La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, August 26, 1905, Image 4

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A fine Lot of
Wall Paper
Selling the Same Way
10c per Roll and up
Painters, Paper Hangers and Decorators.
Until farther notice we will be able to furnish bur -
customers with the very best
Black Caps - Black Berrks Red Raspberries J
' , Peaches Peach Plyms
And all other seasonable fruits, iresh from the vine
' 'and tree ' ' " '
y NFRDAcifA r.onrpov CTHDC
) Coi. lir and Jefferson 8ta. 0. RALSTON, Prop. f
p LARSEN & NORRIE, Props. 2
r - ' --. -r-; 1 91
:-lh&J First class turnouts fur
5&&?&? nished day or night.
commercial men.
UL raj iar.-TT
'F'' jtll BeB 8erv'ce guaranteed to
2SQPiil Domes boarded 'by day, g
ft4""vtAB' week or month.
week or month.
Rigs furnished for parties, funerals and picnics. The ?!
beet carryall in the city. 2
Keep Cool
If.jou haTeJno other way call on the
and sature an
Rates and all prictts
will be explained at
the office
Electric Fan
"The man who loves his wife the most.
' Is not the one to let her roast"
These hot days, in a kilcben overheated by a sweltering
stove Cut out the family wash day. Send your laundry
tc us. Saves wood, time and energy. Pou't turn up
a lovely dispotitiou. Send your linen, all of it to
'A. B. C.
steam Laundry
PHONE Main 7
La Gran Je, Oregon.
.... . . , . , ,.
One Day
Monday, August 28
These Eminent Electro Medi
cal Physicians and Surgeons
Will Visit the City. '
This being so advertising trip to in
troduce a New System of Treat
. ment, tbey will give to til corameno
log on above date Consultation,
Adviof, and all Medicine neoeaaary
' to complete Cur Absolutely
Free. ; , , ...
It will only be expe:ted of all pa
. takinar advantage of this effer
to ttKte to their friends the remit ob
tained by tbia new iytf m of treat
ment. Tbey treat ALL KINDS OF
FORMITIES. It ia very aeldom that ailing people
have the privilege of consulting auub
renowotd apecialiaW, who aie in con
tant attendance to Wail npon yon,
diagroae your oaae, and give yon tba
benefit of their medical knowledge.
There it no experiment or gueee work.
You will !e .told whether you, can be
enred or not. - II your caae it curable
they will treat yonj if incurable, they
will give you nuo'i adviou a to be be
netioial to you.
Tbey treat deafneis with an entirely
new method. Hearing reatored to
many at onee. Catarrali iu all ita va
ried foima cured eo that it will never
return by breaking up the cold-latching
tendency by ELECTRICAL IN
DUCTION of medicine.
Men uttering from Qnueral Nerv
ouanexa. Weakness,' Loet Merrory,
Strength, Weak Back, Kidnev Trouble
Rheumatio Pain, Lumbago, Poiatioi,
Torpid Liver, Indigestion and Dye
prpaia here can find a cure that per
tnanently reitorea them to their ori
ginal strength ard manhood without
loading their atomaob with poisonous
medicine. '
It you have weak lungs or consump
tion do not ful to be examined.
Their new disoovery of kataphoreeli
in paralysis, aud all diseases of the
nervoua sys'em, including EP1LEP8Y
andSf VITUS DANCE, ia a Godsend
o suffering humanity. Medioal men
taud amazed at the marvelous curt
that are leing effected wherever tbia
system ba been introduced. Tbuu
and who have given op all hope' of
being cured now bave an opportunity j
of a lifetime, to consult, without
charge, doctors of a national reputa
tion. Renumber their knowledge of
medicine combined with tlectrioity
givea them control of Jiseaaea that
othera do not possess. If you bave
weak eyes, headaches, or dixiioesi,
tbia sew system will oure you quick
Don't fail to call on these eminent
ptoialiels, as a visit coats you nothing
and may saveour life. I
If you auspeot kidney troubles, take
a two-ounce vial of your urine for
o iem:ol and microscopical analysis.
Qo early as their offices are always
crowded, ii jou are improving under
your family physician, do nut go and
take tip their valuable time. They
wish to give each one plenty of time,
but oannot listen to- long s lories not
pertaining to your casev Tbricln l
the iioor alik tratdj ' 't
Eyea Examined FREE By ar Expert
, If your vision is: not good or yon
have eye iquint," headache, dikaine,
nervoua and can't are fine f riot or to
do fine work, eyes pa n or water, call
on ue and whwOI ha'p you out of your
eye troubles with a pair of gtaeaes that
are ground to fit you correctly by an
eye ep'ciafist of mer1. ' ... .
Women wbo suffer from the many
nervoua derangements and aila peoa.
liar to tbeii sex quickly cured without
an operation by tbia new method, i
' Out of five hundred cases of Rupture
treated last year by their iodr.otion
method there were cured 83 pti cent
without an . operation - or dettntio -from
business. ,-...,
N B Cancers, tomors, wena, goi
tres, all blood, ekiu and aoalp diaeaaca
cured by tbia new method.
Piles- Cured in a abort time witnout
the knile. They make a specialty of
all obronio diet asee peculiar to either
sex, and oure where othera fail. Tbia
is a treatmedt that can be tired at
hoi a. .1.1. : -,,t
Remember, not one cent will bj
charged for all the medioine required
to make a permanent oure to all ttiote
nmmmnn, ti,eir new jjn, 0( trwi.
ment on tbia, their " firs advertising
trip. ,, . i. . .
' Notice Harried ladies must be ac
companied by their husbands. -'
: Office Hours: ..-
' Frtm 9 a. m. to 4 pr ta. : Regular
visits made.
, Remember the Date and Location.
Take Notice
All persona knowing : ;thejiselvea
Indebted to the lata firm ot Bock and
Thomae are requested to' oalt at the
old atand A the market : where they
will find Mr tl W Thomaa or Miss
Cora Harding wbo will make aettle
ment. .; - ; ... .
. " : . G W Thomaa.
Spoiled Her Beauty
Harriet Howard, of 209 W 34th at.,
New York, at on time had her beauty
spoiled with akin tronble. She writes
"I had Salt Rheum , or Eczema for
years, but nothing woulJ cure It, un
til I naed Bucklen'a Arnica Salve." A
quick and auie healer for cute, burns
and sores. 25o at Newlln Drug Co
drug atore
The transfer man. '
' ' . ' ; ' ' ' j ...I ....
He will take that trunk to the .
Depjt or your home iu less
time tbau it takes to tell iL
Wagon alwas at your service.
Charges moderate. Day phone
B531, night phone R 12,.
Cement Sidewalks and
Foundation worK given .
prompt attention. - ' '
Cellar and Cement work a
Specialty. .
Estimates cheerfully furn
ished. All work guaranteed
to stand the test. Refer
ence furnished. ..
, Office at Foley Houre.
' ' '
Real Estate Loans, Any amounts on
City and Country Real Eataie. Loans
eloaed promptly, as soon as title ap
proved.' r-.s ; i 5 1
WANTED A position by a cooipeUnt
man. Kookkeeplng or clerical work
preferred. Inquire at this office, tf
FOR SALE White Pomerenlen Pup
' plea at Hotel Foley Barber "shop.
WANTED Housekeeper immediately.
' 'Apply at the offioe of the Western
Union Telegraph Co. i ' U si r ll t,
Parties having a good fresh milch
cow to dispoae of may dad a boyer by
calling at tbia office.
FOR BALE Brick veneer ' house on
Peoond street, two lota. Inqulie F.
.. K. Noordhofl, 2107 Second Bt , . 8 2tf
Notice la hereby given that anyone
found dumping refuse of any kind oo
any of the property belonging to the
La Grande Real Estate Association
will be vigorously proeeouted.
1 Tbia property Inolodea all of the
ti . i i mini l . . .
mverniie uio wiiiiaujaoa aaaiuune
to La Grande. v
6 13 U Win. Miller, Preat .
FOR RENT FurnUhed housekeeping
rooms la suite 'ot two, three and
four. Inquire, phone B'ack 601.
- We pay highest ' Market prices for
cniensua. naui i" 7'T! VA ot.
At our Warehouse on Jefferson Ave.y
.I i. :' ' OR Cash Co.
It your paper is not delivered as you
think jit should be, 'please notify the
ffice and I be mistake wille rectified.
FURNI8UED RU0M8-Nicely furni
shed rooms tor rent. Corner ttb
. and main st
i " ' "'" " '8 18 tt
A reward of 160 will be paid by the
Grande Ronde Stock Grower Protect
ive Association for the arrest and con
viction of anyone for stealing stock in
Union; county. ' i -.'
I f Signed by the Secretary
I r i - t ! a a . '
vvihviiiiiui ,a . wvs j j
I Under new management. ,
Board and Room 15 per week, cash.
Meals .6 eta. . Hpeoial rates furnished
monthly pstrona. No. 1417 Adams
Ave Phone No. 1161 "
, 1 Mra. W E MDROH1SON. proprietor.
I To The Public
We take this mean of publicly ex
pressing to our friends and patrons the
appreciation wnicu we feel to thm
for their patronage and many acts of
kindness whloh wt bave received at
their band, j During the four years
which we have been in business In this
city and oounty have meet with such
pleaaent rec ption that we feel under
special obligations to the citizens ot
tne brande Ronde Valley. Again
thanking our friends and patrons we
are lours very trulv
Why hot ge t your painting dons wall
when you can bave It cheaper than it
..i.... . . . i j i .
taitsa lur iub averaiie uauoer ao apoi
It? Get need to having nice woo
uuiDuiun vj tut, luiiua w juur. aweu
iK. EKK shell and velvet . glosa,
"mirror polish" eto. ' S D Kinney can
grain up your old painted rooms aud
make the wood like fine, quartered
oak furniture
1433 Adams Ave. La Grande Or
BookvC Thomaa
gl We are in eke market for immediate deliveay, 560 ions"
Si of first-class Timothy Hay. w 1
M , . .
rS We are contracting for all kinds of produce," such as
J Potatoes, 'Apples. Pears and Prunes, whirh w ar
m .li-,-. . ....
snipping in car ioaa lots.
t ! .. . ' . 4 - 1 '
n are ouym an Kinds of grain. As soon as you
are ready to sell come in and see us. You have the
P Jtoodi and we have the money. ' ' v ? ' ' -
I Oregon Produce Company, I
! Dissolution Notice
'. Notice ia nersby- given . thai ."th
partnership of 9 Ball 5and James
Russell heretofore existina under th
flrm name of J F UuU &Sio bat tbia
day Men dissolved by mutual consent.
All bills due the firm are payable to J
H Russell Who will receipt for the
same and pay all. the bills against this
firm. ; :-.V'-- 1 .
i' Dated at La Grande, ' Oregon, this
the 16th day of August,' 19o5.
; ! . . JAM Ed RUHSPLL,
' ' -..'! ?w ' ,;!-,. BULL
! The Diatrlet School Board of Pchool
District No. (One, of Union County
Oregon, will receive op to 13 o'clock
Noon of Ansust 30. 19ns. kin. -
furnishing all material for aud con
struction of. an eight room aehonl
building aooordiuir to nlana nH
ucauuna on Die with A O Williams,
echool clerk All bids to be left with
.School clerk and" fkAVtm nun liwl - u.:iL
vuewiMa-u W1LU
certified check lot: ten per cent of bid.
nuiiuing to be completed by Jan 1,
190(3, - Board reserves tha rinht
Jectaoy or all bide.
5 A C WILLIAMS, Bohoui Clerk.
The nuderalgned bae aold ' IU Mtl
Markets, aud til It, property In aud
about La Grande, Oregon, to Ursndy
Russell, who will bereall.r
the same Under ao(h firm name, rrad
M, llock retires from further
or eonnecUoa with the closing up of
the old business, and G.' W Thomaa
HI collect all elalma due or .i..
company, and will p., iu ,Wu
itiee. '
1 " fa nrli. i .. '
j, nn puraiion. 1
f, ByG. W. Tbom.., '
:.; ' It. Book and v.
.h ' . f' 8 'hoe, all the
Ktook'holiiar 1
When von want a pleasant laxative
that ia easy to take and certain to act,
use Cbemberlain's 8toinaoh and Liver
tablets r'or sale br Newlin Drag to
. . (
Summer Schedule
The summer schedule of the Astoria
4 Columbia River Railroad has been
inaugurated between Portland, As
toria, Gearhart and Seaside in con
nection with special round trip excur
sion tickets to all Clatsop and North
Beach points, and trains leave Union
Depot at 8 :00 a m, . daily and run
through direct, arriving at Astoria at
11:30 a m, Gearhart 1S:20 p xa and
Seaside at 12:30 p m.
'the Portland and Seaside Flyer
leaves Union Depot everv Baturdav at
2:30 p m, arriving at Astoria 6:60 p at
n hi.tiu,
Gearhart 6:40 p m and Seaside at 6i0
p m. . .. ,
In connection with tbis improved
lervice, special round trip season ex
cursion tickets are sold f i ou Portland
to all Clatsop and North Beach oointa
. . . 1 -t l A .. .. ...
ibicui B.uu ior sua round trip,
good for return passage until October
Special commutation tioksta. eood
for five round trips, are sold from
Portland to same points lor $10.00,
good to return until October I6lh.
- Saturday epeoial round . trip excur
sion tickets from Portland to all Clat
sop and North Beach point on sals
every Saturday at rate of $2.60 for
round trip, good to return Sunday.
Tickets sold from Portland to North
Beach points are issued in connection
with the O R & N steamer from As
toria, and baggage is transferred to
and from depot and steamer dock at
Astoria free of cbarire. and all tiakata
sold by the O R A N Co fTom Port
land to Clataop and North Beach
points, are interchangeable and will
oe aonored on trains of tbis company
in either direction betwMn pn.i.n
and Astoria. '
Tioketi sold at all 0 R A N
and paasenger wishing to go to points
on Clatrop Beach should so sjjesify, in
ordsrto avc id contusing this popular
resort with tuat of Long Beaob, Web,
wuion i readied onlv bv kii .i a
toria," thus causing delays enrout.
roraaaitional Information addr...
C A Stewart, Agent, 248 Alder St
Portland, or J O Mayo, Of 4PA;
Astoria, Ore., and ssk for 8eaida
Souvenir for 1905, containing !0 bean,
tiful half tone views of Columbia river
nd Clataop Beaob scenery.
PROF. DAY. Prindnle.
moc nAv
TkLi --"so-swarn
., , .7 . ssnslcalln
.UutlonalnthasuU. Dnrlng td.
: , er nearly roar
thousand leeaona o M. t-k
nhl. city and valley' . UJa.
to discovar th. -j.. 7
of thlaK.
n - i . eyswoi used Is
U latest sod moat practical, and
aolude. all tba Uteat discoveries
IA lA amsaeV nJ A a a
wl wauoing mualo The
chool la divided into two depart,
menu: No. 1 Ufa. k-,.
. miL nronj
re np, and taking la tha l,t to
trades. ln departnsant
jopilaoomaonahonr evy dav
de.ira. NoSnoUr. wHl" hf
to doDotetad," "W oho
Aug U Sept IS ,