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Lingsof the World at Large
L,,ril ftMume of Important Events
pr.lned In UonatnMU rurm
(or Our Buy Readort.
n, Du.U. y A. Sargent, of Harvard,
..'vacation ''" mor" ,iarm Um"
.. .1 i .ii,t.T rai'turnl tho flrt
r?win the North lcillc Sacng-r-
,d meeting Seattle.
fire on pleasure ,,"t in N,,w
,rk hrlH.r gave the load or passen-
,.t at'lire. )Ul Ulll lllltv unui-
vrt t"
hpvti been de
I t...,iv more Cltie
I ....-I .... ikihIhI aving bank
,i, snioii them being WulU Walla,
i. McGinn, at Portland, hold
t a mn ran not he extradited from
.. . , f tilitiiont In
rrtp.n lor iion-l"1"" " "
Tk-n..nv.T Kio Grande railroad
II huve to ly large u,n r""r tini
r taken illegally from government
,nJ niny yriir ago
Avixlor At wood lt hi bearing in
drkm-M while rtyintf from I.yon
tuburn. Now York, and wa forced
land to find out where he u
During test of new electric fire
um. inxtniltxi in the department of
itir. lit Washington, tho building
.emptied in lea than one minute,
A man has been arreted at The
!, dr., who answer perfectly the
nitnin of the rontier wno neiu up
e Shta I. united near Pram
;.w IS.
rrrv of Agriculture Wilson
u the luxt witness in the investiga
mof I'r. Wiley' office, and declared
. w.uld rather resign than go
.rough another "bureau row."
A htiUtorm In Alberta. Canada, ha
-acticallv destroyed about 1.000.000
iibeli of wheat.
W. B. llourne. a wealth resident
Sin Francisco, ha purchased
ujemtntc in Killarney, Ireland.
The Colorado Medical association
inimounly endorsed the work of Dr.
Kiley V. 8. government food ex
Anew strike order directs 100.000
iillrd railroader in England to quit
tork immediately, and if obeyed it
ill tie un practically every mile of
ulwiy on the British lle.
olnt Resolution, However, Eliminate
Hacall of Judges.
Washington, I). C.- President Taft
lined the joint resolution for the ud-
ilon a atute of tho territorie of
rizon ami New Mexico at 3:(JH
clock Monday afternoon.
The resolution went to the president
fter Vico President Sherman had
Itlxed hi ainnature.
Senator Penrose, Representative
Weeks, of Massachusetts, and Itarch-
field, of I'ennsylvania. the tlelt-i'ate
f the two terri lories, and a number
f citizen from New Mexico and Ari
zona, witnessed the sinning of the
icument by Mr. Taft. There was
ut one resolution, so that tho presi-
ent used three different pens in order
that some of the relic-hunter might
be satisfied.
When the resolution wa laid on his
lesk, ha looked up at the crowd
round him and said :
"lias anybody read this?"
Nobody answered, and to make ccr
liiin of it the president read the reso
lution himself.
Well, ncntlemen, it' done," h
said, as ho put the lunt stroke on the
1 he resolution signed by the presi-
lent provides that Arizona shall elim-
nate the judiciary recall clause in its
Old Santa Fa Makes Merry.
Santa Ke, N. M. Immediately upon
receipt of new that president Tuft
ail sinned the statehood resolution,
Miss Madeline Mills, daughter of Gov-
rnor Mills, hauled up on the capitol
statf a I a re flag with 4S stars.
A monster non-partisan atatehood
celebration took place at night in the
public plaza, while the city waa lit up
with bonfire and a great fire on the
top of Fort Marry overlooking the
Among the iieaker were aeven
judge of the supreme court, the gov-
rnor and four ex-governor or JSew
Mexico. Koiigh Kider George W.
Arniijo presided.
Wheat New crop, bluestem, Pic
ob. 77c; red Kuian, 75c; valley
MilUtuff-- Ilran, $24.60(u 25 per
U; middling. 132; short, $25.50
26: rolled barley. $28i.t29.
Cum Whole. $33; crackeil. $34
:r ton.
Barley New, feed, 25.E0(,i.26
rewing. :tl)(31 per ton.
Oat -Old white. $25 per ton; new
Hay-Timothy, valley. IlKc.il6; al
Flfa. Ill: clover. H.60(i.9; gra
t. $'.i.r.i)w lo.
Krenh Kruita Cantaloupe. $l.25(.(
per crate; pcache. GOcoi $1.25 box
hutermelon. Ivtllc per pound
jliumn, yic(i $1.75 per crate; prune
turner Ih,i new aoolea. $1,7511.2.50
r ' -
rbox; raspberries, $ '-'id 2.60; Mack
rrie, $1.750,1.90: pear, $2n2.60
''I: ('asnlias. 3JLe nollnil.
Vegetable Itean. 5f.10c; cab
Ket, $2 tier hundredweight; corn,
""i 40c per dozen; cucumber, $lio.
125 tier box ; eggplant. 10dil2c pe
und; garlic, loin, 12c per pound; let-
'ur. $1.25(0,1.75 iwr box; popx-r,
"alOcper (Kiuad; radihe. 12Jc pe
ien; tomateo. 0c(n $1.25 per lox
new carrots, $1.75 per ack; turnip,
125; beets. $1.75.
Putatoei New Oregon, licillc per
Unions -Walla Walla. $1.75 per
foultry Ilena. 15(tl6c: springs
Unl.ljc; duck, young. 16c; tu
'"ys. l(o l'Jc.
'Iflt Fresh Oreirnn ranch, candlod,
'c -r dozen.
Butter - Citv creamery extra. I and
2-pound tirint. in lioxes. 30c per
P'und; less thun box lots, carton and
"very extra.
fork- Fancy, lOtOlOJc per Kund.
el - l uncv. 12(0 13c tier isiuim
Hops -11(11 contract. 4oto45c per
P""d; lull) crop, 40c; l'JO'J crop, 30
'".'t'lC: olds. ''(If,! '.Tic
Wool - Kastern Oregon, DdtlOe per
Pniind, according to shrinkage; val
'y. lr.i. 17c per K)iind.
Tattle Choice teer. $5.fi0(-f
5jr; good to choice, $5.2!Vo.5.50;
chnirc cow. $1.50(0 4.75; fc'ood to
'ice, $l.2."xo4.50; gmxl, average
pounds, $Ko 4.25; cionmon, $2.75
'"S; choice heifer, $4.90(o5; choice
bulK $3.50(0.1.75; choice calve, 200
Pounds and under, $7.25(0,7.35; good
choice, $5.50(0 B; common calve,
4,"5; choice stag, $4.50(0.4.75;
""l to choice, $4.25(0 4.50.
""Ks-Kxtra choice light hogs, $
f,rH-2r.; choice heavy, $7(d7.60: heavy
nnKh, $11.25(0(5.50.
Sl'eep- Choice venrlinga, wether,
wsrsu w...,l i i or.,,1 ! r.o- choice
' ' ' ' ' , '
. 5- ' ' .
t - 1' , ' ' - ,
' y ; V " " -
J t' , jj. f'. ' "'
I) It. II. W. WILBT.
Construction of Ruiiian Railway It
Beiet With Hardship.
St. Petersburg The Amur railway
line i being constructed under dim-
cultie of climBte. of oil, and alove
II, of labor. Most of the workmen
are convicts. They appear to have
ifivcn satisfaction on the central and
western sections, but in other places
the state of thing that exist and has
been witnessed by ex-Speaker dutch-
kofT is almost incredible.
At Kazlony. for example, the work
is directed by the Orloff prison board,
which ha no knowledge of the place
or the people, and pin it faith to
drastic measure against the men. If
a convict is disrespectful the otlicer in
command imp!y emptie hi revolver
in the fellow' face. Triaoner wno
are obviously ill are taken to work.
M. Gutchkotf aw many uch work-
men hard al worn, aimou" mr
uffering from curvy in an advanced
The food i unfit for use. The
prisons in wnicn me men m vm
fined woulJ disgrace any other coun
try. One gang of worken. all of whom
were ill. had to do witnoui any .mu
of warm food for eight day. 1 tie
doctor reported in another place that
one of the men wa dying of hunger.
Rebel Leader Aecuea or wiaainR
Fait Promi to Surrender.
Mexico City A fight ha occurred
between the Federal troop ;.un.ier
.-I ii, .aria .ml 'the follower of
lirnriM m-h.- f -
l-mi;no Zmiata. at Cuatlixco, accoru
i,. meairer dispatcnea reacninK
i.: . in I ncoiulilionai purmiuri
wa demanded of Zapata by the red
..I ,m.,rnmenL hollowing an
... n
.......m,.tii hftween Madero and .a
put a. the latter apiared to helieve
that the Fiileral demand would be
withdrawn, in view ot hi promise io
ubmit to disarmament. He ent a
detachment of hi men to oppose the
- i - f l!,...rt The lorces niei
, ... .I,-oft..rn,Min. At the depart
ment of the interior it wa asserted
.i... o.,r....mnnt had been made
uiat i'" "Pk " , ,
.:.u a .ml that none would
WHO linj""" ' i
mad... The opinion wa expressed
that he wa deceiving Madero
false promise of surrender.
Plunge to Bottom of Lake;
Other Fall Into Pit.
Chicago Two aviator. William
R. Hadger, of Pittsburg, and St. Croix
Johnstone, of Chicago, both young
men, lost their live in the interna
tional aviation meet here.
Hoth accident revealed the frailty
of the machine in which the aviators
were gliding about the air with
scarcely a pause.
Badger, a wealthy young man, came
to hi death in a pit in the aviation
field. There had been a flaw in one of
the wing of the propeller of the Bald
win machine he drove.
Centrifugal force broke the propel
ler and unset the delicate equilibrium
of the machine, and Badger dashedJ
inn f.t to the bottom of the pit. Hi
nerk was broken.
Johnstone fell 600 feet under hi
engine and wa drowned. Caught
under the heavy engine in the Moi-
ant monoplane, he wa carried deep
Into Lake Michigan, and hi body was
not brounht to the aurface until an
hnor later.
Hadger lived three-quarter of an
hour after he had been extricated
from the wrecked machine. He did
not recover consciousness. Thirty-five
flyer have dipped and glided here for
three days, and tni wa me ursi
accident Three aviator fell but
Washington Almost In the same
hour that the senate committee lor-
eign relation reported Wednesday to
the senate it convention that the re-
iated arbitration treat!
between thin country and iireai un
tain and France were "breeder o
bitterness and war." Germany
ihminrh its ambassador here, was an
nouncing its desire to be a party to a
similar arbitration compact
United States.
Cfirmmi made known to Mecreiary
t- . ikmiih Ambassador Von Bern
iv 1 1 , . " " r .
stortT. it acceptance of the general
principle of arbitration a lain uo
. .. .1-. ft rornntlv SUD
Army to Try New Plan,
w.-hintrton. P. C Concentration
of tho army at large stations, strate
gically situated for military purposes,
and abandonment of the small posts,
ia under consideration by the War de
partment. The idea, which requires
.... .....Minn of congress, is to con-
UIU piiih-" , .
utroct comi.act barracks, each to noli
an entire regiment, near m -lir.r.
towns. Most of tho officers are
. ..... i i.Mwwh.tions within the
IO linn n. , . i i
.... ... r II... necessity of bUIld
Cliy, oiivmnnK ' f
ing extensive oincers Mu"
Shark Gorged With Junk
t l)..luware A curious assort
'. m '. : i lii on exhibition
.11 of it found in the stomach o
,.Ufiwi uhiirk.
: ht at the mouth of Delaware bay
. . . . 1 V' 4.(1 I t
, : 9 lrki- ntonor furninh
i.r. include one umbrella, one barrel
. ... . iiiu nf steel and iron
stave, ii....."j - - . ..
on fll.'.in
JTlinir Wnlh.m nf nwnintainS.
. . i . i -T, v-nnv iii"""- -
'i .. . . ......
' .l.iiu ; choice two and inrees.
.. , i noire iwn nm. i.tii.--i
'''"Uitljchoieo spring lamb. $5.25i
K'sid to choice, $5(((,B.25; choice
iunk of different kind and enoug
cloth to cover tho floor of a R1
To DiTln 1, 000,000 Fire.
t'...Lf,.r C.ermnnv The Opc
...;.. M...hin and Bicycle fnctory
'. liomelheim was destroyed by fire,
riuh..,l and many were
wo perwom p. . - -
injured. The loa 1 more than l
n the secretary' draft, recently sub
... i a aw Miint mm War
n.t.wi hnwtwpr. and Count von Hern't.ii -uil fnr (lermanT to consult
u:. nnm.nt further. He will re
turn in October.
Younc Gomel It Accud.
It.vnna Following the revolve
duel in the Cafe Cosmopolita between
Miguel Comer. Ron ol rwio w
whn onimeu ine mr,
ores'sman Armnndi Andres, editor
L'l 11 u an
..' ' ik.i nnblication assert that
Lintit-i. ni.. t ,
friend of Comez fired upon th
.i;. The wnlls of the Cafe Cosmo
pelitun and the fronts of the adjacent
building show bullet mark greatly
exceeding in number the shots that
could hBve Hissibly been fired by the
Forett Suffer Million of Dollars by
Intect Onslaught.
Med ford Presenting the fact that
nsecta do more damage in the forest
than do forest fire, B. I. . Shannon,
secretary of the Jackson county fire
patrol association, secured the assist
ance of the Medford Commercial club
n working for the establishment of a
ocal field station here by the bureau
of entomology.
'There i more than four and one-
half billion feet of good commercial
timber tributary to this little valley
tif 30,000 acres, to ay nothing or the
immense acreage of yellow pine on
the east slopes of the Cascade," aid
Mr. Shannon. "Beside that amount
there is nearly 2,000,000,000 feet
readily accessible in West Josephine
county and on the West Siskiyous.
'The damage done by the insects
alone, now, in the National forest is
equal to the loss by forest fire, and in
private holding this is also true,
There are variations of from 400 to
400 feet in elevation in this district
and there is the wet, warm climate of
the west slope contrasting with the
cold, arid condition of the east slope,
making the investigation cover a
lartre field. An entomological station
here would mean a saving of thousands
and perhaps millions of dollars in tim
ber destroyed in the Crater National
forest and private holdings.
Soldier and Mobs Hava Pitched
Battles in Streets.
Liverpool A reign of terror exists
ere and trooos are pouring into tne
it v to out down disorder. A specia:
guard has been detailed to protect the
anding stage of the trans-Aiiantic
steamers which, it is asserted, the
rioters have planned to destroy by
Five nrison vans escorted by 50
soldiers who were carrying not pris
oners from the police court to Walth
m iail were attacked by 3,000 mem
her of the rouirheat class in Vauxhall
street. The mob threw missile oi
every description and in defending
themselves the hussars fired.
At first blank were used by the
soldiers, and then ball cartridges
One man was killed and many persons
were severely wounded. The troops
then charged with drawn sabers and
cleared the street. So daring were
the rioters that one of them tried to
unhorse an officer, who was obliged to
use his revolver, wounding the man
Another less serious affray in wnicn
the troops were again compelled to
fire took place in Bond street. Only
a few persons were injured.
Government Experts Try
Qualities of Fruit.
Hood River After having spent
Thursday afternoon and Friday morn-
ing obtaining data on local storage
conditions, B. B. Ramsey and H. J.
Pratt, experts from the pomological
offices of the United States depart
ment of agriculture, left for White
Salmon, where they will conduct the
same work.
The experts, who have been in Cali
forna for the last few years working
on system of refrigeration for citrus
fruits, say that the government is
planning to make extensive experi
ments in fruit storage and transporta
tion in the jNortnwest. xney win
visit all of the principal apple sec
tion of the Northwest between now
and picking time and make a study of
the different soil conditions of every
ADDles will be obtained from every
district by the experts and will be
subjected to tegta to ascertain tneir
Qualities. This season's
work, it is said, will merely De pre
liminary. The experiments next year
will be on a lartrer scale.
The government experts inspected
the Union warehouses and were pre
sented with Yellow Newtowns grown
last year. The fruit was in perfect
state of preservation and of excellent
Articles Are Filed for Lin Prom
Dallas to Toledo.
Salem Articles of incorporation
filed with the office of the secretary of
state indicate that there is move on
foot to construct a railroad line from
Toledo, in Lincoln county, to Dallas,
in Polk county. In event this railroad
should be constructed it would give
new railroad line from Portland to
Newport by making connections. This
would be so at least when the balem,
Falls City & Western, which operates
from Blackrock to Salem, through
Dallas, completes its bridge across
the Willamette river at Salem.
The new company is capitalized at
$1,000,000. The incorporators are C.
R. Vrosno, Ed J. Avery and John
Kenta. The road is to be called the
Toledo & Siletz Railroad & Naviga
tion company, and its principal place
of business will be at Toledo. The
company also desires to operate a sys
tem of boat lines on the Yaquina
river, according to the articles.
Should the new line become a real
ity, tourists from Portland could come .
to Salem either on the Oregon Electric
or Southern Pacific, transfer to the
Salem, Falls City & Western to Dal
las, transfer to the new road at Toledo
and from there take the Corvallis &
Eastern to Yaquina.
Subscribers' Committee to Examine
Company's Books.
Enterprise The committee having
charge of the fight against the recent
advance in rates by the Home Tele
phone company has secured permission
from the directors or the rlome com
pany to have a committee appointed by
the subscribers examine the books of
the company and from their finding re
commend a reasonable and just rate
to be charged for the use of the phone
Committees from Wallowa county
and Union county met at Wallowa and
agreed to co-operate in the examina
tion of the books, and to work to
gether afterward. The committee
was authorized to obtain estimates on
the cost of construction of a new line
under the co-operative system, which
information will be used both as a
basis in arriving at a settlement with
the Home company and for the con
struction of a new line if nnaily de
cided on.
mmense Fruit Crop Will Bring Prices
Way Down.
Chicago Stop eating meats and
vegetables and live on fruit. This is
one wav to decrease the cost of living.
Never In years has there been a oetier
prospect for bumper crops in all var
ieties of fruit, say commission mer
Price are to be slashed from a third
to a half under those of last year.
Here are a few of the predicted retail
prices: Concord grapes, 16 to 18
cenU a basket: peaches, za cents a
one-fifth bushel basket; apples, $1.76
to $3 a barrel (all varieties); pears,
$1.50 a bushel; plums, $1.50 a bushel.
s.ith Water street merchants esti
mate th.t fully 10.000 carloads of
fruit will be shipped from the Michi
ean fruit belt this fall. Not only
from Michigan but from eastern vine
yards and orchards, come the same re
ports of bumper crops.
The first of the Michigan peaches,
the early Alexanders, were shipped
from Ludington August 4. fully two
weeks earlier than in the previous
years. This is not the best variety,
Toko Travels to Boston
New York Admiral Togo bade New
York goodbye for Boston late Friday.
He kept to his room most of the morn
ing, but spent the greater part of the
ftemnon at Governors Island, the
.ruest of Maior-General Frederick D.
Grant, and concluded his stay with a
f.uir-mile automobile run up Proad-
a. from the Battery to his hotel
Broadway s rush-hour crowns gave
proper setting for the trip,
miral a party tnreaueu
traffic without incident,
warrior was delighted.
The Ad
through the
The little
Shipment of Game From State For
bidden by Ruling.
Salem Deer hunters from Califor
nia will be disappointed to learn that
hereafter no deer carcasses, horns or
any part of the animal killed in this
state can be taken into camomia.
The law in this regard was recently
construed by Attorney-General Craw
ford, and every precaution win De
taken by officers of the Fish and Game
commission to see that it is eniorcea.
Attorney-General Crawford a decision
that the commission has no autnor-
ity to issue permits to lane aeer
killed in this state across me line inio
California. The only condition under
which came can be taken out of the
state ia for Dropagation or exhibition
Already a number of applications nave
been received for permission to take
game out of the state, and these have
all been denied.
Klamath Falls Plans Big Exposition
This Fall.
Klamath Falls That Klamath will
have the greatest county fair this fall
in its history is believed by those who
re nromotinir the project. Several
prominent men have taken hold or tne
affair and promise to build grand
stand, exhibit booths, stalls for stock
and other necessary structures.
Business men have been asked to
. i i i .,
raise Jl.oUU lor purses, trnu mirnuj
volunteer donations of $900 have been
made. It is planned to hold a four
day fair, with racing and other sports.
Annual Exhibit Is Proposed by South
ern Oregon City.
Medford This city will give a dis
trict fair October 3 to 7, which will
be the beginning of a pear show that
it is hoped will eventually rival in im
portance the Spokane apple show.
The state appropriated l,4au in
all for the enterprise, and in the last
few days about $3,000 has been raised
among Medford business men. It is
intended that in all $5,000 shall be
There is great local interest in the
enterprise, and it is already planned
to have automobile races and aviation
exhibitions. Mayor Canon, of Med
ford, has been elected president; A.
K. Ware secretary, and George Davis
Forty-Three Rattlesnake Bapged.
Spokane- Forty-three rattlesnakes
.. ... ..t . in the - n.;i.... i,.ut ttir. ver no-o
ti': i ...... Tre. k draw, near "" ; j----
Creek. Wash.. ly rerrm ....
Frank Lamphere, visitors imm e...-
. .. U7..KI..U a rancher llV-
sas, ami jinue .....,. - - ,
ing north or Wilson v reea. i..
...v. ... four feet in length.
The hides of several of the snakes
measured six tnche in wi.u. .
rattles taken from the reptile
filled an ordinary shoe box.
Noose Jut, Man Admits.
Carson Citv. Nev. Patrick Casey
, in
'Be Gentle" Editor Fight.
St. Louis Albert Solomon, of
.iii.,r f th Humanitarian
which he admonishes everybody to be
kind and gentle, is under arrest on the
charge of beating hi wife and fight
ing with hi brother-in-law. The
brother-in-law i locked up on a cros.
charge of diturbing Solomon pec-
was executed here Friday fur the mur
der of Mrs. Lucy Heslip. of Goldlleld,
In a brier state
ment from the gallows he said he wa
Blmut to tiav the penalty for an atroc
iium crime for which he believed he
had bem forgiven. At tho time of
killing Mrs. Heslip. Casey, whose
name is thought to be assumed, wounu
ed a Mrs. McMann and stabbed an offi
cer who attempted to arrest him.
Oriole Mine to Install Mill.
Grants Pass The Oriole mine in
the C.alice district will put in a Dig
gold mill. Heretofore the company
has been shipping the ore to iacom,
but this will be brought to an end by
installation of the mill. 1 he com
pany has an overhead ledge exposure
fiOO feet. This compnay ha in opera
tion a power plant connected with
Rotnie River. The mine a tunnels,
mile of underground work.
Engineers to Lay Permanent Line for
"Shoestring" at Ontario.
Ontario Active work has begun on
the permanent survey of the Ontario
Nyssa irrigation project, sometimes
called "the Shoestring" ditch. A
corps of engineers left here with camp
supplies and will run the permanent
lines of the canal, which will irrigate
10,000 acres of fine orchard land.
The preliminary lines were run last
winter, and the permanent survey will
cover more land than at first intended.
The officers of the company, headed by
Mayor Trow, have already received
bids on the pumps and electric motors
and will award a contract for the ma
chinery late this fall. No one thing
will be of more benefit to the Ontario
and Nyssa territory than the building
of this ditch.
Medford After Colonists.
Medford To bring Medford her
share of the colonists who start west
September 15, when the colonist rates
are in force, the Medford Commercial
club has shipped five large boxes or
literature to an agent in Minneapolis
to distribute. Among the literature
sent were several beautifully illus
trated booklets and many of the busi
ness men's bulletins that the club has
been issuing in cooperation with the
Southern Pacific.
Pears Bring S40 a Ton.
Salem Shipping a carload of pears
at $40 a ton for cannery purposes,
William H. Egan topped all prices for
the past 15 years by $22, saying that
for the 15 years before he has never
sold pears to a cannery at a better
ts and"drifts make about one price than $18 a ton. E. W. Powers
also snippea a car oi iiigmiucii.c.
which he said was more valuable than
a train load of wheat. A definite
price on the berries was not given.
Portugal Quake-Shaken.
Lisbon A series of earthquake
hr..-k. irradiiallv increasing in vio
lence, were felt in Southern Portugal.
At Mortela. Albufeira and other
points near the coast, considerable
damage wa done and ome persons
were injured. At Lagos the disturb
ance were accompanied by a tidal
wave which caused a panic.
35-Cent Hop Offer Refused.
Salem Geroge L. Rose states that
he received and refused bona nue
offer to ell 2.ri0 bales of 1911 hops
for 35 cents. He would not say wno
made the offer. The same kind or an
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Copies of Stat Blue Book Out.
Salem Copies of the Oregon blue
book and official directory are out.
The new blue book is something
hitherto not attempted in this state.
It includes not only a comprehensive
survey of Oregon's resources, but the
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