La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, November 10, 1908, Image 1

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Further Kumors That Friend Will
Slake Shortage Good -Government
Official Says Shortage In $123,000
lias No Flans for lite Future, Ex
cent to Stay In Portland Ha No
Fear of Harm Bcfulllug lllm In La
Portland, Nov. 10. J. W. Scrlber,
(ormer cashier of the wrecked Far
mers & Traders National bank of La
Grande, following his release late yes
terday on $40,000 bonds furnished by
friends and relatives, announced today
that he will remain In Portland for an
Indefinite period.
Has No Future Plans.
"What are your plans?" was asked, j
"I do not know, only that I will i
stay In Portland some time. I don't
know what I will do yet."
Not Afraid to Return. I
He insisted he Is not afraid to return
Mrs. E. C. Moore of La
Grande, who Is second, vice?
president of the state ' federa-
tlon. '
to La Grande and is not afraid the
people there will harm him.
Officials Give Out Shortage.'
The rumor was revived today that
friends and rejatlves are holding con
ferences with a view to making good
Scrlber's shortage, which Scrlber says
will not exceed $70,000. The govern
ment officials says It will amount to
$123,000. , ':.
Scrlber's Bondsmen.
Portland, Nov. 10. Scrler's ball on
the first count of forgery was fixed
at $15,000, and was provided by W. J.
Furnish of . Pendleton and Julius
Roesch, a brewer of La Grande. The
tail on the second count of a similar
charge was fixed at $25,000. Bonds
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Mrs. Ivanhoe's Greetings.
' One of th moet .interesting
and clear-cut addresses of the
day was that delivered by Mrs.
F. S. Ivanhoe In behalf of the
entertaining women's clubs of
La Ornnrtf.
'Madam President and Ladies:
The Lyle Tuesday Musical and the
' Neighborhood clubs of La Grande
" hve made It my pleasantduty to ex
tend greetings In their behalf to the
officers and members of the Oregon
Federation of Women's clubs, now n
session In our city.
This being our first opportunity to
Full Attendance Registers on Arrival
of Late TralnsFlrst bvMUon 0mhm
1 WHlT'ltcma rkable Prec-lslon Three
La Grande Fcople Do Themselves
Juxtlce and tlto City IToiioi" In
formal Reception Tonight Is "lite
Crowning Event.
Like1 the smoothness of an intricate
piece of machinery runs 'the eighth
annual convention of Federated Wo
men's clubs of Oregon, which con
vened In the Masonic temple this
morning and already has heard the
I first and second sessions of the con
Iventlon that is to last through until
Thursday night. Every detail had
been attended .with due attention, and
when the vanguard arrived last night,
when more came this morning, and
when still more Joined the convention
at noon tney were received with that
open-hearted reception for which La
Grande is proud and far rekpown.
.Delegates Register.
With a promptness that 'was , sur
prising, scores of delegates, the alter
nates, those who have- places on the
standing committees, the participants
in the program and the other guests,
all registered at the' secretary's cor
ner. Following Is the list: K
Mrs. Sarah A. Evans, Portland, Ore.
Mrs. J. p. Hayes, Portland... , ; .
Mrs. N. Molltor, La Grande.
Mrs. T. Oliver, La Grande. '
MrsA. L. Richardson, La: Grande.
Ma7 EYTVMoor e, TXa Grande."
; Ethel C. Blackaby, Ontario,
Mrs. Alice Welster, Portland.
Eva C. Abbott, Forest Grove.
Mrs. D. m! Watson, Portland.
Mrs. Alice Dodd, Salem.
H. J. Jackson, Portland.
G. W. Tlfft, Portland. , y
Mrs. C. C. Chapman, Portland.
Mrs. George H. Clark, Pendleton.
A. King Wilson, Portland. ,
Hattle E. Barton, Baker City.
B. F. Weaver, Portland.
' Sadie Dunbar," Portland. .
Mrs. i. C. Hare, Portland.
Mrs. J. W. Sadler, Aurora.' -
Mrs. A.' A. Jayne, Hood River.
- Mary Lay . Logan, The Dalles.
Nettle A. Gelsendorffer, The Dalles.
titna enurgis, renoieion. :
Jessie Van Scoy, Eugene. ,
Mrs. Anna Calkins, Eugene.
Mrs. Ed Kiddle, La Grande.
Jennie Frasler, Eugene.
V. M. Starkweather, Pendleton.
Mrs. Robert Lutke, Portland. ,
C. L. B. Kelleher, Salem. ' .
A. T. Hill, La Grande.
Mrs. F. S. Tvanhoo, La Grande. ;
Mrs. F. W. Benson, Salem.
A..L. Brlggs, Cottage Grove.
Alice Cox. Athena.
H. F. Davidson, Hood River.
Mayor Hall on Rostrum. .
a u.vnr M. K. Hall extended
rreetlnKS to the guesU in behalf
of the city In his characteristic,
and convincing manner, in the
following brief, but pointed ad-
j T
Madam President and Ladles of the
State Federation of Women's Clubs
of Oregon:
It has become my duty, and a t,
pleasant duty It is, to address you In
hhlf of the citizens or I uranae.
W wish, in tne first place, to express
our appreciation of the honor of hav
ing had our little city chosen aa tne
. Mrs. Sarah A. Evans of Portland-
dent, and holds an executive position with the ' general federation . of
the nation.- , ' ' . . .
; ' ( i .
. myswwW'"www!riMftlNjsH'iw v.
Mrs. J. D. Hayes of Portland, a
troDolls. who Is Identified with th
in Oregon. '
M. L. Spauldlng, Portland.
F. Eggert, Portland.
Mrs. C. J. Smith, Pendleton.
Mrs. E. C. Moore's Address.
Speaking on "What the Club
May Do for the Mother," Mrs.
E. C. Moore Impressed the au-
.dlence with a clear and logical
address this afternoon. She
Emerson said, "Hitch your wagon
to a star." I hitch mine to a woman's
club, 'and the benefits derived from
tSla rt.r cf wine fcts -'ib
this honor appearing on today's pro
gram. What a great privilege it is to
meet and exchange thoughts with an
entire state's representatives of learn
ed women. No matter what obstruc
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who Is the Federation presl-
prominent club woman of the me-
e Federation's rapid advancement 4
.Mrs. Clara Carter, Baker City (al
Mrs. .: Lee- Moorhouse, , Pendleton
Mrs. Clara T. Lyle, La Grande
Mrs. Mary T. Blakeney, The Dalles
(guest). 1 '
Mrs. John McDonnell, Wallowa
E. ' A. Holmes, ' Wallowa,
(guest). ,
Mrs. C,
T. McDanlel, Wallowa,
(guest). '
Mrs. C. I. Flynn, Baker City.
Mrs. R Moore, Baker City.
, Miss Moore, Baker City.
Mrs. F. M. Baton, Baker City.
Mrs. Fred Epplnger, Baker City,
Mrs. Rachel Worstell, La Grande.
Mrs. Belle Wright, Union.
Mrs. Ada Davis, Union. .
Follow IYograni Closely.
Even the most sanguine are pleased
with the close adherence to the pro
gram. The registration of delegates,
the call to order by the president,
Sarah Evans of Portland, the Invoca
tion by Rev. S. W."Seemann, the sing
ing of "America,- ;
The welcome on behalf of the city
by Dr. M. K. Hall, mayor; the greet
ing to the federation from entertain
ing clubs by Mrs. F. S. Ivanhoe; the
hearty response for the federation by
United States Court of Appeals Re
' tunes to Allow m Rehearing of Fa
' nioiis Standard Fine of $20,000,000
- Bonaparte Has But One Loophole
' i . .. ,, . . .
to Administer ' Justice, the U. S.
Supreme ' Court la Secoud Blow
Given by Ono Court.
Chicago,- Nov. . .10. The
States court of appeals today dented
a rehearing In the case of the govern
ment against the Standard 'OH com
pany, Involving the $29,000,000 fine.
The denial la another defeat for the
people, and also a bard blow at the in
terstate .commerce act. . The decision
was rendered by Judges Groscup, Ba
ker and Seaman. It is believed that
Attorney General oBnaparte will take
the case to the United States supreme
court. .1
This Is the second time the same
court has acted In the case. The case
was originally taken to the appellate
court by the oil company after Judge
Landls had fined the corporation for
accepting rebates from the Chicago &
Alton road. The company was In
dicted by two special grand juries on
(428 counts. The trial lasted, six
weeks. ' ' :.
Mrs. J. W. Sadler, which appears In
another column, the report of the cre
dentials committee, and the reports
of the 'recording secretary, Mrs. Walter
Hoge 'of Forest Grove: of Mrs. J. D.
Hayes of " IP'ortlan.d' as' corresponding
secretary; of .Mrs. Frances Fox of
Troutdal as treasurer; of Mary E.
Stafford' of Eugene as auditor; the
report of the delegate to the Boston
Biennial, Mrs. Kate Gingham all
these were followed, one by the other
in prescribed sequence. The reports
of the officers were limited In length,
but concise and setting forth In as few
words as possible the condition of each
department. . The club federation has
reasons to feel encouraged as a result
of the officers' reports. . ;
. Pretty Ushers awl Pages.
', Even down to the ushers, everything
moved as smoothly aa in the higher
departments. During the excitement
of seating the delegates for the open-
iu aeaaiuiuH. Mia Carrie liu li
ter and Zoe . Bragg officiated with
marked skill. The pages for the
morning wereN Mlna Ash and Carol
Currey, each doing her work remark
ably well. This afternoon there was
a change In both ushers and pages,
Misses Ethel Wright and Geneva Ro
ban officiating as pages, and Misses
Eva Nelll and Ada West as ushers.
Chorns Make Hit.
The Lyle Tuesday Musical chorus
was unquestionably a popular featt re
of the day's attractions. The city's
musical ability was well reflected In
the rendition of "Daffodils." The fol
lowing voices comprised the chorus:
. Sopranos: Mrs. O. E. Sllverthorn,
Mrs. ,T. J. Scroggln, Mrs. E. C. Moore,
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San Francisco, Nov. 10. Dr. O. W.
O'Donnell, a physician of San Fran
cisco, was pointed out by James Gib
son of Cove, Ore., on the witness stand
at the cornoer's office, as the sur
geon, under the name of "Dr. J. J.
Black," as the man who performed
the operation that. It Is alleged, re
sulted In the death of his sweetheart.
Vesta Van Vlack of La Grande. The
coroner asked the doctor if he wished
to say anything, and he said he didn't
Identification followed the Gibson
testimony In which were described his
relations with the Oregon girl. He
ConinM-txlul Club Holds Important
Scmuou Last Night Will Have Two
Hundred Boxes of Choice Apples at
Seattle Fair Every Community la
County Asked to Aid David Etx-Ioa
Here to Drum Up Irrigation.
The La Grande Commercial club
made a step forward last night that
lhould be immediately, followed by
every other commercial organisation
In the county. . As a starter, it was or
dered that 200 boxes of cholco apple
be Immediately purchased, shipped to
Seattle and placed In cold storage for
exhibit purposes, for the Alaska-Tu-kon-Paclflo
fair next year. Union
county should 'not have less than 100
boxes and we do not believe that we
will have less before the season closes.
Hood River Is reported to now have
200 boxes ready for exhibition pur-
The emblem which stands as
symbolic of La Grande and pre-
dominates in the decorations,
poses. Hood River not only grows
good fruit, but when she exhllbts her
display la always on a scale in pro
portion to the excellence of her fruit. .
Now Hood River is an advertiser that
any community can follow with profit.
She makes her exhibitions pay. If you
do not think so, go "and try to buy
some of her fruit land, Union county
raises fruit second to none. Let us
make a showing that we will be proud
of. V This Rosttle fdlr Is s-olna- tn b a
winner for the northwest. Washing
ton profited by the Lewis and Clark
fair. Oregon will do likewise
David libelee Coming.
Several matter of Interest were dis
cussed at the meeting last night, es
pecially the irrigation project If Is
expected that committees will begin
the final campaign this week. David
Eccles Is expected here on the 15th,
and It is hoped to have a good show
ing made by this time.
Want Hughes in 'Frinco.
j San Francisco, Nov. 10.' The Mer
; chants' association is awaiting a reply
from Governor Hughes of New Tork,
, to an Invitation to attend the annual .
. dinner
i month.
of the organization next
said he sought to marry her In Cove,
but the license was refused them.
Again It was refused at San Francisco
because he did not have the consent
of the girl's parents. He then visited
"Dr. Black," and finally the girl waar
taken to the hospital, where the cor
oner will try to show, the case'waa
diagnosed as appendicitis, and the
operation for that resulted In death.
The autopsy surgeon, Clark, of the
coroner's office, swore th girl died
from the effects of a bungling crimin
al operation.
" f ' '
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