The Oregon mist. (St. Helens, Columbia County, Or.) 188?-1913, June 03, 1892, Image 1

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If yoi want flnt-dass joi work
inn yonr orders at tins offlcs.
If yon want to toep jostei on
Mscritejorjls Official Paper. .
NO. 22.
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?..-. .go- i jr .
Send for
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J. B. BEEQLE, Maoagor. 4
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UwCli'MU aed 71 wut p Inch for each
tpieut Insertion.
Treasurer.. -
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A enr... .... .,..
Caxtmr llr.
, ...I. "J. Baltner , St. Ilele
i;. k. uniFk. t. n"ii
Wie, Meeker, ft. Helens
J. fl. WU. tUMUlKJKK
.., c. r. IhMin. Kaluter
A. II. Mule. lululM
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Dawn rlv.r f Ixw
. I . I I .... I Ia. 41 ... 11 .
" Tk. tK.ll for Mw.)!!..; !. (t.l.Vil JI;
lmv ijiiinn null'"). - norlkcliM '10 A.M.; (r
t '!
Oregon City, Oregon.
l.te nptHal tgentot General l.inil oflire. )
Ilwiiiextuiul, l're-i-nrition, and Timber
Land application, and other Land Offlce
liUKinrnH Mi-rcinlty. OIIU'O. tecond fluor,
Land Ofllto Buildup. "
Addrea. bjr Hon.W. N.
00 TO '
The Watchmaker and Jeweler,
The Flneat aaaortment o( Wktche. Clock.
and Jewelry ol all deacriptloiWi
Opposite the EHmond. Tortlond. Oregon.
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Country filled by
Return Mail.
And everj tliliig uually found In a Firnt-t'laaa Drug Store.
Pliyrlduiia' I'rrMriiptl ma carefully compounded at ny hour, day or night, by a
competent nd Gxeri need Druggial.
ers an
a m rcuauis
Proprietor of
Oriental : Hotel.
Tin houne hn been fully reforniahed
throughout and the next 01 accom
roodutiona will be given.
8TA0R run In connection with .
the Hotel fonnecilng with the North- uiin.xl at Milinn. Blare
for Tacoaia train 10 p. n. For Fortiaud
train a.1 p. m.
l.JmuhiiUii tnMlm.nt. eoilftiBtlnff of
Siil!wit3rle. Oiiilnient In Cajiaidea, also lu
llvi and Clila: Pixltlve Cuie tnr Kxteraal, In-
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diHTOvery ola medli-al cure rendering an opera-
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im wiin lire "iinf j
Kauioly haf never been known to fall. llr
box. for 14; enl by mall. Why auffor from thin
teiTlhle illnenae wnen a inura
aiven wilh 6 boien. to refund the money If not
:...a ua for (fnit Mumnla. (iiiarantee
iH.u.tlby Woooiko, Cuaaa Co., Wholenale
and Retail Druanuu. oie Axenu, renaim
.Albany, Or.
AUTHORIZED CAPITAL, - - - - S500.000
SECURKD CAPITAL, - ' - - 247,500
PAID CAPITAL, - ' - - - - 74,250
All Losses Promptly and Satisfactorily Adjusted.
For particular apply at the oWco of Moore 4 Cole, or Tun SItaT olBco.
Trarelera Onl4-lllvr Hoal...
,..,!; W.luolay and VM al W . .
lkaio-l ''" ',rrort
ba4 . . returning ApM .
HTr. ior Ki.t.-lawHt. Helen.
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jju. it. it. curr,
St. Helena, Oregon.
Columbia Restaurant
, Lodging House.
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P.J.K, HAI.I.,
ClAtakaule. Columbia county, Or.
J. RICK, ' .
fir. ifici-itxH, - - Oekon.
lieptity llatrli t Attorney for Columbia. Co.
Maygor, instill.
T. A. McHuing,
A. S. DiiKsagH
Oregon City, Oregon.
Prompt attention given lund-offlce business.
8t, Heloita, Oregon.
OnnntV aurveyor L iml
plar.h..a..d enulneeruig work promptly
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Tri A Fi' D W -A.F2.Hj
' V v, AND i '
212 First and 9 Salmon Street. PORTLAND
UKKEV a. draper
J, W. Dhapkr.
la oomoouBdlm aaolullen a part aa aecblaoily inlllwi oa the baa4
indon wMlni allerwanl II waa dlaoovafed tbal lie hair wan eon.
aMatrrewvea. We at oaea put Oil woadwful praparatloa. oatke
KaJkat S3 mTraat baa been the demand h.t we an ww r Introf wIb
It throoifhout lha woria anaar ui
. .. - l .nniv th mivtnM for a few mlBatea. and the alaDen aalt br niijic wllbont Ih. illaUteat palo or Injury wbea
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ranted for it vears. r'iue hlgm an4 vvui
tham in cu;ent. Stem wind and set.'
Ladv'a or gent sue. j-xjuhi 10 any
natch. To secure agcnt'- where we have
none, we aell one of the hunting ca--e
...;.. ir ,i nrice g2S and wild C
O. O. bv expres with privilegeof examina
tion before paying for the same.
Our agent at Durham, N. C, writes .
"Our Jewelem have ronfened they don't know
how you can furnish aurh work for the money.
Our agent at Heath Spring-, 8. 0 writes:
"Your watehet take- at lght. Tha aentleman
who Knt the last waleh aalrt that he examined
and price.1 a leweler a watehea in Un"ter,
that were ao better than yours, but the price
was tlfc"
Our agent at Pennington, Tex., writes;
Am In receipt of the. watch, ann am pieaaea
wlthnut meamire. All who have seen ax n
would be cheap at I W."
One Itood reliable agent wanted lor eacn
pi. W:riwforp.rtu:lars.
'After the meeting of- Hie Ben Hnr-
inon republicnr club' Friday night,
Hon. W. N. Barrett, candidate for
prosecuting attorney on the republi
can ticket for this district, waa intro
duced by Mr. Eice. Mr. Barrett, with
hia usual calmness, spoke at some
length upon the tariff question, and
produced statistics to prove his state
ments. He said that the republican
party four year ago had promised a
reduction in the tariffs, or import du
ties on foreign commodities shipped
into the United States, and that
promise had been f ullfilled through the
passage of the McKinley bill. It had
greatly decreased the tax on many ar
ticles of general consumption by the
masses of the people, thereby saving
to the consumers a large amouut an
nually. He referred to the jstablih
menlof new manufacturing enter
prises and through the aid to them by
the tariff law the American wage-
earners were far better paid than those
of the Old Country. Next the speaker
look up the monetary question, of
which so much is being, said by the
opposing party, and made a very plain
argument to the effect that in order to
issue greenbacks that would be a legal
tender for all debts, there
gold and eilver, coin or bullion in the
treasury of ths Unite J Slates a secur
ity for this' paper money. The mere
fact of the government of the United
States placing its stamp upon a piece :
ot paper (Lies not compel its acceptance j
with a foreign- nation, and without
this interchange of currency our com
merce would be diingeroutdy crippled.
On the other hand a gold or Bilver dol
lar has an intrinsic Talue the world
over, and is recognized by all nations
as the standard money, good for all
debts without exception. This is the
only sound currency the world ever
knew or ever will know. A man may
owe you f 1,000, but if lie has not $1,000
worth of property as security lor that
sum you could not sell his note tor its
fate value. Just so it is with the
greenback, unless there is something
back of it that carries a standard talue
in the markets of the worlU,itia bound
to be below par when you attempt to
use it for purchasing purposes. He
cited the report of Secretary Foster of
tbe treasury department wherein it
shows that there is in the United
siaia trwtnv over 132 rjer capita, and
that there were $23.4o, per capita ic
circulation, a large increase in tbe past
few years, and that the lust congress
authorised the secretary of the treas
ury to purchase a large amount of
silver bullion monthly for coinage pur
poses to be distributed or put into cir
culation through the various chan neis
of commerce.
At the conclusion- of Mr. Barrett's
remarks Hon. Geo. W. McBride was
culled, who made a ehort address, after
which the meeting adjourned.
Following is an extract from last
Sundny's New York Herald's Wall
street article: "Money is, if poasiblo,
a greater drug than ever in Loudon,
lending there at J per- cent, on call
and it is almost unlcndable hero. Yes
terday's statements of New York City
banks shows an important increase of
surplus reserve, notwithstanding the
heavy exports of gold on the previous
Saturday are fully reflected in it, and
from this period until the middle of
July funds always flow to this center.
Although the volume of dealing in
stock last week was no larger than for
the corresponding period one year ago
in round figures 1,600,000 shares
the amount of bonds ran well above
11,000,000, aa against $4,000,000 one
and fortv issues of bonds
J " o ' -
dealt in on the stock exchange show
advances ranging from 1 to 4 percent,
for the week."
Thb voters should beware of
charges brough out in the canvass too
late to be contradicted before tbe elec
lion. If matters of this kind will not
stand the light of investigation they
are unworthy of belief. Information
haa been received that the peoples'
party are preparing for a final volley
of this kind. It is not honorable poli
tics and it in an insult to the intelli
gence of the people to presume that
such a course will win votes. Any
charges made by Tbk Mibt against
any candidate or lot of candidates have
been made in due time for refutation
were there any refutation for the same.
We challenge anyone to contradict
any statement made by this paper in
regard to the amount of taxes paid by
the candidates, or the utterances of the
peoples' party orators.
Sealed Bids.
Notice U hereby given that sealed bids
will he received by the county court of Co
i.. .iimr.v Oreimn. un to 10 o'clock A.
M n the Rlli day of July. 1802. for the
construction of a bridge across Miltoncreek
at Milton Mutinn. on the Northern Pacific
Kai'road. the bidder to furnish plans, spec
ifieationa, strain, diagram and all material
fur tho construction of said bridga. Each
i..i,iui. ..hull rlnsic with liu bid 5 uer cent.
of the amount of such bid, which shall be
forfeited to the county in case the Award Is
made to htm and he fails, neglects or re
(uses for the period of two days after such
i- . .1 i ..iiln tn outer into a contract and
Ki. m hnnd ir. ihn manner reauired by and
to the satisfaction of the said board of
county co.nnilssioners, provided always
ii.., :.i.l l.niinl mnv. In itadiscrctioti. reieot
any nnd all bids. By order of the board of
county corninKMoners. j. SW,TZER4:
Countv Judae,
St. Helens, Or,, May 5. 1892. luiSjlO
Thk boycottera are so far depraved
as to make the statement that the an
archists, Spies, Parsons, Fitcher,Lingg
and others whotwere hanged in Chi
cago a few years sgo for murdering I
number of persons by throwing i
dynamite bomb iuto multitale of
people, did perfectly right and should
not have been executed ; and also de
clare that the principle they were ad
vocating was right and just What
nextf VWaay to oar readers your
country, your home, in fact your life
is in danger if this element is not sup
pressed, and that very soon, lo en-
onuraire this sentiment is to assure
your ruin. ' Do you not owe some pro-
lection to yourself and your neighbor?
Denounce this open declaration of the
lvnamita rjulicv bv vour vote on the
. - -
fi.hof June.
Attention,. Mnslo Lovers.
niCKU '" "" . : Lin. i
Mislliess ueioi-o v " . . ,
Courts and Involving the tlcuwul uinu
u......i. ..i i.aiiiVk who have IsMaannoyea
with hair on their PACK. KSCK anl 2..1 ?nSi,.k
OKNTI.K.M KN who do not apprwiatea N-ard or hair on their neck,
anriinrcvoaa booa la un-e Aiin-nin.--"----
. . . I -HLU ... H. toMUIHWIU l.llira .IV
Price of Antl-H elrlno . pr bottl., wnl la f.ty Jf ,ff?!rSaTi
a.,. I art nlMMtVtinfl). flflnd montW Or RlftlTtlM UT IVi ws- . I In avsr 1
X"L7 J" TKriiif; d.liv7ry. tVn will par SJioo ror an, c.
Oregon City, Oregon.
...i,.. ara' oxm.rlenc as Eegister of , ni"-w ''2:
ii..i,-,l Hiatos Lund OfHce here, riconi- '-,. ?u, P(Wt omo. to main
,ds u. in ous aneclalty of ii w '''''5"'!"
Petition for Liqnor License.
Notice l hereby given that at a term of
the County court, of the State ot Oregon,
for the Gounty of CoUnnhi i. to be held on
theGtli day of JulV, A. D. 1892, the under
signed will apply to said court for a license
as prayed for in the following petition,
To the Honorable Comnifssloners and
Count v Court of the State of Oregon , for
Columbia County: ' "",''
We, the undersigned legal voters in Scap
poose precinct, Columbia county, State of
Oregon, respectfully petition your honora
ble body that a license be granted toCbarles
R. Konkle 4 Co., to sell spirituous, vinou
and malt liquors in said Scappoose precinct
In less qnantitiea tnun one gnuuii. or a
tieriod of one year, dating from July Gth, A.
I 1-W: ...
DW Price, J lonard. Jonn H Gore, John
Price, John Sehniitka, D ltaleh, Joseph W Camn-
' bell, William T White, Frank Tompkins, John
Sparenborg, B H Lynch, L OMcudorfT, GuiUv
U Slercks. Jwob 8 Kruga, William McMaln,
. George 1) Clove, K K Morris, B D McKay, 8 A
OUuirer. J 8 Sparks, J O Tompklna, 8 Giinwun-
I ire, John M Carson . Outtave Lauaa.N II McKay,
1 U U Beaveis, J H Beavers, H Kaines,' WIlMam
Munarove Jr., Mivhael - KlUitcraM, Kdward
Hans, G Newman, S Newman, H W Knight lu,
M BOasklns, C Rablnotyi W C Evorsoul, Chas
Helni.J Hamelmann, J Sturaberg, C, R
Hurtoii, G Latabar. Will Tates. U 8ehmltka, F
Hrown, J W (llrdner, J B Puuean, John W
i Waut, deotae M Brous, O W Ramsey, A H Lar
son, T B Vail, W N Kid. Malcolm McKay, N
i OldendortVTA Clonlnfter, John A Johnson. D
Hrlnkmann, 0 Poucll, 8 F Hhattuck, . m'J0J17
"Brainard'a Musical World" for May
is full of beautiful new music and in
teresting reading matter. It contains
four choice piauo pieces: "Remomber
Me" by Brinkmann; the celebrated
"Barcarolle," op. 87, by Tschaikowsky ;
"Doubt," a beautiful tone poem, by
Emery j.and "May Bells," by Spindler.
Also charming new song by Fannie
Snow Knowlton, entitled, "I'm Yours,
Sweetheart, Forever." The music in
this number is alone worth $2. Mailed
noat-naid for 15 cents in stamps, or
three back numbers mailed for 25
cents. Published monthly at $1.60
per year.
"The Musicians' Guide (spring edi
tion 1892) contains, beside 212 pages
of musical information, biographa of
150 musicians, with 25 portraits, a
"Teachers' Guide" and other valuable
features, three new songs.v "My Kath
leens Coming Back," "LastNight,"and
"That is Love," and two piano pieces,
"Sounds from, the Ballroom" and
"Stolen Kissea" Gavotte. Mailed
free for eight two-cent stamps, or the
"World" and "Guide,!' containing the
above ten tongs and pieces, mailed for
twelve two-cent stamps. Address,
The S. Brainard's Sons Co.; Chicago
111. -:-:-;-'!.--:v:.
Many years practice have given C
A. Snow A Co., Solicitors of Patent,
at Washington, D. C, unsurpassed
success in obtaining patents for all
classes of inventions. They make a
specialty of rejected cases, and have
secured allowance of ninny patents
that had been previously rejected.
Their advertisement in another col
umn, will bo of interest to inventors,
patenteesmanufacturers, and all who
have to do with patents.
' If you want to get the county- news
subscribe for Thk Must.
Wk commend the whole republican
ticket to the voters of the state and
county. They are men who have an
undivided interest in the welfare and
m-naneritvof the stale, ami are well
i i -
fitted for the offices to which they
aspire, and everyone of them should
receive the full party .vote. If there
Ms any man on the ticket not your
choice, we invite you to compare his
ability and claims with his opposing
candidate on the peoples' ticket; and
then we believe you will decide to vote
ilio tit Vnf without a scratch. By so
doing you will deal a death-blow to
anarchy anoVtheatlempted destruction
of the country.
The great calamity howler of the
peoples' party " movement Genera!
Weaver made this town a flying
visit last Friday, for the purpose of
leaching the faithful in the tenets of
the new faith.
When it was first advertised that he
would address the people of this place,
it was loudly excluimed by the leaders
of the local band of believers that
thern would be three thousand people
here to hear the gifted orator deliver
the new dispensation ; that' only 24
hours notice was necessary to secure
this number. But it seems even the
announcement of his name did not
arouse a sufficient current of magnet
ism to draw together only about three
hundred on this occasion. Two-thirds
of whom were republicans, and the
balance were of all shades- from the
straight-out democrat who sticks by
his party through thick and thin,
down through the various grades of
the latest issues.
The effect upon the members of the
alliance was similar to a wet blanket.
The third parly candidate's noses that
were present lengthened out like the
proverbial moral law, when they saw
the small attendance of people to bear
the distinguished speaker. They real
ized they had over estimated the
trength of tbe third party movement;
Their ranks looked so thin and weak
as to be patent by all observers, aud
to their own dismay. V " ...
Mr. Weaver is to be congratulated
on his remarkable memory. . Those
that have had the pleasure of listening
to him before, can well remember it
was the same song he has sung,' with
out any variation, for many years. Ha
U still stuck on the same peg that he
first struck, when he waa kicked out
of the republican party, and that hia
mind haa not been able to conceive
that the nation haa made any advance
ment since that day. . It was all ot the
past. He advocates no measures that
would be of future benefit to the na
tion, because he knew of none ; neither
could he advance any ; that course waa
beyond his grasp. . He even disap
pointed his followers, as the doctrine
belaid down was as obnoxious to
many of them as the doctrines of the
old parties; Each member- seems to
have a platform of his own, and is not
satisfied if his version' is not adopted
and bis biightness discovered by his
fellowman. And one bit of consola
tion lie gave them lie said that "The
members of the peoples' party are . no
more honest or better than those of
the other parties," and which did not
suit some of the howlers, who have
been claiming to possess tbe im macu
la to righteousness of the earth.
Oregon is a great state for produc
tion. It ia not an uncommon thing
for a man to die his potatoes in the
spring ; the winter being so light that
they are not froxen, Quite frequently
this happens at the tiuio of planting
the spring crop. But a man near Sa
lem, came forward and says that some
time ago he punted early potatoes
which are noWnp large enough to hoe
Last week he started in to plant his
late potatoes, and" at the same time
dig those that were left in the ground
overwinter. Thus he was planting,
hoeing,' and digging his potatoes
all at the same time. Oregon Is, in
deed, a great state.
Thb journalistic anarchist who is al
ways howling about the awfnl condi
tion of the people of this country, and
is trying to educate his Clarke county
readers to believe that they are the
most down-trodden and cinshed peo
ple on earth, will no donbt read with
pleasure that at a big meeting of h
kind in Chicago recently, the motto,
"our children cry for bread" was dis
played, and while the children were
atill crvinir. their father's drank 300
kegs of beer before the meeting ended,
Vancouver Independent.
Tk-campaign liars are abroad
the land, and are Killing all kinds of
falsehoods to further their tyrannical
en Is. It is impossible for a man
set of men to tell the truth when they
refuse to recognize the court record
not even being honest enough to look
at the figures placed before them, and
also refuse to investigate for them
selves. '
On Monday evening, the 23rd cf
May, Mr. Ellis addressed the largest
audience of any speaker that has been
here. ' His address was able, dignified.
aud (horough,and was well appreciated
by his audience. The impression that
he created was one of great respect to
himself, and that he has the ability
to make a good congressman.
When a newspaper misrepresents
the character and ability of a man ia
one respect it is evidence that it will
do so in all. Thinking people should
take this into consideration and not
be too ready to believe every campaign
lie that unscrupulous papers are apt
to publish; The Telegram- says that
Judge Moore is a j us tice-of-the-peace
lawyer with no practice before- tire su
preme court. The statement is utterly
false and a man who would publish it
for the truth certainly does not believe
iu a hereafter. -. Injury to a . man's-
character is one of tbe greatest crimes
to Immunity. It is well known that
Judge Moore has a large practice be-
fore the supreme court and the Tele
gram is well aware of the fact, but ita
deuial of the same will only mislead a
few ignorant people, and among th3
more intelligent make votes for' Mr.
Moore at the June election. -
Thb Astoria Herald is- still harping
on the same old tuae in regard to the
Columbia river this side of Astoria.
In an article headed "To be Expected,'
in that paper hist week, it says:
"When an ordinary fishing boat with
a cargo of spuds for Portland has to
be packed overland around the shoals
and bars, or eulightered between that
town and Astoria, then Portland can
not expect to be a town of any im
portance." The only thing that ia
ailing the Herald now ia jealousy, in
consequence of the safe arrival of the
warships, Baltimore and Charleston,
wbomude the run from Astoria to
Portland without the least obstruction
on their route, aud which ia enough to
convince all sensible people that the
Herald's insinuations are' baaed UpuU
nothing but atillUlt motives,