The Oregon mist. (St. Helens, Columbia County, Or.) 188?-1913, August 05, 1892, Image 1

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VOL. 9.
NO. 32.
1 .
I 1 5
HtiiEu even v t-HiDAT mohnino
J. R. BEEGLE, Manager.
ubscriplian. Hal...
On. eopy one year In advance II M
Oik copy tlx mouth. 7.
i n. le oup v. .. ....,...,.....
Adr.rileuig Hate.
Profeaalonal oarda on. v..r .... I IS
Oiio column out year , Vlt
Hull column on. year.,....,... , 76
Quarter column ou. year 40
On. Inch ou. mouth t
Ou. luitb three muiitlit I
Ou. Inch tit mouth.
Local nntlc.., per line (of tint (user-
lion ; iu coiiK per nu. lor ikd aunteiiueiu hi
Legal advertliomentt, 11.10 per fur Ant
ina.rinn, ami 7. oeuu per men tor eacu auu
tiiviii.iuwriiwn . , . ,.
Cattily Olflocr.
Judge Dun Bl.uch.rili it.lnler
Ch-ra K. K. Quick, H . Helen.
.'I.rin ..... A. NMIK ' IIVIO' .
Tr...ur r K. M. Wbartou, Columbia City
'l.t. i.f school. T. 1. tNeetoti, Voruoui.
Amw ..W. H. Kyiwr, R.ludr
Surveyor A. U. Lliilu, It a ul.r
Comm'a.1, ...... J :.:.n ". Vuoul
(( w n.ruu, ueyger.
eciety "telle..
Mamnic, St. Helena Lodge, No. H-RegUlar
comiunuioalloni anil third Saturday In
ach month et7;HQ-. a. at Meaouio hall. Vlll
inn m.uiber. lu good standing luvlt.d to at
land. Mimhio -Ralnl.r Lodge, No. lBtated
meeting! Aatuntay on or before each lull moon
at 1M , at. at UmuiiIc ball, ov.r Ulauchard'.
HVIB. V laitlllg (MVLUUVra IU UUV AMkUUllig '
vlled to atund,
Th. mall.
Dawn rlv.r (boat) clow, at :M a, H. .
tin rlv.r I boetl vlnaea at 4 f. M.
1 h. lull lor V.riiaiila aud Flttnburi leave.
St. li.l.ut Monday, aud Friday at
Th. mall lor Hanhland, Claukanl. and MIM
leave yuluu Monday, weaneaaey ana rnaay
At I'i tt
Mall, (railway) north oloa. a' 10 A, lor
Porll.ud at I r. M.
Tr.y.l.l.' KlT.r Hewttea.
Htni0. W. gHavxa-Leave. At. Helena
lor I'ortland at II a. at. Tuewlay, ihunday ana
Nnturday. l.v-a Ml. Helen, for C'letakaiile
M.tnday, Wediieaday and Friday at : 00 a, at.
RT.iMta 1 s a Lb a Leave. Ht Helena for Port
land I i a. at, rtturulng at l:M r. .
Ht.amr. Joasm K Xl.(.ooo Leave. 8t. Helena
for I'ortlaud dally except Sunday, at? a. at., ar
riving at I'ortlaud at I0.SV; rvlurnlug, leave
Portlanr at 1 r. at., arriving at at. Ueleua at ..
jjh. ii. r. curr,
St. Helem, Oregon,
jy. 1. I. HALL,
Clatskatile, Columbia county, Or.
Rainier, Oregon.
t. ricb, ' ' ." : f
St. IIrlrms, Orroov.
Deputy District Attorney for Columbtt Co.
T. A. McUiidi. ' A. S. Drimib.
Orcon City , Oregon . .
rrorapt attention given land-offlce bu.loeis
St. Helena, Oregon.
Comity surreyor. Lund surveying, town
platting, ana engineering worx promptly
W.T. BoanxV. J. W. Dxarxa.
Oregon City, Oregon.
Twelve yiar.' erpurlenre ai Register of
the United htate. Land Office here, recom
mends us In aits specialty of all kind of
Duniiiess oernr. me L,ana umo. or in.
C'nurti and involving the General Land
Oregon City, Oregon.
( i.ate special agent of General lnnd nfflc. )
Humeitend, Pre-emption, and Timber
Land applications, and other Land OfBc
business a specialty. Office, second floor,
Lnnd (Jfflc:. Building.
Proprietor of- t ,
Oriental : Hotel.
Tli. house has ' been fully refurnUhed
throughout and th. bmt of accoaa-.
m modallona will be lve. ' ;
. STAGE run In connection with
the liotrl connecting with the North
ern Pacitlo Kailroad at Mil ion. Stag,
for Tacoxua trains 10 p. m. For Portland
train at t p. m.
A Specialty.
And .very tiling uiuolly found In Fimt-CIn. Drugstore.
l'hyjlclnni' rmcrlptlotn carefully compounded at any hour, day or night, by a
conieteqt and Experienced Druggist.
Manufacturers of
Joseph Kellogg &
Joseph Kellogg
and Friday at: 5 am. Leaves
doy, and Saturday at 6 a." m.
daily, Sunday excepted, arriving
Keturning leaves Portland at 1
Don't Buy
Freshest, Purest, and
Clatskanie Drug Store-
DR. J. E. HALL, . Proprietor.
J. W. SHAVER, Master.
Leaves Portland at Alder St. dock Monday, Wednesday, Friday
for Clatskanie, touching at Sauvies Island, St. Helens, Columbia
Uty, Jtalama, Neer City, Rainier, uedar Landing, Alt. Uotfcn,
uraarjury, Stella, uaK-romt, ana au miermeaiate points, re
turning Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
4 f Sm
find a prloeicas ooon
Tj'utA Mark.
with Hhavhif ,
Prie.Of QlMMI1. Antl.H.lrtMkSI MPholtla.
pnna..o..trwtiTeHinirntiai. Thinade.rtmemeni is one inugui ram. . T-a
oontaln.. We Invlt. yon to df.1 with n and yon will find .verythlng a. wprwrned. Cut this out and
nd Kwiay. Addraa. QUHN CMIMIOAt CO.. 174 Wnce, ClhoiNM ATI, O. Vra ei;
jreiitr your latter at any Pmt OIHl'. to Inaun It. aa(. delivery. Jtrwhl iy fOO for any es.
tfalluM iK.hi..! Inlni hut nui' Kverv b.ittl. cviaraut.ed.
-Te ladlM who latmtfae. mn .ratBia
eiauaaalfattteia seat with eret.
Orders from the
Country filled by
Return Mail,
Co.'s River Steamers,
and Northwest.
KELSO Monday, Wednesday,
PORTLAND Tuesday, Thurs.
Leaves RAINI15R at 6 i. nl
at Portland at 10:30 a. m
p. m., arriving at 6 p. m
You r Drugs
Best of Everything
In eompoundlnx a aolutlon a pan w. aocltltitlr apiiird on th band
and on wanulnc alierward It M dlacovc-rea Hint the was com
.plctelv rem'ivwt. W. al onoe put till. onderlul preparation, on the
markitt and aosraet ha. been the demand tlml wear, now Introducing;
It throughout Ui. world under the nam. i( tjueen'a Antl-UxUrlu.
g tinrut an I vniau can vil IT,
1 tM the hair over and applr th. inlxiure f or a few nilnuue. and th.
nalr'dln.ppeanaaK brmaflo without th. allxlitxtpainorlnjury when
npiillrd or vw attarward. It l.unllke.tiyotli.rpr.paratlon.v.ruiFd
fnra Ilk. purpose. Thounand. ot LA II II S who have been annoyed
with natron tholr FACK. NECK and AltMS alteat It. merlta,
UBNTI.KM KN who do not apprerlatea beard or balron their neck.
r, by rendering It. futur. growth an utierlmpoHiblilir.
atni In ufatv mailing hoxe. po.t.. Vflld br u. (aecuwlv
tamp, bv leiier with full tMn-m written pl.lnly. Corrw-
in nuws'i nii.n.inne woicn uw. .uj
tnr mia. . nmiiMor '""-""';r;
tm taliuv Oasualaatw te !
Political Composition of the
Oregon Legislature.,
Japanese Driven Out of Nampa
and Caldwell, Idaho War
on Dives, Etc.
Portland and San Bernardino hava lo
xugurated war on dives and dance-
The Utah Liberals have decided to
nominate candidate for delegate to
Loa Angelea Is having an epidemic of
Dnrgiaries. (several expert crooKa are
Delievea to De at wore.
The Sacramento Federated Trade has
began a crnsade to compel the Chinese
to move ooteuie toe city nmita.
The Umatilla reservation li overran
with large black crlcketa, which are
proving destructive to the grain fields.
Grasshoppers. In swarms have appeared
in Williamson Valley, sixteen mile
north of Prescott, A. T., and all vegeta
tion IS sullerlng.
The fruit men of California were faever
in better hnmor than at present. . The
rise in prices for fruit has made adelight-
lul change in auairs.
The Interstate) Commerce Commis
sioners will soon be in San Francisco to
look into the alleged discriminations on
Missouri river and Pacinc Coast rates.
One hundred and fifty JaDs have been
ran oat of Nampa and Caldwell. Idaho.
and there will probably be a farther up
rising againBt mem on tne uregon cuiort
une. ...
The Temescal tin mine has been closed
to the public owing to the late pub
lished reports of its standing. No one
will be allowed on the premises except
employes. ., ;
Rev. J. A. Smith,' the absconding
evangelist, has returned to Santa Cniz
from Seattle in company of the Sheriff.
Bail was set at 2,000, in lieu of which
he is in jail. He acknowledges his guilt.
The Wolfley Canal Company, in Mari
copa county, A. T., is working 600 men,
and the monster enterprise will be com
pleted by November 1. . The ditch is
over 60 miles in length and is now near-
ing completion.
The San Luis and San Joanain Rail
road Company has been incorporated,
with a capital stock of f 100,000, to con
struct a railroad northward from. Ban
Lais Obispo to El Mora, a distance of
about ten miles. . va - s
At PlKEuix, A. T., fonr member of the
Philharmonic Band (Mexican) have
been arrested on a charge of maintain
ing a nuisance, in playing their instru
ments between the hours of 10 and 12
A. M. and late at night.
During the last two weeks over 15,000
head of beef cattle have been brought
from the mountains to Maricopa county,
A. T., to fatten on the Alfalfa fields in
the valley preparatory to shipment to
California and Eastern markets.
Judge Van Vleet has decided to re-'
sign bis position as Snperior Judge at
Sacramento, to take effect within the
next few month. The Judge proposes
to resume the practice of his profession
and will locate in San Francisco. "
Rooms at Tacoma have been rented
through third parties, presumably for
Twin Wo, of Portland, for the nse of A
mercantile house. This is the first de
cisive move to establish Chinese mer
chants in connection with the Northern
Pacific Oriental Steamship Line.
The weeds on the monitor Monadnock,
which vessel has been lying for a vear
near the ferry-gate entrance to the Hare
Island dock vard. were found to he from
three to twelve Inches in length, and it
reauired considerable labor to iret them
off the hall. -
Articles of Incorporation of the Gran
ite and Greenhorn Consolidated Minion
nd Milling Company of Granite, Grant
county, Or., were filed in the office of
the Secretary of State by A. J. Tabor,
Joseph N.. Ditmars and C. N. Miller:
capital stock, $1,250,000.
Dun's Commercial Aiencv has advices
from every wheat-growing county in
Oregon, showing that Oregon's wheat
crop for isz win be 2,800,000 bushels
less than in 1891. The yield In the
State of Washington will, it is stated,
be considerably diminished. .
The political composition of the Ore
gon Legislature is as follows: House
SO Republicans, 18 Democrats, S Peoples'
party. Senate 16 Republicans, 11 Dem
ocrats, 1 Democrat and Prohibitionist,
1 .peoples' party ana l citizens'. The
Democrats gain four in the Senate and
lose one in the House over the last Leg-
I I . f mi . ii. I. I I .
laiaburo. iu. Xbepuuiirans tose nine, oi
which seven are in the Senate and two
in the House.
The whaling schooner BlakelV of San
Francisco was wreckod at Middle ton
Island, Alaska, on June ''4. She is al
most a total loss. While roandinir Mid-
dleton blend to allow some of the crew
to go ashore -and hunt for wild gsese
the vessel struck - hidden rock not
marked on the charts, three miU a .south
east of the island. She ran ashore and
boaohed. Her hull was mattered, but
the sails, furniture, instruments and
provisions wore saved.
A Virginia (Nev.) dispatch eava: A
number of members of the local compa
nies of tho Nevada National Guard have
decided to resign on account of the pun
ishment recently inflicted on Private
lams at Pittsburg, bv order of Lieuten
ant-Colonel Streator. A large majority
-i ran ineiuuers oi tne local manna be
long to labor anions, and their resigna
tions aro likely to result in the disband
ment of two out of the three comnaniea
in this county.
The i j Angeles Board of County
Supervisors has passed an ordinance
wh'ch has for its purpose the Drotection
of number of birds and animals which
are now undergoing in that county a
very rapid extermination. The animals
and birds are the seal, the sealion,
mountain gray squirrel, golden oriole,
mocking bird, and the California road
runner and meadow lark. It is also
crime to rob the nests or destroy the
egg of any of the birds. Fines and im
prisonment are the penalties for viola
lion of th ordinance.
Mr. Moody Will Not Return to America
In Time to Conduct His General
Conference Etc
Some famous men's letters do not need
to be burned. One of the "Iron Duke"
of Wellington ha never yet been read.
Princess Louise and President Harri
son's wife are said to be the only ladies
who have ever been permitted to enter
the cloister of the Monastery of Santa
Tom Carter, Chairman of the Repub
lican National Committee, was once a
book agent in Illinois, and has sold cop
ies of the Footprint of Time" to
ljuincy people.
Mr. Moody will not return to America
in time to conduct his general conference
at Northfield this year, and Dr. A. J.
Gordon of Boston will have charge of the
meetings in nis sDsence.
William T. Adams, better known as
"Oliver Optic," has written altogether
more man iw books lor ooys, and he is
now busy at work with another. Mr.
Adams is 70, but well enough preserved
to last lor thirty years to come.
Some New England newspapers speak
of Miss Ruth Burnett, who is a nosta-
Unt for admission into one of the Cath
olic sisterhoods, as a niece of James Rus
sell Lowell. The Boston Herald eats
them right by declaring her sister of
the poet' son-ln-iaw. . ,
Josephine Werner, a New York confi
dence woman with the expressive alias
of " Weeping Caroline," has been sen
tenced to five years' imprisonment for
obtaining money uoder false pretenses.
For thirty years she has bled the char
itable by way of her tear ducts and false
stories, , -
General Kirby Smith's children all
have " Kirby " in their names, and there
are a great many ft them. The Aldrich
collection oi autographs in les Moines,
Ii., has lost been enriched by General
Smith's last official order in the Confed
erate service, commanding an aide at
New Orleans to turn over some funds to
General Canby, the Federal commander
there. -j .
The first year that Mr. Niklsch. the
leader of the Boston symphony orches
tra, was in tnis country ne was exceed
ingly lonesome witoout bis wile, and,
though idolized by many a winsome
maid and matron in the modern Athens.
" his heart was true to Poll." The sec
ond year he visited Germtnv during bis
vacatiun, .uu uruupiih uia wiie ami cnii
dren to America, Last year they both
went to the Fatherland, bat this season
they are to spend in this country.
Prof. Garner, who has gone to Africa
to study the language of the gorilla and
the chimpanxee, says he will not return
to this country until he has secured suf
ficient phonographic records of the
speech of these two great types of mon
key life to be able to settle definitely the
subject of monkey language. He has so
i . i n .j , : 1 1 .
lavr iu twelve yvarn eiuuy ueu KDie to
produce three sounds in toe monkey lan
guage which are Intelligible to monkeys.
They were sounds expressive of a desire
for looi, for drink and of terror.
Seventy Schools for the Deaf and Dumb
In the United States University
of Michigan Old Yale.
Chicnzo schools will cost t5.noA.0R4 for
The new fourth clua at Woof Pnint
nas icuo members.
Fortv-thrtM pjwfrfcnl atiotnuAM waa
graduated from Cornell this year.
The TTnlvfVMlitv of Nntm Tlama VaIm
Dame, Ind., has just completed its forty
eighth year.
The total gifts to Yale during the last
year have been sflOO.OOO- whlla Harvard
received but $600,000.
Yale TTniVAraif.v baa inaf. mIaKmIa
her one hundred and ninety-first birth
day. . Old age is honorable.
The pupils of the Doylestown (Pa.)
nnhlin ahnAla havA ahtinl .1 4HO .uA:M
credit in the national bank. ,
fiver 19 000 vnlnmoa tt VA Imam mAAA
to the library of Columbia College
: . I-: .1. l .1 i
wivuiu me uure twelve mouius.
The eommAnnAmnnt of tha TTntwAraitw
of Miphiaan Wan Kalrl .Tuna 91 Qiv knn-
dred and eighty-nine student were
grmiuateu.- t .
Philadelphia n&va school taanhara A9rt.
for a first year, increasing $30 a year for
five years, when the maximum of $570
1 reached.
There are now seventy schools for the
deaf and dumb in the United States, and
there is also a college for them located at
Washington, D. 0. ..
At the recent commencement exer
cises of the Ohio Wesleyan University,
Delaware, O., a class of precisely 100 was
graduated In tho various courses.
The American Society for the Exten
sion of University Teaching has decided
to establish a university extension sem
inary for the training of lecturer and
organizer. ,
The University of Pennsylvania has
this year 1,764 students, which makes it
fourth in the list of great educational in
stitutions. The three greater are Yale,
Harvard and Michigan Universities.
Cheese-making in Canada has enor
mously improved within recent years as
a result oi the method of instruction
which has been promoted by the govern
ment in sending competent instructors
among the cheesemakers.
The National Educations!) Association
recently in session at Saratoga, resolved
to hold no meeting in 1893, but instead
to take part in the World's Educational
Congress to be held in Chicago during
the Columbian Exposition.
$he Pennsylvania College, with the
Ohio and. Ann Arbor Dental Colleges,
are the only ones that admit women to
study dentistry. Madame Hirschfeldt,
who was dentist to the family of the late
Emperor William, was graduated from
the first-named Institution.
Tha fthln TTnlira'ralt- a.k
the unique distinction of being the old-
mi luuHiuuuu oi coiiegiate rank in the
Northwest territory and of antedating
ail similar institutions in that region by
nearly a quarter of a century. One of
its Presidents was Dr. W. H. McGnfley
whose eerie of school readers have been
in extensive nse for more than a genera
tion. Its recent commencement r'nomA
the most ncnemfnl year of its history
both numerically and financially.
Estimate of the Wheat Yield
for This Year.
Philadelphia Making Great Prog
ress in the Way of New
Buildings Etc.
Cattle in Lyon county, Tex., ore suf
fering from Texas fever.
A Chicago dispatch says the whisky
trust is in danger of disruption.
ThovSalvation Army slam workers in
New York say the slums of that city are
a bod as those in London.
Cruiser No. 12, denominated hitherto
as the Pirate, is to be named the Colom
bia by order ef Secretary Tracy.
Dr. F,' L. Sim, a noted specialist on
nervond diseases, ha declared Alice
Mitchell, who shot Freda Ward at Mem
phi, insane. 1
General Weaver was presented at Den
ver with a silver pen, with which to sign
the free-coinage bill when he Is elected
President of the United States.
Local capitalists, acting with an out
side syndicate, Lave made offer for the
purchase of some of the street railway!
of New Orleans so a to consolidate them
Oil. , :
The people of Louisiana have resolved
not to be drowned out again, and the
general levee system is to be raised three
feet above the height of the recent
The United State exported last yeat
225,000,000 baskets of wheat, its largest
export, and Eastern grain men are of
the opinion that next year will be still
larger. .
The Secretary of Stat is advised of
the denunciation by Salvador of the
treaty concluded in December. 1870. The
treaty will, however, continue tiu May
u next. ,
The Canadians on the oaestion of ca
nal reprisals threaten to return blow for
blow, and II the Americans want to fight,
they can have as much of that article as
they want.
The most conservative estimates nnt
the wheat yield thH year at 650.000.000
bushels and thep i yield at 1.700.000.-
uuu. inis i a, ..ting on trom 18a l on
notn cereals, y
A watch company in Canton. O.. Is
suing the American watch trust for dam
ages resulting from a boycott instituted
by the trust to force the company into
tue organization.
Assistant Superintendent of the Coast
and Geodetfo Surrey Davidson will be
detailed to assist Colonel Mendell in pre
paring a plan for a system of sewerage
for San Francisco.
Of a total of 896 convicts In the Kan
sas penitentiary bat nineteen are fe
males, showing that women possess only
a little more than 2 per cent, of 'the
cassedness found in men.
Commissioner of Internal Revenue
Maeon in his report for the fiscal vear
ended June 30 says: "The total collec
tions of internal revenue were $163,867.-
643, an increase of $7,822,128 over the
previous year. -
The newest innovation in cars is the
" whale back " freieht car. made of steel
and said to be superior to the ordinary
square-built car. It 1 claimed that in
collision they yill be able to withstand
on enormous push.
A sensation has been created at Den
ver by the arrest of J. H. Cross and J.
McDaniele, who are charged with the
robbery of President Moffatt of the First
National Bank, which created such a
sensation there years ago. ,
It is expected that tha cable roaut nn
Third avenue, New York, will be in op
eration by next November. The road
will be divided Into three sections, with
a separate cable for each section and &
different speed for each cable.
A New York woman has been making
a good thing by having her teeth pulled
by barbers and then informing on them.
The fine for the unauthorized and irreg
ular pulling of a tooth by any tonsarlai
practitioner in mat city is $60.
At one time there were t3. 000.000.000
of United State bonds out. payable in
gold money or it equivalent. These
Lave been redeemed, except about $500.
000,000, and moat oi these are held
against national bank currency.
A spark from a locomotive set flra in
the Standard Oil Company's warehouse
at Ludlow, Ky. Thirty-thousand bar
rels of oil, turpentine and benxine were
destroyed beside mnch railroad prop
erty. The losses will reach $76,000.
The sending of the cruiser Glonnnl
by Italy to take Dart in th Na York
Columbus celebration has caused the
passage of very warm and friendly ex
pression oi international good-will be
tween the President and King Hamb rt.
A syndicate of canitalinte Km
chased Columbus R. Cummin gs' stock
in tne union national Bank ot Chicago.
The price paid was 180, the transaction
involving over $1,000,000. Five mem
bers of the syndicate ore President of
other Chicago banks.
vu.v " um.v WW. .1 UlltVS UI
lIlnmlnaiAfi atraala Hnrinn Ik. , n . 1
vvw iuu aunuuiuai
festivities. There will not be less than
fifty arches and over 75,000 electric lamps
and gas jets in each night' display.
The electric-light companies are putting
in engines and dynamo especially for
the occasion.
At PlnnlnnaH laafc vaat M.K.
Ing of leading capitalist to discuss a
nronoRition to nmnit. a ataamAkU
between NewOrleans and South Ameri
can ports. The sum of $4,000,000 ha
already been anhanrihaH and ono ono
1 anken from Pini.innaM mrni AikMii..
that will be benefited by the direct trade
: ., 1. c, . 1- a i
winiu ouutu American porta.
A letter ha rwan vaaoIvaA K
Medill of the Chicago 7Vi6und from the
aianjui. u jnores, expressing disap
proval of the way he has been treated in
the Tnhttn and aaklnn if V f oiim
sumed the responsibility. Mr. Medill is
oo year ot age. . ne look on the letter
as a challenge, bat say he is willing to
meet the M.rnnln in a tnt..(nn ' .
ring in Jackson Park with glove. mus-
ur aaytning BBitaoie. in zvioun
arwwte vim xaattw B timorously.
Washington State Building Will Show
to Some Extent the Forest Re
sources of the State.
The World' Fair directory has ex
pended np to date approximately $7,260,
000. The famed "Six Nations: in New
York State will be well represented in
the Indian exhibit at the World's Fair.
It is proposed to hold World's Fairs in
Berlin in 18D8 and in Paris in 1900, but
definite action ha not yet been taken by
the nations concerned.
In Denmark's exhibit at the World'
Fair will be a fine array ot porcelain
ware and a notable art display, including
reproductions of many of the Thoswald
sen sculptures.
Several Amaxons of the King of Da
homey will probably be seen in the Da
homey village, which will be established
at the World's Fair. Sixty or seventy
natives and their manner of living will
be shown.
An effort is being made to nave th
cotton mills of Georgia make a fine ex
hibit at the World's Fair. It is believed
that such exhibit would greatly stimu
late the investment of capital in cotton
mills in the South.
The authorities of Harvard University
have applied to Chief Pea body of tha
department of liberal arts of the World'
Fair for 7,000 square feet for a thorough
ly representative educational exhibit
from that historic institution. The offi
cer of the university say they are pre
pared not only to fill, but to splendidly
and representatively fill every foot oi
space which can be granted to them.
The Washington State building at th
World' Fair will show to some extent tha
forest resources of the State. The founda
tion alone will contain 171 logs, some of
them 120 feet long and forty-two inches
in diameter at the small end. The su
perstructure of the building will contain
besides heavy timber fine finished woods,
showing the grain and structure of th
woods, and a complete exhibit of.ship
building materiaL
Director-General Davis has announced
that he will probably create a bureau of
athletic in the department of liberal
arts of the World' Fair and appoint
some well-known promoter of athletic
sport a chief. Colonel Davis has a plan
also for securing a forty-acre camp groand
one mile south of Jackson Park. On this
street, if the plan is followed, will be a
wheel course and a big grand stand. It
will be suitable for military reunions and
for the tents of the soldiers.
There will be in the liberal arts build
ing of the World's Fair a library of
works on charities and penal institu
tions. It will consist in the main of the
report that have been issued by puhlio
officials and public and private institu
tions of either a charitable or penal na
ture. To make the collection complete
Chief Peabody of the department of lib
eral art asks that all charitable and pe
nological officials, institutions and socie
ties send to him at once their last public
report . '
Immigrants From France Prohibited From
Landing on the Atlantic Coast
as a rrecauuon.
Tk. TI.U VIII .v. .Jll- ..I
"u uuwn una im mid auiuiamvu v
New Mexico will not b called nn nntil
next session.
As A precautionary measure asainst
the introduction of cholera Secretory
Tracy has directed the Collectors of Cus
toms along the Atlantic seaboard to pro
hibit the landing of immigrant from
franco, ... . .
The presiding officer oi the Senate bos
laid before that body a message from the
President of the United States, with the
accompanying paper,' relative to the
Sracticabilityot laying a cable between
alifornia and the Hawaiian Islands.
RAnrntarv Trai-v of tha Kan Tlanarf mant
In a letter states that the result of the
survey show that a practicable route
can be easily selected. The report of
the hydrographio office of the bureau of
navigation states that the survey show
that the laying of the cable on almost
any line between California and the Ha-
waiian Island is practicable. A line
about 300 miles wide was developed be
tween (California and Hawaii, and the
results as shown by the report seem to
indicate the most favorable route to be a
rhomb line between Monterey Bay, Col.,
and Honolulu.
Senator Allen' bill granting about
twenty-eight acre of the Fort Walla
Walla military reservation to the city of
Walla Walla for a public park has passed
ihe Senate. The bill allows the city of
Walla Walla the nse of the triangular
portion of the reservation on the north
corner, which is separated from the m tin
body of the reserve by the county high
way and the Oregon railway and naviga
tion track, for a public park. It pro
vides, however, that before beginning to
use any of the land the city shall present
to the Secretary of War detailed plans
for the improvement, and it shall re
ceive his approval ; also that the United
States reserves to itself the title in the
tract and the right to resume possession
and occupy any portion of it whenever
in the judgment of the Pres:dent the
pablic interest may require it without
any claim for compensation to the city
far the improvements made or for dam-
age which the government may inflict, ,
Representative Wilson has introduced
a bill granting the Northern Pacific
right of way through the Puyallap In
dian reservation, which has recently
been favorably reported by the Commit-.
tee on Indian Affairs. The bill proposes
to ratify and confirm an agreement be
tween the Pnyallup Indian and the
Northern Pacific, made in 1876, which
grants right of way through the reserva
tion for the Cascade branch of the
Northern Pacific There has been a
number of bills introduced before for
rights of way through the Pnyallup reser
vation, but all have been postponed or
hungup, awaiting some action which
will forever settle the Puyallap Indian
difficulties. Perhaps this bill will be
treated in the same way, although it is
now represented that the Northern Pa
cific needs the granted right of way and '
the station ground, and there is really
no reason wny some outsnouianot pass.
Of course the various railroad oompanie
generally fl;bt each other on bills of
this character, each desiring to secure
th best lands on the water front. It Is
probable, however, that this bill will be
bang np antu some action is taken next
winter on th pending Puyallup uu i& .
th banal.