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(Scrlpps News Association)
Boise Mar. 15. Tha attorney of th
Wegtern Federation of xMiners presented
- r'- " .w. mu, ui tiAuvds corpus for
Moyer. Haywood, and.St John before the
United State District' court. Tha mU
ter wa taken under advisement by Judge
oeawy who will make hit decisslon this
. afternoon at !:50, .
Harr Orchard, the confessed murder
mr ex-governor . bteunenberg was
taken to Caldwell tljis afternoon and ar
ranged before Justice Smith. He asked
tune to plead .and arrange for counsel
and he was gpmted" 24 hours.
Vincent St John was taken before
Justic Stoval at Caldwell on the second
complaint, charging him with the murder
of Steunenberg. Sheriff Rutan, of TeV
lunde, Colorado, was present . with .a
warrant and an order to remove St John
to Colorado in case ihe Idaho charge is
dismissed. , ' i . , , ' ,
5vn heavy arnjed guards, rour'with
Winchesters, assisted Sheriff Nichols in
conveying Harry Okchard from Boise to
Caldwell this morning. When arraigned,
at the request of Orchard, Attorney Ed L.
Bryant was appointed to defend him. Aft
- er being arraigned. Orchard -was taken
before the grand jurry to give further tes
timony concerning his confession.' ' j'.
Boise, (5:45)-iludg Boatty granted
an alternative writ of habeas corpus peti
tioned for by the attorneys of Haywood,
Moyer and Pettibone. ; The ! writ is re
turnable at 10 qVslock Monday morning,:
' (flcrlpps News Association)
Tokio JapanMar. 15. The lower house
adopted bill for' the r national z.ton of
the railroads today.' ' ' '
A riotoccured today " upon the an
nouncement that there had been a raise
In the street oar far which was immedi
ately quelled by the police. '
T 3 )) )
Every freight and express Jrlngs something new, and there Is not a day that you
cannot find a new arrival of some kind They are always pleasing to the eye and
combine more quality and style than usual, not to forget the prices, which are
unusually reasonable. ; . ," ' ,
i New hats in crilcss
New sKirls, in street
New ladies' Jackets
New shirt waists
New corsets
New Jadies' shoes;
New men's shoes : -
New ladies' collars
New ribbons - -
. New shirts V
. New Petticoats
New fancy vests
'New men's hats
. 300 YARD
.Worth, from
i2!c to 16V: a
yard in leng
.' ths from one
yd to 197 yds
Choice 9c yd
I ' ' N' THURSDAY- MARCH IS. 1906. 1 NUMBER 111
(Scrlpps News Association) .'
N3 w York. Mar. 15 - M rs. Theodore
Roosevelt and several member of the
President's family will be among the
hundreds of prominent person who wiH
attend the special performance of "Haun
sel and CrzUT'-at the Metropolitan Opera
House tonight Humperdink- famous
opera will be given " by the Metropolitan
Opera Company for the benefit of the
benefit of ..the- Legal Aid Society, in
which Mrs. Roosevelt and also President
Roosevelt are deeply interested. A
sonvenir, prepared under the direction of
Louis Windmuller.
Eureka, ' Cal.. March.. lB.-JamM
Brown is dead and Lee Reed is dying as
a result of a hunting expedition.' The men
started out for a hunt last Sunday and
oecame lost in the heavy fog, and after
wandering around all day Brown , gave
out and died. Reed continued to tramp
several hours and when found was ex
(Scrlpps News Association)
Wiicago, March 1 5. Wheat OMned at
77X closed HU: corn onaned at 4.7. V
"closed at oats opened at 29V
closed at 29 ft. .. . - ,
Pendleton.. Marrh 15. In a sweenincr
gambling raid made last evening by Mar
shal Gurdane and his three deputies. 40
Knight ct the green cloth were placed
under Araest and told to appear in the
police court this morning. Those arrest
ed were found playing in the Columbia.
Idle Hour, Rainer Beer Hall and over
Foster- and Mcintosh's saloon. Baker
& Ogg and the state saloon ' were als o
visited, but the players has been "tipped
off" by phone.
variety - $ 1 25 up
and dress wear 2.50 up
- ;
. -
(Bcrlpps News Association)
. Washington. March 16. The Jot bat
tle was described in the house today by
Congressman Jones of Virginia as a
"massacre.". Senator Bacon of Georgia
stated that he hoped the slaughter would
prov to be justified. Senator Lodge of
Massachusetts, declared ' that it was not
time to condemn the American soldier
until all of the facts have been presented
for consideration.
(Scrlpps News Association)
Colfax, Wash.. Mar. 16 Fire this
morning gutted the new Colfai hni.l mn
the First National bank. Loss estimated
ininw uro fiiflH
Matters of Importdiicc Discussed
. Nations Interest :
(Scrlpps News Association)
Washington. March 16. Senator Till-
Lman presented the committee report on
M th. Manknrn vallu.J . . i -n
iwmusu im rvguiauon Dill,
with recommendation toiav and said
"The gross earnings of the railroads in
round number is two thousand millions
dollars. The net earnings ar $700,000,
000. Once every year evary dollar cir
culated in this country passe through the
hand of railroad. Onci in every three
year every dollar in this cauntry become
a part of . the net earnings. These net
earnings are equal to the entire annual
expenditure of ths United States govern
ment It i small wonder then that the
most brilliant lecral minds ars ntainari (a
make explanations, frama laws, secure
their passage and execution and their
ever mastering Influence oerthe Judiciarv
and executive departments of the state
and nation. The average citizen Is al
most driven to me belief that tn ftaht
helpless when he sees the government it
controlled by the railroads. The liberties
6.00 up
.75 up
.50 up
1.50 up
- 2.00 up
.15 up
- .01 up
50 up
.85 up
1.25 up
1.50 up
(Scrlpps News Association)
Rochester. N. Y.. March 16. The fun
eral of Susan 3. Anthony took place this
afternoon.- There was a large attendance
and many addresses were made paying a
high tr'bute to the life of one of the great
est women that America has ever, pro
duced. Many were in attendance- from
all portions of the state.
Scrlpps News Association)
Chicago. March 15. The probate court
today issued an order that "No tocks,
securities, bonds or cash be drawn from
the Yerkes estate except by order of the
emirt Ar nnnn um
.i.. .........
Central Trust Company.
by Ttiose Wlio Have tin
of the people are in jeopardy. Party lines
m tn committee are broken. Those
senator agreeing to favor the am gen
era! provisions differ on amendments
sought to b inculcated. to produce a pas
.uuai norm oi resentment, ir the rep
resentatives of the people fail to give the
reuer tn country so earnestly demand
Th bill as It comes from tha Hnn.
loosely worded and is capable of different
interpretation,. The senate must produce
me oest possible law."
He discussed at great length the ques
tion of the delegation of power to a com
mission and the Judicial review and said
the authorization of the committee to fl
raw i too elastic and should be stricken
lilman urges that hereafter all issues
or railroad sacurtiesbe under the control
of commission. That there should be
peedy K readjutment of capitalized
value, but he desires to protect as far
as possible innocent holders of , watered
stock. He advocates tha am'ad
prohibiU'any interstate carrier of. procuce
or transporter of any article for sale be
allowed to mine coal for thei own use
ana to compel all road connecting With
other line ty grant fair and just traffic
arrangement and to put all chipper on
the same footing. ;
' Washington, D. C, ' March 1 6. Con
gress seem to grow more earnest in the
purpos of holding close hand on any
great work of the nation, and not rfnl..
gating absolute and unqualified control to
executive official. When Senator Hey
BUrn, of Idaho, brine ud far cantidar.
tion hi bill to place forest reserves under
greater direct congressional control, and
tike back again the power of. creating
such, it seem atsured of greater support
than was thought probable some tirrn
ago. :.
If th Heyburn bill doe not secure i
place before congress, eivins western in
terest an opportunity for voicing the feel
mg there on this subject, it i quite cr
tain that some other bill will be Introduc
ed. Senator Fulton, of Onaan h. ku.
endeavoring to get an expression of th
Senate on this question, especially racrrd
mg th creation of more reserves. The
experience of some of the stock interests
of the state In so far being unable to con
vine th reserve manaorament of th
right of Oregon men to the range in that
sute, ha been one feature of manage
ment that ha created much discussion
in in creation of Oregon reserves, the
necessity of appealing from soma of
Dureauomcial to the President in person
with the consevuent trouble and delav
mi prolix procedure, and the positive
statement made by many persons affect
ed that land is now embraced within re
serve which would be valuable for agri
culture and horticulture, emphasizes the
necessity of riving the people whera tha
reserve are created more of a voice in
th work. It is held by many that this
cannot be unless th power of creatine
reserves Is left with Congress, in which
body there 1 a marked tendency to defer
local question to th delegation affect-
Washington, Mar. 18 In granting
Senator Fulton th courtesy of delaying
creation of tha Roe-ue River forest ra.
serv. in southwestern Oregon, President
(SrrlppsTews Association)
Indianapolis, lnd Mar. 1 5 Th specia
National' Convention of United Mine
Workers of America, which wa called
at che request of President Roosevelt, with
a view of furthering th differences be
tween the miners and tha
it poftsiblt, to Drevant triU
at Tomlinson's hall today." President John
Mitchell will call th convention to order
and it i xpected that fully 1,8000 dole-
mu oe present . at the opening ees
siori this afternoon. " The delegates were
eieccea py the local unions in tha same
manner as for regular conventions. Both
Anthracite and Bituminuou coal miner
will be represented in th conventipnl
which, according to the call, has been
summoned together "For the purpose of
considering the wage scale and the trans
action of such other business as may law
fully be brought befor th convention."
A torm is brewing within th organi
zationwith th Pittsburg district a ,th
center of the torrrrf It I considered
certain that there will be somathintr nf
a clash between President Dolan of the
Pittsburg district and President Mitchell
and many are inclined to believe that thi.
conflict may have far reaching conse
quences. No official notification was sent
to the officials of the Pittsbure district.
but not withstanding this direct aliirht
President Dolan. Secretary William
Dodd and Vic President Uriah Dali
lingham of th Pittsburg district, heading
a full delegation, are here to attend the
covention, Tnsre is considerable specu
lation concirninff tha attituda uhlh
President Mitchell will assume in raoard
to these delegates from the Pittsburg
district.' If they are refused admission,
there is sure to be trouble, a th Pitts
burg district is very powerful and Pat
rick Dolan has many friends among the
miners not only in hi own district, but
also in other districts.
At the headquarter of th miners
there i a feeling of uneasiness concern
ing the result of the convention, which the
dslegates make no effort to disguise.
W.iile some of the delegates seem to be
confident, that a compromise will ba
reached, perhaps not altogether satisfact
ory to both sides, but urticiently so to
prevent a general strike on April 1. manv !
others are not so confident. The faar
that any compromise acceptable to the
0 w . .
Everybody should have pure blood; ''it'e-Ihe';
pnly way to keep in perfect health; Late win-'1
ter and early spring are trying times for people
with thin, impure blood and there is danger of
serious disorders arising
wiveii w enncn ana puniy it. Your cnances
of keeping well will be greatly increased jf you
take our !.:'' ..
This preparation will purify' and ' enrich " the'
blood and is a sure cure for ; any of r the ,dis- '
orders caused by impoverished or. impure
blood rheumatism, skin diseases,' etc. Insure
your health by taking it now. . - -
PRICE $1.00 ' ; ;
La Grande,
operator, will be more or less disastrous
to the Interests of the United Mind Work
ers. ' - .
The situation in the bituminous district
is squally uncertain and tea miner ar
looking forward with, nidrabl appra'.
uwimwi wm outcome of tn masting 'tf
th bituminous coal operators.:, which ha
beencallod to meet her on the 1 9th of
thi month. v i' '.'
Indianopoll. March 1 5.-The miner -held
their flrt session this morning. Pt-
rick Dolan 1 present to oppose th Ryan
resolution, which he declares an insult to ,
the operators.
. The credential committee In their r
port barred Dolan from the convention.
(Scrlpps News Association) .' - ' -
Chicago. Mar. IB-John Mitchell stated "
this morning that tha miners. eAnvantinn v
wa called because some of th operators
had led th miner to .believe that an
agreement could be effected.' Ha aaU i--
that it 1 hi belisf that th large respond
siDiuty restinj upon th miner would ,
tend to bring about a successful tarmlnai
tion of th troubl. H also stated thai
President Roosvelt' letter, was sufBciant
cause for th calling of th onvntion,;
(Scrlpps News Association) v
New OrWns. La.. Mar. 18 Tha
antin restrictions againt Cuba and th'.
Central American porta, and which wer
recently adapted by th Stat Board of "
Health, go Into effect today..
, Mobil, Ala. Mar. 1 0 In ' conformity '!
with ' the action of the Marin Hospital
Service and the resolutions of tha Quar
antine Board of Mobile Bay the quaran-'
tin regulations adopted against infected
or SUSDlcious certain tha W.t Inrli.. -J
Central America become effective today,"
(Scrlpps News Assoolatlon) ?
New York. Mar, 16 A blizzard aaiiaJ"
tii city today and hat crippled transpor-
tation. wire ar down and many "ar"
regular death trap. Th oulica ar.
keeping th people off of th wire until
th lineman can clear tha danirar
Th Waathar nr.Hlr.llrtna . -
r. ... lllurs, r
now and a lower thermometer, x '
) S44e))9)
unless' TOmethIiiitsi'.'fJr-V?'.
Oregon.'' " -1 . Xf C
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