La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, October 30, 1905, Image 3

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Retes-O . c-nt word, ooe-balf a' eent a word etch sabsequeot
insertion 5i.iUid bring qnick molts. Try one today.
0LASSincD Advertisements
Haw jour abstracts ol title prepared
MENT CO. . ,
Real E-s.le Loaoe, any amount 01
City at . ..nir real ea st L,n
eloaed ur..u. on in title an.
CLEARANCE S.LE-of bo lea, co7
fine Pole I'urbam bull, tool for
ti.ubai, etir. Alio tome luroitore,
stoves, china ware, and a beautiful
new piano, the jailer at wholesale
price Tieee muni re disposed of
in law daa a owner are leeviog
towo. Inquire atll'OBBt I bone
Black 1371
FARM WANlKUTha usderelgted
wisbss to rent an improved farm of
one bondred lixtyoruro hundred
aore Will pay crop rent bat rill
pay each rent if price la satlefaotorv.
T J Ryan, Cove, Oregon.
. . -
WANTED Ladie permanent, plea
, eiup'uyrneat. salary. .. Uall
Foley Houae Room 12. Witller St Go.
Stockmen Attention,
permit (or grazing in tbe Wallowa and
Uboanlmna Forest Reserves, for tbe
seaesn of UKM5, are hereby noil Bed tl at
a rotating will be held la Wallowa,
November, 15, 1905, fot tbe purpose of
alloting tbe range. All peraons in
terested are requested to be present,
or tbeir application may not be allowed.
If not present, It will be eonstrnsd by
tbe forest officer that graslng is not
desired. Howard K O'Brien,
"Ranger lb Charge."
- Wallowa, Oregon, Oct 6,-1006.
. Phone Rod 071, Old Town alore for
wood (30 days time given). Cheapest
Urooeries and Provisions Id the oity.
mew stooa ana tall line ol feed.
Dated La Grande, Ore., July 26.
Hept 1 ' ...... K J ATKINSON
Fine Cards
- The Observer has taken a number
of orders (or engrave 1 visiting cards as
a resell of tbe advertising we have
been doing for the pan two weeks.
Tbose wmbing extra fine work shonld
give us a call and see oor line of sam
ples before ordering.
Bee. and Traas.
We have just received a carload
of Geogria, Teonesee and Italian
marble monuments. These are
the Unset ever abown in the
county. Our monuments come
Id snob a shape that e can cat
any dealga yon 'may eoggsat.
Oar workmen ere competent, too
to do tbe wot k yon desire. ,
The same old stand, bat a new
management. Take your salt to
tbe same place, and have another
man clean and pre It the way
t shonld be. Harvey does tbe
cleaning and repairing and doee
it right. Another strong feature
about hla system is that bis
price are) correct.
Remember the plaoe, next
door to tbe Commercial dob.
Ladles and Gents clothing clean
cd dyed pressed and repaired
W g Harvey
PROF. DAY, Principle.
MRS, DAY. AaiUtart
This odo of tbe beet maeical In
stitution In tbe atate, and tbe
Kopla of this oity and vslley are
ginning to discover tbe advantage
ee.ol tbia school. Tbe system used
is ILe latest and moat praotical, and
loot odes all tbe latest dtaooverie
'a tbe art of teaching mnalo. Tbe
ecbool is divided into two depert
astntet No. 1 Is for beginners, from
ft year or more and are taught tbe
drat three grade. Pupils eome one
boar every day. This la nj Kin
lergarten system bat far sa. trior.
In So. 3 tbe irsdee are from 8 to
I&. Hera tbey gradual. Paplla
Uka one or two leeeons a week aa
they desire. No scholar will t
permitted to remain in this sebooi
to do not study. .
Opposite tbe Foley House ova
tlie Candv Store i'hooe 473.
FOR BALE The A V Oliver four lots
: oa Jefferson Avenue, including plat-
form Kales, one hundred and ten
toot porch running back to railroad
track. Q H Powers, the Minnesota
land man. . ;
OH RENT AND 8ALE-ore room
on Adama Ave, nut to Model
Restaurant for rent and two lots
for sale on same street jast below
Fir St. Epqalre of Cba G Bnnte.
KOR 6 ALE or will sxohange for
, Willamette property 80 acres - im
proved land, two and one half miles
, north of 8nmmerville. Tbia is all
. first class farm land, twenty acres
Meadow land. Inquire at Solder's
candy store, La Grande Ore.
Centennial l .otel
J Under new management." "
Board and Room 15 per week, cash.
Meals 36 eta. Hpeolal rates furnished
monthly patrons. No. M17 Adams
Mrs. W E MUROHISON. proprleto.
A Daredevil Ride '
often ends in a sad accident. To heal
accidental Injoriee, nee bock Icq's Ar
nica salve. "A deep woand in my
loot, from an accident," writes Theo
dore 8chnel,of Colnmbns, O, 'caaed
me great pain Pbyslotans were help
less, bat Baoklen'a Arnica aalve quick
ly healed It." Soothe and b-al
barns like msgio. J5c at Nawlia Drug
company. '
Last Hope Vanished.
When leading pbyslolans said that
W M 8mlthart,"of Pekln, la, bad in
eorableoonaumption. hie laat hope va
nlsbed; bat Or King's new discovery
for consamptlon, ooagbs and colds,
kept bim out of hie grave. He save:
"I bis great specific completely cured
me, ana ssvea my iue. Hinoe then, 1
have need it for over 19 years, and ron
sider it a marvelous throat and long
cure." Btriotly sclentlfie oar for
vougbror throats or oolds ; sura pre
centive of pneamoaia. Guaranteed,
60c and 11.00 bottles at Newlin's Drag
store - Trial nottie tree.
In order to close out what
stock we have on hand
preparatory to the change
of management of the
Crescent Knitting Mills,
which have been sold, we
nill for one week ' closing
Nov. 1 , offer a line of odds
and ends in knitted underv
wear, tocks, and sweaters
at just.'
One-Third Their Actual
'- Value
Remember this sale closes
November I
And this will be yonr last
chance to secure home
mauafactare -
When yon wish a nice juicy
roast or a tender steak,-or a
piece of boiling meat or pot
roast, jast phone Main 43, and
yon will soon hare eiactly what
yon desire.
Phone main 48. Remember tbe
phone ia on the directory aa
Boss Meat Market main 48.
Contractor and Builder
Dealer in Building Material
La Grande, Oregon
Drop a Una, naming work and I wil
- the) right price. .
A brief session of the High Fchool
Literary Society was held last Friday
afternooa with Miss Bunnell in the
chair and Florence MoC.all aa secretary.
Following is the program as reodsred.
Bong schiol
Quotations from Rl ley ..... . by school
Instrumental nolo ...Myrtle Carbine
Vocal solo 1 LearisHolm
Recitation.. ...Margery MoCall
Debate.... Resolved tbatexpeditionsto
the North Pole onht to be encouraged.
Affirmative: Elisabeth King, James
Wilson.- Negative: Carl Gillllan,
Zora Lane. Decision waa rendered In
favor of the affirmative.
Recitation Joe King
Tbe Queen Esther Cantata, which
detraoted from the efficiency of tbe
work on tbe part of a few of our!
etndenta who participated, being over,
more thorough work will be expected,
Tbe football game at island City
Saturday waa rather one sided during
the first, but mora Interesting ant
evenly matched during the seoond
half. Bacon and Goodnounh made
were especially noteworthy
Prof. Tanker has a very genteel com
pany of young men who try to play a
clean gams, A return game will be
played here next Saturday. Tbe
aoore was 39 to 0 In" favor of the La'
Grande team . - v
The regular monthly meeting of the
city teachers will occur next Friday
afternoon at 3:30.
Tboee wbo enjoy a foot ball game
will have that privilege on Thanks
giving day, when tbe Baker City boy a
play here. Tbe game will ccour on
the oity baseball grounds
The large corridora la tbe main
building will be utilized soon in
onoe-a week classes In calisthenics,
and various exercises in physios! cul
tore. Mr. Williams will direct the
work In the High School.
The first lot of new bisb school pins
have arrive! and a number are wear
ing thfm; 'Mr. Williams oidera thsm
at cost for the students.
Mrs. 8ohllka taught one day last
week daring tbe absenoe of Miss Hen
son of tbe White school.
The Bssket Ball girls are tnuoh
gratified with the generosity of Mr. A
B Rogers, manager, of the Armory
Hall, In granting them tbe privilege
of practicing In the ball, and - provid
ing looker for their suits.
The school management has reoeived
word from Bigb Schools in Idaho and
Oregon, stating that as a re nit of the
publication of oar general Informal
tion examination quetlons, work of
similar ohsraoter bad been, taken tip
in a systematic way, by the high
schools beard from. -
' A few of oar baIness men in tbe
city will confer a favor a poo tbe
school by refraining from persosdiog
oar boys to stay oat rf school to work
for them a day or two now and then.
This is also a wrong tt the boy who
doss not understand, at bis eg", thst
school I worth mora to him than ths
smalt wage paid bim to remain out of
school to wik. The school board
has ruled that a child can be detained
from achool only for the following
reasons : .
1. Biokosss of child.
S. Sickness of some member of the
family requiring the assistance of th
child at home .
3. Danger to ohild'iV besltb Irom
expoeure lu Inclement westhsr,
4. Some orient circumstance at
home rendering attendance at school
imioHlbln or extremely Inopnvenient
By ruling ol tlie oity school hoard
therefore the parent could not excuse
a child for a dententlou not Included
under the above.
Mrs A H Davis of E'gin, wss in
city yesterdsy visiting friends.
- Rheumatism is usually worse in Winter because of the cold and damn
aess and other changed conditions of the climate. The occasional twinges
of the disease that are felt during the warmer weather are changed to pierc
ing pains, the muscles become inflamed and swollen, the nerves get sore and
excited, the bones ache, and Rheumatism, the terror of winter, takes txisses
sion of the system. Then the sufferer turns to the liniment bottle, 'the
woolen clothes, the favorite plaster or some home remedy, in an effort to get
relief. But Rheumatism is not a trouble that can be rubbed away or drawn
out with a plaster; these things relieve the pain and reduce the inflammation
but do not reach the real cauae of the trouble, and at the next exposure an
other attack comes on. Rheumatism i caused by a sour, acid condition oi
the blood. The refuse matter and bodily impurities which should be carried
off through the channels of nature have been left in the system because of
indigestion, weak Kidneys, torpid Liver and a general sluggish condition of
the system. ... These impurities sour and form uric acid, which is absorbed by
the blood and distributed to the different muscles, joints, nerves and bones,
causing tbe painful symptoms of Rheumatism. S. S. S. goes to the root of
" - the pains
PURELY VEGETABLE, "erves are quieted, every symptom of the disease
. , . , , , passes away, and the cure is permanent. S. 8. S.
is purely vegetable and does not injure the system as do those medicines con
taining Potash and other minerals. Book on Rheumatism and medical adviot
without charge. THE 8WITT SPECIFIC CO.. ATLANTA, CA.
The La Grande Iron Worts is build.
Ing a well drill for D M Hunt whlob
is calculated to simplify the well
drilling question in tbia and ot'ier
counties of the West . Tbe machine la
simply a boms production being In
vented by Mr. Hunt and built in this
city. Tbe capacity will be limited in
tbe flrat machines built, being but S00
feet, bat larger ones will be bailt If
occasion demands It. Mr. Hunt hai a
no.ob.-r of small wells contracted for a
soon as tbe machine is built, several
being In thia city. The lightness of
the maohiue enables him . to move it
olten and take small jobs that would
not otherwise pay with the more
clumsy machines.
Mr. Fitzgerald, the proprietor of
the Iron works, intends to build a
nam bar of these machines for the
Felons trade and will probably bulM
' ' Coring the ooralng winter,
Py so doing La Grande will have the
on'T "ell drilling maohinery nuana
icwry iota site 01 the KookT moun
tains and the payroll of the oitv
likewiae b increased. -Tbe
La Grande Iron Works baa
will !
fur I
Woodmen of The World
Will receive Head CoudsuU I 1 Boak
in tbe good old weatrrn style,
. The re will be a grand reception and
Fraternal. Meeting held under the
auaplcea of Ia Grande Camp on Nov
embers, 1905.' ' '
I I Boak, Head Consul of the Jiirls-
aiciion win aenvsr sn address on
tbe Good and Welfare of FraUrnal
1'roteotlon sa provided by tbe WOW.
The Local Committfa ha arranged
an Elegant Program and the publio
I cordielly Invited to be present.
f Bishop Convalescent
The many friends of tbe Right Rev
Biahop O'Reilly will be pleased to
leirn that he Is now past all danger,
although his convalescence will neo
essarily be alow.
.Why Not Here?
If oar singers are to organize thorn
selves f r epecisl practice this winter,
It is high time some, move wsa mads
in the matter. It has been proven
that The Dallesbas aa good musical
taleot for a atrong chorus as osn be
found in tbe state, and : this winter
other singers bare moved into the
oity. It la to be hoped tbe first re
hearsal will soon be eat lad arwl that I
our people may rnjoy sotus good con
oerts this season. Chronicle.
Prof Hoekenberry'e night sobool
opens toing'it in the basement of tbe
C rtral church.
r .
the trouble and cures Rheumatism by cleansing
the blood. It neutralizes the acids and filters
them out of the circulation and sends a stream of t1.-,,l . 1 fit, .
cease, the inflammation subsides, the
nlsbed La'Grauil.i with 11 Industry
that has done murs lor tin county than
any other small Industry ever eatab
liibed here Beaides disbursing a pay.
roll of from 1 125 to $200 a week It has
brooght trade here that haa heretofore
gone tort! er cities. A grrat deal of
the FJuln ami atin .b k.. I
. wi .j a wrii
sent away tbia summer bat another
year will see tbe greater' part of the
work oomiag here. ,
At present the works bis bat seven
men at work as tbe fall of the y ar
bringa a dullieas in this particular
branch of baatneaa; - During tbe eum.
mer as many ti IS and H men are em
ployed, I ringing the payroll up to tbe
maximum. Tbe foundry, the black
smi'h shop and maohine shop proper
are boaily engaged the year around.
At present ths foundry department is
turning out a large number of brass
and iron oaatinga for the rail.oad
grading machinery at Elgin t nd a
large am unt of iron work tor the new
sobool house being built sorose the
track and 'he other departmenta are
toralne OUI the nana I nnnla nf rol
work wh'cH is b liig done preparatory
to start inn the renlar fall lrm" woik.
in uranau l oj'e vaah i-a iaiy
has nndergoue a tbtuge iu piopiietors
uod B h! Umt and V li l eels are tie
aole proprietors. Mr, B E Lewis- Isat
week pun baaed tbe interests of f US D
Zumleil end now bss a half. Interest.
1 be ssme business plan will be carried
oot as heretofore and together with the
grain, hay and fusl departments the
implement line wHI be built up and
when spring opens they expect to have
aa good a line ol implement on hand
as ooold bedealrid. -
1 The barley roller is .working full
time filling local and export orders and
a great deal of bay is being ' shipped.
Mr. JOB Lewis spent the summer at
North Powder with the baler and es
timates that ha baled la tbe neighbor
hood of 1000 tons In tbst locality.
Psrt of this hsy bae been shipped bat
the company still has plenty lelt. '
Fleet Sails
(By HcrlppsNsws Asaooistlon)
Halifax, Oct SO Prlnoe . Loo Is'
fleet sailed from here' this morning
for Annapolis. - (' - ', ;
Notice is hereby ivr n that there are
now funds on band to pay all out
standing warrants issued' on General
Fund yf La Grande city, op to and in-
! eluding, No 4693 endorsed Februsry
Interest on all warrant on General
Fund from No 4818 to No 4693 In
olusivrt, ceases front this dale.
There are also funds in tbe treasury
to pay all warrants issued against
Water Fund of La Grande City, up to,
and including No BC36, endorsed July
8,1905. Interest on all warrants on
Water Fund from No 6600 to No 6b1S
inclusive, ceases from date of this call.
La Grande. Oregon. Ool 8Utb 1905.
, E J Welsh, City Treasurer.
TireM out, worn out woman cannot
sleep, eat or work; aeems as if she
would fly to piices. Hollister'a
Kooky Moontxlo Tea make streng
nervee end rich red blood 35 cent.
Tee or Tablets. Newlin Drug Co.
Do you want fresh eggs?
Do you prefer nice crisp
and tender vegetables?
Do you like the best and
freshest fruits? . v
you can always depend on
getting just what you want.
lieinze pure vinegar, you
can do your own reducing.
lieinze pickles and chow
Crosse and Blackwcll's
chow chow
North Fir Street
All kind of second band
goods bought and sold
1 1
JM Pir St. bet. Adams and Jefferson
CompM aaMtrtmant of
Cold lunches and mixed drinks
a specialty. Fair and impartial
treatment to all. You are In
vited to call and get acquainted
Blue ; l7ont Saloon
P. THi"iQCr.N DrnnrUln. S
"w nviyrwii i iwsnivwi
.Imported tod -domestic
Hot or cold lunch all hours
JeOeraoa Aveaa Opposite Depot
Palaco Salofta
Always on band
' . a
Jsflsisoa Avsna
Opporlt Depot e
man tmssmamamsnxmwsum smss
2 CIQr1R5
Gentlemen always Welcome :
Eaglo Sa'on
Lunches are our special ty
Jvttmwm Vvoii, 0ppMit4 depot
'Phone Main 64
Brick furnished in any
quanity or any style. No
contract too small or too
large. ..See sample of our
pressed brick.
La Grande, Ongon.