La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, January 11, 1909, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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    nnrrv un f V. J X VARY it. 1:
...... ,., , parr 'nnr
B. H. STtUAlD, frftittor
Vfhn( the PrfM
li the Coun.ry J
' " An athulitik wr
"'H. V.tEve.l World
A wonderful ly."
-N. V. lEvt.) Su
Will fin knf
Hmk"' ,
Phlta. Pre
Udrm. Wotllifco.u;
nilc to .
-Ciic0 American
"The Long A tiled Great American Play."
,4s produced atthePrincess
and Daly's Theatres and
Academy of f&usic, Nctt
York, for more than SOQ
"Mr. Mllier '
trnninr uccei it his
ioftfo.i nrr-t.o
M Cn.rlnr to invilltnr
ever gone ia thla
St. Louis ucspaun.
fVlslnat. darlna'and
typically Amerlran phy.
It trips oiiJ holda the
Cincinnati Enquirer.
Saturday, January t6th
'RICES: 0hen 51.56; Orchestn Chde tf.tO; DnsS Circle.
J 5c; Gallery SOc, Setts on Sah
: Motion Pictures and
Anonymous Letter.
Straasburg. . '
Song "Smllo on Mo," by C. P.
4 Ferrln.
The Richards.
Two tiny dancers with their
original dances. ?
Program Charge:: Monday, Wednesday and Fridays
Open Every Day Except Sunday
Proprietor and Manager.
Change ct Program Mondays,
4 Wednesdays and tYliIays.
The Roman Idyll,
No Petticoats for Him.
The Intertaln Grand Prize.
Automobile Race.
Fletcher and La Pierre, vau
deville artists.
Matinee prices as usual.
Matinees: Tuesday, Thursday
and Saturday afternoons at 2:30
Children under 15 years of
age 5 c at matinees.
Evening prices: Adults, 15c;
children, 10c.
To the Farmers and City Property
Owners of Union County:
You are cordially invited to visit s
at our offices in La Grande, Ore. Our
object wilt be to bring new investors
Into this field, in order to do this we
will need the to-operatlon of you prop
erty owners. Wi ".II Ct al in farm ana
city property, timber land and stu-un
lund, rentals and loans. Drop in and
get acquainted whether you have an.
thing to olfer or rot, we will be
pleased to mt y i i Vi;r Truly your i,
Rooms 5 and , Scr ! -r Rlork
Both Thcn.-a. I -a Grande, O.e
Pineuls for the kidneys arc little
jol-!';". glubuIbS hich .?t directly n
the klfineys. A trial will convince you
of quick results for backache, rheu
matism, lumbago and tired, wornout
.feeling. 30 days' trial $1. They puri
fy the blood. Sold by SUverthorn dej
Mack. J
ol the Country
" AbacdaiM irtuana
-K.I. Sua.
"A Kt iuku"
T Tiabooc.
' Real draair aue
." 'H.I.Jwul,
' fcate. draatatic.
-NT AmtiKt.
dramahc ochicvcaiciil of
ike ikcaJc."
i'ktU. Kccors
"A powerful play,
btaul. fully twitd Auto
mill to Americas
J rami
-Ch t. Ruord-
T m,.:j. tilt, pro
bleoi in I b way "
- liut-tun Globe.
"The t't AmcrieJO
ploy at If .t. '
-Si. Louia. Republic.
' ri'l aliy be re
fernd to a the (real
Annrti;ii r.Jay." ,
vCiiiclnnail Poll.
Thursday. i
Illustrated Sengs
A Horrlblo Iluld-up.
"About 10 years ago my brother
was 'held up' In his work, health und
happiness by what was. believed to be
hopeless consumption," writes W. R.
Lipscomb, of Washington, N. C. "He
to.k all kinds of remedies and treat
iie::t from several doctors, but tound
tii lielp till ho used Dr. King's New
Discovery and was wnolly oured by
to drawing the Jury list, which tut,
consumed tho greater part of the ces
sion. '
IjrjR SALE Cash, contract or trade,
tv. o double corner lots, cleared an4
level; and email furnished house. A
"snap." ' Pee John Fee, 1806 ('
avenue, at onoe.
I'ish cooked In a hundred different
ways will be served In the Alaska
building at the Seattle exposition next
year. This will be cone to aemon-
strate the value of Alaska fish as a
food product.
,1 r 1 , J " ' r.r- ft . - x- i . - t I I i , I
A Great American Plj.
"The Great Divide." William Vaughn
Moody's extraordinarily successful
play, which ha been declared by many
critic to set a. new high mark In
American drama, will appear at the
Steward Saturday, January t. ' j
Pimple announcement of this fact '
w ill surely create a "run" on the box
office, and an inrush of mall orCer for
eats.' for this widely hrral!ed phiv'
if- .
A t n.
has provided one of the attractions
which all di."irlmtmitl;iK p.itron;;
the theater throughout all America
are awaiting eagerly. The career of
"The Great Divide" has been epoch
making. Here, at last Is a play which
Is sp!endid literature, great dramo
technically, and at the name time
Sc-ena from "The Great Divide."
fascinating to the spectator, and of al
most unprecedented commercial value.
It has been called tho "long awaited
'great American nlay'." Undoubtedly.
j f V ' ' if -
fcii iic ;u I.t iiry Sink a "iuoi.t
1 "
It la as big In conception and broad In
treatment a the picturesque portion
of the far went In which tho first two
acts are laid the Rocky mountains,
the'grcrit divide between our east and
west. The different roles portrayed
by the two loading players are mor
human and sincere., yet highly dra
matic withal. A superb company has
been provided, and the production Is
prorlscly the .nw tMt won sm'h un-
. t
rmiu Ilciiry MllIor"s "'ilii! Great
precedented praise duritig the 600
i'hts' run ol "The Great Divide" ai
.' e Princf ss and Daly's theater, and
Vcademy of Mualc, New York.
Tho Ir.tline.
Manager Eecles is to be compll
.icntoil upon having been abla to se
uro the two Richards for liU special
y this week, lhese llttlo peoplo art
'credited with beir.x thd leading son,,
tnd dance artists now In this territory,
ind La Grande poopte may e::pee:
Ir. Rlr-Iini'd.4, n.c Tiny niclicfAi"
TT.m, Dan 'ors ul tl-.o rnit'irnR.
something really good.
Theso cleve;
.., 1--. ..-v. ...... r - fi-.
:hst tlino this evtnsng. The picture
ue ii 1 1 good a:;d new, and patron?
.ill fh:tl ample opportunity for en
;ne:it. Remember, tho Paatlnio Is
ilways properly heated and the ven
tilation la sufflclLnt at all times. La
ilies and children ale-ays receive first
attention from the ushers.
1!lO Jl'-'t.l.l
Patrons of the Sce:il2 win wwiu.
retJi-n of HetehiT and La Plerie,
:u- lilsh and Dn.i:h comedy artUU.
'v , hi , If ' ' '
at ilc :;tt ..ard Oi)era Hois; fcatur
T u
A. A i M
y ' " '- -J m-j i
and absolutely new list of acta. It ts
unnecessary to Introduce this well
known team to the Scenic patrons, as
during their former visit they won
for themselves recognition from all.
The pictures ara especially strung to
IghU The Roman Idyle la all hand
olored and the subject is well select
ed. The International Automo'oiit
rr;e st Savannah, Ga., Is ovsr 100
tvrt Ion ;' -; '
i'atlier of Jobn Tbclnon Vlcllni of
Heart Failure mi W ubaslia. '
Superintendent John Thelson of the
ieotgo Palmer planing mill, was ap
.prised Saturday evening of tho doat'.i
.f his faiher. John, Sr., a rts
iont of Wabasha, Minn. Duceosod
vas 8C years of eje, but had enjoyed
i.ilendld hoalth up""lo tho time of his
:oath, which wis duo to1 heart trou
iif. Mr. Thelson will not go east to
Kl.-lmnls, o. .iiv Illfhnrds' Team,
ut Uie Piintlme Tlirauv,
itond tho, funeral on account of tho
-r' 't ff Of, Y A 1ll
Of the aiprop";atlon of JSOO.000 au
onrlved bv congress for participation
it the Alaska-Yukon-Paelflc exposl
ilnn, Jli'.O.OOa will be used In the con
iriietinn of buildings. The big ex
hibit raiaccs will be r"a'y to rtcelve
he i d'jiH from the department at
.( il4liiiituti, Alaska, Hawaii and the
t'hiilM'lnou nut luler than March 1.
The wiiclei'-s telephone wilt be tiem-.nst.-Eted
on the grounds of the A.-Y.-
- A
y, i;lii, January 10.
ii . i' ' T 5. , v
fit -ih ' V '. rs I'M
,t,lV4 ' ' ' r
Joseph, Ore., JaaV 11. (Spoeial.)
Tho county eourt of Wallowa oowoty
has appointed tho following road su
pervisors: District Koi 1, J. B. Paoo;
2, F. W. Mammack; 3, W. J. llam
mnck; 4, WHIlam Newby; 6, O. W.
Chambers; , R. L. Scott; 7, S. C. '
Illmelwrlsht: 8, Thomas McCarty; ,
George W. Harris; 10, T. C, Bunnell;
It, O. L. Eerland; 12, William Murrtll;
13, Lafayette Wilson; it, W, I. Samar;
15, II. Bench: 1. S. B. Warnock; 17,
Olaf Anderson; IS, Peter Kuhl; II.
Joe Clemmons; 31, George Courtney;
22. G. II Lathrope; 23, Frank Sor-'
geant; 24, J. A. Grimes; .25. J. N. Rig
gla; 28, George W. Wright '
Snow continues to fall all over Wal
lowa county. It has snowed almost
continuously all week. There la about
18 Inches of snow, en tho level hero
Judge Knowles ha notified local at
torneys that ho wilt hold a terra of
circuit court In this county, commeao-'
Ing Janaury It, for the consideration
of all business not requiring a jury-
J. R. Knodell, assistant superin
tendent of the Oregon Anti-Saloon
league, Is speaking in all tho cltloo of
Wallowa oounty this wek.
yi Of RACE
Miss Paulino Loderfeo annouaao
hat sho has withdraws from the A taut-ita-Seattla
eontest conducted by tho
Portland Telegram. Her private
business and the health of her father
does not permit of conscientious ef
fort in tho "contest. In withdrawing 1
rihe wishes to express thanks to her
fr(end who had made effort to hols-'
her. At time of withdrawal she stood
well up In the district In which she
was Included. Another will bo ap
pointed In her stead for the city of L
Grands. 1
Every traveling man representing a
Seattle firm has been made an honor
try member of the publicity bureau of.
the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific exposition.
The,. Seattle "drummers" recently visit
ed the grounds in a body and now
when they are spending 'an evening fit
a Pullman they
to talk about.
will have somethlag
Ktt nf 4nnrtl MoHnr- - -
The annual meeting of the stock
holder of tho Eastern Oregon Trust
and Saving Bank, will bo held at tho
banking rooms or tho corporation, oa
Thursday, January 14th, 19HS, at 2
n in., for the election of a board of
directors for tho eaoulng year and tho
...iiMaMu jC any other buotnvso
which may legally come before tho ,
1'Iie Eaatent Oregon Trust St Bavi2
Bssak, By
DoclIJanlS Cashier
. r.