The Oregon mist. (St. Helens, Columbia County, Or.) 188?-1913, December 11, 1891, Image 2

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muiwcrtirnox, ver year.
Pt. Hki.knh, Pkckmkkr 11, 1891.
Time the Proflpct I.ook
Brighter Thau Ever.
Proposition Made to the People of
Aatorla A Babsldj or fJOO
Avrea Aeked.
The people of Astoria have now before
them, nay the Oregoaian, the most favora
blc proposition yet offered them for sectir-
lus; the railroad they o ardently desire.
7 lie proposition conies mini a company
formed of men whom they know tu be sue-
rmsful business men who ar responsible
for whatever they acre to do, and it it
robably the only bonaflde proposition that
lias yet been mude in this inalter. The or
aniier nf the company are Messrs. D. K.
Warren, J. Q. A. Bowlby, Alfred Kinney.
It. Van Pusen, C. H. Tage, Benjamin
Younjr, H. O. Van Dusen, J. H. Hiulth, W.
C Smith and K. A. Seeley, all eicept Uie
last three well-known citisen of Astoria.
The espial stock of the company is J 1. 500,
000, which is much less than the capital
represented by the combined members.
The cimpany have undertaken the matter
In a business-like way, and before making
any proposition to the people of A-toris
aentont Mr. W. H. Kennedy, well known
to be a competent railroad engineer, to
make surveys and estimates and ascertain
what the road could be built tor. Mr. Ken
nedy has submitted his report, which
very favorable, and he considers the route
surveyed an ideal line for a railroad,
v v tiik raorosmox.
After carefully examining and di-tming
the plans and ex ti mates of cost submitted
by Mr. Kennedy, the board of directors de
cided to submit to the trustees appointed to
raise a laud subsidy to secure the comple
tion of a railroad from Astoria to Goble. or
with the Southern raciiic, the following
proposition : ,
The company will build and equip with
latest improved rolling stock, a stamlard
t a-ige single-track railway line to GoUe, or
other transcontinental connection, begin
ning actual construction upon said line
within ten days after the terms of this prop
osition are complied with, and continuing
work upon the fame with all reasonable
dispatch until the same sliall be completed,
which shall not be later than December 1.
. 113; provided that the property holders of
Astoria will donate to said railway com
pany 10U0 acres of land, free and clear of
encumbrance, fairly selected withiu the
city limits, less tlie acreage given to said
railroad company direct, which amounts
to over 300 acres, leaving less than W0 yet
to he subscribed by the people of Astoria.
, The land so donated shall be deedej to
aaid ColutubU River & Astoria Eailway
Company, or its assigns, in four equal in
stallments, as follows, each installment to
. . be fairly selected from the lands donated:
First One-fourth when aaid railway
company or its agents shall have connected
the Astoria k South Coast railroad with
the city of Astoria; or at option of this
company or its assigns when JOO,000 shall
be expended in the construction of the ma n
line of said road ; the connection between
Astoria and South Coast railroad and the
city of Astoria to be made within four
months from the time permission to com
plete the draw-bridge across Young's bay
shall be obtained from the United States
authorities. If the option of expenditure
on main lineshall be exercised, then aaid
sum of 3j0,000 shall be expended within
eight months from date of acceptance of
thi proposition.
Second One-fourth, when aaid railway
company or its agents have expended f 270v
Out) upon the construction of the main line
of the railroad, and made said connection
between Astoria A South Coast railroad and
city of Astoria, or in case of exercise of
option, when $ too ,000 shall be so expended
upon the main line,
Third One-fourth when the company or
its agents shall have so expended $400,000
and so connected the city of Astoria with
the Astoria ft South Coast railroad, or in
case of exercise of option. When $700,000
shall be so expended upon the main line.
Fourth One-fourth when this company
or its agents shall have completed said rail
road to Oobie, or other transcontinental
connection as above stated.
. On condition above subsidy is raised. said
railway company wilt ah build through
and along the city front, provided a suitable
and approved right-of-way is granted to
said company.
The avid railroad company requests
prompt action in the premises.
limy rest front the fatigue and Km of
sleep iu his endeavor to hoodwink the
voters of (lie state of Oregon and kit-p
Jim Lot an from pelting control of tbo
political machinery and spoils which
ute so profitable U.liamllt'." There seem
to be but one answer lo this probloni,
and that la that Simon's candidacy is
endorsed by all these people fur thoaoli
purpose of gelling him out of the poli
tic of TortUnd. The Orvgoiiian, tou.
lots its further drop and ya, "after
all Simon is a pretty food fellow."
The appointment of Simon ia u die
grace to the state. He ia not worthy
of such an honor.
Thb practice of trespassing upon
the possessions of other is, of Into, b
ing carried to the extreme in thrm
prt. For example, three woulJ-b
djvk hunters who make'il tliei,
business lo intrude on the eiulosun-t
of other and shoot duck and othei
birds without either the permission o.
the owners or regard for the notice.
pasted thereon. It seems at presant
that the owuers of duck ponda are
almost compelled, in order to protect
themselves and their lovk, to stand
guard almost day and night over
their lakes. This class of hunters pay
no attention as to what direction they
shoot or what the result of their caret
less shooting may be. Tnere is no
small amount of lliu kind of "bunting'
done at this season of the year. Mori
of the Witt are rented to parties win
either waul them for the orl of shoot
ing or else those who shoot for the
market, and iu most case they pay a
hiirli rental for the privilege. For an
outsider to trespass on these rented
premises and shoot birds it is absolute
larceny and should be puuUhed accor'
Jingly. Indeed this annoyance is be
coming too common and ghoul be dis
continued by all teputable citizens.
Some one is liable to be hurt at this
business one of these days. Property
owners are not expected to tokirate
auuh actions forever.
IUM WXtfEsx-Csa
-DRALKR8 lit-
General Merchandise
Crockery, I Boots, Shoes,
Glassware, Ladies' Dress Goods,
Queensware.j Furnishing Goods
Produce Taken In Exchange.
It Will Pay You to Consult Our Prices
It seems almost certain that Joseph
fcimon, of Foitland, is to be appointed
to the circuit judgeship for this dis
trict. The Oregon delegation in con
gress have indorsed him and ire urg
1 ing upon the president the advisability
of his being honored with this Ligh
position, Ouveuor Pentioyer, Secretary
McBride, Treasurer Metchan and in
fact all the prominent official of the
state have written letters endorsing
Mr. Simoa for the appointment. If
Bimon is the awful good, honest, con
scientious lawyer thai he is recom
mended to be by all these high officials
lie has mended his ways very sudden
ly. Only five year ago, When acting
as chairman of the slate central com
mittee, did he cause to be issued bogus
tickets on the eve of election which
caused the defeat of Judge Waldo and
came within a very few votes of de
feating George W, McBride for secre
tary of state; and yet he is indorsed
by these same men for the judgeship;
even Jim Lotau, who is known to be
Simon's greatest enemy, indorses him.
In the face of all the trickery, jobbery
and treachery that Simon ha been
guilty of, the history of which is well
known to every voter i a the state, all
these promiuent officials bury the
hatchet and say "poor Simon pure Joe,
who has been maligned and persecuted
for so long, now Uui ls Sanii take him
into your protecting embrace and fat
ten hitn with a life position that he
Bemembkb, youug mechanic, that
the mechanic who studies and thinks,
who Seek good society, who is clean
in person, who is self-reliable, indns-
trious, obliging and courteous, is the
mechanic Who is bound to rise in hit
profession. Remember, also, the re
verse, mat ttie mecuanic who never
studies or thinks, who seeks low as
soviatesand indulge in vicious dissipa
tions, who is slovenly, slouchy and un
pleasant in person, who is shiftless,
discontented, discourteous and dis
obliging, is the future inhabitant of the
gutter, the almshouse and the prison,
and me luture occupant ol a pauper
TUB fifty second congress met at
Washington last Monday. The con
test for speaker of the house of repre
sentees was, after a bard fought battle,
won by Crbp of Georgia, he receiving
119 to Dills 105 vote. Whether the
defeat of Mill for speaker has any
bearing on the tolicy of the democrats
in regard to the tariff, is a question
One thing ia certain, that the defeat of
Mills ha nut strengthened or encour
aged IbeMills policy of tariff reformed
will have a tendency to torn the issue
fro.n the tariff to the silver question.
Mill was the recoguized leader of the
tariff-reform principle, and his dtfeat
at this time for the speakership is a
signal victory for the opponents of
the Cleveland policy.
Your correspondent was compelled
lobe absent from the valley for some
time, and are greatly elated to find
that so many w. re anxious to read the
news from our pen. We are well
aware of the fact that some corre
spondents, on first starting out, flour
ish for awhile "like a green bay tree"
then suddenly wink out. Knowing
this, we should have made arrange
ments with some one tu write up the
news during our absence.
Mr. Popham is making preparation
to move on hi place in tin valley, i WOulil
but will lie hindered some
Jeatb of his black mare, Gyps;, which
occurred last Saturday morning. Mr.
Popham drove this mare accross the
plains and mountains from Kansas
about iwo yens ago . and canuot re-
luce her for lees than 200.
Mr. Lyman Jones contemplates
building a new house; he now has
pleasant evenliH' Willi plays, games,
Vik'uI and instrumental music, Willi
Mi? Lou Ilnrr presiding at the nrgHii
and Mrs. Welter and Mrs. Rtnter
among the eiilertuiners, a person who
could not forget hard times ami shake
off the influence of the blues tvoiild be
mnde of curious material. We there
fore feel making a motion to Wis
continue our OimI Templar lodge and
all join the alliance.
Rev. Coats preached to a large
congregation fcuiKUy, much larger
than usuul from the fuel that
a rtuort had cone out that there
..i.i -....1 if . .. i .
, wuni i'o n wruiiitiir ni ine cioat
the ; of the seavice. The report moved to
be true and just at 12 o'clock the
bride and groom made their appear
auee. i nu groom Air. u.j. Karnes Is
a young, iinliutrimia man with tin bid
habits and his bride is Mis lllan.'he
Joues, young"", daughter of Mr. C. II.
Jones. A deep silence prevailed a
they entered the house and walked to
about 18,000 feel of lumber on the ward the , altar; the
bank near Ila'vey Tinule'a Imtisf. quickly terformed. after
Tub new company who propose to
constrct a railroad from Astoria to Oo
bie, offer the most favorable looking
proposition we have yet seen. They
have takn a business like method -of
securing the desired subsidy and also
offer the beat guarantee that the read
ill be built. If the Astoria people are
awake to their best interests they will
not long deley raiding this subsidy.
which he brought around froui Clala
kanre in a raft.
Mr. Young, our teacher, dismissed
school for a week on account of sick-
new. "
Our commissioner, G. W. Barnes,
who looks after county affairs, is nlso
doing good work by circulating a peti
tion for a postoftice.
Mr. K. Butter, the store keeper, will
be the new P. M., and Quincv, the
name of the office. If our petition is
granted it will give us a daily mail, as
it is on the present route from Maygcr
to Clatekanic.
Mrs. Peterson, whose husband wa
sent to the insane asylum a mouth
ago, is now living with her sister, Mrs.
A. Lewiston.
1 Mr. Parelins has jut finished hi
barn. It is fifty by sixty feet, and is
well arranged on the inside.
One ot Mr. Lttlick's boys, Guy, was
serioin-Iy injured by an accident last
week in which their best ox was kill
ed We did not learn the particulars
but may be able to give them next
During the recent high water Ben
son Bros., have been running logs
down the Beaver. the help of
two or three men they succeeded in
getting about three hundred to tide
water. We are Informed by one who was
present, that there were several filia
tions in the farmers alliance last Sat
urday night. The occasion will long
be remembered by those present as
one little bright spot in their lives, for
when the business of tin alliance was
over, the members and visitors (the
meeting was held at- the residence of
C. Parelins) sat down to one of the
grandest suppers ever held in this vi
cinity. Miss Barr says that she likes
her coffee without pickles in in It; and
Mr. Young , says that he prefers lea.
Ahr supper young and old passed a
ceremony w
which tlx-
happy couple were congratulated by
numerous friends and relatives. The
bride was dressed iu purple silk and
all admit that she looked very beautl
ful. The Miser correspondent wisln.
Mr. Barnes and his young wife much
joy with the hope all their trou
bles may be "little ones."
. v
The New tiesverr
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bor4 utiki b nbut it. Yiiu limy vourxll
be one of the many who know froin'H.'r-mn-al
experience Just how (tood a thin it in. If
you have ever tried it. jon a'tt one of its
taiint-b friends, bctaiew the Wonderful
thing hIkhU it ii, thai whin micu given a
trial, Dr. Kilifrs Sew Discovery cvrr after
holds a place la th lim.e. Jf have
never ucd it and should be atlilt led with a
roiwh, eoiil or any Thnal. Lunn or Chmt
trouble, srcuie a bottle at once and pive it a
fair trial. J I U (ruarsn.-ed every time, or
money refunded 1 rial Bottles Free at
Edwin ltuss' Jlnurstore.
Bnckls Sraica lialvs.
ThS Be Snlrs In the world for Cuts, RriitMn,
Sores, ri-r. Salt Khvtim, Kevsr Dorrs, Teller,
t'hspred Hand, C:hli,l.lin. Corns ud sll Hkln
Ernpthm. and ponltlrsljr cure. pi!M, or no xmj
renulrwt. It In Kusrsutecd to iitv twlrrt utlt
taction, or money n (un,:l. Irlr W rent rr
Are now prepared to oftVr their Itcnownsd Ali-Wonl flitnds al a tlrcut Idtliii'llon
from prlivs. In connection Willi our All WYol t'lotlilhB from Ilin
Alliany Woolen Mills we luive sei.ured from lliu tnoxt prominent Kitein and
Kon ln Mills all ih Latest l-tjjtia. VY warrant nil our goods as llonrst and
Let Nw. tfOOtt.
Irk llinv T l Hull.
Htrlrd Wnrslml Siilu ,
Hlrlnv.1 l lim-da Holt.
Mrnioli Cheviot !iilt..,......
liron n I'lahl Snlcs ,
MolllHl'hsvlol fiiiils
limvi'liei siilt , .,
ranejr t'livvhil Nulla
llron a Tcii Siilts...,..m.
l.ol I a. SO 10.
Iitown Cheviot Hull. .,,..,
lisid CttM.tinere SiittM ........ .
Ksnev ('.xtiitet Kiillt,....
Hmwu Tweeil Miiltn. .......
K.iit-y llerrlit iUnis Kiillfc...,
Vflunr K"il 'till. .
tlrajr Tweed Hull. ..,
Lai !. Vtlfft). '
II row n ( hiwt Siiln
CioH'k f ilftlrtr4 hi,ivy HnlN
I tl'eil I '!ntr t vv mill.
i.rny chrt l.-l. henvy, Hi'ilts
iirown ne-.., y mih...
Ili svv Hln Twt-wt siill
nii-k slid Whfl Mlw.1 I'm-
iiiiere Nulla
l.nt Hm. 030.
HmB rrld Wnrotitl'Sulta
liluek IHnsonsl tnlw.
Hlai'k furksrieqr NliHi.
llnirjr Hlue Mrllnn Nulla
Ilvavr Cliet-k CAMUmerr Nulla
Kn nrv Wids tVnlc Woralrd
Pulls , ,.
Hrown PlaH Uomtl Husa,,...
IHtrk Pr..wn ( h i.. Hhiu.... !. VOIO.
PswyrhiH'k Cadm.rt ault.
trttirdriiMimrrw heavy auHa
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Faney l"l 1001 1- nil..
raw v orleil au
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iakH tiiM-s I'kmIiuvi. tulta
Hrown Tava-t lt ,
Lai a. UOIO.
N'.luml (trar Ca&alintr. no
It sum
Brown rlitvtot SivMi ulta...
'nil, nrown ivivi nulla.
Iisrk ilrny Turml, Xi-ouiii-
ShKla. avdt-.,... ...
lark iltuv i:inv cut ttfta...
Mark Wor-twt anita
van Trml, il ouif- (ouda.
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XXX iluk-TateJ suits M
At 3 8 CO
At 10 00
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At 13 GU
At 14 50
At 15 00
Int N. KlNlO. '
lllack Wide Wn Hiitla.
lliu Wide Mala Nulls,. ,
llruwii Mtllun Nulla
Kum y chmk I ho viol auiu.w
I'ark llrny Woral,) ulla., ,
HUeli CorkM-wir aulla ,
lllm k lilammnl nulla. ..,.... Ik a. OVO.
Irk HMitn Twel ulla..,.
Ils ivy llluo I'iiritiilllv iiilla.
trlm Ksimy WkkicmI aulla...
Kaira llnaiy luik Oray Caa-
alinsir HiifU. ,
I'lald Wuralwt, until paliTll
aulla m,
llrokcn l laltl Wornvd aulla,..
Silk Ml.xad W,f,i,J .ulla, Mo, (NO.
Klsrk Wide W'.ls mil
Kioirjr hlier.l aulia ....,
Kins lrh Kni.y aalls.,..,,,,,,,
Kin. Wmttd N.iare ,,w
liark tlrav IVor.tml anlt,.
1 1 raw lima ii(-t'r -oil.
'Ilk MU.I Csmuiviv aulla,,,
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aiuall ChK k Woroted aulu,.,
I'lulti llrowu Mi linn aulla
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Park Umy yel.iur Kn. f's.
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Ktnr lllark Woralcv! (Horlia)
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lllack I IikiIoi ihiu auirv.,..,
Ihirk (Irimn Mrtion aittta
I(k Kaiire Wor,u.. aulH.,,..
v.ury llniilv nale sulia
Kusllali ll.Ttllia lion aulla,,, lurk t lierkl Worwed
fuin-y I'lotd Wrlrl aulla!..,
Hirnlttht Nitliw Wrld aiilM.
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XXXX vst uir Hlark t h.vlot
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lllark I'luld Wurahd, Niiuai.
eul. aitlta, , ,. ...,.,
Herring linite Ktrliw VVoraliS
aillta ...., .
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Slats K rwy aulta..... ,...,.
Sml llrowtt aulla.....,,,.., ,.,.
Illui- I tilt-t. M'alr iiratuils
lu-kfi W,iri(u mu.
Heavy liiam.inil aulu,
liar tiny IVoratvd iiUj..
At 910 00
At 17 50
At IS 00
At 20 00
At 22 50
Portland Seed Co.,
('. W. MILLER; Mgr.,)
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies,
Spraying Apparatus and
Material, PoHltry
Supplies, Etc., Etc
171 Hecnnd HI. IVrtland, Oregon.
Meud for Ciiliilogne, novSO-Otu
, TIIK ft-f-ttAMi:.
1 now luaklim regular reoiwl
tilpa Innn
Daily Except Wednesdays,
Lkavinu OAK liINT 4 t A. M.
KrKI.I.A i.m . '
" ItAlMlUt ,ti i(V
" KAI. tM.V 7,
" HT. HrlLKN'S sm
Asmyi.iitiitri.AMi. Mm
Askiv M KI.I.A
Hueeeaaora U llrowiialll Woden M IN,
X Medium of Trade between tlio Miuuif;tcturT
Mid the Consumer. He immt protetrt the interont
of hi ctiHtonicrs by purehatting ir the lowcut and
und best inurkctx, and by selling to Lin patrons
at the Lowest 1'onnihle Price.
There will Iw suldat Msyjer, Orsfon, an
December 19, at 2 P.M.,
rVvfiity Hh.n-sof thvl'spllal Shi of tha
Green Creel Lumbering and
MannfactnriDg Co,,
Ma.Mtrr, ()rr,n M ,r nnU w( mhk h
! I'sul up, h. .l,Mrr 111 t auld in tlv
fau!l of ayniant of an aascuiu.m af lr
rnt. hua dua. . f
G. C. L & M. Co.
If. HKXDKUSOX, ike'y.
W. ET. 130LJi:i st- M Market
Kn-l. snd Malinl
I and Vrip-wlilaa
Can't Cook as Mother Did!
One Dollar Weekly
Buys a rood eold walrh hy our clilh ays.
u ni. tiur i nsnil gll-nilili'awssrr wnr
rantel f.r 'JO years. Hue fcliriu and VI-
uiain m.Vfit-rat. ticm aiod and art
lily's or K'l't s rUr, Kijiial to miy $-'
aainu. jo hi cure ain-ni wlirre w have
noii, we sell one uf the hunting ca-e
aatclirv lur lliecluh irice 124 and wnl I;
O. O. hv expreaa with r,vil-s;uf cxuiuiua
lion ucinre l-ayilig lor Hie asms.
Our attentat Uurhaiu, N. C, writes:
"Onr Jew.lera hare confel they dna't know
bww you van lunimn aurn wors tor int iimii.y.
Our Sffeut at Heath H.rfng, H. t;., writes
"Your watches take al alhl. Th. sentlemsn
whofntlhe ll wai-h aaid Ihst lie eMiulncd
and wired a lewelcr a wad'hes In Ijinnotrr.
thai w no aatlor lhau tuura, but the prk-e
Our agent at f'cnninptnn, Tex., writes:
"Am In receipt of the wslrh, and sin pleated
without meaure. All who have awn It say il
would be fliro at f iu."
One pood relinlile agent wanted for each
place. Write lor cartii-ulara.
Kmiiib Watch (-'., Kew York.
How many a young; wife's heart has been saddened
by hearing the above remark ! And yet how often the
words are true; especially when cake, pastry or biscuit are
in question I The reason is plain, yet it is "like telling a
Our mothers used and are using Dr. Price's Cream
Baking Powder. They cannot be misled into using any
of the ammonia or alum powders. No dyspepsia no sallow
complexions, when mother did the cooking.
The first symptoms of ammonia poisoning, says a
New York paper, which appear among those who work in
ammonia factories, is a discoloration of the nose and fore
head. This gradually extends over the face until the com
plexion has a stained, blotched and unsightly appearance
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder is the only pure
cream of tartar powder that contains the whites of eggs.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder is re
ported by all authorities as free from Ammonia,
Alum, or any other adulterant. In fact the
parity of this ideal powder has never been ques-
tioncd. . ..
ft-lentiftr-ally treated hy an anrlst of world-
wiiie reputation JXurne.s ermlu-aterf ml
entirely curi ii, ol irom a) towyears' aland
niK. alter nil oilier treatments wire fail-,!
How tin. diftVulty iarein hed and the cause
removed fully explained In circular, with
allidavita and textinioninli of cures from
prominent people, mailed tree.
DR. A. VOSTAINE, Tscoma, Wash
nolle l Credllar..
Notice la herehv irhen that t! nmlrr.
ahrned, Mary llraim, has been duly ap
ninte.l administratrix ol the estate of H'H
ianl R Hraiin. deceased, by the countv
court of the state of Oregon for Coliimbia
county, and Hint letters have been duly Is
sued to her. Ail iwraons hating cluiuis
ag d it said dcceaied are hcieby n-quired
to present them with I Ik- neevsaary vouchers
witliin six months from tiie date hereof to
the said administratrix at her liome nrnr
Scuppoose, C'oliiniblu coun'v, Oregon
MAltr 1IKAI.M,
Admlnistrutrix of the estate of Will nm
U. Braiui, deceased. dills
liated Ds. 10, inn.
notice run fidlica rioi.
Land Office at Oroeon rt, Oroxon. Dee. , 1S0I.
Notice la hereby alven that tii. followiutf
named rettler baa file I notice of hlalnipnilim u, i
muse nuai prinn in auppon 01 in. cuiIih, and
iiiui aaio proof win oe mane oeiorn uie uoiinlr
nu January 26, 1, rtt:
Ifomeotesd entry No. Slim, for nw A of ee. 4.
tp X n, r 1 wel. lie names the followlnr wlt
neaeato prove his coriilriuoua realdence upon,
alio cilliivaooil phiij mull, viz: liliaiava fi.
H!ereka. Kmnk M, Toiiipkiua, JuMua .leamsim
and Alexander T. t'roecjr ; all "f Hi-h,iioi., (jo-
lumoia couuty, urexon, i, i. Afrr.itoN.
oujio iteiater.
In keeping these true princixle of trnde alwayn iu
view ; often leaves t lie oil tntck nnd HtrikeH "iwrntiH
lots'1 for liiirgnins for hisctiptomorn. Htg stock of
C-S?General Merchandise
Is being enlarged by 'ew Goods Uvery Day.
ft Is not ronren'eut to name the uisnv ilifP-rent art'rles kept
on sale, -l le from llrv )!, 1 1 (tliins. I.'oliv' Wer Ueulleiiien's
War, lit ad Wear, K Wi-ar, flour and Kail, tiio, ef! nd tin
ned Itixida, NhI a mid ilurdware, 1'rm kery and tila-awsm. Ilrsiiite
und liuwarr, I'ow.ler and hliot, llata and Cups, Hoots and Hhoes,
r"oti lit Mrdiiinea, Toilet Artii Ira, He.
Urals, Fauaaer, fhiK
West, by whideaale at aprclil rale.
Kxpreaa wsenu run loall pari of town.
and t'hniyes r.aaoiuihlv.
IMrOItltlt AND IlKAi-Elt IN
Londs Clocks
Watches, Jewelerv, and Optical Goods. '
Fine Watch and Jewelrv Repairing.
Orders from the Country Solicited.
165 First Street. Between Morrison ond Yamhill. Portland, Or.
Land OIHceat OroionClty, (ireifon Pec. 1, m.
Notli-e la "lereby siren that tlie follnwlna-
named settler baa filed notice of bla Intention
to make llnul r,roof In aupport of hla claim, and
that aaid proof will be mule hofor the county
clerk of Columbia eounlr. strlt. Helena. Oreiron.
on Jauaaiy TH. law, via:
i makijKh i.;. tjAiiK,
Horns lead entry No. U0rt, for the w U nl
'JH, Ipsn.rl weat. He iiumea the following
wllbeaaea lo pr"e hla coiilliiiioua realdeme
nHn, and culilvallon of. asld land, viz: K. A,
CinOimwi. r. Hlaliop. (i. I'. Jaciiilab mid K. R,
Coaler: all of Kcutx'it I. O., rolumhia roiiiny,
Orcjou. dlljli t. T. AITtitfty.N, Sv.Utcr.
J. S. (I-OM.NGER. rnp'r.
Choice Wines.
Liouors and Cigars. Beer 5 Cts.
Billard and Pool Fab!
for (ht pJuorflrrio3J.ioa of Pttromts
Do l'l Drink?
QI'I H IlKINd TIIK CARR. it behoof.
O roil lo nnd lli maw ilolrable plat lo
purchase voar invlgnrator."
! a ll f-w a aay wa. ....
XXXZi XSiVXw U ati r. 1 "
Keep etinslanlly nn bsnil th fnuiittt
Dealers in all Kinds of
Faints, Oils, Glassware, Boots and
Shoes, Hats and Caps.
Dry Goods and Groceries,
HI Cuban Blossom Cigars
ine nnesl Hue of Wines liquor an.4
Clgiira hi h found ihlaald of Port
land. And If you wlidi Iu
iiriik in a name uf
ITheyean asnr you that they hav th
be it Ulde in town. Kvervtblna Haw an
I wl"oile?d y"Ur ,m,ro"k' li MPtfuilf
Mt. Helens, Ori'Kon,
General :-: Merchandise.
m ; -
D"" ft A sasiPblaJ of InfonaaUew sa a. i
J .tnalof the lawa.iburlne lloa toff f
r u'? pt"". fa.sala, Tn'
Vla, Onrnbla, a7 .
jn vps
The Photographer.
CARDS, 13.00 TER frOZEX.
167 and 109, First Street, rortlaud Of.