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    PL'IWCRtrTION. t.50 VEtt YEAR.
St. IIklkns, January 13, 18i)3.
Tho question uf what would be the
Lest means of colloctiug rod taxes in
lining discussed by the jieople all over
' the taievftod is one of great impor
iiince. Tlio prosperity of any coun
try, county or section, depends largely
upon the condition of the publie
'liighways. No section can enjoy the
growth desired without the very best
moans of traversing the county to in
terior points. It is as accessary to
reach every farm house by a good
road as it is to reach the cities or
stores, for without the former the lat
ter cannot hope to do much business.
A proposition is now ou foot, and re
ceives the commendation of a great
many people, to have all road tax paid
in cash and cyllected in the same wT
Rnd at tho same time that other taxes
are collected, under the some assess
ment, and that the assessor collect the
poll tux from transients while making
the assessment. By this means it is
claimed by road supervisors and other
friends of the movement, that a great
deal more work could bo done on the
roads with the same amount of money.
Under the present unsatisfactory sys
tem each male over the sge of 21
years i subject to a tax of 13 or work
two days on the road, giving eight
hours for a day's work. They are
warned out by the supervisor to wort
on a certain day at a certam place.
The time arrives and they appear, in
many instances without the proper
implements required for the work, and
in, consequence the foreman is cenv
pcftud to either take the time and ex
pense of securing theui proper tools
or else allow them to work at a diad
vantage all day, and by night not hav
ing acooirfplished very much. While
it is true that a great many men do
an honest day's work tfn the roads, yet
there are hundreds who have little or
no interest in the matter and endeavor
eimply to put in the day and get their
tax receipt therefor.' This abuse will
be practised as long as the present
system is in force. What we wanU
and the county will be without roads
until we get it is a system by which
we can get the best possible service
for the money. We do not mean by
this that a man who desires to work
liisown tax cannot do so, but that the
supervisor may have power to dis
charger any one who fails to perform
faithfully the work laid out for him.
urged by most of the supervisors of
the county, and no doubt would be the
means of great good inroad making,
as it is a well known fact that when a
man has 4he money to spend he can
always get a great deal more work
done and at the proper time. Most
road work should be done just at a
time when the farmers are busily en
gaged in cultivation, hence, under the
present system, the roads are neglected
until times when the work cannot be
so conveniently done.
M last tha official vote of all the
states hut been canvassed ana tne
complete table of the electoral vote is
as follows:
Arkansas, .........
I'nllfurnU ... ...
Colombo ..I.......
Cmiiiaouuut,..-.. .
Illinois ,
Iitiliaua.,. ,,......
Kansas .....
Mamaeh metis
Miuiiaaota .........
Kcw Hampshire
New Jervey. ........
New York....
North Carolina,
North Dakota
Rhode Island
i-outh Carolina
South Dakota
Wtat Virginia
Naceasary tor cholcoj
It is a matter of great importance
to the lumber region of the stale that
the legislature should enact a law
providing; for a public scaler of logs
for Oregon, similar to the one now in
' existence in Washington. Such a law
would be a great protection to loggers
and thereby be of great good to the
people in general. This would not
interfere with a lumber company scal
ing logs, but in case the logger was
not satisfied with such scale he could
demand that the public scaler be called
whose scale would be final and have
to. be accepted by the purchaser. The
need of such a law has been evident
for many years, for it is a well known
fact along the Columbia and Willam
ette rivers the loggers hate been
robbed of their hard earnings by un
scrupulous mill men. This has been
particularly the case with some of the
I'ortland mills where loggers have
been indebted to thum. Not only does
the present system allow the abuse of
tinder-scaling, but in doing so they
get their logs so cheap that it shuts
out competition in the lumber busi
ness, so that the honest mill man who
gives a fair scale cannot compete in
the lumber market.
The Convened at Sa
lem Last Monday.
Balm, Or., Jan. 9. Ths permanent or
ganization of the Oregon legislature today
resulted in the election of C. W. Fulton, of
Clatsop county, as president Qf the senate,
and W. P. Keady, of Multnomah county,
as speaker of the house of representatives.
O. B. Miller was elected chief clerk of the
senate on the second ballot, and J. B. Ed
dy, of Pendleton, was elected reading clerk
bv acclamation.
Owing to the illness of Secretary of State
McBride, the supreme court was called
upon to substitute snofflcer to swear in the
newly elected officers, and Judge Bean of
that tribunal was empowered to perform
that duty.
Willi", of Multnomah, offered a resolu
tion inviting the clergy of the state to open
each morning with a prayer. This, and the
rules of the last session, was adopted.
The committee on credentials reported,
and there being no contests, the report was
adopted. Judge Bean, of the supreme
court, then administered the oath ol ouice
to the 66 members. W. P. Keady was then
chosen speaker and escorted to the chair.
After he had thanked the members, the
other officers were elected, as follows:
For chief clerk D. C. Sherman, of Ma
rion, rep., So; J. a, ueara, ot juuitnomau,
dem., 17.
For assistant clerk William H. Turner,
of Yamhill, rep., 36; S. M. Garland, of
Linn, dem., 17.
For sergt-ant-at-arms J. E. Blundel, of
Douglas, rep., 36; Jesse Spencer, of Benton,
dem.. 1".
For doorkeeper John 8. Vincent, of Um
atilla, rep., 33; W. . D'Arcy, of Salem.
dem., 18.
A resolution that the speaker appoint
two pages and one mailing clerk was
A concurrent resolution informing the
governor that the two houses are organized
and ready for any communication was
adopted, and Northup, Miller and Upton
appointed to wait npon the governor and
so inform him. ,
Resolutions were then adopted that the
secretary of state furnish the members
with a copy of the laws of Oregon, session
laws of the two last sessions sad the house
and senate journals of the last session;
adopted. That each member be supplied
with four newspapers; that newspaper re
porters be invited to seats within the bar,
and that the rules of the last house be
adopted until further orders and each of
the members furnished with a copy. The
bouse then adjeurned.
By all meatis let us have water.
Tliero is but one way to accomplish
this end, and that is to pull together.
l'lace the matter in the hands ot a
committee competent to handle the
question mid abide by their action.
Thb present law allowing bridge
companies to submit their own plans
and specifications for bridges to the
county Court should be repealed. The
court itself should draw up plans and
compel all competitors to bid on the
Dame specifications, awarding the con
tract to the lowest responsible bidder.
Tuesday, January 10.
Senate concurrent resolution for commit
tees to investigate the secretary of state and
state printing offices was concurred in.
Senate concurrent resolution for the pur
chasing of 80 copies of Hill's code, second
edition, for members, was amended to the
first edition and then adopted.
Upton introduced a resolution against
the sale of non-union made cigars in the
rotunda; referred to a special committee-
Upton, Ford and Inninn.
Resolution for the election of senators
and president by a direct vote; made spec
ial order for 2 p. m. Monday of next week,
House concurred in senate joint resolu
tion for a committee to investigate the state
land office.
House joint resolution for committee to
prepare joint memorial on foreign iiu mi
gration; adopted.
Joint memorial for opening the world's
fair Sundays; adopted.
Joint memorial forextention of time for
settlers to prove up on forfeited railroad
land grants ; adopted.
Joint resolution by Ormsby for a commit
tee to draft a memorial for the early com
pletion of the Nicaragua canal.
W. E. Baxter, of Tillamook county, was
elected calendar clerk, he being the caucus
A resolution for 1000 copies of the gov
ernor's message was adopted,
Steiver offered a resolution extending the
time of making final proof on public lands
to September 29, 1893, and that the secre
tary telegraph the resolution to Oregon'
representatives in Washington. Amended
so as to read January 1, 1891, and adapted
Gates offered a resolution authorizing the
ergoant-at-srms to provide each member
with 0 worth of stamps and W worth of
newspaper wrappers.
Concurrent resolutions were auopwm,
providing for invosthjrauons of the stats
treasurer's books and the books ot the state
land office.
A communl-atlon from the Portland
Chamber of Commerce asking for the re
peal of the mortgage tn law was read.
House resolution to appoint a joint com
mittee of five to prepare joint memorials to
congress on foreign immigration ; praying
for the early completion of the Nicaragua
canal, and the opening of th world's fair
Sunday, were concurred iu, and the senate
The two houses ot the legislature went
Into joint session and listened to the gov
ernor's message, which is too lengthy for
publication in detail, but we give below the
principal recommendations madeby him: .
1. A change in the assessment law.
2. The abolition of useless commissions.
3. A law fixing maximum rates for rail
road and telegraph companies.
4. A law empowering mnnicipalities to
fix maximum rates oh all monopolies.
5. A iaw authorising the governor to ira
p'oy a proeeoutlng witness.
6. A law giving to all state and county
officers a fixed salary.
7. A general municipal incorporation
8 . A oliange in the road laws so as to se
cure good toads.
9. Providing for the arrest and punish
ment ot armed men in private employ.
10. The passage of an inheritance tax
11. The enactment of a law similar to
that of Washington, exemptiag homesteads
from execution and attachment.
12. Authority to the school land com
missioners to withhold from an county its
school fund until all the state taxes from
said county have been received.
13. The creating ot a state auditing
14, Ko further illegal appropriation of
money by joint resolution.
15. Appropriation for a fish ladder at
Oregon City. .
16. A change in the law relating to the
conveyance of criminals and insane per
17. Instructions to onr representatives
in congress to procure appropriation for a
portage road at the dalles of the Colombia;
to secure the passage of a joint resolution
allowing Oregon to nse the interest on the
agricultural college funds for betterments
on the college property ; to secure an ex
tension of time in which payment may be
made by settlers for lands within the for
feited limits; to vote for the free coinage of
silver; the issuance of the paper money of
the country by the government alone, and
the enactment ot an income tax law.
Wednesday, January 11,
Senator Myers introduced a road bill
which provides for the building of roads by
money derived from direct taxation, to be
levied by county courts, and expended in
the county where the levy is raised. The
bill creates the office of road supervisor,
who is to spend the fund in conjunction
with the advice of the connty court. Fur
all repairs or new work not exceeding J 50,
his personal judgment is supreme, but for
larger contracts he must'advertise for bids
and award the contracts after consultation
with the county court. There is to be a
poll tax of 12 on all males between the aires
of 21 and 45 years, which may be paid in
work. Bridge work is to come in under
the road law.
President Fulton announced the appoint
ment ot the following investigating committees:
Land department Steiwer and Cogswell.
Clerk hire Denny, Looney, Dodson
Cogswell and Myers.
Jetty and locks Cross and Veach.
State university McGinn and Matlock.
State penitentiary Willis and Weathsr-
World's fair commission Woodward and
Raley, .
The following resolutions were acted
Senate concurrent resolution to investi
gate tbe state reform , deaf mute and blind
schools, and the oOce of superintendent of
public instruction; concurred in.
Senate loir, resolution for the purchase
of 80 sanies of Hill's code, second edition,
Air the use of members; adopted.
Senate joint resolutions relating to the
world's fair, and to examine into the in
sane asylum; adopted.
Appreciated Luxury.
Snmlny and Monday were gala days for
the lovers of sport, Ice skating is s luxury
not enjoyed in Oregon every winter, but
this time the skating fraternity seem to
have been favored to their hearts' content
furn limit -J time. The lakes back of tbe
city were well patronized Sunday and Mon
day until far into the night. The avordu
.H, mmm, however, was too great for
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har 3d "w a. 3r h3
212 First and 9 Salmon Street PORTLAND
A Movement Started to Pat la s
. Plant.
Amass meeting of the citizens ofBt
Helens was held in the courthouse Tuesday
night for the purpose of discussing tbe ques
tion of how and by what means the city
could be supplied with water. J. H. 8 wa
ger was chosen chairman and George IJt-
mont secretary of the meeting. The dis
cussion then began, and nearly every man
in the house ventilated bis views on the
subject. While there were some pretty hot
shots exchanged between the speakers, yet
each controversy was received in good hu
mor, and resulted in the more interest being
taken in the scheme, and tbe meeting was
unanimous in favor of some system for sup
plying tbe city with water.
The favorite plan submitted was to erect
large tanks on the bluff Just back of the
city with pipes leading up and down the
two main streets; the tanks to be fed from
the river by means of a large pamp. Mr.
James Muckle volunteered .to furnish power
from tbe mill, until such time as tbe city
was able to purchase a steam engine, for a
comparatively small Sum. This plan met
With tbe approval of roost of those present,
and a committee of three was appointed,
consisting of A. H. Blaketley, James Dart
and B. Cox, to make an estimate of tbe
probable cost of such a plant and report
their findings to the meeting held last night.
A committee of three, consisting of A. H.
Blakesley, W. J. Rice and James Muckle,
were appointed to prepare a proposed
amendment to the city charter which will
e only Pure Cream of Tartar Powder. Ko Ammonia; No AJ -
UiTiaa-ajIomc40 YcarS tfc
be presented to the legislature asking that
body for the privilege of incurring a larger
city indebtedness than provided for in the
present charter. This ooromittee was also
instructed to report at the next meeting.
A Representative of The Mist There
on Mew Year's Day.
Tor five or six months Mr. Wm. 6 lead -man,
sf Cast PorUsnd, a coal mine expert,
has been prospecting In tbe bill between
Deer Island station and Columbia City , in
the vicinity of Caples old mill. People
claimed that the coal mine was a fizsle
that there was bo coal there. Dr. Caples
believed la his mine and that coal existed
there, but failed to strike tbe right vein.
He found plenty of lignite coal, mixed with
slate, and people believed that was all there
was in it. Last Bmnmer Mr. Bteadraan
came here with a small erew of men. In
stead of tunneling, be bored holes and
kept his findings private which he does as
yet bnt bis work shows that be has more
than what is in sight. Although there Is
no excitement nor booming of real estate,
owners are looking forward to the day when
ths land will be in good demand. As an
evidence that the coal prospecting is not for
tbe purpose of getting up a real estate
boom, it is only necessary to state that Mr.
Steadman does not own a foot of land in
this county. .Being an expert eoal miner,
having made it a study from boyhood, he
is well satisfied with present prospects and
is confident of success. Developing Is pro
gressing surely, but he thinks it will be sev
eral months , before they caa commence
taking out coal to any extent.
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BJ !; far rwkllcaulam.
Land O tnce at Oregon City, Orrsns,
December t, 1.
NOTICE Is hereby given that tha following
namrd aettler has Sled notlfe of his inten
tion to make Dual Drool in auDuwrl of his claim.
and that said uniof will be made before the
County Clerk of Columbia county, at St. Helens
Oregon, OB January 20, 11WJ1, vis:
Homestead entry no. nwa, lor the nw 'A of see
, ttn, raw. He nara tne following wit-
naaaes to prove nis continuous resilience upon,
and cultivation ol, said land, vis: Ed. A. C'uih
Chrlntlan Felber. Prank Bluhop and E. M.
Collins, all of Beuben, Columbia county, Ore
gon. lUvJl&J i, l. Arrannun, negieiar.
Hat ice ter Pwblleallea.
Land Ofllce at Oregon City, Oregon.
December 20. 1H92.
NOTICE Is hereby given that the following
named settler tut flled notice of his Inten
tion tn make final nroof In suunort of blsclaim.
and that said proof will be made before the
County Clerk of Columbia county, at HI. Helens,
Oregon, on February It, vm, vis:
Homestead entry No. SMI. for the wU of eVfof
eeJS, ts n, r 4 w. He names the following
witnesses to prova nis continuous rssuienre
upon, and cultivation of, said land, vis: Otiitaf
Hendricksou, Oscar u. vvaisonen, rater sonme
la. Peter Watteon: all of Clatuksnle. Oregon.
d30ft I. T. ArrEKSOn, Kegistsr.
Hetlee ter Publication.
Land Office at Oregon City, Oregon,
December 1wj2.
NOTICE is hereby given thst tha following
named settler haa Hied-notice of his Inten
tion to make final proof In auuixirt of hia claim.
and that said proof will be made before the
county uiera ot uoiumuia county, at si, Helens
Oregon, ou renruary is, lava, vis:
Homestead entry Ko. SMS, for the lot t, see St, t
t n, r 4 w. Ha names the following wltneuas to
firove me oviiiiunoue reeinence upon, ana sul
fation of, said land, vis: Oncer O. Waitenen
Samlts Joints, Hendrick Walseuen, Henry Tim
onen ; all el Clatekaule, Oregon.
d0M J. T. Af PERSON, Register.
Netlce far Pnblieatlan.
Land Office at Oregon City, Oregon,
December m iv2
NOTICE Is hereby riven that the following,
named settler has filed notice of his Inten
tion to make nnal proof In aupport of his claim
and that said proof will be mails before tha
County Clerk of Columbia county, at St, Helens
Homestead entry No. 70fo. for tha u m ne
t S n, r 4 w. He namea the follnwiag witnesses
to (in,,, um cuiiiiiiuniia reitiaence upon, and
cultivation of, snld land, vlx: OncarO. Walrsnen
Henry Tinmnen, Oiof Hiemels, John Tolva; all
d 3. T. APPEH80N, Register.
Nat Ice far Publication.
Land Office at Oregon City, Oregon,
llfAml.. n Ibm
NOTICE Is hereby given that the foliowln'r
named acttlerhaa filed notice of his Inten
tion k mase nnai prnoi in support of his claim
end that said proof will be made before tha
County Clerk of Columbia St. Helen.
Homestead entry No. S42S, for the lots ( and lfl
sec II, t S n r 4 w, lots 2 and 4 sec 1. 1 7 n r 4 w
He namos the following witnesses tn prove his
contlmioui resilience upon and cultivation of
said land, vis: John Joints, Carl Rsntla, Pete.
Annunili and Kmll BiuHa. all of CUlskanla
ColtimWS,couaty, Oregon. vH.anie,
iU L V' APPERB03f. Ulster.
NO. 140
10 rllii Uiil-Ti Uiawuna.
r..,.,l nor room. V of" o XKatossI nffOpt,
rrc must , . ,
cent, on every suit out. overcoat from regular Marked Pnce,.
Men's 112.00 Suits
13.60 " ......
15.00 "
18.00 "
20.00 "
it 2500
30.00 "
4.00 Overcoats. .
7.60 -
10.00 "
16.00 "
- 20.00 "
... 12.15
... 13.60
... 1980
... 18-00
, . . 22 60
... 27.00
... 4 05
... 6.75
. . . 9 00
... 13.50
... 18,00
Boys' tlOOO Bulls.
" 12 00 " .
Child's 15.00 " .
.. 10 0
.. 4.(0
7.00 " with vssl. .... 1.30
Men's 4.50 runts
5,00 "
6,00 "
7.50 ..
2.00 Umlorwsar ,
- 5.00 " ...... a"
This reduction is for the entire stock. Our goods are all
marked in plain figures. During this wife uw tale ten pr tent.
off from every article.
Every garment warranted. Money ret unaea j or ui gooa
returned, f not soiled.
fe Are the Manufacturers.
J. M. MOYER & CO.,
140 First Street, Corner of Alder, Portland, Or.
Farmers' and Merchants'
Albany, Or.
PAID CAPITAL, - v. - - - -
All Losses Promptly and Satisfactorily Adjusted.
Tor particulars spply t Uis oftlce rf Moors Cols, or Ts Muf oOUm.
Front Streets Portland. Or.
lino. connn Dad Tnn
uuuiiv, yav.vv iui lull,
: Land Plaster $2.25 Per Barrel.
Also Fine I.ins cf
General" Merchandise,
Crockery, Boots, Shoes,
Glassware, Ladies' Dress Goods,
Queensware. Furnishing Goods,
I I Hi rAfn miis 1 .s-n 1 r I I "
Produce Taken In Exchange.
It Will Pay You to Consult Our Prices.
A fine stock of renowned KIMBALL and celebrated HALLET
& DAVIS Pianos and reliable KIMBALL Organs can always
be seen at my salesroom. ,
All instruments are bought from manufacturers direct, and
sold at lowest prices for CASII or on EASY PAYMENTS.
Old Pianos and Organs taken at their full market value in
part payment for new ones.
SCSCall and see me 0 write for Catalogue and prices be
fore buying.
305 Washingtsn Susst. ; VOLVO'