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United RUtri and Coootjr Official Paper
ST. IiILKNI, Novbubkii 13, 1891,
f The be brand of coffee,
iiilce. eld., M Bacon', GMton.
Mturi. DonnU and Loo Perry iponl
Sunday Ut in Bi. UuWrt.
Bee the IraluVi time ub! In an
other oolumn.
Mr, E. Ooi ha been confined to hi
Iioum for tomo liuio, tiifltiriiig with
hU lame log
Mm. Frank Terry, of Molalla, Ik
visiting with Mr. Irry't mother Mr.
Elliubnth 1'orry, ol Huulton.
Mr. Laura Logan, of AMorla, lis
boon visiting br mother, Mra. Butler,
ol tltl place, recently.
Uucon r'y l'lhct price lor all
kind of produce.
Quarterly examination of teacher
began Wednesday under tho direction
of Buporiulfloduut Walt. Teadier
proMnt: Mis NulUe Warnock,
Mary Altlaon, Carrie B. Dibtlee and
Mary Hornier.
Mr. Edward Weaver, wlto clerked
aome titneaiuue fur Mr. Dolman in St,
Helen, came down Saturday on a
visit to hit old friend here. Ho U at
present oondtietar on the electric street
car from Portland to Alblna, and like
liia position well. '
Mr. Jamca Co, who reaUloa at Mil
ton, got back Monday morning from
Alaska, where he ha been since last
pring, having been In charge of a San
Francisco salmon cannery at Cliih at
llusinea haa boon quit- good up there.
27,000 case of aalmon having boen
put up by hia cannery alone.
Edward Constable, of Ilitlsboro, has
brought suit against the Climax Mill
ing Company for 110,000 damage for
injurhia eustainod by falling through a
Hap door In the fbior of the mill, caus
ing, aa I alleged, serious Itijurii'. The
oil will be tried at the coming term
of the circuit court in Washington
county, which eommonce the luat
Monday in thi month.
The M. E. church, of ClaUUnle,
give an entertainment thia (Friday)
evening. We hope to hear that it was
wall nalronlxad, and that it wa a uc
real, at leaal financially. Church work
hould bo eticouraged by nil, and there
i no better way of Knowing your good
will than by attending thia entertain
Many year practice have given C
A.Sitow. Co.. Solicitor of Patents,
at Washington, D. C, tuurpaed
lit a Us in obtaining- patent for all
rlaaaet of Invention. They make
specially of rejected cast;, and have
ancured allowauce of many patent
that had been proiooly rejected
Tlieir advertisement la another col
...on .ill ba of interest to inventor
latente, manufacturer, and all who
have to do with patent.
The ateamer O. W. Shaver, com
meneing on the first of thi mouth, I
miuumeer to and from
Cla'.skauie and intermediate point, a
i.. U rxt, t which were in existence
Wore the formation of the steamboat
combination. The Shaver brother
are alwaya alive to the beat interest
ii.. ir.v.liiia nublic. and from the
beginning rcmouatrated agaiust any
increase in rate, and were also one ui
the last comiianica to enter the com
naot. Captain Shaver inform ua that
the old rate will prevail iu the future
on their line.
The largo barn of Connoll Bro.,on
Peer Island burned Wednesday morn
i,ig about 3 o'clock. It contained
evonty-three head of cattle, muei of
which wore milch cow, ten head l
horse and 125 tone o hay. Among the
Dr. II. R. Cliff' trotter.
Prince, and a Una blooded horae be
longing to Portland partie. These
two were valued at about $1500. The
Cotioell Bro. have been running a
dairy and tipplying milk to the Port
land market, and have been aaelng thia
! Iircost barn on the island for
tailing and milking purpose prlnoi
pally, on the ground floor, and over
head the hay waa atored. - The lose
will reach about f 7500, none of which
waa insured excepting a f2000 policy
on the barn. It la believed that the
barn wa set on fire aa there wsa noth
ing near for It to catch from. It is
terrlblo to think af tho apootaole that
present ltolf on the apot where that
barn stood. Eighty throe heud of
atock lying chared and crisp in one
heap, presumably a reault oi the hell
ishuewof some worthless tramp who,
after finding shelter under the barn's
roof on that cold rainy night, was not
content to leave unmolested what he
could not carry away with hlra.
Thanksgiving Pay.
The following Thanksgiving procla
mation was Issued by Governor Pen
noyer Monday :
Inasmuch as the gratitude for favor,U find due expression. I
do hereby appoint Thursday, the 26th
j,u i Vno.mhvr. as a day of public
thank.glving to AlmiRhty God, lobe
nhtatved bv the whole people of Ore
gon in the usual appropriate manner,
in return for the blessings of peace
and plenty which have been bestowed
upon them durlug tho past year.
The school concert and entertain
ment given in the M. E. church on
Saturday night by the St. Helens pub
lic si hoot, with the assistance of aome
outside help, for the purpose of pur
Dinning an orgin for the school-house,
was a success both financially and
untcrlainiiigly, The house waa lllled
to its utmost seating captcity by peo
ple from Columbia City, Iloullon,
Olllton, anil, in fact for a radius of
about fifteen miles around. Promptly
at 8 p, m. tb performance commenced
with a song by the school, ''A Happy
Welcome," which was wvll rendered.
Next following, a per grogrammo, wa
the opening addre by Alfred Bund
by and Winnie Way children of
about 9 or 10 years each in turn,
Alfred speaking first. These two little
one were, in fact, the best of the
whole entertainment and were lou lly
applauded at the conclusion of their
respective parts. It scorned a univer
sal comfort to all to see these litlte
ones make such a masterly effort be
lore a crowded house of strangers.
Alfred Sundhy Is a natural born genius(
as was shown in a dialogue later on iu
the evening. Little Winnie, in addi
tion to being an apt scholar on the
stage, show that alio ha the pioper
training at homo, which always speaks
for itself. The song. "Up In a Tree,"
by Daisy Watkins, Amy George and
Maud Wiit is wa well rendered, and
tho recitation, "The New Bonnet," by
Mis Tunnie Way almost brought
down tho house. The dialogue,
Forlune'a Wheel," by Mise Wal
kin, George, Decker and w liitucy
wa one of the bwt rendition of the
uvenine. Hie entertainment wouiu
have been incomplete without tho tia
ngue, "Too Much Mother-in-law," by
the Missea Docker. Blake.ley and
Perry, and Messrs. Watkins and Whii
ney, which wa excellent. The dia-
igue, "Reefing House," by Miss
Maltie Perry and several small boys
was the hit of the evening, and here it
was that little Sundhy showed himelf
lo be more than ordinary in his line,
(.liying hi part right up to the mark
Prominent on the prolamine wore
the ic lection by Miss Mabel Hanegan
iind Mis Sarah Swt-lt, of Gilllon. Miss
llanegau'a recitation, "The Drunkard's
Death," waa well rendered, and her
solo, ' The Lovers' Quarrel," wa first
clans, while Mis Swell's lecitation was
favorably commented upon, and was
nil that coi:ld be desired. We have
not the puce to give a detailed des
riotlon of the different parts, but we
must not forget to mention tho quar
tette, "Old Farmer John," by Miasc
Moore and Miles, and Messrs. Hoss
and Jones, which wa fine. In con
elusion, we wish to ay that the enter
tainment waa a grand success, and
that each did their part and did it we I
Too much cannot be aaid in praise of
he smaller children. On behalf of
the school, we wish to thank those
from abroad who so generously con
iribulod toward the nieces of the en
teriainmont both by their renditions
and patronitge.
The city of Portland has purchased
the Mudiaoii street bridge at a coat of
1112,600, and hereafter the tame will
bo free to travel. Why did thy not
purchase the Oregon City bridge also
for tho accommodation of the Portland
Frank A. Mason on Thursday made
final proof on el of noj and e of at1
seS 11, tp 5 n. 3 w, with Jesso Hcnd
ricks and C. F. Fowler as witnesses,
Marriage licence was issued by
County Clerk Quick, Thursday, to A
drew CUrk and Mis Edith Dibblee ol
Harper Rittenhouse made proof
Wednesday on the of nej lota 1 and
2 aeo 4, tp 5 n, 5 w witnesses, George
Fisher and Alex Houston.
In tho last session of county court,
in the ease of Everding & Farrel vs.
Johu Devisand J. W. Bevis, judgment
for plaintiff in the sum of $443 29 and
$19 CO costs.
-The children of Mr, Dupont, of Car
ico Valley, are attending school in
Vancouver thia winter.
Misa Mitita Wilcox, of Portland,
spent several days the fore part of the
week in St. Helena the finest of her
niece, Mr. J. R. Boeglo.
Produce taken in exchange for
gnoda at Bacon's farmers' alliance
Wednesday a very successful drive
of log wa made in Milton creek, esti
mated at over a million feet.
Blank note and receipt pook for
sale at thiofllce.
Proceeding of the November See-
alon, lM9t.
Why doa not "I. C. Q." give us fact
about lits hobby of his sub-treatury scheme
alnce hs thinks It a cur all kind of medi
cine. If Ilia nub-treasury schema will prove
rood nil lis advocates claim for It, certainly
wa want it: " 11 does not prove what they
cinim certulnly we dont wsnt it. II has
promised a laudable work on It; why does
h not produce itt Mud is a poor thing to
feed the hungry for knowledge and enlight
enment. No sane man has discovered a
wonderful cure-all-pain, and then keep
from his patients, and give them mud
when they are orylng for hia wonderful dis
covery. We hnve heard strong wind and
saw its affects. The next time he'll blow
np a cyclone poem like his last production,
It will undoubtedly show the length of his
ears In arguing a subject so Important as
the sub-treasury plan. Come, uiva us plain
facts j undeniable faots, which we will glad
ly exchange. vjdekt,
Bend In the new horn your neigh
Court opened November i, 1891.
resent! D.J. Swilier, fudge; Israol
Spencer and G. W, Barnes, commis
sioners; I. K. Uulca, cler; W, A,
eekor, sheriff.
Court opened in due form of law,
In the matter of the viewer s report
on the E. C. Simons road ; now on this
day thi matter coming on regularly i
be heard, the iane wa read In
open court for the first time.
In Ilia matter ol the application ni
On-iu A. Wood to sell cpirttoua
and malt liquors in toss quantities
than one gallon In Deer I dand pre-
net i Now, on this day tills mutter
coming on tegularly for hearing, and
aniieariiiK to the court irom me pe
tition of the suid applicant Hint a nia-
irltv of all the leual voters ol the aia
precinct had signed the said petition ;
that the suld petition had been pub.
ished a required by law for the nec
essary time, and there being no re
monstrance thereto, it Is tnereiore now
ordered by the court that a license be
nd the same is hereby msucd to me
id Orrin A. Wtsal, to cll splnlous,
vinous and mall liquors in quantities
ss than one Ballon in De-r Island
precinct, In the suid county and slule
for such a time not less than six
months as shall appear by the county
treasurer's receipt: Mid it is further
ordered by the court that when the
said Orrin A. Wood shall present ami
file the bond in manner and f )rm as
required by the statute to be approved
that the county clerk be and he is
lu-reby authorised and directed to exe
cute and deliver to the said Orrin A.
Wood license as aforesaid lor said
term aa aforesaid uKn receipt of the
mi ntv treasurer's receipt, and tho saio
license shall bear date and be in force
rom and after its issuance by the said
lerk for the term paid for. ,
In the matter of the application ol
he Tide Creek Dam A Boom Co., a
miH.ruiion. to lease line creea ior
floating, booming and rafting logs for
n,ll : the suid company to lease Tide
reek in the said county irom ine
m.inili of ayiil ereek: thance up (aid
creek to a point where the east line of
ecliOii IU in lownsnip 0 aomn, r,iBr
west of the Willamette meridian
cronies said ereek ; and it appearing lo
the court from the testimony ottered
that Tide creek is wholly within Co
lumbia county ; that the said creek has
never been declared by law to ne
navigable, and that the aaid creek is
not in fact navigable for commercial
imna. to be a hiiihway lor ttie Hotti
ng and transportation i,l log, timber
and lumber ; it la therefore ordered
that the aaid Tide creek wnlim the
wo points above referred to, be ami
ilmsumeia herobv declared Ml oe a
nlli, lithwav for the purpose of
floating and transporting within the
id two noiiiU loss, timber and lum
ber. It ia further nmerea tnai me
ml within the said points ue ana
il nuinn in liereliv leased to the Tide
r.rm.k lt.w.m On., its , uccossor and
..;,. for a oeiiod of twenty years
from this date for the purpose of float
ing, booming and rafting logs, limber
Hint lumber therein, ana uiai a con
tract be entered into with aaid corpor aiiid lease, ana that said Cur
poration be and It is hereby aulliorued
lo build erect and maintain such ncc
uuarv luinma and dams as it may re-
miiiwtnnronublv float and hold said
logs, tininer anu lumuer, aim w "n
n h work it maV be and sliull receive
the following sums a toll, to-wit: or
llotiintr oir. limtjor or lumoer in sam
nrftnW 2.1 cants tier thousand : lor
booniiiiR such, 23 cents per uiouonnu
and for rafting such. 25 cents per
thousand, which the court Inula reason
u,1h for bill: that said corporation exe
enta & bond in the sum of $1600 for
the faithful performance of the outiei
required by law, and that the suretie:
ibitrnin itiatifv to the extent of $3000
that at the expiration of thia louse the
said properly, together wun an me
improvements now or hereafU'r to be
made be turned over U the county in
good repair, free of all coat or expense
m Mm (huintv. and that said booms,
dams and other improvements be kept
in good repair during the terms of this
November. 5.1891.
In the matter of the vie'wora report
on road survey No. 66, known aa the
E. C. Simons road, beginning 32
rods north of section comer of ctions
2, 3, 10 and II, tp 6 n, r 3 w, running
to and terminating at what is known
as tho Nicolai road in said town and
ran, as follows: Commencing at a
slake marked "A" on the section line
between sections t and 3 on thenar
Linilioff road 32 i rods north of seo
tion comer of sections 2, 3, 10 and H
in township 6 north, range 3 west, in
f!, ,ln, ii hi eotuilv. Oreitoui. thence
south half a mile to stake marked "B'
on quarter corner of sections 10 and
11; thence west on quarter line of sec
tion 10 about 215 rods to slake ma'ked
C. i.hmien 14 doirrces east of aoulh
: . . ..r. .. ., .i . do
to stuko marked "Uj" tnence aooui. jo
degrees south of west to stake marked
E ;" thence about 8 degrees south of
west to stake markei "Fj" thence
about 10 degrees outh of west to stake
marked "G ;" thence about 6 degree
north of west to take marked "H ;"
thence about 20 degrees south of west,
to stake marked "I;" thence about 31
,im,Mu anuLh of west to stake marked
"J ;" thenoe about 84, degrees west of
south to stake marked "Ki" thence
about 17 degrees east of south to stake
marked "L;" thence about 10 degrees
west of south to tree marked "M ;"
thence oommoncing at the aforesaid
mentioned stake marked "B;" thence
south on or near section lines, 3 and
one-half miloe to ttiko marked '-N," on
ih northwest corner of section 35 ;
thenoe east about 302 rods to stake
narked "O." on what l commonly
known a the Nicolai road, all in tiie
aforesaid mentioned township aud
mma. and the said viewer Having
made their report in writing 10 me
court, statins thoir opinion in favor ol
the establishment ot said proposed
nnuntv road and riving their reasons
for the same which report together
with the surveyor's field note and plat
of the survey had been delivered to
the county clerk by one ot the viewers
nn or hefora the third day of the term
of the county court next ensuing the
appointment of said viewers. Ordered
tw. th route aa viewed and surveyed
u viwer and surveyor be
m'nA tlA same is hereby declared
county road and that it shall be con
sidered a public highway and the su
pervisor of the road district in which
said road is established is hereby or
dered to open the same.
In the matter ol lbs opening oi uk
county road In road district No. iu,
known us the Mayirer and uiatsaauie
road, Columbia county, Oregon. Now, Kellogg, t ,
on this day this matter coming on Burnetts, i j,
regularly to be heard, and it appear- ,
Imr to the court that portions of said Wilson, 0 II,
county road wai not owjd tuMcioiu ior Hr, iu,
oubliu need and use, ana me court ue-
inir f nil v advised in the matter, it is
therefore now ordered and adjudged by
the court that the road aoperviaor ol
road district No. 10. be and he I here
by ordered to open that portion of said
Mayger and uiatskanie county roaa
lying in said road district No. 10.
In the matter of the transcript and
cost bill in the case ol ttie state oi
Watson, John, witness before grand
Armstrong, J L, "
West, WW, " "
West, II, " . "
James, DA, " "
Wutts, J 0,
4 40
8 60
8 80
6 60
0 80
8 80
4 80
4 80
7 00
18 00
18 00
18 00
18 00
t 20
2 20
2 20
2 20
10 00
Hunt, J 0, " "
Peacber, Jackson, "
lilakeslry, Kendall, "
Miles, 8 A, " "
Cliff, H n, " "
Sundhy, Nicbolai.
Ulakesley, A H. boardlnn prisoners
Mary McOraw, washing tor Mrs.
Stoughton "tO
m. T.lan.t n,.in,-i. and files Bonier, h. lumber furnished road
V, l"", ... I , ia
: ira.,.,.ri,,. .nH nat hill in the above district Mo. 0
matter, aud it appearing to me coun oaniBr, u. .......
that ssid transcript and coat bill is dlitrict No.
dulj cert.ficd to by said Justice of the Tichenor A M and W K, lumber
eace a by law required, it is llierefore furnished road ulstr oi. Ho 10 ... 209 18
Oregon v. Fred Straight; now on this
day come B. J. Burnett, jutice of the
King Clothiers of the Northwest.
Blai wiai,HrlMa sal ImisI llniu, rnlUad.
1000 Far Hats 75c Each
Will be Sold Regardless of Former Price and Value. ,
1000 STIFF HATS 10o Eacli
Reason for this Slaughter: BROKEN SIZES.
ordered and adiudiced by the court
that ,iid cost bill be and the same is
allowed, and it is further ordered by
the court that the clerk draw warrants
on the oounly treasurer for the eeral
amounts named in said Cost bill and
in favor of the several persous therein
In the matter of the county sur
veyor's reiwrt on the St Helens and
Nehalem county road Now on this
day this matter coming on regularly
to be heard the same was read in open
court. It was ordered by 'lie court
that said report be and the same is
hereby accepted and approved.
Tn lh matter of the county survey
or's report on the re-survey ol roau
survey No. 8, beginning at the ap
proximate center of section 13, tp 4 n,
r 2 west. Now, on this day this matter
coming on regularly to be heard, the
same wa read in open court, and it
.nfuurlno In tha court that the said
report is in all particulars correet, it is
therefore ordered and adjudged by the
court that said report and plat of said
re-survey be and the aame l nereoy
approved and accepted and it is f urth'-r
ordered that said rejiort of the sur
veyor on said re-survey and plat ol the
same be recorded in full.
All Our Seeds AreTestecl .
n..iA.u rt5n( TpIU hf Kevr
Now on this dav bill of county ex
pense heretofore tiled with the clerk
were presented to the court and after
an exam iuaiion of the same the clerk
is hereby ordered to draw warrants on
the county treasurer in payment of the
said bills of county expense aa follows:
Weat, Harry, rhainman on road . . I 2
Mavger, C 4 Co., support of paupers, 34 16
Switior. D J, supplies for county ... . 8 00
HmIi. I R.countv nrintina w
Roberts, William, lumber furnished
road dl-trict No. 17 U3
Quick, K K. county clerk's fees...... 803 17
Conyrrs, K W, support of paupers. . 180 00
Simons, E O, cbainbearer oil roaa
survev No. AS
Nlt-ostead, F H, chainbearrr on road
survey No. 65. ..
Nienntead.J C, marker
Rc-icbardts, E, t lewer on . "
Kilbty.JC, " "
Young, riiilllp, " "
Little, A B, county surveyor s lees.
Spencer, Iarael, supplies lurnisnea
paupers .
Dolman. W H. three eases coal oil .
Solomon, J T, building three bridges
iu road district No. 18.
Cliff, II R, medical attendance, b
Peterson, insane
Julius. Frances, indexing county
James, D A, guarding Laraen and
Drew, and boarding them
White. Henry. " '
Watts, J 0, team conveying prison
ers. Laraen and Drew ... ' W 00
Z Do
Of the Superiority of Electricity
iu the tore of Diseases
by Dr. Darrin.
Who Can Doubt When So Many
(Oregonian, November 9, 1891.)
So much ha been said iu the praise
of Dr. Darrin that it seems useless to I
add further proof of his wonderful
skill. We take pleasure in publish
ing, however, the following open card
with other references:
Mr. Editor, Deal Sir: About three j
or four years ago I took my boy to Dr.
Darin and put him under treatment
for scrofulous blod poiso.iing and
dropsy. The doctor oon cured bim
and he has not had a return of the
trouble since, so the cure i permanent j
to thi dav. I had the boy at the hos
pital, under the care of several physi-
ciana, and they gave him up, when I
Mnoloved the services of Dr. Darrin,
with the result as above stated. I re
side at Slauchter. Wash., and can be
referred to. JOHN HOWLEY.
iv-i- j Xt --2
F.L.Posson 6 Son.
a s"" 1 1
& Y,n. ,e ir1IUi0N..kRlf Tr-ll
Portland. Or.
10 40
10 35
10 55
12 40
12 40
10 40
03 20
7 00
6 76
100 0Q!
72 75
10 00
3 60
S 20
S 60
1 00
2 20
15 00
Gill. J K. court house supplies
Holt, William, assistant on resurvey
of road survey No. 8
Haicn.M F, " "
Slavens, John, " "
Heeglev. Jacob, " " ........
Haxou. M. " "
Good 8amariton Hospital, hospital
attendance of Mrs. Btoughton .....
Kejley, Penumbra, boarding prison
ers. Strahrht. Laraen and Urew... aia oi
Good Snmnritan Hospital, hospital
attendance Wm. McGulnness 81 TO
Burnctte, R J, justice of the peace,
fees, state of Oregon vs. Btraigin. .
Burns, George, nonstable " .....
Kellogg. O B, witness " ....
Still, John, ....
Spencer. Israel, tees a county com
missioner Muckle Bros. , supplies furnished N
D McCoy-....
Muckle Bros., supplies furnished
road district No. 8 ........
Saulser , S, tees ss deputy sheriff . . .
Tingle, Nathan, attendance on fclias
Peterson, insane ......... ....
Meeker, Frank, cutting wood lor
court-house -
U'tndrlcks, Jesse, bounty on scalps..
Parker, N J,
More People Cured by Dr. Darrin.
George Schmidt, Astoria; deafness,
cured. Rev. J. E. Coenour, Portland,
Or. ; skin disease, cured. Miss Maggie
Svnboest, La Grande, Or.: cross-eye,
mired. Isaao Thompson. La Ceo
Wash. ; deafness, cured. James
New York hotel. Portland; deafness,
fifteen years, cured. Millon Jones.
Perrydale, Or. ; cured of polypus of the
Dr. Damn continues to treat all
classes, the rich and po r alike, free of
charce. at 70i Washington street,
Portland, from 10 to 11 A. M. daily.
Those willing to pay, from 11 A.M. to 8
P. M at one-half his former charges.
He treat all curable nervous, chronic,
acute and private disease, and makes
a speciaty of all diseases of Eye. Eir
Nose, Throat and Lung. Loss of Mim
hood, Blood Taints, Syphillis, G'e -t,
Gonorrhea l, Stricturo, Spermatorrhea i.
Seminal Weakness or Loes of Deaire of
Sexual Power in man or woman. All
peculiar Female Troubles, Leucorrhoea,
Displacements, ect., are confidentially
and successfully treated, aud will un
der no circumstances take a case that
ho cannot cure or benefit. Consulation
free. Cures ot private diseases guar
anteed and never published in the
papers. Circulars and question blanks
sent free. Inquiries answered.
1 frK
Table and Pocket Cutlery
Dairy and Household
Cooking an d Beating
K Sheet-Iron, Tin and Copper Ware,
212 First and cor. Salmon Street.
You are reiectlullv Invited to call at the office of the ,
And examine our lUt of Properties , the finest ai best
.. ot which ia
Hawthorne's First Addition to Portland,
LOTS 50X100 FT.
PRICES $700 TO $850 EACH.
Partiw who deslralovialt and siamint thia property will And our agent and team ready at suf
tltua Jres ot expena
S 50
7 50
1 50
1 50
Bcnaarfcakle Kcacne.
Mason, Milton,
Lamberson, E,
Solomon, O,.
Wilson, J H. '
Mason, Milton,
CarhUI. D.
Brinson, It B,
Aaron Austin, '
Huber, Jucob, t 1
Baker, Albert, '
Cnle.RD, '
Conyers. WK, '
Barnes, G W, fees
and supplies. .,
Meeker, W A, fees as aheriff
Lane, Edward. Juror, circuitcouit..
UW, Casper, " "
Hlackforn. J M. " "
Ungfeldt, C, " " ........
Quiun, J'umes, " "
Br(rer, O C, "
Burr, James, " "
Frante, John, " " ........
Baton, OE. " " ........
Rwlciick, J M, " " ........
Archibald, t, " " ........
Hosier, C W, " "
Morrill, Edwin. " "
Hnyburn.J. " " ........
Woodham, F, "
Cualiman, E A, "
Doerr, Henry, " '
Woodruff, IU, ' "
King, A, " "
Wilson. John, " "
Howard, H, " " -
Page, Edward, " " ........
Soffert, Albert, " "
Jepon, EL, " "'
Mrs. Michael Curtain. Plainfteld, 10.,
makes the statement that she caught cold,
which settled on her lungs; she was treat
ed for a month by her family physician, but
Krew worse. He told her she was a hope
less victim of consumption and that no
medicine could cure her. Her druggist
nuggested Dr. King's new discovery for
10 60 Consumption; she bought a bottle and to
her delight found , herself uenentea irom
the first dose. 8h continued its use and
after taking ten bottles, found herself sound
and well, now does her own housswork and
is as well as evr she was. Free trial bot
tles of this Great Discovery at Edwin Robs'
We also offer 109 10-acra tracts belonging to
th Hawthorne eetat. at HULSBoao, Washington
county, U milea vest of Portland, one hour's ndt
by rail, three timea daily.
41 acraa. Improved (arm 7 mllss eouth of Port
land, nearClackamM. Clackiunaa elation, a r.
R. K.. cood hauae. land all fenced, good water,
aome timber; price 1150 per acre, oaay torms.
20 00
S3 40
14 751
18 75
IS 00
2 00
4 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
3 00
2 00
3 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
16 00
23 00
43 50
151 55
12 00
22 00
20 00
20 00
17 00
10 80
20 00
10 00
U 20
20 00
12 80
13 20
11 20
2 20
I8 60
14 00
20 00
13 60
10 20
22 00
10 80
20 00
21 00
CLrFTOisr hilx. colony.
Warra Salhoh. Waan, AugurtW, Ml.
This Is to certify that the "Oregon Homestead Company" haa secured forms ood
home'teads. requiring Utile, if any eleariux. with nrst-claae soil, f Call
iablM as well as to the production of every variety of grain and (nilta that can be grown in juall
tornia "reran and Washington, and we have located tnereon. Said homesteada are aituated oas
he Washington aide of the Columbia river, convenient to the landing or a daily 1 ne of x'"
indopiletoHo.JRlvataaon,oiitheUneoithe Union PciH railway. '
city of Portland. Wscotdially recommend our Irienda and othera to Join our colony.
(Signed, 8. A. Cinr. 4i5 T 'at.. Fortland.
W.J.KotB.a Oak at., Portland. -W.
. Batis, cor. Front and Hall sta., Portland.
Chib. H. Cutbsoa, 271 Fourth at., Piirtland.
0. r. Cooa, cor. Fourth and i rta., . Porlland.
C. B. BiAcawBU.. cor. 4th and J at. . Portland.
r ur t-.v..n. M prfr .t. . Pnrtlaitn.
F.'Piiaca, cor. Third and Aah aia., Portland. ,
There are now aiity aetllcrs In the colony and claims enoogh for 10 to li more families. Call
and obtain full particulars. :
Five, 10 and M-aere tracts
Portland, Oraa. A. P. Armstrong. Prla
k ri.i riL Aim. CSnLLKSB. U.I.D.. ii
Bam ooursH of study, sum rs at wilioa.
ness, Shotrthaad,
inmmmhif.iutdemtlitk tm Immtt
i Ihnughool the VI ar. M Xilt atjtk
tad at any Uua. Cauiogus Iron altu
We are alao locating a colony about three miles from Port Angeles.
Alsoacolonyat Hillsboro, Or. on W and 9-aere tracU at 100 and t US per acre.
4. farm mile, from St., TZT "P
ipniwj, wn iuw. wuwi
.'..;';'. 0 '
We have thelanrost and m-t Talnabletractaoilandin the atateaof 0'aT and v"'""
.... wirve none for subdivision or sale that we cannot have endorsed by the leading
d?"tioUneiatric?TwK situated. W. receive none except such a. ha am
'lS!.lK?-rt.., PORTASOELB8. WASH., -an eleiant tract tor a colony- tSBper
- hot ice.
This is to certify thatiny wife has left my Mre; a.aao acrea ia a body near the above. as par acre.
.-a Knorrt wit.hnut in conAent. and 1
hereafurlwillnotberesrnsible EatiiV HaiTI Aotfir) do 160
o23n20 V. 0. WINCHESTER.
Notice is hereby given that on
Saturday, November 21, 1891,
At 10 o'clock A. M.. we will offer for sale at
Bublio auction , at the residence of W. 1.
oi.nell, Deer Manet, Columbia county,
Oreiroii, the following-described property:
31 head of horses and mules; 18 wheel
scrapers; 24 slip scrapers: 1 larpnulin; 2
plows; 1 wagon, andSsets of chain harness.
Said live stock and tool having been left
in our charge by one K. M. Cnrr during the
month of Iicemter, isho, ana tne icea ana
atorage charges thereon to date, amounting
to SdtiS 8ft, and remainiint unpaid ; therefore
in accordance with the statute made and
provided in such coses we have caused this
notice to be posted. It such nnpaid
charges, with ch;irgea still accruing rumain
unpaid at the date hereinbefore written;
aaid live stock, tools, ate will be sold to the
highest bidder. Terms of sale, Cash.
Fonr Hofflesteadach, $130 Each.
W.h.v..forl.a beautiful frulttarm
hori's Va,urh..rull auitable for a r,MUse
farm 12,1100. Terma, cash, balance oaltroo. Cailandget
full parliculara.
M aorea fine cleawd land near Roaeburg. Oregon, nearly all level dotted with beautiful oak
trcL j per acre. Bpendtd fruit and grain farm.
One lere tract, near Port Angeles, t2S per acre. eaah. J
Special !-
A party ia forming her to visit the Vn"e ?!" ?' F"'".r!b,n
Hurlna the month ot Dcceraoer. to oeaDwui tumyi
... fuaiinorlor to those ot California la llwS,
Tli Inaicamanta offei
without the hardshipa then endured. Thi
Moats Anaerlr.
e far superior to those oi vamornia iu "ir--:'.- 1--; rai.
ine" of 5elwaajiia exceed In richness anv ever discovered In Catl.s)rialaj
Oregon. In addition to coffee, cocoa and all the tropical fruit.
l?an awlony of frrt TeUMfarnVri aSS fruit ralsera. For full lnlormattoa. aend a atamps
M R. GEORGE E. PLACE, Care of our. office,
Oregon Homestead Co. FiRSTST.