La Grande evening observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1904-1959, December 07, 1904, Image 3

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are not- selling all
at a reduced price
New Belts, New Combs, New Caps
La Grande - Oregon
You Can Get
La Grande Creamery Butter
At the Following Well knowa Dealers i
Romig & Staples
Mo Fay lane
Geddes Bros
Baker Bros.
G. Jlstou '
J. W. White
A Train Load Leaves This Valley For Outside
Points Every Other Day.
O. L. Thoin
Remember every pound is guaranteed
own j
When you ask for La Grande Creamery Batter
beip a Lome iuJuitry thvrv helD vour
business. '-- '-.'.. - '
Pa8tnrixed sweet Cream nd Fresh Buttermilk
always on band. C I-,l?T
La Grand Creamery Co
1 t-s-Js nii'i". ..
. should be kilUd for alt time. Why
have it burning up month after month
Every dollar paid in rent is forever
lost but every dplUr which g to
ward the purchase of a bome ia to
much gained.
. Permit at to asaiat you to a piece of
property. We have what will suit
exactlv, and at the right price.
and the balance on easy terms will
secure it.
Without investigating there are
doubtless very few of our citizens who
realize the immense exportation of
Union county product and the state
mct thatoor exports are equal to one
train load of 40 cars every other day
throughout the entire year including
Rtindaya will astonish not a few, but
snob, is true nevertheless. ','
During the past two weeks we have
been collecting tuls data from man
w iota business places them In a posi
tion to know. For example, Mr. P S
Murphy, manager of the Grarde Ronde
Lumber Co., ia authority on lumber;
Ed Kiddl on wheat, barley, oats and
live atock; A V Oliver on hay; O E
Harper on our dairy products; Mr.
Bramwell ou beetaaud engar; and so
: Our varied and extensive resources
are the basis of onr prosperity and the
grand annual tot la are increasing eaoh
, year.
I . The following are the average re
sources received anuuaiijr tl; Zzl
towing products and enterprises,
tfheat .v 650,000
Lumber.. 640, 0U0
Sugar...: i... 205,000
Oats and Barley,......,. 250,000
Cattle.,......, ' 2!0,000
Hogi.... ..............
Horses a d Mules,.,.;'
Sagar Beet ......
Wood ..........
Oats and Barley
Wood . ,.
Kruit ;. .
Cattle . .
Homes and Mules
.j. ............
. 3000
. 600
. 600
." 600
: 250.
. 200
. 200
fublio Lai da to settlement and Lm
try. LVpailuient of the interior, Ueu
Land OUlca, Washington, U. U.,
ovemberl, U04. Notice ia hereby
given that on October 21, 1904, the
Acting (secretary of the In erior re
storei to settlement the publio lands In
the following desoribeJ aieaa, which
were temporarily withdrawn tor forest
retire purposes; and that the aid
pnbllo laodaao reatored to aettlemeut
on October 21, LW4, will become anb
jct to entry tUhig and selection at
the United Statee District Land Olfioe
at La Orande, Oregon; on March It
1SX5: In Township two(2) North, Range
lorty -four (44) Last, tbe aouth-wesi
quarter of beotiun twenty-four (24) aud
tbe west half of Section tweoty-flve
(25)1 in Township three (3) North
Rang forty-lour (44) East, Sections'
one (1) to Ave (6), both inclusive, I he
north half of the north-west quarter ol
(Section bix (6), tbe north half of.
Sections nine (9) and tea (10), See
tioue eleven (11) to fourteen (14);
both inclusive, the north-east quarter
of Section twenty two (22),' the noith
halt of the eoote-eaat quarter 01 beo-
tion twentr-threa (23). Seotiona tweu-
fty four (24) and twenty live (to), the
south ball ol tbe south west quarter 01
Section thirtjr-oue (31), and all Sec
tion thirty-six (3); in lownsnipuur
(4) North, Hang forty four (44) East,
the west half of tbe the west half of
Section one (1), Section two (2) to
eleven (11), both inolusive, the north
west Quarter ot iba northwest quarter
of Section twelve (12), the south westi
Total oars.
'.Equal to 194 solid trains' of 40 cars
each. , ' , ; ' ' ' '
We do not believe that thee is
another county In this Inland Empire
that nan sho fourteen different agri
cultural resources which average 1103,
Our wheat la sought after in every
market. Our flour into the Orient, our
Jrrlt .' AMit demand, our lamb' r
to the prairies of our east. The vast
mining region to our south .consumes
vast quantities of our produce.
With tbe advent of our electric rail
roads and a turpi a of electrio power1
1905 will be another mil atone in our
201,000 history." Our populatl:n will increase.
-r!.u, K.Lga fori seven (47 J Et,
foctiuji ou l to eevnteeu 17,
both inoiutive, bectious twenty on
21) to twenty eight 28, botb indue
ive, ana (section tnirty ix I Jo J, Ail
that part of !owuhip six 6 Win,
Eange forty aveu 47 Katit, la Ore
gon; In Township thra i -Sorih,
tu-nge torty eight 43 .Last, the aouta
east quarter ot Bection lour 4, the
east bait of feootlon mn , Section
sixteen 10, the east hail of Sections
twenty one 21 and twenty eij?ht 2ti, 1
the aoutueaitt quuer of the northwe.t
quarter, the south ball oi tbe nortbtgt
quarter en4 the aouth half ot Section
tnirty two 3i, the aouitweat quarter
the south hall oi tbe uorthweat quat tr
and the east halt of Section tnaiy
turee33J; ail fi actional Township
five 5 North, Range forty eight )
Kaat: All fractional lownahip i(
6 North, Kange forty eight id J
fc-a.t; All 01 the W illametia Met idmu,
W A Richards, Commissioner.
Approved: K A llitobcock, beoretary
of tbe Interior.
x'ublio Lands to Bettloment and
Entry. Department of the Interior,
Ueneral Laud (Jttloe, VTaahlngton, L.
U., Novemher 3, 104. Notlee ia here
by given that on October 21, 1004, the -Acting
becietary of the Interior reator
ed to actlemeot the pnbllo land in
the following described areas, which
were temporarily withdrawn for forest
- ,
100,000 1
.. ' 30,000
xXa Srando Snvcsimont Company,
1110 Adams Avenue, . ' La Grande, Oregon
Full Weight Guaranteed .
Wholesale and Retail deal
ers in Hey, Grain, VegV
tables and Fruits
Carload lots a Specialty
Lawson & Zundell
Office in Kiipatriok Bldg
Phone No 1113
Special Offer
What would be nicer for a Christmas
present than da enlarged photo of your
self or baby t Until Nov 20th too get
an 11x14 Bromide free with every W 00
order Tor Photos at The Taylor Studio
, Not 12-19
Reading Koom.
The east room of Central Church o
Christ. Open every day from noon to
nix in tbe evening. Iaily and weekly
papers, tnagasinea and books. Men
and boys cordially invited. Strange
always welcome
for Ten days
Everything in my store at
2,700 00
manuiacturea will utilize our power
and py rolls wilt be the order of the
day. 'v . - .; ;
, La Or nde, the metropolis ot this
wealthy valley, is growing as she never
grew before, city property Is changing
banda, new addttlona are being placed
on the market and 1005 will see more
I homes built than in ny one preceding
1 year
Oregon Land Comyany
Will Sell at $60
Per Acre
Washington, Deo 7 The secretary
of tbe lntarior today transmitted a
report of bia investigation relative to
the claims ot Sherman county settlers
The report recites that the Eaa ern
Oregon Land company now owing tbe
lands in question will sell them to
the government at $60 an acre, ' provid
ed 10,000 acres are taken The acre
age involved ia 22,000 aorea, Special
Agent Newausen who made the Invest
lgation reporta that this prloe is high,
but not .excessively so. It ia proposed
to rumburse the settlert,for lessee in
curred through tbe loss of their lands
or return them from the lands of the
Eastern Oregon company should these
be purobased. -:
Furniture for Sale
' ' . . - S.' . i
- Complete house keeping outfit will
M sold oueap if sold at once.
r vv 3 CArdref.
tf Cor. Adams Ave. & Cedar St
- " Lost v
Monday night between Army hall
and J W Whites reiideoce black Fur
bow Suitable reward for Its return to
this office.
Olfloe with J.T. Williamson. La Grande
Parties wishing the servlees of a com
petent bookkeeper are aas red sntig
factory results. Prices reasonable
C. B. Cauthorn
Office Over Hill Drug 8 tore
; La Grande, Oregon ;
Office at A T Hill's Drug Store
La Grande, Oregon Phone 136 J
Residence phone 701
Now is your chance. Come in and see for your
self and be eonviuced that I MEAN JUST
' Milliner'1; J
Masonic balding on Adams avenue.
Summerville Sittings
Cold weather.' - -
Ut. Lee lrvln la visiting his parents
and Mrs. lrvln ia this city.
Mr. PeU Wright had the misfortune
to get his face badly scalded while
scalding a bog.
Died Ia thla city, Deo 2, 1904, the
infant eon of Mr. and Mrs. flilman.
A lecture was given In the Presby
terian church, Deo. 6, on Missionary
work by Mies JIlatcb. It was well
Mr. Kenneth MoKlnzie ot Loatlne Is
visiting friends and relative in this
city. . "
Mr. D C i Wearer retaroed home
Monday from Baker City where he has
been visiting relatives.
M'ss tUe Hobeon went to Wallowa
Wednesday. . 1 : Mog. .
Malheur County Investment
For Investments In
Write to C,T. McDANlEL
Outario .Oregon
Estray Notice
From M 6 Cross ens p.eturepoe gray
horse branded W L on left fc boulder
and one sorrel' horte branded B on
' shoulder also has wire cut aoroa
1 1 vt. Leave word at this office or
pi one N0IS6L And receive auiUMe
That the'way to reach a
man's heart is through his
stomach. Try it by ' using
Geddes Bros' canned fruits,
delicious beraies, lettuce, en
ions, and radishes, just fresh
from the garden. We are
the first store, the farmers
call on and of course we get
the choice of everything.
We always have the fresh
est eggs, butter, etc
Special attention given to
phone orders.
Geddes Bros.
quarter of beotiun thirteen (13), 8ec
Uunsfuurteeu (14) to twsnty three (23)
both Inclusive, the west halt of tbe
west half and tbe south-east quarter
of the south west quarter ot beotiun
twemy four ('Ji), tbe weat half of Sec
Hon twenty.'tlve (25), iections twenty
six (20), tweuty-seven (27) and tweo-ty-elgbt
(28), tbe nortn . half of the
euuth east quarter, the s0utheaat
quarter of the aouth east quarter, and
the north-east quarter of the aouth
west of bection twenrynine (20), the
soutb-west quarter aud the south half
ot tbe uoith west quarter ot Beotlou
thirty-oue (31), and tiectluns thirty
three (33) to thirty six (30), both in.
in.i..;, , in, lonaiuip (wo (X)
North. ' Range forty-uve V;zzi.
bectionsone (1), two (2) and three (3)
tbe uorth half ol Section lour (4), tbe
north half and south west quarter of
beotlon uve 15), the north hlt, and
tbe nortu nan ana eoutn-easi quartei
of the south east quarter of (Section six
(o), the eaat bait ot tne east nail ot
iSeoiion nine a, beotloos ten 10 to
torn teen (14), both inclusive, the eaat
nan ot ueciion nxteeu ua). eeouou
sixteen., (lit), the south half ot the
nortb-east quarter, tbe north ball of
tbe sontb-eaat quarter auii tne aoutn-
eaat quarter of tbe south eaat quarter
of Section ' seventeen 171, the aouth
halt of the south east quarter ot tteo
tlon nineteen 101, the aouth weat
Quarter ot tbe south west quarter, tbe
nortb-east quarter, and the north half
ot.the ,aoutb-eatt quarter ot beotlon
tw niv P201 . the nortb-west Quarter 01
the tionh-eujt quarter, the north halt
of the north-west quarter and tbe
south-west quarter of the north west
quarter of bection twenty-one gl, tbe
east halt ot the eaat halt ol bection
twenty-two 221, Sections twacty-three
23 10 twenty-oil 20, both inuluaive,
the eaat half of tieotion twenty-seven
27, tbe south half the south west
quarter and tbe north west quarter ot
tbe south-west quarter bection
twenty-eight 28, the sbuth-eaat
quarter ot the south-east quarter and
the weat half ot the west half of bee
tion twenty nine 29, tbe east half ot
the north-east quarter and the north
east quarter of the aouth east quarter
ot tieotion thirty 30, the soutbweat
quarter of tie noitneast quarter, the
west half of the southeast quarter, and
the west half ot Section thirty one 31
tbe northwest quarter ot the northwest
quarter, tue east half, and the eaat
bait ot the west halt ot Section thiny
two 32 J, the aouth half ot the north
eaat quarter, the Southeastquarter and
the weat half ot Section thirty three
f 331. tbe east bait and tbe southwest
quarter ot Section thirty four 34, and
all auctions thirty Uve 35, thirty six
30; In Township three 3 North.
Kamce forty nve 451 Kaat, the east
ball ana tne east nan 01 tne weat nan
of tieotion three 3, Sections six 6
and seven 7, tbe east halt of bection
ten 10, the west half of bection lour
teen 14, the eaat balf of Section fit
teen 16, oeetiona eighteen, 18 and
nineteen 19, tne west half, the wst
half of the east hall aud the southeast
quarter of the southeast quarter of
beotiun twentj three 23, and Sections
twenty live i'20, twenty six izoj,
thirty 30, thirty one 31, thirty five
35, and thirty aix iwm ah xownsnip
two 12 J north, Kange ioriy aix iioj
East; in Township tnree di norm,
Kanue forty six 1 tui cant, tne sonm
went quarter ot the southeast quarter
and tbe southeast quarter of the south
west quarter of Suction five 5, tbe
weat nan 01 tne nortueast quarter, tne
west half, and the southeast quarter of
Section eight 81, tbe southeast quart
er of tbe southwest quarter aud tbe
southwest uuaiter oi the aoutheast
Quarter of Section fourteen 14, tbe
northeast quarter of bection fifteen 15
Section aixte .n lllil. tbe eaat halt end
the east halt of the west half ot See
tion seventeen 17 and twenty 20
and bections twenty one 211 to thirty
aix 30, both inclusive; in Township
five 5 North, Kange forty atx 1 40 J
Eaat. bections one 11 to eighteen 118 L
botn inclusive, tbe north half of beo
tion tweutv two 1221. and the north
west quarter al bection twenty three
23; All tuat part ot Town-hip Six 0
North. Kange forty aix 40 'Uast in
Oregon : In Townsnip tbrte 3 North,
kanue forty sewn 471 East, tbe south
halt of the northwest quarter and tbe
north half ot the soutbweat quarter of
Section fifteen 1151. bection sixteen
1 161. the south hali ot the aouth ball
and the northwest quarter ot the south
weat quurter of Section seventeen 17
Section nineteen la, tbe north balf,
and the nottbeaatquarter of the sooth
east quarter of bection twenty 20,
tbe west half of tbe northwest quarter,
tbe southwest quarter, and tbe south
half of the southeast quarter of beo
tion twenty one 21, tbe southwest
quarter of Section twenty seven 27,
tbe south balf of bection twenty elxbt
2a, the north half ot the northeast
quarter, the southwest quarter of tbe
northaat smarter and the west half of
nation , thirty 301. tbe southeast
quarter of tiectiou thirty one 31, the
east halt aud southweut quarwr of
Bection thirty two (32), and all Suctions
ti.irt thr 1331. thirty tour 311 and
reserve purposes; and that the said
public lands so restored to settlement
on October 21,1901, will become aub
jeot to entry, tiling and aeleotio ; at
tne United btatee District Land Office
at La Orande,- Oregon, and Walla
Walla, Washington, on March 1, 1905:
In Township one 1 South,. Range
thirty-seven 37 Eaat, Sections thirty
one 131 and thirty two (32), and the
south weut quarter of Section thiity
three 33 ; In Township two 2
South, Kange thirty eight 38 Eaut,
the aouth east quarter of btlon hv
5; In Township oue 1 North,
uautfe thirty eight (38) East, the eaat
hall of bection onel;ln Township
two 2 North, Range thlrtv-elght 38J
Ket, oectiona thirteen 131, twenty
. .. . . & u LSI J
ivu. 4;, . '- 1 wi uu turn
six M t in Townsnip ove Di norui,
ttauke thirty-eight 38 Kant, bection
twenty 20, the west halt of Section
twenty one 121.1. ana tne norm ban 01
Sections twenty nine 29 and thirty
1 aaj ; in Towusbip tnree 131 aorta.
Kange thirty nine 39 Kat. Sections
oue 1, two 2, nine 9 aud sixteen
1 101. ana tue souiu enst quarter 01
beotlou twentr-eigbt 128; In Town
ship four 4 North, Kange thirty-nine
13U1 feast, bections tnirty live 13d
and thirty.six 30 ; In Township three
(3) Worth, Kange forty (40) raat, all
mat part of Suction one (1) lying eaat
of the tirande Konde Kiver ; All that
part ot lownahip tour (4) Worth.
Kange lorty 40 iiast, lying eaat of .
tbe Orande Koude Kiver; In lown
ahip three 3 North, Kange forty one
141 East, bections oue 1 to lx 0,
botn inclusive I All that part ot Town
ship four 4 North, Range forty-one
141 East, lying south a id eaat of tbe
Orande Koude Kiver; All that part of
Township Uve 5 North, Range forty
one 41 idast, lying soutn of the
Orande Koude Kiver; In Township five
6 North, Kauge forty two 42 Kast,
bections thirteen 13 to sixteen 16,,
botb inclusive, and Sections twenty
20 to thlrty-aix 36, both inolusive;
All of the Willamette Meridian, Ore
gon. All that part ot Township six
6 Nortb, Kange 43 East, lying in
Washington; In Township seven 7
North Kange forty-three 43 East,
Sections twrnty-four (24) and twenty
five (23). the south half ot Section
twenty eight . (28), tbe aoath-eaat
quarter of Section tbirty-one (31), the
aouth half and north-east quarter ot
beotion thirty-two (32), and Seotiona
thirty-three (33) to thirty aix, (36),
botb Inclusive; In Township nine (9)
Nortb, Kange forty three (43) Eaat,
Sections one (1) to four (4), both in
clusive, beotion seven (7), tbe north
half of Beotion eighteen (18). and
beotion thirty six (36); In Township
seven (7) Wort 11, Range lorty lour ()
fiast, bections one (i) ana twelve 112 j :
forty four 44 East, Sections three 8,
four 4, Uve 5 and eight 8, and the
nortb ball 01 bections twenty six 1201
and twenty nine 29; In Township
nine 9 Nortb, Range forty four 44
tiMi, sections tour ij to nine
botn inolusive, sections niteen ltoi to
twenty two 22 both Inclusive, and
Sections twenty seven 27 to thirty
four 34, both Inclusive; Allot tbe
Willamette Meridian, waeningtoa.
W A tticbards. Commissioner.
Approved. E A Ilitcboock, Secretary
of the Interior
1BPA Time Noh.dnl OM
NO. S 1 wr. .
i fortlni. Dalles, Pen
mm dWU), "Valla Wall, Kn .
wo- Iaytou, loinero, HO
8:80. (J'nrOW'8PO" v
.a a .tii' via Bpe- , . , v
kaov, . - ,
. fortlana, DallM, jPto- '.
NO tlolon Umatilla Wal-. na
lula,L-liUra,Coia " .
Huaoow, Wallace W, (caoaaa'"
tii pat (jner, Mpokaae aoit .,
Othur polDU nasi aud , . , . . -.'
-- north via Hpokaoa.
tfeUDaily ,in Olty. Alloel, '
uedt Imbler, auii Elaln . " -at , .
Kuauay oonuaotlona ut kiglo ItW p
D-.lfl m JO with Miuve (or poiuU
In Wallowa Bounty " ' i
Oaoan Steamers between Portland and
"ju Fraacleoo every flvs days
i B 0. X00&84geel K
:' .t
I !
s :
i -
t :
1 5
: i;f
pi I
ism. ! raiili In Toanakia Urs 1611
.j k-", -
, Uurtyalifjaillo Town.hln lJ TXi