La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, July 15, 1905, Image 5

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Adams Avenue Phone 29
V ... '
IF our rate of lateral on certificates of. deposit
high enoughs 1 ; "" '
IFIoor r&tofilnterMt oil loanalow enoogb
IFAhe aceemodationa w4 aflotd Are satisfactory,
IP you are not already a customer ofHtfis bank, ,
then we inviteod o beoome one, " '
WEigvaxanteA you, absolute safety, for yyur, funds
if intrusted to our care.
. nmHmiipm of t to ta Ad. ,
Tspeementol the interests 6f Li Grandwandu
UnToofountj we 111 Justified In 'asking for i
... .; ; JourMj?rwss, and we will extend to
yp U i&m&W 1 yourj aecosnt,. will;
-Juatifss stall time, Yohr loans will. be MstncUaY
only bf the , eecnrUy 1 4u goffer and, the balance
you ketg witk tnia-bai. ;
J r ' r ' '" Respectfully,
Vhe farmers an& fir&dtetti
fe ! JosjtPB!lilijiMi' .JJ. W. Binrara,! 1 G. E. McCottY,
1 v Of1 tH
. Jt will pay,iralk a iWocki ta. get the bcM
Ice Cream Soda It costs' no more. We are
tjettir prebatbairever totSpJ titad
We haw'ittte&OtOro& Pure
rock candy syrups.t; OTurlce cream is made fiom
pure cream and i the best Let ush6w you.
115 Oil Stoves, good as new $8.00
l minut-HaUTree r 3.5S
window- frames ai -
Cnpborrds . W
Easy payments.
Bieycies BepaW:-1 Bikefllws and 8bppUeat lowest
pricett UpfoUtering. romitnra and StofreSepaunog.
Carpets1 Cleaned an -
Higtit Prices PuidforStfcond HandiGoods
Gulletf from
I, (Cl'm NoUi).
Elgla . h , bo. hkrlos soma bot
ou of the, botUet d iw, 'exper
ln9d Uxtb town.
JW Hallgutb eommltUd toioidt
ta PcrtUad llondajf twolng by. Urn
Inc tba taii Ha aa,.wa)l known
n tbif aaction,. baring xaaldad lnv El
j CIgia dataatad AHoal In tba. UU
I ana la tbls city latt Uatnrday hf ,
arapU tq6. Tbera waa na Ufa in
tbegaiBagnd, U waTary anlateteatlng
to tna apaotatora. Jtigin Recorder. .
i (Union Notaa) :
Dr. DTK Daaring, ol Portland,) ar
ritad Taaaday on a Tlait to Union. .
B B Banna was om from LaQranda
Ttttaday,' ahaklng baada wltb hi Un
lontrlaoda. ; 1
To gat drank In tba city la bad ; to
have ona'a ban ia and facw pal ii tad all
tba colon ol tba rainbow and hair
rubbad fall of saacilaga whl'o ona la
Intoxioatad ia worae. yat eaoh waa tba
aiparianea of a nan from tba country
tba othar day. BapobHcan ,
onarga ot Wrlgbt'a Drag Btora, for- a
ahortAtoa.t : . :
Iba many f rlanda of Mr w illlam
Andaraon will Warn, with sorrow, that
n d!ad at Takoa, Jaly 11, cl baart
faUofa. ; Mr. Anderaoa livadjor many
feara on.Catberlna Craek a few milea
aboTf Union and waa .'ona of ba iter
Ung,irallabla men of the county. .
J H Nlohola broke the record for re
tarnaon etrawberriee- From a patch
of gtooAd cpqtalnlni 70 aquare rode
Mr,. Nkbqlsaold tlQO, worth, pat np
eana aad auppiled tba.. Uble. three
times a day for a period of five weeka,.
Naturally wa aak what 8 the value
ol Jand that will yield inch retarna
aud boa long oan it be. bought at any
; Plans Wanted V I
Notice ia hereby giren that tba Dla-
trlct School Board of School Diatrlot
Number One of Union County, Oregon,
will receive, op to 4 o'clock p m of
Jaly 25, 1900,' plana for an eight room
and basement brick and' atone School
bo'ute of the approximate ooat of 110,-
60 hot including inside flnliUiug of
npper story;-' f' "' ' '" ''
- Plans to be left with A O Williams,
School Clerk: " ,4:'
Board reserve the right to rejeot
any and all plana.
La Grande, Oregon, Jaly 13, 1906
A 0 WILLIAMS, Sohool Clerk)
feiyss : f-
o-' Indigestion
1 With Its' companions, heart burn,
flatulenoe; torpidity of the liver, con
stipation. palpitation of the heart,
poos blood beadaon and other net voua
aymptona, aallow. ikla,'( foul, tongue,
offensive baeath and: legion of other
allaMnta, 1s at o'ooa tb moat' wide
spread and deatraetive malady among
thai AbMrteatk people. The i Herblne
treatments will ora, all these troablea.
6oc bottls . Nawlla Drug Co, ,
Loudon, July IS. King : Leopold of
Belgium came t Dover from OaUnd
today for the pnrpoee of aeelng J Pier-
pont Morgan, who lunohed with his
majeety on board tba former'a yacht.
After a prolonged Interview Mr. Mor
gan returned to London.. It le report
ed that his meeting with, tba kins, of
the Belgians concerned tha ' financing
of important aohemea for the develop
meat of the Belgian littorala.
Base Ball Line Up
: Tba following U . be line op of the
La Grande baaa ball team wbioh will
play the Elgin team la thle city to
morrow afternoon.
: Belgrist, oatoher Ray and 8mall,
pitchers; Brookler, flret taee;Kldwell,
second bate; Crawford, ahort etop;
Obllders, third baaej Prow, left field j
Alatott, center' field ; ' Murphy, right
field.11 '" - k i
The fens will notice by the above
lino np that the Elgin team will know
tbay have been In a game when they
get through with this aggregation of
fast ball playera and the general pnb
lio Is assured a good game. .
; Having . retired front the grocery
bailners, I tek thle opportanlty of ex
praising: my thanks to hoee who have
extended to me their patronage.' ,
, .My transactions have been with those
ol the flret order only, ' with bat tew
exceptions, , and, theee , are excluded
when I ssy that; aside from a financial
ponaileratlon,' their patronage has
beea fuLy appreciated, .
My office' ttou're are from 9 a m to 6
p m , and I may' be. fodod at the office
of John fi Hough, on Adama Avenue,
any time-1 before ' Aoguet 1. Kespeot
follyyuara," W MACFARLANE
J 15-22 '
13 seres adjoining town,, can be irrigated,
Price, for cash, upon application.
-'' r.
420 acres near Cove, all fenced, good outside
. range ,160 acres fine for fruiUor grain, .well :
watered. Fine place for hone ranch.
' I ; Price upon application
jCa Srando Jrivestmont Co.
. . '' . . v.,- , : n o '--s . .
Foley Hotel Building La Grande, Oregon v
la a violent
Croup :'
of the
mucoae membrane of the. wind pipe,
wbioh aometimea extends to the laroyx
aud bronohiil tnbe'at and Is one of Ilia
most dangerous diseases of children
It almost always oomee on in tba night
Give frequent small doses ot Ballard a
Horehoand Byrop and apply Ballrd'i
Liniment externally to the throat 25c,
BOc, (1.00, Newlin Drag Co
! Advertised Letters
Litt 6f unclaimed letters remaining
n the La Grande, Oregon, Poet OtBoe
for the week ending Jaly 13, '05.
Abbott Mrs. J E (2) Flack F 8
Patterson Frank J Wllllama G fi
Burto N B - I2 ? Hogas A W
Linditrom Anton Waterhoaset'has
Wllllama Mrs. .Torn Jaoea Mies H W
MohfordTH Vhlti Henry
,. flrawford Mrs. , Untoo
I he above Hit will be held 14 days
and than sent to tba dead letter oflloe.
When called (or pleaaa say aJvertlscd
4oly 13, '05. , Q M 1UUHEY, P M
' Take Notice
j Notice la hereby given tbat my wife,
Grace D 8utton, having left my bed
and i-oard without lust cause and of
her own free wilt 'and accord. I will
not be responsible for any billa she
may contract front jtbia date. Dated
thU fourteenth day of July,
abstract ot title
Persons desiring a correct
will do well to call on Qvde R. Seitz, in
Bohnenkamp Building, who has had years
of experience In theusiness, who, is prepared r
to furnish a true and correct abstrct of all titles
i u - '-i i '
Abstracb Right. , ' Prices Riht
1 Wt
Zu B
A im ie Mlll'l'' .4
S6 cap r y
Lady assis'taLt,' Calls answered day andiigbt,
' Phone No. 21. "
J. 0, Henry, residence 664
J. J. Oarr, residence 386
La Grande Oregon
, An Opportunity For Home Seekers
700 acres of choice Farm and Orchard Lini sold
, in large or small tracts to suit purchaser.
1 1 "... , f --" --..-'' ' ' ' :
1 :
r w :
,Tbis'farm is only 15 no ilea from La Grarde, on the Elgin
branch of the O. R, & N. Railroadf and is what is known
as" the Henry Rioehart Farm,, and is located at the
Rinehsrt Spur. This farm tousis the foot hills end is
watered with nnmerous springs, and a beautiful spring;
branch of pare living water. The land msy be divided
into FORTY OR EIGHTY , ACRE TRACTS, every one of
which is supplied with living water: This splendid tract
tontains' sufficient land to furnish homes for twenty . or
1 more families. Remember this tarm ! is under cultivation
and every foot is a wealth producer. One tract cow has
JoVer' ten atres of young - bearing orchrad, which ia
" This farm has a complete railroad and county road con
nection, and is located in a school district which is free
'from debt and maintains a good six months school. '
tv Address, HENRY RINEH ART,
Or call at the farm for full particulars. Tcrms and com
s v plete descrhioh.' : (i 1 . -
" 1
Bay ft Japanese Lawn 8 rinkler and yon will ppt,.,.
need to stand and hold thV; hose; while watering " t
your lawn. "-'i'S-". '','-' C ' x ' A "'.' . '-
New and Desirable-Hand Bagi. ,
New Style Bruster Brown Belts.
Pretty Feather Fans.
Tub Collars hi a variety of style.
Street Hats $1 'C ; ".' : V" " ti; j
Don't overwork in t hot weather, buy ; your ,
Children's Underwear Ready Made. j s
E M mM8t GO
JL,a Grrtuide - " Preeoiv
-a a
-',5 :
, tl " f ; H,
- ...
. JAUfe .',' v ,"