La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, March 24, 1905, Image 1

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Tonight and To" orrow
Partly Cloudy
By Scripps News Association 1
Wssbinnton Marob 24 Word has
boon received at the 8tate Department
tbkt preidnnt Cftntto of Venezuela
refuses to arbitrate the questions now
at issus between tbe United States
ard that country.
Washington March 84 In presi
dent Castro's note to Miuinter Bowen,
be peremptorily declines any of tbe
questions st issue between the Uoitrd
States and Venezmla t b; arbitrated.
Tbe text ol the communication will
not b made public, but at the SlaU
Department, it is announced tbat tbe
tone is not pr c.tically msnlting. 8eo
retsryof War, Taft, who is tenapora
rlly in charge of the State Depart
merit, presented the information to
tho President at a cabinet meeting
this morning
Philadelphia, March .-With the
stake a share of the $100,000,000 left by
tbe : ate William Welghlman, lawyers
today are mapping out a campaign ia
the courts against -Mrs. Anna W
Walker, the richest woman ' In the
world. Balked In every attempt to
obtain a share cf tbe vast estate for her
children, Mrs. Jonee Wister, whose
first hosbdnd waa William WeLghtman,
Jr., will appeal to the law. . .
Tbe claims of Mrs Wister in behalf
of her daughter are based on a mys-
Tbe dispatch from Minister "Jowen
In regard to President Castro's reply
has been thoroughly discussed at a
cabinet meeting, and it ia admitted
that tbe reply of Castro has bronght
about a certain crisis In the situation.
Minister Uowen does not say tbat he
has been dismissed from Venezuela,
but his relation ae so strained that, terlous oodloll of the will, leaving tbe
almost beyond a question, he will be
called back The next step In a legal
manner, will be todiapatoh vessels of
the navy to the Venezuelan coast, In
order to safeguard Am rioan interests,
and, possibly, establish a blockade, - as
the European Nations did two years
ago. Secretary Taft remained halt an
hour after tbe cabinet meeting, die
cussing the situation with the Presi
dent. On leaving, he declined to state
what action if any, had been deolded
By ScrippaNews Association
(Sophia, Bulgaria, March 24. There
ia an uneasy feeling here owing to the
fact that Tnrkey continnes to mass
soldiers In Macedonia. Thirty thoui
and rifles and two million rounds of
cartridges have been dispatched to Us
kup, and large qnantitiea of guns have
also been sent to Salonlca
More Troops Ordered
(By Hcrippa News Association) '3
Marseilles, March 24 French re
iaforeiments of six thousand men
with ammunition have been ordered
to Tonquin, and tout thousand troops
to Madagascar for early in April.
Large Benefit Fund
8oripps News Association
Brockton Msss., Marcn 24 The re
lief fund for the benefit of the n (T r
ers from the explosion and fire st tbe
Grover Shoe Company's factory i.i
Monday has reached $21,55200
"Hoch Der Kaiser"
By Scripps News Association
Dover. Maroh 24 the steamer
"Hamburg" with Emperor William on
board arrived here tbie morning, en-
route to the Mediterranean.
Tbe steamer " Hamburg" only stop.
ped here long enough to ' receive die
patches. A royal salute was fired
from the castle in Honor of the
Want Right of Way
Washington March Z4 Work on
the Dalles canal for which an appro
priation was made in the rivers and
harbors appropriation bill, will not be
commenced by the war department
until the right of way for theoanal is
ceded bv the state ot Oregon to the
general government.
Noted Sculptw Dies
By Soripps News Association
Milan March 24 gisncr Terracbia
one of the bent known sculptors of the
age, died here today
e.tate to Mrs Walker. This codicil
no one except .Mrs. Walker her
self baa seen. The only evidence of It
is drawn from the statement of witness-
es that the millionaire before hie
death declared be had made provisions
fur nte grauuuiMuum sue 5 In
Mrs. Walker denies the exlstenoe ot
the document. Importuned by the
grandchildren, ahe issued a statement
that each a paper was never drawn by
hor father, despite the declaration ot
alleged witnesses.
Then a few daya ago, exasperated by
the tarn affaire were taking, she threw
down tbe gauntlet.
I propose to keep the estate myself
Intact," she announoed. "My father
made no provisions for the children of
n: y brothers, either in the body of the
will, which has been probated, or by a
codicil. There la no codicil.'
Albany Incidents
By Scripps News Association)
Gnntzulln, Manchuria, Maroh 14.
The Russian officers connected with
tbe staff at headquarters are convinced
tbat Genera) Knrokt Is moving north
west with the Intention of Invading
Vladivostok.. It is reported that all
the women and children are leaving
Harbin, where the ' business honsss
are closing.
London March 24 The Central
news annouooes tme eveoiuit
loas: We are able to stale that
peaee negotiations have been In pro
gress, mure or less informally ,' for tbe
past two weeks. Japan, in response to
confidential inquiries, made after the
battle at Mukdsj, gave the general
Idea ol tbe peaee terms whioh would
be acceptable to her and which were
forwarded to 81 Petersburg. They were
discussed at a special council meeting
ol the ministers which was presided
over by the Cxsr. The ministers recom
mended the opening np ot negothv
tions with Japan, but, up to tbe pre
sent, the Czar has not given any in
location of bis plane.
Hood River, Or., March 24. Tbe 4
year-old eon of Fred Miller was so se
verely burned yesterday afternoon that
be died at an early hour this morning.
Miller resides about three miles south
ot this city. The child was playing
near a bonfire when its clothing be
came ignited and before assistance ar
rived tbe little one waa a mass of burns
from head to foot. Tbe boy had also
Inhaled tbe flames and the chanoes of
recovery were known to be impossibls
from the first.
Albany, Or.. March z4 At Harria.
burg, two men, Henry Bootjack and .
MoGrath, are In Jail awaiting an in
vestigatlon on a charge of assault with
intent te rob, and tbelr victim, w
Twttonell, is under the doctor's . care
with a badly battered and - braised
head. The three men are loggers and
csme to Harrlsburg for a time."
Tbe late overlaud train from Port
land last night, while running at
high rate of speed six miles north ot
here, picked op a pleoe of timber on
the track, and it waa found wedged
under tbe pilot ottbe engine when tbe
train reached this city. So tightly
was the pleoe wedged in that it took
the train crew fully 10 minutes to re
move it. No sign of an attempt at
wrecking the train could be found.
Indictments Galore
Tbe Baker City grand Jury has been
in eeaslon tor the past sixteen day
haa returned 135 true, bills and four
not true bills, The bnlk of these were
against tbe saloon men In the county
lor Violations ot :um .' i
gambling tawa.
' e
: By Soripps News Association
New York March 24-Mlss Lnella
Hueatlo, who with her mother Mra.
Jauies II Hueatlo. lay in a trance for.
fifteen, days at the Presbyterian Hos
pital, died this morning. Ths phy
sioiane claimed tbat the women hod
hypnotized each other. A strange
featnre of the rase was that- the death
of the daughter was marked by a
sudden failing In tbe vitality of the
mother, who waa lying In the adjoin-
Negro Pugilist Dead
By 8oripps News Association
Philadelphia March 24-John Hill,
the negro pugilist who collapsed last
night In tbe priae ring at the Broad
way Atbletio Club, died this morning
Ambassador Dying
By 8oripps News Association
Wn-bington Maroh 24 Tbe Mcxi
oan Ambassador had another sinking
spell this morning, and is now at tbe
point of death.
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, (By Scripps News Association)
Tokio, March 24 Minister Oriscom
reports from Tokio that the Japanese
have captured twenty three merchant
steamships a! nee the beginning of tbe
war, most of whioh have been very fine
vessels. He states further that, while
the Japanese have eunk no merchant
vessels, the Rusiiane have sunk nine
carrying tbe Japanese flag.
( By Scripps News Association )
Drain Ore Maroh 24 Harmen Shook
shot and killed A E Cooper and Paul
Howse today with a rifle, and then
killed himself. The tragedies were tbe
result of a quarrel
(Soripps News Association)
Obioago Maroh 24 Michael B
Mnrphy, manager of the Cudaby
Packing Company at Omaha, Ntb,
was the principal witness this morn
ing before the Federal Qrand Jiry,
which ia investigating the allegad
beef trust. Tbe managers of several
other packing concerns are scheduled
to appear before the jury today in or
der to testify in regard to the . United
Htatea statutes. It is understood
tbat the jury is queti.oning the wit
nesses in regard to the prices of press
ed meats at retail and wholesale prices
covering the pass three years. Every
precaution is being taken to prevent
tbe information reaching the publio
as to tbe progress of the case.
Manager Mnrphy was asked regard
ing the charge tbat cattle were reject
ed at the South yards, when the ship
pers prices were to high, and that, by
agreement, all tbe large packers re
fused to consider the lot for parobase
and ud their influence with tbe ex
porters not to buy, so that the lot
would have to be forwarded to Chicago
and told at st eaorifioe. In reply to
his question, Mr Murphy eald tbat be
knew of no such transactions. Test
imony was also given showing tbe pro
fits of tbe retail meat dealers, and the
prices ot unfailing uniform ity at tbe
Big Five packers branch houses.
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