the Union Pacific and the Souther..
Pacific roads and connections. ' Tho
election of Rockefeller, Kruttschnitt
and Jacob Schnlff to the directorate
goes to Indicate that the ''Harrlman
idea," will continue to dominate tho
policies of the'roaxL'-y o
Since Harrlman 's death Lovett
been at the head of the executive coit-
mlttee of the Union Pacific. He Ma
been the general counsel of the Hr-
riman lines and In fact has for yeir
been Harriman's right hand man. Or
the last three years he has been th
Vice president and general manairv,.
the Harrlman roads.
Just Recieved
A fine line of Spatt'a fleece lined
teggins and the Ponta Legginette.
Something new In the line of protec-
tloiji from the cold. Would be pleased
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prices are fight V
0 'he fair
Hi E
Robbers Wh Have Been Infesting the
City of Late Continue their Depre
dations A iraln Lost
llome -Vlnited hnt h r.
.... . ,. -
'Away Police Working Day and
, Sight to Apprehend the Robbers
Strangers Seen u the Alley b
Unflinching In the face of public tf
lort of prevention and extraordina.-y
tactics v the" police, the gang of
house robbers which has infested the
city the two nights, continued un
abated last night
Entrance Through Window.
U. S. Land Ofilce Receiver Colon R.
Eberhard received a visit, from the
burglars', and his guest, Ben Knapper
of Joseiih..waa robbed of $30. In keep
ing with the usual line of La Grande
citizens during the robber scare, Mr.
Eberhard had locked the house on N.
avenue before retiring, neglecting.
however to fasten a small window
high up on the wall of the bath room.
He had no suspicion that entrance
could be gained there, but neverthe
less at some hour of the night,, entr
ance had "been Rtted through the
small window near an occupied bed.
The robbers found their . Way to a
sleeping room occupied by Mr, Knap
per and daringly enough seised a
pair of trousers which Mr. Knkpper
had worn during the evening. The
Contents eveidently were not removed
at that time, for this morning when
Mr Knapper went to dress, he was
amazed to find a goodly portion of his
wearing apparel missing. A search re
veaiea tne trousers . banging on a
clothes line In a neighboring yard
i nirty aoiiars in cash bad been re
moved with a purse, but a knife and
a bunch of keys had been unmolested.
Otherwise nothing had been ' taken
from the house. ...
Lights Scare Them Away.
Continuing their trail of candle drio
pings the robbers found their way to
the Fred G. Schllke residence where
away by the electric lights switched
feet an entrance, but ' were '' scared
on by Mrs. Schllke at the opportune
moment '
Shortly after midnight Mrs. Sch'ilke
was awakened by a noise at the din
ing room window, and waiting' for de
velopments vkept her peace. Shortly
the men had made their way to the
rear porch, an incloeure of canvass.
which leads directly to a rear hall.
Knowing that her home was well lock
ed, she allowed the .men' to" work" at
the door for a time, and then from
within, switched on the porch lights.
This action was the signal for a
speedy ' getaway,', and this morning.
following, up her. search for" clues,
Mrs.; Schllke. found the proverbial red
candle drippings and burned matches
at the rear. door , where the robbers
had ; tried , in vain to effect' an en
trance. .Mr. Schllke was not ai home
and' Mrs. 8chiike and her daughter
naturally felt considerable alarm. '
granger AHcmitU .Wtch. Sal.'. ,
Doring the morning a - oft
fct-eign appearance attempted' to eell
a watch ' to the Suydam pawn, s-iop,
but arter Mr. Suydam had atfceruilu-Jlj
the - number of .the .watch) reftiwi to
purchase it., The facts were turnul
cvet o the police but aside f rom gait., ;
Ing a few minor clues, nothing ha
resulted from it. Chief of Police Ray-
burn and Night Officers VaM-i and
McLaughlin spent all of l-ct nijcht in
the search and though street after
street was traversed, no suspicious
looking characters were found. Of
ficers McLaughlin ' and , Rayburn had
beaten the streets In the Ent ni
where the robberies centered Jairti
night, but a short time befor the
Executive Is Enjoying His Rest
-.'' South tTery Hour.
Gregory, Texas, Ont 21. President
Taft learned more abffat ranching to
day than h v Vv 4 ..... ...
fore. He has spent the time seemingly
almost Infaturated at the sight of the
monster steam ploys and harrows that
are working in the fields that stretch
as far as a man could ride In a day
on horseback. He seems to almost In
tegrated with the sight and follows
the steam plows on horseback for
miles at a time.
This morning soon after breakfast
the president played his. usual game
of golf and this afternoon he la taking
an automobile rode with his brother
to some of the big surrounding
ranches. .'',..''.';'.' ' , ;..
, Tomorrow he will resume his Jour
ney an will discuss "Waterways" at
Corpus Christ!. , , "
thefts are supposed to have taken
place. ', ,'' ' c...
Conductor Hancock was awakenel
at a late hour of the night by the
ringing of the door bell but answer to
tho cnll failed to reveal any visitors.
The lights had been kept burning nil
night. But little significance Is attach
ed to the Incident
Srangors. have been seen prowling
about East La Grande allies during
the daylight hours.
Three Pieces of Indian Tools of Ex-
cellent Workmanship. Fonnd.
Three perfectly polished stone mal
lets were found yesterday In a sec'ud-
ed nook In the Jutting strata of rock
on the Crabill HUI overlooking the
road which leads down to the Proeb-
stel bridge by the men who are engag
ed In Quarrying out rock for the conn
ty-rock crusher. The sheltered as well
as the strategic location of tha littli
cavern; where the relics were found,
indicates that they were left there
many years ago when some Indian
had his rendzevoua there and his
squaw used them in grinding out the
flour for his family. Itls also surmis
ed that they may be of more ancient
origin and were t he tools of ; -Jiff
dwellers who frequented the sight.;
nook overlooking the great lake tnat
once covered the Grande Ronde val
ley.' ... ... -V. . ."' .'.
The Btonea nre about sixteen lnco
in length, and from four Inches , in
dlamater at the large end to .no
Inches at the smaller , end. They
a smoothl" polished as the fars of r.
hammer. Two are broken, but one
remains in Its perfect form, The fact
that the stone from which they , are
made , is of a composition foreign (o
the basalt rock in the cliffs In whim
they v. in '( Mini adds to the intetest
in tht'ir history. They are made from
a finer grained rock. V
These rare relics were found In a
small cavern near the rim of the cllir.
almost entirely encircled by high
rocks, before these were blasted away
by hte rock workers. The place Is In
the most commanding position on tho
entire locality as a good view can be
bad all over the valley. Efforts are to
be made to dig down srd search for
the tools with which the were mad
King "of Spain Meets Crisis for If He''
Appoints Conservative rremlcr and
a Conservative Cabinet AntI Cler.-
' Hrat ana ABtt-Martlal Demon sjratlonf
Will Continue Asked His Cabinet
to Resign King in Dire Trouble.
London, Oct 21. Dispatches that
have been received today in England
by Exchange telegraph from Madrid,
states that, the Spanish cabinet has
reaigued and that King Alphonso has
accepted their resignations
It is stated that the-cablnet resig
nation has come at the personal re
quest of the King. who is now confer
iug with hia advisors as to the fof
natlon of a new cabinet,
j Upon the choice of the King now
depends the future of the Spanisi
throne. The appolutment of a Conser
vative cabinet means the continuaace
of the nntl-clerlcal riots and antl
mllltary demonstrations. The king
does not want to appoint a liberal to
the premiership but may be forced to
do so in order to save his throne.
Thh phase of the situation has
placed the kiug in dire trouble. How
ever, the appointment will likely be
madeTit tSnce, and the populace which'
is and has been on the verge of u
bloody revolution, , will art on the
slightest pretense. . '
England awaits with much anxiety
the steps to be taken by the forsaken
king.: ... V-
and basins
la which the grain was
- ' Hogs rud Cnttle'siiliiid.
i" Flve hundred head of bogs an 1 fire
cars of cattle came out from Ha' -jTlse
this t fternoon .The hogi were
purchased r-y HotchkUs & CoK
and are bound for the Union Stock
Yard sat Pi. Hand and the cattii aro
bought hy C. F. Walker and are belT.
shipped to Seattle.
.i . Birth Record.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Merton Kid
dle of Island City, October 21, 1909, a
Youngest Delegate ever sent
Convention to Wed.
to a
Dover, Del.. Oct. 21 John Pretty-.
man Holland, of Mlllford, Delaware. :'
Kill be married this afternoon to Miss
Agnes Downer at Whltneyvllle, Conn.
Holland is distinguished both as a
Democ-rat and a Methodist He was
a delegate to the Democratic conven
tion that nominated Bryan for the .
second time and attained wide notor
iety as the y.oungest delegate ever
sent to a national convention, having
at the time barely attained his major
ity. V
. H.
Hobo Drive Started.
A hobo, drive is being agitate t 1 In
this city today by the ifctlms of thev
i committed and those ho exp-v: a
j call from the! bolrt intruders at any 1
jtlme; It Is said that a h timber ot mis- 1
pldons characters hav been locate V
j haglng 'around certain' places ' and
j these will 'probahly be informed to
hit the' hike if public sentiraj v ' Is
'worked ud a little strotuer. ;
' ,;' ' ' . , 1 ' '.
j One Robber Killed.
; . Reno, Oct. 21. One it the hKhwav
- men who robber the Vluton hotel was
i found dead In a barn rnr tho ncone
; of the robbery today. The fibber's
fkull was fractured br tha b'itt of a
J revolver yielded by on of the tbu'gs
j companions. The oth rohbert with
the money are being sough b ihi
police and a posse.