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VVhat Ik Consldere! a Victory for Tan
But What Antl-Tnft Men Claims for
Theirs, Occurred at Chicago Today
.-. Vlicn Louisiana Compromise Was
. Adopted Warmouth Says He Will
. llott Convention Villon Something
j U Done the First Split.
Chicago. June 9. The first plit
since the republican national commit
tee begun hearing 'contests was made
today when, after a hot discussion
end much objection, It was finally de
termined to divide the Louisiana rep
resentation, but even this Is considered
a victory for Taft, as it leaves hi
tnen in control of the state.
The fight has tautened the name of
"Lily whites" on the Taft men and
the term "Black and tans" on the al
lies. .So far as contests In the south
are concerned, the ' decision means
that Pearl Wright, a Taft supporter,
will be the sole dispenser of federal
patronage In Louisiana. Former Gov-'
ernor Warmouth of Louisiana Is furi
ous at the result When the commit
tee adopted the compromise resolu
tion he was asked to accept- It. "I
'lll bolt the convention first." he
aid; there can be no compromise
that I could accept; It Is Impossible."
Warnmouth says he will never en
ter an agreement with the black and
tans. The committee took adjourn
ment before going on with the con
tests, In ordor to allow Warmouth to
cool off. The compromise gives nine
votes from Louisiana to each side.
MlNNlipl Men ScaHil,
The Taft dcl.-gates at large from
Mississippi were seated thla after
noon. Chicago, June . Efforts th.
Taft men to sweep everything before
them wai esiimed tolay, whin n"
Louisiana compromise prcposli'.on.
yrhlch ciu.ed adjournment Mondav,
'was taken up by thr national commit
tee today. , .
Former ' Governor Marmouth of
Louisiana, speaking for the Taft
leaders, said:
"We mut go into the . convention
with a full vote or nto enter. W
must rule or get out, for there can
be no compromise."
(Senator Charles Dick arrived today
and opened headquarters for Senator
J. II. Foraker, his colleague, end Says
that Foraker's candidacy U serious.
John Montgomery in the' Interest of
John Hays Hammond, la the only
iworklng candidate for second place on
the ticket.
Mr. Wu to k WIhi'k Wu?
Champaign, HI., June 9. His ex
cellency. Wu Ting Fang, Chinese
tnlnlffter to the rmted Slates, will be
the orator of the day ut the University
of Illinois commencement da, exer
cises tomorrow.
Xorili Tcxn I Mm I.iiw.
Penlson, Tf!.n.. June I. One vt the
largest meeting!-. In lt hMi-y"
opened here today by th North Ter
ns MedU'al own Utlnn. More limn
100 proinluriit liflilitrs nrq in a
t ndance.
Cllnt'in, 1'iiv.i, June 9. Iowa 'l.,t
Federiitlnn of Lulmr convi:n d In 16tli
annual eKlnn "lure tills morning,
w ith a 'large representation pr s-nl
frum all the lnti"r IvvJli of the state.
It Is expected that many Important
tnatU-Ts. Inil'jiilng the r"!lil'al action
ot organized labor In towa, will be
cnsldercd. ,
KJcht Tlpntsuml HonMrvii.
r jtykk. Kn., June 9. Eight
Uouwnd are reported hnmees
I, a result of the floods. Late
reports say the river la rising
hourly. Great fears are enter
tained for the safety of proper
ty and llvti. Train and mall
service are tied up her.
Uutte District Still In Grip of Flood
and Service l- InipoKllil. .
Butte. Mont.. June 9, It will be at
least a week before traffic Is re
sunied as a result of the damage to
railroad tracks by the floods in this
section of the state. 1 The Northern
Pacific has succeeded In opening its
oenice east, but traisis are stalled, to
some extent ' by landslides 20 miles
from Butte. ; :'' ';! -
Many new station buildlng are be
ing reconstructed along the line; and
levees ore being constructed along the
shores of the Boulder In order to save
towns from beliij,- swept away.
uiy oi Atlantic Armaria W III Lmvo
Seattle During Comlm; Vi.
.Kavy'Tard, Pugct Sound. June 9
Orders have been received here to
send ships of the Atlantic fleet under
going repairs here, to San Francisco
as early as possible. The ' Georgia
leaves June !;. the. Illinois on the
20th; the Wisconsin on the 22d; the
Kentucky on -the 25th; the Nebraska
on the 27th; the Rhode Island, Vir
ginia, New Jersey on the 26th, and
the Kearsarge on the 29th.
Fortunate Turn of tlio Wind Saves o
Large. Tort Ion of tho City.
Vancouver, Wash., Jnue 9. A fire
starting In tle center of the Ptttoek
& Leadbetter mill at noon today
caute'd a Iocs of .250,000 and de
stroyed the main part of the plant.
The origin of the flro lg unknown.
Fortunately the wind was In the right
direction to save the town from burn
ing, as only one fire engine was In the
town. The fire burned several hours
before the firemen wore sure that ad
joining property was safe. A portion
of the Northern Pacific trestle was
destroyed. '
feline Milncd by Khvtrtclly.
Your shoes thlned by electricity Is
the latest. One of these Interesting
devices has Just been set up at the
corner of S9th street and Broadway,
.V, T., and every day 2000 people re
c.v an automatic shine. .
If Stuve Ilrodie, the world's famous
bootblack, could see the electric shoe
thlnlng machine work he would turn
over in Ills grave. The shine costs
but a nickel. -You step up to the ma
chine, Insert a foot In the proper
opening, press the button and In less
than two minutes your boots are pol
ished even better than a bootblack
could do It. The shoo-ill Inc-r Is no
larger than the automatic weighing
machine. The machinery Is contained
In an uptight position. On either side
of the platform Is a brass rail for the
patron to steady himself while the
ihoe Is being polished. The foot is
thrust through an opening In the plnt
,'orm until It rests on a metal form.
While standing with one foot In the
opening the nicked Is dropped In the
lot and the shining bi glns. On ?t
of hruh" cornea up and cleans' tin
dust and mud from the shoe. The
vile and heels as well as the uppHr
part are cleaned. While they are do
ing this n f-lt brush rwms up nnd
"N ans, the fror.l of the stie. As S'ViP
is this operation l completed the
tru.-h"S slip Into pi, ire and ii n w st
'k ready f'r husinevt. in the tnterv.V.
t lll.ersl roa'lng ft t.l.uklng lien
applied through tubes so that when
'lie nw litusli nrv In place the real
shining heirlns. It t.ik-i less than a
minute to shine one shoe.
The other f'it In then Inserted In
;he opening, the electric button I
yvn a second puh and the progmm
is repeated. AlthoiiRh the patron
ptiihs the button twice he "bin to
.'rop In bu't ne tih kcl as the iwech
mlsm Is prvllej with A double r
lease. Th electric f-hoe-slilner Is u:i
of the most novel mechanisms evn
r-Atrnti'd. and will Oo tin work n.rni)
limes belter an fnnter than any boot
black. 7
Airbrake )lm
St. Paul, Minn., June Pomo nl
the leallng railroad m-n t,t the conn
try are taking part In the session com
menced here today by 'the American
Airbrake association. J Tht meeting
will continue four day.
vvasntngton, It. v., June 9. Wade
Ellis, attorney general "of Ohio, re
turned from the Virginia beach. today
with a rough draft of the republican
platform to be adopted at the Chicago
convention. The substance of the
platform are declarations which he
drew tentatively with the approval of
administration, and Is as follows;
"In dorsement of the policies of the
present administration." This Is to be
the central Idea ' of the platform.
Other features are:
"Tariff; unequivocal declaration for
revision) railroads, declaration favor
ing reasonable traffic agreements
Portland, June 9. William Jen-.
nlng Bryan is the Idol of Oregon
democrats as demonstrated In the
state convention here today. When1
- .
the Nebraskan-s name was mentioned '
the delegates went wild w ith enthusl-'
ItevaH Russia, June 9. Traffic In
the gulf of Finland was suspended to
day for two days to make way for the
visit of King Edward to the czar. The
czar and retinue arrived this morning
and was Joined two hours later by
King Edward, who kissed the af
fectionately on both cheeks. They re-
mulned In conference for some lime.
Tomorrow Nicholas acts as host on
the imperial yacht Btandart.
The circuit court today was princi
pally occupied In hearing the case of
Freeman 8. Ladd of this city against
J. W. Iiellly of Island City. The liti
gation wart brought by the plaintiff
to recover l:'78 on a note. Attorney
Ivan hoe & Ilodgln appear for the
plaintiff and Cochran & Co.hnin for
the defendant.
Immediately following the termina
Los Angeles, Oil.. Juno 9. Threv !
shU. or the fleet, wl.hh occur-;'"
i-c.l lust rinttiKlny. are In a rlilcljf """ '" ""' d-'"h ll .t following I
rendition today Ami ere not i:;pectcd j ibr dc plornlile ie.-cM nt at sen, ur.',- j
to live nt this time. Waller H.irnj,. roel pH.r of llrook-l
As o.,n 4 the rescue of thp In- ' Ivn; A. Hayes, t, r i.-nder, of Uroo't. :
.-. e.uciKi ,i,e,. men
found ami rsred for, the uiteiiilsnts
Art Mentally Miuots M-lf.
Huntington, Ore., June 9. Elmer!
Almaul4t, aged 14. son of Mr. and
Mrs. Frank AlirKiulsl, it this city,
came to his death from the acciden
tal dlvhsrgn of a 2-caIlbr rifle In
his own hands. Elmer went out ti
his unrle'e form, about seven miles
from town, Paturdsy. He took hi
rifle, n4 tu gone from the hoes
only a few minutes, when he came
staggering In and felt fnslde the door.
No one ran tell Just how the accident
happened, as there were ao wtnew.
Hi gun era found about tt feet from
to house under a tree. Th wound
without fear of prosecution; win also
pronounce In favor of national con
trol ns against combination owner
ship; trusts; resolution condemning
such combinations as create monopo
lies; limit of production and control
of prices; finance; note congratulat
ing country and congress on passage
of the eurrency bill; navy, plank urg
Ihg Increase In fighting ships; new
states admission of Arixona and
Jif'ew Mexico aa new states. Shipping
Endorsement of the ship subsidy
idea. Labor -recommendation for
enactments to Insure labor organiza
tions against snap Judgments by the
eourta in Issuance of injunctions."
LIKE col. en
earn and so much noise via made
that Chairman O. P. Coshow' voice
'cmild no b heard.
undoubtedly be endors-
ed before the convention a.l I.,,,-.,., mentioned the name of Bryan
In making his opening fcpoech.
London, June 9. Although tome of
the British papers criticize the king
for making the visit to Russia, a ma
jority of the paper look upon the
visit with favor. All attach great
significance to the visit. The Pall
Mull Gazette thinks the conference
will have a quieting effect In India,
particularly on the northwest frontier
und on Afghanistan, where uprisings
nro frequent.
tion of the case late this afternoon,
tho court took up the equity cases.
Although a few mimes remain In.
the Jury bolt and others are subject to
recall. It Is not apparent that there
will be any more J'iry cases In the
present term of the circuit tnar..
Judge Crawford the Juror
last evening, with the understinidliiK
that thty may be recalled at any time.
bcMevimr m th n,., ti.. .,. ,
e. ntu.illy recover. TIl s who tie
" "Uh c'"""" '"' ! '"-"'.v.
i,; t. Biumtitls. fireman, of Noi folk,
: Vn.
ss on the HkIiI sl-le. the si,,i ram;,
lug upward through the lung. The
rororer's Jury rive a yi tdut of uccl
ditilul de ath fioio the 01s. herge of a
gun In hi own bands.
No 0 In Tmo hn-tliKi.
No. f came through this morning
In two sections. Th first section
carried passengers and was loaded to
Ms fullest capacity with excursionists
r-lurnlng from the rose fiesta. The
second section carried bnggag and
fruit from, the Hood nivrr country.
Th train was an hour late, which Is
unusual for th train romlng from
th west.
jKVc-m-h Lieutenant Will Bo Sirl,)oil
of Decorations lu lYoiit of Men.
'. Paris, June 9. Lieutenant Clime,
the traitor convicted by court martial
for, selling documents describing tho
defenses pf Toulon and a coda of Big.
cals, will be publicly degraded before
the men he commanded next Monday.
ills sword will be broken In front of
him, his uniform will be stripped of
all decorations, and he will then be
compelled to pass In frtnt of his men.
British Stenicr Strikes Rock and
Goes Dow n, a Complete. Wreck.
Hong Kong, June. 9. Late report
received today from the scene eon firm
the wreck of the British steamer Poy
An, which struck a rock off Lnntae
island last night. Eight natives are i
dead. Ninety Europeans were res-i
cuea. in, ship u, a tottt 1()SI, Nl
trace of orientals was founds today.
The vessel was in service between
Canton and Macao.
Jnpnncso Soldleni and Korean Insur
gents Clash FrotQuiMilly.
Seoul, Corea, June 9. A terrific
thinning out of Korean Insurgents by
Japanese troops Is continuing at a
rapid rate,, according to a statement
made today by officials at the Jap-
anose army headquarters here. Be
tween June 1 and T Jap troops
gaged In 28 battles, killed 113 Koreans
besides - wounding many. The Japs
captured numbered only 28. Many
ploces the Insurgents are Intrenched
nnd are making trouble for the Jups;
guerilla fighting le progressing.
D-rol for Kclio.
The O. R. & X. company is arrans
in, to build a new de,,,,, El.ho amI
a contractor is w L. , J 7 " .
a contractor Is now there for the pur
pose of doing tome preliminary work.
The new station house Is to be built
across the railroad track from where
It now stands. At present the build
ing kite Is occupied by a ' couple of
warehouses and these are to be re
moved. According to reports from
Echo an O. R. & N. contractor from
The Dalles Is now at Echo and will
probably have the work of removing
tho warehousej as well at construct
ing the new' depot. East Oregnnlan.
Terrible CllWon Xer Rome.
Itonie, June 9. Fourteen were
killed outright and (0 Injured In a
collision of tho rilgrlm passenger train
and a freight at I'.ocapletra station.
Many of the Injured are expected to
die. The freight was running fust
when It struck the passenger truln.
telescoping three roarhes. the occu
pants being killed or Injured. Many
were pinned under the debris. Fire
broke out. but was quickly put out,
preventing a horrible disaster,
Mw-tlnji of
La Crosse, Wis., June . Hankers
f the Seventh Wlsrr.nin and First
Mlnnesoti dl.irht 'groups met here
today In Joint contention.
" i- t t-i t
.11. 1 01 cvfry clli(:nl0
J low citizens will esteem lilm for his goci!r.css, t
t his kliii'ncss, and his usefulness. The ptir.clpls of
X good citizenship should constitute the' coc of n:l:s
for every kind cf business whether public or ptlvate.
; This applies parllniilarly' to the drug business, bc-
. cause, oulni to the limited
x or cruss by the general public. It follows that the. re-
1 liability cf the druggist
gopd service.
La Grande
iPIII fill
EmlmslAHtlc! Meeting of Club Last
Mht Rills' Agnla-t Old Club Are
Audited nig Irrigation Scheme 1
DUiiMH-d Utile Difficulty 111 tlio
Wuy of Ittnllzntlon Ijt Grande to.
Have Iiouslii"; Celebration.
The board of directors of the Com
mercial club held their regular meet
ing last night and Indulged In a gen
eral discussion of future plans, and
j audited the bills against both the old
.organization and the new. The bills
presented against thfl old Commercial
oiub amounted to about 9186. Tha
expenses of the now club amount to
between J90 and 1100, so far. To
meet these diibursenients the treasury'
contains about 1170, realized from th
sale of the furnishings in the old
building, so thut very little will need
to be drawn from the funds collected
from members of tho present organi
zation. The expert "of the Pacific Monthly
company will be here Thursday and
en-,,tu'n tl,e mttcr of selecting a secro
tary to the pnbllclty organization will
be gone Into. Suitable quarters, more
easily accessible to the public than
the Commercial club rooms, will be
obtulned for the hendtiu.irtera of the
publicity campaign. ' .
Irrigation Scheme.
Probably the moat Important prop
osition -yet to come before the club is
a scheme, submitted Inst ntht, for an
I" mm'- for an
I ,mmNW ,rr,"ln V'M to Include
practically tho whole valley. The of
ficials of the club consider it favora.
bly, and the only obstacle In tha way
of an assured success la the difficulty.
If any exists, of getting tho farmer
sufficiently Interested. While the sit-,
uatlon Is peculiar here, !n a much as)
we have a habit of ruining excellent
crops without irrigation, no sensible
man doubt for an Instant that our
products, In addition to being mad
more valuable as to variety, would be
Increased several fold with Irrigation.
La Crando Will Celebrate,
The matter of celebrating ' th
Fourth came before the club last night
and to say jhat (he members present
were enthusiastically in favor ot mak
ing the event the grandest of its kind
ever seen In eastern Oregon, la put
ling It mildly. The biggest financial
Interests of tha city are. pledged to
the movement, and already today the
fruitgrowers end farmers are asurlnr
the official of the club of their
htanllcst co-operation.
Mn Meeting Tonight.
A mas meeting will be hold to
night In the Commercial club room
t'l discuss plans f,,r the celebration,
and everybody with an bb a for mak
ing a rousing good time Is :pectcd to
b present am lay hn plan before
the gathering.
M t tf 1 H Ht4
- .
so live and act that his fcl-
knculcdic of the auaUlies j
Is the chief luarantee cf
4 ) t994tttfra