La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, November 14, 1908, Image 1

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First Real Day of Federation Conven
tion at Denver Brings Out Numer
ous Resolution D. &. K. G. Con
demned for Us Attitude Against its
Shopmen Political Organization
Policies Formulated Along With In
dust rial Policies. ,
Denver, Nov. 14. -Today's session of
the American Federation of Labor
marks the beginning of actual work.
Reports of committees will be sub
mitted and It Is expected they are de
termined, on a policy of organization
politically and Industrially. Undoubt
edly Samuel Oompers will be re
elected president In the face of an al
leged and mythical bitter attack.
Not a single opponent for Gomp
ers' place has appeared seriously thus
far today.
A resolution demanding further re
striction of Asiatic laborers and re
striction of t " foreigners excepting
Caucasians and other classes now ex
empted by the exclusion . laws, were
adopted by the convention today.
' Resolutions were also adopted de
manding the eight-hour day for jew
elry, workers, denouncing the Denver
& Rio Grande railroad for Us attitude
toward Its striking shopment and ac
cusing it of importing thugs and gun
mcn as strikebreakers.
Says Nation's Pnllciea to He Shaped by
lie Not the Reichstag.
Berlin, Nov, 14. "Despite , every
thing, I shall go on my way as I see
fit. It Is not for the relchstagto dic
tate. It Is for me to decide what Is
best for the- fatherland," are words
.alleged to have been spoken by the
kaiser to a group of courtiers at Esch
ingen, where the emperor is a guest.
All Germany Is awaiting today the
kaiser's acceptance of Chancellor von
Buelow's resignation, which, It is un
derstood, he will present to the kaiser
at Kiel Monday.
There Is a woman at the beginning
of all great things. Lamartlne.
This Evening
"Carissima" Waltz . . . . .
"Yankiana" .............
Car-Barllck Acid . . .'
Souvenir de Baden-Baden
Raglan Ravelings ........
"Under the Palm Trees'
"The Masqueraders ......
Medley March
Extra. ,
A. G. Laughlln of Spokane Akkuiikw
Management of Local Exchange.
A. O. Laughlln, for the past 10 years
company as manager at North Takl
ma, division clerk, right of way agent,
and various positions of responsibility,
Is now Installed as manager of the La
Grande exchange of the same com
pany. He arrived In the city yesterday
and received the management from' F.
R. Bingham, who temporarily, was In
charge following the promotion and
departure ' of , former Manager G. C.
Osburn. Mr. Laughlln Is a thorough
telephone man and well fitted for the
management of the growing business
In this city. For the next two months
his family will visit at various points
In Washington, but by the first of the
year will move from their Spokane
home to this city, t6 be permanently
located In La Grande.
, The first official change in the office
will be the creation of a new depart
ment, that Of stenographer. Miss Jus
tice Clark wli assume that position
next Monday morning.
Son of C. S. Van Doyn Investigating
; Pioneer's Gold 6tory. '
W. H. Van Duyn of Portland a son
of C. S. Van Duyn of this city, -t La
Grande yesterday for an Isolated spot
on the Walla Walla river above Mil
ton, where he and others of his party
will Investigate the truth of a story
told at. Seaside,' Ore., by an old-time
prospector, who llvesatJthat place,
and who says thgia valuable placer
mine exists onthe river mentioned. It
was first discovered many, years ago,
but no development was done, except
to ascertain that the gravel deposits
run 80 M,mH..a. -r.
Van Duyn will go over the . ground
carefully in an f.for.t to6&lsfiveT; fi5
almost forgotten mine.
, Conley SHU Mlsetng. .
Portland, Nov. 14. A. B.
Conley, the La Grande wheat
king and banker, who eloped
I ' with Gertrude Williams from La
Grande a week . ago, Is still
missing. All cities In the Wil
lamette valley have been notified
to look for him. The train on
which he left Portland Thursday
night, was searched at various
Fire and sword are but slow engines
of destruction In comparison with the
babbler. Steele.
. Penn.
. Loftls
. . Morse
. Travis
. Weley
. White
- ' (
Surgeons Take Sexond X-Hay Exam
ination to Learn Lot t Ion of Dulld
In Roof of Mouth Frequent Bulle
tin All Show Slow But Favorable
Improvement and Rally From the
Wound Operation May Be Ncees
Nary Family Is Destitute. ;
Searching for Bullet.
' San Francisco. Nov. 14. Sur-
geons are taking a second x-ray
examination, the first having
failed to locate the bullet. His.
condition is better late this af- 4
4 tArnnonl '.-.''''.'..
Did Not Lose Voice.
Lane Hospital, San Francisco, Nov.
14. Francis J. Heney, the noted pros
ecutor, Who was shot down by Morris
Haas, an ex-convlct,' in the Ruef trial
late yesterday, is resting quietly this
morning after ft good night's rest.
Surgeons are more hopeful for recov
ery than they were at mtdnlght.
Heney Is .In full possession of . his
facjltles. The report that- he would
lose his voice Is denied, . i.
The surgeons held a consultation
this morning, to remove the bullet,
which Is under the right Jaw. It pass
ed downward from oenina.ine rigm
bulletin issued at f
:. ,
this 'morning by. Dr. Edwin; S. Bun
nell, says Heney will recover H com
nllcatlons do hot follow; The bullet
did not touch the brain. . ;'
.-' Statement From Physician. .'
Bunnell Issued this statement to
dayr , ' ". -V.
"Heney's condition .18 Improved." His
pulse la stronger. , In all probability
the patient will rest comfortably from
now on. He will not lose his voice.
The wound is through the posterior
narcs, but did not touch the brain.",,
Illumes HearHt
Rudolph Spreckles, proprietor of the
5an Franclrco Call, a strong supporter
of Prosecutor. Heney, said to the Unit
ed Press today:
"When I was approached by
Examiner reporter last night for a
statement, I said:
" 'Tell . Hearst I believe he is rc
sonslble for another murder.'
Ing and caricaturing of Heney la the
San Francisco Examiner, owned by W
It. Hearst, is much responsible for the .
. . - t"rt
attempted assassination as a bold plot
behind the whole thing. The shooting
of Heney Is not unlike the assassina
tion of President McKlnley, which was
laid at the door of the yellow Jour
nals." 1
Detective Burns, who Is associated
with Heney in the graft cases, declared
today it was the result of a deliberate
plot, planned by the "higher ups," and
says Haas planned it for weeks, prac
ticing with Ids pistol.
Haas FRinlly Ix-Ktitiite.
Rude Kcrawls of targets drawn with,
pencil on the shattered boards of
the cellar and alleyway near the home
of Haus, were found today by the po
lice. There Is unmistakable evidence
that Haas has been practicing to Im
prove his .aim.. Neighbors heard sev
eral shots and investigated, but found
H.tas awoke In Jail today apparently
unconcerned ever Heney's condition.
In a little home on McAllister street
his wife and children were consoled
by neighbors.
Mrs. Haas fainted last night when
the news was brought her. Today she
declared she was not the wife of an
ex-convlct until Heney had exposed
him. She worried over It and said:
"When my husband left home at S
o'clock yesterday afternoon, he said he
wouiJ fcc bfccx ftT-"nii:r. , he was
leaving the bouse he shouted back he
would probably not return. He was
nervous. We were happy with our
four children, the youngest aged I and
the oldest 14."
Haas, who was a liquor dealer, was
unemployed and his family U destitute.
. Burnt Makes Statement.
Detective Burns made this state
ment today:
"Here was a man who bore a grudge
agulnwt Heney because Jhe was exposed
;kj .,t!!:.r. , am ft ..'.vl.., ,
after the latter had bade a desperate
attempt to get on the Ruef Jury. He
needed little prodding or goading, by
these 'out of sight' murderers. He soon
decided to kill Heney. Haas la no
crank, or rattle-brained lunatic, but
cool-headed. A week ago I received
a letter warning me to look out. An
attempt to kill me would be made near
my house. I saw one of the Ruef pug
uglles hanging around my residence.
but he fled. Ruef will go to the pen
itentiary." . ". ..
. A bulletin Issued by Dr. H. C. Mof
f It at noon, read: .
."Heney passed a comfortable night
His condition this morning is very fa
vorable. , Drs. Terry, Bunnel and my
self are about to take an x-ray plate,
following which a consultation will be
held with Drs. Still man and Hunting
ton to determine what further action
will be necessary. In case It Is neces
sary, an operation will be performed
by Terry, Bunnell, . Huntington, Still
man -and myself." r
i Meage From Roosevelt. .
The following message was received
by the Justice league from President
'. "Every decent American who has
the honor and Interests of his com
munity at heart should Join, not only
In putting a stop to the wave of violent
crime of which this man's act is but
one of the symptoms, but In stamping
out the hideous corruption in which
men like the would-be assassin are
bred and flourish. That can only be
dono by warring as Heney warred
relentlessly against every man guljty
of corrupt practices without regard to
social standing or to prominence in
politics or business. I give utterance
to what 1 know would be Heney's wish
when I say I earnestly hope, whether
or not he recovers! there will be no
faltering In the work In which Heney
Is so gallant and efficient a leader.
Two additional mass meetings will
h hpld tomorrow afternoon In tbe
churches. ' ' ''
Xo Definite Anruv-e That Death Re-
port Yesterday Is True. .
London. Nov. 14. Foreign office It
trying to confirm or disprove the re
port of the death 'of the emperor of
j China. Nd definite news has been re-
celved. The delay in confirming the
death is convincing. European busl
ness men state the emperor Is not
dead. .A later dispatch from Pekln
affirms yesterday's report :
Baker City Sees Evidence of Further
. nnii.nnniriit Work..
O. C. Finlenberg, engineer for the
Chicago-Oregon Construction company.
Is now In, the city and has a crew ol
men at work distributing ties on 12th
street for the Eagle Valley railroad.
A. B. Ja'eobs, head of the enterprise,
returned yesterday from . Portland
where he contracted for the rails for
the entire road. The tics have also
been contracted for and work will be
pushed a rapidly as the weather will
permit. In looking over the route En
imr Finlenbure found that the ma
Jorlty of the surveyor's stakes had
been dewtroyed, which Will necessitate
a survey of the whole route v being
made again. Owing" to the mild
weather here It Is hoped that work
can be continued all winter. Baker
Birth ltworil.
In Union, Monday, November 9, a
daughter to Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Parke.
In Union, November 8, to Mr. and
Mrs. E. B. Johnson, a duughtcr..
Land Values Rise.
Wilson MoBrldo.- special agent for
the government, has completed his
field notes tnd is making reports on
70 aonll.-att.-ir.!! within th Wallowa
Kaiiunal forest.. He trcn in tbe
county since . August 20 and states
that land values In the proximity of
the claims Inspected have Increased!
fully one-third since the coming of I
the railroad. Wallowa Sun.
Croud Watch , Bulletin Iktards All
Night and Come Away In Ominous
Sllenco Some IVr of Riot Rule
Call Mam Meeting- of All Citizens
Tonight to Formulate Continuance
of Prosecution Siweckles" Blames
; Deed to Hearst's Paper.
San Francisco, Nov. 14. A'?r n
Immense crowd had watched' 1V bul
letin board all night to learn th con
dition of F. J. Heney, senUcnont set
tled down Into a sullenness which the
police think bodes evil. Strong men
are urging moderation. Every effort
will be made to prevent a state of an
archy which might follow any overt
act.. ' .'.;.'. .'v.'" .;
After an all night's session of the
the Citizens' League of Justice today
Issued an appeal for a mass meeting
tonight to decide on the plan of action
regarding further prosecution of the
Kraft cass. The appeal says:
"We appeal to the calm reason of
citizens to preserve order and proceed
only by due process of law. Look not
for vengeance, but swift Justice
through the" courts. The prosecution
will proceed. , We are assured that the
Bucf trial will proceed Monday,"
The authorities are taking every pre
caution to prevent violence at tonight's
Everv cltlaen Is Invited to attend
the meeting. The league was organ
tssed wfhen the prosecutors announced
that tho coubt room during the graft
trials were daily filled with thugs, al
leged to have been ' hired ,by the
"higher ups." Chief of Police Blggy
issued this statement:
"I am not looking for mob violence
here. 1 am taking every precaution
to prevt-nt'any possible ruction.' I
think the citizens will help us. Ruef
and Hass are securely guarded In the
county Jail and will be kept under
guard until. U has, been decided what
will be done with them. There will
be a police guard at tonight's meet-
ing.": '.'.' v V ..'.':' ''
Attorneys Hiram Johnson and Mat
L Sullivan, two prominent lawyers,
have delegated themselves to work on
the graft prosecution to continue He
ney's work until the latter recovers.
Johnson and Sullivan were discussing
the proposition of helping Heney yes
terday When the snot was urea, xney
sealed the bargain when the news of
terday when the shot was fired." They
the attempted assassination .
brought to them. Johnson said:
"By the grace of God, we will put
Abe Ruef where he
belongs, and
avenge the attempted' arfassinatlon.
Sullivan will go into this work, not as
an employe of anybody, but as repre
senting the body of decency of San
Francisco, and without any compensa
tion whatever." . . ' . '
Lnniidon Pleads for Order
District Attorney Langdon, who ftr-
Early fall coughs often pave the way for manj" later ones, by set-
tins up a chronic Inflammation of the air passages. ;
J Cure the first cough promptly and rightly and you will thus be
liking precautions against liability
For any kind of a cough at any
I Newlin's White
It Is a remedy that we can highly recommend, because it cures in .
the right way, and its value has been demonstrated by. years of use.
' ' Prk 25 and 50 Cents. ;
rived here this morning from Fresno,
"The prosecution will proceed. Wa
expect a conference bfore night. The
machinery of the law will be set In
motion immediately to bring to Justice
through the regular channels, the
legal methods will be tolerated In
dealing with him. Others may be In
volved. At this critical period all
good cltliens must remain cooi-neaied
and attempt nothing reflecting further
discredit upon the community."
Bancroft, the Noted Psychologist, 1
Coming, Also D. Lillian Lewis.
Franklin P. Davis and wife of New
Tork, are In the city. Mr. Davis Is
manager and director of George Gil- ,
bert Bancroft, the famous psychologi
cal lecturer and entertainer, and D.
Lillian Lewis, vocalist and imperson
Mr. Davis made arrangements to'
bring this talented pair to this city
under the auspices of the Toung Men's
and Toung Ladlea Mutual Improve-
ment association of the Latter Day
Saints' church, entertainment to be
held in the Mormon tabernacle on the
evenings of December 11 and It. This,
Is a specially strong attraction and full"
particulars will appear later.
To Exonerate Family.
Elklns. W. Va., Ncv. 14. It was
learned today that Miss Margaret
Wade, a former social secretary to Mrs.
Fairbanks, wife of the vice-president,
has been engaged to ' assist In the
preparation of the family tree in the
Elklns family, to silence the Italian
press In their remarks about the
Kathertue Elklns family.
Secretary Metealr irenlgnv
Washington, Nov. 14. The resigna
tion of Secretary of the Navy Metcalf,
announced last night, has started a
flood of-, rumors today. . One Is that
Metcalf ahd Roosevelt differed on the
reorganization of the navy depart
ment. Another Is that Metcalf resign-v
ed on account of lit health. ,
" Rewly fi Balloon Raeo. ;
Los Angeles. Nov, ' 14. On the eve
of the transcontinental baltoon race
the weather bureau announced today
the atmospheric condition In the mid
dle west and locklee Is becoming fa
vorable. The race is between two
monster balloons owned by Dick Fer
ris, the actor. ,
Eastern and Local FooilMll Scores
. Posted at Ferguson's Tonight,
. Football followers will be furnished
football scores this evening through
Important iantes,
. ,ntfrb renters, are
on which public Interest centers, are
j the big contests In the middle wes at
Ann Arbor and Chicago, ana at .u-
1 . r-,. Tt.. Tnannli mm wtth thrt
' - , , ,,.,
Interest. : ' ' . ... ." ". .......
Barring some piece of luck I have
seen but few men get rich rapidly ex
! cept by means that would make them
' writhe to have known In public-
to later annoyances and danger.
time, we. know of nothing bettor than
Pine Expectorant j
1 ' -
- 0,,,,,