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la Cnlnmhla Cnnnt.
HKfT ;
Advertising Medium la Colnmbli Co.
Leading Paper of Columbia Connly. -
NO. 50.
voi;. 8.
ST. HELENS, ( ) 11 EG ON; FRIDAY, DECEMBER 11, 1801.
Circulation, 1,000. f
J. R. BEEGLE, Publisher.
-Th County Official Paper.
Miilarrl'lill liatea.
Oiiv rnpr year In advaiHHi...., '. fl 1.0
mm impy an inunlli ..... 7j
HI n a 'iiy '
Ail vrtlalnj( lll-a.
I'mfi'Mlnnat canls niic ymr
I itti milium! line yrar,, ..,.,,.
II l( imIiihiii nu ar .... ...
larier I'liliimu yr
,, ;i
ifiiu Mini ima inoiiui . ........ .
.two iiixli Hint ininilh. , A
on, lui'h l tiwiilli...... -.
Liaal niilli'iui, Meatus mr Mim fur flrat hi"er
tlmil loiwilt ir lino lor t'w ll sltliarIH'llt In-
"" '"" . . . . .
Ii(al ailvartlamneiita, JI M) r Itinti for Art
, Iiim'NIiiii, ami 76cvnia M r lii" fur caeh .iiU.
llltll tuattitltm.
Commit OlHirra.
JIK1IIB......M.... II. J. awtiaaf. Hi. Il,li.ii
I'lvrk ..,,..,.. K. K Oiilek.Ht. Hi. I'll.
Mhitrlif Wm M.nkr, XI. Helen.
''I'waatlmr 'I. I'nln. HI. Helena
Hlll'l. Ill HeliiNlla. ..,., J. II. Wl., Wrtl'lHKI-.'
A .MWNir. i.. I!. K. Imaii, Italiilnr
Hlinrxyftr... A. II. I.lllln, Ml. Helen.
l'..,.n..l........ U'n Mra-nivr, Ver In
l.uimnlMluiii-r., J w ii,,,,,.,. naiaaaai.
Hoelrtr Niillrea.
. MmiiNlil. HI. Helen. ljlu. No. S3 K'gtilar
ciHiiiniiiilrallnii. Una mi. I I hint Mumly lui'wli
m..liili ,1 Villi r u m Ma-mile Hail. VlaltliiK
miMnlmr. In 'l .unilliiir Im lrt I" attewl.
M inic. lolulcr No. lit Huir.1 m t
ItnKSaoif' a no or rliirc iwh lull tii.-in MJ.w
r. H. i Mnnlc Hall, ovur niaiiehar ia amre.
Vltlllni inaiiilMim In '1 innilinn Invlinl ui
atvangellrMl AiHiltittnffMla.
Firm H inlay lJr Llaml.H . .: Ht. Helen.
h.w.iii.1 rlmiiUf-Nwr !lly, II a. ,! Kulu,
7 Ml CM.
fourth Nanday Haaitra l.l.inl (Olllahaii), II
a. h ; Kcwivi'., Ir.
U. UI'HUNUAMK, I'aalor.
The Malta.
Iiown rlvar (Ihhm) clmea al ) . .
rivar (iHiall elaae. at I r. at.
Th mall tor Varmnila ami l'lll.tmra; lwi
Hi. IIiIiii Tuomlay, 'I liurailay au4 haturtlay at
Ilia mall lor Manlilan.t, (.'!atkaiilr am! Mint
lran l(iillin iluuUa), Knliiawlay aii.t Krllay at
III. .
Mall, (railway) north oIom at 10 4 M.; lor
' at a r.
- Trairvkara' ClMlilnltlr HoHtra.
. U'.UHM.l U' III. IV M.M(I II..Ihiim Ittr
rnrllaml ai II . M. 1n-ily, l liurwlny awl Hal-
rilay laima HI. Ilnlfii. for Clai.kauln Mou
Day. Wixlnaolay and Krl ia ai Bit.
HrN4M.R Jinrnfn Kkuhio lavra HI. Ili'lfii
for Porilaml dally ! Hunrtay at ( 911 a. M.
Kxlnntliiar. Iai-a I'.irU.a.l at '.!. r,
Physician and Surgeon,
' ft. Ilelvaa, Or.
'OR. J. E. HALL,
Physician v and Surgeon,
ClKlalianl. Columlit Co., Or. '
T. A. A. H. l)mi.iia.
Attorneys , at v Law,
Orriroa City. Or.
Prompt alttimi tlven ttt latliil olti om.Iiipu
Surveyor and Civil Engineer,
. .aft llrl.nn. Or.
I 'omit y Nurr. yor. land aurvaylinr. town lal
tiny antl viiKlmwrliii aoik iiouiilly ilimv.
W. T. BlIUHKir.
. W. IRAI .
Attorneys V at V Law,
' Oregon 1-lty. Or.
Tlv yuara' ru"i,li'tii' aa lli'itlatrr of the
UiiHnil Hta n I. ami ottliw hero womuarr ila
In our aiHii'l.Uy of allklmlaof bualMi.a ovf'tre
the Uiiil nllliw or Ilic i oiina, ami liivuWIiiii Ilia
uraullii In Ilia tleimral I'jiiiiI Ollloa. .
i ...
Orvcon t'Hri Or.
(I.ala Hpci'lal Aiifiit of (liuxral IjiiuI Offlcf.i
lliiniKilrail, rri- euiillon ami I Iioiht I.huiI Ai
iiII at oii. ami oilier lnl ottlin lliinliiiiaa a
Hin'i'lally. tiltli'o, ui J floor, IjiimI Dillon
Notary Public
." Real Estate Agent,
St. Hblenb, Oregon.
John A. Beck,
Watehmakep, and Jeuieler,
- KOIt YOllll
Tilt Plna.t Aaaortntnnt of Watchc, lUonka and
Jowulry ol all Ltvurtlloni,
Jliilli'U DaviH ami Nw Koaln Kimball 1'iainm ami Kimlmll Or
Kiiiih, 1 invilit iiiKicctioii, nml defy (,(iiiiii titiiiii,
L. V. MOORE, 105 Washington St., Portland, Or.
W rltfi lur ciititlnKiii) huh rli ca. Muntloii tlili Hwr.
Front Street, Portland, Oregon.
Hay, Shingles, Lime, Land Plaster. Also Flour, Bacon,
G-3? o c eries,
Which we hcII diap fur caHh. Ciive uh a call.
ClsbtslceLXiie 3L-ixie.
HiV i i at m ' n rmnirmi mi 11 'i mn mwinTTrTtn(tN'ltf'iWimm ''t"
J. W. SHAVER, Master.
Tnvos I'tirtliinil from Alder-Btrcet
Bkamokawa and Cuthlanii't, Wcdm-mlay and Friday for Clatskanie,
toui liiiiK at Hauvii iHland, 8t. Hckina, Columbia City, Kalama, Nwr
City, Ituinirr, Crdar Landing, Mt. Collin, ISradburv, Htolla, Oak Point
and all intermedium imintu, rottiniingTiiuHtlay, Thursday and Saturday.
TWs dMirablo iirojmrty adjoins Milton Station, on the Northern Pacific
And ia only 1 J tiiils from HI. Helens, tho county-scat, on the Columbii
river. Milton crock, a Iwautiful mountain tream, runs within
200 yania of this projierty, Airmailing an incxhatiBtible
supply of water for all iurponon.
LOTS. 50x100 FEET,-
Uftnging in pr'ico from .r to 100, can s Heenred from
D. J. Switzer. St.
Joseph Kellogg and Northwest
: . -N .
IV I .uaL....m4. Leaves
M O rtnWGST day at f)
Thursday and Saturday at 0 a. m.
IACCDU lCI I nOP leaves KAlNltK ai a. m.
JUOtrH CLLWMV daily, Sunday excepted, arriv
ing at Portland at 10:30 a. m. Returning, leaves PORTLAND at 2:30
i. m., arriving at 7 i'. m.
IDrxxg Store.
Freshest, Purest and Best of Everything
- ' AT THE
DR. J. E. HALL, Proprietor.
nnrl rrnt MORE POWER
, " and
' Writ. Car nr N.w t!.HU.. f l9U ,
tlin'k Monday, via Wcstport.
Helens, Oregon
. i.:l.l . t rt'.;..
Momlay, weitncMuay anur n-
a. m. Leavos POUT LAND Tuesday,
Hie Apachos Again on
the Warpath.
The Drain Tunnel in the Ontario Mine
at Park City, U. T, Cuts Into
a Water Vein.
The Arizona penitentiary ha 1C4 con-
Ibiine City. Idaho, iiae a female faro
The old Virtue mine near Baker City
In to Ntart tip attain.
Cattle thieved are mi moron, aimntthe
Umatilla reservation.
Olive eultnre In Han Iiietw is to be ex-
tenaively imliiltfeil in.
Klectric headlitchte are to be need on
the Houtiiern Pacific.
Napa' wine product for the season
will reach nearly S.MXl.tHX) Rallone.
Work is to lie roiiiiiicnced soon on the
railroad lietween liable and Astoria,
Oregon and Waaliinnton are being
thoroughly organized by the Prohibition
ism. Coy.'tes are plentiful In the vicinity of
Forest (irove, and a wolf hunt will soon
The California Fruit Association has
jiiMt Nhipied seventeen earloails of dried
Iruit from Vacaville, (!al.
Astoria is to celebrate next May, the
centennial of the discovery of the Co
lumbia river by Captain Gtay.
American wreckers will not be per
mitted to attempt the raining of f lie Ban
I'edro, recently wrecked near Victoria,
B. C.
The Ptiite Constitution of Arizona will
lie adopted by about 5,000 majority.
The Arizomans who lavor fuaienoou
are pleased with the vote.
The icrnss valuation of property in
Multnomah comity, Or., for 18SI1. as re
turned by the Aswssor, ii $01,2 D.l.'tf),
as against t,ri4,IUi,4!iO in W0.
Nine Knglirh partridites have been re
ceived at Portland. They are in six
between the Oregon ouail and pliesaant,
and will be turned loose to increase, but
in w hat portion of the Htate has not yet
been determined.
T. W. Carpenter, assistant cashier for
the A. P. Ilotaling Company at Poi t
lan', has disappeared, and there ia no
clue ui his whereabout. It is charged
that lie forged a check and secured
(5,1100 on the paper.
In view of the expected visitation of
grasshoppers in some parts of California
next j ear the Htato Board of Horticult
ure lias arranged for a supply of para
sites from New Bottth Wales to be ready
for distribution in March.
The report sent ont that Apache In
dians had killed naniels and wounded
Major Downing in the Chiraeuhoa
Mountains in Arizona, turns out to be
ialse. The fhooting was done by a man
named Fav, who wore moccasins.
Twn nw veina of rich ore have been
pierced in the mining operations of the
lenie'CHl tin mines, near rouin mver
jsitle, during the past week, and the
most annunina expectations of the
miner havA lima fur bpn realized.
The trustees of the Congregational
College of Pomona have decided to use
the recent gift of 75,iHX) to that insti
tution in erectinit a dormitory and
laboratory building for the college, and
work upon the simclnre will begin in
The Apaches are reported to be on the
warpath in Arizona again. R. H. Dan
iels was killed hv them the other night
at a place nlwnt thirtv-live miles irom
Wilcox, and Mastr Downev .was am
bushed and shot nt the same point.
Oreat excitement exists among the set
tlers, who fear a raid from the Indians
in the Chiriciihua Mountains.
The Bradstreet Mercantile Agency
retMtrts ton failures in the Pacinc Coast
Slates, and Territories for the week, as
compared Willi thirteen for the previous
week and fourteen for the correspond
ing week of m The failures for the
past week are divided among the trades
aa follows: Three saloons, one builder,
one cigar and tobacco, one dairy, one
manufacturer ol extracts, one naruware,
and grocer, and one tailor. v p
The drain tunnel in the OnUrioV tne
at Park City, U. T., cut into a largVwa
ter vein, and thp water carried every
thing before it The tunnel to the length
of 2.000 feet is under water from six to
twelve inches deep. In the engine house
the fly wheel, pits of the engine and
compresser are filled, and operations are
completely blocked. At least 10,000 gal
lons of water are fl iwine per minute.
Operations will not be resumed for some
Samuel Pittenborf, better known aa
"Navajo 8am," end who conduct
small general merchandise store on the
Navajo .Indian reservation, about 150
miles west of Albuquerque, N. M., was
shot and killed by his clerk Hunday.
Tho deceased filled the position of Indian
Agent during the bloody raids of the
Amu-he chiefs Victoria and Oeronimo,
and hia history is replete with thrill-
inir and hair-breadth escapes, tie was
about 45 years of age.
Charles N. Fox testified before the
grand iurv of Sacramento that J. B.
I. iima liut M.ireh eintiloved him as conn
el to renresent him before the legisla
tive, investigating committee, and that
Jones requested a certain person to pay
the fee of (5 0, and it was paid. On Fox
refiisinu to tell who paid him the fore
man of the jury reported the fact to
Judge Catlin, who ordered Fox cited to
appear and show cause why ne snouid
not ne nupuiged gnmy oi contempt..
Colonel Bouglass Ounn, ex-Mayor of
San Diego, formerly proprietor 01 tne
daily f riit'B anil one of the most promi
nent men in (Southern Caliiornia, and at
one time a resident of San t rancisco,
was found dead in his private office Sat
urday. The family, who had not seen
him since Wednesday, thought he had
f;one to Kl Cajon on business, and were
lorritled to learn that he had been dead
a dav or so and had died all alone. Phy
sicians say death was instantaneous and
was caused by paralysis ol the heart.
The Kalier Will Not Tclerate Gam
bling Among the Officer in
Hi Army.
It is asserted that Channcev Penew
has bad 2,000 American infants named
after hlrn.
Josetih Jefferson will nlav a season of
only ten weeks next year, and " RipJVan
winxie win oe vne oniy piay in which
he will tie teen.
It was through the influence of B;shop
Pbillips Brooks that the Salvation Army
was allowed to parade the streets of Bos
ton with music.
Another monument is projected in
New York. This one is General Han
cock's, and it is proposed to erect it in
Hancock square, llarlem.
The wife of General A. W. Greely has
recently been so seriously ill as to occa
sion her friends great anxiety, but her
condition is now much improved.
Bismarck is in Germany what they
call a "chain smoker" that is, he
smokes from morning till night without
a bread, lighting one cigar with the end
of another.
A son of Joseph Je erson, the famous
American comedian of "Kip Van Win
kle" fame, has been in Ixjndnn on a
visit to his sister, who is the wife of B.
J. Farjeon, the novelist.
Walt Whitman has of late 'refused to
e the visitors who come in numliere to
call on him. He has been compelled to
take this precaution 'in self-de'ense
auainst the idle curiosity which brings
them to bis doors.
The Beau Brnmmcl of New York's
middle-aged millionaires is 1). O. Mills,
who follow the fashions in male attire
very closely, wears his clothes well, and
is altogether a model for a metropolitan
Cronus to pjttern after.
The Dne of Leinster's country house
la said to have passed into the owner
ship of an Irish farmer, who was former
ly Ilia tenant, nnuer me uiieriuion oi i.n
new Irish land laws. This is the build
ing after which the White House at
Washington was modeled.
Sir Edwin Arnold's resemblance to
Charles Dickens attracts general atten
tion among New Yorkers. If Sir Edwin
is si much lietter a speaker according to
American ideas than most ot the other
leeturem Great Biitain has sent or lent
us, it may be because he is so much bet
ter a journalist.
Dr. G itling save bis famonsgnn shonld
he regarded a. a philanthropic inven
tion, for it has saved no end of lives by
Scaring riotous people into submission.
So he calls the deadly gun me peace
maker." The Doctor ia growing old, but
he is still one of the handsomest men
that visit Washington. He is tall and
portly, with snow-white hair and whisk
ers and a kindly eye. and in thought and
action lie is youthful and vigorous. ;
John Buskin -.will soon complete his
2d vear. and for sixty-five of those
years he has been a poet, though for the
most part using proe aa the vehicle of
expression for highly poetic thought. At
the age of 7 he wrote in blank verse a
singular essay on "Time." The next
year he wrote an invocation to the sun
to shine on his garden, which is an
amusing, almost a pathetic, mixture of
poetry and pathos. At tne age oi zu ne
gained the Newdigate prize for English
. . i i i . . i .
(Mjetry, ana sMin a ter aiatuuont-'i mo
muse because, as he said, he could not
express his ideas in verse.
Commodore Ramsey Devotes Much
Attention In His Report to the
Naval Academy.
Dnrinff the last four and a half days of
last week the general land office issued
4,252 land patents. This is the highest
record ever made by the office. There
re now approved for patents 820 min-
i : , l n. VV.t
ernl eiliriro ill vai tun. iai,n n nj , vow,
and a iorce of clerks have been detailed
to write these patents, so that within
ninety days it it is expected the whole
number will be in the hands oi uie en-
In reply to inquiry the Treasury De
partment has informed a Philadelphia
firm tint the department holds that im
ported black plates dipped in this conn
try for the purpose of making tin and
Utl aies are ineiuiieu wiiuiii unnrapu
u:tnf schedule G of the tariff act. and
black plates rolled from imported bars
nr billets should be similarly classified.
There ia no provision in the law restrict
ing manufacturers to use American tin.
Representative Cooper of Indiana,
who introduced in the last Congress the
resolution providing for an investigation
of Commissioner Kautn's administration
of the pension ollice, and who personally
nrosecnt' d hiecharueesuainst Mr. Rauin
iiefore the House Committee on Invalid
Pensions, save that if Rauin retires
within a month or so he believes there
will lie no investigation of the nenBion
office hv the Fifty-second Congress. He
added that if the President was deter
mined to keen Itaum the fight would be
renewed. It was for the President to
say, said Mr. Cooper, whether there a renewal of the strife.
Commodore Folger. chief of the bu
reau of ordnance, in hiB annual report
estimates the expense of his bureau for
the next fiscal year at 4,780,2l, of
which S4,138,iT)0 will be applied toward
the armanent of new vessels. The num
ber of nuns required is placed at 1,347,
ranuinu in caliber from four to thirteen
Inches. Although none of the ships au
thorized to be built require guns of six-teen-inch
caliber, it is believed such
guns may lie needed ; so necessary plans
have lieen made to authorize the con
struction of one of them. It is believed
the difficulties experienced abroad with
these large guns can tie overcome.
' In hie annual report Commodore Ram
sey, chief of the bureau of navigation,
devotes much attention to the Naval
Academy. He says a large number of
candidates or admission failed to pass
the lequired examination. He believes
tliii ia chiefly due to the want of proper
instructions. He recommends that the
statutes be amended so that the ap
pointments lie made a year in advance
of the time of admission. Other changes
iu the existing statutes are recommend
ed so that the laws governing the Naval
Academy will be similar to those govern
ing the Military Academy. Among the
changes recommended are fixing the age
lor admission between 14 and 18. aban
donment of the two years' cruise and
the dismissal of surplus graduates upon
tne completion ol a lour year' coarse.
Diphtheria Rages in an
Illinois City.
The Amount of Wheat America Has
Shipped to Europe in the
Last Two Months.
There are 2.000 women school teachers
of Philadelphia.
An epidemic of diphtheria is raging
in Belleville, 111.
Illinois offers a bounty of 2 cents for
each Kngliah sparrow head.
The First National Bank of Damaris-
cotta, Me., has resumed business.
A eirl at Brenhatn. Tex., was found to
be alive after having been placed in a
It is reported that the old town of
Alexandria, Vs., has a boom and is
A new herring fishing bank has been
discovered off the west coast of New
found and.
Two large freight houses are to be
erected at St. Louis, with a capacity of
100 cars at a time.
Minneapolis is already estimating the
work necess.irv to take care of next
June's convention.
Iowa fanners who experimented with
sugar beets the past season are enthusi
astic over the results..
The Vsnderbilt lines propose to mn
tourist sleeping cars through from New
York to Han 1 rancisco.
The Island of Na" i i will ?ie connected
with the coast of Florida by cable about
the middle ot January.
At least sixteen men hive been killed
thus far in the work of drilling the new
tunnel at Niagara Falls.
Evidence is accumulating that New
York has baen heavily swindled in the
erection of school buildings.
The sufferers by the great Boston fire
nineteen years ago who stiil survive
were paid (2 3,i0 during the past year. .
The next Republican National Con
vention will be co'iiposed of 8!)8 dele
gates, or 000 in case Alaska is repre
sented. W. K. Sullivan, who recently resigned
the editorship of the Chicago Krtning
Journal on account of ill health, has
been appointed united States Consul at
Bermuda. r
David T. Reals, the Kansas City
banker, has recovered his child, which
was stolen, on paying $5,000 reward for
its recovery.
In Kansas during the past five months
and a half there has been a net reduc
tion in the farm-mortgage indebtedness
of 2,300,000.
The survey of the United States au
thorities from Atlantic City to Cape May
has established an inland channel for
torpedo boats.
Commodore Melville of the steam en
gineering bureau recommends that the
number ol engineer otneera snouiu do
increased to 300.
Reciprocity with the United States is
growing so strongly in public favor in
Uanada that many ot tne lory papers
now advocate it.
The State of Massachusetts has de
cided to give financial and other aid to
103 of its towns that they may secure
free public libraries.
America has shipped 87.000.000 bush
els of wheat to Europe in the last two
months, and has received .''.bout SS5,000,
000 in gold in return.
Jack Dempsey. the slogger, is being
treated by physicians for incipient con
sumption, lie is in New York, and his
condition is quite soriona.
The Execntive Committee of the Na
tional Conference of Olinrities and Cor
rections decided ti hold the next annual
meeting in Denver on Jnne 27.
By the decision of the Supreme Court
of New York in the Ogdi n will case the
Unlver-itv ol Chicago lows 300,000.
The decision may lie reversed by the
Court of Appeals
The beet sugar industry in Nebraska
has proven so successful and profitable
that Omaha is preparing to put np a
large sugar factory and have it ready lor
operation next season.
The blue book of New York shows
more bachelors than married men in the
ranks of blue blood and money. Mar
riage is decried as too expensive by the
members of lashionatiie emus.
The order of Confederate soldiers
known as the United Confederate Vet
erans. General John B. Gordon com
manding, with headquarters at New Or
leans, is to extend its organization.
General J. H. Rice, the father of the
Alliance party in Kansas, has grown
very tired of the practices of that organ
ization, and is writing letters denounc
ing the recklessness of its managers.
Benjamin Beien?en. a dry-gooda job
ber at Boston and one of the best-known
and most-trnstetl members of the Jewish
eolonv. has disappeared, taking with
him, it is aliegeil, between (10,0,10 and
$15,000 in cash and valuables belonging
to other Hebrews. .
Inspector Byrnes' detectives at New
York have again arrested Iini Armand,
the crazy Frenchman who has been an
noying Mrs. Alexander, the daughter of
millionaire Crocker. He was recently
released from the asylum, and had be
gun his persecutions.
A special on the Boston and Maine
road, containing the Pieaiden of the
com nan v and other hiirh officials, was
flagged by a tramp the other day in time
to prevent its running upon a burning
bridge. The tramp was given a purse of
money and a free pass. - -
Edward M. Field, son of Cyrus W.
Field and senior memler of the" firm of
Field, Lindley, Weichers & Co., which
failed last week in New York, has been
sent to the insane asylum. He not only
rehypothecated the railway bonds placed
with him as collateral, but he misappro-.
iriated large sums of money, lie. raised
oans on worthless securities foisted by
him on many banks and on iiv-ate in
dividuals as well, and has left a blot on
Uie escutcheon of an illustrious family.
Four Hundred Young Lad:es Unable
to Gain Admission to Vassar .
College Miss Higgles.
High schools will be added to New
York'city's public system.
It Is said that 23,000 Indians can read
English, and only 10,0 10 can read their
own language.
Sixty three students are now said to
lie working their way through Yale Col
lege and paying all their expenses.
The scholarship which carries with it
a permit to live five years in Paris on
$Ud0 a year was won the other day in
Boston by J. B. Potter.
Four hundred young ladies were un
ahle to gain admission to Vassar College
this season, the institution being filled
to its utmost capacity.
A fine ten-inch equatorial telescope in
Lawrence University at Appleton, Wis.,
was made entirely by the colored pupils
in the School of Mechanical Arts at
Nashville, Tenn.
The execntors of the Fayerweather es
tate now say that the bequests to the
varions colleges named in the will and
the execntor's deed of gift will be paid
over about January 1.
The statistics of university attendance
in Germany show a gradual decrease.
Iluring the recent summer tem the total
was 28,025, while last winter it was 28,
711, and one year ago it was 2!) .3 1 7.
The President of San Salvador, Cen
tral America, has ordered that govern
ment schools be established for the free
instruction of women who aspire to the
duties of poatoflice clerks, printers, te
Kjgraphera, etc.
Chancell r Snow of the Kanas State
University has returned from the East.
He brought with him the Spooner lie
quest to the nniversity of 01,618 IKS. It
is said to be the largest gift ever made
to a State institution by a private indi
vidual. The preparatory school for Yale, which
Mrs. Maria B. Hotchkias gives $:4',itl0
to found, will be established in Sa'is
bury, Conn., the moat northwe-tern
town of the State and in the foothills of
the Berkshire?. The building ia to lie
of an ideal school character.
The nnmber of American gtndents in
Berlin this season is nniisui'liy great.
At the nniversity alone the number is
204 out of a total of 5 547. Then there
are many more than this attending pri
vate clinics, studying Koch's methods,
acquiring the German lamrn-ige or pur
suing studies in art and music
The honors of entrance into the Uni
versity of London were recently carried
off over l.ft'lO male students by a young
Scotch girl, Charlotte Higgins. Her fa
ther died when she was but 8 years old,
and it is through the efforts of her
mother that she has been able at 20 to
be in possession of ber fine education,
A project for the introduction of a uni
versity course into Boston's public school
system is before the Bost n Board of Al
dermen. It provides that the course
shall be free to such scholars as exhibit
the necessary proficiency, and that all
the expense of it shall be borne by the
city. It is not unlike educational
schemes that exist in France and Ger
Bany. Last year the University of Michigan
had 168 more students than Harvard
University, whicb had 2,252; but this
year Harvard has 118 more than Mich-
' u I. I n .. c W 1. : 1.. 1 1 .. ..... -.1
lgHU, WII1CU lltVS ,ti,.J. , 111 IC iimiwii
has sained 361. Michigan has gained
only 75. These two institutions of learn
ing are the foremost in tne country no
far as their enrollment books are con
cerned. ' . "'
A reference to the feminine . students
in Sage College, Cornell University, ia
made in the report of President Adams,
who says: "A vast majority of the
young women are not only earnestly de
voted to the working out of great and
noble purposes, but are also disposed on
every occasion to exert their influence
in behalf of a cultivated anci renneo so
cial life."
France Asks for 150,000 Square Feet
of Space at the Chicago Co
lumbian Exposition.
Up to the prese nt time there have been
over 1,700 applications for space at the
Chicago Fair.
The Mikado of japan will, it is said,
send some of his private art treasures to
the World's Fair at Chicago. ,:
Governor Willey has appointed James
M. Wells of Kootenai county World's
Fair Commissioner for Idaho, vice Dele
mar resigned.
Morocco will spend 150,000 in showing -manners,
customs and products of that
country at the Chicago Fair. There will
be a full tribe of Berbers on exhibition.
... Prof. Ives of the art department re
ports that the artists of Russia are deep
ly interested in the exposition and have
promised Him to send to it a tine collec
tion of their best work.
The native flora of each State and Ter
ritory will be shown at the exposition
under the direction of Chief Thorpe,
who has enlisted the lady managers to
undertake the collection of specimens.
One of the most interesting exhibits
at the World's Fair will be the models
now being made by the Smithsonian In
stitution, showing the various pluses in
seal and walrus catching and killing in
Alaska waters. '
The Government Department ot Agri
culture is taking steps to make very
elaborate exhibit of every kind of wool
clipped in this country. Thedepartment
will issue a small pamphlet npon eack
branch of the exhibits it will make, con
taining "information not widely known
and of great practical value to agricult
urists. .
On the roof of the horticultural build
ing, around the central dome, an elabor
ate display of roof gardening w.ll- lie
made. It is expected that this w II not
only be pleasurable to visitors, but will
afford valuable suggestions that will lie
utilized by persons who live in Isrire
cities and are deprived of duor yards
and lawns.
France through Edward Brnwaert, the
French Consul at Chicago, has aked for
l;"0,tX) ) square feet of space in theext
tion buildings lOO.UHl feet in the manu
facturers' buildine, ?0,0o in the tine
arts, 10,000 in the live stock sr.d 10 IX"
in the machinery. Mr. Brnwaert imi--mated
that in all probability more space
would be atked for later on.