The Oregon mist. (St. Helens, Columbia County, Or.) 188?-1913, July 29, 1892, Image 1

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NO. 31..
VOL. 9.
J. R. BEEOLE, Manager.
. Bueacrlallou Hal...
On. eopy on year in aiivauc. II M
On copy .I" nioiiltia 70
olugle uopjf '.
, Advertising Biltii
Frofe.alonal onrdt on year I W
One eolmnn oue year M
Half oulumn una year ?
tjuarlar column oue year 'JJ
One Inch one month v
On lui'li three month. ..
Ou. Inch ill mouth. 8
Local notice., IS cent, per line (r flr.t liner
lion; 1(1 cunt, per Hue lor each ubeo,ueiii lu-
"I""' ... ...
Legal alvertls.meiit, f 1.50 per Inch for lint
Insertion, ami 76 esuU per lucii (or each ule
qiientluaerllon. COLUMBIA COUNTY DlKECTOllY.
C.uiilr Olllcera.
Jadca Dean Ulatichard, Italnler
Clera ..... R- Hoick, H . Helen.
HiierllT . A. Maulr. at. Helena
Trea.ur r K. U. Wharton, llulutubla Ulty
Bunt, of aohools T. 1. :ieeUiu. Vertiouia
Amur W. H. Kyer. Kalular
Surveyor A. U. Utile. Ha uler
.......A. D. uini
is. u. fet tno mover, Varuoul
fa. VV. liaruee, Mayxar..
Society Malic...
at.MMio.-8t. Helen, Lodgs, Mo. W-Reuier
ConiwiiuloalloiM tlrnl and third Saturday 111
each month at 7 :MI. at. atMaaonlo hall. VLtt
I uk UMiuhera In ood .laudiug Invited to at-
'"liunomo.-Ralnler Lodge, No. l-8tetel
meetlni.i4alurilayonorlMlor.eauh full moon
at 1:W r. M. at Masonic hall, over Ulauchard'.
tor. Vliltlug members Id (ood .lauding In
vited to attend, ' '
1'ka mall.
Down river (boat) loae, at 1:80 a. H.
Up river (iKiat) clo.e. at r. a.
The nail lor Vernoula and Pittsburg leevoi
St. Helen. Monday, Weduetday aud rrlday at
Th.'mall for Mar.hland, Clatskaute and Mlat
leave. Ituluu Monday, Wednesday aud Friday
"Mil, (railway) north clo. ' 10 . for
Portland at S r. u.
Traveler.' Uulaa Klr.r Haal.e.
DTii.iiO. W. gHivaa-Uavee St. Helen;
for Portland at Jl A. U. Tuesday, Thursday and
Haturday. Iavee HI. Helen, for t.laukaule
Monday, Wednesday aud Friday at :00 A, a.,
Htiuiii UALOA-Uave, St. Helen, lor Port
land 1:t a. a, returning at HO r. a.
HTRAaae JoairH Klixooo Leave St. Helen,
for Portlaud dally except Sunday, at 7 a. a., ar
riving at Portland at 10 0; returnlug, leave
Portlauv at 1 r. a., arriving at Hi. Uel.u, at,.
JjB. H. R. CL1KK.
rnysiciAN and surgeon.
St. Helen,, Oregon.
yyx, ). B. HALL,
Clatskuule, Columbia county, Or.
jyR, W. C. BELT,
Rainier, Oregon.
1. RICK,
St. Helens, ' Orkoon.
Deputy Dltrlct Attorney for Columbia Co.
T. A. McBridi.
A. S. Dkimcr.
f cBttlDE a DRESSER,
Oregon City, Oregon.
Frompt attention given land-office bnilneu.
I St. Helena, Oregon.
n.u.unii T.utirf anTvevliiflr. town
tatting, nd engineering work promptly
J. W. Ds.rsa.
OregW City, Oregon.
Twelve vear,' experience aa Regleter of
the United States Lund Office !", recoiii
mend, u. In on, specialty of all kinds or
business before the Land Offlce or the
Courts and involring the General Land
Oregon City, Oregon.
I Lata peelnl agent of General land office. )
r .....1 l..untlnm unit TlmhHr
Land applications, and other Land Office
business a specialty, uuioo, " w' .
Land Office Building. ,
. Proprietor of
Oriental : Hotel.
The house ha, been fully refurnished
throughout and the best of accom
modation, will be given.
STAGE run In connection with
the hotel connecting with th. North-
u.iu. un(l...1 at Milmn. Hlir.
for Taaoma train, 10 p. to. For Portland
train at t p. m.
lMni(l paou3id3 pn uaiItuoo
t iq 'Vlfpi JO Xp 'jiioq Xu i papunodutoa XIij;ijbd uoidjoj j ,uu0(Xq,l
Oiiufi tni(i ,idio-ib41jI u puno; A"iniin 8uphXja puy
oia 'eiaAoti a3N 'AaajJoixoajKOO
'AaaNouvis 'siYDiKano 'saiouav
'saooo AONva xanox 'eaxiomaw
'saooo ivoiid"o 'soaaa zuru
NI H3'IV3a )
"IfN 'wnil
ifq pojjg Ajunoo
9tj; uiojj sjapjQ
3U01S ODdO
Manufacturer, of
Joseph Kellogg & Co.'s River Steamers,
r' . -...,- r:
f.r T'. rtl 1r r - - " "aagT
Joseph Kellogg and Northwest.
NORTHWEST Leaves KELSO MondayWednesday,
and Friday at 5 am. Leaves PORTLAND Tuesday, Thurs
day, and Saturday at 6 a. m.
daily, Sunday excepted, arriving at Portland at 10:30 a. in.
Returning leaves Portland at 1 p. m., arriving at 6 p. m
Don't Buy Your Drugs
Freshest, Purest, and Best of Everything
DR J. E. HALL, Proprietor.
J. W. SHAVER, Master. Pnrt.ln.nd at Alder St. dock Monday. Wednesday. Friday
tnuf-hiriff at Sauvies Island. St. Helens.Colurabia
City, Kalama, Neer City, Rainier, Cedar Landing, Mt Coffin,
Bradbury, Stella, Uak roint,
turning Tuesday, Thursday, and
l rade Murk. with Sliavlng, by rendering Its tiitnre trruwiii an iiii. r m I"""'""","-
Price of Qoeivi Antl-linlrtn. ,1. per bottle, sent In astel.v mall nr bp I ; r ' it-Z
iealed Irom observation). Send money or .tamps by leiier w lb full J '""''l I ' ' ''l id
poiirtPii'Je.lrlctlycoiindentlal. This advertisement I. honest ami ilrnlfrht l'v.;' '.'If'OT ,,0.n
contain.. W. Invite yoo to dal with n snd yon will '"''SrYo YSS c"
a nditMlay. AdrtresQUHN OHiMIOAL OO.. 174 nc street 9Z'iJ.lll
SN313H 'IS
Drug: Store
and au mtermeaiaie points, re
Id rainpouniliiiK a dilution a part wk aoeWemly itullli-d on the Hand
anil on YvAHhhi. tttl"rwarU It wm disw-ov i-rcd thut iom lmlr ah com.
itlcittly r-m"Vt't, We at once ut thi. womlt-rfnl tiropttratltin. nntlie
luarktKivl poHieet Ott ttemaiMl that e ar now Imroiliiolnf
It thriiUKiiout tlic twn-lo uutler tlie nitme ul tjuen'N Allti-llairlue.
' - SO mmruasi vnikuvanvseiit
... ,h. hair over and apply thi mix hire-for a ft-w mlnutt-R. anrl t'.ie
hir 'dluriini It by maalo without Hit' lltlilt pain or Injury win n
nnllPd or ever BlUrwtird. It lannlllcv any othw pmiarallnn ever nard
t.'ra purp."f. Tbonaanils of l.AM V s y bo have been annoyed
with hn'r onlhelr FACK, KKCK ! AItl14 attest It. mwlta.
I1KN 'I 'l.rcni t.rt wnu uonut ii.irei-nin- mm. ... ...... .. ,
ndapriceb'M boon in lliieen'a Ant I-IIhIi Inc which dime awi.T
Outbreak of Anthrax
Los Angeles, Cal.
Teresa Performing Miracu
lous Cures Brewery for
Phoenix. A. T.
Duval A Son of GrenlUe, France, pro
pose to erect a brewery at Phoenix, A. X.
Horse theivea operating in Southern
Arizona have robbed over twenty ranch-
A , windier with $2 bills raicetltotlO
it working Paget Sound torn with
tome ,ucces.
There have been landed in Victoria
already 20,635 sealskin. The animals
were caught between California and
San Diego has decided to celebrate the
350th anniversary of the discovery of
San Diego Bay, which occurs September
28 next.
An outbreak of anthrax ha occurred
six miles south of Los Angeles on adairy
where forty cows are kept. Fourteen
have already died.
Additional pumps will at once be used
on the Ban Pedro wreck in front of Vic
toria, B. C, and it is believed the vea
cel will soon be off the rocks.
There are fifty-five hop houses in
Pnlk conntv. Or. Each house is good
fnr handling nine acres of hops. At this
rate the total acreage wonld be 495 acres.
Saint Teresa is still at Nogales. A. T.,
performing miraculous cures. The
etories that she had been shot by the
Governor of S)nora never had any foun
dation. -
The Bradsi.odt Commeroial Agency
maorta 12 failures in the Pacific Coast
mates and Territories for the past week
as compared with 17 for the correspond
ing weex oi ism.
Tr. ia stated at San Diezo that J. Mal
colm Forbes, the Boston capitalist who
was recently married ana toox np nis
residence at Coronado, is the purchaser
of the Pacific Beach railroad.
W Ilium B. Fleming, who shot and
killed Samuel Pritchard at Silver City,
Idaho, last April, and who was acquitted
hv the Coroner's jury, has been indicted
by the grand jury. It is suppose!
there was malice in the killing.
Tt. la now asserted that the man killed
bv lightning in Montana, and who wa
Slla to nave vmu mo wuuty
Greenwood murderer, was not the cnl-
nrir.. Sheriff Mckenzie savs tne pnoio-
r i , . . v. . L Mnn U a
trapn aoea nuk euuw mo- uiu u. suw
or tne crime.
An analvsis of a battle of whisky
brought to Portland from the Warm !
Hnrlno-a Indian reservation has been I
made and found to contain a lot of fusel
oil, chloroform and ether. A half-breed
took two Bottles oi inia scan 10 me reser
vation. The content of one of them
was drunk by three Indians, all of
whom died. .
ISL. TIT T, n, r .1,.
est frnit and nursery firm in California,
has decided to wind np its business.
The assets are ample to meet all de
mands. The company has brancnes in
Los Angeles, Riverside, Fresno, and
agencies in all the principal Eastern
cities, some sixty in number, besides
large nursery interest, in r lonaa.
A gentleman just in from the Bo-
aanza mine at ureennorn Mountain,
near Baker City, Or., say that rubies
have been discovered near there which
ra worthy of mention. They have the
appearance of the genuine article in
color, and to all appearance are rabies.
He said they were aoonc me sue oi
peas and have the octangular shape of
that stone. He has secured over luu ot
the gems.
There is a bit of history connected
with the rjoatnffice of Rickreall. Or..
commonlv known aa Dixie by the older
inhabitants of Polk county. The post
office was established back in the tlx
ties. The first name suggested was
"Dixie." But at that time tne war leei-
ing was at a high pitch, and Colonel
Nesmith, aa godfather of the new office,
advised dropping of the "South-down"-
aoanaing iiue ami buubuiuviuk mo
name "La Creole," after the beautiful
atream on which it lies. An error was
made in spelling the word by its sound
in Washington, and the office went
officially upon record a "Rickreall" and
has remained that way ever since.
James 0. Mason, formerly postmaster
at Tillamook, who wat indicted by the
United States grand Jury for having
forged the name of Johnson Erickeon to
a money order and collected $13 thereon,
was arraigned in the United States Dis
trict Court at Portland the other day,
and entered a plea of guilty. United
State Attorney Mays recommended
that a fine of 500 be imposed, in de
fault thereof the criminal to be sentenced
to a term of imprisonment. Uonnsel for
Mason said the money conld be raised,
w sentence was deferred and prisoner
remanded to jail. Mason stood well in
the community until this crime was
charged against him, and some now
think that he pleaded guilty to screen
mm, of his family who committed the
crime. He made good the amount of
the order some time ago.
The report that the Great Northern
railroad has let a contract to D. C
Shenard for the construction of a rail
road from Butte through Boise to San
Francisco la unfounded. H. C. llenrv.
of Shepard, Henry A Co., said the other
dav that he was sure there wa no truth
in it, for the Great Northern had not
even made a reconnoissance, much less
a survey, over the route in question.
The Union Pacific made a survey some
years ago, but has done nothing further,
Such a road would run through a niin
inir district in Montana, and a good ir
rigable country in Southern Idaho,
though but slightly developed. But on
striking Eastern Oregon it would enter
a desert ss hopeless as Sahara. It wonld
enter good country again around Klam
ath Lake, in Southwestern Oregon, and
from there would run through sood
country in California. It would be 1,200
miles or more long, and would be as great
an undertaking as the present Paeifio
stenttoti oi tne ureat worinern.
An Exhibit of Bells to be Made by a
Large Manufacturing Concern
In This Country.
The Woman' Pharmaceutical Associ
ation of Illinois is planning to conduct a
model pharmacy in the Illinois Dtuiaing
at the World' Fair.
Janan has aoDlled for tnace in the
World's Fair mine and mining building
for a mineral exhibit. It will include a
fine collection of the celebrated Japan
ese alloys and bronze preparations.
One of the novel exhibit in machin
ery hall at the World's Fair will be a
paper mm. it win De in active opera
tion, and will show ell the processes of
paper-making from the pulp to the fin
ished card, which will be in the form of
a World's Fair souvenir.
A schooner It now being fitted ont at
Halifax to go to the Arctic regions to get
ten or twelve Esquimau families, fifty or
sixty persons in ail, for exhibition at the
World's Fair. Dogs, fishing implements,
utensils and everything necessary to
show Esquimau life will also be pro
cured. The American Ostrich Company has
sent to Chicago for exhibition at the
World's Fair thirty birds from its ostrich
farm at Fall Brook, San Diego county,
Cal. The ostriches have been sent on
thus early in order that they may be
come thoroughly acclimated by the time
the fair opent and appear at their best.
An exhibit of belli will be made at
the World's Fair by a large mannfeatur
ing concern in this country, and the firm
is planning to display it in a reproduc
tion of the Tzar Kolokol (king of bells),
the famon, broken bell of Moscow, which
is 22 feet in diameter and 21 feet 3 inches
high, weighs 443,772 pounds and ia used
aa a chapel.
Kentucky will make at the World'
Fair an exhibit of tobacco in all its
forms, from the seed up to the matured
and manufactured leaf. There will be
exhibits of different varieties of plants
in various stages of growth and illustra
tions of the manner of shipping and
handling the weed from the time the
seed is pnt in the ground until the prod
uce goes into the chewer or smoker's
A large portion of the agricultural ex
hibit which Illinois will make at the
World's Fair will be selected from the
exhibits msde at the State Fair at Peoria
the coming fall. In order to encourage
the farmers to make especially fine ex
hibits of farm, orchard and garden prod-
.1.. I 1 f 1 1 .... 1 . n
acta tne ovaie xxmru ut Agriuuttuiv,
which baa in charge the preparation of
the State's World's Fair exhibit, has of-
fered a number of cash prizes aggregat
ing $6,600.
The New York World's Fair Commis
sioners have been trying to find a model
of Fnlton's steamboat, the Clermont, to
be included in the State exhibit at Chi
cago. So far, however, they have been
unable to discover one, and they have
asked the Maritime Exchange to help
them ont. Thev have made many in
quiries, but have been able to get only
some statistics as to the vessel's dimen
sions. None of the New York shipping
men appear to know if any model of the
old steamboat survive the eighty year
since the vessel was used.
Prof. Koch Seriously HI and Forbidden t
Labor Prince Bismarck to Make
a Tour Mme. Parren.
nhinnmv Ml. Ttanew will aoon sail for
Rflmnt fnr hia annual outing. The date
oi his departure has not been fixed.
Prince Bismarck in an address to stu
dents of the University of Jena the other
day intimated that he would make a tour
oi tne uerman cities.
Prof. Koch of Berlin is seriously ill,
tt la reDorted. and forbidden to labor for
a long period. It is thought that the
bacillus of overwork ha done the mis
chief. .
Urns Callirca Parren ia editor of a
avMklv woman' oarjer. nubliahed in
Athens for the past five years, and has
made it widely Influential among virecian
Of all the Confederate Brigadiers sur
viving and in public life General W al-
thal oi Mississippi, recently re-eit-ctmi
Senator, is said to be the most pictur
esque. He is tall and slender, with a
mane Ot DiaCK nair Iiutl IS atriaiug in
Hugh O Donnell, leader of the Home- j
stead workmen, it represented by all the I
newspaper portraits of him to be a hand- i
some, tastefully attired young man, who
would be sure to secure more than an
average share of interest from any group
of summer girls.
The Blanche K. Bruce, who is running
for the office of Auditor on the Repub
lican State ticket In Kansas is not the
gentleman who was for a time in the
United States Senate and also Register
of the Treasury, but nephew of the
colored statesman.
Mr. Howell tells an interviewer that
he makes at the outside from $10,000 to
$15,0011 a year by hia pen. Mr. Howells
aays also, and most people will believe
him, that his work is the product of
painstaking effort and never of the fine
frenzy of inspiration. ,
Mrs. Delia 8. Parnell, the mother of
the late Charles Stewart Parnell. is again
at her home in Burlington, up the Dela
ware. She is accompanied to Ironsides,
her estate, by Miss Delia Dickinson, her
J-randdaughter, but will return to Ire
and early in September.
George William Curtis, whose serious
illness is elioiting sympathetic words
from almost every quarter, lost his for
tune and incurred a debt of $60,000 in
trying to establish Putnam's Magazine,
and spent the best years of hia life in
paying off the debt, which he discharged
to the last dollar.
The wife of General Bldwell, Prohibi
tion candidate for President, ia a daugh
ter of Joseph G. 0. Kennedy, who was
Superintendent of the census of I860
and was assassinated in July, 1887, by a
half-erased train d, who imagined that
Mr. Kennedy had cheated him in real
estate transaction.
Dr. J. B. Cranfill, nominee for Vice
President on the Prohibition ticket, wat
brought up as a cowboy, studied medi
cine and practiced three years, and be
fore he became editor and owner of a
denominational paper was noted for the
facility with which he raised money for
missionary purposes. II he can ba in
dued to look with favor on a barrel of
any kind, this latter trait may enable
him to keep th tampalgn spigot roasting.
Syrian Leper Allowed to Land
at New York City.
The Harry Edwards Entomological
Collection Kentuckian's
Strange Will.
Eleven deaths have resulted from the
riots at Homestead, Fa.
New York banks have $19,207,000 in
excess of the legal requirements.
A Tennessee convict is pronounced by
the penitentiary physicians to be of both
New York business men are greatly
worried over the lack of warehouse fa
cilities. The manufacturers of Fall Elver.
Mass., have just increased wages
There 1 quite a rush of people into
the Southern States who have a lew
thousand dollars to invest. '
General Georse F. Alford of Dallas.
Tex., ia about to go to Europe to induce
larmera to settle in tnat btate.
it u!i nuu l.l aoon nno in oyi
JlUUaUail K 1UIU IfMU f AW.Wf w ww
square feet cf Chicago land recently
the largest price ever paia in tnat city.
By a cnt of the Rio Grande river it
was shortened about two miles, and 900
acres of Mexican land are now on tne
American side.
Golden, a suburb of Denver, contain
ing 8,000 people, ii in danger of being
wept away dt a grana lanasuae iroa
Table Mountain.
The railroads are finding it necessary
to make cheap exenmin - ites in order
to supply harvest to uentrai ana
western Kansas.
A Buffalo dear mute has recently been
attacked by St. Vitus' dance, jn his arms
and fingers. He is learning to make
signs with his feet.
Bv order of the Commissioners of the
District of Columbia all the theaters in
Washington must be fitted throughout
with electric lights.
The story of concessions by the Mexi
can government to an American com-
Giny to build a railroad from El Paso to
azatlan is again repeated.
The Revenue Department has decided
that the bi-chlorlde of sold institute
which claim to cure inebriety are liable to
the government for the retail liquor tax.
An attempt has been made to burn the
State women's prison and reform school
for girls at Indianapolis. Three fire
were started at the same time, but were
A student of Johns Hopkins Univer
sity is said to have discovered the key to
the hieroglyphics that will unlock the
mysteries in Hiltite inscriptions, hith
erto wnoiiy nnxnown.
The New York, New Haven and Hart
ford road proposes to run an electric
train between New York and New Ha
ven and make the dittance -seventy-four
mile, in sixty minutes.
For a second time since the passage of
the silver law of 1890 50 per cent, of the
customs revenues at New York during
the first ten days of July wat paid in the
new treasury notes issued under tnat taw,
Over 400 damage suits hare been filed
against the Little Rock and Fort Smith
and Missouri Pacific railroads for viola
tion of an Arkansas law fixing passenger
rates, and the court ia deciding about
fifteen cases a day against the companies.
A huge bowlder and beside it a flag
staff fiftv feet high have been erected in
Franklin. N. H.. to mark the snot where
Daniel Webster was born. The birth spot
wa originally in the town of Salisbury,
bnt it now included in the territory of
The father of Alice Mitchell, who
killed Freda Warde last January at Mem
phis, testified that Alice's mother was
insane and the girl had manifested sim
ilar peculiarities. She speaks of Freda
as if she were living now. and takes no
interest in her own triaL
Father Bay. a Catholic priest In Chi
cago, shot and killed Barney Moron, a
burglar, who had entered tne priest's
house one night last week. Moran fired
twice at the Driest, missing him.
Coroner's jury decided that Father Bay
was not to De Diamea or censurea.
The strangest thing of this generation
in the way of will-making is reported
from Kentucky. One of the richest men
of the State died a few days ago. and cut
hi ton off with $100 each because of
their liking fast horses. His widow and
daughter divide a fortune of $5,000,000.
A Syrian woman, badly afflioted with
leprosy, wat allowed to land at New
York, having passed inspection at quar
antine. It is said the inspection it too
careless, and there ia fear that unless it
is made more rigid the danger of im
porting cholera infection will be very
The Haskell multiohanre gun has again
been tested at Reading, Pa., for penetra
tion into iron plates. The projectile
nenetrated the best range iron six inches.
which Is three plates more than any gun
ever penetrated before. The projectile
was found to be aa perfect aa when it
came from tne iatne.
By' the will of Cyrus W. Field the
Metropolitan Museum of Art at New
York will come into possession of the
medals and insigniat received in connec
tion with the laving of the Atlantio ca
bles and letters and document relating
to the enterprise from the inception of
the scheme to its aecompiianmenc.
The American Museum of Natural
History at New York haa secured the
Harry Edwards entomological collection,
which well known in San Francisco.
The collection includes over 250.000 in
sects of all kinds from all parts of the
globe, and ia very rich in the lepldoptera
of North America, especially th butter
flies of the Facino Coast.
When the deficiency bill was under
consideration in the Senate Perkins of
Kansas asked unanimous consent to have
stricken from it the item of $5,000 for
the widow of Senator Plumb of Kansas,
and read a letter from Plumb's ton stat
ing that the item wat inserted without
hit mother'! knowledge and against
what th believed would have been hit
father's wish. No objections being
made, tt Item wa eiissinataa.
No Proclamation to be Issued Opening
the Colvllle Indian Reservation
for Some Time.
Secretary Elklns haa formally ap
proved the proposition for the construc
tion of two free bridge across the Will
amette river at Portland, Or., according
to the plant of the local engineers.
The House Committee on Indian Af-
fairs has favorably reported Senator
Dolph's bill granting to the Bine Mount
ain irrigation uompany a rignt oi way
for reservoirs and a canal through th
Umatilla Indian reservation in Oregon.
Thar ! milt an Interesting wrangle
over the bill now pending in the House
for pensioning soldiers who fought in the
Indian wart. .Representative mown ui
Washington and Senator Mitchell of Or
egon are insisting that, while pensioning
those soldiers who fonght in the Indian
wars of a comparatively recent period,
ahn In the early In
dian ware in Oregon and Washington
should also receive their reward. Itia
on this proposition that the two Houses
are now in disagreement, but it is hoped
that the early Indian fighters who are
ttill living will be included.
ft,- n!ll h!h naaamf tha HotIM to
enforce reciprocal commercial relation
between the United States and Canada
provides that when the President shall
be satisfied that the passage through any
canal or lock connected with navigation
on the St. Lawrence river, the Great
Lake or the waterwayt connecting tne
ni mnw voaaala nf tha United States.
or of cargoes or of passengers in transit
to any part oi tne u niiea nwiee, i. pro
hibited, or niade difficult or burdemome
by the imposition of tolls or otherwise,
. . . . . II 1 a. 1 I ........ 1 1 tm
Wuicn ne snail aeem to uu njciwtiii;
unjust and unreasonable, he shall have
.n.iutml tha ritht of naaaage
through the St. Mary'a Falls canal so
far aa It relates to veaseta ownmi uj iuv
jects of any government discriminating
against the United States.
Senator Pettlgrew will very toon re
port a bill of great importance to every
html district and
UUUU.J, . " -- -
State where there are Indians who have
taken lands in allotment under the pres
ent laws. So toon a Indiana take the
In -llntm-Titji thanr heram. citizens
and are allowed to vote, but they are not
obliged to pay any taxes, xnis out pro
poses tnat tne government anau pay vue
taxes for the Indian to the same amount '
.J -1 um. vatM thm whltA nftft-
pie situated alongside of the Indians,
the ODject Demg tnat, aa me gorsruiiioaa
ay the Indians shall be taxed, the gov
-.-mMt'.liAntrl nrnvida for the navment -
of taxe in State where Indians are lo
cated and where they receive tne Dene
fit of taxation and civilization. . It
mimm 1llr a vary aflnrible thing, and
will perhaps be favorably considered in
the senate.
Vnrthar Invftatlntion into the nroDosal
to issue a proclamation opening the Col
yille Indian reservation leads to the con
clusion that no such proclamation will nntil aftA tha land, have been
rarveyed and the Indians have secured
tneir allotments, lue reaeou ior tuia
course of action is to prevent the end-
. .... .. . 1.3-1- I - -II
leg, litigation wniun is aim w juuuw,
especially if white settlers go in and
make selections wmcn alter survey tue
Indians desire. Under the law the Iu-
rli.n Aan nnaf fna whita mill frlim hia
claim, and if a white man i fortunate
enough to secure a valuable mineral
tract, a person wanting tne lana oouiu
easily induce the Indian to oust him and
cause a great deal of trouble and ex
pense. So it is probable that the $35,
000 appropriation for surveying the land
will be immediately expended and tha
fnrliana Mnn-stjul tj taWj. allntmAnta.
after which the proclamation opening
tne tana to tne wmte vettior. wiu um
issued. ,
The Oldest College In North America-
Ohio Wesleyan University
Prussian Education.
Kentucky haa a colored State Teach
ers' Association.
Brooklyn ia to launch a manual train
ing school, the rote in its favor being 20
to 10. .
During the last year 1.800 girls were
graduated from the Boston Cooking
The largest and finest technical school
in the world i to be erected at Manches
ter, England.
Of the claat of 1892 at Cornell Univer
sity 118 favored a protective tariff, and
48 opposed it.
The Presbyterian are about to estab
lish a college in Salt Lake City, and have
purchased a site of 100 acres.
There are seventeen young men In the
graduating class at Harvard who failed
to get their degrees this year.
One-third of the students abroad, it is
said, die prematurely from the effects of
bad habit acquired in college.
Daring the last year there graduated
from the medical colleges of the United
State about 5,000 young doctors.
More than one-third of the teachers ot
the United State are men 124,029 men
and 227,302 women S5.5 per cent
Ohio Weslevan University ha bad this
year an enrollment of 1,217 students,
exceeding the number of the last school
year by 133.
England, with 91 universities, haa
2,723 more professors and 61,814 more
students than the 360 universities of the
United States.
The revenues of Oxford and Cambridge
represent a capital of about $75,000,000.
The University of Leipsic is worth near
ly $20,000,000.
In almost all the manufacturing towns
of Europe during the laat half century
scnools nave been opened lor appren
tices in the Industrial art. .
The oldest college in North America
was founded in 1631 the College of St.
Ildefonso in the City of Mexico. The
next oldest is Laval College, Quebec
Out ot a class of 119 girls, the largest
Wellesley College haa ever graduated,
38 girls have health as good a, when they
entered, 26 better and 14 not as good.
Prussian education ia more thorough
than that of any other country. Every
child is In school from 6 to 14 years of
age. Parents must obey tha law, pay a
fine or go to prison.
On June 18 the School Board of St,
Paul, Minn., abolished the distinction of
sex in the matter of salaries, and will
hereafter pay the women th sains as,
mm for 4olng tha mum week.