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St. Helens, April SS, 1891
The Portland Telegram, .a speak
Inj, editorially of Clatsop county pol
1 tics, says: ; ''Politically it !
loe 1 Hatm-hly ; repuliliean, thougl
. on cohmy office would
Im held by a democrat
Where dts tile Telegram get it in
formation!1 The democrats of CUt
cop county have liad control of the
clerk, sheriff aud judge' office in an
ttuurokeii suecessiou far nmuy year.
These are the three, best office iu the
county, in fact tin only Dea in which
the salary is of any consequence. A
reattW at election day comes
h round these) three offices are filled
hy the democrat, who hold the reins
and have made money enough out of
their fat salaries to control the elec
lion hy the use of a portion of it.
It is only a few years since the
- democrat elected a member of the
' li'guJ.ituee in Clatsop county, who was
ucceeded by another democrat. Clat
nop county has had the same demo
cratic clerk for tight or tea years,
William Ross, dewocrat, was sheriff
several terms, and his successor who
is also a democrat, is serving a second
term ; Judge rage, democrat, has been
tounty Judgo a number of terms in
euccew-im. Why? Simply because
the three are the bosses and sacrifice
the rust of the ticket to further their
own personal interests.
Aguiu the Telegram say: "The
town', aud through it the county, have
iecii run for many years by a sma'l
and seltich riug of local politician!,
iniu'h as Portland and Multuomah
county have been run."
We do not understand which ring
the Ttlegiainhas reference to, but as
Uie Telegram is an alleged democratic
lapir, we presume it means the repub
lican wing of the ring. That there is,
perhaps, two rings in Clatsop county
we do not dispute ; but the democratic
wing of the ring have their organisa
tion so complete that they invariably
scoop all the fat office in that
"staunchly republican" county. For
proof of this statement the Telegram
might refer to the official directory of
Dial county.
The Eugene Guard asserts that
"the republican candidate for supreme
judge has never had a case before the
supreme court." The Hillsboro Dem
ocrat publishes the foregohig, and
1J: "We have conversed with some
prominent attorneys in the slate who
say that he is a 'bail fellow well met,"
etc. As to the first statement a greater
fierversiou of the truth was never pub
liahed. Judge Moore has been one of
the most prominent figures before the
supreme court of any attorney in O-e-gou
and, too, we might add, with
greater success than most of them.
A to hit legal capacity no one, except
a few interior country newspapers,
will question. Indeed had be ' not
. been an able lawyer the republican
convention would not have nominated
him, as they did, on the first ballot
when there were so many good men
in the legal profession aspiring to the
office. S-i tat as being a "bail fellow
well met," we heartily agree with the
''prominent T attorneys" that the Dem
ocrat speaks of. Aside from this be is
a lawyer of a great deal more than
ordmay ability, and has enjoyed a
lucrative practice both in Washington
and Oregon, particularly iu Portland,
for many years. ' All that these dis-
gruntlcd organs of the mugwump
party can hash tip against Judge
Moore will not injure bis prospects in
(he least. The people know him too
well to be- misled by such deception.
It has been claimed by some demo
cratic papers that Hon. T. A. McBride
is a corporation attorney, and that the
republican convention could not belp
pomiuatiug a corporation attorney for
district judge of this circuit. Every
jnan who is acquainted with Mr. Mc
Bride' knows better than this. We
personally know that he has refused
repeatedly a large yearly salary from
the Northern Pacific railroad and other
corporations. ' His duties as prosecut
ing attorney would not permit of his
acceptance of a salary from a corpora
tion, la the case of Beuham vs. the
Korthjrji Pacific in this county he
Conducted one of the hottest contested
piosecutjon tgajnst this railroad that
ever look place in this county, and
finally succeeded in securing for the
plaintiff the amount Of damage asked.
Mr. AlcJJride, we are glad to say, is free
from corioralion harness. 1
A JHBAy deal of influeuce is being
brought to hear upon W. p. Hare, of
Ililluboro, to run independent for dis
trict judge. ; la the event of Hare's
election Tom Tongue would practi
cally be the judge. ,
Tub Cojumbi county republican
t'u. ket is compose of representative
taxpayer of the ounty; men who
have Jived io the county for years and
are well posted at. to the need of the
County aj large.
111 '
Tut democrat of Columbia county
f$ get norniuiile a- ticket this year.
An Enthusiastic : Ratification
4 Meeting Tncsdaj Night . I
Sppechc by the Vartbw Candidates
A liarire Awdlence Maaie by
-,... -.. Oonlray Orehratrsu "'
- v. : ; ' h '
Tuesday night there was probably
the largest assemblage of people gath
ered in the court house ever seeu in St.
Helens. Promptly at ? :30 o'clock the
orchestra from Cordray'a theater be
gan the programme and immediately
afterward the meeting was called to
order by T. C Watts, chairman of the
county central committee, who slated
that the meeting had been called for
the purpose of ratifying the republi
can nominations lor tue uiuerenv
offices. Mr. T. J. Cleeton, candidal
for school superintendent, was first in
troduced, who addressed tho audience
at considerable length,, .reviewing and
commenting upon the record of the
republican patty.
The next speaker called was Hon.
George C. Brownell, of Oregon City,
who was heartily greeted as he pro
ceeded to the roslrom. Mr. Browne!!
is a splendidpeaker,and held the audi
ence in strict attention for some time-
reviewing the tariff question, compar
ing the progress of the United States
under the systems of a high and low
tariff. He dwtll at some length on
the comparison of wages paid the
American wage earners aud those of
foreign countries, clearly proving that
the earnings of the American work
meu are about twice as much as those
of E-j eland; the result of a protective
tariff. Whenever the speaker had oc
casion to refer to James (i. Blaine the
house fairly went wild with enthusi
asm, tie a 8 urea trie suuience mat
they, as republicans and citizens of
Columbia county, slould feel justly
proud of the choice of the republican
state convention in it selection oi
Hon. F. A. Moore as its candidate for
supreme judge. This brought forth a
continued applause for some time, after
bich the speaker appealed to the
voters to lay aside all political preju
dices and go to the polls on election
ij, aud show their good judgment by
voting the republican ticket; that the
republican were and always bad beeu
the friend of the people; to read np
the fact as bad been presented by
him on the various matters of record
and public importance.
Judge Moore was next called for by
th9 audience amid the greatest en
thusiasm, who talked for a iew minutes
to bis townspeople in a very feeling
Qianuer, stating that the office for
which he was a candidate was not a
political office and consequently he
Would not make a political speech at
that time. He thanked the people of
his old home, Columbia county, for
the many kindnesses and good will
bestowed upon bim nnd was willing to
abide by their decision at the polls on
the 6th of June.
Mr. W. J. Bice was the last speaker
and spoke for a few minutes, giving
a sketch of political advancement un
der a republican government. He
took up the political situation iu Ore
gon and showed that here especially a
man should be a republican. He re
ferred to the recognition which Co
lumbia couuty received in - the state
convention, and complimented the
people of Columbia county on heinic
honored by the citizenship of such a
clean, good man and able lawyer as
Judge J?. A. Mcore; he referred es
pecially to the circuit district officers
and amid the wildest enthusiasm rueu
tioned thai this was the native borne
of one of the ablest lawyers of Oregon,
whose honesty, integrity and ability
was well known, to such a degree that
be was unanimously selected by the
representative republicans of four
counties to occupy the high, honora
ble and responsible office of circuit
judge, Hon. T. A. McBride. He then
said he desired especially to refer to
anolber native son of Oregon, who was
born, reared and lived in the adjoin
ing county of Washington, and dwelt
at some length on the good character
and ability of Hon. W. N. Barrett.
While speaking of Mr. Barrett he was
handed a letter by Chairman Watts
from Mr. Barrett, which he read to
to the meeting af follows :
Mr. T.C, Watts: Dear Sir I wish you
would express lo the meeting my regret in
not being able to bs present. I assure you
that I should be pleased to be present at
and ssslit in the opening of the campaign
In your county. The republican party bai
always kept it pledge Sod bas ever been
true to the best Interests of the whole peo
ple. If I were at your meeting. I should
urge that all who believe iu the republican
doctrine of protecting American Indus
psed hi MiUios? pf Monies
tries and Ameitcali labor, and who favor
icarkit for American products at' horns
and abroad, to rally around the republican
banner and carry It to victory hi I tine. Tlx
eves of tli nation are turned to Oregon,
Minll we attain be able to say as w did hi
1S8H, "that Or- leads the way to vie
toryf" Truttig that I ahull' he aula to
meet the people of Columbia county during
the campaign, I sin yours truly,
ConUnuinjr, Mr. Klee referred to tin
county candidates lirluflj', and nrged
all republicans to vote the republican
ticket in June, and let Oregon and es
pecially Columbia enmity b heard
from with joy, honor and glory fm
the grand old parly. All through he
was warmly cheered and the mm-ting
adjourued with everybody feeling en
thusiastic and good.
The following letter was received
from the republican candidate foi
congress from this district:
Mr. Watts: Pear Sir I regret exreodlng
ly I cannot be present. Asiur the ivuiili-
Means of Columbia County that my" bet
wishes are with them, arid that I will vi-it
Columbia' county before the campaign
ukues. ' Very truly yours,
Joanna Phllbrook Paaacxl Quietly
Awav 8ory offllw Long Lifts.
II was a lover of relics and stories
of olden times. Yesterday We learned
with sorrow that Balk's oldest native
resident, JosIiua Philhrook, had passed
quietly away, at the age of 00 years
and 5 months.
During tile exiMance of the Enter
prise, the historical sketches from hi
pen of our state and city have proven
very iiitcrei-tiog to our subscribers,
who liked to read of olden times. Mr.
Philbrvok was a good story-teller and
possessed many relic of days long
passed in which lie took much pride.
Mr. Philhrook was the oldest native
of this city, was born Octtcr 1801 in
the residence in which he died. He
was the son of Daniel aud Klixabelh
Moody Philhrook, and was the lust
member of his generation. - His were
the first settlers of the New England
states, of Puritan and Huguenot de
scent and were zealous Workers for the
freedom of our country.
Mr. Philbrook's great grandfather
built, in 1742, the first vhip on the
Kennebec. He lived a here now stands
the courthouse, be also owned the
land where the city now stands. At
that time there were only eight fam
ilies here. He was a gentleman re
spected by all, always pleasant and
g.'iiiul and a kind father. Was a pro
feesor of religion, and a Wo a member
of .the Sagadic Historical 8ociety
which is indebted to bis prolific pen.
His settees were wonderfully well pre
served and his mind very clear. Ho
really lived hU strength out to the last
ebb, he was wa-ttng physically and
preparing for a home ii) he.iven with
bis ancient fathers and kindred spirits.
The Enterprise extends its syui
p ttlty to his many friends and rela-
! tives. Balh (Me.) Enterprise.
; Joshua 1'hilt.r.jok was the father of fr.
Samli R. I.amonl. ( til Helen. Hn
death occurred in Ilatb. Mr,., March It,
lifttt, aged So years, ami 5 months Eu.
Mr. John Colvin is visiting on Lewis
Miss Altla Matthews is visiting
friends in Marshland this week.
6. D. Sutherland paid Astoria a fly
ing visit last week.
R. P. Graham relumed to Portland
after a short visit to friends and rela
tives. Mrs. C. M. Graham, sr., and family
returned home . lust Friday from a
lengthy visit in Iowa.
Miss Flora Thorn is visiting her
sister, Mrs. A. 8. Graham.
Mrs. 0. M. Graham and Miss Lonii-e
Graham, Masters Georgn nnd Tilden
Graham visited Clatskanie Wednesday.
Quite a lively time was had at the
literary and dt bating society last Sat
urday evening. The question debuted
was, -Resolved that the'Reform' move
ments arc a detriment to the laboring
clavses." Principal speakers were A.
8. Graham, negative; James Wallace,
affirmative. Question for debate naxt
Saturday evening is, "Resolved that
Washington was a military geu'us."
Principal speakers, Misses Mabel and
Julia Graham.
The dance at Mr. C. M. Graham's
last Friday evening was a grand sue
cess. Muoic was furi)ihed by Messrs.
Jume Graham and Hugh Boyle, vio
linist, and M ruses Lou and Tod Barr,
organists. Dancing was kept up until
day dawn, when all wended their way
homeward, having expressed tlrcm
selves as having had a good trme.
Among those presert were Mrs. Thos.
Flippen, Misse Lou and Tod Barr,
Alice aud Addie Allen and Messrs. V.
McDonald, E. Chisohn, R.Graham, O.
and F. Elliott of ClaUkauie.
40 Years tie Sundarr
Giving the Troiwntcr, Sheriff, ami Clerk's Keport for the
Six Month Ending March 31, IlW-
Of the amount of Mousy and Warrants wi'Wfd for Tajn, and Money paid lo
; tlie County Twaauw by the tfliertlf of Columbia County, Oregon, fur the
si month's ending oil the 31t day of March, As RlWIi, r .
November, tun I &Vi M
January, 1MB'....... W W
March; I8t ,(H4 l
. County of Columbia. ) '
I, W. A. MEEKER, Siituilfof sttid County, do hereby certify that th
foregoing statement is correct and line.
Witness my hand' this 31)ii day of Mirch, A. IX 1802.
W". A. MKEKKU, tiherill' of Columbia County.
Of the Count v Treasurer or Columbia
ending ou the 3Ul day of March.
, out, from whom received and
paid out :
1M2, Gen; Fund
March St-
I'o amount on liami (mm IsH re-
rx.rt sen. ra litn l S I Hi OA
To nn hand from lift re
port, -chool hind . . HAS 02
To uitiotinr on hand from Isstt re
port, ) Il ilemit 47 40
To amount on hand frvtn lt re
iHirl insiilute fiill l
To amount on hand from l;tl re-
lorl, ar,illealile ti payment or
Bdvrrti-eit county ordera. gen
eral fund S, 037 81
October ill, 1891 -
To rash received from Quick,
costs, rosn survey . . 14 50
November 4, IHUt
To cash retched from Uiuor !!
ceiine .. ... 200 00
November 30, IS91
To ca-h rw.lred from heruT,
taxea for lio ,. V9
January a, imq
To ca-h received from juxlce.llne i DC
January l IS!
To cah receive! from slttrin,
tax f..r I! S30 M
Man 0, INtt
To amouni rte. ived from school
UwrititemUnt, evrtlticaten . It SO
To ntu .it lit received; from ihool
iiU'rintemlent. i-erliltcale 10 00
To amount received from xchool
KUH'riitteiiileiir. certf tieot ... 19 40
March 10, lt
To amount receive.! from nherin,
tax for lH v. 2.8U8 SO
March 15, lstB-
To ainniint rereireil from sherilf,
aecount tax uf 24 80
Marrli 30. I
To nmonnt received from jtntic,
lute aw
March 31, 12-
To aiununt received from sheriff,
taxofl.ttfl 11.36120
Total ..... .20. BIS IX
County of Columbia
I, G. W. Cole, do hereby certify that the foregoing la a true and correct
statement of the amounts received, paid out and remaining on hand, in the
County Treasury of said County fur the sis mouths eudiug on the 31st dav of
March, A. D. 1892.
Wituees my hand this 311 da of March, A. D. 131)2.
G. Vt. COLE, County Treasurer.
Of the County Clerk of Columbia County," Stale of Orrgnn, showing the
.....i i.... r ,.i ott...i i. ii.A r. ........ '...... ..f i-... ......
for what allowed, amount of warrants druwi:, and amount of warrants
outstanding and unpaid, from the 1st day of October, 1801, to tliu 31st
day of March, 1802, both inclusive: t
Cotitltv Judge's sa'ary
County Treat-nrcr's alry
Comity Clerk'" fee'
County lierift"' fee
County Awewor'n fee
County d.-honl Huper'litemlant's salsry.. .
County BuTVtyor'a fws
Ct.uuiy ('ommiwioiiers' tees
( bruit lurt exne
Pauper, uirt of
ltoul Kuperyiora
Koadnand KiidKes
In'lexing County Junrnal.. .. . ..
Justice Court, Ntat. cases
Rebate of Tax.
InquexU . ,
Prim norn. expense of .
Ilotiuty ou acalps of wild snlrosln.
Inratte expne .
t'ou ty ririnthiR and blanks....
( ourt Houne iliplie .. ,.
Teachers' public examination.. ,
Total amount claims allowed and drnwn
Outstanding unpaid County Warrant on ths
KutiMiatcd Interest accrueJ thereon ....... ..i
Total liabilities ....'......;..,
Of the Financial Condition of the County of Columbia, in tho State of Oicgon,
on the 31st day of March, A. D.
1802 :
To Warrant drawn on the County
Trca"tirer, and ouulaiiuing anil
S 20. 310 07
To emitiiatid nroount of Intereat
accrued thcruou
320 00
Total liabilities
120.638 0:
County of Columbia, f ' ,
T, B. E. Quick, County Clerk of the Cotfnty of Columbia, State of Orr-goo,
do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and correct statement of the
number and amount of claims allowed by the County Court of said County,
for the six mouths ending on the 31st day of March, 1892, on what account
the same were allowed, and the amount of warrants drawn, and tho amount
of warrants outstanding and unpaid as the same appear unnu the records of
my office and in my official custody. '
Witness my hand and the Seal of the County Court of said County
8kal this 31t day of Ma-ch, A. D. 1892.
E. E. QUICK, County Clerk,
It baall Be IB Every Ilease.
J. 6. Wihion, 371 Clay St. . 8harpburK,
Pa , says he will not be without Dr. King's
New DUcovery for Conxuniption, Cough
nd Colds, that it cured his wif who wa
threatened with pneumonia after an attack
of la grippe, when various other remedies
and several physicians had done hor no
good. Robert Barber, of Cookaport, Fa.,
claims Ur. King's New PfecoVery has done
him more good tban anything he ever used
for lung trouble. Nothing like It. Try it.
Free trial battles at Edwin Koss' dr
fWmlier, 1, . . 8.M) S?
January, WW..., .till W
artlr, mi ... is.twt 4tl
Cminly, Oregon, for tltn Pi t Month-
A O. 18U3. of in.mcy received ami paxl
floni what source, and on what account
; , '
IB. flen. Jfiiml
Itv amount ptdd out on comity
'warrant . . I t,M3 (17
ty amount pal I out on achool
auperiiitendenrs warrsnla . Sll
Hv amoutita paid out on accvumt
state lilt lot IHtU 5,111(17
Hv I'alatice KVivral fund oil Hand t.Arj IU
Uy balance xchool lurid on huml,
apoortioiisd. ... . . SO W
by balanee, cliuol futiil on hand,
uttaiHirtUi:iel ...... . . 4,709 TI
Hy balance, ip-cl d detio-lt .. , , ., 4? 4l
Hv balatin'. institute luiid . ViH SO
Ilv bi.lunee, futiil f..r advertised
ordcri, not pmtnted S,U33 ST
Tobl 2A.tia no
su. or AMocTor F AMoi sTor
ct.Aian cuius wahbakTm
6 f VrVI 00 f 2rV ofl
6 l0O 175 t
n Ut W 4S IKK 4H
3 SlOW 2.10 M
' 2 121 On i( on
e no o no (to
j 5 HA 2t ,' SHS 20
6 210 SO , 2)0 SO
M W-tl 20 OVS 21)
IS 7fW SO 700 M
is i.iiu oo' f.mnw
Ofl 1 ,301 4U 1 ,301 49
1 71 74 7-' 7.1
31 IU 4.1 7 45
3 SO K4 20 t
I 9 21 0 21 (W
a 8ltl Tl SKI 24
33 Kift on lfiS 00
tl 31 7.1 81 75
3 24l SS 2W .11
Kr iw m H'l Kl
5 4.1 00 43 00
2S7 S7..M4 ( $7.344 (
31( day of March, 1S92,.... ... 20,316 07
.......... ... 320 00
rty fun-In in handnof County Trea-
. urer ailieaMo lo tits payment
of Comity Warrants . 2,202 16
By extlmuted tinpiihl current taxea
of WW,- applicable to the pay
ment of I i.uuty Wa rants .... .13,02,1 17
Totol Actual InJcbtedneas 6,408 71
120,030 07
Trsatanrn'i Katie.
CoCKTr TiiKtsiiaxa's Orrtca, I
8t. Jl, April 16, 1H02, (
State of Oregon, Colutuhfa County;
Notice is hereby given that all unpaid
County WafranU ol saiil County, whioh
have been prexentd and nloriicd "Not
ptdd for want of fund," from January 10,
IWl up to April 20, 18111, both dates inHu
"ire, will lie paid ou prenenlation at tliix
office. Interest on nam warrants will not
be allowed after tit date of this notice.
s 15m 13 Traaimrcr ol Columbia Co., Or.
- Log scale for sale at tho MlBT office
at (0 cent tacu.
Every Suit
; Successors to Brownsyille Woolan Mills.
Retail store, qo First street, under the Gilman.
Diamonds Clocks,
Watches, Jewetenr, and Opu'sal Goods.
Fine "Wa tcli and Jewelry Repairing
Orders from the Country Solicited.
I6S First Street. Between Morrison and Tamhili, Portland, Or.
' SSMehlvsi.s AysMcei Umiit.
The Ueit Salve la the worH tor Curs. DrtiUea.
tares, Ulcer. Bull Hheum, Kever Sore., Teller,
Chapped MniiiM, ( hlll.lnli). ( urin slot all skin
Krnptlom, end poaltlvely cure Pile., er no pf
rvqulretl. It In s iianntaeit la slrer(eel natl-
( tloti, ur nimiejr raluiiileil, Prlrs ik erult per
box. , 4 . ' r4r M Kdwt) Unas,
Tetltiou for Liquor Llceimo.
To the ttonoraMe Jitilge and Cmiaty CxnirnU
utouern ol Columbia f.'uiiuij', OieiiHB:
We. (lie uiitlu'lstml ivsl of lPt
lalantl prerlnet do nvtltiioi thai you grain
lleen ti Allfii Nevtn. of Mid pre' ttiel, Oi k
plrlluoiu end malt lli)Uoni, In qtwniltle lea one laUon. lor nerloil at on yenr, l,e-
slniiliiKJuiie 10, 11 lor Mlilelt a Mill e r
urnyt 1; wurs, in Keosti, utia tnuenos.
K.lrd (,'nrlu.ii. 0 (KtMbtfr. H 1 Mahnn. Wil
liam WllUril, JuniM M Auichtiin, J Krlckon,
Jol ti SuiidavUl, Kd lmnn, H JWm, An.r
Johnon, I) J Jordan. 1 i Uulrlev, ltonny Hrd.
Albert Wi.lior. M xrkir, t.nrrr uruiit. rr
U . kl . I ......... I. . .. i.,h.rt II tnh..
ou. His Kiieknun. sltitiey Sliaunun,' C I. Wll-
eox, (a rl Tanueii, J K Hark, Kdward 1. llmin,
A AnuenHin, t nane nangren, n near,
Uwrenee Hall, II W Heniri, I'.n Hale, Mark
Mi-Kenale, U Hliaing. ueurn naney, w
n,ltluir. Dun ll MrDiinul't. iiavlil (l.Ktlrer, W
Murphy, P Hurm. itnbert Ituna I'eler-
on, n Cuniilnxhaiii, Julm (illleni, (Ivoriie
Barren, tHuilel Dillanl, 1 W Kr.iyuw, ll 1 Moure,
Jatnee Flannaioni. H H Ilorfliwlck. Tmien Car-
iliion. Vktior rimer, (.oula liar. Aouiiat ual-
(mwii, K ( anliT, W It Tiimtlnaon. Iii Wlllls'oa.
II A Jotiaw, I, A Clneald. John Donovmi, U link,
II Link, Wlllhun Utik, K W rowler, A Keer,
Tom Thornton, Tom Kinney, Oeorae M Baker.
Jamca Hart, J-liu l.arnniit. r W Maklnatvr. M
Link. UC Fowler. M CanlllT John Merrlaml,
11' Vaiiover. Krank lleritar, T H Mliehell, OS
Fn-ti r, H Itluke. Ailgltat IjinH'll. I. O llnlter, 1'
W Murphy, Walter IWhfi.r.l, ttiiil Harnett. W
H Smith. Charlea Link. K W l-oly. A P Vanllew.
John iiarvenl, William Wllaou, 0 Nlehola, Tom
Kapernk. A Hiiudloy, C Johnson, Aitum I'eter
ton, J W t:nrll)e, h A Peiitou, H M Imrmnn,
Jacob Owlnill. M Melierumll. (! WeUter, John
tiannon, w J Kellle. I'avlci sieott, Kreil Slrott,
II Kli-ott, K P i.allimay, A O.e, it lluriivtl,
Thoinaa l.tshtfoia, A I'oimiIriiiI, Kriink Hnyera,
John McLeod, W Miller, Jamea KontttMly.
( harlea Youns, K.anK RI.tJoii, K I.eiiKaehiir,
Jo Laarretiee, It J lltiruett, Win Viinmer. To
Maya, J W lilvlne, K Hunter, W Kowlor, Hoy
(r., K O Poater, 11 Voulhani, llei utf uollla,
J T rkirton. Win Hartley, P M Pinter, Peter
Chaleuad. (I C JaUlS, John t'ok, K Mifkor,
O Hana, J Severron, K H Thoinpaon, LHKIiinan,
HP llataou. John Malllner, H MeCormlek, L
Mulhollau'l. Carl Jaiiaon, It It Poaler, William
Oaildla, lv H Kent, : Z Oaiby. H Smlili. W ll
Tueker, J B Hi.lawn, P. KelTprt, (.'Imrlei W
Haney, t H Itevla, ('harlua lliiiiigardnar,, P H
swniier, PI) Adama. J H Hteln, W O Uiinixarilnur
Kil Hyalnnn, P. narrow, M prill, A I. To mi, M
Nlelaon, P Hiixhea, W I) Coiinell, P H Aitaina,
Pred Kllla. f I, Nleholu, H 0 Hplawu, J W
llevla, H H Walker, O A Wooda, O L CreXmer, J
J Kelly, Otiat Yopnon, Pat Wnkley, C Kiiiliii,
John P Schmltt, V. L Olaen, V Trim, Wlllliiin
Meyera. H Bevla, W M lin.ilner. John TV llevla,
Prank Henaon. Vletor Wlaell, t u Pller, H P
Huuter, HUliisrnw. sla'JS
Administrator's Sale of Real Estate.
Notice is hereby given that In pursttancs
of an order of the county court of Cbltint
hla county, Oregon, mads on lite Uth day of
March, 102, In lite matter of the ca tale of
William H. Tuttle, deceaaed, the under
signed adininitralor of the said ealate.
will sell at pulillc suction to the
hihcat bidder for caxh, and subject
to confirmation hv the sold court.
on Kalurduy. April 30, IW. at 1 o'clock p.
m. , (it llie court liouxe Uohf at m Helena,
hi aaid utiite and county, all the tight, title
snd intereat that the aaid eatata liaa bv
operation of law or otherwise acquired,
other than or in addition to, that of the
said William ll.T tittle at the time of hi.
death. In and to all that certain lot. idee
or parcel of land Militate, lying and being
in the said county and atute and deacrlbed
as follows, lo-wit: Lot two (2) of section
lwenty-four(24) In townahiothreem north
of range two (2) west ol the WillaruetU
Kerldlnii, and containing thirteen and
elglity-fiuadredths (l.'l 0-l(aO aerea. mors
orleae. JOHIAH KONKl.E.
Admlniatrator f lb setst of Willlsr
II. Tttttle, decesiisd, tu2s23
-o .
TO 54.
Petition for L'qnor Llrpuso.
To the llitmralile I'omnii.tiotiers anil
I'oniilv Court o( r .htmloa romily and
Hlaie of Urnw for t'otuiiihla rouiity ;
We, ti e Hiuleraigned lecnl v -ten hi ier
lalaud iireeinet, ro"ctfully iM-ilifc'n your
hoiioriililo limtv thai a lievnae be grawted ?
It. K. roiier i ('..nipuiiv, oiHlljliiuou,
vinous and malt lliiuma, to id I'eer !
Is'ol prrrln t in lean ijiinulltlea thsn
gallon (or the period of one yi an t V Ban
pa h.CKr.ikuko J V Jaqnes. X Muun, II
Htehmnu. y M Pnnler, Frank liUhop, Jaiaea
M Nauirlil n. .luhti Anhte, M l aroitr.U H
Baker, K Alile, K V .llowsy, I. Klebnian,
ll A Ited. II J. dm Im, Y O Mars. Ci
Dlppeil, Win Hartley, I K ( onliov. M t
Ituiii. J K lltirk, T O Maya, M If Ituyer, L
Hall. Thotnai Tucker, J. din Malliner, I) K
Haton, W J Kellle, C K Young. C Webalrr
J Lenzarlier, H A i'owler. II M Fowler, I J
KpokIi, Joint t'avrrd. Louia l.'.reiilmin. It
11 Worka, C W Wllros. W Wilaon, F 11
Ititrna, John tllMi tn, (lua Aiideraon, Robert
Nil-in, AltMirt Wulger. V W Murphy, T
I'eoplea, liirv Crant. M McKay. A ll l ute
riltialiam . It f Ctinuhifrhanl. T 'J Miihon. T
(laah, M McKennK Charles Jolinin, W
l.o,lv. (I Iiildhiv. it W Iteath. K Iveraim.
John Ilaniiiin. Iiunlel Ollliird.Cail Tanges),
William pre-li. Aunilat f lustfliloiti, J A
Krii kxiii, John HtiiulirvM, John JacoUon,.
Alex linn, Ir. Ha-, yk-tor I'urrer. Johan
Cadulf, (luhriel Jenny, William Willard, U
W Jluuey, Dettnia Nlrhoia, It I',
Ai l n IVter-on, rlilney Bhaunon,.
(1 C Jaqulb, K O 0oter, K Sktffert, llect ,r
Hoilia. Win OaddW. K Meeker, J W Divine,
Wm Vanovrr, JCox, M Mcfiermott, WO
Tucker, H 11 Walker. John Mefterl. J H
lluiiigitrdner, C K Hinltli, 1 Itnmgardner,
J H rlteln, (; J Kelly, ll K Hn.lih, T bulmlow
I'at WaM'-y, (liKt J.iliniiu, K I arvsii,
JuhnCsutiirett, I' lftti:hiw, H 3 Wtlliama,
C W Ifaney. (I W Hall. O A Woo ,s. W f
Co'Miill, K Jfdirly, WO llnaigardiMr, (J
I. Crenunml, I' Adaum. K J Hiiriiee. Ii )
(lore, K 11 Hiieiicer, C t'rin, J Wtiriiy. Tom
lo'ey. A I' t'aher. ( hiia Hunnrarilner, J it
! Hih in er. J it Hwai-i r, ltohert Llvinsalon,
K W I'owli r, Jol.n M, (In. land, U J llurueit
K V Kiiatcr, (I Milk, II n.ike, (i H Ko-ter.
J II Haley, Wm Heotl.T l.btfiHit. W M
Toiuliiiniiii, tl A Morel, A Nri r, V Kramer,
J Whltnkcr, Wiu Doad, I t'bntsna, it
Woodliam, C Juiunn, l Hlo.itt, F Mcutt,
J Hieott, A Jacohaon, A AitdetTon. F
Co., h y, J Hate. I, A Kiucald, U F Jonea,
John Jlalnlanti II llenton, F JohnaUin, I
I'oror. J Culliert, J llohuier, W Krasier. It
W Wilaon U ilsvld. M l.litkO (' I owler,
V W Maklnah-r. V ti Maklnner, M U Link,
J Wooda, Win Link, A Nln, J l.sivreuee,
TN Mitchell, WK Fowler, F liierdi.n. B .
Land Offlee at Oregon City, Or., March It, 1M.
Notice la hereby glvsn that the foltowlnf
named aetller haanlvd notlee of hla Inlaatlon
lo make Anal proof In aupporl of hla claim, ana
that wild proof will lie made before the County
Clerk of Cnliitntilacoiililj , at HI. Iliileui. Or,, 00
May 7, ISM, vl!
Ilomeatead entry No, Sh7l, for the i,e if 'ra
tion SI, tpn, t Iw. lie namra the followlD(
wltneaaea lo prove hla eontlnilout reatdeiie
iihu, and etilllvatton of, aald laud, tt Knot
(I. Jonea, I!. A. I'liahn au, prank nixriop, II. C.
Brown; all of Hetibea 1. ()., rouniy,
Oregon. J. T. AI'I'KHSON,
. .. sa3ta -. -... Kaslater.-
Land Office alOrogon City. Or., April 11. ,"
Notice la hereby itlven thai the following-,
named aettler baa tile, notice of hla Intenlli'ii
to make II mi I tin. of Iu aimport of hla rial in, ami
that aald proof will be made before the eoiiuiy
clerk of Columbia county, atHt. Helena, Orrjon,
on May HI, istej, via:
John n. tompkixs.
Ifomeatead entry No. SM4, for the aw U of er
llonS, tan. r 3. w. . He name the following
wllnewea to prove hla eonilniioua realilenej
upon, and ciiHIvatlon of aald laud, under aee
tlonatfll, R. H,: B. P. Qulvy, Henry Wen
Stephen Hulnea, Jullua Zeamann; all ol Heap
pooae. Columbia county, Oregon. ,, n
Hewjamln Bantea, who ma.le P'e mptlon " ...
. No. SJWIS, la hereby apeelally notified to espe"
and show eaue why the entry ol Jono ur.
Tompkln should not be allowed. ..,,, ; ,.