The Oregon mist. (St. Helens, Columbia County, Or.) 188?-1913, March 21, 1902, Image 3

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Try "Webfoot" flour, at Collin &
Mr. S. Kinder, of Deer Inland, wbi In
town TueiUHjr.
Mr. G. W, Perry, of Houlton, wa In
Portland lant Monday.
0. E. Olxen and Inrael Grogg wore up
from Dwr inland menxiay.
Mr. E. O. Jotie. of near Qobte, waa
In the county cat Monday,
Mr. Frank Dow, of Oak Inland, spent
lew daya in town tnia week.
Judge Blattohard waa up from Rainier
Tueaday looking after busluenn matter.
Mr. Wm. Downing, of Portland, vlalled
friend in tliia city a day or two thla
Jack Balinanno, of Portland, vlalted
hla undo, David Davia, In tbla city laat
W. W. Blnkealey wai alght-ieaing In
Tortland aud Vancouver laat Friday and
Bliorlff Hattan waa attending to offi
cial buiinoaa In tbe vicinity of Deer
Inland Tueaday. ,
L. Dupont, of Valley, pruned through
town Tuesday morning, en route home,
Iter a few daya (pent lit Portland.
Mian Lulu George, ol thla eity, haa
bnen employed to teach the summer
term of achool In South Bcappoose creek
Mr. Albert Montgomery and Mini Ida
Trtvette were niaraM In Rainier hint
(Sunday at the home of Judge Doan, that
gentleman orllciating.
Anyone denlrlng a email tract of land,
near town, Improved, can find what they
want by applying to K. E. Quick, agent;
L, W. Vanl'yko, owner.
Oolllna A Gray are ready to 811 your
apring ordora in almont any kind of
gooda. They carry flrnt-clana goodn, and
their pricea are reasonable.
Anaoaaor White started out Monday
morning on hia annual crnnade throuifh
out the county in qtieat of property val
uation!. Ilia atarting point thla year
will be at Mayger aud vicinity.
The adminlntrator of the entate of
Jonenh rk'hnlkowakl, dttcvased, aold by
public auction Monday, at trie front
door of the conn-bonne, the personal
ftVcta of the eatate, realizing therefor
Judgo Doan waa up from Rainier Tuea
day. T'ib judge reports that Mra.
Poan'e health la Improving, although
ahe ia ni vniirely recovered Iron) llie
(tack of grippe which haa been trouble
ing her fur aome time,
George Reaver, of tho Lake farm, on
the Slough, wan in town laat Hunday,
having Leon summoned to Houlton,
where hia daughter waa very nick. ' Late
reports are to the effect that the young
lady baa typhoid fever.
Cotumlnaloner Cane waa up at Spring
water, in Clackamaa county, laat week,
with a view to purchaning a aawmill.
Negotiations, however, tailed, and Mr.
Case will prolmbly purchase a mill In
Portland for uae at Pitta burg.
A aoclal dance la announced to take
place at the hall In thin place tomorrow
(Saturday) evening. Ticket, including
aupper, will aril at 76 cent. ftupper
will be served in the hall. Grewcll
brothers, of Warren, will furninh the
It la reportelthat the White Collar
Line haa purchased the atoamer Bon
ita from lloaford Bros., and that the
ateamer will be placed on the run be
twoen Portland and Tho Dallea in con
junction with the Tahotnalu competition
with the D. P. A. A. Co.
The long bridge acroaa the canyon,
Mow Columbia City, ia to be repaired.
The bridge haa been constructed for a
long time, nnt altbnngli aome repairs
.have been made to it, and with the ex
ception of aome of tho center benta, ita
condition ia naid to be good, even yet.
Mr. E. RUlgway, formerly of Ver
nonia, but now of Hpringwaler, Clacka
maa county, waa at thin place over Bun
day, lie baa purchaaed a farm of 1 16
acrea at Sprinitwater and ia very much
pleased with that section of country.
Ilia household goodn were n hipped from
here Monday,
At the democratic primaries held In
thin precinct laat Saturday, bealdea elect
ing dolcgnien to the county convention,
Mr. H. P. Watklna wan nominated for
iuatlce of the peace and George Kelly,
r., of Houlton, was nominated for con
atahlo. Clny Clark, of Houlton, waa
nominated for road auperviaor.
Charles Little haa been appointed ad
minlntrator of the entate of bin deceased
father. The inventory shown real and
personal property valued at $11)88. The
administrator gave a bond in the sum of
$21100. There in a life insurance in the
Woodmen's order, made in favor of Mrs.
. 1$. Little, the mother of the deceased.
CommlHsioner Case told ua that his
recent visit to Clackamas county had
convinced him that it is ponnlble to have
good roads in thin country. He trav
eled over forty miles of road iu that
county, thirty of which were planked or
graveled, lie said that a great deal of
money had been expended on roads
there, but the county had something to
bow for it.
The personal property belonging to
Andrew Kenowski, ol the Bunker bill
region, with the exception of the cattle,
will be sold by publio auction by the
constable next Monday, on the premises.
Tbe cattle will be brought to this city
-and disposed of here by auction by the
constable. There are twelve head of
cattle and one pony. The stock will be
sold next Tuesday.
From what Is deemed a reliable source,
Jt reporter of this paper learned that
the steel has been purchased with which
to start the work of constructing the
logging railroad from Columbia City to
the timber belt went and south of that
place. So soon as an arrangement ciiu
be made with the Northern Paciilu Com
pany to secure eronaing privileges, it in
reported that actual work on the road
will be begun.
For tho third time since Dr. Ross has
tjeen county treasurer this county has
been the nrnt in the statu to pay its
taxes in full to the state. This year's
payment whs made on Thursday of lant
week, and wan receipted for by the state
trennurer before the week wan fltiinhed.
Itanton county puid one half of Its state
tax about' three weeks ago, but had not
finished Its payment when this connty'e
full amount, wan received at stato tvean
nrer's headquarter.
Twenty-one sawmills, representing a
combined output of 600,000 feet of rail
road lien daily, have formed a combine
in Portland under the naineoi the "Col
umbia River Tie and Lumber Associa
tion." The purpose of the combine in to
raise the price on their output. The
tie manufactures claim that the price
has been too low lor some time lor a
reanonable prollt and that action of some
kind waa necessary and that the present
action seems to be tbe best. The meet
ing was brouuht about in Portland by
correrpondunce the first of the present
week and after holding a number of
secret seHslons they toruied the combina
tion. They have only received 2 and
23a for ties in the past and it ia now the
purpose to nut mr ceuta. rue com
bine is composed of mills on Lewis river.
Hood river, and at Vancouver and
Troutdalo. Outside of the statement
that the combine lias been formed and
that the price of Ilea has been raised to
2oc, each of the niembera of the combine
reluae to give any information.
A v-shaped flu too, four miles long,
with 24-Inch sides aud 83 inches in
width across the top, Is being built by
the Western Oregon Lumber Company,
to carry lumber from their sawmill on a
branch of the Clatskanle river to the
town of Clatekauie, where they intend
to erect large dry houses, planing anil
shingle mills, etc, says Monday's Ore
gunian. Home 2800 feet of flume Is al
ready completed and the material for
construction Is flurried "to the front,"
thus greatly expediting the work, the
planks, etc.. being all cut to the right
lengths and fitted at the mill. The
flume haa a 6 per cent grade, and as
may be imagined, the lumber goes down
it like soatmuds down a sink. Ho Ionic
as the head of the Hums is kept filled
with water, nothing can stop on It, but
must hurry on to the exit. The com
pany owns an almost inexhaustible sun-
ply of timber in the region where ita
mill Is located.
The man who wrestles with the cow
and teaches the calves to suck, who
casta the corn before the swine, is now in
greatest luck ; veal higher than a kite,
pork la climbing up the scale and beef
ia out of sight : the ercs he gathers
every day from hia Poland chicken eoop
are almost worth their weight In gold,
and we are in the soup, Ilia corn brings
him a fancy price, it's rising every day,
and ha rakes in all kinds of nion for a
half load of hay. The farmer la In the
saddle and when he comes to town, the
rest of us by r lit lit should go way back
and sit down.
Messrs! G. L. Tarbt.ll. S. Salser, Fred
Briinrn. G. K. Hyde aud xm Bareer.
from Yankton, invaded our city Monday
morning, starting in to dig telephone pole
holes up and down our principal street.
These gentlemen are constructing the
MHiepeiiutMib luieiiiiune linn iruui initft-
ton thruuirh Houlton and in to this city.
The wire waa up and the instruments
in action between Yankton and Houl
ton last Sunday and it is expected that
the lino will he completed to this city
by the eud of this week.
Josenh W. Huh nabel. a brother of
Charles J. Schnabel, the well known at
torney, who has been 111 for aome time
with consumption, died Sunday evening
at St. Vincent's Sanitarium, aged 33
years. He wan born in Pittaburg Pa.,
and since bis arrival iu Oregon several
yearn ago had lieen engaged in the
practice Ol law ami was tor a lime J 'en
tity Prosecuting Attorney under W.
T. Hume. He was held in high
entente by a large circle of fneuds, and
universally respected.
The bent record ever made In this
county on tax collections haa been made
this year. The sheriff has had the roll
just about one month, and has turned
over to the trraiircr$3U,132.tt0. Ue has
on hand over IjliUOO for which he haa is
sued receipts, and be estimates that there
are remittances in his office to the
amount of $000 which he has been un
able to attend to, making a total of $40,
000 collected. There remains on tbe
roll but about $10,000 to collect.
There are several persons in the vi
cinity of Pittsburg interested in the
sawmill enterprise projected for that
Place. Messrs. jonti rringie, j. i.
arker, E.J. Mills, N. J. Parker, Wm.
Pringle, John l'arker and W. D. Cane
will iirobably constitute tho ownership
of the plant. Shingle-cutting machin
ery will be inHtaiiud, winch win ue ine
principal induntry engaged in. The
manufacture of lumber will bo a side
Rev. Mr. Phflbrook will preach next
Sunday at Bachelor Flat In tho forenoon
and in this city in the evening.
T'. Tlm..Va ,.l Pi.nHl.Onn
nlo.i nt A munmair IVtiitjv arrivAfl In thin
city Wednesday evening on a brief visit.
f.M.lAk lalABt nnwdlirl!wut(mni
tliH mihliaheni! 2K-cnt novels at 10
cents, at the drug store.
Repnbllcan Delegates.
Un to a late hour Thursday evening
we had received word from the follow
ing precincts, and are able to give the
tinmen of the delegates to the county
convention choseu from the several
Union precinct. G. L. Tarbell, C. N.
Gable, A. King, Fred Frants. It. H.
Bat lev, J. u. l'lana, uus lieguie.
for constable, F. M. Thorp; for road
supervnor, J. G. Plank.
Rainier precinct. Joseph Doherty,
Ed Josenh. G. B. Johnson. Wm. Hoi-
sapple. Justice of the peace, J. B. E.
bourne; cunstame, J. J. uraiia; roaa
supervisor, C. B. Sutton.
ScanpooHe precinct. W. E. Stevens.
till " WIWI & U.tlVI "J . "
supervisor, Ole Bohman.
Ulatskanle precmet. T. J. mppin,
E. B. Elliott, N. Merrill, J. E. Hall,
Oliver Anderson, Bert Seffert. M. E.
Page. Road supervisor, J. E. Van ; jus
tico.of the peace, J. M. Blackford.
lieaver talis precinct. Jonn ic
Adams, Thomaa Morris. Road super
visor, Wm. sanburn ; justice of the
peace, Wm. istacklord.
Deer Island precinct. M. Burllng-
ame, James Gaitu-na.
Warren. li. Hansen, IN. r . Baker, i.
Rasmusaen. Road aupervlsor,Lara Kas-
Goble precinct. James Kennedy. M.
Link. II. M. Fowler. S. E. Butts. Road
supervisor, J. P., Archibald; justice of
the peace, J. B. Kennedy; constable,
James Kennedy, jr.
Marshland precinct. H. L. Colvin,
O. E. Elliott.
Id the County Court of the Btnts of Oregon, for
voitimuift i ouiity.
In the mauer of the eiute of Anew". Swnnion,
attceHMMi. -Ao whom u nmv concern:
iitidur1ffnu(l. admltilNtrntor of the e-
tata of AuviiNt Hwnnton, iteeenied, Aleit till
snui account in unto county court, in nitron
Wit. A I, lOlV, un.l .k... .1. 1J.... I II
am lii.lirn tif anlA flniintu i.nurl ham n. tliA
9th iliiy of Mny, A, D. m'l, at tlx) hour of
oeiouK in me afirnoon ol mat any. ai (tie
etiunty court-homo of Mtii county, ns inn time,
lor tnc nenrnitf or objections io turn onm no
cuntit nti't the ncltlement thoreof. This notice
li iHlillKlid In Ths Dnnaox Mut, n uewnpnpcr
publitihfd In said county, for (our auceeNMtvn
weeki, by order of nitld court mid by the direc
tion of the uudenlKUf d n tuch nditiliilitrntor,
E. K. Q11H:K, AdmhilfitrHtur.
DnlAd nt St. Hitlenn llntnrnn. thll Mroh 18th.
A. U. 19(12. H. It. timber, KM , Attorney for Ad
ailillrnlor. BUtnl
. Democratle feunty Ticket.
The democratic county convention for
Mils county was held at Rainier Wednes
day afternoon, with a good representa
tion. After the organization, which
was soon affected, the following complete
county ticket waa nominated :
For representative, 8. 11. Kistner, of
Rainier. '
For county clerk, II. Henderson, of
For sheriff, R. 8. Hattan, of fit. Helens.
For treasurer, li. P. Watklns, of (jt,
For commissioner, A. 6. Graham, of
For annessor, II. T. Grewell, of Warren,
For surveyor, U. W. Clark, of Houlton,
For coroner, R, II, Mitchell, of Bt,
Meters W. F. filauehter. Louis Fluh-
rer, J. 1). McKay and Peter Loualgnont
were cnosen an delegates to the state
R. H. Mitchell was chosen chairman
of the county commute.
ine convention was represented by
thirty four delegates.
Resolutions asking for reform in
county allnlra and conuemlng the ac
tion of President Roosevelt for apbolnt'
ing envoys to attend the coronation of
Kiiig Edward were unanimoualy adopted,
All the officers were nominated by
acclamation exceptcommiiHriouer. which
was voted to Arnold uiaham because
that end of the county had never been
represented on the county board.
Reuben New Note.
John Munnon waa a nabsenror for
Ahioria monaay,
Ed Joseph and Martin Both. of Rain
ier, were in town trmuy.
W. D. Battcrleeand son arrived home
from Vernonia Saturday.
II. M. Fowler, of Goble, waa pasnen
ger on the Kellogg Monday.
Henry Wanner sold five head 'of beef
cattle to J. 11. Uartcr. ol Kalama. Mon
J. II. Edwards has rented the Oleen
place at Deer Island, and will move his
laiuily up there this week.
M. L. Satterlee and family, recently
from Dakota, left here Wednesday for
Hood River to visit Mrs. rJatterlee's
M. L. Batterlee and wife and son, of
Anscln. North Dakota, arrived here
Friday. They are visiting with the
former's brother, W. D. Batterlee.
Warren Happenings.
Miss E?M. Racou spent last week in
Portland. .
James and Jesse Bacon, of Portland,
spent last Sunday at home.
Mr. Ed Collins waa a Portland
visitor Monday of thla week.
Morton Tompkins left last week for
Juneau, Alaska, where he will work in
a cannery.
Mra. Lucinda Blanchard. of Newburg.
spent this week with friends and rela
tives here.
Services were held at Grace church
last Sunday by Ri'V. Bullantyne, both
morning and evening.
A few of the Warrcnites attended the
dance at Scappoose last Friday night,
ana reported a good lime.
Rev. and Mrs. Davies are visiting with
the latter' parents at Rock wood, this
late, for a couple of week.
Mrs. George Ramsey and daughter,
Zelln, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. E.
H. Lynch a few days last week.
Fred Ible, who has been employed on
the Noon farm for some time, left Tues
day of last week for San Francisco.
Mine Stella Adams, who has been
spending the past two months with rel
ative at Centraiia, returned home last
Miss Maude Slavens returned to Ka
lama last Monday after spending the
past two weeks with relatives at this
place and in Portland.
A "hard times" social was given by
the ladies of Grace church Wednesday
of last week. A short program waa ren
dered, after which refreehmenta were
served. A little over $10 was raised,
hich will so toward oavimr off tbe in
debtedness of the church.
Vail tzranse No. 204 held their resular
meeting last Saturday evening, and a
very interesting time was naa. ine
Hrpt and second were conferred on two
candidatea and the third and fourth de
grees on one candidate. The next meet
ing will be held on the first Saturday in
Easter services will lie held at Grace
church In the forenoon. A short pro
gramme will be rendered, consisting of
songs and recitations. In the evening
services will be held at the M. E. church.
An address will be liven by the pastor.
also an interesting programme will be
The Ladles Aid Society grave a delight
ful tea at the parsonage Thursday after
noon of last week. Quite a number of
invited guests were present and a de
lightful time was had. A ladies toreign
. .i.l ;l.
llHBBiuunrT am'iTTiy nM vutiw, .v.,
the following officers: Mrs H. II. Clark,
president; Miss Clara Hegele, recording
secretary; Mra. N. F. Baker, correspond
ing secretary : Mra. G. W. Baker, treas
urer. The officers of the Ladies Aid
Society are Mrs. Lew Daviea, president;
Mra 11. il. Clark, vice-president; Mrs.
N. F. Baker, secretary; Miss Garnett
Lynch, assistant secretary ;' Mrs. G. W.
Baker, treasurer. This society meets
at the parsonage every Thursday after
The reoublicans of Multnomah county
met in convention Wednesday. They
nominated a legislative ticket and ad
journed for one week. Judge Henry E.
McGinn was nominated for state aenator.
Newspaper reports claim that the entire
It ablative ticket is antl-Slnion. The pro
gramme up there soems to be to take
some time in fixing up a city and county
ticket upon which both tactions can
agree. m
This Year's Registrations.
Tniu,Anlt,.no tn the ennntv are In
creasing in number very much faster of
late than was the cane during the first
few weeks the books were open. Up to
press hour this week the total iuthe
county was us is Indicated by column of
following ngurcs unuor me ! nenum ;
. ittrul 1 1 u ,H
1 vw iw
Auburn 160
Reaver Fall : 100...
. 6
. 29
Clatskanle 220...
Peer Island ou. . .
Goble 10
.. 80
,. 28
.. 46
.. 90
.. 91
.. 49
Marshland 63..
Nehalem 98 .
Oak Point ...ll!8..
Rainier "..
Scappoose , 118
Union 260 ,
in M
, 01
The total number ol registrations ia
921. There are about BOO voters yet to
Union precinct, it will be seen, has
the greatest number of registrations of
any precinct so far. Deer Island and
tioin'ii, . -w- .....
(heir full vote registered than any others.
t'latikanle Briefs.
Notices are pouted announcing city
election the first Monday in April.
Miss Nora Conyers spent last Friday
in our vicinity with parents and friends,
and attended tbe graduating exercises
mat evening.
W. K. Tichenor has disposed of about
00 acres of land near the city to James
Van. who expect to get it in shape for
cultivation in the near future.
Tom Carter ia improving his property,
and has recently enclosed and plowed
hi lot. Tom ha a sightly location and
can make his home very attractive,
Mr. N. Merill and Mra. J. I). Lewi
have each had healthy and vigoroua
looking caiia my in bloom, standing on
the front porch of their respective
Danial Dixon, sr., celebrated his 77th
birthday recently, and took a trip to
Catlin and Castle Rock, spending nearly
a week with his sons, Isaac and William,
living there. He ia hale and vigorous
for one of hia year.
Mr. Keating, with her eon, Teddy,
ha been visiting with her parent, Mr.
and Mrs. A. H. Murry, for the past few
days. They are her guest and are on
a visit to her sister, Mra. Dixon, at
Castle Rock, thi week.
Our voter are figuring on (even good
and true republican to represent Clata
kanie precinct at the county convention.
There are so many here it is not so much
a question who can be sent as who we
can afford to leave at home.
Rev. W. T. Kerr, of Portland, spent
last Saturday and Sunday in our town,
having charge of the quarterly meeting
services for the presiding elder. He is a
wide awake minister, and hia service
were enjoyed by those who heard him.
The Red Men and Pocohontas orders
generously placed their hall at the
isposal of the school board for the
graduation exercises. Considerable dec
corating had been done to add to the
attractiveness of the hall,' with very
satisfactory results.
Among the ont of town guest who
were present at the exercises last Friday
evening was Dr. Rog, of St. Helens.
If the people of the county feel that they
want him again for treasurer he will
take it. The people out this way feel
that they want him.
Our teachers are leaving town this
week. Professor Esson return to Ger
vin. Mis Tracy to Portland, Miss Harris
to her home at Dayton, and Miss Cole
to her aunt, Mra. A. Graham, at Marsh
land. Two of the ladies will teach
spring terms of school in the Nehalem,
beginning about the first of April.
The Hughes donkey engine was puff
ing and pulling iteelf over the road on
runners, the first of the week, destined
for Elliott Wood's place, where work will
be done at drawing logs the coming
season on the W. S. Chandler contract.
Hughes and Chandler seem to he a firm
now for logging and lumbering purposes.
Peter Syverson, of Quincy, has sold
hia litlte home there, and start this
week for Colorado valley, in Arizona,
taking hia family with him. They ex
pect to cultivate the soil by irrigation
from the Colorado river, and will not at
once appreciate the change from locality
of copious rainfall to one as dry as that
region is, but think they will prefer it
in time. Possibly so.
The cloning exercises of onr public
schools panned off pleasantly and satis
factorily last Friday evening, though the
rain was falling outside, making it hard
to get the white dresses inside tbe Red
Men' hall without spot or wrinkle, for
of (Jouree, the eweet girl graduate each
wore a white dress and each looked be
witchingly becoming. The class of 1903
wore white dresses also, that is, those
who took part in the exercises. At tbe
appointed lime to begin the ushers as
sembled at the entrance, and marching
to music, preceded the teachers, gradu
ates, clergymen and the achool board,
who marched around the room and up
the center isle, to the platform. After
invocation by Rev. J. K. Hawkins, Pro
fessor Esson, acting chairman, enounc
ed the numbers, as per printed pro
grammes. The three graduates, Misses
bertha Tichenor, Leona l'opham and
Bertha LewUton, each read an essay
that reflected credit on their work and
instruction. Misses Hughes, Tracey
and Conyer made the occasion more
enjoyable by instrumental music, and
Mien matt rendered some selection oi
vocal music that were highly appreciat
ed. Rev. A. Esson, of Portland, then
delivered an unique and highly pleasing
address, in which he urged the young
people on to higher ideals, and spoke of
a higher intellectual plane for which he
hoped to see the young people strive.
He closed with a few inspiring words to
the eraduates. after which the applause
showed the appreciative manner in
which the address was received, vr. J.
E. Hall, after a few well selected and
appropriate words, presented the di
plomas, and was followed by a short ad
dress from the principal, which closed
the exercises. The young ladiea receiv
ed floral tributes from many well-wishers,
and after a continued flow of con
gratulations and words of praise to the
four teachers, who did such noble work
in our schools, all parted, feeling that
they had spent an evening of rare pleas
ure and entertainment.
Vernonia Pick-ups.
Albert Wood made a business trip out
to the county seat last week.
Commissioner Case made a flying trip
to up-country points the hitter part of
last week. Business.
E. W. Keasey. of Home wood ranch.
waa down visiting his son, U. VV., and
family, Tuesday of last week.
J. W. Cave went out to St. Helena
with team and wagon the latter part of
last week. He reports the roads the
worst he has ever known them.
The base ball bovs are clearing (-round
in the flat along Rock creek, just above
the Braden place, which they intend us
ing for practice and game during the
Olaf Malmsten and son, 0! B., went to
Portland last week, going by the way
of Forest Grove. They spent the first
night out at the home of Mra. West,
near Greenville.
Clarance Palmer hit the road over the
mountains, toward St. Helens, Wednes
day of last week, headed for Westport,
where he will work during the summer
in a logging camp.
Reube Sesseman. who has been work
ing all winter for Casper Libel, near
Mist, came home Friday for a few days
visit and to do some needed work on his
claim, about four miles west of town.
, The fourth quarterly meeting of the
church hore.the Evangelical association,
will be held next Hunday week, begin
ning on Friday, that is, on March 28th
to 30th inclusive. Presiding Elder
Smith will be in attendance.
At the democratic primaries In this
precinct last Saturday John Pringle and
Ralph Rogers were elected delegates to
the county convention. The republican
primaries, coming on the 20th, is to late
to report the result for thla issue.
Legislation for Roads.
Nearly every atate in the nnion is tak
ing some active measures to secure bet
ter public highways and many of them
are appropriating large sum of money
each year to be used in constructing
roads on improved plans. Results show
that the investment of the public funds
in improvement of that kind haa been
profitable one. In some instances
saving of aa high as 60 per cent has
been made the people in the annual out
lay for vehicles and horse and the ad
vance in the property valuation aa a
result of the improved transportation
facilities ha greatly exceeded all expec
tation. In spits of the experiences of
other state and the fact that an im-
Jiroved condition of tbe public thorough
ares is needed here more badly than in
almost any other portion of the coun
try, Oiegon legislatures obstinately re
fuse to enact any measures that will
bring relief to the people. They not
only refuse to make appropriations of
state funds for road building but they will
not even pas laws so that the money
raised by tbe people through special
taxation can be judiciously expended.
One great drawback which Oregon has
to contend with il the fact that there is
too much politic and not enough busi
ness sense used in the administration of
her public affair. Astoria Budget.
Cbronlo Diarrhoea.
Mr. C. B. Wiifleld, of Fair Play,
Mo., who suffered from chronic dysen
tery for thirty-five years, says Chamber
lain' Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy did him mora good than any
other medicine be bad ever need. For
tale at the St. Helen pharmacy.
Samual C. Horton, a farmer living
just across the Columbia river from
Bridal Veil, was instantly killed at 4
o'clock Wednesday afternoon by being
struck in the bead with the sweep of a
stump-puller, with which he was work
ing. The rope by which the home was
attached to the sweep broke, causing
the accident.
Real Estate Transfers.
William Adams to A. Coleman, lots 9
and 10, section 6, tp. 7 n, r 6 west ; $1500.
Jamea Adams to A. Coleman, lots 11
and 12, section 6, tp. 7 n, r 6 west; $500.
Hugh Boyle to Tho. Boyle, land in
section 28, tp. 7 n, r 6 west; $500.
Lucia Brewick to Frank Clark, 5 acres
in section 7, tp. 7 n, r 4 west; $1.00.
C. E. Cook to Thos. Meserve, e M of
ee J of section 16, tp. 7 n, r 3 west ; $640.
R. P. Nixon to Amelia Sherwood,
land in section 31, tp 4 n, r 6 west;
A. Player to Lucia G. Brewick, lota 6
and 7, Bryant' first addition to Clatska
nie;$105. Slate of Oregon to C. E. Cook, e of
e H of section 16, tp. 7 n, r3 west; $160
F. C. Winchester to A. L. Richardson,
parcel of land in Rainier, $200.
E. M. Watts to Amelia Sherwood, 480
acrea in sections 31 32, tp. 4 n, r 5 west ;
Anna M. Wood to J. B. Yeon, a of
ne li of section 16, tp. 7 n, r 3 west;
umleraiffned bu been, by the Hon. 1. B.
Doan. Judge of the County Court of the county
of Columbia, stale of Oregon, appointed ad
miniairator of tbe eiutte of A. B. Little, de
ceased. Any and nil persona hsrlng claims
against said estate are hereby reqeired to pre
sent tbe same to me, duly and properly rerilied,
at the law office of W. H. Powell, in St. Helens,
Oregon, within six months from the date hereof.
LUAKUa U. 1.1 J lltB,
Admlnlttnter of the estate of A. B. Little, de
ceased. Dated March 21, 1902. W. H. Powell,
attorney for administrator. m21alS
Department of the Interior.
Land Office at Oregon City, Or
al arch 1st, 1902.
folfowine-named settler hnn filed notice of
her intention to make fiual proof in support t
her claim, and that said proof will be made be
fore the Register and Rcreirer. at Oregon City,
Oregon, on April 15th, VMtl, viz:
Homestead entrv No. 13.333. for the east M of
the southeast of section 25, township b north.
range n west. ne names ine iouowmg wit
nesses to prove her continuous residence upon
and cultivating of said land, vis: Iva B. tJtrmn
ahan, of Portland, Oregon, and Marian Barnes,
All Parker and John Parker, of Pituburg, Or
egon. niTall CUAS. B. MOORE3, Register.
In the County Court of the State of Oregon, for
Columbia County.
In the matter of the estate of N. L. Berg, de
it nndersie-ned. as administrator of the said
estate, have, on this February '17th. 1902. duly
died In the said Countv Court my final account
of all receipts and disbursements as such ad-
mlalstrator, ana tnai ssonaay. ine na aay ox
April, 1902, at 1 o'clock p. m., has, by the said
County Court, been set as the time for hearing
objections to such final account and the settle
ment thereof. This notice in published in Tax
OacooN Mist by direcUon of the undersigned
and of said Court. A. M. BKRU,
Administrator of the estate of N. L. Berg, to-
ceased, tit.- Helens, Oregon, March 7, 19l. 8.
H. amber, nq., attorney for administrator.
called for Columbia countv. Oregon, to be
held nt St. Helens, Oiexon, on Saturday, March
22nd, 1902, at 11 o'clock a. m., of sId day, for
the purpose of nomiuating candidatea for the
various county offices of said Columbia county,
Oregon, and to elect seven (7) delegates to the
state convention, to be held In Portland, Tues
day, April 2, 1902, and to transact snob other
business as may be brought before the conven
tion. The convention will consist of forty-five
(46) delegates, apportioned among the several
precincts, as follows:
Auburn 3
Apiary 1
Keavar Falls a
Nehalem S
Oak Point i
Rainier 4
Scappoose ....I
Union....... ..7
Warren S
Claukanle 7
Deer Island 2
(Johle t .4
Marshland .....2
The same beinr one (11 delecate-at-lanre from
each precinct and one (1) delegate tor each (25)
twenty-five voles oast for McKinley presidential
electors tn 1900, and one (1) delegate for the
remaining major iraction of twenty-nve
votes cast for said presidenUnl electors.
The central committee recommends that the
primaries in the several preeints be held at tbe
usual poll! nt places in said precincts on Tbura-
v. March 20th. 19U2. at 2 o clock p. m.
By order of the committee,
In the Circuit Court of ths State of Oregon, for
Cniumbla Countv.
State of oregon, plaintiff,
A. Nevln, ss administrator of the entate of John
Farrow, aeceaseu, an netra oi toe oeveueni tu
any there be) and nil persona Interested In
said estate, defendants.
It appearing to the court by the Information
filed In thin eourt by the district attorney and
by Chester V. Dolph, special counsel by Uie
leave and ander the direction of Hon. T. T.
Ueer, governor of the state, that John Farrow
died on the 9th day of July, 1X91, In Columbia
countv, Oregon, leaviug real and personal prop
erty therein; that A. Nevin was dulv an
pointed an administrator of said estate and duly
qualified as such and took posseBSton of all the
real and pergonal property of said estate; that
said eatate has been duly administered upon
and there remalus In the hands of said admin
istrator the sum ol (469.62.
And It further appearing that the decedent
died without heirs and that by reason thereof
the slate of Oregon has by law a right to such
f eraonl estate now remaining In tbe hands of
he administrator, It Is therefore ordered:
1 That all persons interested in the estate of
John Karrow, deceased, be and they are hereby
required to appear aud show cause In this court,
11 any thev have, on the 13th day of May, 1902,
why the title of, in and to said personal estate
should not be adjudged and vested In the state
of Oregon. It is further ordered that a copy
hereof be published in Ths Oriooh Mist, a
newspaper published In said county of Colum
bia, for six aaooessive weeks.
Dated March 4th, 19U2... Judge,
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