La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, December 27, 1904, Image 1

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volume ;v
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Cirand Installation Services of the Masons Will
i ". ..-...OccurJii .Thi$,,City ..T?il?,,..'';. ; "
Tbe installation ot tha offioers who
have bean lately elected In La Grand
Lodge No 41, A F fc A M in the La
Grande Chapter No 9 B A If and
H?;? C?"-p'." y.z 13 O S ""-'-!
place at the lluonio Temple thli
evening. The intulUtion of (he of
fioera who have been eloctfd in the
three different department of the o
der will take place conjointly each ol
the chapters and the lodge witne ting
the installation of the other, it being
a quasi pnblio ceremony. The parties
- who will be installed, at offloers thlr
evening will be as follows:
"Blue Lodire" No 41, A F & A M
Dr ME Hall Worshipful Master, F A
Kilpatrio Beai ir Ward n, C Bali ton
Juoior Warden, A 0 Williams Secre
tary, J M ttrry Treasurer. -
In La Grande Chapter No 9.B A, M
Frank Kilpanck HP.MK HlLkio;
F M Jackson 8ciibe, E J Reynold.
Captain of the host, W J Churci
Principal 8ojourer, J M Berrv 8ec.
0 T Bcon B A Captain, 0 W No,r
Maste. 1st Veil, Mac Wo ids Mat r 2
nd Veil, Frank Holmes- Master 3.(1
Veil. .
The officers of O B 8 are as follows :
M: Mettie Aidrich Worthy Matwu.
fi M K H .11 rtVrtby Patron, Mr.
W H BtitiuFiiLanip Aspect t M trail,
Mias Mary Wtrnck ec:etry, Mr.
Rwnirt '.,r 11 Cfta-u'e, Mis h'ii
N Cutiductiek, Mi F Lfl y A
ooOi.m Conductress, Mr Dr. H.ll
Adab, Mrs Charles Noyrs Roth, Mrs
J R Forrest Esther, Mrs vie Cran
dall Mnba, Mrs Bee o Electa. Clra
TLjlrtChnpl.iin.Mr Allricrt Mr-
olttU, Mrs MioWood vVardrr. Paul
Lederly 6eiitintl, Mrs Neliie
Organist. . ; '
' Tiies. installation eervios will pry
bully t e the most imposing ceremon
ies of the kind ever i eld io Lr. Grande
and extremely Urge ettsodeuoe is
confidently ex pec ed by the members.
Toklo Deo 20. It was announced
today that eight officers and 66 sailors
were killed during the efforts ot the
Japanese to destroy the remnant ' of
the Huwlan Port Arthur fleet." .
. Yokohama, Deo ' 26 The steamer
Mansha carrying ten foreign navy at-
, tachea four peers and 17 members of
nail T i . .i
and other officials, sailed today for
Port Arthur to permit an inspection
of tha conditions in the vioiolty of the
bolckaded port.
Mad from the baet of Oregon and California wool, surpasses
Terythinf ele oa the market for cold weather wearing
$3,50 to $5.50
For Men and Boys
In black and colored, special
75c, 85c to $1.25
For Men and Boys
Suitable for all kinds of wear
and all kinds of weather
25c to 75c
Regular 50o Red Box 40C'
Wgehinrton, Deo. 27. Reports to
the weather bureau show th-4 the first
decided cold wave o' the season ' is
spreading lapi'lly over the eaat slope
of the Rocky mountains. The tem
perature today liolow zero n the Da-
kotaa, Montana and western Wyoming
with a minimum reading of 30 degrees
below at Hat re, Montana. ...
They Show a Larger ; Percentage of Growth
Than In- Previous
Cheyeune,' Dec. 7. The mercury
registered 4 degrees below aero here
this mrnlng. ' " ' , .
An unknown msu vras fonn l frozen
to death ntar ttie Union depot. The
culd wave is accompanied by a biuh
wind. '
Abilene, Pec. 27. Central Kansas is
covered with ttleet and a high north
wind prevails. The temperature Is
Salt . Luke, Deo. 27. There was a
heavy snowfall hee Christmas and to-
'lay, thers being three Inches of snow
on the Kronnd.
. Methodists of the Pacific northwest
are planning for what will be known
as the Le ls and Clark Methodist con
ferenoe, to be held in Portlaod in con
nection with the exposition. Five
conferences ' will unite in the great
gathering, j including tne Montana,
Idaho, Colombia River, Puget Sound
and p Oregon -conferences. Each of
these , organizations has appointed
boards oi commissioners, who will
meet in the Tavlor-street MethoJist
church In that city January 11, at
nbipli fmo plans for the gathering
will le di sen sued and a program ar
ranged for the conference. " 1 '
Too Cheap
Oregon Gold
Baker City Deo. 26 A $75 gold bar
from the new strike on the Mayflower
mine in the Cornucopia district was
brooght In to Mauager Boggs tonight.
Much Interest is manifested aa the ore
is running high. ' :
Must Not Retreat
' Mukden, Doo. 20 General
patkin, addressing the troops, said to
day: ''You must never allow vour
selves to ret'eat. Even in the case of
the smallest detachment having form
ed a plan, it must be carried out to the
end. ,
HARRIH-NEVIUS-In this city on
Saturday, December 21, at 8 o'clock
p m., Mr. Ernest Frederick Harris
and Miss Winifred Paul.ta Nevius,
the Kev. W ebb of Cove oiDclating
The rites were performed in the
parlors at Hotel Somn er, and the
beautiful and impressive ceremony of
the Episcopalian chirch, incluJing
the ring service, was carried out in its
entirety. Mr. Harris Is a well known
and well respeoted young man of this
city, and the bride is an accomplished,
well known and well loved young lady
of EUiu. It is a pleasure for the Ob
server to join with their many friends
In wishing thise-tlmabfe young coup
le a wedded life long and happy. ,
Metfs Rubber Goods!
At prices that mean a smart saying. Nothing but FIRST H
QUALITIES handled here and in the best makes. If jouM
fail to see as about rubbers it is because . you are indifferent H
m ana . m
to sating money, r or we positively can save you money on
these goods. . w . A. .... -
Men's .Winter Caps 25c to $1.50
; Boys' Winter Caps 25c to 65c
tij ciiriaimas seveu cabins aere
covered and the floors laid. Toe
chinks wre filled with clay and the
fire logs were set roaring in the caps
cious chimneys that filled au entire
end of eaob cabin. Ou. Cliriettnas
d 1805, they moved in wet blankets
and all wit- rjutods of firearms and
Christmas salutes. Thus, the first
winter home of civilized men on tbe
great Colombia river, has an abiding
charm, not unlike that of Plymouth
or Jamestown Lewie and Clark at
Foit Clatsop, from "The Conquest,"
by Mrs Eva Dmery Dye.
Many of tha aealthy farmers who
have money which Is not tied up in
business lika soma ot us eould make
a clean up by investing in real estate
in almost any portiou of the town bs-
' Everybody's Magasine has announ
ced that the more copies that were
ild at 10 cents the more money she
ju'oli-liora lost and that hereafter the
pitas will be 15 cents. Ii has - long
been known to those familiar with tlia
printing business that the low prices
of tbe current publications were throw
ing an extra burden upon tbe adver-
tiseri and tbe stand taken by Every
body's will be watshed with interest
by tbe jther publishers of the ' low
pJoud standard magssines and if .- it
does not a .act tbe circutaticn to any
material extent will doubtless be fol
lowed as it nhould be,
Nearly all religious sects, as their
figures of growth for last year are an
nounced, show a larger percentage of
increase than in previous years, aaya
tha Herald. ' " .
In several denominations tha ratio ot
jrowtn exceeds the usual ratio of In
crease In the population -This ia no
tably the casein tba Episcopal Church,
which last year gained 3 per - cent on
its membership of previous year, and
was la the population growth estimated
at about 2 per cant. Tba Episcopal
Church baa added 25,915 to Its mem
bership, making Its present . figures
807,351. - : ' - .
In tha Presbyterian Church tha in
crease In membership last year was at
tha rata of 2 W pr cent. Tba Southern
Presbyterian Church, a much smaller
boity than the Northern, Having bat
239,888 members, gained 2 par cant
last year. Tha ratio of gala by tba
Methodist msmbershlp is not so large
as la tha other bodies named, bat was
14-5 par eaat, or almost aa mooh as
tha estimated ratio of population grow '
th. . For tba previous year tba Math
odlst ratio waa only 1 par oent. ina
body - baa now 3,064,735 member s, of
whom about 200,000 are connected
with foreign conferences and mlaalons.
" It Is Mated In the Fresbjtsrlaa hand
book fo. 1906 that tba religions of tha
world ava 1,430000,000 adhsrente, di
vided as follows:
ChristluJity, 477,080,158; Confucian
Ism, 2S6.000.000i HinduUm 190,000
000; Mthammsdaniam, 178,83472;
Buddhism. 147,900,000 Taols and
Shlntolsm, 57.000,000; Judaism, 7,050,.
000, and various heathen faiths, 118,.
129,479. .
Change Quarters,)
The official, at tbe United ' States
land office at this plaoe are busy In
deed today. What with tha -usual
routine of business , and tha . work in
removing the files and reoords from
the building wbiob they have former
ly oocupied on Washington Ssraet,
to their new quarters in tbe Foley
building on Adams Avenue, ithe 'Re
gister, Receiver and tba entire" office
force are keptoo the jump '
Te rooms into., which . they , bava
moved In tba new Folry btilding are
vastly superior in every respect to tba
roams formerly occupied. r -t
It is not only now situated mora
centrally, but tbe light, the steam
heating and tbe ptnsr conveniences
make it a more desirable place for all
the offloials and a credit to gar 7 Unole
8am who always wdu his represen
tatives Id the best quarters that - ceo '- .
uibund.'nj, : ;.xiaitt
There is a strong flre-pioof vault in
tha new building, and all tba records' .
files etc will be transferred today and
the moving entirely completed.
The storms during Ibis unpleasant
season of tha year do not appear to '
check tha building of resldeooes in all
parts of tha rfly . ,; 5' SC m" ? ;. U '? VfyJ
Real estate all. over tba city la be,
ginning to change hands more rapidly
and la peroeptadly advancing la value. ;
Parties contemplating tha purchasaof
property should do s st noe for ! a
tery short time values will double.
there will be no comparison betwaea
the prices now and In June next.
Remember tha Leap Tear ball at tba ,
L D 8 ball next ' Thursday evening. '
All respectable people are invited.
4 -v'
- '
" ...
. .
;; '
o U C O ku Y AO i , jt O K
v -v
. : .. .
Ccughs are warnings of something amiss in throat or lungs.
mind the cough, mind the cause, Use a remedy that will go to the
source of trouble and cure thati" Such a remedy is our -,
White Pine Cougli; Balsam
' . ' . ' '
t, ' - ' ' " '" '"" "' " --Y i&
It cures promptly and thoroughly because it cures in the right man-.
ner. Relieves irritation, heals inflamed surfaces, loosens the cough, .
and soothes and strengthens while it cures. A splendid remedy for
children becauee it is so good to cure and so " good to take. . .Price ,
25 and 60 cents. ..; r
. !
it e v T s
. .f'-W
. -i
: l
i i
f ,
'.-.X ' ,
rt! v
'', ' r
-V. A ..
U ' '.
t ' - ''
fore the
big rise in' property takes
' : ir-. ....... . ''A . r rr