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    OKA COAL DtSTHOYED. The coal
bed of Mr. John Parker, looatsd bsok
of Downing'! Usding, was dsstreysd
by fire on Thursdsy nigh (of last week,
bout 6000 bushels of coal wm alio
destroyed at tht sama tlma.
Thi Timi Extshdsd. Judzs Doao
nd Commissioner Frikei bold nil ad-
Surned term of county court here last
onday for the purpose of consider
ing the question of tates. It was de
cided, ofior mature consideration, to
extend the time for the iherlff to make
lilt return until the lfith day of June,
JIo penalty will be added before that
Lord and Kihoaid. Governor
Iiord and Bcoretary Klnoaid are look
ing their horn In a manner that will
probably lead up to a lawsuit. The
governor went after bla warrant for
alary the other day and the eeeretary
refined to give it. . Hot worda followed
and the governor threatened man
damua proceeding tooompell Kinoaid
to pay the quarter' aalary. The tee
retary Informed hi excellency that be
would keep him tnaodarausinf for
very quarter to the end of hi official
term. - . '
Annual Elbotioh. The annual
city election took place here Monday
evening and mulled in the eeleotion
of tbe following ofBoer for the enu
ing year! President of the council, B.
E. Quick oounollmen, Richard Cos,
A. H. Blake.ley, H. R. Cliff, L. L.
Decker) treaiurer, W. B. Dillard j re
corder, J. R. Beegle; marshal, Allan
Jioblnsoo. spirited opposition wae
made to part of the ticket but it was
not sufficient to defeat any of the reg
ular nominee. While the contest
wased warm, everything passed off In
a good uatured way.
Fkiikv Ana Eliza,-Ann Elisa
8andert Haloomb, belle of tbe Long
Tom i again in trouble. For a couple
of montha abe has been under bonds
to await the action of tbe grand Jury
on ft charge of aaaault with a deadly
weapon, and now a Monroe justice
has put her under 1400 bonds to keep
the peace. Ann Elisa has, it appears,
threatened to do bodily harm to CWr
enoe Mansfield and Joseph Onelge,
two Monroe teamster. As a Monroe
correspondent put ( it, she declared
ahe would "out their hearts out and
hoot tbem through tneir respective
livers." Elisa's new rampage is the
outgrowth of tbe trouble over the
county road for which A. Whithelm
and sisty or seventy other persons pe
titioned tbe county court.- Corvallis
Lost His Tomoub. John Wilson,
deputy county assessor of Lane oounty,
waa operated on for oancer of the
tongue, at Good Samaritan hoepital.
in thia city, March 21, bis entire
tongue being removed, says the Ore
gonian. Tbe operation ia ft very un
usual one, and is the more remarkable
because Mr. .Wilson can now talk
rlaiuly and has no difficulty in mak
ing himself understood. The physi
cians of the city are all interested in
the case and pronounce it ft remarka
ble one. Several weeks ago the sali
vaty glanda below the tongue were re
moved but tbe operation did not
elite k tbe growth of the canoer, and it
was found nccesoary to remove the
tongue itself. The patient baa com
pletely reoovered from the effects of
the operation aud baa returned to bis
home in Eugene.
OcKiv Rafting. Captain II. R.
Robertson, of 8an Fraocieoo, who was
so successful last season in shipping
large raft of logs from Stella to the
Bay City, has just completed arrange
ments for handling this year two simi
lar rafts from the same point. Im
provements to tbe plant at Stella, will
be made to the exlout of $3000, and
operations were to commence on the
1st of April for the building of the
first raft, which it la expected will be
towed out of the Columbia by May.
The seoond raft will be ready for ship
ment by July. Mr. Robertson con
templates Mtabliahlng permanently
the business of ocean rafting at Stella.
The teredo in San Francisco bay makes
necessary the renewal of piling every
three years. The Southern Psoitis
Company is thus in tbe market as a
large and oonstant purchaser. Doubt
less sea rafting will soon prove to be
the basis of ft large industry on the
Columbia river.
Booked to Death. George Smith
received a letter a few days ago from
J. E. Sorbin, who ia now at Rowland,
aaya the Corvallis Times. In the
letter Mr. Borbiu gives h rather crisp
statement of the condition of affairs
where ha is. He aaya the country is
boomed to death and men of all trades
and piofessions sre there, and there Is
nothing for them to do. A house of
20 rooms will rent at $200 per month,
and others in proportion according to
else, city lots sell at from S1O0O to
10000; board and Iodine Is from 17
to 10 per week. The average laborer
will get 82 per dsy, while profeasional
men receive from $3 to 14 per day
when they are lucky enough to find
employment. There are oow 1000
idle men in Rossland and those who
command means are leaving. Freight
from Fortland there ia f 60 per ton and
there is a 35 per cent duty. 8 now is
now lour leet deep at itossiana.
A Gbeat Surpbibb. On Thursday
morning of last week ouroitiseua were
astonished and delitrhted to see both
the stars and the stripes floating from
the top of the court-house flagpole.
For some months past all that could
be seen of the old court-house flag wss
a few of the stars on a triangular
piece of what was once a flag sus
Dended from the staff, so that the
ight of a splendid new flag was quite
noticeable. Diligent inquiry failed to
reveal the origin of the Aug, which
had been put in place sometime dur
ing Wedueadny night. Some thought
it was an April fool scheme, while
Others surmised that the court house
offloial hud purchased it. Late Thurs
day evening, however, it loaked out
that six of the good ladies of the town,
namely, Mrs. James Durt, Mrs. James
Muckle, Mrs. M. O. Gray, Mrs. 'A.
Davis, Mrs. W. U. Dolman and Mrs.
J. R. fiuegle, had manufactured the
beautiful emblum of patriotism and
presented it to the county. Our peo
ple can once more point with pride to
the emblem of Americanism which
floats from the county building.
N. A. Ferry's Is the place to get low
James Dart waa doing business In
Portland Tuesday.
Dorr and Dow Keasey, of Yankton,
wers in this oity Monday.
F. M. Hoyt and E. Hall, of Warren,
were In town Weduesday last.
D. W. Price, of Soappoose, was en
our streets Tuesday aflornoon.
Mr. 8. Salser, of Backelor Flat, was
a caller it this offlce Monday,
Mrs. J. G. Muokle sad Mrs. J. R.
Beegls were in Portland Tuesday.
Buy a plug of 6 for 10 at Dart t
Muckle's. Six inches for 10 cents.
Miss Irving, of Fortland, began the
spring term of school at Yankton lust
Monday, . ;
H. A. Oberg, of Deer Island, at
tended to business in the oouuty seat
Superintendent Watts is reported
slightly indisposed at his horns at
Peter Loutlgnont.of Soappoose, was
attending to legal business in this city
Monday last.
Harry West, of Soappoose, waa in
town Monday interviewing the sheriff
in regard to taxes.
Miss Amy George came down from
Portland last Friday and visited rela
tives over Saturday.
The "F. D." brand of butter can be
had by calling at Ihs residence of Mr.
R.Cox. 40 cents per roll.
Mr. J. Lewis and Misses Mary and
Nora Conyers, of Oregon City, spent
lastSuoday In this oity Tisiliog friends.
There will be no adjourned term of
circuit court held here tomorrow,
Judge McBride being detained in
Astoria. .-
Edwin Merrill, justice of the peace
for Deer Island preoinot, was looking
after business matters in this city last
Win Seffert and John Splawn, of
Deer Island, were attending to mat
ters of importance at the oouuty seat
last Saturday.
Distilct Attorney Cleeton arrived
home on Thursday nlgbt of last week
from Hillsboro, where he had been at
tending court.
One and ft half million young sal
mon were killed at tbe Clackamas
bstohery a few days ago by lime being
put in tbe water.
George 8. Foster, proprietor of the
town site of Uoble, was in this oity
Monday, and contributed bis mite to
the county's exchequer. '
Mr. A. J. Hubert was a Portland
visitor Tuesday, Mr. Hubert expects
to start in a short time for Aris na,
where he baa large mining interests.
' Rev. George B. VanWatere, of St.
David's Episcopal church, Portland,
waa in this city .last Friday viewing
the progress made on tbe new church
here. y ,;.
Captain George Shaver la again at
his old post of duty as pilot on the
steamer G. W, Shaver, having severed
his connection with the White Collar
Mr. M. O. Gray was at Goble several
days lately making soms changes in
the telegraph line at that place made
necessary by a change in the railroad
Mill Mason, who has been at work
In a stone quarry near Grants Pass,
wss seriously hurt about a month ago,
sines which time be has been in the
Rev. C. E. Philbrook will hold com
munion service at Soappoose next
Sunday morning. He will also fill
Mr. Weinert's appointment at Houl
ton In the evening.
J. II. Sheldon will purchase salmon
for the lower river canneries this sum
mer. He is instructed to not receive
fish that have - been out of the water
longer than twenty four hours.
Notices are posted calling for a spec
ial school election on April 24th, to
take iilace between the hours oi l
and 4 o'clock in tbe afternoon to vole
upon the question of bonding tbe dis
trict to build a school house.
The Kellogg Company's steamer
Northwest is making night trips to
the Cowlits, leaving Portland en Mon
day, Wednesday ar.d Friday nights at
10 o'olook, and will return to Portland
Thuesday, Thusday and Sunday
Carrol Keasey, who has been In St.
Louis (or the paat two years, passed
through this city one day laat week
on his way to the Nebalem valley.
Mr. Keasey gave it as his opinion that
business was improving east of the
Rooky mountains.
It is said that 80,000 applications for
appointment have been filed at Wash
ington and there is many
doubt, on the' way. The department
officials have thsir bands full in
handling the place hunters aside from
attending to their publio duties.
The shoriff of Umatilla oounty haa
discharged both of hia deputies for the
present and is running the sheriff's
offlo single-handed and alone. This
waa brought about by the oounty
court having to make allowance for
expenses of deputies until an opinion
from the supreme court can be bad.
Tomorrow will be a busy day along
the river. April 10 will be the begin
ning of the fishing season, and on that
u.i.lnn auih veer ia d resented a busy
VVVM.W. www.- J . ' ...
scene. The catch, or rather the deliv
ery of fish on toe nrsi nay oi .ne sea
son is alwaya large, but it does not
necessarily follow that all the fish
were caught in one day.
One dny last week the three-year-old
son of W. T. Mason, of Bachelor Flat,
waa seriously burned on ihe body and
hands. The boy was playing around
a burniug log-heap when bis clothes
caught fire, und before the flames
i j i,. a.iinuni.hHd the little fellow
UUUIU 'w . v...B - --
waa terribly burued, and much care
w-s necessary to save ms mo.
Ths portly form of 0. Lovsgrea wss seea
en oar streets Tuesday of this week,
Arrangements are being' made to cele
brate Arbor Day on Friday of this week at
the school grounds.
H. L, Warren and wife returned from
Portland Monday morning, after spending
a few days In sselng ths sights there, .
Martin White, oar county assessor, Is la
town this wssk In bis official capacity,
looking ns over to see what we are worth.
Ike Bumgardner, aftsr voting last lion.
dsy, wss seen with his pack on bts back
striking out for Marshland for work. He
xpects to work at the Colvln IojkIii camp
Charles W, Lee brought bis family oat of
ths woods Into civilisation last wsek, hav
ing recently proved op on his ranch. They
are now oocupylng the house of Captain
Stewart on Nehslsa avenue.
An entertainment for Saturday evening
Is announced for tbs ben-fit of tbe cornet
band. It ie to be held In Conyers' hall and
an admittance fee of 10 cents Is expected at
the door. There ought to be a good turn
out and probably will be.
Constable Bruoe Haines exchanged cord
wood cutting for (tore-keeping laat week
and believe It an easier job, especially
when he bae merely to keep the goods
from getting away. He was relieved tble
week and has gone to Wallace laland to
assist in getting ready for flabing there.
Mr. Harlow and boy and Jasper Lewis
were also aeen with packs oa tbelr backs
going to tbtir boats at the river oa their
way to Astoria for tbe summer's campaign
catching salmon. Both these gentlemen
have recently moved their families te oor
town, attracted by Us social and educa
tional advantages, and teave tbem here
while tbey try their fortones near the
mouth of tbe great river.
The elty election on Monday was marked
by as much interest as if a presidential eon-
test wss at hand. Representatives of tbe
two tickets were on bend looking op voters
and working for tbe saceess of Ibeir candt-dati-a
as if their position In society de
pended on their election. Everything wae
good nature, but earnest, and many a joke
wae passed as persons were seen going to
elty ball to vote. The following persons
were elected to the office named: Presi
dent of the council, A. M. Tichenor; coun
cilman. A. V. Myers, K. Merrill, Henry
Krats, A. Bt Halnea; recorder, H. L. War
ren; treasurer, Dr. Hall; aaarahal, Andrew
A representative of a Portland business
house wss down last week and began snlt
against our enterprising firm of Page A
Warren. The firm, in order to protect
otber creditors, mads an asalgnment at
ones and on Monday morning Mr. Babin
of Portland, came down and took charge
at the etore for the benefit of the creditors.
leaving Mr. Kyneath as salesman, who Is
offering the stock at very low prices. We
are serry that such action was necessary
and hope the firm will come oat all right,
as tbey possees the eontidenoe of the com
munity and have been doing a straight
cosiness. If any error hae been commit
ted on their part it wae In .tbelr desire to
carry their customers along until money
was sasier. .
A few days of pleasant weather tbls week.
Will Freeman is still in Colorado U hopes
of regaining bis health. .
Mr. J. A. Mattson has returned from
California, where be has resided for a year
or more,
Fair View cemetery bae been enlarged.
J. O. Johnson, owning adjacent land has
agreed to part with another piece of It
Professor Harding will meet with tbe
young people Saturday evening at tbe
church lor the purpose of organising a
singing class.
Mr. George Fisher had his thigh fractared
Tuesday br a falling tree. Dr. Cliff at
tended to the Injured man and at last re
ports be ia doing well.
Joseph Holaday is home after a year and
a half sojourn with bis brother at Denver,
Col. He is of the opinion that Oregon is
ahead of anything be saw while gone.
Olga, the 11-year-old daughter of John
Johnson, died at tbe hoepital In Portland
Friday evening, five boars after an opera
tion bad bee performed for appendicitis.
Olga, with hsr sweet smiling face and gen
tle manners, was a great favorite with all
who knew her and her sadden death was a
severe shook to her host of friends, both
young and old. She was a promising pupil
In Miss Boyle's school and the grief of her
school-mates was sad to behold. The in
terment took place In Fair View cemetery
Banday afternoon. The family hare tbe
sympathy of many friends In their sad be
E. McCauley has left the valley for the
fishing waters of the Columbia and ethers
expect soon to follow.
Riley Adams lost a young heifer and
Billv Placks a valuable horse recently and
at last reports had another one quite sice.
Mr. Abel Reed and his grandson, Willie,
have been obliged to call on the medical
skill of Dr. Nswtb, but are reported some
better at the present writing.
A letter from Percy Clark atKaalo, B. C.
states that many people are there looking
for work and many more expected. The
mines are not yet opened on account of
snow. ' :
O. 0. Keasey came In last Saturday from
8t. Louis, thereby giving quite a surprise
to the "home folk,' not being looked for
till July, nevertheless such surprises are
very welcome.
Tbe gold miners bound for Upper Rock
creek made a fruitless attempt last week to
reach the mines, bnt found the snow 2tf
and 3 feet deep, so they returned, starting
out again Monday, April 5. 'Perseverenee
conquers all things" and it may develop a
valuable gold mine.
Tbe "April showers that bring forth May
flowers" maketb glad the heart of the yeo
man, for with It comes tbe April sunshine
to bring forth the grass for tbe hungry
cattle not quite soon enough to save tbe
lire of a valuable cow belonging to E. R.
Throop that died several days ago.
Fraa Cripple Creek.
After the big tire in Cripple Creek. I took
a very severe oold and tried many remedies
without help, the cold only becoming more
settled. After using three small bottles of
Cbamberlsin's Cough Remedy, both the
cough and cold left me, and In this high
altituds It takes a meritorious cough reme
dy to do any good. O. B. Henderson, edi
tor Dsily Advertiser. For sale by Dr. Ed
win Ross.
rN undersigned haa bsen duly appointed bf
the Cnunlr court of Columbia Cnnnlr, Oregon,
guardian of the estate ol Ola Munsou, an Insane
poraou, and has qualified aa sueh. All person
bavins olalma aealiist aald estate are hereby r
oulrcJ to pwaenf the sum with proper vouhr
feme at the offlce of the Countjr Clerk, la St.
Helen., Oregon, within six month worn the
a..rrt wja?
Onardlan of the Estate of Ole Munaun, luaane.
iiminralirned administrator of thteitstepf
William Adanie, iiwpiiwi. hm .i.e..
County Court olthe State of Oreiton, hlannal ac
ooant and petition for final illmrltiutlon of the
reaklue of nald eatate. and that tbe Judge of aald
Court haa appoluted Monday, the loth day of
Hay, 1W7, at i o-oioca . . auo me v..
mom of aald Court in St. Helena, In aald County
and State, aa the lime and place for heariujt ana
ettlingth aald aenount and petition (orclUlrt
butlon, at which time and place any pertou In
terested In aald aetata may appearand Die writ
ten objection! to the allowance of aald account
and Ihegrwtlngof Od patUlon
admlnlttrator of me Estate of William Adams,
aeeeaeea. ""
In the Circuit Court of the Stat of Oregon, for
the county 01 uoiumoia.
Carolina Handelman, plaintiff,
John Handelman. defendant. 1
To John Handelman, defemlaut:
You are required to appear and answer the
complaint Sled against you In the above en
titled suit, on lb lltb aay 01 nay, law, ana 1;
you fall to answer the same, the plaintiff will
take a Judgment and decree dissolving tbe mar
riage contract existing between yon and the
Slalntlff, and lor the eustody ol the infant
slighter named "Bosa."
This summons la published by order of Hon.
T, A. Hoilrlde, Judge. Dated March 2t, WW.
w. w. rw.
amU Attorney for Plaintiff.
Coukty Tbbastjbbk's Opficb. )
St. Hblbns. Or., April 8, 1897.,
XfCTIOBU hereby given that all unpaid
1 County Warrants of said county,
wblcb bas been presented and endorsed
"Not Paid for Want of Funds," prior to
June i, IBM, will be paid upon present
ation at this offlce. Interest will not be al
lowed after this date.
a9m7 Treasurer of Columbia County, Or.
e. A. ball ao e. w. biliy, bditobs.
Whooping cough is quite prevalent yet,
there being eight or nine case in town.
Misses Flora and Anaa George are absent
from school this week on account of the
sicknese of their mother.
8tlltsare all the rage now among the
school children, and from tba length of
some of them (the stilts) they are quite
elevating. .
We notice tbe Wh laser ha ceased to
wblss. Sorry, but guass "lightning-' failed
to strike as was expected, consequently a
final wblzs.
School commenced at Yankton and War
reu last Monday with Miss Irving as teach
er at the former place and Miss Longscre
as teacher of tbe latter.
What gave use to lowering the flag to half
mast at the death of any great man or on
account of some national calamity t Will
soma of our readers please answer T
Our readers will please pardon us If our
school aotee are not up to tbelr usual
standard this week, as our mathematical
editor is quite sick, snd not able to arrange
the questions and answers as tbev should
be. However, next week we will do better,
Friday afternoon at S o'clock Dr. Ross
will deliver hia third lecture on physiology
and illustrate the uses and action of the
heart by dissecting tbe heart of a beet. We
cordially invite our friends to attend tbe
lectures, which are instructive and enter
We observe that a notice has been posted
calling for a meeting of tbe tax-payers of
tbe district to determine whether there
shall be isaued bonds for tbe pnrpoee of
building a new school-bouse. Perhaps in
the course of two or three months Clataka-
nie and Rainier, who boast of such fine
school buildings may be outrivaled by Bt.
Helens after alb Then, what tbe Clataka-
nle correspondent to Tax Mm some time
ago. mads ton of. about at. Helens having
a new school-house In the spring, may be
Reaolntiona of Respect.
Mountain Viaw School,
District No. 9, it., April 5, WW
Tbe following resolutions were adopted
by Mountain View school ia consequence
of the death of Olga Johnson, which oc
curred April 3. 1867: .
Whereas, God. in his kind providence
has willed to pluck from our garden, the
choicest and sweetest of our flowers and
has transplanted It in the garden of His
Grace: therefore be It
Resolved, That in losing Olga from our
midst we have lost one of the purest, most
Innocent, loving and lovable of our school
mates and pupils; one whom we shall miss
and mourn for years.
Resolved, That en Arbor Day we shall
plant a tree to her memory and cultivate it,
that It may be a conatant reminder of her
beautiful countenance.
' Resolved, That we extend to the bereaved
parents and friends our deepest sympathies
in this, tbelr saddest affliotlon.
Resolved, That a eopy of these resolutions
be sent to the Oasoos MiRforpubllcstion;
also a copy to the home that is shrouded in
gloom. -"O.
not In ernelty, not in wrath,
The Reaper came that day ; .
Twas sn angel visited the green earth,
And took the (lower away."
Teaches axd Ponls,
We sre pleased to see Tbs Obbooh
Mist agitating tbs question ol a new
school building: in St, Helens, That's
right, keep hammering at them until
tbey ereot one. There is nothing like
good schools in good building and it
falls to the lot of the newspaper man
to push them in order to get tbem in
town. Buy witn it ooys, you u wm
Clatskame Chief.
Absolutely Puro
Celebrated for its great leavening
strength and hualthfulneaa. Asaurea the
food againal alum and aU forma of adul
teration common to the cheap brande.
rem s
'SUMMONS." ' ""''";
In theCln-ult Courtof the State of Oregon, for
Columbia County.
Eaberg-GunetCigarOo., a corporation, plaintiff.
Rnn Hrannln. AAfonAant- r
To Henry Drauuiug, the above named defend
ant ;
You ara hereby reuiltred to aooear and
antwer the complaint tiled attslnet you in the
alioveentttled action on or belore the 11th day
of May, IW7, aald day being the drat day of tbe
next regular utrm oi ine aouve enimeu wrnii
and II you fall to to appear and anawer, for want
thereof, aald plaint! IT will apply to the Court for
the Judgment prayed for In lie complaint, to-wit-
Vm Inilvmant airalnat the above named
defendant for the mm of SIxty-foar and (IS-1O0
du.u) Lh,uiu, wiib interest tnereon irora me
,rjh,lKol Hiiteinher. 1HH. and theeoetaand
ditbiiraeroente of thin action, and for an order of
a ,w..irt fnr the alit of the real nrooerty at
tached in thla action In Baker County, Btate of
uregon, oeeeriDea ae iota ia, iv, anu 10 in viuca
6, In Stewart Second Addition to Baker City,
Thla summons la pnbllahed by an order of the
above entitled Court, made and entered In said
Court hytha Hun. Thomas A. McBride. Judge
oi said Court, on the mn day 01 Marcn, am.
SAuns ex
niWm7 Attorneys (or Plaintiff.
In the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon, for
The State of Oregon and the Board of Com
tha f Uinntv of f :,,ltimDia.
missioners for uie Bale Ol ncnooi ana uui
fernlty lands, and for the Investment of
the Funds Arising therefrom, plaiutlua,
Henry Bnbert, Mary K. Hubert, and James
Dart, as Administrator of tbe Estete of T. H.
""( vuwmmwt "CI ........ - j
To Henry Hubert and Mary A. Bnbert, defend'
ante aoove namea: nvnrw
n jas nasi ujr in,,ini. "r yi. ....y ,
Ynn. ana aoh of von. are hereby required
to appear and answer the complaint filed agalont
vou in id auove fnuueu suit suu fu,
by the a rut day of the next regular
l.v L.nn of thj, nin-nlt Court ol the State of
Oregon, for Columbia County, to-wit: on Tues
day, the 11th day of May. Wl, and If you fail to
ao answer, for want thereof the plaintiff" win
apply to we court lor an oruer oi atmui
uttnrt nu anrf lor aha relief demanded in the
complaint, to wit: (or Judgment against the
said defendant, Henry Robert, for the sum oi
One Thousand Dollars, with Interest thereon
at the rat of eight per cent per year, from the
21st day of September, 1SS4; together with the
further aum ol Two Hundred Dollara aa attor
neys fees, and tbe eoste ana disbursement in
thla snlt.
For a decree foreclosing all claims, nens or
H M Af ui.h rt, ulH jtofAfutAnt. and all Der
sons elalmlng under them, in and to the real
estate aDd premises described In the complaint.
to-wit: Toe norm nan oi mm mown nan w
tlon thlrtv-four in townahin number six north
of range number tour west of the Willamette
Meridian, In Columbia uounry maw oi ureguu
and containing One Hundred and etxty acres,
together with the Improvements thereon, and
nwiarln a ul. tJ Ik. M vaal Mtata uifl afl &IV
filication of the proceeds to the payment of said
udgment, and for such other relief as may
seem meet and equitable in tbe premises.
Thla enmmnna ia nubltahed bv order Of the
Clroult Court of the Bute of Oregon for Colum
bia County, duly made ana enierea in open
isOurc, Atarcn tf, iw.
Vff . JD. 1tl.t.Aa.JL.
J V . UVg3la
Attorneys (or Plaintiffs.
r us iai hi
In the Conaty Court of the Bteie of Oregon, for
UHumm vonniv.
In the Matter of the Estate of Frank M. Keeker,
To w A. Maekar. Anna Smith. Anderson Smith.
Willie Bmito, .lltie emiin anu
Smith, helra at law of Frank U. Meeker, de
ceased, and to all other heir of aald doeaed.
unknown if any there be:
Ton. and aaeh of von. are hereby com-
mannao to ha and annamr before tha Honorable
County Court of the Stat of Oregon, in and for
ne uounty oi uoiumina, a to- uiun-uuuH. tu
M, Halana. la aald CnnntT and State, oa Monday
theSrd day of May, 1087, at 2 o'clock r M., of
aaia aay, it neing ine regular May won v, aaiu
Court, to ahow cane, if any exist, why an order
of sale of all the real property belonging to aald
estate, should not be made, a prayed for in the
petition on Hie In aald Court; aald real property
being described aa follows, to-wit: An undi
vided one-fourth Interest in and to the south-
northwest auarter of the southwest ouarter, of
went onarter of tbe northeast ouarter. ana Uie
section number one, in towneoip numwr wu
north of ranra nnmur two weat of the Willam
ette Meridian, in Multnomah County, State of
Oregon, and containing la th whole tract
eighty acre of land.
in t
testlmonv whereof. I. Judaon Weed. Clerk
of the County Court aforesaid, do hereunto set
my nana and afflx the seal of aald court, at my
omcein tne city oi St. ueiena, state oi Oregon,
tnu 4tn aay oi Marcn. A. v. vwi.
Deputy. (m!2a2S)
To the Honorable County Court of Colum
bia Uoontv, uretron: -
VV voter, revlilina? in Oak Point pre
cinct, uolunibla Uounty, estate oi uregon,
wonld respecttauy pennon your nonoraoie
body, at Its next adjourned term, which
will be held on Saturday, the lthbdayof
April, 1897. at the court-hens in the city
of Hi. Helena. Columbia County. State of
Uregon, that a license oe graniea to neu
kj ii are to eu spirituous, viuuua wu
iiouora in laaa ananttnea man one niiun,
In (.air Point nnacinet. and that nch 11
nanaa ne a-ranuta or a nenou oi six monuia,
for all of which your petitioners will ever
c hhnrehill. J Black. Wm Tarnahen. Chan.
Ternahan, Charles Krevkaon, A P Smith. CW
Mayger, Henry Henderson, inls Btocaenoerg,
'iI i.I A Tibhetta. Louis Fluhrer. Wm
Fluhrer, Carl Stockenberg, L d Mamn, George
Butts, W Black, Cbarlea Black, W F Slaughter,
C Blomaulst. A Madden, F Ternahan, F-D
Crandall, Joseph Bertrand, Nets Peterson, P
Bertraud, R D Crandall, Fred Gallaher, J Sand
strom, John Mesch, James Coakley, Oeorg O
Mayger, wm m Mooens, amea oiuwouw , o
K giorgren, jonn Bryant, vuariea marger,
BUUUUli D1IUUU .MUU,1... ".! "
C McDonald. Thomas Bennett, J W Huffman,
If I. Hathara. Arthur HOUrtW. J L UOWllUg. I
amith a A Patorana. Andrew Johnston. Q W
Anderson, N O Norquist, Guy E Barnes, Thorn
Jurack, August Lund, J A tump, u uersuan,
U4 sanies.
In th Circuit Court of th State of Oregon, for
the Comity of Columbia. -Walter
J. Burns, plaintiff.
C. 0. Cole, Amanda Cole, I. P. Marshall, Josle
Cole, w. v. uenaerson ana jseuss nenuei-
on .lafanriaflta-
To C. C. Col, Amanda Cole and Joel Cole, de
L Vou are hereby required to appear and
answer the complaint Sled against you in the
above entitled suit in the above named Court on
nt hafnr TnAartav. tha eleventh dav of May. A.
ii. lew, sal a aate neing uie nrni uay oi uiv uo"
answer, for want thereof the plaintiff will take a
decree against you, aud each of you, foreclosing
that certain mortgage executed on the 29th day
of July, 188. by Will W. Cole and W. O. Hender
son, aa nartner under the firm name of Cole A
raaniar tarm oi aaia uouix: anu ii vou ran mi w
neuaereoa, w one wm. ifuuuw uu a,, ut ,ta
following described land, to-wit: Lot Number
One (1) in Section Thirty-six (Sd) In Township
Haven fTi North of Ranee Number Two (2) West
of the Willamette Meridian, containing 11.4
acres, more or leas; also tn weatune-nauiftjor
the Northeast One-fourth Ci). and the South
.ui Quarter of the Northeast ttuarter. of Section
Number Thirty-five (i&), In Township Number
seven (7 nortn. ttange numuer iwow wwui
th Willamette Meridian, containing 120 acres.
more or less; together wun mu, naonraery,
nonm. Chains. Lorain Outfit, Blacksmith i
Outfit, and all buildings erected thereon, for the
nnrnrtaa of aannrtna tha navment In fuU Of a
certain promissory note made and delivered to
the said wm. lmnDaroti aaia aaie oy aaia von
A Henderson, whereby the said Cole A Hender
son agreed to pay to said Wm. Dunbar on or be
fore ie roontns alter onie oi aaiu bomb uie sum ui
Fifteen Hundred Dollars, with interest at the
rate of eight per cent, per annum until paid, and
In na a1t la inatilllted to Oolleet Bald UOtO. OT
any portion thereof, then anch a sum aa should
be sojuugeu oy tn tuu. . iwhuumjl. aa
nava- lean in aueh suit.
The conveyance In said mortgage being so
made by aald Cole A Henderson to the said Wm.
Dunbar, and conditioned for the payment of tho
said sum of SU00, and Interest thereon at the
rate of eight per cent per annum, until paid and
lor the payment of all taxes upon the property
mentioned in said mortgage; and said mortgage
halrtGr raoorded in the office of tha County Clerk
of Columbia County, tn Book E, page IMS of the
Kocorue oi Mortgages oi aaia uouncy; anu ui
further relief demanded in said suit is (1) Judg
ment against said W. C. Henderson for the sum
of INftonn Hundred Dollara. with interest there
on from the 2Mb day of July, 1889, at the rate of
eight per cent, per annum, and for the sum of
Three Hundred Dollars aa attorneys' fees, and
costs and disbursements in this suit; (2) that
said Judgment be decreed a nrsi lien upon aaia
lanil mil that aald land heaold aa nreacribed bv
law, and the proceeds, or sufficient thereof de
vlvoH from aut.h aaie h annlled to th navment
otsaid Judgment; and (8) that you, and each of
f ou, be foreclosed and barred as to any Interest
n said land; aud (4) forsuch further relief as to
the Court may seem Just and equitable.
Thla summons Is published and mailed to yon
by virtue of sn order of the Hon. T. A. MeBride,
Judge of the abov named Court, made on the
Uth day ol February, 1897.
Was Attorneys for Plaintiff.
JegetablefteparaliOTiof As
similating teYoo&milteliitai-
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tion. Sour StomAch,Diairtea.
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