La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, April 06, 1905, Image 1

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Tonight and Tomorrow
The city c .uncil held their meeting
last night and certainly earned their
aulary, for they were .active every
moment nntil midnight
When the meeting opened the lobby
was filled to overflowing bat as the
hour wore away there were aeata for
all the faithful who ait it oat. There
waa a great deal of work outlined and
wbl doutleaa be completed at the
special meeting to be held this evening
for the purpose of passing bd ordinance
establishing the street grades also the
ordinance providing for the kinds of
cetnent walks to be constructed. ;
Postmaster G M Richey appeared be
fore the council and informed them
that the business of the La Oraude
l oatoffloe bad attained that promi
nence by virtue of the voium of bosl-
tianfuu'ted that it was entitled to
a free mail delivery system.' Also t'aat
the Inspector whose duty it is to re
j.ort upon the neeceesary conditions
prior to such inauguration, was here a
few days ago and Informed him that
before he could make a favorable re
port that the side walks of the city
would have to be improved in many
places and .that it was imperative that
all bouses should be numbered. The
Dalles was denied a similar privelige
for several months from lack of each
Mayor Sister appointed the follow
ing standing committees for the year.
JudlolaryW H bohpenkamp, L D
Reavis, 8 A Gardinier.
Fire and Insurance G E Fowler,
J W Kennedy, 8 A Gardioler.
H'altb, Sewerage and Water A L
Uiohardson, L D Reavis, W fl Bohnen
kamp. " . ...
Wars and Means S A Gardinier, G
E Fowler, W II Bohnenkauip.
Finance J W Kennedy, G E Fowler
A L Richardson.
Strtets add Alleys-L D Reavis, A
L Richardson, J W Kennedy.
An ordiuanoe was introduced provid
log for the construction of cement aide
walks on Depot street and Adams Ave.
from ( heatnut to Fir streets hiiJ was
referred to the street comuii He.
This may be panned so as to fix a dute
It was our good fortune to buy a large quantity of sheets and pillow on?es frn-t o'e of the
best makers at pbenbininecally low prices, For two days, Friday and SuturlHy, we
will share our good fortune with you. Note prices, they are lower that' tbe material can be
bought for. - ' ; ; 'v.. ,
Pillow Cases
Pillow cases made fiom good quality muslin,
sizes 45x36 inches. An extra Ap
good value at 15c, this sale . ... ',yJ
Torn and Ironed pillow cases 45x30 incbs
made from extra good material, at 1 71p .
the special low price of r ' 2
Hemstitched pillow cases of generous 5ze
made from the very best of material OT
. regular 35c values.... . . 3C,
New Dress and
' Walking Skirts
Just received
$1.25 to $15.00
when these streets must have oement
An ordinance was introduced prohi
biting the use of of side walka. in the
fire limits, for bicycle riding and all
other portions of the city may be used
under careful reatriotions upon the
payment of a Usance.
The O R & N Co desired permission
to put In a system of water works to
be attached to the city mains for fire
protection only , The compsny also
desires the city to submit a proposition
to famish them city water for their
use in the shops. These propositions
were refered to the 'Water Committee.
To the of Council La Grand",
Sirs:- , . ''.
I hereby re coo m mend to yoa the
advisiuiiiiy or. in owe uwiuw w wlm
holding and Investigation of the
charges lately msde against a member
of the council, regarding Ma with
holding from the com ml tie, on ways
and means a bid for the construction
of the heating plant in the city hall.
I reccommend toat an investigation
by the members of the oounoil be
held, and that the gentleman, who 'it
ia alleged aabmited to a member of
the ways and means committee,
bid fo the construction of such work,
be given an opportunity to come be-
fore the council and give evidence re
' garding such transaction.
I also wish to call the attention of
the oounoil at this time to the matter
of the city pound. O rent complaint
has been, and ia still being made of
the city keeping a pound ao closely
joining family residences of citizens,
and It is stated to me by residents ia
the neighborhood that the manner of
the officers keeping the pound, and
the kind of animals kept therein has
already beoome a source of great an
noyanoe and discomfort to the peoule
living near the pound. My attention
has also been called to the city jail
near wbichtha pound master seems to
have been keeping dogs taken up by
aim. The comp'alnt is made by peo
ple living some little distance from
the jail tbst keeping bo many animals
of tills kljid, where I hoy are, Is a
great nuisance to the neighborhood.
M y bttentlon has also been called to
and Pi bw
Sheets and pillow cas:s to match, era braid erf insertion effects
$2.25 and $2.50 the set -
1 New Shirt Waist Suit
In solid color?, in plain aud two
toned effects, also a beautiful
line of the newest in fancy silks
75c to $1.25 per yard
tLe fact that the pound master haa al
icady been killing doga at that place,
and great objection haa been raised
especially by ladles living near this
place. L therefor, not' only reooom
mend to the council, but urge that it
at once take aome steps to : cancel the
lease for the pteaent pound, and to
locate one farther removed from reel
dents, and that the pound muter be
instructed to discontinue confining
dogs at or near the city Jll, and es
pecially to discontinue . killing . any
dogs on those premises. :..
1 wish also to cell the attention of
the nembers of the council to' their
duty to at once see the owner of pre
misee, along which aide-walks are built
be compelled to plaoe them in repair
and I recommend that the city attorn
ey to at once investigate the city or
dinances as to whether or not they
are sufficient to maintain .. a lien
agai-at property for the repair of side
walks where the same shall be ordered
repaired at the expense of such . pro
pertv. .
I also ei mostly call th" attention
of the council to the habit of the de-
Mwinan and nthora laa-lna their
wagons in the street. This habit has
beoome a greart nuisance of the city,
aud many times dangerous to people
traveling on - streets and . sidewalks
My attention haa also been called to
lb.. ue'Jou by parties on the main
street of theoity keeping the sidewalks
filled with wsgona held for repair or
painting, and also to parties keeping
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(Observer 8pecial); . .
Lostioe April 6 The city of Lostine,
Wallowa county, suffered a fire this
morning which wiped out one balf ol
the business portion of-the city. And
as there is no waterworks here, it was
only by hard fighting that other
buildings were not destroyed. The
total loss is estimated at $16,000. The
fire started at 3:30 this morning io the
rear of the Masonio OJd Fellows lodges
which are owned jointly. At there had
been no one in the ba lding for some
time, it is ihoaght to be tbe work of
an incendiary. ' ' ': 1 ' '
Case Sale
,x ' Sheets.. rt;;,,
Sheets, 72x9(1 inches, made from Pepperill
sheetings. Torn and iioued, ' with 1Q
wido hems great good value at J5c k C
Sbeels, 81x90 inches, made from extra heavy
linen finished sbeotings, a real 7
90o value .......... . . ............ .3C
Hemstitched sheets, wide hem, 81x90 inches,
sheets sold everywhere at $1.2") and C f 00
are worth every cent of it, our price P
New Silk
JUST IN - " '
$475 to ; $12.50
New Satine
85c to $3.75 :
By Soripps News Association
San Fraaoisco April Blood
hounds wra placed this morning on
the trail of tli murderer of the man
whose was found murJered and body
horrlsoly mutilated, on the street of
the Latin quarters just before mid
night last night. The head waa ' sev
ered from the body as was also ths
legs and arms.
Soon after taking the soent the dog
went to an Indian tenement and then
took a xig lag course through Ibeir
quarters to Rusiao hill the scene of
to the belief that the dead man ia one
of the witnesses in the oase" of Alviso
Truobetti who was placed on trial
this morning for murder. When the
case was called two witnesses Dominio
Boaareo and Frank Gardello (ailed to
put in their appearanoe and the police
are now searching for them.
ft .
The following are some ol th loss
es. ' " " " ' '
T H McKiniie, drugstorr, l0i $3,500
intunnoe $1800. - Mrs Reynolds con
fectionery, loss 3,O00 insurance $2.
000. Minnie holand reiturant and
dwelling, loa $2000, insurance $1200
B Barker harness shop, loss $1500 no
insuranoe, D F Fitzpatriok & 8on d
rosge to goods and building $1000, in
sured. Masonio-Odd Fellow building
loss $2000. ; Other looeers were J O
Qillispe, batcher. DO Foster, daell-
ing. Jjlin Clark, with Iossps ranging
from $150 to $500 with no insurance.
This is a ssvere blow to tbe city , but
it will undoubtedly b rebuilt.
Use Harsh
By Soripps Newr Awoolatlon '
Waraaw April 6 - Harnh measurus
are being adopted by tbe authorities
to end the internal disorders io Po
land. . . . ;;t, .
Orders have been issued that sll
participants in tbe recent distuib
anoes ahall be tried tinder court-
martial law. -
Two workingmen have already bad
their trial and have been condemned
to be hanged. . ...;,...' '
By rJcr!ppi News Association ., . '.
Tokio April 6 A report from the
Manchuria headquarters this morning
and bearing date of April 3, says The
Bussians have sent a foroe southward
and have bombtrded Cbiv Haatun
and have md" advanoes against' both
Japanese flanks. Toe Russians wore
repulsed the following day.. Tbe J
aness losses were tweoty-seven and
tbe Bussisns losses were over one
hundred. .
Awful Loss
: Soripps News Association
Lahore, India April 6 It is reported
that eight per cent of the Inhabitants
of Dharmsal Bill station was killed in
a recent earthquake, and that the-Vice
Kegel lodge at Simla and the public
offices damaged. This hill Is sltueted
In a port of a large city having over
150,030 people, bat Just bow many re
aided on tbe bill Is oot stated but it is
safe o say that It tana Into the tbou
eanda. .'
By 8ctipps New A isolation
New York April 6 Four members
of the family of Samuel . Clark, resid
ing In a tenement In the East Side,
were found dead in bed this morning
as a result of inballncr Illuminating
gas. The vlctlma were Mary Rogers,
aged 75, Helen Clark, aged 19, Kate
Clark, aged 10, and Elisabeth Clark,
aged 7. 5
Join lib Queen.
(By Soripps News Association :
London April 6 King Edward
left today for Marseilles, at which
place he will join Queen Alexandria
Mormon Conference
Soripps News Association .
Salt Lake April (J The anuusl Mor-
rnoa ouuivmuoe upeimu utm Mjuruiug
ins estimated that ten thousand vial
tors are present. Apostle 8moot
left last night for Sau Kraucisoo and
will not be present to cast his vote
aostaiulng president Smith aud associ
ates on nextSundar.
is to
The Leading Corset
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By 8orlpps News Association
Cbioigo Aprils Mayor elect Dunne
received a message odav from Lord
Proooat, of Glasgow acceeding to a re
quest to r-ei d the hesd ol the Glasgow
tramway system to Chicago in order to
advise the executive regarding the
primary plans for mnntolple street rar
line. The msjortty of the council
have placed themselves on record sa '
willing to support mayor Donne in
bis effort to give municipal ownership
a fair trial. -
Located At Last
f Kv Hnrtntw Nova Aaannlatlon I L.
Vienna, April 6-It is stated offlojk ;
ally that the Austrian military attache,
Count Pieptche, who has been mles
Ing since the battle of Mukden, Is
now safe with Lieut; General Ronen
kamn'a forces
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