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Fair tonight
Tomorrow warmer.
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(Scrlpps Newt Association)
San Francisco. Cal., April 13.' The
steamship Mongolia, beating Governor
General Smith of the Philippines, was
icrhUd . shortly . before noon and the
steamship met local committees on tugs
in the bay. Ships in the harbor were
decorated in honor of the return of the
Smith party. The governor's party dis- J
embarked at two thirty and went to the
palace hotel where they will be received
a formal reception tomorrow. Bishop
t.ashford, a Methodist missionary from
Chictgo will sperk. - .
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FOR 111
(gcrlpps News Association) '
Chicago, 111.. April 13. Voliva has
proposed to Dowie that a boird of deacons,
five to be appointed by Dowie and five by
himself, should be named to direct affairs
at Zion. After a conference with At
torney Wetten, it was announced that
riAwi will aorae to nothing that will de
prive him in any measure of his temporal
and spiritual rights. ,
Scrlpps News Association)
New York, April 13 Within the last
two months $1000 has been subscribed
to a fund for the defense of Captain Van
Schaick, master of the ill fated excursion
steamer General Slocum. His case will
come up on appeal next October, and the
lots throughout the United States are
atermmea ne snail nave ample funds to
fight against the sentence of ten years
imprisonment which has been imposed
upon him. ,
An appeal for funds was sent out to
the pilots of every Important harbor of
the United States by the Grand Harbor
of the Masters' and Pilots' Association,
and returns are coming in rapidly, like
many others the pilots believe that Cap
tain van Schaick was made a scapegoat
and that the persons really responsible
. for .the Slocum disaster, were shielded
fien sentence was imposed upon Captain
an Schaick. ;
(Scrippa New Association t '
Passaio, N. J. April 1 3 The Day house
once Washington's headquarters, at
Preakness or Bloomburg Manor, has been
sold under mortgage foreclosure by
Sheriff Charles ' Bhrgen, of Passaic
County. Albert Fiench. vice president of
the American Chemical Company of New
York, purchased the house for $5,600
He lives in Montoliar. Mr, French's
mother was a great great grand daughter
of Col. Garret Day, who built the house.
He intends to make a summer home of
it. Its previous owner was William Bel
char, the missing Mayor of Paterson.
The house was built in 1740.
(Scrlppt News Association)
New York, April 13 One hundred-and
-sixty-three, years ago . today Jefferson.
third President of the United States and
founder of the American Democracy,
was born at Shad well, Albemarle
County, Virginia. Democrats throughout
the country . are observing the day by
holding meetings and banquets in honor
of the great statesmen, and many pro
minent people visited the tomb of Jeffer
son at Monticello, Va, and decorated it
flowers. :
(Scrlppt Newt Association)
New York, April 1 5. Good Friday was
generally observed here today. The
churches of all denominations were open
to worshippers and, particularly in the
Roman Catholic and Protestant bpiscopal
churches Impressive special services were
held in commemoration of the crucifixion
Impressive ceremonies were conducted at
the St Patrick's Roman Catholic Cathe
dral, at which Archbishop Farley offi
ciated. During the Mass of the Presanct
ified "The Passion" was sung by students
from St Joseph's Seminary, At the con
clusion of the ceremony. Archbishop Far
ley, holding aloft the host and attended by
four Christian brothers, who held over
him a canopy, led a procession of the
clergy in the cathedral aisles and back to
the sanctuary.
In all Roman Catholic churches a three
hour's devotion was held between noon
and three o'clock, in memory of the hours
of suffering, Jesus was obliged to endure
before ' death came. Similar devotions
were held in the Protestant Episcopal
churches throughout the city. Nearly all
the churches were filled with worshippers.
Business was w a great extent sus
pended. The Stock Exchange remained
closed, but the banks kept open to ao
comodate their customers. Tomorrow
will be Holy Saturday, when in the Roman
Catholic churches the holy water, to be
used during the year will be blessed.
During the afternoon the funeral decora
tions in all the churches will be removed
and during the evening the altars of all
the churches will be transformed into
bowers of spring flowers, to be ready for
Easter Sunday.
(Scrlppt News Association)
Gibraltar, April 13. The steamer Bar-
barossi, carrying the American athletes
who are to compete at Athens in the
Olympic games, was hit by a huge wave
which resulted in injuring one of the ath
letes and six others narrowly escaped be
ing washed overboard. Later reports
say that these six may be unable to com-
" ' xrmtnxtaA In the
wetting. The eruptions at Naples will
strand the steamer and passengers, who
were to go overland from Naples. If
traffic does not open to get Americans to
Athens in time to participate in the
Olympian games, an appeal will be made
to the Grecian authorities to send assistance.
Will Study Coitions at m (ail it Scuta Acieto
: Capitols.
Kerrigan, the high Jumper, was injured
and may not be able to compete in the
Olympian games at Athens. Hs is a
member of the Multnomah Amateur
Athletic club of Portland. He has a
record of six feet one and a half inches,
a mark, which if equaled, should give
him a place in the finals at the big meet
Nothing is known as to the seriousness of
the injury but reports say that no serious
injury was done to any one. This is the
only representative of the Western United
States in these Olympian games and his
friends will be disappointed if he does not
get a chance to perform.
rt. l Miuman, tne sprinter, had a
knee lacerated, J. S. Mitchell a weight
thrower a dislocated shoulder, Harvsy
Cohn a distance runner, and A. F.
Borneman a swimmer were severly
scratched and bruised.
(Scrlpps Newt Association)
Washington D. C. April 13 Secretary
Root has now definitely decided to accept
the invitations given him by the diploma
tic representatives of South American
countries to extend his projected trip to
Rio Janeiro so as to circumavigata South
America and to vi ait Buenos Ayres, Mon
iW Rantiaim tim Chili end .. Lima.
The Secretary would also" like to visit
che capitals of Columbia and Ecuador,
but press of time and the difficulty of
reaching Bogota and La Pax from the
seaports will prevent his doing so.
Secretary Root will be accompanied
by Mrs. and Miss Root and a few per
sonal servants. He expects to come up
the west coast of South America to Pana
ma, and crossing the isthmus, to take one
of the Panama Railroad steamers from
Colon-to Nsw York.. The trip will begin
early in July, the Charleston starling
from New York or Newport News, and
will end about October I.
It is pointed out that the trip of the
Secretary involves no diverson of the big
cruiser from her naval work, as she was
originally under orders to proceed from
the Atlantic to join the Pacific station.
On these three days, which also throws open to the public our new annex, the
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Music and Cut Flowers on Saturday
(Scrlpps News Association)
St. Petersburg, Russia, April 13. It
has been officially announced here that
the second Hague peace conference is
adjourned until September, when they
will again meet.
(Scrlpps Newt Aasoclatlon)
Ogden, Utah, April 13 Thomas Cole,
one of a party of fifteen insane soldiers
and sailors enroute from Mare Island to
Washington, last night stabbed himself
twenty times with a pocket knife, which
will cause his death. A companion
jumped through the car window and fled
to the jiills, but was captured after a
desperate encounter.
It is ths intention of the Secretary to
spend a week or ten days in Rio Janeiro,
and his visits to the other capitals will be
limited to two or three days in each case.
Secretary Root has conferred with
Surgeon General Wyman. of the Publio
Health and Marine Hospital Service
concerning the Pio. Janeiro conference.
A euqjeat oi vtm nru ofaar oi iinput iaiM
to come before that conference is the '
conclusions of the Congress on Sanita
tion held in this city last year. The
State Deparnment favors the extension
of the work in this line beyond that of
mere quarantains. so as to provide for in
ternational sanitation of ports of this
hemishere. The result of the work of
the American surgeons in Cuba and on
the Isthmus of Panama has been so en
couraging that it Is proposed to endeavor
to secure the promises of the other re
publicans to be represented at the con
ference to adopt similar measures for
the prevention of yellow fever and other
tropical diseases. General Wyman has
been requested to prepare a memorandum
for the guidance of the American dele
gates to the conference.
(Scrlpps News Association)
Washington, D. C, April 1 3 President
Roosevelt today nominated W. F. Haynes,
of Coulee City, Washington, to be reg
ister of the Land Office at Waterville.
F. A. Nichols, of Ellensburg to be receiv
er of public moneys at North Yakima.
Washington. A. Henry, of Spokane to be
receiver of public moneys at Waterville,
Washington. '
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Ladies here is a skirt bargain which will
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best manufacturers and as stated no two
skirts alike,
250 Men's Cold and Silver $1.25 and
$1.50 Shirts, special $1.00 for three
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We fully believe this is the largest ship
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ment of colors and patterns, . 250 shirts,
250 different patterns. Rembmber
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urday $.oo
50c and 75c.
(Scrlpps News Association)
Glasgow. Russia, April 1 3 A Herald
correspondent at St Petersburg says
that a complete bankruptcy of Russia is
approaching fast and sure. Russia's loan
negotiations are at a deadlock. The
government has only a few million dollars
in the Imperial treasury and when this is
gone, the crises will come.
thirteen a
Farmers Phone No. 27 .
.-. . - t v nr I i
City Phone Black 1301
(Scrlpps Newt Association)
Walla Walla, Washington. April 13.
Number 13, the hoodoo, certainly played
a mysterious part in the fate of one Simon
Brooks. His troubles began 13 years
ago when he was divorced from his wife.
Last November he murdered Adolph
Miller of Ridgefleld and was convicted on
the 13th of the month, was placed in celi
number 13, and this morning, the 13th
was hanged, the trap being sprung at
6:13 this morning. He declined to say
anything and refused to shake hands with
ths officials.
I e
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Oaynor and Green both took a pauper's
oath this afternoon, swearing that neither
had over twenty dollar and were not
worth more than that. They wsre re
lieved of their fines, $576,749.90 each.
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i ' 1 -I
La Grande, Oregon.