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Sumo Warlike Color Hull's In the Trial
of Abe Rm't Today ills Attorneys
Continue to Fluht for a Change of
Venue Rucf Ui'lvon to COurt In
Patrol Wagon, Surrounded by Arm
cil Officers. ' .
, : Ileney is Hotter. .
' fcjn Francisco, Nov. 17. Tho
doctor's statement thta morning
'A says Francis J. Honey passed a
restful nlghtnd U much hotter.
It will probably bo Ihive weeks
before lie Is well, awl five weeks
before he will tyi able to resume
his fiUtk'9. . '
' . Pan' ranehn'b. Nov.' 17. When tin
,M)e Kuef. trial was -resumed this morn
ing the sime warlike military .nspet!
marked , the proc edinrrs. , ltuef wut
driven to court In- a patrol wagon
guarded by five detectives and flv
mounted, police. Tho crowd cm tin
street kept moving, but everybody en
tering was searched. -,
Attorney -Doi'ler,. for Ituef, opener!
the proceed!. tr. by fills? a supplemen
tary affidavit supporting yesterday's
motion for 'change 'of venue. After 6
wrangle Dozier we.s allowed to rea2
the affidavit, which covered the
ground since the close of court yester
day. .:....' i :
'The 'affidavits were' about the same
its those, presented yesterday. They
pointed out Kuef. was In danger and
that he had been driven to court un-
. ... : . . .. , . nrlA.-...u '
tier-uie proiecwou i top utinkTu.
. Fiiiur.c Utl Aid Liberal.
Scores or rppmrs 10 ino can isiniut:
; yesterday by the ritizen Ti.i ul
and' order, have been received today.
Financial, moral and physical, support
'1i.ifl.been pledged. The call nslts the
citizens to aid tn tho establishment of
a clean and honest press. It says: .
"An honest dollar for an honest city
.m Arnt a thnnuci nA rlnltnpft for Itfi
corruption. All must stand together."
Boys Tliouht DrownedT"
San Francisco, Nov.. 17. The police
today failed to find a trace of four
toys reported lost on the bay since
yesterday.. It is believed the boat In
which they were riding capsized, and
the boys were drowned.
Oregon City Ixx-ks Case Perilled in
Favor of the State.
Balem. Nov. 17. The state's Inter
est in the locks at Oregon City will
M. . , ..nli..! a r.ii m r I n t7 tn
the case of the State vs. the Portland
General Electric company.
The locks will soon be free to navi
gation. The way is now clear tor a joint
purchase of the locks by the federal
government and the state, for which
purchase the legislature has already
appropriated $300,000. -
VimkIim) Test Fatal.
.LlttJe Rock. Arlt.. Nov. 17. Proved
by the "Voodoo test" to be a trurderer
Louis Hlrsch, a farmer, today slashed
his throat from ear to ear and dropped
dead before the coroner's Jury which
was about to free. him. The ease was
all in, but With Insufficient evidence.
Hlrsch was suspected of killing Sam
Haywood, a negro. A negro on the
Jury objected to the verdict, declaring
If the revolver that killed Haywood
was fired in the court .room it
would sweat blood. A test was ordered
to satisfy the negro. Hlrsch pulled his
revolver and fired out of the window.
He saw something on the barrel re
sembling blood. He Instantly pulled
a knife and killed himself.
FlcdiWw for Woman's Right.
London, Nov. 17. A poll of the
house of commons completed today,
shows 420 of the entire S70 membe-s
admitted they are -plecgec! to suppon
the pending woman's suffrage bill if
it Is brought to a final vote. Power
ful Influences axe keeping the bill in
the committee.
Given Life Sentence.
convicted of murdering Hyman Ncu
man, a pawnbroker, was today sen
tenced to life imprisonment.
Standi! I Slay Re Uiu-oiercd OiTioers
Under Arrest.
Seattle, ov. IT. Reports preceding
the coming of the revenue cutter The
IIh, now held In northern waters by a
storm, state' several members of the
off ileal staff of tne vessel art under
arrest, anil that an offlcia Invesllga
tlon has been demanded from Wash
ington, which will create a big scan
dal among officers of the cutter, -it
Is reporter thnt there Is friction among
the officers. It Is stated that Lieu
tenant Miller is In Irons. Captain
Henderson has been forced to dis
cipline many of the officers. - It Is re
ported thrt Lieutenant fllay hag also
been arrested.
In the Event That Troufcle KreaKs Out
in China, American Interests Will Ue
Frotex tcI Atl.uitU? Fleet Held
, Slay Sleaii War in the End.
Manila, Nov. 17. The Philippine
ifjuiili-on has coaled, provisioned and
niobilled and la ready to proceed to
China Immediately, to protect Ameri
can Interests In the event of striour
i-onplkttiona. All the mining offi
cers' are preparing to leave Caviie. The
battalions at Olongapo have be?n or
Jeivl to prepare for action. Toe em
aenMis of opinion a the Atlantic
fleet will not go to China at the out
break of the trouble, but will remain
here as reserves.
The feeling Is strons among officers
of the Philippine squadron and offi
cers connected Kith tho intelligence
department of the army, that as soon
as the empire emerges from Its pres
ent -financier! difficulties, Jat4.'Hg
rensions In China and assumption of
arbitrary position on. delicate phases
In the far eastern problem wilt result
In war between America and Japan.
Largest Sale of Fruit and Ajrrteultural
, Lands Evej Made In Oregon,
Albany. Ore.) Nov. 17. The largest
sale ever made 1n Oregon fruit, dairy
and agricultural land was, Just closed
In the sale of 30,000 acres of Ben
ton and Lincoln counties to Minneap
olis people. Literature for advertising
this part of Oregon 'is being prepared.
At present about 300 families around
St, Louis are preparing to come to
Oregon and take hold of the -land,
which will be plotted i:;u 10, 20 and
40-acre tracts.
Rumored Thai The Century K?rr:A
Was l'citl Suppress J Wer
Berlin, Nov. 17. "Die Welt n
Montag," (The World on Monday?, e
leading German paper here, has cre
ated a sensation by the p- blicatlon
of what Is purported to be jin exclus
ive story that the German government
paid 350,000 to the Century Magazine
for the suppression of an Interview
with the kaiser, that the American
magazine left out ef this month's is
sue. The paper demands to know If
any ofthls amount came from the
taxpayers. The article Is very bitter
against the emperor.
Ready to Test Wires.
Baker City. Nov. The Baker
Light & Power company is ready to
test the transmission lino Into the
Grnnce onde, which has Just been
finished. In the future La Grande,
Union and a number of other places
will receive current from the Baker
Light Power company of this city.
A new transmission line at a cot o
$:0.000 has te; built and the people
of Grand-? !to de valley reel much re
lieved r-vrrdnit. their st!ply of. elec
tricity, for last year It will be remem
bered that the valley was in darkness
for several weeks.
In conjunction with the water powet
plants at Olive Lake and P.ock Creek,
the S outh Baker steam plant Is being
pa ir. rcatihi.ess so thai when the loa
la too heavy the steam plant can be
used rtlso.
This It Is believed will give ample
Tfurrcnt for the entire system which If
now many miles In length-
v'-'i". ;"vi1ikiN'rtu:iiiA'CiFi,
ErrortH to Make Whitman the Yale of
the Wot rroeeetls Witli Satisfaction
Many Great Men Make Addresses.
" -. 'iy
Walla Walla, Wash., Nov. 17. -An
educational congress which has at
tracted delegates from ttll over Wash
ington, Oregon and Idaho was opened
here today, under the auspices of
Whitman college. Addresses will be
made by prominent educators nnd
literary men from many parts of the
country. . ' . ' ..''...'.'..'.' .
The following Is the program of ex
ercises held In the chapel today:
10:4,". Chapel services. .
11 u. in.- Opening address by tem
porary chairman of lht board of over
seers. Address, Whitman College,' Its
Organisation and Present 'Status,"
Pre.l'ent S. B. 1 Penrose.. Address,
"The G.eator V'hiann, Its Purpose to
become the Ilepressntat ive Prh'ate In
Htitutlon ef the Pacific Northwest,"
U.-an A. V.'. Hcndrlok.
:. 2:3'J '. mi Address, "The Economic
Value to tho Pacific Northwest, if the
Jtassaehusetts' Inst,ituo of ..Teelsnolo
jrv.Wertf Tran:iilantcd from Boton to
XValla Walla," Alfred Kj, Burton, dean
of the Munich usetU Institute of Tv'h-
tjobcy, Boston.- '
7:30 p. m. Address,
s a Great
Private Institution'. Located In the
Scni'i Tc: r:',!-y, i,.a Heoerit a? a lira
dr.ince to the Institutions rtiipportt-U
by tho Siato?", Dr. 'yrjs Northrup,
president of the UnS'e.slty of Minne
sota! ' .''.
Ca-hier Suspi-etetl of 'Having Comic
tUm With 5-J2.01M) Sliortase. '
Montlcello, Ki:, Nov. 17. The CHI
sen's National bank Is closed, today!
trashier -Charles W. ilcCpnnahey
arrested In connection with t,he sus
pension. Authorities are seeking the
assistant cashier. E. R, Winfrey. The
shortage Is estimated at 322,000. The
deposits are $80,000. , V -
Miot by His Cousin.
Puyallup, Wash., Nov. 17. Elmer
Rhodes, who was shot in the head last
night by his cousin while trying to
pecteVto live! The t SodgTd '
tho brain. Rhodes had trouble wlthj"" o .. .
ku -.f .n ... wrned to keen awav cpy this morning which was mailed
from home, but he returned, with the
above results. . " . .','
Balloon "United Stales'' Awaits Wind
: to Curry it Eastward. (
Los Angeles, Nov. 17. "United
States" bo 1 loon Is hovering 4& roues ,
cast of here awaiting a favorable wind
to carry It thrbugh the Cajon pas.-, be
tween San Bernardino and the Sierra
Madre mountain ranges. Into the Mo
tive desert, and thence eastward. At
..ii.i Bernardino a note was found say-
-- '.he balloon had been IOjOOO feet
,i,.'n, and finds nothing but north
,,iiid. All Is fine. "
Oriillna Roufth Riders.
Tacoma; Nov. 17. A squadron of
rough riders Is being organized In the
country near hee by an officer of the
Guatemalan army, to provide a trust
worth' bodyguard for President Ce
bera. The rough riders are offered
$100 In gold per month. Some of them
are Americans. Secrecy Is being main
tained, fearing the United States au
thorities will Interfere in some way.
Subways for Seattle.
Seattle. Nov. 17. Councilman Fred
crick Sawyer hag introduced In coun
cil a bill granting a franchise to W.
L. Dudley of Seattle, and W. S. Brady
of Philadelphia, to construct extensive
system of subways. The project Is
backed by millions of eastern capita'..
The ordinance outlines three subway
routes for street cant. The bill was
referred to a committee.
Dcput Appointed.
Aberdeen, Nov 17. John G. Lewis
wtnte treasurer-elect, has announce''
the appointment of W. W. Shcrmar
of Raymond, as his deputy.
'. "''Ottjrrovc.!? M: -Wvr. . .
Paso Rr.bles. Nov. 17. Governor
elect Cot-grove of Washington. Is 1m
proving rapidly. He vas able to wal'
today. Dr. Keylor has gone home.
Crisis In Germany lleitcvcd I'asstxl-
tvalHcr Will lie More Gimrdini in
Ills Spxe'h nnd ExereLse Au
thority. " ' ' .
Kiel, Nay, 17. The UaLser capltuiat
etl today In' an interview wr.h Von
Baelow, It is understood the chnn
collor will l.-rnaln In office, Tht
kaiser promised to be more reserved
In his speech. Interfere less in do
mestic, and foreign affair, and be
iijiO cTtiixl '.a public and prlvace ul-
ances. . "
-Vfte.r the Interview the kaiser a'.i!
was the most bitter hour spent In
whole career.. Tho conference was
Id at the Potsdam palacev The lnl-
r capitulated in the fac? of hoatlie
Itl'.'lsm of free empire. Whether the
tiwr will issue a manifesto .11 ml tin?
is own power, as demanded by Von
uelow. Is unknown Jt is thought the
iliontil crisis Is passed. .
I ' " Auf Siavder ni-entrs Nfk.
I Kii'nungham. Ala... Nov. i7. Um!l
t .'lekler vm killed today while tvy-
RtJt to break the world's record for U
"fH continuous automobile driving,
'ho lit Rena'wlt ear In which he wp.s
rttlngr was sinnsiii'M to -pieces una cr.e
r crushed to an unrecognisable
v On A-t'lit; Off Af;'lnt Katlicrlne. y
& Lundoni Nov. 17. The Central News
agency sends a dlsputeh from P.omo
Viday. which says a correspondent has
confirmed the report that the Duke
of Abrtwzl has eabled Eatherlne El
kins recently brfaking.. their engage
merit and releasing -her from a promise
io wed.
. .'.' , . .-
Religions Fraud of a Yenr Aro Make
its Appearance Here Agnln. ;
Tho prayer enar.vjlvhlch a year ago
created national Interest and almost
became a scandal Involving several
high church dignitaries, Is again prev
alent in this city, according to the fol
lowing communication: "
La Grande, Nov. 17. (Editor Ob-
-ver.J-The Prayer chain fraud
celve a copy of the prayer with the
request to make nine copies of It to
send to nine other persons, I wish to
say that the whole thing Is a fake. It
has been In operation for some years
and been attributed to various bish
ops, Anglican. Greek, Methodist and
JFtoman. Bishop Lawrence, In whose
name It has for the past year or two
Ant fsrH''-nn ' mor tn do
with It than the man In the moon. Do
not be afraid of the threat for break
ing the chain, for I. have received sev
eral of these missive and as Invariably
cansign them to the flames or waste
aper be.ckrt, and have never suffered
the slightest Inconvenience In conse
quence. .
Rector St. Peter's Church.
Railroad Shop Employe Will Be
Taught Flre-FlKiitlnjf Methods.
An organized fire department will
soon be vogue at the round house.
The splendid new hose cart, equipped
with requisite tools and 50 ' feot of
first-class hose, Is no In 'the hose
house at the yards, and in a few days,
a complete organization of employes
will be effected, yk chief will be
chosen and the employes grouped Into
squadn under sub-leaders, so that If
ever a fire "breaks out In the yards or
any O. R. & N. bulldlnsr. the volunteer
department will be on the scene with
a dash. In a few days the ftrt fire
drill will be held. In vi'.i-i the men taught the nvwt expedient
methods of extinr-' '- ir-.g a blaze. The
hose cadt Is n-:':' painted -and de
clared to he fully equal to any cart
in the city department.
A!k.i Ix;!fl'ti Fatal.
Birmingham. Ala.. Nov. 17. An ex
plosion today In. the Tennessee Caal i
?omoav' mine ktiieu cr, attord-j
Ing to reports. PU bodies have beenj
removed, the mesage says. It is fenr-j
ed the rescuers are unable to reach
the entombed men before they die.
t')isliiri Arc Now Kc'iulmt to Pay
Tliclr Own Notary Fees.
To relieve the burden Imposed on
depositoi In the suspended Farmers
& Traders National bunk, a notary
public will be employed by the bunk
hereafter, ,U pruaent plans , niutgic,
laae'r" uut t-s&Mis i &'XiiJ?'&iti u? i) ite -ltor
must pay for notary fies himself
In making proof of claims. If the
application made by Receiver Neidner
Ik granted, a notary will bo furnished
by the government to take the neces
sary affidavits that must accompany
each claim. In - such Instances, as
where the deposit Itself la only a few
dollars. It robs the depositor of con
siderable of the savings it ho Is forced
to yay notary fees.
' OX li: EiiiJF.ll ELEVEN Tit'.'
( nils oik Gad to Farclm Jiido Who
CclldouHiM un In;went Man Court
Tirn Piile, But Sk-U ' the Day of
...... ... . ....... . i
Ui'.fnii.ui. ; '. .. '..
Chlevui, Nov. 17. Herman Milh'ki'
eonv'.cteii. of iv.l,'ouliie' the Vrsal "fam-."
ily, 'r.& a final tppeut for Ids life lit
Ju.!j.-e .,-:! rn ;'.' eo5?l tedny. When ,
aked.- U' he - had ;;.iyUiiac lo 8iiy, ho
shouted;' "I '? t;-foio Ciod I aiu I n
nocent; toa'y God .have mercy on your
soul If you condemn me, un Innocent
man. (o du on the Hallow;)." '
,'T!ie judso turned nn.lo.but set the
diy cf execution for December 11.
Blllek wos helped from the room.
The condemned man will be hanged
on the timc date, on'-which, a. negro
murderer will fee. swung into eternity.
For Social Service.
, SlL',ul;, Nov, 17.Wlth prominent
worker of both the Methodist Episco
pal and Methodist '.Episcopal church,
south, In attendance, the first national
convention of the Methodist Federa
tion for Social service was opened in
St. Louis today. Both the northern
and southern sections of the denomi
nation, which have been split since the
war. have equal representation on the
program, which Includes a dlscussldn
of all phases of sociological work for
the uplifting of the asses.-
. .' t ' "," , ',;
Second Hlxli School Team Will Flay
Duker Second Team.
, The doughty second high : school
team will go to Baker City next Sat
urday morning to play the second
team of Baker City, The game was
arranged today noon and the members
will .,.V t-,r1.A Har fratn
for the Saturday fray. They are still
stiff and sore from the strenuous
game. -of last Saturday, but will get
Into the pink of condltl6n In the Interim,-
, Moving About Over.
J. H. Pcare, the Jeweler, has about
completed his "moving day" and Dick
R. Kelley Is making preparations for
opening his fish market In the room
occupied by tho Pearc store for many
Early fall coughs often pave
ting up a chronic inflammation of the air passages.
Cure the first cough promptly and rightly and you will thus be
taking precautions against liability to later annoyanqes and danger.
For any kind of a cough at any time, wo know of nothing better than
Ncvvlin's White Pine Expectorant
It Is a remedy that we can highly recommend, because it cures tn
the right way, and its value has been demonstrated by year of use.
Price 25 and 00 Cents.
ot lv iudixo iii:bf
ltc)Krt Thnt Conlcy Was Keen in I
Gruiulo I.nst Sunday Night It De
nied by Conductor Coykcudall Who,
It Was Claimed, Saw lllm on Sunday
Nlslit's Train Conductor Denies
the Report Today.
The reported statement 'iff Conduc
tor Coykendall :. of Pendleton, that
Conlcy, the ii!l!lhni-,!re wheat grov-r
and banker of 'Cove, who Is wanted
in rorlhuvJ en a statutory charge, was
ill La Ginnde'hwt Sundny evenlnr,
comiiiR in on No. 2, the eastbound pes
senser trnin, Is not true. Mr. Cviy
kenilull denied thl,i over the telephone
today, ', .,
Tin; rumor had (rained cimsl-.lernMe
cred'Mici? In La Gr.tnde today and Tii
Observer,-' In eorrohori.tlng the report,
wtis minl.ile to gain any authentic
siy-'inenls frm t'ove neishhors of tle
fu!;li.ive, where ho .In.-;, supposed by
some to be in hfdlnif.
In. Us Investift.'.ilon ' The observer
convtrsed vv'Uli Conductor Cofkend.ill
of Pendleton ' over the telephone this
nrteriomn, and 1,';C eo:li:et"r vloetly
denied havinsr ' ei-en f'oniry since I'-ie
i?-.;y lie we tit ti) i'o; t!:vnd. Acoordinif
f. the',toi'.' own statement; the
rpert of Ovley's' i.reseiiee .liv,Tho
Grande Hni1e valley M at fault arid
without foundation, ( . ,
. y, -. . . .'-..
- .West' Vlr-liiia 9!Uitoiw.
'.' WheelinK, W. Vu.. Nov.' 17. Be
ginning today and continuing' until
Friday, tho Scottish Iille Jiaymis of
this section will hold what promise'
to bo one of the most Interesting con-
vocations In th history of the order.
Delegations' of . Masons are here from
Pennsylvania and Ohio, as weM. as
from this Ptute.The reunion will close
with a banquet Friday evening.
Blenched Flour.
Washington, Nov. . .Whether
bleached" flour Is healthful Is the prob
lem to be decided by the board of food
and drug Inspection at a hearing to
day. Prominent millers appeared be
fore the board to defend the practice
of bleaching flour. It is alleged that
the public demands flour of snowy
whiteness and that the unbleached
product would be unsalable.
Tariff on Provisions.
Washington, Nov. .The tariff re
visionists of the committee on waya
and means of the house today took up
consideration of thi sccdulo relating
to provisions and agricultural products.
The hearing will be continued 'tomor
row. ; - ' :..,' '''.. .
...,..-.".; uuw - -f ......j..:.-.
Portland, Nov 17. That the city
will start the new year with a popu
lation of 225,000 l the estimate by
census takers of the R, U folk com
pany, who are engaged in compiling
a new directory. If this is true, Port
land will have made a gain of 15,000,
v . Z7 . . :'-
A f rlutgrowers' union will be or
ganized at Dufur.
Farmers around Clatskanle are
planting many fruit trees and berry
bushes. ' -
A ,
tho way for many later ones, by set-
J TO 9