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volume vn.
SDIBElt 840.
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Colonel Guffey of Pennsylvania, Rog
er C. Sullivan of Illinois, and Patrick
McCarren of 'New York, fought hard
for perpetuation of political powers.
The bitterness increased, particularly
so. in the cases of New York and the
Pennsylvania contingents. Real fight
ing was. started when the Illinois con
tests were taken up. George Mullt-
i by" Burke contestants, declared Sul
livan 'sent delegates to the. -national
convention whose election was ."con
summated through deceit and de
bauchery." He declared Sullivan and
his friends wrecked the democratic
party in Illinois that they had a par
ty deal to defeat the party In that
state. Sullivan replied, says the con
tests were "framed up.' He then de-
mantled that his delegates be seated.
War Grows Bitter.
Credentials Committee Spends the
Stormlext All-Night Session In His
tory of Democracy Lies and Slurs
Handed Out Often Prentice Ad
mits There l Itnttitinni. In nemo. Judge William Prentice replied to
cratlo Rank Tammany Men Scat-, Sullivan, almost causing a riot. "Why,
d Unanimously McCarren Dubbed this man It not a democrat!" shouted
a Bold Liar nh.Cmmltr. In An. Prentice. "I can refer you to no less
tlon AU Night,
an authority than W. J. Bryan, who
declared Sullivan never has been a
party man except for revenue. I want
. . - Ikl. It. the, 4 ....
Denver. Julv . After what was l" l" u"
robably as stormy an all-night .e..ilon M U Permlt thl" 'd'vjutt' l
talon of the credentials committee as
-was ever held at a democratic na
tional convention, the permanent roll
of the present convention Is still In
complete this morning. The com
.tnlttee has been In practically continu
ous session since 6 o'clock yesterday
corrupt and debauch Illinois, elec
tions. Just so long the vote of that
SJite will be recorded in favor of the
"Tli row Sullivan to the Dog."
"Throw Sullivan to the dogs where
he belongs, and we will again be able
afternoon. It Is probable thst It will to pue up the y old-time majorities,
-report to the convention shortly after Let Us clean house and scourge the
noon today. It was generally believed
this morning that the Dubois dele
gates of Idaho will be continued on
he roll though a strong fight will be
made in the committee to compro
mise or split the vote. .
Leaders Lock Horns.
Throughout the night three leaders.
corruptlonlsts in the open."
McCarren Grows Indignant.
The New York contests followed.
county, created a sensation by stat
ing: :
McCarren a I Jar.
"If this man McCarren tells you he
will support Bryan when he goes
home from the convention, he lies.
Don't forget this; he will not dare say
he will either vote for or work tor the
party leader. . Through the columns of
hu rhnmn orwan In Brooklyn he has
announced he will not tolerate Bryan
nor Bryantsm. This Judas betrayed
the democratic .party at the last elec
tion when Hearst was running for the
governorship." ,
When Pennsylvania was reached,
Charles Donnelly and William Bren
an presented the side of the Guffey
men. J. Berwood Daly and W. L.
McWhlston. argued against There
were several heated arguments. The
last contest to be taken up was that
of the District of Columbia. The evi
dence was the same as that heard
Monday. The committee then went
Into executive session, to consider the
Many Bosa Men Seated.
Murphy's Tammany delegation of
New York, was seated unanimously
by the credentials committee. In the
Pennsylvania contest the antl-Quffey
Itea won. In the Idaho contest the
Dubois delegation was seated. In the
Ohio contest the ltth district Tom
Johnson delegates won by two votes.
In the Illinois contest the Roger Sul
llvan delegates won.
Oklahoma Delegation Increased.
The committee decided to Increase
the number of delegates for Oklaho
ma from 14 to IS, making the total
vote of the democratic convention
100s, it th convention ratifies the
committee's recommendation.
, Hitchcock is Chnlrman.
Hot Springs, Va., July 8.
After several weeks ofdi;llber-
atlon the republican rational
committee today decided .' on
Frank H. Hitchcock as chair-
man of the committee. Hitch-
cock was manager of the Taft
campaign tor the nomination at
the Chicago convention.
Second Day of Democratic Convention Called to Order Shortly After Nooo
and Adjourns Soon, Until Tonight Temporary Platform That Suits La
bor is Presented Bryan Rumored to Be Coming to Convention He
Denies it Blind Senator Lauds B ryan, Thereby Precipitating Recced
Breaking Applause,
Sub-Committee on Platform Seta a
New Record at Denver tor Length
of Time Coo-uiiird In Framing
Kometh'ng Mli.'st tory Out Until
2 O'clock Tl. kerning and Work
ins; Again at Will Report to FuU
Committee at S Tonight.
Patrick McCarren denounced the dis
trict leaders, who deserted him, and
aided Tammany In overthrowing him.
George Williams, chairman ' of the
antl-McCarren organisation In Kings
Denver. July . the demo-1 noon
crtle convention had been called to
order at 12:25, the marching clubs
paraded the hall. When order was re
stored State Senator T. E. Grady ot
New York, ..who Is chairman ofthe
committee on rules and order, . was
recognised and presented the report
of the committee, which was adopted.
- r Crowds In Early. .
Crowds packed the galleries by il
o'clock. Chairman Bell, Mayor Dahl-
man of Omaha, and I. J. Dunn and
Judge Wade of Iowa; Ollie James of
Kentucky, and other Bryan leaders
conferred at the Brown Palace hotel
before the convention met.
While the convention hall was fill
Ing several delegations were parading
the streets behind brass bands, cheer
Ing for Bryan. Tammany made its
first appearance In a street shoaV by
pressing Into service tour stalwart- In
dlans real things clad In flaming
blankets and feathered headgear.
When order had been restored by
Chairman Boll, Rev. Christian F. Rel-
sener, pastor of the Grace Mathodlut
church of Denver, who Is chaplain of
the day, was Introduced, , When he
finished, the Milwaukee marching
Denver, July . Contrary to all
precedent the democratic resolutions
committee will spend two nights and
a day in the construction, ot a plat
form. In preceding conventions the
committee worked all night and ai
long as necessary the next morning,
and turned In a completed Job. Den
ver builders will be more deliberate.
After adjournment of the night
meeting of the full committee, the
sub-committee appointed by Governor
Haskell, chairman, was In session un
til 1 o'clock this morning, and resum
ed Its labors at this morning after
a short sleep and a hasty breakfast, j ciub, headed by Mayor Rose, paraded
referred : tne anti-injunction
plank to the sub-committee' consist-""" "
Ing ot Williams of Massachusetts, Jer
ry Sullivan of Iowa, and Judge Parker
ot New York, Indicating that th
plank ha satisfied labor1.
Want a Change Made In Manner of
STcasIafttltig Presidential Timber,
Denver. July 8. A report Is circu
lating that Bryan will come to thl
city after his nomination to address
the convention. Bryan's friends ax-
press Ignorance concerning the ru
mor. The story goes that Bryan de
sires to end, with this convention, the
traditional custom of two-thirds ma
jority for presidential nomination. He
argued that tin legitimate time to
bring the matter up was after the
nominations weie made. '
, Bryan Denlca Report.
Lincoln, Neb., July 1. William J.
Bryan Is spending the day quietly.
He denied the report that he Intend
to address the convention. John T.
Kent, his confidential man, said If,
after the nomination, the convention
asks his presence, he will go.
They will continue until 8 hi after
noon when" theyxeet to" report to
the full committee, which will then
proceed with the final preparation of
the draft of the platform. They fig-
4:18 In the sixth Inning with thelure on reporting to the convention at
score ( to I, Welser forfeited the game
to La Grande, misinterpreted passed
halt, ground rule.
10 o'clock Thursday morning.
Summer Good of aff
Kinds Dress Goods, Ladies
Suits, Dress Skirts, Ladies'
Waists In Nett Silk, Lawns
and LinenLadies Long and
Short Kimonas.
Three Days of Terrific Heat In New
York la Relieved Today.
New York, July I. Fully 78 are
dead and more than 100 prostrations
were recorded, and misery such as the
I east has never endured, is the record
ot the three days of torrid torture
which the fresh breete and lower
temperature ended today. Despite the
drop six deaths and several p rostra
tlons were recorded today.
Socially Candidate, Though In Prlxon,
Is CamiuUgnlng.
- : P
and Children's Suits ALL WIS WEEK
Long Cheering for Bryan.
Senator Gore, the blind tolon ot
Oklahoma, addressed the convention
and set the galleries and delegates In
an uproar by naming Bryan, calling
htm the greatest living apostle of hu
man liberty. During the cheering a
banner bearing Bryan's picture was
brought Into the hall amid great con
fusion. The demonstration started at
1:1 and lasted until 1:40. thus fall
Ing tar short ot th ovation given
Roosevelt at th Chicago convention.
and several minute shorter than
Taft' ovation,
Resumed and fVntlnued.
Though there was a brief lull and
order was restored for a moment, it
broke out again and did not subside
until all record of the Chicago con
ventlan had been broken. Even
Roosevelt' wonderful ovation at Chi
cago la not to be compared with the
one given Bryan, even after deducting
the time lost during. the momentary
lull. It was 1:47 before full order
wss restored.
Convention Adjourn.
Immediately after Gore had con
cluded his speech by saying but a few
words after the record-breaking dem-
Reno, Nev., July . Morris E.
Preston, the convicted murderer, who
Is serving 25 years In the Nevada
state prison, and who a nominated
for the presidency of the United States, r.nstratlon had ceased, the convention
by the socialist party, Is preparing to. adjourned until 8 o'clock this evening.
Negro and Indian Encamped Near
Muskogee, Wearing Freeh War-
" paint County Official Unable to
Cope With Angry Brave Who Give
. Sign of Being Good Indian" Only
. After Sliarp Reprimand Bloodshed
Feared 6y Offk-Ul.
Oklahoma City, July 8. Acting tin-.
der order from Acting Governor Bel
lamy, Oklahoma' whole mllltla la
prepared today to march at a mo
ment's notice on Hickory .camp
grounds hear Muskogee, where sev
eral hundred Indians and negroes are
encamped. The braves are openly
defying the county officers, who tried
to make them tay down their arm
and become citizens. Bloodhed 1
mnke a campaign by mall. The war
den at the prlmin has given Preston
pi-imlMlon to spend a portion of his
ttmo In campaigning.
Pliink HatlMflrd IaIhw (?)
The plntform committee this after-
Worms of the dust make poor leal'
era of men to the divine.
50c $1.25 to 2.00 25c
4-i'n Hand Ties Ladies' Waists Mex. Straw Hats
27c 68c I3c
IlorkcfctliT I 69.
New York, July 8. There Is re-
Jolclng In the office .of the Standard
Oil company t'J8 Broadway today,
this being the 9th birthday of the
great chief of the oil monopoly, John
D. Rockefeller. The anniversary was
generally remembered by the friends
end business associates of th oil
magnate In New York and through
out th country nd the telegraph
wire today carry hundred of con
gratulatory messages.
i Ladles' Dress Skirts of the Famous "Beverly Make" Worth up to 0-GQ
t $14.00 Now . p0.iO
MEN'S 7.V TO 5c DRESS SHIRTS. rv fx fCy
New York Offk-e for ll-puhllin,
New York. July 8, New Tork head
quarter of th republican congress
committee will be opened In the St.
James building on August 1 and will
be practically th nationa Iheadnuar
ters, although the Washington office
will b maintained.
Internal lottal Tax Body.
Toronto, Ont., July 8. An Interna
tional tax association open to all res
Idents of th United State and Cana
da, will be organised at a meeting to
be held her on October 8.
of every citizen to so live and act that his fcl- : ;
low citizens uiil esteem him for his goodness, ; ;
his kindness, and his usefulness. The principles of : ;
good citizenship should constitute the code of rules : ;
for every kind of business whether public or private. ; ;
X 1 his applies particularly to the drul business, be- i
cause, owing to the limited knowledge of the qualities
of drugs by the general public, It follows that the re- t
liability of the druggist Is the chief guarantee of
good service.
m m Oregon J
t La Grande
i :