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St, Hki.knh, Avom 12, 1812.
Now, there are two methods ol levy,
ing duties upon iininls. Our demo
cratic frit-ntts wish us to fulh w the
English inetlnxl, which in to levy them
fur one furi80 only namely, to mis?
' revenue. The reprthlican party would
cnlleet duties Upon imports for two
purpoKps; first to raise revenue for the
support of the government, and also
at the eamn time to protect the indus
tries and labor of our country front
: ruinous competition with the poorly
.paid labor of foreign countries. And
- herein is fount) the issue which the
two parties join Upon the tariff ques
tion. The domocratic or English method
is to lay duties upon those articles
which we cunnot produce. Thry
would restore the duty upon sugar,
which we produce but little of andean
produce but little of, on account of
the character of our soil and climate ;
and they propose by this bill to lake
it from wool, leaving our farmers who
raise sheep to compete in our Market
with the wool growers of Australia,
Asia, and the Argentine Republic.
They would restore the duty upon tea
and take it from lumber.buildingsione,
farm products and manufactures. They
would levy a purely revenue duly,
which is always a tax upon the con
sumer, while a protective duty is paid
almost entirely by the foreign importer.
The republicans, on the contrary,
would lovy duties upon such articles
as we cau produce in our own lan',
making the amount of duty equal to
the difference between the price of la"
hor in our own and foreign countries.
And they would utilize our own raw
material rather than bay raw material
abroad. Tims would we raise revenue
to carry on our government and at the
same time maintain our industries
and keep up the wages of American
We do not say to the foreign mer
chant, You shall not sell your goods
in our market. But we do say to him.
You do not fight our battles, pay our
taxes, nor help to develop or enrich
our country. You, therefore, deserve
no advantage over our countrymen in
our market. You pay 60 cents for la
bor where ourempluyers pay 100 cents.
You can consequently lay your pro
duct down in our market at 60 per
cent, of what the American who pays
good wages must receive. Therefore,
to put him on an equal footing with
you, it is necessary thct you should
drop 40 cent on every dollar's worth
you sell to us into the United States
treasury to help us pay our debts and
support our government as an equiva
lent for the privilege of exposing yonr
giods here for sale. This is certainly
fair to you and it is only justice to our
own people. It is what our country's
prosperity demands.
Life imprisonment in the Oregon
penitentirry does not mean life by a
great deal, if the prisoner has any de
sire to earn marks of credit for good
liehavior. The code defines a life sen
tence as follows : "If for the term of
iifteen years any person has been sen
tenced to be imprisoned for life is re
ported by the supeiintendent to the
governor to have earned two-thirds of
the time allowed for the first five years
of the time that he or she is confined
and if the governor in his opinion be
lieves the facts so reported warrant,
He may grant a full pardon to said
The president bas appointed Sena
tor W. H. Allison, of Iowa, Senator J,
I". Jones, of Nevada, Representative
James R. McCreary, of Kentucky, ex-
Comptroller Henry W. Camron, of
New York, and General Francis A
Walker, of Massachusetts, as delegates
to the international monetary confer
ence. Two of the five are known to be
free-silver men, and the others op
posed. The conference is to meet in
some European city at a time not yet
The Tribune at Bay City, Tillamook
comity, has suspended publication.
The town is 'suffering a backset caused
hy the persistent efforts of a few real
estate agents to boom that place. In
most cases these "boom towns" never
amount to a great deal, but when you
eee a town slowly growing up with the
country surrounding it, you can fee!
assured that that town will never suf
fer a backset, on the contrary it will
continue to improve.
Washington has secured little, if
any, legislation of value that has not
been procured through the aid of Or
egon senators. The locating - of the
navy yard on Puget Sound by the last
congress was largely through the aid
of Senators Dolpu and Mitchell, and
this year the most important work of
the session was almost Wholly left to
Congress passed the bill last Satur
i: v appropriating $2,500,000 to the
orU's fair.
t lecturer and bMik jwdultT,. IwW forth
I to a iiiihU
audience on the public
square on Wednesday evening. If
her book is as full of financial mis
representations as her lecture, the
reading may be satisfactory to that
part of her hearers, wlm are staking
their financial and political salvajion
m loans from the government at two
per cent., but persons of intelligence
who heard her effort, have generally
Concluded that ' some females make
better book peddlers than lecturers on
monetary science, as the lecturer pro
fessed to be on that subject. The ser
vices closed with an appeal for the al
mighty dollar. Thire was a liberal re
sponse from the faithful Hillsboro
Thr press of the country generally
condemns the severe punishment in
flicted ou Private lams by Col. Sireater.
Fralt Stealer.
The parlies who have been visiting
ye tditor's apple trees, and who also
broke down the gate, should go a little
slow as there is a law against this kind
of thievery. Read what Lord Timothy
Dexter says regarding the thieves who
stole his fruit:
The following is copied from a "pro
nunciamento" issued by Lord Timothy
Dexter against certain frnit thieves.
The cutting was ban-Jed to a writer in
the Beverly Times by John J. Dennis.
When asked bow long lie had it he re
plied "100 years" which statement he
modified by saying "every since I was
a boy," and it is remarkable that he
can repeat the array of adjectives
"faster'n a hen can pick up corn."
"Whereas I, Lord Timothy Dexter,
having been truly informed that sev
eral audacious, nefarious, infamoui,
intripid, night-walking, garden-violating,
immature, porch-stealing rascals,
all spawn of the devil, and rogues, aud
cubs of Satan, do frequently, villain
ously assemble themselves together in
my garden, surely pipiug, fighting,
hunting and sweating, rognering,
duck-egg hunting, and illicit deeds
which the modesty of my pen cannot
"This is to give you all notice, Dela-
carious, Capricaneous, Tularnunorinus
have been scoundrels and old rogues,
or wnatever nation you be, return ye
my fruit and property, or by the gods,
the heathen gods, I swear I will send
my son Sam to Babylon for blood
hounds fiercer than tigers and fleeter
than the winds ; and mounted on my
horse, Lilla, with catting sabre in my
hand, I will hunt yon through Europe.
Asia, Aftica, and America, until I can
enter you in a cavern under a tree in
Newfoundland, where Beelzebub him
self could not find you.
"Hear ye, taterdemalions, thieves,
vagabonds, lank-jawed and turn-bellied
plebeaus, that if ye, or any of ye, dare
set your foot in my house or garden, I
will deliver you to Charon, who will
ferry you over the river Styx, and de
liver you to the royal-arch devil, Luci
fer, there to be drugged with sulpher
of Caticacus, and roasted forever be
fore the ever-burning crater of .Etna.
Loko Timothy Dexteh."
School Keport.
Report of Bay View school, district
No. 7, for month ending August 5,
Enrolled first day, 31; enrolled at
present, 51; average enrollment, 41;
total attendance in days, 726; average
attendance daily, 36 and 3-10. Those
regular in attendance are Ella and
Walter Bacon, Floyd and Laura Puzey,
Mabel and Rosie Harth, Edith, Katie,
and Jasper Hazen.
We are very sorry to say that the at
tendance has not been more regular.
Parents do not seem to realize what a
detriment it is to their children to be
absent from their classes for a single
day, to say nothing of their being ab
sent one or two days a week. They
lose interest, and the most com
petent teacher cannot keep them in
terested. Therefore, if you would have
the teacher advance your children.and
make scholars of them, do not bar
their progress by this one of the most
hurtful devices. ' Chas. y,
Messrs. A. P. Usher and E. II. Girty
have started up their logging camp on
Sprague creek.
Miss Jessie Downs is absent this
week attending the teachers' institute
at Clatskanie.
Mr. James Gailtens wss seen carry
ing two coal-oil cans filled with eggs
on his way to Deer Island to ship to
Mr. Charles Caples and family, of
Columbia City, accompanied by Hon.
George McBride, of Salem, visited the
Tide-creek dam last Sunday.
Used in Millions of Homes
lUIli Mh
Our school will soon open for the
fall term.
Mr. W. M. Perry and Mm. C. E.
Walker attended the teachers' institute
at Clatskanie, and report an enter
taining and instructive sessrton.
Mrs, M. M, Lewis, of Nebraska,
here on a visit to her parens, Mr. and
Mrs. J. Beusch. She will remain here
until tlw middle ol September, when
alio experts to join hot husband in Og
deu, Utah, when thoy will make their
home in the future.
Miss Mury Harmer is having a neat
residence built on her lots in this city.
Mrs. E. J. Muster, of Kelso, is visit
ing friends here this week.
Mr. 8. Stewart, of Martin's Bluff,
paid a visit to his Itaaver valley ranch
one day last week.
Will Pomcroy attended the P.O. store
during the absence of M. Perry.
Mis Mary Burke and Mr. Edwin
Ross, of St. IIelens,were in Rainier last
week. The former a guest of Mrs
Muckle, and the latter visited Dr. Belt.
Dr. Griswold is here attending the
needs of our people in the dental line.
Although we consider ourselves a
healthy community, Dr. Belt seems
quite busy.
D. T. Bearce.of thefirmofReichardt
A Bearce, is in Southern Oregon in the
interest of his real-estate business.. Mr.
Reichardl, the senior partner, is in
Chicago at present.
Mrs. F. M. Bachelor and daughter.
of Portland, are the guests of Mrs. D.T.
Bearce. V
The many friends of Mr. B. F. Tay
lor will be sorry to learn that he injured
his hand quite badly while working on
Mr. Blanchanl's flume.
WHEREAS, we the teachers of Co
lumbia county, feeling the benefits of
the past few days spent in Clatskanie,
and that our institute has been a grand
success, even exceeding our anticipa
tion, and
Whereas, the success of said insti
tute has been largely due to the hearty
assistance a .id co-operation of the peo
ple of this city and vicinity, we wish
to express by voice, while here, and by
publication tbercafter.our appreciation
of the efficient assistance and kind in
terests shown toward this institute,
Resolved: That all who have aided
in providing for, and entertaining the
teachers while attending this institute
have received the notice and apprecia
tion of every teacher in the meeting
this day assembled. Especial thanks
are due E. W. Conyers for the free use
of his large and commodious hall, to
Mrs. Merrill for the use of her piano,
and to Mrs. Hall for the use of her or
gan, io the band and orchestra for
music furnished, and to those who con
tributed recitations, music, and other
aid. We also note the general good
will toward our efforts, and the large
attendance at the evening sessions.
Resolved further, That we have
been greatly benefitted by this meet
ing, and shall always hold in remem
berance the several pleasant days spent
at Clatskanie, and the kind hospitality
given by its citizens.
Resolved further, That a copy of
these resolutions be sent to each of the
county papers for publication.
W. A. Wood,
Chairman Com. on Resolutions.
Ileal Estate Transfers.
United State-i to Ole Paulson , ne of sec
21, 1 5 n. r 5 w, 100 acres; patent.
United states to Ole I'auUon , nej of sec
31, 1 6 ti, r 5 w, UK) acres: patent.
N It Matthiessen to Ole Paulson, se'i of
sec 27, 1 6 n. r 5 w, tfiO acres; W80.
United States to Franklin Williams, wy
ol neii, n of ae and v of ws of sec
U. 1 7 n, r 4 w, 100 acres; patent.
Gas H Bynon to Geo E Davis, lots 1, 2,
and 3, blk 20, Mellinger's 1st odd. to Ver-
nonia; (1.00.
United States to Joliam F A Johnson
F A Johnson, ne of sec 7, 1 7 n, r 3 w, 1(J0
acres; patent.
W M I)eehly to Win Mellinger, wji of
swofsec:i3, t5n, r4w, 80 acres; SISOO.
United States to Kdward B Armstrong,
sw'A of sec 20, 1 4 n r 3 w, 100 acres; patent.
Umted States to Wru Halpenny, seJ4 of
sec 9, t fl n, r 4 w, 104 acres; patent.
V A Moore to Undley Meeker, lot 5 of
of sec 3, lots 3,4. 5, 6. 7, 8 and 9 of sec 10;
lots 1, 2, 3, 4, S, and of nw'4 of sec 15;
lots 7. 8, and ?H of se'A of sec 10, 1 4 n, r 1
w. 311 7-100 acres; t75.00.
F M Miles to Lindley Meeker, land in 1 4
n, rlw; 175.
tidited States to Jos A Kemp, neU of sec
8, 1 7 n r 4 w, 10 25-100 acres, patent.
. W H Braden to W D l'hinney, lot 6. blk
15 In 1st add. to Vernonia: 40.
W D Piiinnev to J A II Roundy. lot blk
15. Ill 1st add. to vernonia; $40.
United States to Jus E Burk, nw'4 of sec
, 1 5 B, 1 3 w, 100 acres.
United States to Christie A Burk, tie'A of
sec 0, t S n, r 3 w , 100 acres ; patent.
United States to Harvey M Fowler, teVi
of sec 22, 1 6 n. r 3 w, 100 acres; patent.
T C James to Loreltfc J Banzer, e4 of the
e$i of sec 11. t 7 n, r 8 w, 80 acres; $245.
40 Years the Standard.
ttptirlmeu 1'itsen.
S. 11. milord, Now Oassel, Wis., was
trnuhled with NenriilKht and Rheumatism,
his 8toinneh was disordered, his Live wii
ntl'eited to nil nlarmliiK tli'Krw, appetite
fell atvny, and ha was terr ihly rwltieed In
flest and tursiiuth. IThree bottles of hlee
trie Hitlers rured lilm.
Kdward Hhudierd, HarrMxtriT, 111.. Iintl
rt running sore on hi leu of fig-lit years'
stnndihft. lTl three bottles of Kleetrk
Miters and seven boxes of Iturklln'a Arni
ca iJulvc, and his leg is found awl well
John Speaker, Uiitavrlm. O , hud ttvo hirRO
Fever sores on his loir, doctors said he was
ineiirahlc. One bin tie Klertrio Hitters and
one box Hdeklen's Arnica Halve cured him
entirelv. Hold at Kdwln Ross Ilrnsr Store
While, at ltig Island, V , last April,
I was taken with a veiy severe attack
of diart huMi. I never had it Worse in
my life. I tried several old-lime renii-
dies, such as blackberry wine, pare
gorieand laudanum without getting
miiv relief, fllv attention win then
called to Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhtva Remedy by Mr. R. C
TiiiSlty, who had been handling it
there, and in less thsn Ave minutes
after taMnir a small dose I was entirely
i-eliiived. O. (1. Ht'RFOWD, Harris
Creek, Amherst Co., Vtt. For sale by
Edwin, druggist.
Hacklen'a Armea Naive.
The Rust Slve in the world for Cuts, Uralses,
Sores, I'lcrrs, Suit Khetiiu. Fever oes, Tetter,
Chained Hands, I'lillhUlns, Corns aval ull skill
Krnptimis, and positively elites I'll, or no pay
required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect suit.
favtlun, or money refunded, Pries M cents per
box. For tale llv Kilwill Horn.
Treasurer's- Notion.
Countv Treasurer's Otllee, (
(St. Helens, Or., August 5, tfj?.
Notice Is Itereliy riven that nil unpaid
Countv VVarr mts of said county, vlucli
have been presented mid endorsed "not
paid for want of funds," (mm July l.i. latll
iid to Aiiirtistt.tNM.hnthda'eslnclttdve.and
also warrants No's. "It" and "IMtlV wt 1
be paid on presentation at this otllee. In
terest on sam warrants win not oe nuoweu
after the date ut this notice.
Treasurer Columbia County, Or.
Nollec is hereby given that the Board of
Ktiuiiltnattou will meet at M. Helens, in the
Courthouse, AiiKiit 2t), lr, for the pur
pose of equalising the asse;snienl of is!f..
All fluims lor correction imivt be mude be
fore the Hoard. Jl'HSON WKKI,
County Assessor.
I have no hesitancy iti recommend
ing Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Dia rr hie a Remedy to the public, as I
do to mv friends and patrons. I used
it myself after other well known reme
dies nail failed, and it citrerl me In a
few minutes. I recommend it can
didly and cheerfully upon its merits,
not from a linaociul standpoint, be
cause I have others in stock on which
I make a larger profit, but became
Chamberlain's is the best remedy 1
know of for bowel com plaints. There
is no doubt about it, it does the work.
Jamkh; Forov, druggist, McVey town,
Penn. For sale by Edwin Ross, dru;
One Dollar Weekly
Buys a good gold watch hy onr chili sys
tem. Our 14-karut goi l-lilleil cases lire war
ranted fur tfl years. Kine Kljrm and W al
thain nuveirent. Stem wind and set.
Lady's or Rent's size. Kipuil to any -"Ki
watch. To secure iifteiita where we have
none, we sell one of the hunting ca-e
watches for the club price fcM and lend O.
O. O. by express with privilcjreof examina
tion before j-ayinK for the auie.
Our aKcnt at Durham, '. C writes.
"Our Jewelers hsvo confessed they don't know
how you can I'urubh siteh work for the money."
Our agent at Heath Springs, H. C., writes:
"Your wstehos take at slht. Ttie Kentlemnn
who Rot the lust wat'.-h hnIiI that he exHinlneil
sii't priced a ieweler s wutehes Itt liiuienter,
that wore ui better than yours, but the price
was 1 16."
Our agent at Pennington, Tex., writes:
'Am In receipt of the wsteh, and nm pleased
without measure. All who have neeii It uy It
would be eheap at 1-10."
One pood reliable opent wanted for each
place. Write for particulars.
Kmpirf Watch Co., New York.
AdmluUtrwfnr'a Male f Healeeiate,
Notice 1.1 hereby given that in ptinanee
of an order of the County Court of Colum
bia county, Oregon, made on the Othilay of
July, A. U IK, in the mutter of tiie estate
of John Farrow, deceased, the undersigned
administrator of the said estate will sell at
public unction to the hiuhest bidder forcash
and subject to eontiriuaiion by the said
Court, on Saturday, the 3rd day of Septem
ber, A. 0. lP2, at one oYlin-k p. m.. at the
courthouse door in St. Helens, in said state
and county, all the riuht. title and interest
that the said estate has by o K-ration of law
or otherwise acquired other than or in ad
dition to that of ihn said J din Farrow, at
the time of his death 1 1 and to all that cer
tain lot, piece, or parcel of land situate ly
ing and being in said county and state, and
described as follows, towit: The northwest
quarter of the southwest quarter and the
southwest quarter of the northwest quar
ter of section No. 2, in township No. 0 north
of range No. 2 west of the Willamette Me
ridian, snd containing according to the
United Htotes government survey, SO acres
of land. A. KKVIN.
Administrator of the estate of John Far
row, deceased. jajatl
A new nnd eomnlete trcntmeut. emiKistltlfl: of
suppositories, ointments in capsules, aisn in
ox auu nus: a rosiuve ;ure ior r..ieruat, in
teriiHl. Hlliiii slid Hleerllnii. Itching. Chronic,
itecAnt nr Hereditftrv Piles, nnd llianv ottier
diseases mill female weaknesses: It Is slwuysu
Sreat tienelit to I lie aeiiaral nesuii. 1 lie lint
iM-overy of a meiticalcure remlcringan opera
tion wun uie sniie unneeesMary neranuer. i ins
Keinoly has never been known to full, 1mi
box. 6 fort.",: sent bv luull. WHV suiter Irolii this
terrlhle dlscaie when a written guarantee is
trlven with S boxes, to refund the money if not
cured. Bend stamp for free Maniple, fiiiarantee
Issued by Woouaro, I'ukkb Co., Wholesale
aim Ketau uruggists, ooio akuihs, rortisnu, or.
Tl3 Wrated Frsncli ars,
Is Bold ox a
to cure any form
of nervous dlseue
or auy disoi-Uer of
the generative or
gans oi eilliurscx, .
whether arislue
llKAof Htiinulmitjf. AFTm
IobcoorOpIuni,or thrmishyoiitiifiilliellsew
tlon, overindulgence, &e , such as Loss of iinila
Power, Wnliefulness, Hearing doivn Palmlntlis
baek.Scinlnal Weekiicss.ilyiiteiiB, Nervous Pms
tmtloa, Nocturnal Emlttslons, Le-icorrhrea, l)iz
Jiaess, Weak Memory, l.ossof power and Impo
tency, which II neglected often leal to premsture
CM oae and insanity. Price ll.OO a box, Bboxes
lor 15.00. Sent by mall ou receipt of price-
a wnrrrKN oi:aiiantkk is given for
every f. ,.00 order received, to refund thttniouey If
a 1'ermsnenC cure is not ellorti il. We hove
thousands of testimonials from old and young,
of both sexes, who have beeo permannntly cured
by tbeiueof Aphrodltlne. Circular free. Address
Western Branch. Uox 27. Pokti ajid. Oa.
For sale by EDWIN ROSS, Dbuooist,
Bt. Helens, Ur.
Hart & Sweetland,
r Proprietor
St; Helens Meat Market
Fresh ami Salted
and vegetilhlrs
Meals, Pan sage. Fish
Meats by wholesale lit special rates,
F.xp-ess wagon ran to ull parts of town,
and charges reasonable,
)o lojj'i?
von to llnd the most desirable place to
pun'-huse vour ' Invlgoratcr.''
Keeps constantly n hand Iho famous
Cuban Blossom Cigars.
The II nest fine of Wines lluiiors and
Cigars to lis round this sale ol Port
land. And If you wish to
engage in u gams of
They enn assure you that they have the
best table in town. Kvvrylldng new and
nent. and your patronage is reia-i-t(uily
Ht Helens, Oregon.
Is now making regular round
tiips from
Daily Except Wednesdays,
f.KAvmu OAK POINT... ......4:40 A. M.
" BTKU.A o:0n '
" HAI.MI'.K I:I5 "
ArkivikdI'OUTI.ANU.... Il.-w) "
I.kavss POKTLAXl) 110 P. M.
AaaivsriTEhhA ..7:4o
-00 TO
The Watchmaker aod Jeweler.
fou Yorn
The Finest assortment of Watehes , Clucks
aud Jewelry of all descriptions.-. ..
Opposite the lismond, Porthu d Oregon
Said Sawmill Is sl'uated on the Ht. Helens
road, shout 2'4 miles southeast of Oleneoe
usliuuttou eoiintv, oreif. -II. Alaeiiinery
in periiH-t running onier; i-.ugmeis -io-iurs(
lmwer, ten tiy twenty: lioiler ao tin-ties in
diameter and 14 leet long; New liead lilork
(Hatehet); AL-o suwdust currier; i.n rue lot
of crlar now on hand lor saw. Term
made known on application to the omler
signed. Would vxi-hanjji' for city or im-
provea isriii property.
lfilhboro. Oregon
My wife, Mary Howard, having left my
lied and board without Just cuue or provo
cation, t will not be responsible for any
ichts coiitracted by her. II. 0, Howahd,
Dated this 3th day of July, IKD3. i!0ajf
Notice tor pwblirnttwn.
lnd onic. at Oregon t.ity, Oregon,
July 2, iwri
'V'OTICR Is hereby iti-en that the- i(illilnif
1 namel settler has lllvil notice of liU biiou-
tlon to make nsl nriwa fu ui'0ort of his clsiin
anil that said proof will tie iiifute hefnre th
Oiiunty Clers of t'ohiiuMa eminty, ai nt. Ilelttts
ureou, on Aiiirusi ui, iw.'j. vu:
JA9ll'.n SlfWlXAUVt
llnmesteiifl ontrv No. st)7. for th nU of nvli,
seti of niv'i and ii(Ji of of tfec Jo. I a. r
w. He names the following witnesses to prove
tils eiiiiilnuoua re-iilutiee usm mid euttivstloti
of, khI'1 lund under t-eeiiuit t.ial K. 14.: iiisntmHu
Monnie. Sftimiel INiuanl. Ju-M Fel-r aisl
Jesao K. Hallivsn; All of Iteulieii, Culuinbln
countv. Oregon. t. i. Arrl.I!rti,
Jl.'.ilD. UvsUter.
A4mlnitraitor' Hailewf Realeslale
Notice Is hereby given that fn pursuance
of an order of the County Court of Colum
bia county, Oregon, nia-lu on the fl'li day
of J (i I v , lsl)2. in the matter of the estate of
H. H. Mitchell, decea-e.l. The undersigned
adni'iiiHtrulor will sell at public auction to
the highest bidder for cash and subject to
sain bv the said Court ou Hsturdav the 3rd
day of September, A. D. 1Hi2, Htoneo'clnek
p. in. at the courthouse door at Ht. Helens,
! u..f.l . ..II tl.a .!..!. .i.l
111 111111 LVII'lv, nwiir. nit tl, c llllb, llllu
and Interest that the said estate has by opt r
ation of law or otherwise acquired other
than or In addition to that of the said II. H,
Mitchell at the time of his death In and to
nil that certain lot, piece, or parcel of laud
I) ing anil being in suid county nnd state.
and described as follows, towit: The west
half of the southwest quarter and the south
half of the northwest quarter of section No.
:).'), township 7 north of range 2 west of the
Willamette Meridian, anil containing ac
cording to United Ktates government sur
vey, KiO acres of land. A. KKVIN,
Administrator of the estate of H. H
Mitchell, deceased, J2)a2
Sherilfs Sale.
bounty 01 eoiumlua. )
Bv virtue of an execution anil order of
sale. Issued out of the Circuit Court, of the
Htate of Oregon, for the County of Colum
bia, to lue directed, in favor of John T,
MuKea and ngiiinst John 11. Kdmuuds. for
Ihe sum of $.'U0.5 dollars, liidgment, with
interest at the rate of 8 tier cent, ner an
num from the 20th day of May, lsjtf, und
the further sum of t-i'M dollars, costs and
accruing costs, commanding me to make
sain of the following-described real property,
to-wit: The southwest quarter of sections
In tnwtishiji 7 north, range A west Willam
ette Meridian . embracing 1.1A acres, more
or less; together with the tenements, hered
itaments nnd appurtenances thereunto
belonging or in auvwise appertaining:
all being situated in Columbia county.
8tte of Oregon, t duly levied upon said
premises on the lltli day of July, WU.
Now, in pursuance of said execution, I
will, on the 2nth day of August, lWtt, at the
hour of 10 o'clock A. M. of said day, at the
Courthouse door, in said countv und state.
sell at public auction al the right, title,
claim and interest in and to the ubove de
scribed real property of the said John H.
Edmunds, to the highest bidder therefor
for cash, to satisfy said execution. Interest
and costs. O. A, MAH8IH,
J1M2 Sheriff1 of Columbia County, Or.
SIZES 34 TO 54.-
Every Suit
Successors to Brownsville Wo:Lo Mills.
Retail store, 140 First street, under the Gilman,
General Merchandise,
Crockery, I Boots, Shops,
Glassware, Ladies' Dress Goods,
Queens ware. I Furnishing; Goods.
Produce Taken in Exchange.
It Will Pay You to Consult Our Prices.
THE RETAIL MERCHANT ia tlw neco-wiry
Medium of Trade between the Manufacturer
mid the Consumer. He imwt irotect the intercut
of his customers by purvhiviiig ii) the lowent mil
nnd bet mrukets, and by celling to his patrons
at the Lowest Prices.
In keeping these true principles of trade always ia
view; often leaves the old track and strikes "across
lots" for BargntuH for hi cuwtomersv Hi Hock of
SGeneral Merchandise
Is being enlarged by New Goods Every Day.
It Is not convenient to name the many different articles kept
nn sale, aside from Dry OimmIn, t'l,, thing. Ladies' Wear Ouutlemen's
Wear, Head Wear, Knot Wear, l-'ioiir and Feed, Uroieries and Dan
ncd floods, Nails and Hardware, Crockery and (lla-svrare, liriinito
aud '1 Inn-are, I'owder and Hhot, Hats and Caps, booM and Hhucs,
V atcnt Medicines, Toilet Artkdes, elo.
160 ACRES Xear town of
House, barn and young orchard
12 to 16 acres clear, and good
milling timber.
Inquire room 18, Abington
building, 5th floor, Portland,
Price, $2,000.
Model Saloon.
I. STAN WOOD, Proptr.
Choice Wines,
touorsand Cigars. Beer 5 Cts.
Billard and Pool Table '
'or tha Pcsommodation of Patrons
1 J
J, George, Proprietor.
Tuhtes always supplied wiih tliehcsledlhle
and delicacies Ihe market allords.
Having been newly refurnished, we'
are irepared to give satisfaction to all
onr patrons, und solicit share ol your
- ' o
One Price Casif Store.
General Merchandise,
DRY G00D3,
Ladies' Fine Shoes