The Oregon mist. (St. Helens, Columbia County, Or.) 188?-1913, November 13, 1891, Image 4

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7118 machinery of the law has not been put to work
too pcedily gainst the fraudulent use of ammonia and
alum in Baking Powders. Both health and the pocket of
the people are demanding protection. The legislature, of
New York; Illinois and Minnesota hare taken this matter
of adulteration up, and especially that of Baking Powders.
It will be in the interest of public health when their sale
is made a misdemeanor in every State in the UNION, and
the penalties of the law Are rigidly enforced. There is no
articled human food more wickedly adulterated than that
of Baking Powden
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder is the only pure
cream of tartar powder having a general sale that is free
from ammonia, alum or taint of any kind of impurity. It
makes the sweetest and lightest bread, biscuit and
it penecuy aigestiDie whether hot or cold. It
more to manufacture Dr. Price's than any other baking
powder. It is superior to every other known and the
standard for forty years.
Dr. Price's Cream Bating Powder is re
ported by aU authorities as free from Ammonia,
Alum, or any other adulterant. In fact, the
purity of this ideal powder has never been ques
tioned. ; '
Frem Calirewala, Ctah, MMtaM. 14a,
khiihm aM uraaraa la Portia.
- ' 1H raratah free? roin4-trtp traainMxtUaa
Md!UIMlwlniimu purrhaar Portia
www. i mm omr "III Wia S"a4 mat lJ
"'V enaaeaeaxHas NoTeuber 1. tmei.
rtfce tie ml im ami t 14uU&raltna Mm
Bentmalnr Inti will he UM boom Mr fc fucv
i.u, rw m-r rneMft. ix aril at a big
I wheat Uw boroa mm r.r perttmtara a
drraa VeaTirt a Kui a4uitu
o, 44 Mark sir, rorUaad, Mr.
Tit Omit for breakfast.
Packed in patent canvas
pouches, which retain the natu
ral moisture of the tobacco and
insures a cool sweet smoke to
the end More solid comfort in
one package of "Mastiff" than
you can get out of a dozen
J. fl. Paa Tnbsun CV., Bleataoad, VUftnla.
Ba Oacglea alt DallgB,
Wa notice from our (tern exchange
that aome of Um popular shade in dm
goods this winter are doacribed a "dra
goon blood." "elephant breath" and pale
pink, called 'Stifled sighs."
Wa just RurgW with delight wbra
a heard this, because all these colors
are Qoiqiut. Wa wvn real glad srilh
a regular Pan-America gUdneaM for Um
daw girls, for airirllovea to ba unique,
ao&t voa know, era if aha haa to wear
it under her wrapper. A fir! dratted in
elephant s breath, ban in graceful fold
and looped up and fastened at Um cor
aera with atilled atgh. ith acoraureof
aid gold.alaabed with dragoon's gore.
wonld be just too lovel far anrthinr
Wa hare beva sighing for just aoch a
girl for year, bat our ich had'hardlv
una eaonga la it to match the new
color. We have sent for a remnant of
stifled aigh to make a necktie of it. It
appear to as that elephant's breath
wouki be rather strung for real comfort
In the ntmnMr time, especially if tba ele
phant was inclined to be dissipated.
Dragon blood should only ba worn in
pots, a la polka dot, as it were, and
should never be worn without being well
sprinkled with ashes of rose to tons it
down. In tha absence of roses, wood
aches or cigar ashes would answer as
well. But there ia fullness and a pathos
about tha stifled sigh which will make it
rank f avorite the moment society corrals
it. It is so ilriicate and yet so far reach
ing. A sigh at may time is a dear thing
to look at, but when it is stifled and
worn full in the back, with buz plaiting
down tha sides and caught up with sil
ver buckles into a double cine lie about
tha waist, it is simply a dream. Lassen
Advocate.'' .-
Mnamllna Woenaa. ka
wsaia Wear a Wig.
WII, now, was it not ,mT wi ww,k
that a correspomUmt stt me Utlnking on
hat nowuuiatl.liowevorstronir l..,l.wl
w,.ld lw ev,r likely to do. and that men
constantly do; and I docidod tlrnt the one
thing isdiejilay a bald jieitdf 1 havo
simw writing road an amuxing Illustra
tion of the truth of tnv jthlgment. About
1W yenr airo the taint r li.n.... i
rifcsltire, asexp,titiKhin and heir,
. Bl .MiMinjiiy was rvtlwtmg seriotiHly
on u ettucaiion of youth. Ue at length
kki ma wir 1 um hi nts opinion it was
mistake to try to train chiltrn at .11
wmtld be much Mter to let nature take
ner own way, an.t he ha.1 decided that
iu neir anouM not be tauiihl anvthino-
not em be thwart in any taste or cor
rected in any tmbit
Need I add that when the expected
"wo it lunteu out to be a
daughter? Nevermind! Ilvltonkept to
u puy Joltnatou acvord'
giy grew up as untrained as a wild
flower in the woods. Nature mwnJ t.,
euwr into m j,it heartily; for Soph bad
- win wim ti sua loveu
sing a man s baxa aotig. Her favorite
amusement was blacksuiithing; sbecould
shoe a horse better than any man In tha
wure, anu ner pnvato apartment con-
wmeu a lorge, at whk-h Soph s(ient much
of her time. Another pet occupation
", masing. bn was a Nimrod
iu tne new. ana a Jehu on the box,
fcopn Johnston, when a Tieille Bile of 43
or so, established herself as a permanent
guw m Hie camie or her father's friend,
th fifth Earl of lUIoarre, whera lnr
forga was fitted up tor her, and aha was
atKweu to do just as she liked. She had
rn-n relatives in Gibraltar, none nearer;
and alia frequently said that she eited
tliem to invite her to go to them, but
added tliat nothiug should maka her
leava her ilalearres friends. The two
miacuievous eldest girls of tha house.
uiay Anna (afterward tha author of
"Aum Kotun Uray-) and Ladr Martraret-
thought it was a pity Uiat Souh sliould
not have an opportunity of proving her
uevouon 10 tnem in this way. So, as
the expected invitation never came, they
wickedly forged a fetter to the name of
the rich relation, begging Sonh to do to
; 1...
They intended, when she had written
her refusal, to stop its being sent by re
vealing to her their little plot. But to
their horror poor old geutlemanly Sonh
quietly postd a letter to her relatives
accepting tha invitation, and tha unhap
py guls knew not what she had done
till aha confided to the family that she
had already begun to maka her traveling
ooz ana naa ordered herself a new wig
aa article which aha had been suspect
ed of but had never before confessed to
wearing. So even pot Soph Johnston,
with her man's boots, mans voice, man's
aungs, man's diversions and with a
smithy and a carpenter's bench, was not
equal to di.pla.ring a bald head. London
Illustrated News.
sr t shi fsrtsln 4tn for
. Causing Vaath br Hlnw l'uliiliiC, -
Of the number of those senklnu !
elde by awnllowiiiK some form of imlsou,
prutwbly there ar few who hav aought
W kill llieinwlvet hy menus of ammonia,
evrttieleiiiimouU.aUlmugh It is the
active sttent in moot of the salts aild to
women lurthoir gut decorated and per-
funicd scent bottles, is polsoiuuts when
tusen iniernsuy in a oonrentrated form
10 SttCSt this there have been rmnintlv
in New York several cases, the most re
cent betn that of Herman HarawiU, of
which lieputy Coroner Jenkins said tlrnt
ueatti took place in a coinparatlvelv
k. .1. ... 1 " . .
enui tune aner me aiumoltl was taken
In another cae, that of a child. Dr. Jet
kins said death resulted iu tlva minutes
aner swallowing the ammonia solution,
There are on record also cases of slow
poisoning from ammonia administered
with intent to commit murder. Further
more, trie appearane of workmen in
guano factories, where ammonia is act
free by grinding (tn, has licen note.!,
and in every rase there is an unmistak
able system of roi win loir. This is dla.
coloration of the skin of the face, which
assumes a blotched, dirty amwarance.
First to tak on this atuwaranca in the
skin of tha nose and forehead. Autop
sies o' those who die from auunnloa mil.
souiiiK reveal a dark hue on the mucous
membrane lining the stomach and intestines.
As sn agent for cansinit death bv slow
poisoning, ammonia is one of the ni
certain and most difficult of detection,
owing to Its volatile nature. This Dual
ity has led phYRit'ians to believe that
some 01 ttie mysterious deaths that have
taken place In the history of modern am!
niediivval crime are due to smimini. 11
is known now that months have elapsed
between the first svmitoms of airknea.
and the death of a person from ammonia
Kisouing. un the other hand, death
s resulted in four minutes from the
time a large draught of ammonia has
been swallowed, it has been found in
cases of gradual absorption of ammonia
in the human system that there Is a nep
ers! elimination of healthy oxidat'on of
me oioou ana a consequent lowering of
me WHtiiy strength, in tha cases oi Im
mediate poisoning, death comes with
frightful agony, as Jn the rasa of liaro
witx. Wood gushed from his nose and
.Statistics in Emi.and tint ammonia
thirteenth in frequency in tha list of
poison. Alexander inter myth, med
ical OfticFr of health in the SI Marvl.
bone district. Ioiulon. ci'ee thirtv eases
01 poisoning oy aimuotua swallowed for
tha purpose of eonimttting suicl-ls. or
aammistereii with tha purpose ol com
mitting murder, or uktnrhed u
h in fond. Of tba suicidal cases six were
fatal. Of twenty accidental cases twelve
wars fatal. Of cases of murder with
ammonia, Dr. Itlvth notes two, both of
vuem cniiuren. new 1 ork pun.
We have selected two of
Croup, three lines from letters
freshly received from pa
rents who have given German Syrup
to their children in the emergencies
of Croup. You will credit these.
because they come from pood, sub- j
stsntui people, -nappy in nnaing
what so many families lack a med
icine containing no evil drug, which
mother can administer with con
fidence to the little ones in their
most critical hours, safe and sure
that it will carry them through.
KOl l, WltXJTS. of Mrs. J A W. KISK,
Alma, Neb. 1 give it Daughters' College,
tumMiSDarr, a.y.
have depended npoa
it in attack of Croop
with mv little dangk
ter, and find it aa ia
valaable retneay.
Is my children wbca
tresbM with Crosp
sad aever saw ssy
rparatioa act hks
it is sinpiy aai-caruloux.
Fully one-balf of our customers
are mothers who use Boscbee's Ger
man Syrup among their children.
A medicine to be successful with the
little folks must be a treatment for
the sudden and terrible foes of child
hood, whooping cough, croup, diph
theria and the dangerous inflamma
tions of delicate throats and lungs.
Cf Pure Cod Liver Oil with
Cf Lime and Soda.
swMaMMS mm wirsna
Wm (Mr SS snil mkimmwd mam
wmtmm ruSna mm rrmmmm. Tr as
NMW MM SMKS asswis'Sl'
m aVfaSi Mw mm UmwrmU mm a mnk
M SMliiUlSls S WMW mtmmuu-hm, SeaSf'S
HH(Marr(J" mimm rn. -t-ltiM
ttlC sawiSlswl mM'h Uummht-t.
m tm ims mmuummm mm ""
kta tnmtmm mm tweti mm fmr Ihm furl
Kiautonai mmmtottm mr Mtrmm
mkmn-minm, imtieimmm rtMwrt prm-
SrKOt'g4. MMOKCUint mad
en ttiM& vovan bkvxmu wux
ji i iimmi mw , as as swrs pmm mmt
mmt m mtmrm aw iwmr inn
Thm Trip W.issit Um WorM.
A good deal of stir has been madeover
tha journey round tha world undertaken
by aa enterprising young American lady,
who hopes to accomplish the feat in a
matter of seventy days. In point of fact,
however, an expedition of the kind has
bat little to recommend it, and to a cer
tain degres reminds one of wagers
Boada by foolish individuals to swallow a
given number of bard eggs without
drinking, or to go a given number of
days without eating, and so forth. The
journey undertaken by the young Amer
ican lady is wholly devoid of scientific
interest and can offer no charm to the
traveler. It is simply a matter of calcu
lation and of railway and steamer guides.
Sitting in one's own home, it is easy to
maka calculations of this nature and to
map out one's journey on paper. In ex
ecuting tba plan afterward the only anx
iety tha traveler round the world has is
not to miss a boat or train; and provided
there is no bitch in this direction, tba
feat can be easily accomplished, unless
perchance aa accident occurs en route,
or the traveler is detained a few hours
by a sudden attack of illness. For a
wager, of course, enterprises of the kind
may be undertaken; but with all the fa
cilities for a rapid tour round the world
afforded by railways, steamers and other
means of transit, it is a foregone con
clusion that the traveler will accomplish
the Journey unless aome unforeseen ao-1 are your rear lights?" "Oh, I vas put
cident interrupt it. London ritandara. 1 them out, as I tliot wa vouid needs them
if wa vas out late, Ulncionatl Junes ,
Ttoas Terrible Win. I BUT,
It is a certain thing that ail electric
Me Was la Um Style.
One day, when Thomas Cratty, the
Chicago lawyer, was a young man, he
received aa invitation to a swell ball.
la the lower left hand corner of the in
vitation were the letters "it. H. V. P.;
and they were too much for Cratty. He
puzzled over them for a while and then
went to a friend.
What does 'R. a V. P. stand for?
ha asked.
"Repondes s"U vous plait," replied the
mend. "
"EVeponde silver plater exclaimed
Cratty. hat does that mean? Have
I got to send my regrets on a saiverr
"No; it means 'Beapood if you please.'
ine nostess wants an answer."
"All right. I ll send one.
urauy went out ana bought some
cream colored note paper and then
penned bis regrets. They read:
'Mr. Cratty regrets bis inability to ac
cept Mrs. IMank s kind invitation.
"T. IL N. C."
Of course the hostess was puzzled.
She couldn't make bead or tail out of
T. II. N. C, and so submitted the strange
ailnsive to her husband, lie promptly
gave tt up, but resolved to secure an ex
planation. Ha met -Cratty aad asked
bun about it.
"Oh, I like to 1ms In styi," said Crat
ty. 'Proper thing to put letters down
in that corner, you know. :
"But don't they mean anything?1
"Of course they do. T. IL N. C
Tom Has No Clothes." Chicago Tribune.
STilatiiraV UM Trmls Is Savs OiL
The following story is to id of a Ger
man railroad brakeman who lives in
this city: The train on which ha was
braking chanced to be out after dark,
and, as Jske bad neglected to fill with
oil the lamps in the rear end of tha hind
coach, ha concluded that if the train
should happen to be out lata tha supply
of oil might be exhausted. So Jake
modestly takes the lamps down, blows
them out, and places tiiein inside ilia
coach. Ihiring the night the passenger
train was side tracked to allow a fast
mail to pass, and in turning tha switch
a fellow brakeman notiond that there
were no lights in tba rear end of tba
coach. Going to Jake, be said, "Where
Whm tVIIUnsas llrinl Par.
"IXilltvnna rays, does Itl" he rvmarkal
tarrastlrally ; "you twt It ihsvint, and I ran
p-ovs Itl"
"Oh, phwt Of course II iliwa, said amis
Mis, who wantml to draw him out.
"Hut it (loiou't You am. It Waa tlilt m.
t rmvs boon tM thst It wss Impolite to pna
s tains man ou tlte ati-not, mi tlila aftorniMtii
IlKHigbt I'd try It It was Huh I at the oornnr
sr tjm'x autl A('iftun not much of a crowd
klonR titers, you know, and Uiera was
niimls rk-ht in fnmi of nav 1 nu in
lurry, but I it htm kwp shwul, snd just as
wa iiirniHi inu aiii, uin strvvlH-MV. iltui'l
toll nw Mlitonis always psys,1 and hs
"lio on with ths story,
"Well, Jut as ws tunisd Into Aimlnbai
rtwl what ih.l Uilsrrlimleilohiitstoniidowu
Hid wck up a brlaht twmty dollar gold piece
from tlw sidownlkl folltxuws tys, dts itl
u natui t nw m nsiureil uouia 1 ui irhl 'a
bad that dolihls wiiila l"ui solii out now to
uuiiii inui an tn woinvn and old tttsu I s
-Iawriics Itaily Amertosa.
A Sues Curs.
lady Visitor (at olllcs of emliionl nhvat.
. a. ....
stain 1 nav caiiMt, ducur, to sk If tbnrs
a any curs (or slnp walklii(. I havs had
ths Iwhit fcir years, and latoly It turn bsvoins
www '
Dr. HlL-hnrtoIt oan bs eurwl. inailam
Tsk tliU irvMriitioii. and have tt filial at
xjouhs HtvM l-o.i! Why. that la not
a urug suira it to a hardware ttrin.
, madaiu. The nrtacrimioo calls fur
a iwiier ot lacita ikiso two lahtanwunfiila
fwmiaiitn nuor nstors rsurlng."
Kw York Wwnkly.
todlaiw ml Trra lal Wmmmm,
Rousson and Willems have eiDlnred
Uia northern part of the bland of
Terra del Irucgo between S3 deg,
30 win. and 63 deg. 30 win. south
latitude, traveling all along tlie north
coast and across the bduru. about
sixty miles south of the Straits of Ma
gellan, They iimpped all the little
rivers, and found that tlie Cullen river,
which eiitptit- into the Atlantic ocean.
quite au important stream. Tha
valley of this river la a fine country.
and the rich hrbjun afforded abun
dant nourUliiuciit for the borses upon
wbu .itlie party rod. Tliey met tha
Otia Indians nil through their Journey.
Quite a number of tiiein were 8 feet 8
biclics. bigli and very muscular.
They are nearly naked, wearing only
over their shoulders ill made capes of
guantteo skin. The only ornament
which they pwj coiiKisis of a brace- i
let or a cili.r of shIK These Indians !
inhabit alx.ut two thirds of tha kuuiiL
The men occupy thcutHelve wholly
witli procuring IikkI. Tlwir bows and
arrows are always with them, and tbey
use Hint arrow heads. Much of their
time is given U limiting weapons of tha
chase and war. They are oontlnuajly
in trouble with the Indians to the west
and south of them, from whom they
differ greatly. Chicago Times.
Taking a Ni Advantaas.
"I uivlen.tflo.1 you to ay, dldnt I, that ths
nasttiaii snawa nns sudod I" suitgwrted a UarV
ioim nouMwits to iwr biuuand.
"Yes, my dear."
1 110 you won't havs to go down towa to
ss tiw score any morel"
"Well, r, r not. sxartlyt but then,
ytm know, one must sn bis (rionda ones Iu a
"Why not maka friwxU with thnaa of ronr
own household f
Ami that is just Ins way a woman acta.
Hartford poat.
SIR( irtu.
With svary sdrauiv ol mlnraUon Inm tho tar
npat m UW fl.maiid 1m .in.i..l I. 11 .... .
Moinarh Hliura. Nowlv propM rmlona an liw
qiicnil)r Ina Mluhrloua than uldrv viilnl 1ih-.I1
tin ou aoi.iiiu o( ilia uilaama whlrk rim Iron
rwvntljr vlmivd UiM, Millntlarly al.,i, iha
bauka of rivvra thai am aulijovt to Inalnb. Th.
asrtciiliurai or mlulni viuiinuit aoon Irarua,
aliru lir., ant alrvwljr ktmw, thai ths Hlilvis
ait.'nl ihinlr aura asaliut malaria
aud tltiiM dlairtlvr ..I lha aiimia., llvor and
Ixmai., lowhlrk oilman ckaiism. .inwnro and
siwrvuatonunl or unhealthy walar ur.ll.-t aub;rl
min. . ..iir.i-miy na iava au aailtnaw Ua
Ihla tn-.l bouavh.iM auM-IAc ami Mnmiln
euiumauauntla with Iu iturttula inertia, ami la
mtvlul ui krrp on band a. naturaUta and pp
w umiiiiiii j hi av muni umjs
UI Uow ol naaxl.
ft.bai ' and thoushu aro fouetaU)' brvreited
lt be danlimt.
tlaOMCHITia. .Fur ll.iaraaiiMa and R..
Throat "frown's Ttuthet" are a
A hnv'a Ollleki-al. aurval isaana at hanunlna
su aimt-i la all..nUi by Itic tiarvll.
The uiiiiUuUhI siioiich of Ald.coes's I'd
hoiis riiASTKHsas an exlorunt rennly
ailUIIUStVll IIIIRCrilpUlDIIS plll'tics In put
luriu inumiioii--, whlnh they eml.mvnr t
sou on tne rvp.iintlon nf am cock's. It
an nhatinllty to snonk or thnm In u... ....,,
i. . - ' . - w
vatKry ua his Kciuinie ntxl orliiml iioi-hns
jdsaler, I heir preteiialoiis nr linliiiiiidrd,
..... ........ it. i, , lv uiiniiiHiriKI (iv hul n.
tliolr alleged smariorlly to or einallty with
1 hi. ahlMit iiituli.,.il .......nil .. i
. . ..-.-.... H.ii,, n.ii.irn aim
onenilsts Slid thniianmls of umleiul ...
llnnlM llliMM I., il.u.l ...... A . . .... ... . . i . . '
:. " '." ui. inn ni.i.1 to a a i iiiku'i
1 Marsua the heat nxtvriial reinmly kmm ii
Wartl to wed and v...i.... . .
wmllhy.euvlvdaiid Hia,
The Rank of KiiKlanci rwwlves and iava
out itold hy weight, nuil aa every plug of
oiar loimeee la varsflilly weiKhcl to sea
that it Is a full sUttHn-ouii(i pmuid hefors
wing paokttd In ths box, it would seem
thst ths luauulautursrsorHlarl'liig are de
termined tottlve Util.lkllltttirH M Stt k taistllitiliii.
WltiKY II. A LI. K.N A (Ml.,
111 rim Ml., tNirilaiKl, nr., Hay kaoomml iha mn.
um aiui maiiaavhieiil m Ilia MWiioav fiaiiua. All
IhaillllWniil ivl rnmi i niiiwrl lli,,u, it.. .in ..III
br l'Ul In .1.1. k ami ravuralila li-rma aiv.i, i.,
" .. .-i ... n.i.r,.i(,.i,ii.
Both tbft ttiethoJ anil l.-anlfa whan
Syrup of Fim la taken! tt la i.l..n..,i
nl refrosliing to ths tasla, ami jcU
eenu jet jironiptl on tha Kidneys,
Uver anj Bowels, cleanses the sys-
l -It .. l a. a .
m nueciuailyv UWpelS colds, bend
whas soj fevers and cures hahltuiil
'jonsttpation jiermaiiehUy. For sals
in ouo ami 1 1 botUos by all druggists.
MS H,CIC0. out.
mMWIIUt,tr. MIW tOMK. M.r.
A rur Cresro of Tsrlsr Towdcr
Superior to every other known!
Uged in Millions of Home
40 Year the SUtidard.
Deilcloui Csks snd JPastiy, lJuht Vlmk,
Biscuit, Orlddls Cskss, i'slstsUa
and Wholesome.
Ka other baking powder does such work,
i' t . jmmt tn n
r .Wiiiir
Art, ItetlslttN nr
It iirU llacaa
Slave ths
birota. fa-
, Wash.. Aug. 19. H't.
lllumlaallus tValblng Mlefca.
A novel cjjK'riiiient of the chloride of
silver buttery has btn iiuuie in the
manufiti-ture of tiie el.-trio light cane.
Four cell-' are placed end to end in a
small tu lie of canlbotml aud inserted in
hollriw cane. The stiver wire at one
end is coniirciud tu one end of .the ear
bon fllaiiifiit of a suinll iucHtiilewairit
lamp, snugly placed at tlie head of tba
cane, and a small brii st rip or spring is
ex tend wl upward from the line bottom,
so as to make ciMiU.ct pomible with tlie
other end of the corlioii lilaiiient.
When a bright liht is required, press-
nre on a suuill ptih button on tlie side
of the enne cloe tlie eircult and Ig
nites the lamp. Tin) houl of tha cans ,
is solid silver, which makes a good re
flector for tlie liht, mid a very thick
lens is flttod Into the top. These canes
have been owed with great success for
theatrical pnrpuHp, am have a very
pi catting t'ffeet. New l ork Tehgram.
Have at some time bwn called
natu, renegades. And a peonls have
stoned a prophet to whose nieuiory the
nest grneraiion hss ralaed a monument for
ine greatness of Ills dnsts.
IPf.J. Audfltf JAfilatk. Srttltt U'n.J. ... 1 1 . H
norma: w lit have to write yon that 1 am
surprisi-d to llnd niyanlfaoKnwtiy improved
in so little time, and am pleaaed to any that
I could not give your uiedicinrw loo grrat
praiae. My health was gone. I that
ineliolns could do ins no good. 1 was
hoHlnw of ever recovering. I thought Uk
imir, hi iry your mruimnes, out witn ili'nlll
startiiK m iu the fac I deUirmined to do
. I am tileaaml that I did It. for at Una
date I have received tenfold the price of
ma nmiiiiiiHa, 11 i annum say one nun
dm fold, it would not he overvaluing the
dillrrenc in my health. I feel like another
man. I ours reiipecuuiiy,
Jamb II. Itvsoa
Of all klnda and Iu an nnautllvwbol.
aalvaiul rvuil-at tmlrork prlnw.
S front 8treet, Portland, Or.
Amid fnr esuinf ns,
Knur tlnvsn, Waah., As. IJI, Unit.
Dr. 1, Kttntnr Jordan, rvntilr. H luk,-Dais Mia
It baa Iwru anno) lima alma I havs wrttlru to
y.iii, Mil I Have Iwea . ltliiK alons ao aril that I
old not thlnK II neevaMarjr. I haveaiOiMMllaklitt
mm irvauneni now, aiei i ueiieva i am etitirt.1
well. Your mwlU'liiea bare dune what you lol.
oa they would ! th. y have niade a sww wosiaa
ol m. I now leet like uixaell asaln. after au(
ItrlnK (oretshl year wlih ratarrh nl in head
and bronchi, sod Uiat very painful thlne-ueu-rnlitla
d Hi abiuiM-ti. I Uak three muiiihe'
nwllHue. ilirtlt my htniliatid and uiyaelf Iwl aa
Ihiuiicli we cannot be ihankfnlmumicb to ynu lot
w rial you nave anneinr me. i nolw uial every
line who la aMlterlnit aa I waa will bear nl I'r.
J'.nian and hi. miart valuable mvlleliH-a. Youra
nuait rwMH:iliilly, Msa. it. Aasraoso.
; Dr. Jordan's ofllc Is at the realdsnos of
ex-Mayor Vialsr. Third and Jamas streets,
Seattle, Wash.
tkituiultaUoiis and prescriptions sbsolute-
imn& Utr free book explaining the H bio
genetic ayvprm.
CstfTios. Tha Hlstograetlo Medicines
are sold in but one sgsitoy in each town.
The label around ths bottle hears ths fol
lowing inscription: "Or. 1, Kugens Jor
dsn, Hlstorenetie Medicine." K very other
device is a fraud.
lady or gentleman wanted to represent aaen
elatliiu ol irtmtt palntera. Permanent al
Uiki. Vnt fnartlctilara addreee lMiiardoAaaottla
tlon, 101 Meat UH, Sew York lly .
wires will have to go under ground, and
tha oulcker tha work is performed tha
better for the people of tiu Louis. It is
m l i ..n
Pf - ' Krtly interested In Agassiz'f lectures,
the ear trumpet of a '2., I naturalist, quite as a matter of
- n . - - "r ,rmm wrote a note to his fellow sclen
Acaaals mmt Desa Padre.
When Agassi was lecturing in Rio da
Janeiro. Dout Pedro was then abeut go
ing to war In Paraguay; but ha had been
withThe Zm enl rld U ft
I .!. If 1.-
. . ii I use wa emperor. DnusiuK vi u na
lowea Of mm aeau. o. xua care - f war thl.M ara li0 Xfm tlmn s.700 wiUiln
iVTn, ot turn ebtrio wire. Tak. a t "P0
conusMsandwatxh bow ettMlf It '"J'VZ tZ liZ7lm tZk. Z tha
' A Wonderful flron PaciMla,
A niltwiuimry who has -ttll in tha
province of Ht VUwm, ci-ntrd China,
and who lias visited the great Bad
dhlst teak, Moiint Omcl. dcseribiM the
teuiplcs around the mm as still snow
ing tunny wonderful works of art.
Near the foot of the mountain there
still stands a pagoda of brouzo fifteen
stories high, believed U be upward of
a thousand years old. From tha
ground to the polished Ivory tip this
immense structure is literally eovereo
with delicate figures of men, beasts,
birds and reptiles. Of figures of Bud-
can be upset by simply bringing tha ear
trumpet of this phone within a foot or H.
This ought not to be tlie ease, and ft
plainly shows that the wires are highly
charged with electricity, which accounts
for the loud bunting sou ml beard when a
person endeavors to use the telephone.
If an exposed electric wire slumld corns
in contact with a piece or metal on a
roof, tlie result would be a conflagration
which could nut be put out, as it is use
less to throw water on an electric wirs
with the idea of stopping the flames
which ensue, as water would make
non-conductor a conductor, and the firs
would rapidly spread. The damage to
various buildings, telephones and switch
boards Inflicted during tlie past week
was only the worn or we wuv. . mm , conseqnenceof
rJ the comtMUiies which have contract; ja 1
to UJomimite the city, and what the re-
professor serenely responded that ths em- '
peror, as a naturalist, wouki not misun
derstand his request; and the professor's
student instinct was correct, for speci
mens of Paraguaysn fish, forwarded by
tba emperor, now enrich tba cabinet of
natural history, left by Agassis to iiar
eard university, New York Letter.
A wonderful "And" has Just been made
in tha Harvard college library; nothing
leas than thirty volumes of Goethe's
writings, marked "Gift of tba Author."
They were presented to tha library
through Dr. Cornwall, who was a warm
personal friend of tba poet. , i
Tha river at Linkville, Ore., was so
the province, niotrt of them In tha Im
mediate vicinity of the sacred peax.
8t Louis Republic
suit will be when all the lights are ready
to be lit, nobody can foreshadow. Inter
view in St. Louis UUbe-iletuocrat.
the heavy, steady south wind blowing
across the lake, that tba trout eoold be
seen everywhere flopping In tha water
holes. Tba boys went a-ttahing with
dubs, i
- Kara Preeene f Mind.
Just as a lover hod dropped on bis
knees and begun popping the question
a pet poonie, wno inongiu uia proceed
ing rather strange, made a dash for
him. With remarkable , nerve for s
woman, the girl reached over, soixed the
dog by the throat, and at the same
time calmly uttered;
"Go on, Georga, dnar; I'm listening
to what you are saying. "EicliAtiga.
Ha Iloe.n'l Call Any Mors.
He had never kissed lier, and was
somewhat anxious to uiako up for lust
time, so he said:
"You might let me kiss you Just
"Ho," she said, playfully shaking hsr
head; "I know what Just once means j
it means half dowm of timns. You
are like ail tha rest "New Vork Frses.
Otiny liver PILLS
Ohaivn41 tlvirtis4iuf tH Wrfr.rnssj
-sIMt.f ilfsHlv rfllf Va-lfseiswiitcw
t-:pvr4tea ttwwn In th ixwtWr
mtist iKipular braiul of
smoking toljucco in the Unititl
Statt s. Jt in inatlc frxm to
bacco at bast tfirce years old.
Its' rich indbw smoke has
never Ix-en ttjualtd.
Seal ( Narlh t'arellaa la sow tairkMl
Is fateut Chdh huchiw, aa wall aa Is lull,
..iaoo,u(I.iK.I. UtM.oit-
prion, ......,,,. t a in iu
Sli.iloa, al lMi Jrid
ur.pai, ras .) m,..
Mamma, , lb ,.,
Priinaa, i..., gt
Bl.cktiarrl.i, ,,,,
Charrlat, plu.,1. nu,,.,
risa, Hoi. U.k Ck.....
ll"HI. N.l.,, Mwja. Iteln. ami alhri lata
'""n- J art nnn m mi lap,,. v?a
t a aenerai aarlaly of aaifi for family sea
ll ctifc art., ami . -J . . .
f"el.ul.f,M. addewa
-I0",'!?. ?Trn a Krsnelsee
1C E T,, "I in ftir ilar. anmt Klrle t 'nnata
a ai irn-iaiiiM. iaii.r'wi tH,.ni aim
Iioira. iwiiifu. IK. Ill llr.I,n.ii,H.)iN y
a. m, tt
1. a. io
io. n
8. 4
s, a. t'i
7. S,
la, is
so. ta
Hse Emb ImltiN, Bui Never Eicelled Tbfff in Bejond Conpirlual
We Mats
U0 r nent,
Ol the
Wire lisle
i'als, il..i ..'ltl,iJ.liAiiL '
111 J-. . - J
They are
And " llesl."
XV fIN. Tm, ..r 1 r-llniiiiat Miwil. H'l n.l ltl.i.ltilil f ii..tfu - MHr.I rt-r
SS" mm lliat rimr mai I.ita nri i miariiMl 4miiiimm1
CMiftHfsiftt luatitH, Rib Ctott 1 Oituono Bo A
rmuwrirmu ?uis m
m oaiaiaai las aaauiNt Vfc.,i,SaaiSaea,Ma..eiuaa. WJ
ftm mm rtll MM. r.k. mm MSar kl-4. Una ?T - , V
I - I liestOiush Meilirine. kocimmenilad h PknUm,
1 Cures where all else falls. Pleasant and agreeable to Iha
tsste. Children Uka It without objection. Hy drurgbits.
3 O
lost nr.iE
Newton, 111,
fpROM 1863 to 1885
I L about a a years-
I r I suffered with
i rheumatism of the
hip. I was cured by
the use of
T. C. D0DD.
010 IT."
llv iktmm fxiSAH,
$20. Odell Tfpawrltor. $20.
Euat to trrf $100 Machfoe,
lOeiMilaM'rrtuuhleriill. Heml '1-eent atainp Un
aanuile. Kl lloKlF.l.ll it MOIliiAN,
' I'.rj TlilM atrwlVirtluniMir
HII f rClLil Wa want ths name ami mi-
dreaacf every auflerrr in Uie
0 AOTUPIA U.S. and Canada. Addreia,
U Ad I llisln r.lanMlara.ll l.hfala.l.t
elenn Inilireaalon; inanl-
iitf : iierlLTi hi Kiiini'iii: nara
liilnl t)at 1iii.Ii. iluralile, II
iuatrntial ''Ircillnr flee. A great
llnl 1. In T Ul H.
M. iraVls.l.'l MimtKOir.i.ryW.,
I Hail rrsnelaeu, AgenU Wmiled.
f-W pp.
lllMiHUtalrS fa per Cavern, IS tlenlsi
tnlll ioib,
Tlila wnrk ahtiwa rfiinarkalile venlua nl eon.
triH'llon, loree nl c-1. i i-t, ii r ol Mix rli.
lion. Uitri'ther villi wll ami liuiiinr. Ita llirme
la einolfiiiial. It alma at tha reeimdilnllim of
elaaava throuiih the liinlr.imunUlltr nl li,w. ll.
fMifiie are full of 111,-rnry Ijraiity, imt aiirpsaat-il
oj mnj wnier oi iiniif.u in nionerii iiinea.
Koranle by all iKMiliavllMra. Hunt hy mull, (mat
psll, un n-tl(it of iirln., l,y the i'ilillln ra.
JT I Market Street, Man, -al.
Wsnt sn sxent In every town In Orevou, W'aih
iiiKU.u ami Mulio to avll
On (iltiitiiaainli. No aloes or rauttul nmlml.
Miialn utarhnra nrolerret. Hiaielal rsuw un all
(onila. wrils lor particuiara.
4 3.P",5MFWi
Hmka free.
Padlls MwUiins Co llay Kt. Mas Francteea.
Racks Harkar lima, Porllaad Csawnt, Ssl
Sas Sala snS Ulak Plsatsr, Hair, firs Brisk
sas Firs Clay. LAND PLAIItS.
SO Murth Front Street, Oor. I,
Morrison Street, Portland, Or.
car-Mx son. -wi
If vou want POWDIMt for Allninif.
knllroad Work. Mtiiinn Hlimtlni or Trns
I'lanting, send for I'rli'o Lint,
or riimrnlaeloii, li liaii'Ue Ilia New fnliml i 'lieitilnil
,..1. Ailulll. llll.Lll.ll Ail! ,11.1. !lu.ll
stouriw Kraasr U l:t Vu,, lACroaae, Wla. lint Dal. J
Tha Speolllo A Ho. I.
(lirea, wlllinul full, all ream nl ianrr. M
H Birii i.ud ailrei, no nmiu-r uf fiuw Ions
& iMiar. I'li'VtiilK aiiliriiirn, it lii'h.itiui n-
m li-rntil ti'iiieiie. curi'N when rvuryililiui elaa H
I;.l. l,y nil lrKl,i ' I
J Uuiiuluetlirurai I'tlu ,,H'liitei,liell MMHllS B
g l, Irr. S;i.lKI. C'n.,rlaiiJiaM,CaL
c ri 11 XT 1C H 'P
mt'lmtt a fhirhrn l.irm Killer.
Aak your dealaM It, or send for Proa Oirmlar m
JHilurna Inmhatnr Co., t'elaluma, Cal
Kl'hlns Tai k 1, Hi
mi arb.iy, Ixiw riu-t.
. lllllaH,SiOkr.rn,HI.,
OMll' imln'i, iiliilrmK C.n.l r,,r I ullu,ii.. UKu.
I niir fstlBthMllknnwIffrlMMl
if'itdlfiaT rnir(itr ifir u tn
1pnv'tiiaiHitrUrornirn, .
I:trlalnniirii fur th ihll
' titthif wwknuH imwuIIm
, Mfd.iTvr . IrTftwiritmUnnilfMlMf
i rWifctinMlfctfi! In rtfi(mu.iiullP U M
L CliiiCitriAlt,'i H urTisruri.
I A, 4 , B'Hrirn, m U ,l'fnAIDeTrM
u. xno. ah -h. y. u. iNo, m
ft JfUkriiia.4 rl M
J llt.
M, X "- -Stl