La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, December 27, 1904, Image 4

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COIoa with J.T.Williamsoo. La Grande
Fartlee wishing the servleee of a com
petent bookkeeper are aas red satis
factory reaulta. Prices reasonable
C. B.Cauthorn
Offlc Over Hill Drua; 8tor
La.Gracde, Oregon '
Office af A T Hill's Drug Store
La uranae, Uregon Phone 1361
Residence phone 701
: Malheur County Investment
. -For Investments In
Write to C, T. McDANlEL
Ontario....;. Oregon
Lod&e Directory.
lAQLKS-La Uranda Atn. mFOK UaeU
very Friday Bliht la K A V hall it. I p n
VUitlng biwUkera tnritad; toaiUDu, .
C U tkwkwaU, W ..Tllla, W BM
. OF AMERICA Ocrart Mai
JiarioD, Mo 22 Xnta aaoh Tuaaday la KiS'a
hail. iSruiiarl ara luTMed la at land,
OJ Vaadsrpool kaciM.
. 100 --lA Grand. Sfi o naeu
tnma nan nary uurai; Diunt, VlalUifi
W eutdially (BTtted to attend.
. ' Klaebvt H U
U E Ooolidga, Baa.
. A. F. A A. M. La Grand Lodm
io. meet .wry in ind srd Bator
ujjr oi e&cn montn.
AO Williams Seo,
0 D Huffman W. J4 1
EaBTErM STAB OKU Hop. Chapter No
1 meeta il aocond and fcurtb Wednesday 4
web mouth at i0 p ra In Mawnic T.mpl.
Mary A Warniok. eaO
8TAR ENCAHPMKNT No 81, I. 0. 0. T.
wy Bra. and third Tborail. In th.
"" in uua rwiuwi nail. Vlaiuu.
ball. Vlailfuf broth-
m aiway. weioom.
Geo, Ball.ltorlb.
For the next
The. Somm-
K"Z TW( - V"
tt i i - u
I II M l i 1 I II .1 I f I 1
I'Ljf -iowing uenerous uiier ior
I California Claret Wine
Finest California Raspberry Wine r
JUUlini Wine 35e a quart bottle, 3 bottles $1.00
Best Bottle Seer, quart bottles,
$2.50 per dozen, $1.25 per half dozen
MoBrayer Best Whiskey; eight years old,
per quart bottle $1.00
Old 0. P. S. ten year old Whiskey,
per quart bottle $1.00
Old J. B. Pepper, eight year old. whiskey,
per gallon $3,50
Old Hermitage, 15 year
Imported Tort Wine
Imported Sherry Wine
Please send in your or.ltr
your neamt iieifcht or express office.
jSomnicr House Cafe
' A- L. XIORRIS, Proprietor;'
Ao Ordinance granting to th La
Grande Water Storage Company (a
private corporation) and il successors,
and Meigna, tb right aod privilege,
for a period of thirty years, to erect
and maintain poles, and other ap
paratus, and to place thereupon wires,
conductors and other appliance and
to lay under ground such wires and
appliances for the trans cUion of
electricity and , electric currents and
power for operating and furnishing
slectrio lights, telephones, electric
motors and other electrio power, in
over and under tbe streets, alleys,
thoroughfares and pnblio highways
within tbe City of La Grande, Union
Ocunty, Oregon and to exeroli tbe I
right and privilege of so operating
and furnlrbiog eleotrio lights, tele
phone., electrio motors and eleotrio
power witb'in said City.
Section 1 The City or La Grande,
hereby grants to the La Grand
Water Storage Company , its succes
sors and assigns, the rigbt and privi
lege to place, erect, lay, maintain
and operate in tb streets, alleys,
avenues, ' thoroughfares and publio
highways in said City pales, wirrs
and ctber appliances, apparatus and
conductors, for the transmission f
electricity atid eleotrio currents for
electrio lights, telephone system.' el
ectrio power and other lawful uses
therewith connected, such wire or
conductors as may be strung or fixed
upon poles and other fixtures to b
suspended rot less than thirty feet
eojve en groan a wnere to same
shall cros any street, alley or pnblio
highway, and not less than thirty feet
at any other plaoe within tbe city
(except in bouses, buildings, stations
sod storages) or suob wires and ap
pliances may, at' ths option' 6f tbe
grantee of Ibis franohise, its snocee
sors and assigns be laid under ground
in pipee, oonduits and sueb other t ap-
House Cafe
ZOO t UUUl v uvivi'Vp v r"",
' 25oaqudrtbottle,5vottle3$l.VU
old Whiskey, .
per gallon $4. 00
75o a quart bottle
75o a quart bottle
at once. We prepay charges to
parstaa to be osed ss may b se
ssry and proper to operate and
maintain tbe same in an efficient and
saf manner.
Section 1:-It ahall be lawful for tbe
La Grand Water Storage Con-pan,
it eaooeasors and' assigns to ' mak
any and all-needful and proper excava
tions 1 any of tb streets, alleys,
avenues, thoroughfares and public
bigbwsys within tb Citj of La Grand,
for tbe purposes of erecting and main
taining poles or other support for aaid
wires or other conductors or U tb
repairing of tb nam or for tb pur
pose of laying down, soalntaining and
operating said wires, apparatus or
other conductors and storage , stations
under ground and for repairing tbe
same, said work to b don in eom
pllanoe with tb necessary rules, reg
ulations, ordinance, ordinances or
ders and laws of said city which are
now In force or which may be enforced
during the continuant of this fran
obli. passes or adopted from , time to
time by the aaid City of La Grand,
and the aaid work shall b don in a
pre per aod saf manner and to the
aatlsfaotlon of said City.
8ection 3: That whenever the said
La Grnde Water Storage Company.
its soooessors or assigns In tb opera
tion of its property under this fran
chise, tball disturb any . such streets.
alleys; - avenues, . tboroughfarva or,
public highways, it or they shall re
store tb sam to as good order and
oonaition ae tney were just prior to
tb tiit of being so disturbed and a
soon ss practicable, and without any
unnecessary delay or within such
Urns at tb Co incil of t aid Cltv mar
dlreot fey resolution or order, and fail
ing to 8o so, tb said City ' of La
Grand shall bar tb right to tlx
reasonable 'time wltbln which saidt
repairs, and restoring of said : streettl
or v , tboroughfar so disturbe
tor bed, be oompleUd. and npon failos
of suoh repairs being ao made by th)
said grantee of this franchise, It suc
cessors or ass gns, the City oi La
Grand shall cans suoh repair t b
mad. at the expense of tb said La
Grand Water Storaij Uoiupaay, its
saccessors or assigns, and satch sx
nens shall be paid by sail' s-rantaa of
of tbls franchis or its sid auecessora
ot autgns to be a Ilea ripoa th nron-
erty thereof. , ,
Section 4: -Th'. iKUa and th
ngtU ind pr- -Ha. hrln eontalneA
to Che raid La Gra . Jal""-
Water f
toiag Company, It uooesaora I
ilgns upon tb express eoadt-
and a
and oonaldaratioa that for O ..
p drpose of it government and oanr en.
lenoo ;, said Cy of La Grand Bh.n
ave the right and privilege to .tuob
and maintain upon the pole paoed by
said grantee in tb xroij 0f ju frn
chlee Over tbe streets a, thorough
fares as aforesaid, and If tQOh wires as
aforesaid are placed . Underaronnd, to
as any and all wire whloh th City
may require for fir alarms or polio
or telegraph aervl'j free of obarge to
said City t v
Section 5: Th rights aod privilagea
and irsnouls herein granted shall con
tinue snd be in force for a period of
thirty (30) years from th passsge ot
this ordinance, providing. (1) said
gr nte shall perform and comply with
tb condition , herein above expressed
and (2) that in ease th aaid grantee
herein, lis successors or assigns shall
fail or ref ae to operate aaid system
for a period ot six months continuous
ly, this f ranch is shall be forf sited. 1
Section 6: -That tb aaid La Grand
1 1 Water Storage Company it successor
andassigna shall not be exempt durieg
th coustrootlon of said system and
ths maintenance and operation of th
same, for all damages arising from th
neitUct of said grantee auoti socceasors
atd asilgns or th employee thereof.
In such construction maintenance, or
operation thereof and aball aafely pro-
eot artd guard ail tbe excavations and
can be bad ber dally. W are vary
careful In he selection we mak when
purchasing our mata, endour Judg
msnt Is never at fault. .
; Good beet la a atrong fa tor In
heal b-balldlna. It makes bone rod
tuuscl. . ' .
ths best o! beet, and other meats, and
sell tbem at very fair prioea. You'll
be satisfied with tha quality of beef
you obtain, it your purchases ar made
her.' -
Bock & Thomas
Script ; Script
OiltAirWI torast iwiw, a(prov4( aa-
lod, ready tot immaUuil. aaa aoj
wbara. lXMai ptk.
r. r, a t. aaney.
bajnber ol Commerce Bldg, ronlaad, Or
, "ft.;JfL..-.vll?
For Rent
ihabailding formerly oo-npied by
tbeJBalvation army. ., ,Kor full par
titulars and rates Inquire of Mrs
8 0 Zuber. Aug. 31 1 1
FOB KENT Deslrabl hot-ksepltg
rooma George Ball. ".
FOB BENT On six room bono.
. Centrally located on Third ' Street
, betw.en Main and Park streets. ' As
. ply for particulars to W W Klnsey.
For Sale
Kresh Cow guaranteed -good milker
To aell cheap if aold at . once. In
quire at M U Kirtley livery barn.
FOB UAL Two organs and a aewicg
marnin. Will b aold at m Iwgain
, if sold at onoe i Inquire at 403 wag
goner street. WDlnkl. '
. 15-22 ' , . ; V ;
GR EENT OB 8ALEV-160 nor farna
' well lmurovel. Will either rent or
aell ' Inqair of tn. Moss, La
Grand Rural Fre. Delivery Not 1.
M mile north of Iaiitnd City.
Dec 6 January 6V' yy 1
doo "'
to 111 at ' my
George Ball.
Wood forfait.. .
-10 Inoh.'i feet and pole wood, all
dry and told at lowest prices.' 'fhon
1281 ' ;., H. Atkinaon '
6t Old Town 8tor
;r ' Beriosct' 1904; 3 .
orks so made In the construction,
imaintsnano and operation of - aaid
system against injury to parsons and
property both to th City and to tha
pnblio.' : : ' J--; ' '
Rsotlon 7: That tb right, privile
ges a bd franchise herein granted ahall
I subject to, and llsbl to cancella
tion by proper action of th i oonoil
ot the City of La Grande, unless aaid
La Grand ; Water ' Storage Company
shall commence the Installation of
their aaid Eleotrio Light Plant, with
in on year .from date -of passage of
this ordinance, and prosecute work on
the sam with reasonal 1 rapidity and
diligence. . '. ' ; ' i.,-. U ,
Section 8: That in case any person
shall desli to move any building
cross any streey or alley, of tbe City
of La Grande, over wbloh said La
Grand Water Storage Company hav
strung wires a In this ordlnan. pro
vided and It ahall be necessary to re
more tb wires In order to permit such
building to be ao moved, tb aaid La
Grand Water Btoiag Company shall
npon twenty four hoar notice by tb
Street 8aprinten lent, remove said
wires, at Its own expense ; la can
aid Company aball neglsot or re fas
to rsmov said wires after aaid notice,
then tb 8tret Superintendent .saay
remove tbe asm and tb : xpns
tnertof ahall b a lien against the
aaid property of aaid L Grand Water
8(orag Company .. t,P
Bectloa 9:ThU ordin-nc ahall b
publttbed la tb La Grand .Evening
Observer; for on issus thereof, pub
lished la LaGrsndo, Orgo, and shall
fa fall fore and ffct from and
after Slat day of December, 1904:, ,.
Passed by th Council of tb City
ot La Grand, Union County, Oregon,
this tb SUt day of December, A, 0.
1904 by six coanoilmen voting therefor.
Approved this 23rd day of Decemqer
1904. . i D 8 LATER, Mayor
Becordar of tb City of ' La Grand.
Thar Is on class of singers that al
ways take glee club. The unlvsrsi
ty of Oregon's aggregation of 20 men
with a stunning repertoir appear her
December 2L . Fine imperaouatlont
and solo naoibers, The treat of tb
season la things music!. ( Admission
30 osnts ill ot charged t
Pay Up .
The pnblio I hereby notified that
I b ave disposed ol my feed I tor to
J. W. Whit and 1 desir to thank
tbe pnblio generally for their libera!
patronage in tb past and that parties
now owing me till pleas eall and est
le with me personalis or they can oall
at the La Grande National Bank who
will receipt for all bills. ' 11-11 to 1J-1
Mr A. R Kane, a prominent drag-
gws oi caiier cpnngs, sLansas, says:
-U'namberiain'a Htomacb - and Liver
Tablet are, in my - lodgment,., tbe
most superior preparation of any thing
m ut tt.aay.ior . oonstipation , Tney
are sure u action ana who no ten-
oency to nauseate or
sal by Alldioggiita.
i 1
W. win mak von a box coat for l
uonsr than voa oev for a ready - mad
fHrmenr and von nav two hn drd
patterns t- plcx from. , We a ao oorer
bn tons, press clothes and olean vour
ooat and von hav a chance to win a
am ik ..... Jnll.. naki In nnr
wu ' . " j -.w.. - -
stor,; n Al Andwa, Giit furni b
uksu. ; ; :- Fhon No 231
! Home Cured
tit V arris meat market now naa a
complete line of their famous ibome!
a . v ,.... i - .a v.. r. !
Y '
old eastomer know what this means.
A aampl order will conxinoe all of
Ibo : soperiority of oar horn oared
u.-l. tt.. , u..L.t
Public Sale
iTbre quarter sections ail plow" land
4 rail sooth of Island City in a body
or fiU divide fcTauitLVOnl 28 ( Mr
acr ; MoaUy awded'fall iralatbr
m. m a caw o JTi - il
aak 4R.O0 and BO.00 fie Power tha
MinnlsotaLlman'';' '':
: ; ; -
. ai ,,
lit NOtlCe
11 persons knowltiV the'mselres in
lebtedto me will pleas "nil at" th
harness shop and nettle up before Dc
30,' 1M4
Any bill not paid befor that date
wi I be placed la the hands of to at
twir for collection " J H Child
The Bulletin just issued by (be United States :
Goveromeot, after months of careful research, shows ;
that in the Western
hase annually goods U the
; Ori' this 1 basis the 2250 : families ' visited I
' xrith each issue of the Daily and Weekly OB'
'. SERVER annually purchase merchandise to
the amount of
. The natural logical conclusion cannot be otherwise.
: ihan that no wideawake Witness man who L will tfckiv
the few moments necessary to contlnce himilelf of tha .
accuracy ol the above statement, can afford to miss
y -h opportunity of placing
each mouth) before this
An ad under such conditions, properly Ulcen r caw' U
of will most certainly bring eaormouseturns fin' iha .
investment ' .;( ' Sfe-r-
These Presentations, of?
Should receive the most careful considsration of 1
every business house whose volvme Wias!nealila?4l
pends uponthe patronage of Uiis city and county.r? .
-First Class
NoUc 1 hereby glvtn 3 tl. legal
voters of School District No One, o
Union Coonty, tot of Oregoa, t-at a
Special ticbool vieetins of aaid li'rlot
will be bld at tb Hiith fehool Btllp
ag 1 all. Dlatri. on he tat h day o:
Decsmbsr, l90i, at two o'clock la tb
i afteroonn, for th following object.:
To levy a tax for tb support of the
sohools during this and th ensala
year and for tb pnrpoe oi levying
tx for tbe psimeat of InUwpet on
bonded debt of tb district and for th
pf rpos of Wvyinx a tax to provid a
fnud with wbloh to payoff th bonded
d.bfoftb"dlatrlbt. , .,
Dated bis 12th day of December 1904
Geo W Han-en,
. Chairman Board of Dirrora
t st:AC Wltllsms, IKsiri t Clara
Try 'lie O'ryr f'r fir' h8
. . . u.,.u
J0D rra.
1 r
Duwlutioa Notice , .
- Not e is hereby tlvu tnat tb oo
pannersblp hntoforeexlstms btwn
w t Pasotil J 8 Paaob ami U V raci
nndr tb nam t Pch Bros , ha-
this dav been dissolved ty mutual d' '
s-Dt. O Pa h retiring. J A Pvh
aod G W Peach, wno wUl o.Hlna th .
DIUDeM M PMOb Broa., will pay al W
, ouUtnJing lebta aod collect ad ac
count do th old Ann. " 15 -'
iiea unaui viwou -
28b day of Nov. 1904.
W G Pea h
1 a Pe .
a w .
11. 23 12,
Now Ready for. Sale
Tb peool of this enty are now
Notified- that tb O'Connor addition la
W J!a8
iCholr lot aaorb bad remttrkablv
' . . tk . i no Vim
'Last re Idenoe lot in the oity Pr
I S3ns wiSHing nrprnHHsnnoarv
what ther want by got g I 'tie
Do" tiJl to m this sdliraw 1
onr on i iseae unoiow a.ieciioa ow-
for some on els aeu th lot you
aaafift.. tfnr f all rfttanvintlnn at t"ttn-
artyand quotation call opba' Dr
O'Connor La Grand Or - ... . . -
Phon Main 2141
Oor Park and Oak Btre a
!'.'! i,; !ii' fit
amount of
army of purchasers. ,
J ob. Work ;
V t