La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, August 10, 1905, Image 1

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Toolght and T ocoot row
Meets Miners and
stainers at
By 8orippi News Association
OysWr Bay Aug 10 -The president
left this morning for Wilkerboro where
addresses a joint meeting of th e
itholio Total Abstenaoe Union and
ion of tbe United Mine Workera.
-. ikeebirre August 10 Fully two
red thnil.lnri iitnra in tnan
to'tee President Roosevelt and witness
tbe big parade of tbe Oatholio Total
Abstinence Union. A'l mines, factor
ies and shops alODg the valley are idle.
Never has the town bad such ditin
guished visitors, wbo include, besides Roosevelt, Cardinal Gibbons,
John Mitchell, Mayor VVeavpr of
Philadelphia, and congres&men sna
tori and judges. Tbe city is in gala
attire. Tbe parade began at noon
with ten thousand temperance men in
line-vLTbe President aud party arrivtd
at tLfee o'olocs in the afternoon.
Mitchell acted as tbe President's intro
ductory spokesman.
Wilkesbarre Aug 10 Tbe President
arrived at 3 o'clock, on time. 8 tops
were made at Eaetsn, Pbilipeburg end
Bethlehem He appeared on tbe rear
platform of bis ;rivte car at Phillips
burg, where Knoi j lined, tbe party.
Tlj President made several good citi
tePjfulp peches along tbe route. "It
is believed that our ooun'ry w.'l be
come a model for tbe nations of tl e
earth", was the key note of bis ad
President Roosevelt said in part:
"lam particularly glad to speak to
this audience of miners and their
wives and children, and especially to
peak under tbe au'pices if this great
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Catholic Total Ab
temperance society. tIn oar country
tbe happiness of all the rest of oar
people depends most of all npon tbe
welfare of the wag-worker a ad the
welfare of tbe farmer If we can secure
tbe welfare of these two classes we
can ba reasonably certain that tbe
community as a whole wi'l prouper.
And we must never forget tbat tbe
chief factor in securing the welfare
alike of wage-worker and ot farmer, as
of everybody else, mast be the man
i himself.
"I strongly believe in trades unions
wisely and justly bandied, in hlcb
the rightful purpose to benefit those
connected with them is not accom
panied by a desire to do injustice or
wrong to others. I believe in the duty
of capitalist and wageworker to try to
seek one another oat, to understand
each the other's point of view, and to
j endeavor to show broad and kiudly
human sympathy one with tbe other.
"I believe in tbe work ot these great
temperanoe organizations, of ali kind
red movement's like tbe Young Men's
and Young Women's Christian
Associations, in short every movement
which strives to belp a men by
t-aoblng bin to belp bimself. But
' most of all I believe in the efficaoy of
the man nimselt trying continually to
' increase Ms own self respect by the
way In which be does bis duty to
bimself and to his neighbor."
Surprised Them
By Scripp News Association
St. Petersburg, Aug 10. The Czar
and Czarina made a sudden visit to
jTsarkoe 8elo at 6:30 this morning
without sending any word. Tbe Czar
ordered the alarms sounded and
watched the troops assemble. .
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Taggart Case
(Sorippi New Association)
Wooster Aug 10 On the eve of bit
appearance oo the stand, Cept. Tag
gart looks worn and haggard. When
court opened the deposition from tbe
house physician of CbrisU hospital, In
Cincinnati, wht-re Mr Taggart spent
three month while Taggart wss in
toe Philippine, wu read. '
Fever Raging
Boripps News Aeeocir tion
Memphis, Aug 10 Tbe Southern
Railway baa bndoned all ot their
through trains on account ot tbe
yellow fever scare.
New Orleans Aug 10 Five deaths
and twelve new eases have )een re
ported so far up to noon today.
New Orleans Aug 10 Twenty one
new cases and five deaths were report
ed at throe o'clook. Tbe Avondale
detention camp opened today. This
indioatei tbe resumption ot the outei
Soul hern Paclflo railroad traflo.
National Championship
By 8oripps News Association
CLicago Aug K The elgteenth pole
match plav, for ' the national golf
championship, - began this morning
with tbe temperature In the eighties
and not a breath of air. The winners
in the first round are Huh Campbell,
Wheaton; W N Byers, Pittsburg; O W
Potter, Midlothian; Fred Herrescboff,
Ekwanoks; R D Hokam, Glen View;
Chan Egan, Emmor ; H P Bend, Minn
eapolia; Simon Carr, Philadelphia; A
L White, Ekawana; Wa ter Travis,
Garden City; WC Fowned, Pittsburg;
O E Sawyer, Wheaton; D 11 Freder
icks, Oil City ; i R Martin, Canada;
Percy Piue, Princeton ; Parold Weber,
Prof Harper Better
r(By Scrlpps News Association)
Cleveland Aug 10 Aocording to
Dr Kiggar, John D Rockfeller'a phy
sician, Prof tUrper's condition is so
much improved that a second operation
is not considered neooessary. Neither
Prof Harper nor Mr Kockfeller s
can bs seen. ,
Fined Twenty Dollars
Gilbert iiryant was today brought
before Justice Hough and plead guilty
I to an assault npon a young man.
Claud Hale. Tbe trouble arose over a
misunderstanding while ; threshing
near Suminervil'e. -
Mayor To Defence
(By Scrlpps News Association)
Milwaukee Aug 10 Mayor Rose came
to the defense of Pfister In a (11,000
graft indictment today by issuing a
statement that tbe combination exists
for the accomplishment ot political
ends. Pfister says tbe Indictment is
tbe grt-atest outrage ever perpetrated
ltiseliaved that district attorney
MoGovern is after Rose.
Temperance Lecture
Airs. . L E Halley, of Prohibition
Park, Staten Ielanl, N Y will speak
on "Home or Saloon, Which?", at the
First Baptist Church at La Grande, on
Sunday evening, at 8 p m. Admission
free. Good" music Come and hear
the issues of the day discussed.
Collection at the close
Badly Scalped
Portland Aug 10 As a result of the
state circuit upholding the validity of
the anti scalping law. passed by tbe
last legislature, H G Caspary, the
broker upon whom a test of the law
was made, has paid bis fine in tbe
municipal conn and together with tbe
other 13 brokers under arrest lias
agreed to leave the oltr and close
tbelr establishments.
In railroad circles not a little deirree
of satisfaction is expiessed at tbe
Lane County Census
The assessor of Lane county, Oregon,
bas completed tba census ot that
county, finding the population to be
23,740. In 1900 the United States
census gave tbe pop llation of Lane
county at 10.604 and In 1890 at 15,198.
The gain for the past firs' yoars wss
5135. Lane connty bas so land area of
Russia to Study Question and will Reply
(Scripps News Association) .
Portsmouth Aug 10 The Russian I
and Japanese envoys assembled this
morning for the seoond days session.
Formal axebange ot credentials was
made. In making presentation Mr
Komura again expressed regret at tbe
misunderstanding of yesterday's meet
ing, whereby he neglected to bring
his papers and ha was attain moat
cordially jlvn assurances tbat no
inconvenience had resulted, bv Mr
Arrangements for the privacy ot the
negotiations were completed. There
will be no cards ot admission to tbe
grounds doriug the negotiations.
When the conference adjourned at
12:45 tbe envoys went to luuoheou in
tba naval stors ' building. The next
meeting will be at 3 o'clock this after
noon. It is expected that Witts will
be in a position to reply to the terms
within 24 boars Upon the main issue
of tbe aeceptaoce oftbebaMs negotl-
(By Scrlpps News Association)
Seattle, Aug 10. Geo. LeRoy, a ne
gro held in tbB King oountr jail under
a life sentence, has confessed that hlui
self and . two otber men strangled
Jennie Cramer, at Ht rat ford, Connect
lout, sixteen years ago, for which i
man has been doing time at Weatber
fleld penitentiary ever since unless be
died in prison. LeKoy says the actual
murder was done by Tommie Gardner,
the famous white criminal for 81,500,
while ha' and another negro named Ed
Jackmns, acted as spotters receiving
1200 each. Tbey were puid by a dis
carded lover from whom pfie bad se
cured considerable money and then
jilted him, LeRoy says the lover was
an ex convict himself but had settled
down under a new name in tbe hotel
business. Last heard of him, he was
running a hotel in Coney Island.
Indianapolis Aug 8 Captain W E
English, commander lu chief of the
United Spanish War veterans associa
tion, has Issued a general order for
the second national encampment of
the association to open at Milwaukee
Hepteinber 7. The ladles auxiliary
organization is directed to meet at
Milwaukee at the same time.
Ship Burned
Naunmes, Mew Caledonia Aug
waa and
The American ship JRoanoke
burned to the water edge today
sank at her mooring.
No Arbitration
(Scripps News Association)
St. Paul, Aug 10. In reply to a re
quest of Governor Johnson of
Minnesota, to arbitrate the differences
between tbe telegraphers and tbe
railroads, Jim BUI, president of the
O teat Northern, wind a flat refoss,
atlons. WltU I n4 ---
accept the conditions as a whole and
Japans rejoinder will probably deter
mine the fat of the negotiations.
Portsmouth, Aug 10. Ths conditions
upon which Japan wishes to make
peaoe was presented to tbe Russians
in writing this morning. They de
cided thst the Russians shall study
the question and will as soon as poss
ible give their answer in writing.
Until then tbe peaoe meetings of the
conference are adjourned.
The question of tbe powers of the
envoys was also regulated, so very
little difficulty Is expected on that
subject. ' Hereafter, official announce
ments will be made after the morning
Portsmouth, Aug 10. Elijtro Taka
sugl, professor of English in tbe Tokio
university is rt the opinion tbat tbe
conierence win end In a peace treaty.
He said that he understood the terms
include the evacuation of Mauchurla,
tbe cession of the island of Saghalien,
an indemnity of one billion dollars,
tbe possession of Vladivostok. Tbe
indemnity might te sealed.
Portsmouth, Aug. 10. The Japan
ese peaoe terms are said to have fairly
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Adams Avenue
when Conference
u Auasmus. Among toe
dsmands, ' indemnity . alone being
of a portion ot Amur province in
Siberia, secession of Sakhalin, secession
of Dalny, and relinquishment of all
Russian rights in Lia fang peninsula,
obligating Russia not to interfere wltb
Japanese fortifloations at Port Arthur,
secession of the eastern China railroad
from . Harbin to Port Arthur,
recognition of predominance ot
Japsnese Influenoe In - Korea,
evacuation of Mauohoria, obligating
Russia not to Interfere with the open
door policy in Manohorla, turnlog
over interned warships at .Shanghai.
8an Franoisoo and Manila, and ths
payment of a war indemnity ot three
billion dollars.
St Peterebarg Aug 10 The Russian
government officials are now taking
a more cottlmistio view of the oak
come ot tbe peace neaotiatlons. It la
reported tbat envoy Witte haa
telegraphed the Czar tbat he already
knows the turn to be demanded by
the Japanese and they are acceptable
with only a very few amendments
which he beleives tbe Japanese will
agree aroording to tbe changes ha
will reorommend.
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