La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, June 24, 1905, Image 2

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    l-a Grande Evening Observer
rer IEY UEOS., Editor k Pr pa
Entered at tha Pott Offlo at La
Uranda, Oregon, aa Baoond Claaa
Mail Matter. .
Published daily except Sunday
On year inadTance .$650
Six months in advance.... 3 50
Per month ...65c
Single copy , . ,'. ........... ,5c
Saturday, June 24.1905.
ADVBTiBina rat
Diapla? A4 nta ftunUhd pon application
ixwai naaiDf notlcca lOe per Um Ont na
. tion, 5 per Uaa tor each obMonent luw
ReaolnUon of aoadoleaea, jc per line.
Carta of Utaaka, 6e per Una.
One of the largest manufac
turers of road and street mach
inery has actually called In its
traveling salesmen and will
hereafter sell machinery only
by direct order, owing to the
disgusting grafting methods
practiced by city councils and
. other publio bodies in purchas
ing supplies of this kind.
For the last three or four
years, this manufacturer de
clares, it has been nrcessary to
, add from $300 to $500 to the
list of prices of his machines
to cover illegitimate "commis
sions" exacted by street com
mittees and others making pur
chases. It has come to be a contest
. among the big manufacturers,
he further says, to see who will
offer the biggest "rake ofl" and
so he withdraws from the field
in disgust and shame for the
American citizens who pose . as
hooeRt and respectable business
men, yet who are the most dis
gnsting parasites in society.
No other practice known to
civilization is so disgusting and
demoralizing as this. It causes
brother to rob brother, partner,
official to rob the publio aud
starts hundreds of decent men
It is a burning disgrace on the
name of the country to have it
said that manufacturers of sup
plies for publio corporations
must maintain a regular "graft
It is a burning disgrace on
manhood for publio officials
who walk the streets before
their fellows as honest citizens,
to make a studied profession of
demanding a graft fur perform
ing the publio duties confided
to them by their fellow citizen.
If there is one crime which
demands the serious considera
tion of every town, city, hamlet
, and state, it is this disgusting
crime of grafting. A lew whole
tome examples should be made
of polished rascals who pose as
good citizens. It would have a
beneficial effect. East Oregon -ian.
Here is a prophecy of a Cana
dian newspaper: "The city home
of the future will contain no
stoves. - Oooking will be done by
powerthe building will be heated
from a central plant, elevators
will be run from cellar to garret,
and breakfast, luuch and dinner
will be supplied from a co-op
erative center. Not only will
the house of the future be clean
ed by power but the dust will be
removed by a pneumatic exhaust."
PureBred Poultry
Parties desiring pure bred
poultry can secure eggs
from the following well
known breeds at. $1 per
setting of fifteen Bar Ply
moth Rock White Wyn
dott, Single Oomb Brown
Leghorn, and Silver Laced
1 Island City Oregon
Field Marshal Oyama is be
lieved, in Tokio to have Line
vitch almost surrounded. The
Russian commander is said to
have inaugurated a recent move
ment for the -purpose of draw
ing off a portion of ' the forces
massed upon his flanks, but the
Japanese marched ' up an en
tirely independent force and
put the Russians to flight The
Russians themselves are doubt
ful about their safety, but they
are at a loss to know whether
the Japanese commander in
tends to del'ver a blow or is
maneuvering for ' effect upon
the peace conference. One thing
is very certain; that is that the
Japanese do not -propose to
leave the world in doubt about
their ability to cispose of the
Russian force. Perhaps they
can accomplish their purpose by
demonstrating toe strength of
their position without bringing
on a general battle, but it is
more hkely it will be necessary
for them to crush the enemy to
make their control perfectly
In connection with the pro
position to erect a monument in
umbus there is a revival of the
old movement among Roman
Catholics for his canonization.
Cardinal Richelmy of Turiu is
chairman of the committee on
the monument, which, it is ex
pected, will be placed in the
Papal On ' May 20, 1900, the
fourth centenary of Columbus'
death. Regarding the saint
ship of Columbus, a writer in
the New York Tribune reoalla
that at the Vatican council of
1869 many archbishops, bishop
petitioned Plus IX. to permit
the first steps in the congrega
tion of rites. From the Catholic
point of view it is said that the
evidence for the necessary mir
acles is abundant.
,,r-a la ia " .aaaaeeBMam--aVaWaWP'aalSwWPWM'''' ' 'yn
m MMM1MMM,MWejpaejBaajBMW i i Iujh J
E0f: Ii;"A:RE BHILDlMl
The only Exclusive
Undertaking Parlors
in La Grande,
Scientific Embalming
Licensed in Oregon and
Montana. Experienced
1 Lady Assistant
Our of rice is always open
Phone 1751
Office in Lewis Building,
opposite 8ommer House
Lewis and Clark
To be held at Portland,
June 1 to Oct 15, 1905.
Through the Williamette,
llmpqua and Rogue River
Valleys, of Western Oregon,
pass Mr. Shasta, through
the Sacramento Valley to the ;
many famous resorts on the
line of the
For beautilully illustrated
booklets, descriptive of Cali .
fornia resets: address.
W. E: COM AN, Gen. Fassr. ;Agt.
' Portland, Oregon. - ;
We are building on a permanent foundation, and nothing is too good for us.
Our strong line is the Adler, Bros. & Co., Rochester, made ready-to-wear.
These are clothes that are honest inside as well as attractive outside. If
you buy, and it proves to be otherwise, your money back without a word.
Better satisfaction at $20 to $25 than can be secured in any other ready
made; as complete satisfaction as can be secured in first-class made-to-measure.
This is our promise to all who make a trial of L. A., B. & Co.,
clothes, and we stand ready to redeem that promise to the letter. You
are always welome to drop in.
irif Xt
k,yttvf Xff
rut ffAm tho ;oft?st, !!?5t f!?x?M? of
fine calf skin-with a smooth, tough
lining, a sole that is made to stand
trouble, and Just the right amount of
style! It's one of the most popular of
KEITH'S K0NQUER0R family-and If you
had your shoemaker turn out such a
shoe, he'd tax you not less than $8.00
$3.50 to $5.00
Gordon $3.00 Hat for
Men's Fancy hosiery reduced from 75c to 50c
Owing to the unseasonable weather this spring we decided to make
Pongee Suitings
Pongee Brilliants
Jacquard Swiss
Lawns and Dimities 15c
Lawns and Dimities I2 2c "
50c a yard for regular 75c and 85c qualities
aTV j t - - . ..
5UC " " 75c " 85c
2UC " " 35c
These radical reductions will create a lively interest in thin wash Fabrics, so it behooves all who have delayed
their spring purchases to come in early.