The Oregon mist. (St. Helens, Columbia County, Or.) 188?-1913, April 27, 1894, Image 1

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    NO. 18.
VOL. 11.
I H H i 1 1 It D V, V K II V V II 1 1 A V in O H N I N
' -BY- ' :
V "it,vk "IUVIH, jiluiinnrr.' . -
Nubacrliiilott limits. .
One .'.Ji n.ns year In advance
(Hill coiy U moutli.., ....... ,.
HIlllllH U".)
....II W
.... 76 J II ii If".
. i.
.. iim
. . Vi
. io
j'riWi'Huliiiiiil nil 1h one year.,..,
(mr column 0111. jt'iir., ,..,,,..,..
Half otdmiiu one yr.,......,.i.u. it
liiiiirUir ciilinitii one your
one nii'ii unu minim , ......... ... r
One hu ll tlll'VO iiioiiIIm J
On tlioli hIx moutli..,,... I..,.,.,...
. l-ooiil nollocM. Hihmiu mr Hi km HI''. lifj"'
lion I 111 cum er lluu Ipt. each mib.i"wiii I"1
""l-rwiVl nlvertliimtimMW. 1.W iir Indi iW iA
hiM.pilmi. iiii.l 78 cent" lier Inch tut each miliw
qituiitlumrllun. . u ,
CO I.I ! M 1) I A 00 V NT Y I) I tt HOTO it V.
no it it t f O III etiru
.,,. ,.,t)ian Blaiiehafd, Rainier
t'lere . K. K. iikm. . IMeiit.
Hl.tirllT .. .1 ' Walla, IMeu.
Truaau'r r M. Wlierton, ;ililinl la fit)
. . i.., I 1 . f.lHitln.l. IllMtaklltl .
num. 1. 1 oi.iiui... ... v. .. ij . .
a......... ..... W. II. Kyuer, hywr
nurvr v..r, uuiW. iiimiiu;;
H. w. name, wuinoy.
: Kocirir Nance..
eiiiimiiimifntHiin .r ami mini 1-11.1.1 ..
null intuitu iU7;B0P. . Bl Mimuiilc lial . S lilt
Iiik iiiuiiikan In.iiooil iiuiuIIhk liiviied la et-
........... w. .ji-hi.Ip.I
mcolliiit Saturday on of nature encli lull mnou
alJ Wir. . at Mimiiil.tliall, over Ulauc
mure. Vlnltll.K ' hihimiihb In til ta. til.
...... ....u..ill ii..i...h I.Allult Nil." lit
Meet every Hliily nlitlit t 7:1.0. 'I'ntiialent
brethren In iiood IaiiiIIuk cordially Inyliml to
'lite III il I U.
Down r1vr (hit) clowrat : , f
!.) . ' V . .!.. ....I llll.l.i. Lam
i hi. mini i.'ir .......... '"".',7.. . :
Hi;ilwluua Mwliilay. WailiUMHliijr ami rtl'lat1
'riiu mull lor MnrHlilnml. ClaUkaulo uuil Mll
li)iivi4iiliiuMomlaytt,B4uiMla and Krldny
ii..iii.iii.vmv1 mirih filoM al 10 a. M.I (or
Portland at t r. a. '
Tmrrli!i Wulde lllr lloulea
UriuMitiUi. W. HiMi'ia. l-paven ft. Hulvua
.. . ...... .... .. .1.... 'I'it Htm
mr ruruiiuii in n " . i.
Hxtimlav, -I llcUiw 'or (jlalakaiiM
it I.... w.t.iii..Mii.v uii l I'ri.liU' ttla;tw , w.
Hum I h 1 1.'. i -UMift Hi. anient, tor Port
i..s..ii .f. . U .. it.iiiliur at 8;H0 r". H.
r KH.J'iRi'ii Kiel.trtnorWaei St. Helena
Inr I'.fftlrtiiil rtirfly escilnnili.MI . ar
.it.i... ..i .rtl.i.iil nl 10.80; rvliirnliis, loave
Poi ium m t t. .. rrlvln at Hi. Hokum at.
" " HI. HrlciiB, Ori-Rim
. ; i J v OalntnH
viuiuia 1 1 . wv.. --- ,
creek, one mile from Bumner nd nine
.il..w noat of Taeoina. A doy.en minen
are prospecting there, and are
I .. ..,.. I.o uraahitiir with DBl
7t.1n.a T ann-lair 17mil1afoai tVlA ..!.. l..n tha afrAainR Went 01 the
' , . P ' , r 1 Tl... nnul I. in la U'lutt.llflr tllB
m . 4 M m . .11 . IMOUIKB. . ucn.w.. " -
Governor Evans Makes Some
Very Grave Charges.
I 4
Tna Raattln Nlrrel.Oar Mmi Win a Can
in CourtTim Juila Commend the
Hplrit of tlm Mn In ApiieBlliif to the pective immigrantii.
. . . . ... ....Ia.i. UiIo
quantity i BUllleient to pay for the work.
....- what. Itumla-raiit Want
Oi.VMViA.-rSecretary of State Pric is EEPOBT OF HOUSE COMMITTEE.
compiling a book, Boon to M puuiiBiieu,
...i. iu ...:n Via a viirk ilcttfrintive of the
Klatfl bv conntieg and il designed to meet The Condition of the National Treaeury
a growing uemaiia lor inioriuttiiuii w..
cerning Uiil Btate on the part of proa
' Court Innioad of HtvlUlng.
Prevent the Keoominendatlna of a
New Battle Slilp--There Moat Me No
Halt In Building up the N. ',
WaHiiisoTON. The present and pros-
nective naval atrenirth of the United
States in comparison with that of foreign
It is impossible
for the various State officers to answer
, . . . the correspondent 01 w tii.n.m
nKATri.a. i iio .rjvuii.w mb.7'vuB ceiveu every ay. rur ...o
Caldwell of the United States Circuit securing reliable information and statis-
. . .. .iu u...Aum Prif ..lHrMiiMi a circular
Vr , V i7 7'1. Power, is se forth in the report ojf U.e
Union Paciflc employes, which had been offl,.iai., requesting that such .natter P CommitU!e.,OI1 NavB, Amt fa
arbitrarily cut by receiver, without nr fl,rniBhe( I immdtBlj - or, PUtm RhllirII1IlI1 Cummin. The
l ,u. Innr fr.n...nt nf Ilia otnrilnvM tliflin- in' this DOOK. tiw con hucb bciio...j i j
anlveii has been followed bv Judite Lang- throughout the State have responded,
eive, lias Deen lonowea oy J uoge ing coiwiderable matter is now ready for
ley oi urn superior vonr.. n However, the three prm- (.nn;,rnrtion of . new haute shin be
t ho wages ol conuuetor. aim mowrmen cial count es o! the Btaw nave noncn i...i:(i i
.. .... i .i-i-n ...i.i.i. cJi 'i !d.u. if in SimWaiiB nor canse of the depleted condition of the
onuieKttliiier-Bveniieeiei;i.riciii"JWii;ii iieara nvu . r------ , T. . . i. .. (i,.t
. li on i.- i .n iiavtnn as vei coniniuiiwi iw v.i.o ireasury. iv in hkichi, i
flHlW.lTi-.t.ara; ,k"uhich. if Published. Will be a mn.t b no halt in buildinitUDthe
18 cents per hour by Kecciver w, . grCat good to the State. BV Enand projioses, says the re-
(IrainlMi. This action by Gramb. had port, to begin seven battle ships of the
Truant Hunbaiid l)leeoered. I first class, six cruisers of the second class
Ratti.k. After a search of fourteen and two sloops. Italy with a depleted
. . t - a ...j i...- I tnuanrv la npAnnrtnir in hniln three first-
in non i - torpeuo Doais ana iour tranauru!. wcr-
ireei uiecino iino, nio v mnor of August HOCKman an. nana in - many, France and Kussia are going 10
being In xharge of Keceiver M. I. ike Wolfen8tein has found the guilty even greater lengths to secure the In
Backus, wno also mane ine reuueuons 1. ..... i .n in ti.ia rtt.v nt a imp nnviAfl. ThA renort then
summarilv. In these last two cases the emTe .. "Vf tV :i ""..
employes also intend protesting in court 2v reaidpd here for the past twelve In view of this fact it certainly would
against the reduction. Ihe court said "v" r" . h .. ti,emBeive. out to the not be safe for the United States to build
II. al all AvIrfanCA allOWIHl that : YM Oenti" ..7 i nr.d urr.U..n- I V...l ul... . AVith tn..nwiiinif
-------- - i niihltc as man ann wiiw. mib. " . uu uiwv wiw. n...c. ... ..........j,
an hour was only fair coin pen nation , and jU,, an tion in tlie court prosperity the work should go on till the
if the question of wages had been first JT5"' " . , portion of the wealth which American navy is strong enough to stand
KLTS S "",ur. . S her husband and the woman he ha. been . exigencies. Mcrea pro-
r - , , , , , . II VltlOr Willi llaVO WXUIJiuiotui vn. w i injnr-A ui v v.....
of the men in appealing to the court in- JJ LVperty is in the name of the worn- not, burden the country with taxation
! "f ". " "- ku. jyirs. wo lenstein aueges uiat n, muring me comuiK year, uu nm or
7 . " . ' Vi i i oil arose irora vne nvwwiwnui mwra neirwi uronjicin.; i. .u. vu
of tlie courts, there would 1)6 fewer "f.'. uk j i h mnnev ha tinnl In the future without overbur-
trikes. The prayer of petitioners should " , , . h aoserted her.'and denina the nation. The total loss of the
e grame aim wagea rmiureu w w . jftw of this State the wile is Kearsarge leaves the llartiora, Aomirai
they were when the receiver took charge one.half of tii'e community Farragut'a Bag ship, the only vessel in
of the property. Mrs. Wolfenstein is 56 years the new navy aside from the frigate Con
stitution arouna which uwiuriuti moiu
wn- r.f U7a.V.lnol hne renorted to
If nniu v. ' 'n ft 1
the House mi bin granting too wimui-
bia irrigation vompanv rigm. m ;
through the Yakima Indian reservation.
8enator Palmer has Introduced a bill
repealing the State bank tax, but pro
hibiting the issuing of mo.iey by State;r... or other cornora-
tions except national banks.
The Nary Department has just pub-
t :l. .Ua wn.iman In tl.A I'aUt nt I ' H-
iinncu uic iciiiiiii.. , i T
T? f UKa,nar.l who will COnVtCtgU
11 1 . JJ. .'i ...'. '
of writing letter reflecting upon Cap-
n mt c l . J L.
taill iJUnce. All BTtJiry ueemo nio
pubiicatsoD of the findings and sentence
partment thereon in general orders to be
mentfl of the sentence that he be pob-
uciy repnmanuea.
Da Gama Will Seek Revenge
in Mortal Combat
kooH n Iron mtt9 tk mnfflMnM M.WMII
I Me v: ! V. . a v, . -'-a.-v - ' ,
him and other street railway managers, 1
ami was lonoweu oy sununr reiiuuuuua
on the Union Trunk line, the Consoli-
.!.. wl Utwaut railivav tlnna anrl t.hft Third-
Street electric line, the two latter roads
Admiral da Mello, Leader of the Brazil
ian Bebels, Branded on All Bides as a
Coward The Surrendered War Shlpe
In a Dilapidated Condition.
TtiTENoa Avhes. The remains of the
rebel fleet commanded by Ad-
TITrrilJmM de Mello, which arrived in this
government of Chili the establishment port recently, are subject to extensive
of a new commission to consider the exchanges by telegraph messages be?
claimi which failed through lack of time . tfae authoritieg at this place and
that Chili would agree to such a propo- Brazilian Minister here. The rebel ships
sition. It it understood tne cuuian gov- are tne Eepublica, Meleroe, ins, urano
era men t is anxious to prom ptly settle and Eaperanza. They are in a very di-
the remaining Claims raiuer man u pci- . -, . th. rebels on
mit their continued vexatious existence, lapidated condition, and the rebels on
, , . . board aresufTenng from sickness, wounds
ZXZitMion to commissioners nesty will be mgan
tends all the prohibitive and nspection o. u . "tin.
ii a. . .. i f rn v. 1 1 .u i ii . v r
, - C'lutukimle. Colunilila county, Or.
' -. 1.1', -
guiivKYou and ;
. .civirriiXGiS'iW
,;' ' : ... ' ' ' ,v ' : '
8t. Ili-lvns, Oregon.,
' (liinnty iifW 'Laml inrveylng.wn
ilnlliiig, and -iigiiu'erliig work Iirnn'tl
Work to be Cumin. noeil on the Oroande
and ltullillna. al nee - -
Tacoha. The tmstei of the Inter
state Fair have ordered work to be com
menced at once. Ten thousand prospec
tuses will be Issued and sent throughout
the East. Invitations will be sent to the
Governors of the various States to par-
.. . i i i. a... . .
UCipaw, hhkiiik rat:ii rttiibn w npinjiiiu m
commissi-m to meet at Taeoina In My
ovnanaaa tn tlA nt.i.1 hi tllA fflir. flllA
t5d?0()0 needed, In addition to a capital
of taiO.OtiO already invesu-n in iani ana
bnildingr, has been subscribed, and work
will 'liaain ' vupv anon A olnaHna. hpfl.
comprising 8,000 men of all oecnpatione,
Will Do ulMuyu " rVIIIVYW IIW U1UD1I
from the site overlooking Puget Sound,
Washington, Oregon, Idaho, British Co
lumbia and Alaska will be represented.
The fair will open Augnst 16 and con
tinne ten weeks. The fair aims to pre
sent a complete exhibition of the varied
resources of tlie great Northwest for the
....... ,nt i i.Vu"tirn Invasion and intend-
aui.lara and in hrine neonle of
the Northwest together for an inter
change of ideas regaruing tne aeveiop.
ment or tne norm ifaciuc conv
old, and has lived on charity for the last
four years.
Chlneie Realatratlon
Riv rnMcisco. The restistration of
Chinese in San Francisco nnder the mc
rwrir act has not been as active as was
expected at the time of its passing, and
it is estimated that trom ,uuu to
have as yet filed no application to regis
ter. The Chinese claim tnat tne time
has been insullicient ana tne metuuu ui
renistration inadequate, ana are bbiu j
ta Washimrton for
mvn DCIIt . '..( w - - - - r-
t;..,a The last dav is May S. It
is claimed that tlie preparations oi uio
. . .. . . 1. Inor'a rrnm
Proteat of KaSOovernor Evan. Agaiunt
the Kleetlon.
Dknver. Wells, Taylor & Taylor, at
torneys for ex-Governor John fcvatis,
have filed a petition with the United
t . . - -.... . 1 . 1 .A iKa want
IS claimed tnat tne prepwnuu " oiaira vouii.iw.iub .
government to carry out ine laws pro- leotmnof directors of the Union raeinc
vision, were not completed until Jan- penver an4 Gulf road set aside. Tin
(i tl.a liMraatl in t.llia nl.V VaS I .... . : . V. K,
Solentlflo Amerlpin
Agency wr
n ktJ iOAVtAT,
etai Tr; ' ' navvBiaiiTa. ato.
nnpiRiuniB. m
. . . . MM iLhMb WHtA til
ar .1 laaleJaa
" 'i.::,. ha wi
Swi VliWala montha Aldr MUNW
tuauauitiuj. 3U1 Broaaway. Maw Vurk (atfc
IT suti'Haiini Wn" '? "T
ttratwl. WoMiitonlrTfiuii
t II. iTWIiWI,'
-w-" ' U I
' Thi Overland Route!
MA Iralna rf,.llV.i.aV
' ud 1 ulfti-tll.
yruild Ccillrnl ikijiot,
No. S, "TBe llnilu?d
Vast liill," lciiviiiK at
7;II0 r. M., arrieii eu
....I... ltll..,an Pillacl
HIcopliiR ana iiin iiK
CurH and froe Keelinluk
Clinir Cam. 'through
iin,i..t.ii ii. r. ,1.
iriarl.miinll 111 llfffi.
Thl irain'niakes direct eon-
r llonvcr. iv.n.a- V"J., ..
uc and M 'P.. ul : """".f "W11
.without clinir
iiccii up if. --..r. almrrimtlimua
11.1 curt, luticiinuHVi- J rvvB,V
Milimaii ricci iT"i'. ; "v;."-" ui,oK
i;niii. v.... .... .. -
a!.'ilfax.-nnlllRiON. "" -.TJ"
nivkini ,.ntlon .or ,
fr i. I'.irlliui.l toMInitl rorwiiiioiiicimiiKc
..'Mays, it
V H. )
.May 12, 24
IV W. l O"" ........... . --
"Hi cotmiany re.tervea- tlie rigui io-uane
raKiaoraoaaaU ?,'lJ-,. ,i(inTK-l.Mfu
K 1.0. 1 ieavoe Portland dally, oxcept Sunday,
r:rx i.i.t h.
lnii(Ul." ....... a., tin, tt'hliirii)n a rte
KiTy. We eXvV ad Friday., "From
M t!S wKloniidT v?."-
'Vlopk. ' . wa.hlnslon stieot.
laoTiiorlhtrd. 0neral fnm0Jj; At
u....ih.r.i PaclOe Conduetora Bland In
... , with the aealnere,
c . .. ' Annlhar annua f irm la
lirowiiitr )or ; conductors 'on the Los. An-
welei division of the Southern TacitlC
The first intimation of the tronblo wag
during the preliminary examination of
t ii in.lmaa anil .T' A. Whiteside, two
clerk's. who are being jointly tried with
A. Ii. anu in. urewun am, uu, tnwo.a.
k U . '. ,.., 1.1 otlin W.H on ttlA W 1 1.-
.1 , lit '.v, .... ..'., ' . , ----
ness stand in his own behalf, dropped a
hint which leads ihe company to be
lieve tnat conspiracy to ueirnuu
to the conductors. Under cross-exaiui-
.i....l.l ..M I, a tnl.l Whitoaida
II 111 Hill V. I .11 TT Oil. CH1 .w w.
and Andross they were perfectly safe in
. i i : I A.i .A.t aVliim (a twrAtV. ha anal
BVlllIlK W lllUeVf UVVU a. aav
U-waavlia miila av -nimpfinA t. flill the
ilia uiuwift iiisRivw a-w-. --r
.A- .11 rilrofa atr.lil VV MlPltl. HO
IHJl WW. avnvi. hv J
that conuuewrs wouia khow hi.
it 1 11 A -1- v leu.-. lU.iia Affina
iiiftL me tiuKUb cnif iiwm tuou v""
u till taumilrl
tion is now in progress npon the theory
UlUt tt UUUBIHinvjr CAintn vvr
wald and the conductors. Thus far up
.l 1S VW1 wnvt.K nf franrlnlnnt. tick
ets have been' accounted -for,-and "the
Investigation nas oniy owgun.
ii!l!lm Mia Father and Sl.ter of the
-. Charge.
rr Sp6'k jk8.-There wai dramatic scene
in conrt the other day in the Wilson
muitler trial. Charles Wilson; and -hii
son' and daughter. Benton and Nellie,
were' on trial for, the murder pf the lat-
ter's husband, J. W. Johnson, near Chat-
i .. ... ' rpi. ftt,t. K.rl nvOTtpilliul . mo
tion for .dismissal, when Judge Clagett
(or the ueiense announce.! tuat, u u a
revelation tO,make-i-that Benton Wilson
killed Johnson j that it was done-partly
in self-defense, but more particularly in
defense of his sister, and that the other,
were innocent. Later the Wilson, went
Rnnton told thn atorv
of the tragedy.' He walked along the
road witn jonnson, trying to apt irum
him a check for his sister's trunk. John-
tntltail with MM. HllflAnlV hft
nun " 1 " " n -
turned with a threat to go back and kill
his wi fe, and as he did so threw hi. hand
back to his revolver pocket. Then young
irila ataiint. him In haftk of t.ho
i? 1 1 r 1. 1 1 d.i ." - - - - -
head with a knotty club, crushing in his
. . . 1 . 1 1 1 !1 IL.
skull.' .lie arsggea wie uouy mv .too
briiHh, ana tnat mgnt Dunea it.
Strike a Child Mine.
.' TAcoMAiSorae excitement exist, in
thiavloinit.vovnr rncnnt mid discoveries.
Joseph and Edward de Langevin have
tiled mineral Claims on twenty aurca ui
valuable land in the residence part of
the city, claiming gold is to be found
there in paying quantities. The De
Langevim claim they discovered the
at their home, and that when they pump
the gold comes up in fine sand from the
bottom of the well. They have also dis
covnred void in a eulch back of their
horiae. Thev nronose to form a stock
m i, an.l ho4v.n tyi I r. ! n finAmt.loliH
Within a tew days several gold placer
VIHIU11B " r . .
nary 2, when the bureau in this city was
opened lor ousine, oiibiuit..v.t .....
. t limn in wlilfh
was a long periuu ui ; ...v ,.
. .i. ...U tn, TiHixntvr were de-
.I1II1HKH W IILf WI BaiafC W -
nicd the opportunity. The appeal sent
... at i 1 . annnulanl QT.
tO Wasliington rai a iyu..u.... -
tension of time, but it is believed the
Chinese will be satisfied if given two
months additional.
'ir.ndil In the Breaker.
s. Fbini'ihco. News has been re
ceived of the loss o! the fishing schooner
Dauntless and the drowning of four men
at the month of Klamath river on the
North California coast eany on me u.u. "
-1 i (.! TUe anliwnar wad POI1Y
i!?i..t.. n-irnA ill nn hoard nensnea.
The drowned are Captain Marquee, two
seamen named inompson aim
i i vja.n eiinth. whose par-
..... -1 t.v mtn ThA bodies
ents live viwu.
of Captain MarqUen, Avery tdson and
i i ii .. 1. a i'u hup n cast
ami one oi um etiuuio ----
upon the beach. The disaster resu.iu
ii i. ............ in nut to sea from
ii. i.-7,otl. river Hnrinir a eale. The
schooner lounaerea in iu unwi.
the bar
K.IUO .1. I" " K . ,
features of the present regulations relat
ing to transoceanic immigration w per
sons arriving in the United States by
water from Canada, Newfoundland and
t .n:it;nM la tMhahl Hnrlna. tha
..anl rnmaaa IralLtno. t the Abolition
IMWDU. p - -
of the office of Collector of Customs at a
number of smaller ports, transferring
the business to larger unices, fliimm
nl.nM namAn era TTiimholdt and Eu-
llio win. . .1M...X... v - - - . ,
reka, Cal., and Coos Bay and Yaquma,
Or. Secretary Mamonn conenra in mc
proposed changes. The Assistant Sec-
i ., r.iM a mnnva .vim nrahar.Rl v
1 emi y iowid f , - .
measure consolidating some district, in
the interest oi economy
XTaiinm ho. rannrtod from the Com
mittee on Commerce a bill to place on
l..ata '
The committee in accordance witn 'lie
wishes of the Navy Department has rec
ommended liberal appropriations for her
preservation, believing public sentiment
demands it.
CI1UV V UtvCI DCI V. w aaw -----1 i ,
. i 1 i f Saa-Rf-mftioa ana ni I flfini
petition recites the protests made by
tiovernor r.vans ai. tuw w n.o dic
tion, April 10. against voting oi mock
v,iil,l tha ITninn Pacific interest, eoes
over the story of the acquisition of the
(iulf road DV tlie union nunnu aim um
alleged intentional mismanagement of
i, UnU hv tha controlling corooration.
,..ila tha fn'cla of the recent election of
officers, how it was all "a pnt-nn job"
nnatrionalv arranornrl at UmaOB. anU r
peaUi the protest made by Governor
jlrvans against lnciuuiug v. u
proposed reorganization of the Union
llanlfla at.atam It. la fWlurAO1 that tllO
X W.IUV DJDW.1U. - ' " " ,
Union Pacific is planning to take ad
vantage Ot tne poveny-strKiaBu
tion of the Gulf, bronght about by the
mismanagement oi tne controlling
poration, to cause a foreclosure and sale,
A ik.t tha ITninn Panifin desires to
buy up the property and make it a part
of the larger system, thus doing away
with formidable competitor.
Breehlnridae la Safe
Washington. The feeling among the
leadinor members of the House ol Kep.
resentatives is that no action could be
tha Rrankinridnre scan
dal, although one of the best lawyers in
tha Honaa said tne constitution Kvr
antlinaittf PrAnPOAnta Cited. fiOW
ni.ur naal a miiar. axniiinvaiv Willi ui-
fenses of a personal nature committed
on the floor of the House, as for instance
... a t . n,na Hiianended. The Snoreme Court has made
the following order: In the matter of
the charges against U. il. inn, an at-
t .Vila mnrl nf Wlllflll DliSCOn-
vriiMY ui u ------ - .
duct fn his profession, the defendant in - "r- exDeiied for
this proceeding having-J asniting Charles Sumner with a cane,
from pract cing in the courts oi tms ' to v. . lack of precedents
Stata ho tha ilrcmt Aurt OI n anuu .... j ...i.:. n-
"v". ",-. . i ii,:. tarm and W Ollelises commmeu wmuoui v
county until the first of this term, ana momhara Interviewed de
Hi? ZTt'Xt 7,1a rta? the no tion can be taken on the nu
before this court, after he aring tne, ar roug petitions, which are said to be on
gumentB of the respective attorneys the mu" h demanding the
Sourt finds the charges -"PPfVthe. J?J&,- these mem-
At dnnnfl Ann finiArH U H 1(11 tltm ouni'vu- I .a A, , n . .-. ;1 . 1.. .
tj :i; Vfinlat-Ao Tha 4TOV-
ernment with the consent of the rebel
leaders is nov supenntenainf? ine aenv
nr v,A fixra ar vmuwiIh tn the Brazil
vi j v " ' . .
litll JJAilllCla av.--- o - -
ernment has notified the government of
.u rnnlAM Mti rafnrn tn Krnzil With DO
uto iwtoi d t-aa ----- ,
for nf hpintf severely nnnished. oth-
: ..nMa IrniMrn ! IIIH 11 II IIIIMfM IIKHll
A iimii-ol Ha Mm lo-or Genera!
iiniivu vr i-i....w. . . - . .
Caldego, althongh it is beheved the
former will take the earliest opportunity
of escaping to a foreign country, where
he can niae nimseii lor me ra. w mo
, . . . n it eiiaa tha nfmiut contamnt
I1IB. Ull"ira. , , ii
is expressed for Admiral de Mello, whose
desertion oi -lamirai ua o. m i
upon as being a piece of cowardly treach
ery. It is openly Muted Da Gama pro-
hands of Peixoto. there is little doubt
he will be promptly tried by court-mar
tial and snot.
Heaeurea BelatlTe to Scotland to be Con.
eldered by a Committee.
1.. The bill introduced into the
1 rimmnng hv Sir Geortre Trevelyan, Sec
retary for Scotland, providing lor tne
appointment of eighty-seven member.
of the House, including the bcotcn mem
bers, to consider measures relative to
Scotland was anain up. Goscnen, cnan
I ..ii -1 ii, rnr.aAn0F in Ton! Rn,lis-
i ceuor ui mo a.i...-.i.. - , i ,. .
bury'slastadministrauon.asaeu wuomcr
THU7 VU.W-l a-- " 1
Hated by reason of infirmities, age or
physical or mental aisamiuy w fm-
I'lClIU V piwnu vai..-J
.- : I el.n entil.A Ii at rti-i-llllinnMl
by regular incapacitated .officers will be
Dliea Oy prOI-lOUUU IU WUCi Ul ocmunvj
aiier a wnueu fAiiniiiiiw-a w fviv
sional qaaltfications.
Another international monetary con-.
.'.m limn rkorhann tn hfl held in
tv.fVMtvvt wo r' , ,
tu. r; Af Xfa-riit-k la ntTinniT tha nroha-
Liia VJ&liT VI a P I .
bihties. The government through its
diplomatic representatives is qmeuy
. : Mn tlx. a f ton f inn nf til A TV.W-
ers the feasibility of again undertaking
an adjustment ot tne monetary quwuwuf
l a: I Ui:,..rA .IU1 ftia T'llfthaal-
ana me viuiv w uchccu -1 va nv.
enortS in Hiitv unctnuu. j.ii.ovvi i uury b iivoi. ,a..,-
i 1 .1 MQAAJ4 Inn mai.O I l.ll.. tnm.fton WAI1 il tvft AntVlinted
fnnnr trovernment in a way that does to consider Irish measures, ihe mil, ne
. 1 i I . a OnnAA.H.n aa tha
not at the moment require a airect re- declared, was a sop w otuiAiuiucu,
sponse, and the President is considering evicted tenants bill was a sop to Irish-
i ii e J--Vvr.rll r 4 V. aa ai.rvoa I . ik.a.n onl t- UMnrA tllAir RUT) DO ft
H careiuuy, iur uuuuulhcvu; i wen, vuiumi vuw - a-w- ----
. i 1 ia.Um mill .ananrl in ft IflnyA .t At. Vinrlniir
OI tne uuueruiit imiwn.i - r- i ui vuo uuai
L. nA4. f rKn T T r. I I T-m 1 ..11 D Mnlv,
UIVWUIC UJAll mw AA-Clll J viuiriv r .
n. rr.t ii .r nanet Kpirain . -. a,imitti Tiiar. r tim iiiii wiu if.u Jiiuu-
wixvu. , . i V .... j ; if -araa trail tanfo
too, is of first importance, anu uw vauou, uuu ba mi
port that she will limit her representa- for Scotch business it would be extended
rr i I . tj. i:-,ao fh Tinn.i M oAnneta the Conserva
tives 10 inat ui inuitt uaiuiji 'n i w . ,
hnnPB nr T.n nroieciors. liiuuieii n i wyct ji uf jw,ub r.
not defeat the meeting. lth.h!i J2S. 2 tK
Census officials are confident that a gaw no reagon why Ireland and Wales
thoroughly satisfactory adjustment of. fa M t h gimilar bills il they
U .1, nf tha alavont.h aanstia Will ra- ....
.no tt ui & wi i.iv. - wanted tnem. -
suit in the carrying into effect of the n.if ;ntnnnnHl en amflndment de-
bill, which has just passea jongre, H ln to 8ancti0n the proposition. The
nrovidinir for an extension ot time ior ,. .-antad h a vote of
the completion ot wora tni ifliari u t) 21 Honse then agreed to the
ooimnuraiucii.u. vUaUa .. "a"- j-- amen(ju.enta to the Dennng oea uiu
"The extension of time is for the pur- . . . House of Lords.
Wh at-Valley. 85c. Walla Walla, 76a
per cental. 1
17. a no IS fin! Salem. 12.56:
Cascadia, 2.65; Dayton, 2.66; Walla
Walla, 2.90; Bnowflake, 2.e5 Corval- ,
lis, 12.00; i'endietop, i.oa, wrauiwu,
12.40; superfine, 2.25 per barrel. ,
n.a.a uhita ner bushel:
gray, 8032c; rolled, in bags, .to-Jo
fi.0O; barrels, $6.006.25; in cases, 3.75.
MiLLSTcrn Bran, 16(318; ehorts,
16al8; ground barley, $10 2(3; chop
teed, 16(31o per ton; wuo.e iju
116 per ton; middlings, 2328 per ton;
chicken wheat, 65c1.15 per cental. (
11 AY Wood, I1U13I12 per vjiu . -
Drr-ataa Tlaann fa II CrAAmArV. 20 (31
22nc; fancy dairy, 1517)c; fair to
good, lii m lie . comniuu, p u-- ,.
California, 30340c per roll.
California flat,' X416Mc; Swiss, im
ported, 8032c; aomestic, -oojuou r-i
pound. - , ', ..
Koqb Oregon, 10c per do-en. - ,
Pooltby Chickens, mixed, quoted at
$4.00(34.50 per dozen; ducks, $5.00;
geese. $8.00; turkeys, live, 14 14c per
pound ; dressed, 1617c.
VaonTABL-8 California cabbage, ljo
per pound; potatoes, Oregon (buying
price), 4045c per sack; Karly Rose,
for seed, 8090c; onion, (buying price),
$2.25(32.75 per sack sweet potatoes,
i Mm nar bo: California cel
ery, 86(i0c; artichokes, 60c per dozen
California lettuce, zoo per "'
gon hothouse lettuce, 3550c; cauliflow
er, $2.76 per crate, $1.00 per dozen ; pars
ley. 26c per dozen ; string beans, 80c per
- ' . ' a, . Jl.. 1 UK -j.a I ui
pound; asparagus, i.-u-.i p. "',-
rhubarb, 34c per pound; peas, 60c;
cuenmbers, 10 per dozen.
lfBUnfB- vailiornia lanuy icmuuo,
4.00; common, $2.003.00; Sicily, $5.00
En i. hn-r. 11.75(32.50 Der
bunch ;Honololn. $3.00(83.60 ; California
navel oranges, fz.ouisS3.-o per uoj , e-j.-lings,
$1.7502.00; Rose, . $2.76 3.26;
iJi. t.ii urn. ennlaa Chnvintr nricei.
IU1UH1 ita--,T-..w , r. ' - J "-ra .
green, $l.00l.26; red, $l.25l.6 per
n...i. innna Tahla frnita. anmrted.
ViUin.u .w a
,i -E.oai. aaKa. ti 7nrt2.0()T Bart-
Li. f Kia" on- nlnma. il .37(3
IJW; strawberries, $2.25(32.45; cherries,
$2.252.40; blackberries, $162.00;
laspberrie., $2.40; pineapples, $2.26
z.tto; apricots, : ei.oo. . ""
assorted, $1.20; peaches, $1;25; plums,
. AUO CAin-lltuvu .a v-w-- XT ,
pose of allowing proof-reading to be
S - TA 1 . miiat tamilior With CaTl-
UUUtM 111 LI uiuo. nil........
.... mlnmu tha atatamantA that thecen
bus reports are being doctored are ab
.... l Tha ranorta era heinf broutrht
out in all the integrity of Mr. Porter's
plans. Wherever matter has been or
will be eliminated it is or will be because
in accordance with his approvea ineas
:HJ faitta nnllantan for tha aleventh Cen-
SUS have been in any way suppressed or
He la Not Opposed to Bofonnlna; tho
Hons of lords.
T jin tion. Lord Salisbury in address
ing an audience composed of member!
nf the Primrose Leaene said he himself
was not onnosed to reforming the Honse
aan in nv wav snDoressea or 1 . - ...
I. Ilia Ctinarinlandanl. OriVl- of Lords, which he thought couio ne
nallv declared omciauy tnat n wan n aone Dy tuu appuinvuic. w
a purely statistical census, the present peers. He said that the government, if
.nroiniat-atinn le trvintr to conform to it. believed that the action of the House
lion of the defendant.
' in., viva Minute.' Deliberation.
u Francisco. William Fredericks
was found guilty of the murder of Cash-
la. Ua-rick after five minutes' aeiiDera-
i! v... ttia I,..,. V-ailariclia' trial Was
proseotited with great expedition.- NO
. ... ..aa.l In. Ilia Hnfunpft.
testimony -im hhumuuv -j ..-..-,,
hers aftirming Biuckinridge is only an-
l a. U.ianla Kilt t Kaa
sweraoie to ihb wiibmvw!iwi w"
burden of Comeressional opinioi ie
.na:...i..ihii. vinuy thnnah it is nrettv
anAli.T. -ii "a -"I-.-- r
generally admitted no action on the pe
titions win tie taken lunner man anuw-
ing them to be read. : '
TTnole Sara a Faaeemaher.
-T . ai.iimaAi, ITn. . '. tha ' -la.aaiicv
taatimnnvirajl lntmflllCBU DVMIOUOIOI1TO,. II"IIII1UIV. ay. j
hn PraHeririks' attorney attempted in .hown and the eoneral amnesty extend
, - . tn ahnw t.hftt Hamck WaS I i t n t i TI..: .v.. Ti.niliaM
ihb arguing". - -----u, 1 ea oy rresiuenv mo jj.
acc uientaiiy. snot oy ---"V . y, rehels have thanked the United States,
Melvin ' aunng te .... through the efforts of Secre-
owed Frederics' attempte raid of lie ' hj i and
banlt. J-reuer.cas .-. .'" nronrletv of this humane course was
hill? qi imw-- F"
nrged upon the Brazilian government,
aitnongn we nave aecnneu to acnu
Junction with other nations, notably
Italy and Portugal, in making a joint
representation to una ena. uur govern
.vr.."" A' Wn..ll.1a Mnrdei
: SaiV'Lakb. A special from Hailey,
i .. i . i i, x hvi -. K lil. .Ran.
luniio, w Mic . i repreBontatton tu una wu. vm aiuiv.ii-
dolDh a farmer living - on Silver creek! nient made no formal proposition, nor
. i .... 3 s i '.i a. ....tiiUa that win lil ha construed into a
Turan conntv. wai.ntnruereu hi u r".'"" ,v T . c riiT .
ofhCXht. Hi. head was beaten in demand to vie d. which would have stung
with an ax. The floor and walls were the pride oi me great neignuoruig ivb
covered with blood. - Randolph was a publTc, but in an unofficial way through
Wvereu tiiui "i. i I triniata. Mun.lnni-a it. haa baan made
nat vaof JSew y orK. ana leavea a uiwioi i ii .v-- , j Ti I
natlVO Ut "" " ... . in., . l , To mln that, ha would Allll to
an.l . tcn laiarera in Liaiuornia. o.i tmi" a ...
- - : . . . i - 1 1 1, ,. ..I..-,, .f iiia triiimnh una anonnr r-
Rtoll a tenant on tlie lann, nas inxn i- i .no giu.j ...--.t ---- --
- . , I wunoAt nr ntnfr nnwari uv kiiiu auu uu'
County SopeHntendenl; Suatalned. I mane treatment OI the aeieatea reueiu
fit VM11T 4i Hnnnrlntendent of Public
Tnatriiction Bean has aftirmed decisions
in four cases of appeals from decisions of
the Comity Superintendent oi i.incoin
i.. T an u-ai-a the cases wueru an-
IJXJlllI l. Y . a i.vuw .v.- ... .
nlicants for teachers' certificates were
1 . . i .! ii tn t.ha ra-
reiusea as nu rom" "i" -auirementa
of the examination, and who
charged partial marking.
Warrants Called In
Oi.YMi'iA. State Treasurer Bowen has
received taxei from King county to the
,nt ol 101 .310.95. Tho Treasurer
IAAWiaaa-j T
immediately issued a call for outstand-
M..kiv Aaraln Sued
Nbw York; John Anderson bas be-
trnn suit In the umtea otaies circuit.
Court before Judge Chapman against
John W. Mackay of "the Commercial Ca
ble Company for $100,000, alleged to be
due him for services to the Commercial
Telegram Company, of which ne was
M anager and Treasurer from March, 1886,
to March. 1800. Anderson's contract was
made with Edward S. btoites, wno irans
i..aj kia atmOr in the com nanv to Mackav
January 1, 1889, one of the condition, of
the transier ueinu tnat una
ahonld ha assumed by Mackay. It i.
... 1 - A. Al A IL
(!1IIUI(1-.I obuiv- . -
a - i a tita i-ar.inn o.iTiT. mar, i.iih vaiiie
ing warrants; wBy .ft ca aidSn o thVstock In the Commercial Telegram
warrants to No. 3,115 wiU be paia on acouircd by Mackay, clear of
presentation anamiiitary iui.u u;debt4an-e.f ,mounted to $400,000.
lO no. l,.va
administration is trying to conform
that declaration."
rpu nmifinatinn. nrhlch llAVfl been
made in the Behring Sea bill have robbed
that measure ol the teatures wnicu wbto
most obnoxious to our government, and
a i ! .1 1I..1 if (Ua a ..4 !d tl-ri-n rrn-a
11 IB OeiltJVCU HUM 11 WW - V 1Q mvivua."
... i ii ;ii i-- i:nl
IT wiUiiuiaroicu i.uvi ww, r
..mUn .v- r.AlaaiuaAa1ir.iT in theclostHi
A. ; nM a Tan rid ffiA rPfllllt, nf
BVW9UIJ. aOvO av uvn ovwiavu v-.w .- .
the Paris arbitration was published in
the JSriusn uoiumman newaUpcro io
fall, and it would be a difficult task for
iU attTM-M nnrl tnaRtaftrfl nf A.nV IWftlin IT
craft to convince an impartial Judge that
they were not aware oi me provieiuus ui
the award, and until they could estab-
llek bhaK- innnnuifiA thfiir VRRRels aild
cargoes are no longer free from forfeit
ure, ine opponuuiwOT w -
anoe are expected to be very lew, as u is
Ma-.aA-i that rna nnsinmi iiiiiiTiin ml
ftJLfVllCVl t,lll WW X--.-a.- " -
ir:..;n.i. -r.f .fu4 all nf tha ra a.1 Arfl nlear-
I WVUIM uvmnwA vuv .
ing from that port since the rjeginning
of the year of the provisions of the
award, and warned their masters oi me
danger ot seizure.
Senator Morgan, Chairman of the Sen
rtimaiiita. nn Fnraian Halations, haa
reported favorably a bill intended as a
Committee Baueutuw iw mo .. i...
canal bill heretofore introduced by him.
Th hill differs in some respects from the
original measure. It contemplates full
co-operation on me pari, m u nm.
qi.. ; ilia -arnrlr of tha Nicaragua
at -..;.ii rnmnonp All atoftkn. bonds
and bond obligations and liabilities of
the company are to be canceled to sat
isfy debts and enable the company to
lake care ot its stocks arm uunu min
. In laana nl 110 000 000 of TlOn
assessable stock at par is to be issued.
m. nf Mia Traoanrv la to con-
alio ccucva.j w. .. -----r. " .
trol the retirement of obligations and
the sale ol the new biock. me out orig
inally introduced provided for the im-
iaananaa n nnlv 1 .000.000 Of
bonds, which the new bill increases to
$2,000,000. Un the uquiaaiion oi ex
penditures already made on the canal
the Secretary of the Treasury Is to issue
a koo nnn of honrla nf the eomoanv.
tm'aranteed by the United States. The
hill atrilrae out. the nroviaion forbid
nnunanmant rllwuitm-fl to VlA etonV.
U1UK gV.viuuna. w. u -
holders in the company, and also elimi-
lb II. 11 , C.l .ua. ummv wwTi-v , " . "
of Lords in rejecting the home-role bill
nrn ai.Al.iat tlia Kl (ill OH of tha naonla.
should at once dissolve and appeal to the
country, ne aia not wisn hi im uuua-
Btood as saying tnat tne goveruuioiw,
n....iit tn nieonlva avarv time a difference
arose between the two Houses ; but upon
l T CP ... CT 1.' 4-U A aaa-,1 nimn a VvAa
a ainerenow uwuux iwvw
...An navi-a nf tha fcir.crr.nm- whi(h
1 V tell unv ytaiva C- " 1 "
l 1 .V.i,iaf -"trl fnt tM.7on nnnfnriM. it WAS
II III DUUOIOUVM A vA wve-wea. - f
manifestly their duty to appeal to the
electors. JUOru oansoury men rewrreu
a. tk. &nvMAiir'a vacviar.i.f.inn . Kill.
W U.C gVVTJIlllUVllH O t-fcau-ev.a. "-"-
which, he said, would disfranchise thou
sands ol the Deet people ana extenu mo
right to vote to many who were practi
cally vagrants
The Brazilian Refurees.
Montkvidbo. The Tessel sent to Cas-
tillos Island, on the east coast of Uru-
euav. to convey the destitute and wound.
ed Brazilian insurgents to the quarantine
station here is capable of embarking
only 900 refugees. Consequently another
vessel will nave to oe Bent, as mero ar
fully 3,000 Brazilians in the bands of the
Uruguayan authorities. The men are
very bitter in their denunciation of Ad
miral de Mello, claiming that the rebell-
1 1.1 !.... Kan an antiralv itlfTarant
1U11 .UUIU 111. U iiou '
nn.i;.i if ha had t.rananortad his forces
to the assistance of Admiral da Gama
wh ile there was yet time to succor mat
Turned un a Klnar.
Caibo. Eevot. Prof. Morgan, who has
been excavating in Egypt for some time
nast. haa made a great and important
discovery A few weeks ago he discov
ered the remains of a supposed King of
t.'..i-.,i a nil now It. la annonnearl hia nr-
piorations at the Brick Pilot of Dashour
have led to the discovery oi the lourtn
dynasty King, Moras jKatouan,
1.0010; blackberries, $1.251.40 per
dozen. Pie fruita, gallons, assorted,
$3.153.50; peaches, i3.o(4.w; apri
cots, $3.504.00; plums. $2.76(33.00;
blackberries, S4-XS4-v i wnnaioei),i.iu.
Mbats Corned beef, la, $1.50; 2a,
$2.26; chipped, $2.40; lunch tongue, .la,
$3,50; 2s, $6.757.00; deviled ham, $1.50
2.75 per dozen; roast beef, Is, $1.60; ,
Fi8H-ardinei,Js, 76c$2.25; M.
$2.154.50: lobsters, $2.303.50; sal--on,Sin
Mb-J-lla, 1; flate,-
$1.70;Z-lbB, Z.aOO-!.OVi .-uaxra, T"-w i
r.....T"nataPlf "Of - Rio.22a23c:
VVliaar vvd" .. j . -
Salvador, 22c; Mocha. 2628c; Ar-
bnckle'B, txilumDia ana uou, iwuum.
cases, $24.80 -
Dbibo aorra io- pe., -
prunes, 68c; sUver, loaizcj iwuiau,
810c; German, 68c; plums, 6 10c;
evaporated apples, 8 10c; evaporated
apricots, 15 16c; peaches, 12l4c;
PtUveWU, $15-50; 100s,
$16.00; 60s, $16.60; stock, $8.60 9.50.
BYKUf XMUIKjril, ua..n,
! I..K lanal. HiffS7c! in cases. 00(4
80c per gallon ; $2.25 per keg ; California,
in barrels, 2040c per gallon $1.76 per
? tm. .ar. n.1.1 1
C, 64c; confectioners' A, 6 Jo; dry gran-
i . 1 II -. .alia amahad and now-
dered, 6o per pound; Ho per pound.
discount on au graues iur piuui. (w
maple sugar, loijgioc jw i uuu. .
R.r.!n. 1 Sandwich Island. $4.50
4.75; Japan, $5.00 5.25. .
iiKA.Nb Oinau wmi-a, . u v ,
2. 3c : lanre white. 3Mc ; pea beans, 3tc ;
pink, 3c; bayou, 8c; butter, 8j4c;
Lima, 46C per pouna.
PicxiiKS Barrels, No. 1, 2830c per
11: . UTa. o ia&a. Vacra Kn. Hfift nun
falllfll, All.. ans-., 1 Ol 1
eg ; half gallons, $2.75 per dozen ; quar
ter gallons, ll.YO per uoaon. -
Smcbb Whole Allspice, 1820c per
nnnnn. miaaia ln(3i1Kc; cinnamon. 22
40c; cloves, 1830e5 black pepper, 15
22e; white pepper, vjisox; uuimog,
7580c , . ' ,
Raisins London layers, boxes, $1.75
2.00; halves, $2.002.25; quarters.
$252.75; eigntns, az.ooig.uu. uw
Muscatels, boxes, $1.60; fancy faced,
$1.75; bags, 8 crown, 4M6c per pound;
4 crown, 65c. Seedless Hultanas,
boxes. $1.752.00; bags, oc per
pound. -
. UVB 1HU UKADRiu aanio.
Bur Ton steers, $2.502.75; fair to
good Bteers, $2.002.25; cows, $1.75
2.26 ; dressed beef, 45o per pound.
Mdttoh Best sheep. $2.25; ewes;.
$2.00. .
Hogs Choice heavy, yk.w, ugtit aim
feeders, $3.75; dressed, 67c per pound.
Vbaii-Small choice,, 6c; large, 34o
per pound.
. rauvioiuin.
Vioaa.. Run, an MeATa m& T.A Bl
Hams, medium, 1212.o per pound;
hams, large, iiusiui F"-""-i
Ural-- hreakfast bacon. 1315c; short
clear sides. 9llc; ttry salt lides,
010ci dried beef hams, 12-413c;
lard, compound, in tins, ox.tsiuu per
pound; pure, in Una, 10.llHc; pigs'
Feet. 80s. S5.50: pigs' feet, 40s, $3.26;
Wnole Town la Bains.
Vienna. The fire in Neusandec has
burned out. and virtually the whole town
is in ruins. ; Many persons are missing,
and are supposed to be dead. The in-
Sreu lit 17 Iff J- X iaiv V w w-ea vj tv iioi
undreds of families are sleeping in the
At 1 J ITI .llin A aHCQaiA- -IL-uul
holders in tne company, ana aiso enmi-1 neiua. . Aiwy mm wjwwu uuiuui- iwu
nates discretionary powers conlerroa on I or clothing, ana many oases w x&reoie
aU. ..aUU-j .n liill I Aiair&am ATA renOTUKl.
laVV T leaa4Al Vlgla-I W av Wa-a-A. va araaa. . -- - S
kits, $1.26.
nMH. . wnAi. imn mniea.
Jtlri nwaa aw
HopaDSi). choice. 12(3)130 per
nonnd: medium. 10 12c; poor, neg
lected. ' . ,
Woot Valley, 1010"o. per pouna;
TTmniiTia TnrainUnT KAatarn Oreoron. 4
7o, according to quality and shrinkage.
iliDKB Ury seiectea prune, ou, gronu,
Baited, 60 pound, and over, 8c; under
60 pounds, 2 3c; sheep pelts, shearlings,
1015c; medium, 2035c; long wool,
SUbUc; taiiow, gooa no cnoico, oww
per pound.
Manilla. HAnn lldf 111. MT. ATllI IHI. 1ffc5
manilla rope, 12-thread, diam., 10ci
... " . . 1 n l . J 1 .IE 111
manilla rope, o anu v-tnreau, auu o-xw
diam., Uc; manilla bail rope, incoila
Lor on reels, luc: matuiuv lain, yarn,
tarred, 9c ; manilla hawser-laid rope well
boring, etc., 13c; manilla transmission-of-power
rope, 14c ; manilla paper twine'
Uc; manilla iprina twine, 14c; sisal
rope, l?i in. cir. RHU iiuwiuu, 174V, .i-o.
rope, 12-thread,' H diam.. 7; sil
A an1 ri.thraail. 1 and 5-16 dliim..
Siie; sisal loth yarn, tarred, 7ic; hop-
vine twine, tarred, c aiuaiiuavnf mn
u f.e ' . -orwau, vr.