La Grande morning observer. (La Grande, Or.) 1901-1904, April 09, 1904, Page 1, Image 1

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R. D. Hamilton, Who Left La Grande, Tells of
the Delights of His Ocean
Voyage. -
. Rev I 0 Walker, ol the Methodist
cuurob, received a ' le ter yester-tay,
Irom B O Hamilton, who lelt Lt
Qrande few wlw mgn to go to Jar
usalem to attend tbe I iternationai
Sunday Bobool, Ojov-mtion.
Tbe letter it dated 11-irob 20, Med
iterranean 8ee, about 160 milee Irom
Gibraltar, heading fjr Algiers Africa,
and reads ai followa:
Dear Mr Walker: I thought I
would write you a few lines tin beau
tilul Babbatb morning. The "Grower
Kurfuerst" la one of tlio floest, pilaoea
that Boat upon the sea. Wa hav
had a remcrmbiy inooh sea For nur
tup to Jerusalem. Our dalegitea ol
Men s Superbly Tailored Suits
and Topcoats
To a coinpllsh this we rfnlize that, we tniiBt plate this Sloie llrnilv in the ininils of still greater numbers of
men as the safest, plnce In the stnte lo puruhiiM) clollios. 'the lines I. live, bien iwrcftilly relectcd after a
thorough, personal Inspection of the most ralmbh p'o Itiotiona of trustworthy ul,n if ictur rs. Culm. Wainpuld
& Co'e. superb l:ne is our leader. The values have ben nnil nhsolntelv greater and more, iippm-giit tluin
ever before for the wires.
Kohby Pinche ik worsted m,t
lliiKirt l li'mik lhilx'1 ""
Srtell S. n.uh I weed Bint:'
Smooth-finished Casn mil"
Uood Washii glon I in u I m'f
Black clay ..rleJ m
An enorinoii" pathi'ini - of th
dreasle t aeav e f oiiect pring
and summer r hi-.
CoatS OUl ill till! I.L'K .1 1)11 t'Ul
and 4-biiti u sa ks. Al tlns.o
and double biuartrrt.
Eviry giirnient i of linost cus
tom tailoring sort, nn tropi-liian
styles, hlgh-i-las- finishing".
In fit every minue-m itinfinnf
to the figure, no mutter u Im
position y u a-stuue
8tlU-hli g. sen s and butlon
holes m:ide to aillisuml 8t:ere
strains, long ai.d i-ei'tcnt w ar.
This is the eeason when clinmic throat and lung troubles get jlicir
. Blart. Auy cough is ternus enough to have prompt attention and
it is also important that tbe bast possible remedy is secured. We
. hope you will try our
We feel that this is in miny reHpeds a superior remedy and thut
once familiar with it, you will rely on it its jour general household
cough cure. It is pleasant to take and curas a; quickly as auy safe
remedy can. Price 25 and 50 cents. "
800 people are jo fine spirits, except
ing a 1-tw that have been aisle. We
had to leave one of O'tr number at
Gibraltar. As lor mvself, I lend the
crew to breaklait al ni'. every morn
ing. We (nun I vary lint watber in
Palisline unl Kgypt. Our stop in
Maderia Wis one long to he remember
eel. We left MadnrU Mitch 1!) .at 9
a m. Gibraltar is one of '.ho strongest
forts In the world L'ne bay is lion
Spam, lying J isl to tbe north, ifl
heaiuilul. The wIhhU is green and
tljwe-rs are in bloom.
Tbe German em.iernr w-in Gibral
tar but I dtd r.o. g -t 1 1 ee him.
We hard hund.v on Suuday
iSr&J' .1 I AmMU'B wow I
and lectures every evening and the
band plays aou evening. ; Second
hraakfast is in progress, wbieh nausea
such a racket I will not try to say
much about our trip now but if my
memory don't (ail me I will dime
back to La araudo loaded. I will re
turn just as soon aa I can, (or while
we are having a delightful trip, there
ib no place like home, and Amenoa is
the boat place on earth .
We will be in Algiers in t morn
ing March 21, next Sunday we will be
in araece and Mara ' Hill. Our orew
ranges in ago from 8 to 79 yeara :
Pleaching at 10:30 a n by lir Hen
try of Philadelphia.
Praise ood from whom all Blessings
Flow la the sentiment of tbe entire
delegation. :
R D Hamiltno
Small Hope
Now York, Anril 7 There seems tt,
be no prospect of an e rly settlement
of the Panama Railroad , according to
a Herald dispatah Irom Panama.
Considerable ineouve menos already
uas been caused to eLipptrs. In
Panama Bay eight steamers are un
able to load or unload tbeir cargoes,
and more vaseels are arriving every
day. Supplies which reoeutly arrived
for the warship are being bandied by
bluejiekets. .
Fancv atnpo wort ted smta
Mxtl Knh-li woi-dtii. finis
1 qintrUir htiwl Iimiiio-
Fpnii suns.
i' on cr.ih c alR ami IroiifitMH
Fine covert rtoth topnmta
1 he i wtn in the picture is wear
I gn s l' Identical with the onus
we aie selling. . - .
The arttct dnw I his cture of a
nun wnnri g onn ol our gannonis
aoafitophoiv you the 'xa-t Rf
P'-nrrinre if i his enil in u trying
i pop it 1 -II,
I ou do not have lo lie of rrtfii-
i Inr p oportio iff for ns to lit you,
Our pizi'S run In Ioiiks slims
I and st -utH, Bt tlmi, w iAn meet
i i'.t mpiif in tte of your figure Hh
i well qp any tailor.
A II our igirnientf hear the Union
; uihel the fymlol of euniUry and
uoiMiy oi.m)8.
1 Mt u suits mid topcoats f 15 to $18
Jury Finds Mrs. Botkin
Guilty of Murder in
Fjrst Degree and Fixes
Life Sentence.
San Franoisoo, Xpnl 8 Mrs Cor
delia Botkin accused ol killing Mix
John P Dunning of Dover Del, by
sending her poisoned oandy through
themailewas tonight convicted (I
murder In the first degree with th
penalty fixed at life imprisonment.
to be Recalled for
Consideration in the
House After Vote on
the Philippine Bill.
Washington Aprll8 Speaker Cannon
this evening Instructed Representatives
Daliell, of Pennsylvania, ranking Be
publican member of tho committee on
rules, to call up in the House tomorrow
the eiecial rule authorizing oonsitlera
lion of the Lewis and Clark Exposition
lull immediately nftnr the vntuon the
Philippine shipping bill Is inken.
Keiini'ily fn (Vve Oregon April 0
i)IM Mrs M k Kounedy aged 70 yraie
The luner il took plaoa yesti rday
alteroon tlio Kcv Urikcr of Union
ofhciitting. She le.ivcs a daughter
VI ra T W Dib'ird of Umatilla who
oame over and made all arrangement
for thn funeral.
The tendency of the aue Is against
nigs. IVopIo are striving" for some
tiling better, and It ititieinjc UcmonttrRt
ed to them daily that ohtnopnthy Is
sound in pluctplu unliannful in reac
UoDt liberates thf life forces of Nature,
utilizes them agmnst (he ravHges of ills
ease and thus restores u) hotith multi
tadesof so-culled "inuurAbles,
The World's Fair Route
Those anticipating an Eastern trip, or
a vibH to the Louisiana Purchase expo
sition at St. Louis, cannot alfbrd to
overlook the advantages oflered by the
Missouri Pacific Railway, which, on
account of its varioua routes and gate
ways, baa been appropriately named
"The World'e Fair Route."
Passengers from the Northwest take
the Missouri pacific trains from Den
ver or Pueblo with the choice of cither
going direct through the Kansas City,
via Wichita, Fort Scott and Pleasant
Two trains dally from Denver and
Pueblo to bt, Louis without change,
carrying all classes of modern equip
ment, including clcctriu lighted obser
vation parlor cafe dining cars. Ten
daily train between Kansas City and
81 Louis.
Write, or call on W. U. McUrlile,
General Agent, 124 Third st, Portland
for detailed Information and illustrated
literature. . tf.
Mr, John H. Cullom, Editor of tbe
Garland, Texas, Newr, baa written ai
facturea congratulations to tba menu-
letter of of Chamberlain's Oougb
Remedy, as follows : "Sixteen years
ago when our first obild was
a baby be waa subject to oroupy
spells and we w- uld be . very uneasy
about him. Ws began using Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy in 1887, ant!
finding it sncb a relUble remedy for
colds and croup, we have never been
without It In the nouse sines mat
time. We have five children and
hate given it to all of them with
good results," For Bale by ail druggists.
Tbe following preolnct committee
men to serve for the next t.o yeais
were seleoted by the Bepubliaao ooun
ty oonventioo.
Alioel P A McDonald :
Autelnpe O S Pretcoi
Cove Judd deer
Camp Carton '.Vm Mull'
Elgin NO A Galloway
Elgin 8 U lias Hallgarlb ;
Island City W h Tucker
Kamelt W 1) Adams
North Powder J M Gilkinaon 1
I Grande No I Jul nil Fisher
La Grande No i G M Rlchey
La Grand No Ktlpatriok
La Grande No 4 E Staples
Sumroervllle H O Rlnehart .
BUrk' y O Burnett
Union No 1 L A Wright
Uoioo No 8 A I Gale
1 Perry Alex Nibley
Medloal Springs R M Duucan
Hilgard No selection
Attempt i n King Alfonso
Madrid, April 8 .An offioat tele
gram from Bucelona slates that as
King Alfonso was leaving tbe ex
hibition, a 001,10 exploded, injuring
two peasants.
One arrest waa made.
Boundary Quarrel
CORVALL1S, Or April g-Alfrad
Huard shot Edward Kimball In the
faee with a charge of blrdshot yesterday
In Alsea Valley, .10 mi'es southwest of
Corvallla. The two are neighbors, and
quarreled over a boundary line. Kim
ball's Injuries are not lalal.
The Glee Club
The entertainment given by tbe
Willamette alee Olub last evening was
deserving of a much laiger bouse tbao
that witb which they we: e greeted Tbe
:lub la ell seleoted and they render
lomfl really exoellenl uiuilo. Cer
tainly none who attended the enter
ta i.mont will have oausa to regret the
mall Am charged lor rdmlasinn.
On rimmUy evening the Ka'hbnoe
Sistora will give a social In their lull
o which aciirdial luvitation is exten
1ed In all Kninht and their wives
fho feature of the evening ' will bo
ilauciug and oard playing.
A furnished four room cottage. In
of Mrs Zulwr. tl
Extraordinary Values
in Boys' Clothing
If you have not visited our boys' department lately
ycu can not realize the purchasing power of your
dollar. We CAN, AND DO, give more REAL value
in boys' wearing apparel than any house in Eastern
Oregon. This coupled with the largest in all lines
that are necessary for the dressing of the coming man
easily makes us the Boys' Outfitters of the season.
This is not a leader but a
true index to tbe large as
sortment open for your
mepeoiion Id cur boys' de
partment. Neat dark mixed
patterns made in Norfolk
style l.fi0.
Kouropatkin Has Force
dent He Has Enough Men to -
Succeed. , , : , -t
8t Petersburg, April 8 A Parisian
who has just reached bt Petersburg
from the front docla e that the opinion
ammg the Russian chiefs at Harbin la
that the war will anrely laal two years.
There are, he declares, ouly about three
months In each year in which army op
erationt are feasible, from June until
the end of August, he Bays fierce flpbt
Bound Over
Obaa Ellsworth, who waa tried in
Jusiioe Grant'aoourt Friday morning
oiarged witb stealing a load nf wheat
from the Frasier warehouse, was held
to the oircuit court and In default ol
bonds was taken to Utron last night
by special ofUiior MoLvshleu.
Sues Subscribers
' Dan J. Malarkey, aa attorney for tbe
Lewis .and Claik - Fair Corporation,
filed suit today against auosoribwa for
lock in tbe fair who have failed to
pay the amouuta they have subscribed
Following is the list of subiioribers
with tbe uDioume for which t bey are
being sued;
i. D. Wilcox, . 100; Alex, and
ObarUs Sqairef, If 1W; Lucius J Hicks
tnd We ley Uhatten, f 1(H, John P
Obnstenson, 7100, Judgment has been
secured by'lnm from W, F. Morrow lo
the sum of f 100 nn a similar com
plaint, : . 1,...
ltd Smith Union
Mrs ItSl Avars do
Johh I nrain .. , St Lonla
L O Lnkiin . ' ' J'orllitml
ired Ol'un ?- H f
H Sul on . . do -
Mra I W Simiiia Walla Walla
FH J.ibneon (IrHiitCo
K.I O Allan . , -. Fox
Kubt llliliuciifltelii : Klgin
11 Millar hpoknne
il II Slioritt . ' . do .
Made in the Norfolk etyte
.-Ibis suit is all wool, a
garment of real met it, such
ai you have always been in
the habit of paying 4.50 to
$5.00 for. We have priced
tlmin at 13.75.
I snort
t - : , u
Collected and is Confi
.. - .1. . 1,-5 .i -4 II . 4..,,.
Ing may be expected.
. General Kooropatkin waa promised be
fore ho departed for the evens of boa
llllllttea that he should have al' of the
men he des red before serious opera
lions would be expected. ' It is not re
ported that the force which General
Kouropatkin declared waa necessary to
assure aucqesa is in Manchuria. - '
April Fool Party .
' The best yet was tbe verdict of those' -who
attended the April fool party on .
Thursday evening. A good time, a--
merry time and a gayo!d time appeared -to
be tbe motto of all -present. And
this they surely had. Judging from the -
merry peals of laughter , which issued ' :
from the Armory hall during the entire
evening. Frank Baf assisted bt Miss -Olive
Crawford had charge of the pro
gram and reflected much credit opon
them'el os fur the very able manner In -which
they conduetei the affair.
The good order aoi deportment
which always prevails at these aaaem . -blys
glvon by Prof and Mrs Simpson da .
serves special mention. ;
Temperance Meeting
Dr. E L Tiffany of New York will -address
the people of La Grande Thura
diy evening April. 12 at Central
0 luro'i on the theme of Prohibition :
from a financial standpoint." The .
proposed local option law to be vrted
on at the next June election will also
rocuve attention. . '- Admission fres, .'
, : J L Reavis - .
. Notice to Water Consurtiers .. '
All parsons nning oily , water will '
pay their water rent into the office of
Wm Miilur,-Recorder: b?fore the. 10th
day of each month, otherwise their t'
water will be shut off, and a delin
qii?noy fine ansessed, . ;s . : ; r; -
- By order of tiia Mayor and Couucil "
of the City ol La Grande, Oregon.
- I
long pants suits $5
. In fanov mixed wool soi
iuga, caRsiniere and chr0S,TJr
ranging from agei J.leanurT
suits that hrfeJineo,(,
been regardr 0n ttl$j&"' -valuea-Btmt.
' .j,: ,' a
T ' , rt luonij
'llrV lo it r
mwt '
- - - '
tniiiiiiiiitimiimitoMiiiinnttiiiiiiiiimtf ti,,,tl ass,