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    mw '(Oregon imi
Johnny Grove m in town Monday
evening. .
A. Miicnulov., of Mar Vernonia, tt lu
4owu Uiia weulc,
Remember that the tax roll will be
closed next Monday.
Emmett Potter, ot Kalama, wai a
Sunday vlaitor here,
Wm. Mocker It confined to his room
with un attack of illness,
Caspar Libel, of Mint, waa a caller at
4he court houe Monday.
Assessor Kyaer ii now buaily en
gaged in hli ollloial duties.
Mia. A. Davia ia in thia place again,
liaviug returned Wednesday,
J. D. and R. McKay, of Scappooie,
-were in our oily last Tuesday.
L. F. Beiuer, of near Rainier, waa
noticed on our atreeta Monday,
Pat Hugliea, of Deer Ialand, wai in
town the altcr part of laat week.
Attorney R. P.Graham, of Portland,
waa lu town Wednesday evening.
' Born April 24th, 1804, to the wife
of F. M. llonder.of dill ton, a dauligter.
A large number from thia place at
tended the oddfoilowa' ball at Kalama
yesterday. .
8. P. Donkle, of Mint, waa doing
business in our city on Thursday of
Jaat week.
Goo. A. Steel, c4 Portland, ia chair
loan of the alale republican central
Prof, Drice, leader of the Ridgofielil
band, waa noticed on our atreeta one
tlay laat week. '
At preeorit there are 042 paticnta
liruviiied for lu the atate insane asy
lum of Oregon,
Mra. Sarah Lemont returned from
Portland Tuesday, where etie haa been
visiting friends.
Miss Georgia Gilliw.of Salnm.marie
abort viait to relalivea in thia city
he Hrrt of Hie weak,
A. Ihictiist, of Miet, Made final
proof on his ' uommsead before the
county clerk Monday.
Mra. Way enjoyed a viait early in
llio week from her former pupil, Miss
May Russell, of Taomna.
' Miaa Willie Columbia City,
returned home Ttwsday from a six
montha' aojourn in Corvallia. .
Supervisor Newell, of this road dia
trict, now haa a force Of hands ui work
on the couuty road near town.
Mra. Win. (laddie, altera few week'a
real, ia again teaching school near
Alusgruve's, on Sauvioe Island.
I.. Crrky, of the Bnynton Saw Co.
of Portland, was doing business in thia
place tliu fore pari of the week.
The MulinoinuH county treaaurer'a
(iftlce wh relieved of about f 2,000 in
coin lust Saturday by a bold robber.
Lindloy Meeker, of nuk
ing some valuable improvementa on
liia place in the way of tile-draining
liia prune orchard.
M. M. Monteith. a former employee
of thia office, now haa charge it the
JSkamivuia County Pioneer, published
t Htiivei.min, Wash.
Miaa Fannie Meservc, who bus been
mending school at Muninoutli for tli
past aovernl months, returned to lier
liome at Dole n a ihie week.
Win. Miner and family spent Sun
day at thia place, the gutata of Mr.
and Mra. W. A. Hanis. Mr. Miner
is a cousin of Mia. Harris.
Dr. J. E. Hall, of Clalskanie, re
turned Monday from a six week'a viait
to hia fiiiber iu Ute east. The doctor's
many frienda will be glad to welcome
liim home.
Win. Placke, of Keasy, thia county,
Issued throug St. Helcua Tuesday en
route to his home, accompanied by hia
brido, formerly Miaa Klva Evaue, of
Tho pleasant weather obtained for
ne vera I daya, but outdone itself Wed
nesday evening, wlien the usual down
ionr prevailed without interruption
during the entire night.
The many frienda of Oapt. Ilender
on will lie pleased to learn that he
lias aufflciently reeovored Irom hia
recent attack ol illness as to be able
to attend to hia duties aa mail-carrier.
F. Stringfleld, of upper Clalsicanie,
waa taken to Portland Tuesday, by N.
Pinckeny, suffering from a bloodpuia
oned groin. He waa left at the Good
Samaritan hospital, under the charge
4f Dr. Baylor- . ( , , .', -
Don't forget that Charley Doan is
the man to administer the affairs of
fi,.lnnilis nnnniv. in the capacity of
sheriff. Ho ia the man for whom to.
cast your vote on the 4th of Jane if
you are interested iu the county.. '
Laat Friday evening Mr. and Mrs.
R. Cox were tendered n genuine sur
prise by their many friends. The af
fair waa one long to be remembered
the company carried with them
everything which was good to eat,
and each one present did their part
in making the evening a pleasant one.
A mother no sooner bring her son
ihrouah the epidemic disease age than
lie falls into the sentimental period,
observea the philosopher of the Atchi
aon Globe. She sits up nights to save
Mm from a scarlet fever death, to hear
' Mm vow in a few weeka that he will
kill himself because a cheap, curly
headed girl with her eyebrows black
ened won't smile at him. 4 .,
The marriage of Miss Luella Ray, of
Mist, to Mr. Emery, J. Mills, editor of
Hue Vernonia Journal, waa solemnised
at the home of the bride's parents at
Mist, last Sunday. . Both of the con
tracting partiea are well and most
favorably known In thia county, and
Thb Mist join their many other
friends in wishing I hem a long, btppy
am) f roprrM journey through tyie.
. Joint llebaie. .
Hon. T, J. Cleeton and Joe Waldrop,
7,rsauiing me republican anil popu
list parties, respectfully, will engage
In Joint debate at Mayger, tomorrow
(Saturday) night.
A lady of experience In leaching
both city and county schools, would
like to engage a school to begin the
last of May or first of June. Address,
Teacher, 350J Washington street, Port
laud, Oregon.
peaking at Honllon.
Prof. T, J. Cleeton, republican nom
inee for representative, will speak at
lloulton, Saturday, May 6th, on the
iwlilical issuea ot the day. A grand
time ia anticipated, and everybody are
tendered a coidial invitation to be
present. A good musical programe
will i,o doubt be prepared for the oo
cusion. An Enjoyable Time.
The delegates who attended the
state democratic convention at Astoria
last week cannot sing the praiaes of
that town loo highly. They report
aa having been most royally enter
tained, and will always have a good
word for the metropolis ot the Colum
bia. The delegates from Columbia
county were Thos. Cooper, W. B. Dil
lard, and Ad Slump.
' A Busy Season.
Among the farmers of Columbia
county the present is a very busy sea
son, in many portion of the county
the irlobo is being turned vigorously,
and the modern agrioolas are busily
engaged in scattering the grain. Thus
far the season has been quite favorable
for Reeding, and the aoil is in good
condition for the plow. A great deal
of gardening and fruit culture i in
active progress.
Meets at St. Helena.
It should be remembered that the
Columbia County republican club
meets in thia city next Tuesday, May
1st, being the time and place named
by tho last meeting of the club, which
mot at Rainier on the 2nd inst. ' The
members of this organization consist
of delegates elected from the several
republican cluha throughout the coun
ty, being elected at the last meeting
of such club in each mouth. .
Hero'e a Good One.
A primary class in one of the public
schools of Sherman county waa recit
ing, and the teacher, who is a worship
per at the democratic altar, put a ques
tion to one of the little boys whose
father is a republican, expecting an
answer entirely different from the one
he got. He asked the little pupil
-How many mills make a cent?" "Non
of 'em do. Pa aays they all ahul down
on 'count of the Wilson bill.
New Money-Order System.
On the first of July next a new
monev-ordor system, which will per
mit the safe transmission of both large
and small sums of money, by letter, at
rates much lens than at present, will
go into effect. Orders for $2.50 or less
can be had for a fre of three cents,and
orders for l.trgor amounts up to $100
at rates graduated up to thirty cents,
With the issuance of the new money
order, the form of which is said t, be
artistic, beautiful, and convenient, tho
postal note will be aboli.-hcd.
It'a liota of Van.
Trout-fishing is reported aa very suc
cessful in the neighboring streams,
and large quantities have been caught
during the past few days. This is con
sidered royal amusement by many.but
if the decision were left to the quill
driver of thia paper he would prefer
some other recreation. It may be fun
to tramp all day up and down the rug
ged batiks of mountain streams, wade
in water to your waist, debar yourself
of meals, and then come back bearing
as trophies of your labora, three or four
little fish. Half the Joy of thia life
dwell in the imagination, and we verily
believe trout-fishing is an amusement
more in fancy than in reality.
World's Pair Awards.
The secretary of the Oregon world'a
fair commission has just received from
the chairman of the executive com
mittee on award, certified lists of the
awards granted to exhibitor from Or
egon at the World'a fair, in the depart
ments of agriculture, forestry, horti
culture, fish and fisheries, river and
mining, manufactures, liberal arts, fine
art and ethuology. From theae list
it la learned that Oregon captured
about six dozen medals in competition
with the world in the several depart
ments at the great Columbian exposi
tion. Errors occurring in tha spelling
of some of the names and postofllces
have been noted, and theae corrections
have been aent to the chairman of the
oommittee at Washington" D. C, ao
that no errora may be made on the
medal, diplomas, and the official pub
lications. Cheap Transportation. -
A passenger rate war ia on again
between Portland and Oak Point, in
elndine: war landings, the competing
companies being the Shaver Trans
portation Company and W. E, New
nm'a ataamer Ira Ida. After a aix or
eight month's lay off through the
wnrt nl the steamboat season, during
which time the Shaver company fur
nished the river trade a most excellent
service, Mr. Ncwsom haa again put his
boat on the Oak Point-Portland route
in opposinou to the Sarah Dixon, and
in order to cripple his competitor
ha made a bid for the trade by re-
(Indue the fare to twenty-live cents
each way and the same rate between
all landings. Shaver Brc.'have made
a UUe cut in rates and will carry pus
senders to any point on thoir run for
twnntv-flve oenta. ; They have also
made a linht change in the time
schedule of the morning: trip and now
rAach Portland ahead of the Iralda
and nearly an hour earlier than for
merly.. For the past year the Shaver
company has furnished its patrons
with a first-class, reliable and satisfact
ory service and have done so at a con'
slant daily loss of $35 to themselves,
Thev are entitled to great credit for
the splendid service they have given
the Deotde, and should receive a most
liberal Dftlronaee from ebippors and
fUe trawling public,
Waiting In California.
Mr. W.H. Dolman W enjoying a
very pleasant visit with some of hi
many friends in California, and speak
well of that state as a health restorer.
While iu Portland, en route to San
Francisco, he purchased a very floe
and new line of ladies' summer dress
good, bats, laces, trimmings, etc. ; also
a new and complete stock of men'
furnishing good. Mr. Dolman 1 a
very close and careful buyer, which
enable him to sell hia good at very
reasonable rate to the benefit of bis
customers and the publio at large.
Mr. Dolman aeemi to know , exactly
what will suit the publio taste, and ex
tends a eeneral invitation to all to
come and consult hi price before go
ing elsewhere. .
A Pleasant Day.
Last Sunday was a most beautiful
day, and aucceeded in bringing every
body out oi door. The river was com
pletely lined with people who wore en
gaged in the enjoyable sport of angling
for the "speckled beauties," and a large
number of the anglers were quite suc
cessful; others were enjoying boat
rides ; some strolling in the beautiful
wood which surround our little oily,
while other were enjoying a drive or
horseback ride. What is the matter
with St. Helens starting the ball roll
ing by giving a pimiio; say about the
middle of May? We have beautitul
ground which should not lay idle, a
St. Helens is noted for her publio treat
io thia line of amusement.
The Wool Clip.
The shearing season is now on in
the wool-growing sections of the state,
and large quantities of the clip is Do
ing received in the various local mark
ets. This article has been received in
large quantities at The Dalles, which
is one of the great wool center of
Eastern Oregon, and which will,doubt
less, handle more of the product direct
from the producer than any point in
the Northwest. It is a foregone con
clusion that the sbeepraisers will not
realize the former good price lor tneir
product a consequence of the free
trade bill now pending, which will
put that industry in a position to com
pete with Australia. Even Texas is
discontented, and would do anything
to defeat the free-trade bill. 1 hey
will know more in 18 than tbey did
iu 1802. Just you wait.
The Salmon Season.
On the 10th inst the salmon-fishing
season opened on I ho Columbia river,
but the present indications are that
the salmon industry this year will
yield a much smaller revenue tha.i
for many past seasons. Cannerymen
are in no way anxious to obtain sal
mon at the tinhermen's prevailing fig
urea, which are five cents per pound,
they the cannerymen getting $1 35
per dozen cans, five per cent off for
commission, at which price they made
no money laat year. The market is
almost barren of Columbia river sal
mon, because very little of the pack
has been disposed of. There will be
only about one-half of the usual num
ber of canneries in operation thia year,
and the prospeuia for a profitable trade
are decidedly slim.
Fell From Grace.
Thomas Devine, the very rich tim-
berland man, whose name has exten
sively gone the rounds of the press
the last few months in connection
with a disreputable marriage he con
traded in the Tenderloin district, New
York, is again in the Portland city
iail. chareed withdrunkeness. Devine
has takon several cures against drink,
but always fell from grace. About
two weeka ago he said that he was
about being divorced from bia New
York wife, whom he had seen but
once after the marriage, and intended
to marry a respectable girl living in
Multnomah county, he would brace
up and become a man again. That
verv same nieht he was picked up in
the street by the police in a paralysed
drunken coudition.
Marriage at GUI ton.
It is our Dleasant duly to note the mar
riage laat Sunday, at the home of the
bride near Oillton.of Mia Nina Irene
Hazon. to Mr. R. E. Owen, of Port
land. The bride i the pretty and ao
compliahed daughter of our widely'
known and esteemed citizen, met
Hazen. and the bridegroom l a young
barber, at present employed in the
Hotel Portland. Judge Blakesley, of
thia place, officiated and tied the nup
tial knot in a most secure and im
oressive manner, after which the
happy couple received the hearty con
cratulations of their friends and then
sal down to a sumptuous lunch. Miss
Sadie Grendville cleverly performed
the pleasing duties of bridesmaid, and
Mr. Arthur Ball, ot rortiana, acquit
ted himself creditably -aa best man.
The euesta present were : Mr. and
Mrs. Amos Slaven and daughter; Mr
and Mrs. Hall : Mr. and Mra. R. O
Hazen and family; Mr. and Mra. Rur
rell. of Portland : Mrs. Mattie Moore
and Mr. Jas. Cox.
Jury liist.
The following-named persons were
drawn to serve as jurymen at
May, 1894, term of circuit court:
George Hayes farmer Quincy
Frank Bishop " iteuoen
Joseph Copeland " Gillton
John Leonard Mist
John Girt " Reuben
Frauklin P Rice " Rainier
Thomas Cooper, liveryman, St. Hel's
Max Berg farmer uiutoo
Harry West Hcappooee
Henry Dorref, blacksmith, Clatskanie
Nelson Stewart farmer
Deer Ialand
. Vernonia
Deer Island
, Scnpjtpneo
Andrew Anderson
John John a
Joieph Banxer
George Ramsey
Thomas Pettijohn
Francis A Bear
Fred Henderson
John F Dangerlield
George S Foster
Charlea Nelson
Fred Gates
Alonao Merrill
Charles Lovegren
Charlea Mellinger
Frank Clark
Marshal E Morgan
Ferdinand Miller
Isaao Bumgarduer
Maurlts Carr
John Johnson
Although the Josephine cave are
now attracting the attention of the
outside world, few of even the old resi
dent near there have ever visited,
much les explored them. Eastman,
a Grant Pass expressman, Iroweven
spent a week up there a year or so ago,
and was in for a distance of a mile.
He said he made no attempt to ex
plore the big hole to their extremity,
but he pronounced them the grandest
thing in America. The wall and
ceiling of the various . maromouth
chamber glitter a though set with
diamonds, and the better the light the
more weird and magnificent the effect.
There will doubtless be a large num
ber of visitor registered there the com
ing summer.
Shot In the Hand.
Jas. McKay was shot and painfully
wounded while trying to forcibly take
a revolver out of the bands of Joe
Campbell, in front of Watt A Price'
store, at Scappoose, early last Tuesday
morning. Campbell had been drink
ing heavily, and Frank Bwager, who
keeps a bar there, found it -necessary
to refuse him any more drinks and to
eject him Irom the house. Campbell
then went away and armed himself
with a pistol and shotgun and re
turned to the front door of Swager's
place whore he proceeded to load the
Utter, but had no caps, to discharge it
with. He then wen into Watts A
Price's store and wanted to buy some
caps, but was refused tbem at the re
quest of Mr. McKay who thought that
Campbell intended to do Swager bod
ily harm. After being refused the
caps, Joe went out the front door of
the building and drew a pistol irom
hia pocket with the evident intention
tion of usine it. McKay, who had
close! followed Campbell, grasped the
pistol and a struggle instantly followed
for the possession of it, during which
it was discharged into the palm of Mc
Kay's left hand, making a deep and
very nainful wound, tie immediately
came lo town and Dr. Cliff dressed the
wound, but did not find the ball which
ia thought to be firmly Imbedded be
tween two of the bones near the wrist
The farmers are busy planting
seeding. '
The sawmill is at present "tied up
for want of a logging team. .
The only man that. is idle and talks
of joining Coxey's army is a populist.
George Sigaler is farming his cousin
Lvman Merrills place tins summer.
anJ ha moved on the place.
School in this district will begin the
second Monday in May, with Mrs. J
Galvin, of Portland, as teacher.
The Caanan republican club ia work'
inar along nicely, with jl large mem
bership. Prof. T. J. Cleeton ia booked
for a speech.
Fronk Merrill, of Clalskanie, waa in
our midst a short time siuce. We did
not learn hia business, but believe he
was "strengtlieuing the brethren in
the faith." .-. .. "
Deputy Sheriff Doan was here on
olficiul business last week. TWe have
seen him here quite often before, but
this is the first time we have seen mm
leading (he "Bull by the horns."
Miss Lyons, of La Center, Washing
ton, haa secured the Canaan school for
the coming term. 1 he board oi school
directors are men of broad business
ability, and we will likely have a suc
cessful term of school thia summer,
It might be necessary for some to
join Coxey's army, but there are none
here who are really obliged to oe out
of employment. Although very few
jobs have cash in sight, still there
plenty of work, and tue pay ia lust as
safe as cash in the banks. If those
who need work will take hold now
they will be better off in the future.
J. W. Turner has rented A. B. Lit
tle's farm on Lost creek, and will soon
move his family there. .
Fruit trees of all kinds look well
and the prospects are very favorable
for an abuudant yield ot fruit,
Mrs. A. B. Little, of Houlion, spent
several dava in the valley last week
with relatives, returning home Satur
day. . , . . "'. .
Mra. Dr. Meserve arrived borne last
Tuesday, after an absence of about
two months, visiting at uregou uuy,
Houlion and Troutdale.
We are pleased to state the weather
is very favorable for planting, ana far-
mere are improviug the opportunity
to their fullest capacity. .
Ed. Ptigh bad the misfortune to
have his cabin destroyed , by a ( falling
tree. It also demolished his cooking
stove and olber household uriuture,
Syverson Bros, have sold their saw.
mill, formerly owned by E, Schmidt
to W. A. Edserton, who haa moved it
to his place on Upper Clatakanie
where he has a fine body ot cedar be
expects to cut for the market the com
ing soason. Mr. Edgerton is a thor
ough business man, and will no doubt
make a success of bis undertaking.
The republican club at thia place
continues to prosper, and is constantly
on the increase. Our laat meeting
was extremely lively, inaamuch as
some of the populists called on us and
thinking they had struck a fine lot of
suckers, at once prepared to swollow
us without salt. This, however, proved
a great error, for they found the re
publicans able to meet them on every
issue, and lively was the debating un
til the shade of evening necessitated
an adjournment, and all went borne
happy, each side confident that they
had completely done up the other.
The leading features of the Beaver
Falls republican club at its regular
meeting next Sunday, April 29, at 2
p. m., will be an address by Hon. H.
R. Duniway, of Portland, on the
Dolitical issues of the day. It la re
quested that all members of the club
assemble at the ball aa soon after 1 o'
clock aa possible, as there 1 import
ant business to be disposed of. Let
everybody irrespective of party, and
especially the ladies. The opportuity
of hearing Mr. Duniway should not
be missed bv anyone. Remember all
tre wlconio,
' -Joint befeate t &tftr.
Partisan populist papers "have taWn
occasion to refer to the joint debate at
Gill ion last week between Mr. Rice
and a man named Baker, a a warlr
oyer for ih latter. The fact is Butler
waa no match for Bice, who first sue1
cessfully met each of Baker's charges
and lore them all to piece, and then
rattled Baker ao completely that in
Baker's closing harangue he forgot a!'
together to refer to politics, and put
in the entire fifteen minutes
abusing Mr. Rice. The latter gentle
man displayed great tact aDd general
ship in his argument which was fair
and to the point throughout.
A handsome daughter made her
debut at the home of J. Grant Watts,
of Scappoose, atalale hour Wednesday
night. Dr. Uliir was master oi cere
monies. The mother and cnim are
quite prosperous. Both grandmoth
er are stilt alive.and it is thought with
careful nursing that Grant will recover.
Blllwe Clle Prareated.
Puranna who arc auhlect to attacks of bil
ious eolie can almost invariably tell, by
their feelinKS, when to expect an attack. If
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera, and Diarrh
oea Kenudy is taken as soon as these symp
toms appear, they can ward off the disease.
Such persons should always ki-ep the rem
edy at band, ready for immediate nse when
needed. Two or three doses of it at ths
right time will save them mucn sunenng.
For sal by Kdwih Ross.
IS lstt4.
The more Chamberlain's Condi Remedy
is used the better it is liked. We know (
no other remedy that always gives satisfac
tion. It is good when your cough is seated
and your lungs arc sore. It is good in any
kind of a cough. We have soldtwenty-Bve
dozen of it snd every bottle has given satis-
titedman x r ncdman, arnggisis,
Minnesota Lake, Minn,
for sale by Edwin Ross.
Fifty-cent bottles
HEMirrnt saie.
In the Circuit Court of the state of Oregon,
for the county of Columbia, r. it. uross
wait, plainiirf, vs. Oscar Akin and Willie
I. Akin, defendants.
ment, order and decree, duly issued out
of and under the seal of the Circuit court
of the state of Oregon, for the county of
Columbia, to nieduly directed, dated the
loth day ol December, upon juug
mvnt and dn'ne rendered and entered in
said court on the Mil day of October, 18tti.
in favor oi r. K. urossvau. piainun. ana
agninst Oscar Akin and Willi I. Akin, de
fendants, for the sum of rive hundred and
eleven snd one-lmndredths
($511 25) dollars, with interest thereon at
the rate of eight (8) per cent per annum,
from ibe 10th day of October, 1893, and the
further sum of one nunarea tsiwj aonars
as attorney's fees, and the further sum of
thirty-eight and thirty onc-hundredths
($38,301 dollars, costs and disbursements,
an.l nUn ih,, fnntm nl and unon said writ.
commanding me to make sale of the fol
lowing real property oi tne loove-namea
defemiants. to-wit: The southwest one-
oiiirUf IHWiml section twenty-eight (28)
townsnin nveio) none range mrctno, wn-
. ,. ' . , ... ,;
of the Willarnmette meridian, m uommoia
county, state of Oregon, and containing
one nunnrea ana sixty iiwi ai;re w muu,
more or less , together with the tenements,
hereditaments, snd appurtenances tliereun
t lelnni,iiier or in anv wine appertaining.
10th clay of April. A. I).; 189. Now, there
fan. hv (rtn nf said execution, iudemenf.
i ftniw viMt unon Raul reai-esiaie on toe
order, and decree, and in compliance with
nrdav. the 12tli day of May, 1894, at the
Nip rnmhiHnilflOI RA1Q vri, 1 will, on om-
iinnr nf ten dm o'clock a. ni of that day.
at the front door of the county conrthouse.
in tne ciiy oi oi. neiens. m emu cvum?
ite ell mihiect to redemption, at public
auction, to tha highest bidder tltanfor, for
cash, all the right, title, and Interest wmco
ilia nh,ivft.iimni (ipipnaama. uscsr akiii
and Willie I. Akin, had on the fourth day
ltt)2. the date of said mortgaae,
or has since had in and to the above-de
scribed real property, to satisfy said execu
tion, judgment, order, and decree, inter
est cost and all accruing costs.
Sheriff of Columbia county, Oregon
St. Helens. Oregon, April H), 18SH.
In the CI rcuit Court of the State of Oregon,
fnr Cnlnmhla countv.
Chsi. P. Mugele, plaintiff, vs. Geo. 8. Dip
nold. Martin 8. Wppold. and M. Frances
llmivtlil defendants.
To lleo. 8. Dippold, Martin S. Tttppold.and
M. t rances lilppoiu, aeienuaiuv;
Oregon, you are hereby required to ap
pear and answer the complaint filed against
vnn in the aiiove-entitled court and cause.
by the 15th day of May, 1894. it being tbe
first (lav of the regular term ol said court
next following the expiration of the time
nreacribed in the order for the publication
of this summons; and If you fail to answer
th aii coninlaiiit. the Dlaintift will apply
to the court for the relief demanded there
in, to-wit: For judgment asainst the de-
fon.i.nis rien. H. llinnold and Martin 8.
Dippold, for $400, with interest from the
16th day of December, 1891, at eight per
cent per annum, and $100 attorney a fees,
and costs. And for a decree of court de
claring the deed made bv defendant Martin
9. Dippold to defendant M. Frances Dip
nold. on tbe 30th day of January, 1892, of
tha northeast one-auarter of section 11
township 0, north range 3, west of the Wil
lamette meridian, in Columbia county, Or
egon, void, and setting tbe same aside, sun
ordering aaid land sold to pay said judgment
Said suit is brought upon a promissory
note given for the purchase money of said
land, under an agreement of defendant.
Martin 8. Dlouold. lo mortease the same
to plaintiff as security for the payment of
aaid nnta. which said land violation
of said agreement, conveyed by defendant
Martin 8. Dippold to defendant M. France
rt: I., ft.:. !.,:r mI.l.n,. H,nBMH.Ii,m
and with full knowledge of tbe violation of
said agreement. This summons es pub
lished by an order ot tnejuageoi saia court
matte on tne xim oay nt jaarcn, ism,
; ' . Attorneys for plaintiff".
nnler of aale dulv Issued out of. and un
der tha teal of the Circuit Court
of the state of Oregon, for the
countv of Columbia, in the cause entitled
K m Kinder vs. Oscar rj. tiunier ec ai..
to me duly directed, dated the third day of
April, 1894, upon a Judgement aim decree
remlered and entered in said court ana
eanaa nn the 17ih dav of October. 1393.
favor of Klias Kinder, as planum, ana
against the defendent, Oscar E. Hunter, for
the um of nir hundred and fift v and twen
t v-eiirht one-hundredtlis dollars, who inter
est at tne rate oi eigui per cent prr auuuni
from the 17th day ot ucinoer, iou,i, ana mi
further sum or one Hundred dollars as mi
tnrnev'a fees, and twantv-ons and seventy
one-hundredtlis dollars costs and disburse
ments, and the costs to accrue anon said
writ, commanding me to make sale of the
following-described real property, situated
in Columbia county. Oregon, towit: The
northeast one-quarter(NEW) of section one
(1) in township Ave (5) north range two (2)
west of the Willamette meridian, contain.
inir ore hundred and tlltv-nine and eighty.
four one-hundredths acres of land, togother
with the tenements and appurtenances. I
have levied upon all of said real-estate, and
incompliance with the commands of said
writ will, on Saturday, the 5th dav of May.
1894, at the hour of 10 o'clock a. m. of that
dav , at the front door of the courthouse of
said county and state, sell, subject to re
demotion, to the hiabest bidder for cash.
all I he right, title, and interest which the
defendants Oscar E. Hunter and Olive D.
Hunter, or either of them, had on the ISth
dav of April. 185, the data of the mort
gage from said defendant to the plaintiff,
or has Mince acqntred in or to said premises,
and every part thereof, to satisfy said judg
ment, decree, and order of sale, with inter
ests, costs, and accruing costs.
Sheriff of Columbia countv. Oregon.
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