La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, September 02, 1905, Image 1

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Fair and warmer tonight ::
Tomorrow Increasing eloadineaa.
The Beligcrent Armies Have Established
a Peace Zone
Bcrlppt Newt Asportation
Portsmouth, Sept.. 2 The first draft
of the treat; baa been completed. E.
B. Cuts, of the state department and
John Sullivan, of the poet office de
partment ' arrived this mora rg to
work on the engrossing of the treaty
They say that if the treaty does Dot
exceed ten pages they will have It
engrossed in two days by working
sixteen boors each, While the treaty
oonsistsof fifteen articles it la under
stood that some of the articles are very
Enroy Wilte ban accepted the in
flation of the Metropolitan clob to
attend a banquet during bis atav in
New York. Ue will afterwards go to
Chicago via ol Niagara and Unlfalo. .
The mooting of tbe envoys is ' called
for this aft' i noon at tbe hotel. Uie
to be a mere formality, probably to
sign the protoual of lues lay's meet-
Portsmouth, Sept. 2. The meeting
of tbs treaty framera adjourned at
12:45, Denoison says that afew minor
points remain to be adjusted but tbe
treaty has been practically completed
for the inspection of the envoys It
it understood th it at this afternoon's
.meeting the df--- views of the
phmeing will le iiarutonized. v.
Denniton announced in response to
an Inquiry that no message had been
received from the emperor of Japn for
At Little
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Tablets of all kit.di ruled
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A specially generou
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Pencil, free with tablet
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pencils 1 cent.
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10 centf.
. Box of dmwiug crayons
23 crayons u iih holder 5c.
Indellible and ' copying
pencils 5 cents
lOo penholders 5 cents.
! Ave days and admitted that tbe draw
' ine of tbe armistice on Friday was
taken by tbe Japanese on their own
responsibility . ,
Gunshu Pats, Sept. 8. The first
intimation of tbe agreement between
the peace plenipotentiaries was printed
in todays issue of the army organ
Arrangements were made for neutral
zone between tbe two armies pending
the aignlng of the peace treaty and
dispensing with foreign military at
taches and arranging tbe roraial leave
taking of the commanders.
St Louis Storm
By Horippt News Association
fit Louis fiept 2 A heavy rain and
electric storm today oauaed much
damage. Lightning demolished the
front wall of the borne of Frederick
Brockaclirritt stunning two of tbe
children. Four new flats were ruined
a id a number of homes unro fed ard
much other damage bas been done.
Decline to Accept
By Scrlpps News Association) .
Constantinople, Sept. 2 Tbe Porte
has replied to tbe notts of six rmbate
let declining to accept' tbe scheme
proposed by them for the financial
oontrol of Macedonia. The powers
ill insist on. the acceptance of tbe
eeh me.
For boys and girls
All our ichool ehoes are
made from Ibe best stock
and we guarantee them
solid inside and oit. We
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highest prize at the St.
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The knowing ones pro
nounce them the best boys'
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TRY A PAIR. 25 cents.
(By Scrlpps News Association. ) ;
Wooater, Sept a Whether or not
be wins bis dlvoroe, Taggart must
stand trial by court martial. . An
offloer says tbe court martial is await
ing the result of tbs divorce.
Many Die of Cholera
eorlppe News Association.
Waabingtoa Sept 2 War department
reports two deaths among troops from
obolura In Manila.
!,PTH'1 !V SWV--W.
Berlin Sept 2 It is announced that
twenty three oatea and seventeen
deaths from cholera in Ceimaoy up to
noon today '
Sorlpps Newa Association
Kuabvllla Ind. Sept 2-Ollver Jones,
formerly cashier of tbe Arlington
Bank, at that place, ai d who Is serv
ing time tor embezzling ten thousand
dollars, and two other prisoners saw
ad their way out of jail this morning
ana escaped. Jones left a note tint
log tLat be expected to reooupe and
pay bis creditors.
Educational Congress
Scripps News Association.
Portland, Sept. 2. "Colleges and
Universities" was the subject which
received the attention of iho National
Educational Congress todav. Preal.
dont W F Ktsr.of tbe University of
Washington, presided, and Prof. P L
Campbell, of tbe University of Ore
gon, . delivered sn address entitled
' Education and tbe State". Tbedls
cusalon was opened by Preaident Pen
rote, ol Whitman C'olUge, Walla Walla
Ue was followed by Preaident tiamnel
McUone, of Lindsay University of
fenn. He took for bia euljeot "Edu
cation for Efficiency and tbe demands
of Modern Business."
Fair Graft.
(By Scripps Newt Association.)
Portland, Sept. 2 Tbe atate com
missioners of the Lewis & Clark ex
position, rant tbia afternoon' to in
vestigate tbe charge of graft which bas
been made against II. B Hardt,
secretary to director Col. Dosch.
ilardt waa superintendent of exhibits
at tbe Omaha exposition. Among bis
aoc user t is Edwin Uotewater, editor of
the Omaha Bee, ' .
nex c Tuesday.
Portland, Sept. 2 Tbe federal grand
jury adjourned until next Tueadty,
owing to Monday being legal holiday.
No Indictments will be made publlo
until thut time.
Refuse to Resign.
Ociipps News Association
Washington, D. C. Sept. 2- Fireman
Oscar Rleketts, an employe In tbs
government printing olllee waa dis
charged today for "Insubordination."
Rickets alleges that Public Printer
Palmer violated tbe civil service rules
ty demanding bis resignation by fail
ing to make speolflo allegations against
himself and Foreman bay,' of tbe job
division, and tbey therefore refute to
reslgu, and will submit the matter to
the commission and the Frer ident. It
Is intimated that tbe trouble aroae
over tbe introduction of certain true
setting machine.
Dynamite And Murder
Sorlpps News Assoelatloa
Tiliis Russia Sept 2 Tbe report has
reached Ibis place tbat tbe town of
Ibutba is !b flames and tbat troops
are ru bing tithe eeene. Tbe proper
t, Ol Prluoe Munnreoi in the Dusbet
k is been destroyed by dynamite and
Princi KriatofT waa murdered near
8orlpps News Association.
. Portlacd Sept 2 Tbe alrahlp Gllatie
failed to make a flight . today In com
petition with the City of Portland, on
account of an accident. Tbe latter
ascended but we carried by a strong
wind ont of sight over the Columbia
river and baa not been sighted for the
past two hours.
Portland. Sept. 2., 3:30 p m. The
air ship Portland came down Ave miles
from the tyirlb end of the city with a
bole in the gaa bag and the steering
gear broken, .
Not So Bad
(Sorlpps News Association)
Denver, Bept. 2 The receiver of
the Denver Savings bank reports that
tbe assets will pay seventy five per
oent of the depositors olaiina.
Hunting Accident
(Scrlpps Newa Association)
. Great Fall, Mont , Sept. 2 Tbe
open hunting season here was marked
by the aooidental killing of Frank Gen
siere, son of tbe well known Monarrb
merchant. Tbe gun waa discharged
while olunbing through busbea The
wound levered an artery and he bled
to death.
. Chicago Wheat
Bori ppa News Association. ,
Chicago, Sept. 2 Tbe wheat en the
Chicago board of trade today at seven
ty nine and five eigtbt oents, and corn
at fifty two and seven eights cents,
oats at twenty nine and a quarter
California Pioneer
Scilppa News Association
Ventura, Sept. 2. Col. Spencer R
Thorpe, a wealthy reaident of Los An
geles was found' dead along the road
aide near Moore park early this morn
log. Death la probably due to heart
disease. lie wat a prominent pioneer.
Paris, Sept. 2 The government ad
dreeted tbe Sultan of Morrocco with
another pre einptory note today. Tbe
note says tbe releass from imprisoned,
tbe Algerian oitizen, bouzBin it not
so lllclent and demands a payment of
Indemnity, tbe p'inlahment of Cald,
who may arrest, and a public apology,
ff all demands are not granted coerols
measures will be adopted,
Statesman's Views
Scrlpps News Association
Vancouver Bept 2 2 Bristol a mem
ber of parliment of Toronto" has. re
turned from the North where be view
ed tbe silver deposits of Windy Arm,
near tbe White Pass railroad and says
tbat Colorado will be excelled and
tbat this will be the greatest mining
earup in the world.
Trains Collide
Sorlpps Newt Association
St. Louie, Sept- 2 Two Iron
mountain trains collided near V.lm.
yor, and the eonduotor and brakeman
wtre killed and two passengers serious
ly injured. A later report aUtes
that four passengera were killed and a
nnmler were Icjnrtd.
May Be Worse
By Sorippe News Association
Chicago Bent 3-Presldent ilarner
of tbe university of Chicago went a
Battlt Creek, Mioblgan this morning to
stay two week. Tbia aires rise to
rumors tbat bis condition Is worse
The population of tbe state of If assa
chneetts is 2,998,958, according to a
preliminary report made today by tbe
ata'e bureau of atatlstlolana This Is '
an Increase of 403,775 over 1805, when
the last otDolal oeusiis wss taken.
Host on 'a population la .603,508, an
inoreate of 86,078 Id the past ten
years. ' ,
Another Grafter
Scrlpps Nets Association
Washington, Sept. 2.-Ctiarlea Moore
of Colorado, who tor the past teu veara
hat been clerk in the poet olUce de
partment, bat been dismissed.. Ue Is
oharged with taking and attempting
to redeem railroad tickets which came
to tbe dead letter office.
By Sorlpps News Association
New York Sept 2-Tb.e steamer Lor
raine, arrived today and the captain
states that he received news by wireless
telegraphy white eight hundred miles
at sea.
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-Jnewlin- DRUG CO. If
Milne Mtl
E. R0LACK, Prop.
Go to the !ity Grocery and Bakery for groceries, fresh
fruits and vegetables. . '
Give ui a call onetime and you willbe;8are and coma
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the market affotds.
Scrip, Ntwt Atai ciatioa)
London, Sept. 8 It ' baa become
known -that the German govtrament
baa objected to the oontloutac in office
J. H. Martin, a former war correspon
dent who Is now ronaul from the
France. Miller is said to have writu
many articles during bia oareer whloh
Germany did not Ilka, among then
waa on alleging that German waa
In a plot to put a figurehead on the
tnrone ot Samoa, It la alleged tbat
the article caused the Samona to rlaa
againat Germany,
Proclaim a Strike
Bortppt News Aisoclatlon.
Revel, Russia Sept ' 2 A general
strike hat been proclaimed here at an
outcome ot political movement meas
ures which had been takea to nrevant
disorder. . : ; . .
Johnson Killed
(Sorlpps News Association)
Gleodive. Mont., Gept 8 V E
Jobneon, son of county assessor AN
Johnson, one ot tbe beet known young
men ot this city, was instantly killed
while learning to be a brakso ao. , ,
' Hi