The Oregon mist. (St. Helens, Columbia County, Or.) 188?-1913, August 28, 1891, Image 3

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Halted Mitm an. Count) Official Paper.
., Trewnsss notice on cloth for sale at
. iiIsoHIm.
Bacon Kiln g roceriea cbeap, at 0111
: ton. Cull on him.
Wanted A girl to do general house
work at once. Uood wages to good
girl. Call at tliiM oWoe.
Little Daisy, Curtis, of Alblm, aged
11 years, was drowned at Hood River
while bHlUlng last Saturday.
Albert Tucker made final proof on
lib claim Monday, with James Oeorge
md Jacob J. Miller at wiliius.
Miss Mary Conyers, of the Oregon
City Kn'.orprise,was the guest of Miss
Alice Co of this place the for iarlof
the week. ,.
Mr. O. P. Mason, attorney at law,
of Portland, wa In town Tuesday on
lugal business connected with the
.state of Isaac Thomas, deceased.
Thnmaa O'Kacfc of the Portland
iai( lire UOlmruiiout was run uvnr uu
killed (ant Friday intuiting while en
yagud extinguishing the flumea on that
All kind of job printing, anch as
lutter head, hill heads, note heads,
stutftiiuuts, (testers, envelti', card,
He., demu al Tti Mint ofllue on short
The corner stone of the Portland
rtiverstiy, 01 wmoa mention tne mini
tin h Imroioforo made, was laid last
Monday evening, at Portsmouth on
the Willamette jiixt alKive Ht. Johns,
John lforri'ii of Claukantn river,
prnved tip on hi homestead claim,
the 8. J of the N. W, and the N.
of the H. W. , section S, T. 5 N. K. 3
W. llu h id a wiinesaes A. Y. McDon
ii Id and tii'O. Kklilel.
The tiiiiicr Mascot wont from
Woodland lo Kidso on an excursion
1,ihI Hunduy, The steamer was tinder
ctiurUtf by the Woodland and Kelso
iMiactutll nines who were to play at
Kidao on that day.
Mr. M. K. If nun, of Olllton, left at
this otlV-e hint Haliinluy, samples of
t'io llnent outs and wheat we have yet
Kun, The outs were six feet long and
i-itcli fluster, inn) nutntioring eighteen
nnd the other thirty-six sulks, is the
r !n't of two grains of oits planted.
Tit wheat produced from one kernel
of wlimit formed a cluster of twenty
five slul.s with wull-dovolnpod IicmI.
The oats wore of the spring variety
.f Ulc oats which Mr. Ilaxen has been
undcavgring to ehangt into a winter
crop with fair success, the yield last
year being about seventy-five busiiels
ier acre, and as a fall crop ha thinks
they can be made l produoo 100
iiiiheU per item, which is far belter
than 1ms been hvrrtofore accomplished.
The moonlight excursion to Van
couver last Friday night wa a sun
cess, financially and otherwise. ThB
steamer Mascot left tlie whart at this
jdace promptly at 7:30 as advertised
t'lio went tip Lake river to Dniou
ilidge, and there took on Wurd a ninn
ir passengers." Leaving there the
. ntopiied a few times along Bachelor's
Inland and then proceeded to Van
couver, aiming there at about 10 p.
in. After a stay of fifteen mlnut
(just long enough to give the exc Jr
eiotidis a ehsncji, to, say they we're
ahore in the city), we started lor
liome. There were over eighty ticla-ts
old, and a more good-humored oroWd
n( excursionist is seldom seen
these parts. The refreshments con
nxtek of ice cream and cake, and the
inucic was inslrumeulsl and vocal,
and was very good. After leaving the
passengers on si union tunu mat
rsnva on board at that place we pro
cite led to St. Helens, arriving at about
12: 30 a. in. Halurday morning..
One more at the seaside. This time
cine of Portland's prominent attorneys.
Mr. II. T. Bingham was drowned at
North Boach on Friday last whila fish
ing in company with Joseph Knott, at
North head rocks back of Ilwaco. The
two men were out on a projectile of
rocks, quite a distance from shire at
lilith Ililn. flaliine4 fur lnri.'ioa. When
' c
the tide came in it snrrrounded the
point on which tho men were stauil'
injr, and thoy having splendid luck
' linhing, did not notico the incoming
broakors until thoir uvonuo of escape
, was cut off. Then they, thinking that
the tide would not rise high 0110113)1 to
wash them olT tho rocks, resolved to
stay there. Tbo tidacama higher and
higher and finally a huge breaker
swept the two fishormen from their
foot and into the sea. Mr. Bingham
called to Mr. Knott, saying: "8av9
yourself, Joo, don't mind me, I can
keep afloat for forty-eight hours." In
this, however, ho was mistaken, for in
' another instant a huge breaker caught
him and carried him out of sight. A
moment later he was seen by his
companion tor me last time, the cur
rent scorning to carry him southward.
Mr. Knolt made his way to shore in an
almost unconscious condition. Mr.
Bingham waa one of Portland.'a bright
est legal lights and a warm personal
friend of Thomas A. Sutherland, edito
of the Dunday. Welcome, who w
drowned Thursday evening His Ion
will bo greatly felt by his associates in
Iho legsl profession.
Again we are called upon to record
the death by drowning of one of PorU
land's very prominent cltisons and
Journalists, Mr. Thomas A. Sutherland,
editor and proprietor of the Bunday
Welcome, which occurred last Thurs
day evening, August 20. As the Btark
street ferry was leaving the Portland
side of the river at Portland, two men
were seen running down the enclino
to catch the boat. They were about
fifty foot from the boat when she
started from shore. The men con
tinued tlulr race for the ferry one
of them made a desperate leap and
landed safely on the boat. Mr,
Hutharland being short stout built
man realized that' he could not make
the Jump and endeavored to check
himself, but it being a down grade
and traveling tob fast, to atop was im
possible. Just as he reached the edge
of the slip he stumbled and fell head
long Into the river. The current
caused by the wheel of the ferry
boat washed him under the pontoon
and he was seen no more. Filially by
the use of the same current that sent
the body under the ponloou It was
washed ashore under the wharf. On
the recovery of the body the excited
crowd seemed to lose their hesds en
tirely and not one out of the hundreds
that had congregated there thought of
of summoning a physician, or even to
attempt rolling tho strangled man, un
til life waa extinct. Mr. Sutherland
had been for a good many years con
nected with the Hunday Welcome and
is well known all over the stato.
Many years practice hsvo given C.
A. Know 6 Co., Solicitors of Patents,
ut Washington, J. C, unsurpassed
succchs in obtaining patents for all
classes of inventions. Thoy make a
specialty of rejected esses, and have
secured allowance of many patents
that had been previously rejected.
Their advertisement in another col'
limn, will be of interest to inventors
lateoUioa, manufacturers, and all who
have to do with patents.
A dispatch from Central Mexico
says that there has bcn no lain in
many sections of that state for nearly
two years. The cattle are dying by
thousands, and men, women and
children by scores are dying from
huuger. President Diss has been ap
pealed to and has suspended the cus
toms duties in order that bread stuffs
from tho United 8 tales can be gotten
to the starving people with the least
cost. ,
The Oregon Press Association meets
in annual session at Astoria today.
Tho Oregon editors took passage on
board lbs steamer It. K. Thompson at
Portland at 8 o'clock last evening for
Astoria and will spend today, tomor
row and 8 u ml ay in the vicinity of .As
toria and return to Portland Monday.
Astoria is undoubtedly the proper
place for this occssion, and the affair
will be pleasant one.
Ed. Smith of Spokane, and Mid
Kussnll of Vancouver, fought to a finiidi
with two-ounce gloves for a purse of
250 and the liht-weight champion
ship of the Northwest Sunday morn
ing last. The fight took place on
(lovernmeut inland, near Vancouver
and lasted twelve rounds, resulting lu
Smith's favor.
Judge F. A. Moore made a trip to
Astoria Monday, looking after railroad
matters In connection with the pro
posed Ooble-Aatoria road. The work
of securing right of way for this road
will commoner in a few days, and A
is a x pec ted grading for the road bed
will follow shortly afterwards, provided
(he right of way can be secured.
Mr. William llolsaplo informs u
that he has not been reccivicg lib
paper regularly at theTryon postofllci
Tiio fault is not at this ofllce as th
Mist is mailed regularly every Friday
morning to all of ita subscribers, and
they should receive it.
There will be preaching in the Rain
ier school house, Saturday August 2)
and Sunday August 30, 1891, by Rer.
B, P. Williams from Portland Oregon.
All sre invited to come.
The board of equalisation meets
next Monday. All persons who have
grievances to present to the board
should bo on hand on that day.
Special Land Agent Travis, ac
companied by an assistant, was in St.
Helous Monday looking after Uncle
Sam's interests.
William II. Brndon of the Nehalom
Journal was a welcome caller at this
office Tuosday. Mr. Braden reports
business as lively as usual in his sec
Rev. W. W. McCart has been as
signed the St. Helena and Clatskanie
charge by tho Oregon Annual M. E.
conference for the next year. .
The steamer Kellogg took au excur
sion Irom Kelso to Vancouver last
Sunday. They had a very good crowd
on bonrd wheti thi.y pnssed this plaoe.
Richard Hughes, employed on the
Oregoiu'sn'a new building in Portland,
was accident'.y shot and killed by John
Bevan last Sunday morniug.
To insure publication all communi
cations should reach this ofllce not
later than Thursday morning of each
week. ..
Walter Blakesley left last Monday
for Crescent City, California, where he
expects to engage, in, mining, -
Iii?heiit nrice naid for huttur. ecus.
etc., at Bacons' aliuce store, '
Goods exchanged for produce at
Bacon's store.
TI14 steamer Mantanlllo broke her
shaft last week aud has been laid up
for repairs ever since,
: Have you sampled those beautiful,
sweet candles at the drug store f Thoy
are very fine indeed,
Burton 0. Voae made final proof
on his pre-emption claim the a e J see
18 1 7 n, r 3 w, with William Holsaple
and 0. S. R. Washburn ai witnesses.
Superintendent Watts this Week sent
out by mail, to the various school dis
trict officers, one copy each of the new
school laws. Let him know If you fail
to get a copy. -
John Gildner made final proof on
his pre-emption Tuesday, the nw of
sec. 18, tp On, r 2 west, with S. A.
Fowler and 11. D. Burris as witnesses.
Mr. Charlea Meserve, editor and
proprietor of the Oregon City Enter
prise, was in St. Helena on Sunday
last. The pure water and bracing air
of the falls city evidently agrees with
Mr. Meserve.
Bertha M. Davis made final proof in
support of her claim, the so $ of se , a
of se J, and lot 4, sec. 7, tp 6 n, r 3
west, on Thursday, with Edwin Ross
and Oeorge M. Tennant as witnesses.
The Oregon slate fair will be held
at Salem, commencing Monday, Sep
tember 14, 1891, and continue for one
week. The fair this year promises to
be far ahead of anything in previous
years. The fair grounds are in splen
did condition and many new features
have been added to this year'a pro
gramme. Professor C. II Jones, a graduate
of Monmouth cojlege, and who taught
the spring term of school at Oillion,
has been engaged to teach the fall term
at St. Helena, which opens Monday
next. We hope to see a large atten
dance, especially at tbo commence
ment. Nothing encourages a teacher
mom than to see a disjiosition on the
pait of the patrons to use their un
divided efforts in behalf of the school.
On the olhor hand, if there is a large
enrollment to begin with it makca it
the more interesting for the pupils
and a larger will attend.
The Lewis River Transportstion
company who own the steamer Mas
cot, sre building another boat for the
Lewis river route. As the Mascot
draws too much water to get up Lewis
river at all times of tho year, the new
boat will be of light draught nd will
only ply on the two forks of the Lewis
river and transport the freight down
to deep water and on board the Mascot,
which will continue to make daily
tripe to Portland from or near the
mouth of tho river. The new steamer
will be 120 feet long and twenty-six
feet beam, and it is claimed that she
will bo the best light draft boat on the
The Woodland Transportation com
pany are progressing nicely with tlie
conatruction of their new boat which
is to run in connection with their
steamer Toledo 011 the Lewis and Lake
river route. The new steamer will
ply on L wis river only, above tide
water and transfer the freight to the
Toledo. She will be eighty feet long
and twenty feet beam. The ateamer
is npw being built at Woodland, and
m wuijRTtlr.vwn.hiu'wuY besrSiJen to
Portland to receive her machinery and
boiler, after which she will be placed
on ,th route in time to handle the
winter trade. The Lewis river grangers
evidently are in dead earnest, and are
making it rather interesting for the
old company.
Mrs. Frances Fuller Viotor, whose
name la familiar to a great many of
oar readers, is in St. Helens in the in
terest of a book she is having published
entitled "Atlantis Arisen." The work
is the most complete historical il
lustrated production we have ever
seen of the Northwest. It contains
a number of , beautiful illustrations
of Oregon City, Portland, Tacoma,
Gray's Harbor, Seattle, Spokane, the
Cascades of the Columbia, etc. . The
work is a carefully prepared one, con
taining about 400 pages, and a book
which no household can afford to be
without. The price of the book is f 2.50.
Mrs. Victor some years ago published
a book entitled "All ever Oregon and
Washington," which was, at that time
considered far superior to nnything
previously published. .
Nice warm weather with plenty of
smoke. .''.;
Prof. Griffith, the phrenologist, gave
a course of well attended lectures this
week. '1
Mr. Jas. Craig leaves this week for
Hubbard, Oregon, where he will en
gage in business.
' Honey man, Balch and others burned
thoir largo slashings Monday with very
good results. :.,
. The laying of the corner stone for
the new church on Thursday of last
week waa well attended, and the build
ing will be carried to completion at
once, ;
; J; L. Armstrong began work on his
brick yard Monday, -
' Fruits of sllkindsare quite plentiful,
in fact farmers have litile, to Com pis in
of n tis year's products. . -
Business is a little dull in town on
the account of farmers being busy bar
vesting. Crops are unusally large and
our warehouses will be filled to their
utmost capacity.
Our old friend (and granger) Tbos.
Cooper will do our threshing this
year. He says tliat he intend to give
the farmers big yield this season.
J. W. McGuire and wife left today
for their home In Kansas. Thev have
licen visiting their daughters, Mrs. N.
F.Baker snd Hisses lla and Kittle
McGuire, for the last two months. Mr.
McGuire is very much pleased with
our climate and soil and will return as
soon aa(he can dispose of bis property
in Kansas.
Mr. Darby was on our streets last
Sunday shaking hands with old friends.
Kogoue is always welcome.
W. J. Fullerton haa been kicking
up quite a dust on his farm aince ho
sold his store. .
Mr. F. M. Hoyt and family and Mr.
George Hanegan and family have re
turned irom a lew days camping at
Bunker Hill. They report a very pleas
ant time. Of course the Venison that
they got wss dear meat and we have
not sampled the blackberries, bnt
think they are very nice as good things
are done up in email parcels.
Misses Zoe arid Ethel Semple accom
panied thei- mother, Mrs. Hoyt, to
the mountains and were delignled
with thoir trip. They had the pleas
ure of listening to the coarse growls of
a panther one dark night while there,
which was quite entertaining.
H. W, K.
We have received The Mist from a
new manager and editor. It is to be
hoped that the new man wilt continue
to heap fuel on the fire so that none
of the sparks will die out that have
lieeu kindled by the former editor, and
that our county journal will become a
blazing lire that will 'm the hearts
of its readers and give light to those
that are in darkness, and become an
electric light to the other county
Some people think that a road su
iter visor should fix every part of his
road district at once. Bnt friends,
this is impossible. Wben there is a
dangerous bridge, or a real bad place
the supervisor should give it his atten
tion immediately. There are some
bridges between here and Enterprise
that are dangerous to traveling. The
supervisor knows of those places, snd
why not fix thorn before the county
is compelled to pay a heavy damage
from accidents.
Mrs. W. O. Tucker, of Hunters, has
been quite poorly of lpte with chills
and fever, but la at present able to be
up snd around, tliougk uot entirely
There has been bnt very little sick
ness here this summer, and only
veiy Jew deaths as compared with
other places, and, in fact, other years.
Whether the climate or the h&nd of
Siva have been removed we do not
know, but we have great reasons to
be grateful
Miss Burdick is visiting her father at
the Connell ranch.
Miss Maui Swager visited her
grandmother, Mrs. Charlea English,
last week.
The Sunday school is progressing
very nicely under the management of
Mr. Shockle, with twenty scholars
enrolled. .
Deer Island needs a gun and rod
club to pro tec t the game, for at the
rate hunters are couducting matters
the game will be amhilated m a few
years. The law is a dead letter with
some, even the chief justice of Deer
Inland was seen hunting for ducks on
the 10th Hist. .
If you think last Friday was not a
hot day to be a farmer lor
huniYne tfucits on his tan J jvwt come
around Close, Kalama and you -.Ul
nod out. "-
Weather fine and business good.
Our two "Billies," Winters and Gra
ham, are going -East to spend the
winter. We are sory to lose them as
they are both in good demand wben
winters come.
Business at the sawmill of L. F.
Banser will be delayed for a few days.
The pump is so badly damaged that a
new one will have to be substituted.
- Oue of the most enjoyable affairs of
the season came off last Saturday eve
ning. Yin Wilson gave a ball at C.
Wilson's sawmill. It was attended by
people from all the adjoining precincts.
The supper was the best the markets
afford, and aa to the mnaio, John and
Charlie know bow to "saw" for a dance.
The latest "fandango" of the season
came off Sunday. A party , of ladies
and gentlemen gathered at the Beaver
falls, including oar artist, which re
sulted iu a fine photo of the party and
the falls. All desiring pictures should
apply to C. A. Girt, Apiary, Oregon.
Price $1.
There lias, of late, been complaints
made against the Clatskanie mail
route. This takes the cake. The first
of this week a bag of potatoes contain
ing a note, and a letter was sent from
Clatskanie on the same day to Apiary.
The freight arrived one mail day
ahead. When it becomes necessary lo
bag up important mail matter and
transmit it as freight in order to insure
speedy delivery well we will give it
np. Lazy Ned ia beat. Lazy Ned.
' This county like most of the forest
regions on the coast, is almost inaocess
able to visitors and settlers, on account
of lack of wagon roads. It probably
looses live hundred families per year
for this reason. And, instead of gain
ing taxablo properly from improve
ments, remains for the most part a
wilderness with nothing to tax, while
the surface is substantially timber.
Owinir to windfalls, burns, etc, not
more than half is timber worth pre
serving. The half left would make
about 2000 excellent dairy and vegeta
ble ranches. Efforts to open roads sre,
however, being made. The last impor
tant ro4 is now being viewed, to con,
nect with the "msin Nehalem valley,
01 the south, snd open out to the
ocean beach at the seaside.
Southerly winds for the past week
have failed as yet to bring rain. The
weather has been sunshiny and warm
but the south wind dou't often fool us.
A single buttcut off of a spruce tree,
logged 011 the Lewis and Clark river,
scored about fiOOO feet of lumber. The
wholo tree made 20,000 feet. While
spruce logs now command the , best
market, at 6 dollars, but logs are dull.
. Houiroa.
The N. P. R. R. Co. are going to
build a fine new bridge over Milton
creek at this place. They already have
several cars of lumber on the ground.
The hoisting engine came today and
they expect the crew to go to work in
a few days. ; ....,:;''.' -;
Mr. E. L. Harrifon, traveling audi
tor for the N. P. R. R. Co., called and
gave Mr. Plummer an examination as
to hia proflcenccy to handle tickets and
express business. As the examination
was alright and his bonds satisfactory,
be was appointed ticket agent and a
ticket oflice formally opened with the
promise of a freight ande xpresa office
in the near future. Mr. Plummer has
been doing all in his power for the past
year to have tickets placed on sale at
Uoulton. UNB of the 110 vs.
No law can pay a man's private
debts, 01 put money in his pocket.
These statements, as self-evident as
they are, need to be repeated occas
ionally to those men who have an idea
that it is possible to be idle and at the
same time be prosperous, by means of
legislation. The citizens support the
state and it is only tha paupers who
are or who can be supported by the
aarkahle Hescae.
Mrs. Michael Curtain. Flainfield,
makes the statement that she caught cold.
which settled on her hmg; she was treat
ed fur a month by her family physician, bat
grew worse. He told her she was a hope
less victim of consumption and that no
medicine could care her. Her draggist
suggested Dr. King's new discovery for
Consumption; she bought s bottle and to
her delight found herself benefited from
the first dose. She continued its use and
after taking ten bottles, found herself sound
snd well, now does her own housework snd
is ss well ss ever shs was. Free trial bot
tles of this Great Discovery st Edwin Ross'
Drug store.
Thk St. Hklkhs Hotel. This
house, under the management of Mrs.
McNulty, is complete in every detail
as a country hotel. Every department
has been thoroughly refuted and re
furnUhed. The tablea are spread with
everything the market offers, and the
lodmne apartments are all tnatcan De
desired. A good horse and buggy is
kept for the convenience ot customers.
Give the St. Helens a can.
Notice is hereby given tnai an persons
are Hereby warned against risbing, hunting
or otherwise trespassing on my premises
on leer Island W. D. CONSKLL. A OU 1 (XII nK-l.n
CC o
Notice is hereby- given that the board of
equalisation will meet at St. Helens, in the
courthonse August 31, 11, for the purpose
01 equalising we assessment 01 iroi. All
claims lor correction must be mate betore
the board. C. F. Doan,
Ua28 . . County Assessor.
An old nhvsician. retired from nractice.
having bail placed in his hands by an East
India missionary, the formula ot a simple
vegetable remedy for the speedy sod per
manent cure 01 consumption , Droncnitus ,
catarrh, asthma and alt turoat and luns af
fections, also a positive and racicai core
for nervous debility and all nervous com
plaints, after having tested its wonderful
curative powers in thou sands of cases, has
felt it his duty to maks it known to hia suf
fering fellows. Aotustsd by this' motive
ana a aesire to relieve numsn sunertua-. 1
will send free of charge, to all whodeslre It
(his recipe, in Herman, r rencb or Migllsh.
with full directions fur prepanng and using.
Sent by nsil by addressing with startup,
ns,nuig tnts paper. vr. A. noTM, (
820 Powers' B!ock Scchcster, Nl Y
Sheet-Iron, Tin
212 First anil cor. Salmon Street . PORTLAND-
The line New Steamer,
Built for the Kalama and Portland Trade,
Will be ready to go on the Route)
P,Y THE 10TH OF MAY. 1891.
Leaving Kaiama at 6 a. m.,
Leaving Portland at 2:30 p. m.,
St. Helens, Columbia County, Oregon,
Summer Stock
Dry Goods, Ladies' and Gents Furnishing Goods,
And Novelties of the Latest Styles and Designs. All Sold at
fcXOrders tor Rcvgh
Notice to Creditors.
Th nndersiened having- besn appointed
Administrator of the Estate ot A. Dotta,
deceased, all persons haying claims against
?sid estate; are requested to present ttie
same to me with the proper vouchers at my
Blare of business in the town 01 ueiinen.
olnmbia county, State of Oregon, within
six months from this date.
u. U. JAVlUHStl,
Administrator aforesaid.
Dated July 28, 1891. - J31 5t
- Final Settlement.
-VT - ...... th.t T Willi. m
U I IV ft is niu.1 uiim, Hin i " .........
Svmons, Administrator of the Estate of
Eleanor Reed, deceased, have filed in the
county court of Columbia county, Oregon,
tny nnai account OI luy aaiuiniairanuu, w
(tether with my petition for distribution of
the residue of said estate, and that the
judge of said court haa fixed Monday, Sep
tember 7th, 1891, at 1 o'clock p. m. , of that.
day, and the court room ot saia court as
toe time ana piace tor seiueiuent ui biu
account snd hearing said petition, when
snd where any person interested may ap
pear and offer objections thereto.
j31 5t Administrator of said estate.
IT a Tjnrl ofllre! Ore iron CitT. Orecoa. July 18
1091. Complaint having been entered at this
Office by August Mathews against John Pet
tenon for abandoning bis Homestead Entry
No. 7711, dated Seb. at. isw.upon tne swft section
l trnhln&. n ranflre &. w. ia Columbia coun
ty, Oregon, with a view to the cancellation of
said entry, the said parties aie hereby sum
moned to appear at Mist Oregon, beiore N.
C. Pale. Notary Public, on the loth day of Sep
tember, 11. at 10 o'clock a. m., te respond fad
furnUh tetdmony concerning said alleged
abandonment. And on testimony then sub
mitted a hearing will be had at this omce on
October ui, itwi, at iu o ciock a. m.
, J. T. A PPKKSON, Register.
J&lat B. F. UURCH, Receiver.
I.an1 Oflre at Oregon Cttv. Or.. Jlllv IS. ISM.
otice is hereby given that the following
named settler has Sled notice of hia Intention
to make Snal proof in support of his claim, and
that said proof will be made before the County
Clerk of Olnmbla conutv, at St. Helens, Otegoo,
oa August ,18B1 vis; -
Homaatead entry 7J61, for the kH w. SS, t ,
rSw. Ht name the followius vMaeeu to
prove his conMuoons raioeaoa speu sna cuu;
vaflnn .1 M lanA vU- .-A it. IL C. W.
Fowler. D. R. Foivlef aad.lj, W. Kmeiwas, al Oi
Table and Pocket Cutlery
Dairy and Household
Cooking and Heating
and Copper Ware,
Arriving at Portland 10:30 a. m.
Arriving at Kalama 6:30 pm.
Kalama, Wash.
or Planed Lun ber53
C. 8. Land Office. Oregon City, Oregon. July ?. .
IK91 Comolaint having been auiercl at this
Office by Ignas Sintek agsiiiat illiam Form ior
abandoning his Homestead entry No. 7WS, dated
July Vt lwH. upon tne a n wc.won town
ship. N ranee 8 W, in Columbia county, !
gon, with a vieV totheraiu'cllaiion of said en
try, the said parties are hereby summoned to
appear at thin office on tlie Mh day of October,
1491. at lOoYlock, a. m.. to respond and furoih
testimony CO nee rninswtlii alleged abandonment.
J. T. ArlT.IWrt. IWKIKirr.
B. V. mSHCll, Itaceiver.
tt n tjiiuinfflca. Oiwmrn Cltv. Oresnn Julv 17.
lmi CnmiUfiit havina been entcied at this
Office by NeU Thomnsoa agatnH August Hobs-
nsgle for abandoning ins omeieau r.mry
. HODS, dated Jlllv IS. INS). UIKMl the & f. ' i
Section SO. Township , N. Range 2, W. in Co
lumbia County, Oregon with a view to theean
cellatlon of said entry, the said parties are here
by summoned to appear at this ort'n-e on the 'Mill ,
day of sept,,-isj)l, at 10 o'clock A. M., to respond
ana iiiruiMi lextnuuiiy concerning siu auegau
J. T. ArrsnsoK. Kcglster.
J81 si li. r. bi'UCH, Receiver.
Notice to Creamers.
The undersigned having been atiointcd
administrator of the estate of John t arrow,
deceased, all persons lmving claims
against said estate are requested to present
sue same to me viin proper vuncuerv at
niv place of business in the town of Coble,
Calumbie county, state of Oregon, wituiu
six montna from tne ante nereot.
. A. NEVIK, '
' Administrator aforesaid.
Dated August 13, 101. altell
Notice to CreeUtora.
The undersigned having been appointed
administrator of the estate of H. S. Mitch
ell, deceased, all persons having claims
against said, estate sre requested te pre
sent the same to me, with proper vouchers,
at my place of business in the town of
Oohle, Columbia-county, state of OrVgon,
within six mouths from the date hereof.
Administrator aforeentd.
Dated August IS, 1891. . a 14x11
INvtlaad, Orvitne, A.. P. anBstrome pna.
dcmmc ..rii.& nm- mjn naif..,, vn
I' 1101 UT an. psv.!budsia
t 1