La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, May 17, 1906, Image 1

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    ; j'CLUME v" '.....'. " '. , . ' ' LA GRANDE. IftUCKN COUNTY, OREGON, TH'J.ESDAY, MAY , 1 7. 190 ' ' 1 " -,"' . . , V" A NUMBER -;160 . .
it l
Jlave anrblnecl Capital ct.
W''Mrio HiaM
(Scrlppa Nvir.- AiwooktlonV . ,
V Saii Francn:j. 17 All banks in
this city will reopan for business th
(morning of May 23i. This action is
, brought about-by prassur of larger in
stitutions Vihish ar bssorrunj exercised
I Over th terga ;Hum of business which
i is being diverted from '.his cily. ;. AJJeom-
mercial banki wjl open anu .,li have a
is Mil
f Washington May 1? Senator -Tillman
' is J&mpting .to obtain a v more rigorous
arrtmentto th rat bill prohibiting
, carrier from engaging in other, business.
v fie (feolared If' this not don the ' amend
. rftent might as well go out with the bill-
which has so many loopholes that Wash
i' ington" monomenV-' could b put in it
TiHma.' amendmen. wa rejected.
f- -IV'-S"1" '' ! -4'S-
(Scrlpp News Araoclatlon)
I De Moines, I0W4, May 17 The retir
ing moderator, atth Presbyterian
assembly which opened here today, made
biSf$Wtial address before t'ne election of
officSu. Tnis aftimoon th assembly,
( whicn contains rap'jsjntitives from
$ ivery PresVy'.r-ry in I' ed Stat ,
J will elect new m erator fro 0 th fire
I candidates. ' -
j-Quirt ai r:::"ssioiF" ;
I'' (Scrlppn Svxt Aocktion)
I Philadelphia, M y 1 7 Ohas. Pugh,
1 Vice president of ilu Pennsylvania rail-
road tastifisd bafra 'tie interstate Cam-
1 missTon that thjc-vp.niaU'&ally refused
! to grant requ35ts f r . li'roid sidings to
independent m ! beciusa the market
I would be fiodei with al
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?2 City Phone Black 1301
Si til Miilscn : DoHars-rWill .be
Business OfW
V. -. . , ' ,
combined working capital of t.xty million
dollars on hand. No fear is expressed at
to the ability of the banks to' handle all
business which offsrlJ arid i pay H d
mands. t . r ' ', , j ' ?,
The car'lines are being rapidly extended
and two additional lines are being opened.
Tea death due to the earthquake and fir
twera reported" by tha coroner today. ' s
'I 'Uimu-iKiii mr-rv
(Scrlpp New Association! .'
Decatur. Ill, May IT An injunction
restraining th general assembly of th
Presbyterian church from merging with
th Presbyterian church, wai filsd tn
Th Vn Will V-, tomor f-
m CAUIIKJ fOR aid !
iBnrlpp hJew AwociatlonV ' -
Mar.etti.Chl May.lT-Th Congrij
gatimal asiociatioil has Usued a (fall for
aid for th San Francisud hufchi. -
(Scrlpp New Association)
4 iG..'J.,A 4k.
iw. j., may i4 in
sentenc of Anna Valetin wa
today to lifa.imprisonmint.)
irScrlpp New Anoclatlon)
Washington, May 1 7 Th San' Fran
cisco earthquake it an important factor
in determining the senate corrlmittee's
vote on th sea level canal. ' Mann
reports that the Isthmus Is "not exempt
from earthquakes and that a wall necess
ary for locks would offer good materia
for shocks to injure. . ' ,
I - :. , ? in', 1 J - . 1
., , . . . 1 ' ' .
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(3cr)pps New Association) . 1 .
Salinas, Cel. May 17 Th China town
which wis located on the short Jin
betweentPacific Qrov and MonUray wa
totally destroyed by fir. Of th four
hundred shacks which composed th town
but seven small buildings remain. Tha
loss is estimated forty-fiv thousand dol7
lars. ' Four hundred refugees from th
San Francises China town war tr'jn
made homeless. .'...) . j''
(Scrlpp New .,.
Salt Lak May 1 7 It is announced
President Smith, that the Mormon chui
will retire from butmtss, relinquishing all
of its properties.' It ha already
ferred all of it traction
5rty for
$500,000 to th InUrmadrTUin Consoli
dated Railroad Comnjirfry which has been
Icapatilized at$6u0.000 and willincor
porat at Bofi today and will tak over
th Salt L&e aihcT "Ogtien striet railroad.
An international trust company 1 to be
neorporated her in a few day which
will finance the biggest interurban electric
road proposition in the west. It is pro
posed to build a road from Lvn, Utah
to Preston, Idaho a distanc of S28.
Construction work is to commence im
mediately. " ' . ",,"; '.
The Stat saloon is again out of com
mission and to those who hav been ac
customed to satisfying that long- distanc
thrist at this paint joint will not b able
to secure their favorite prescription there,
for som tima at least Th place is
closed and there ar those who say that
th proprietor ha gathered , himself to
parts nknown- to those intrstd in a
financial way with th resort, i ' .
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(Scrlpp New Association)
Vlcwria. ,B. C.. May UrTh British
troop wer 1 tormeriy .witnarawn irom
Canada today. ' 'Tm tatmnt wa
'mad trua .when th Royal garrison
lr,mnd th Royal. ngineer nrarqtjJjj.--- -yir
outf.'th Work'Point bavras"-; h
mailed on the steafcer,' (:M'l-niitt
Point barraok
ar. now- of Canadian troops
.11 utm
. 4
Atth council meetini last night Mr.
'. L Mayer wa elected M filf th vac
ancy In th third ward, caused by th
of Dr. L. D. Sea vis. . f
An ordinance wa presented and raid
th first tim providing for an occupation
tax. which wa unaminously voted dowrt.
An ordipanc, ,prokling for .a raisa.ln
salonn. license frttrr) 4)400 to $600-. w
also killed after th first reading. Another
ordinanet providing for a J)00 licence
wa read th first tim and rfrd to the
judiciary, who will report on it at the
next masting. This ordinance if passed
will throw many restrictions around th
saloon of this city and in tomorrow's
issue w will print th proposed fsaturts.
,The council authorized the city engineer
to make preliminary surveys of Five Point
creek and report the feasibility of con
ducting tha waters thereof to th city.
Th recorder wa authorized to adver
tise for bid to furnish wood to the pump
house. ' Also to advertise for bids for the
construction of- certain tide walks that
tha property owner had failed to con
struct. , .'. .
The matter of buying a steam road roller
was not brought up and w presume
that this matter ha been indefinitely
postponed. . .
,Th city granted th public chool
permission to hold tha comencetnent
exercises in th Court House building.
A number of. street grades and tide
walks were ordered of which the Recorder
will give official notice in a few day.
For a whil thflow of oratory between
the mayor and councilman Birtlet waxed
warm but after a while th marshal!
restored quiet and business resumed along
the even tenor of its .way.
The street committee was given suffic
ient matter to investigate sufficient to
keep them busy until the next meeting.
which will be June 6.
Iff All
(Scrlpp New Association)
Orovill. Calif ..May 17, Report from
th mountain camp ar to th effect
that the heavy biatting which , It being
done by the Western Pacific . it driving
th wild animals of that regeon from their
lairs in to the open settlements at French
creek.. The people there are terrorized
by mountain liont who deprived, of their
usual tourcet of food are ready to attack
humane. Numerous lyna and wild cat
art reported in the neighborhood. At Big
Bend the settlers are threatened by rattle
snakes which have been driven from the
ravine and canyont.
WeItUy:; Business Man c!
l i sdaus ; State M Miraculously .Drccd ill Perry :
Th; mosi tartllnB and. oeculiar di-
rj?"' wealthy druggist of
t. - .1.- ....
in time within the last tew
nd his littl daughter, who it
thirteen year of age, left . their hom
city for Detroit Michigan, During th
trip to Nampa the little girl saw nothing
of her father and pa ,, reaching" ther h
found hi birth contained only a hat and
coat Hurrying back to Boise h notified
th Elk' lodg of which her father 1 a
th missintf man. Th wirtt
wer kept hot with " Inquiries swr tm
morning. E. W, Davis received a tologcara
inquiring for St Johns and giving hi -scription
also stating that h wa pro
bably demented. At. th tarn tim a
farmr brought man to this city an
'" " h daicrlntUYrt. 5' 4 & ' ''
- fol
. at iifi niifT)
uiB3 . "I hav. fiai ' aiiTlWf
attSckJ 6foYNj (Jon'tjramwnbar' wMrll
walied wit fe. and don't rOTnmB6f.
when . ttrMeJ, byt think-il WM
fourtenth.C When hNw th
wa th rntntl) h K .'fwithed.
put continu.d. ,"Mylf tah
. . . . ;
(Scrlpps Newn
Washington May 17 Senator Bailey1
presented to the tenat documentary
evidence tending to discredit the publish
ed statements that he had acted treach
erously to the party or that ' he had . at
tempted to prevent effective : rat legi.
Chandiei; furnished Bailey with a '
copy of hi memorandum in which
Chandler says he did not give th Presi
dent assurance as to Bailey' attitude re
lative to the so called railroad senator
game, because he nad not seen mney,
and did not feel authorized by what Till
man taid. ... ,. . .
(Scrlpp News Association)
Springfield 111 May 1 7. -The joint con
vention of the Illinois miners and opera
tor hav convened.,' Th indications are
unfavorable to a pjicaful settlement,
.. .......
. . -jm- m -Wawr- ; 1
iiuirri r
Afooolatlon) . f '" J
Supplies fibrine and albumen for the . nerve3
and muscles., It is the extract that is em
ployed, and hence you get all the nutritive el
ements of beef witnout any tax on digestion
It is the iron in the blood ' that keeps the
fires of life going, gives a healthy hue and
maintains vitality and energy.
We use an old Sherry Wine; the wine of
greatest medicinal valve. . Aids digestion
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ordinary preparations sold under this name
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La Grande,
I. V '
BoitfJSffi ; l-W. b J
ter toolt th train at Boise but how I got
h?! won't knw. .motritrijr., at fiv
odjocii t Sami to my 'senso whil lymgT'
undar a brldc4near . Perry.. A farmer
brought m to th city. ' At thit moment
I , m astan as anyon," " J " ,
When hi trrivd In L Grand hi facr
wai tomtwhat bruiltd but not seriously.
Mr. Davit In bthalf of th local lodg of
Elkt, Hal' wired. Bolt that th man
wanted it hr, and that thl Jocal lodg
it administering to hi want,
From th information that cantbdT
gaiirau MMi.M. T.T.. Ci "TZ'
with , thi attack . whil on hi way to'
Nampa and boarded a west bound C R.
& N. train and cam through Da Grand
in that way. But how h com to.b
dropped off near Parry, it of court a
mytttry, ; Th man ha no concptif -
how h mad th trip,' knw nothing
-about ttm-i )f.l, f9reott.n whn, h
lUfUd, but did know vav
girl. During th' a...J ..... .vr
rciv advice from th Bois lodg'1
stating that K ommitt would arriv
in th city tonight; to takt charg of him.
I , 0
upimm n muriopai owksskp
(Sorlpp New Ataoclatlan)
1Hou.ton, Tex. May 19-An l.ction- If
btitijld hr today to decide whether
arm thfity haU buy th present plant
.ct Hntba WaUrwork Comoanv. .
wiiich Asm krt ird to th city far
$90070(7 , mutt b jaid in-, cash and
$467,700 mutt b attumcd of th out-
standing bond of th,waUrWorkt com-
any. : . -X : ' 1 N,
If today' election thoufi ratjlc fci fav
or of thit proposition, another Uctidit' will
hav to b held to detarmin- vimtm or
not th city tha 11 issue bond to cover th
monnt necessary to acquire th wataY- .
works plant. In i planned to hav th
second election scn after,! th ; firt, 1r
cat th Mcond election should become
necesary. In that cas It will probably
be held within sixty day.' Mayor Rice a
well a tha commissioners favor th plan
and are of tha opinion that ' it wuuld b
much batter to purchaa tha Dlant of tha
present watarwork company, than to
establish a new municipal plant. The
Citizen ar divided on the) proposition, pf
municipal ownership of the watarwork
and the result of the election' la awaited
with considerable Interest.
(Scrlpp New Association) -.Th
house passed th naval appropria
tion bill allowing 1 0 per cent preferential
to Pacific coast shipbuilders in competing
for th building of new oat', car
ried. -Th senate refutsd to ?mak gat
pip line common carriers. ;
more. A tonic
I 1