The Oregon mist. (St. Helens, Columbia County, Or.) 188?-1913, August 07, 1891, Image 2

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    :io: MIST
;:iFri(x, $1,50 ier RAR.
i. I.ti-)M, OrVISUU.,
A&g. t.i
-ii-j u'.uLi!
it I yj" 'ft hi
... iCOUD 11YH.
'Unviiif li.iiootj o,f ny jteM.H So
Thb Onitaos.MiKT to Wr. C It, BjW,
lake ilt'Hure in eoiumenilinu; liim hi
,Ui good wilt of it .patiynia I wuuld
.Also ex pre ply hearty appreciation of
tlhe patronage extended Tis Mist
retiring 10 y t'onuoctutP villi it, and es
.jieciallv to lUoae who contributed
roni lima to time to the jiiktresta id
its columns, in the way of couuly ami
.uUmr eva, JU. arwclf iilly.
J. H. SnxK.
All persons indebted to TiHK Mist
1r K'k1 and otlior arlvrrtisiux in re-
K.-etiuilY retiueeted to at-UIe Uie annte
t n early date, aaall advertising nc-
,(-ounU to Auguot 1, 13U1, are Uu and
, payable to me. All vulwcripiion
rwaitea are payalle to Mr. J. 11.
jBeegte. ' ; J. II. Stink.
jDttUd August 1, 1891.
In Mnuaoj wuMree of Thb Mist it
pi nut necessary t.bat jre should liav
u iutradoctiun m we anrved the lint
Jtaree Jean of our annrvuticeship on
j&'u paper and axe pretty well known
0 tbe greater portion uf tbe people of
itA couuty. Jfe wiU simply any thai
after an atactica from Uie county of
,6ver three years, I find that Uie tame
narca of pixpeiily ia still in ;rogress at
; .wfien fast here. A to The Mist we wish
40 say that our patrom will beanpplied
jwith lie best paper tliat oul" limited
.circumstances, will permit of. If We
.ayccMd to any extent it will by the as
sistance of Uie general public, and we
.trust that our .effort may be appre
ciated in Ue iutute and merit the
rood wUl of all. If ijiere ia anything
jut iru porta oca happens in your section
yon will confer a great favor on thj:
J per by sending in a report .of it. We
jnvit discussion upon all matters of
general interest, yet reaenre the right
io reject any and aH communications
.of a radical persona! nature. Solicit
ing a continuance .of your patronage
jwe are ery ret pecfully yoora.
. J. E. Beeglb.
-c 80 far aa possible every man should
Aim to socc re a boroe ot hi own. In
ibe long run it is cheaper. Tbe temp-
station of one who rents is to maka Ire.
jaent cuanges, aua no truer spying
was erer tittered than that ''three
noves are as bad as a fire." You may
Jiave only an average amount of furni
ture. Its transportation cannot be
.effected without breaking some of it
anxl marring a great deal more. As a
rule nothing fits whither yon go.
" Even things which you did not need
will have to be bought to replace de
stroyed or damaged ones bo as to meet
new conditions. When all has been
done you are $5Q cr $75 worse off than
yon were -before. Bemles all con
uectea witu the liouf-eliold are worn
put, disgusted, sick of themselves and
.everyoooy inat uiey Know : that is
poles tlie are angels in disposition
ft seems strange to see a large propor
tion of the families in the community
ear op and move every spring, as if
Jje vagrant lubit of their ancestors
away back in tbe early centuries still
ran as a tendency in Ibeir blood and
jttould not be resisted. In the seeoud
place, any man who ceases to Jive in a
Jtired house in exchange for one of bis
jown instinctively, unconsciously be
comes a better citizen. He gains
pew interest in seeing the tales kept
Moderate, business IJouriisb, good order
prevail, genera) improvements go for-.
wajftf and the conditions of the peo-
jiteli nappioess and prosperity multi
plied. It is among the propertyless
glasses chiefly that socialism, revolu
tion and anarchy flourish and endan
ger tbe existing order of things. It is
a duty that the head of the family
pwes not only to - those dependent
jipon him for support but to the com
nuuity to aim to become a home
Jiolder. . The larger ti proportion of
ihje class in tbe country the safer will
fail the ship of state.
JShoulp Mr. Atkinson, the eccentric
puHionnire who is tjie Tory member of
furliaincnt for the ancient and decay
; ng little borough Qf Bostpn in Hdcoo
ahire, tesign his seat at he threatens to
4o,or should he be expelled from the
House of Commons, the Gladatonian
Drill opt have pmch trouble in wiuninj
lifloUier victory.; Atkinson gained the
flcat jn 1886 through . mere accident
and ly a majority of only 48, tbe poll
standing 1493 for Atkinson to
wr ins Home Kule op-j
tju;.,,, t, iiiiain a. jugrnin, propneier
ol the London Illustrated News tnd a
only tjie way, of William J. Ingram,
who was lost In the Lsdy Elgin wreck
( f ally Chicago history. Mr. Ingram
ei the selected Liberal candidate.
'I ho Tories have determined in any
!-vtr,t not to name Atkinson, and have
Uctcd as their msii a young. Jordling,
f ntn t-3rairijf!ioqi)oyii'Krtiiby. Jn
4;af w tl!9(5ii4tV njHjority 0 298
' 1 , iHrfore'.tlifl hbifle-rtilewuewus
1 1 7 s fcvp msjwity. TJmler 1 -e !.'
TJ-.P .rtnrof t&e BitiWcr ami Wart
VVorkur believes iu trudo nhwitif. It
gives it young' man, iii a few niotvths.l.s
di.VjiiistrncU Unit it would tuk him
the same nunilwruf years to "pick ui
iiujiiiiuirit m a bM'p, and aeoompauii s
ibis iuatnicti ju with a tochuicid and
'scfentUta .leaching .uf the wh.vs juid
wberitforei of his woi that the
shop pelJom .or : nevor' furninhes.
At tbe iime. time, enables lum to
reach the singe at which ho -"attains
Value as a iiict'b nio tliiu niuish eailUsT
than if ho went Into a shop as a boy.
He can commence with the tr:ide
schools in seven tetiu.h or oihtcenih
yeiir, and would be just as far n the
ahon boy uu comitle'.iug' Jiis tntde
school course, with ' the inrnlcuhtlde
udvantago, if h h.ia wisely nsed hi
time, of possessing the foundation for
an education that ex'tr help him.
It would seem that Mr. Knnim,
owmer of the steamer Mascot, plying
on Lewis river, wotdd gt tired of run
uing a ooat wnicn Joes not pay ex
penses by a considerable, and whose
business is gradually deceasing all lh
t'nie. In the past, in this state, steam
boats owned and eontroled by farmers,
have not been a success financially,
but in the case of the 'Toledo, owned
and Operated by a combination of
about 600 farmers under contract to
support the boat of tbe com bine, they
are doing a fair business and accom
modating themselves nt the same
time. The farmers are able to control
transportation' liues if they are well
organised and will stick together and
select some oue ot their number to
ninnatre the business for them who
ill give his entire energy to their in
terests. But unless this ia done there
ia sure to be dissent ion iu their ranks.
and once started will in the eud ter
minate in disaster.
Stonewall Jackson was a poor rider
indeed, he was reckoned the worst
rider in the Confederal: army. But if
a poor rider, he certainly was a success
as a raider. i
The Empress of Germany is loval
to the Fatherland to the extent of hav
ing alt her dresses made in Beiliu and
Vienna. She buys her bats in Ber
lin and only her gloves come from
Susan B. Anthony finds that twen
ty-three stales have tiven woman the
right to vote for school ollicers. That
is just a majority of all the states,
Susan now moves to make it unanimous.
Lord Wokeley. the famous English
General, is a small man, with a slim,
lithe figure. His face is ruddy, bis
eyes blue, and he wears a dn.ppi g
gray mustache. He is now 58, and
his hair is grown white.
Officer John Rollings, whose not is
at the corner of Tliirtitjnth and Chest
nut stieets, Philadelphia, claims to be
the tallest policeman 111 the United
States. His height is six feet
inches, and weight 34G pounds.
The favorvite page of the Crown
rrincess 01 eweuen is a tune nearo
boy who was imported from EgvpL
lie is a pretty little fellow of 12. years
nu is tiresseu in a picturesque cos
tume lopped off with a diminutive red
Capt. Haines, of the steamship
r.trnria aim commouor 01 the Cun-
rd fleet, has just completed his 508th
trip across the Atlantic. He began
his sea life in 1&S8, and has been in
lbs service of the Cunard company
since loai.
Leo XII. was baptized by the names
of Viiicensoaml Uioacebino. His moth
er always called him by his (ir. t name,
winch was use J by himself up to the
termination of his collegiate days,
wtien lie began to use the second
President Harrison expects to shoot
deer in W est Virginia next fall in com
pany with Stephen B. Elkins, accord
ing to the Pittsburg Chronicle, which
adds that Mr. Blaine will . probably be
in the party, even if he does not join
the hunt. The club-house at which
the President will stay is on Cheat
Mountain, near Beverly, in Randolph
county, and it is said that fine sport
is to be had there.
Matlia BpreaatMft
.Concerning the Mafia autiiety iuthis
country, we copy .ilia lollbwiug from
Tuesday's Oregnniani' ?
Eugene I'oclvtue and R. II. Hum
phrey, bad an examination in Josiioe
Wood's court yosUirdny" morning on a
ohnrgv of assault with intent to kill.
The complitining witness, David Re
Retta., is the .vegetable render Whose
horse was recently shot near the gar
bjig dump ,ou the St. Ud 11s road.
Ueyetla useoted Pooltine, as the lat
ter, bad f recently niadu threat against
him because he (.Uegetto) refused to
join the Ouibago Haulintr Union.
This Union is a sort of u Mallun trust,
ami mit of the Italian givrlmgo haul
ers -la-long to it. So pmiiouurud were
the t hi eats made against Uegetto that
two .of his -men left his employ for fear
of getting killed. -One of Rrgcti's
horses was shot Ky some man coueenl
id in the bt4i last Tnesdny, and it
laeamo necessary to kiU the animal.
Asrtated lafore, Regotto suspeted
1'ia-hino and Humphrey, and caused
Uictr arrest. Hi suspicions ssere not
entirely unfounded, for he sueceeded
in adducing enough evidence to sliow
Hint I ot-Iune had been hangm around
the brush, neaxtho place whtre the
shooting occurred, wi;h a gun. This
is only circumstantial evidence to be
sure, loit Justi. e Wood concluded to
hold Pochino just the same. He
bound him over to appear before the
grand jury under bonds in the sum of
tZM. Iiinnphr y was discharired be
cause there was no evidence against
The Portland pclico authorities are
of the opinion that a branch of the
notorious Jlaha society is lm-nted in
this city, and more trouble among the
Itulia.13 mty Iks expected.
1 HMdtr Haiktr.
Mr. Frank Huffman, a yminj man of
BuMnKtun, Ohio, states that lie lias he-n
under the rare of two prominent physlri int
and ust-d their trratmcnt until he wa-i not
able to get aniuml. lie was irsuailcil to
try Dr. King's Sew Discovery for Consump
tion, Cough slid Colds, and ut that titno
was not able ti walk arrom the street with
out retting. He found, before he ha I used
half of a dollar bottle, that he wai niui-b
better; be continued to uss it and is to-day
njoylna: good heahh. If you have any
Throat, Lung, or Chest Trouble, try It. We
guarantee satisfaction. Trial bottle free at
Kdwiu Ross' Drugstore.
'TkaCclaliratol French Gura,
etuorvuiu uiMra,a
or an diioMrd
Uis svucralive
vtotcr arUlim
inaa I haxnMMi o
BEFORf uit)ttitiiauuuv, AFrCR
Tnbaooo or Opium, or throiiah o-ualul ni.iti
llun. over tnuulmxit-it. . turh Limi ot II
Power, Wakef niiu-M, llesrtns down Hslnctuilis
lav.-k, Setiilual WeatuMis, lly.loi:, Nmom
tiiitlou. N M-umst Kmlwloui; t -.coithiva. 1I
liaiu,Wiak Msiaarr, l,na nt towaraiHl Imp
tencf.wtilt-hlf neirleetistofwn Irafo nremsiata
IU am anl tnxmi'tv. Wtco a hnx, sihmjs
lor f ivm fSQ r ina i on twvu.t ol iirieo'
A WHITCKM tlltAIIAKTKK J irtron tor
voryf.iiir;vriwe;rvi. 'nota tasniiiiiev u
S ft'srtuaaout rare U not tifAeh-d. We have
t'innsau'lini testlmnalata rminoM and yoiniK,
of bolhsexo,wh"liavH ttoea tHnitaiwuUy run 'I
tjrttienaaof APIimiiuoo. cireniarlnm, AuUlvil
Wtftluia iiruuci, lijx S7. vau. Oa
For sale by JSDWIN ROSS, DKrootsT,
; St. Helens, Or,
Ktoetrle Billora.
This remedy is bci-oiiilnir so well known
and so popular as to need no scial men
tion. All aha have ti-eil Klu-triu Vitters
sing the same s.nj? of praise. A purer
medic'ine does not exL-t and it is fruarsn
terdtodoa!! is claimed. Kbctric Itittvrs
will cure a'.l diseases of the I.lvi-r and Kid
neys.aU remove liiiles.B,iIs.Salt Kheiini
and other affi-etions caused by impure
t)!o d Will drive Malaria from the sys
tem and prevent as well as cure all Malarial
fei-crs.--For cure of Hiaduche. Constipa
tion and imlijre-tiun try tli-ctrlj Hitters
Entire sat inflict ion guaranteed , ir money
refunded. I'rii 50c and nor Lottie at
Edwin Row' Drugstore.
rermaneiitlr Cured n-ltlinut Cuttlnr, BliriitnB
or ooaoair. a (wriei-iiv itainiess ireniaicui siai
a guaranteed oara Iu everv rvto. no matter hour
loux MUBittux- Tils treatmoui, lor SHU
Pr. Hn.TWi-U . t the snrutest otx-otery known
to Milji-tn. It ai-su.he aud viulelelr w
aatvon the strkstun wlllioul auuoyaui-a or aln
u in luiuaui.
of Men!
Peru 1 tar to their wx, mil not proper to Mine
here, i at-1 mm tic nti ihM tie ninrtiiuui
mtp Vttkufiit"i, which ih wtxihl tthrlnk irom
tli'hwiiitftolhtriMiniW tmlfln, titfnuaiioiil
ly cured In lev ttmo Ihmiwm ver kiiouii lo
of Trvrttmttut. II reJtivrHutvv th Bvnlta-uil
imry oiynMn itud mk wvutt: mm ulittiitf.
Wtteu lKfanihle, tt 1 iilwttvft btut u rH for
imtttu tiiMi)tii4iti .ik) tiH ImI xiiniiutifltiti. liul
iho-e who canutil iMMthihlv mil. liHill write
trtrttin ihetr cni fullv, Mottoliif cnl hy uiH
or rxtirtfSM, whKhi, fre fnn oxuwuio, to nil
liirU uf the l;tt ibr rot, , AtUir.
Xk m A. Dsvw ll, lfl,
'ofwttilujr PhyslHtto,
General Real Estate Agent,
St. IIki.kns, Okkoox.
f.rrahejrrff Sale oa Fjre;!Mura
Henry Labonehere, the famous free
lance London editor and member of
Failiament, is a little fat man who a
correal tondent who recently saw him
describes as sitting in a leather chair
twiddling a grizzled beard. "Ho U a
millionare, a Iiadical, an unsufferable
wag. tie has an exuberant animosity
Mr an srovernments ; be ts the bud bov
of the House of Commons; the fat.
wicked little jeswr of the English
Dr. Henry T. Helm bold, the famous
tmncliu man, wiio was credited with
having piled np a fortune of 110.000.-
000 by the sale of his patent medicines,
is once more in a madhouse. Chained
at the wrist and with shackles on his
ankles, he was taken from bis home
at Long Branch, last Friday, sod con
veyed to the insane asylum at Trenton,
N.J. He is now in a strait-jacket, a
raving maniac. It is the fourth time
within tbe last twenty years that the
doctor's family has been compelled to
place him under restraint, This will
probably be the last, for competent
physiuiats have pronounced his case
Baiekles Arnica salva.
The Bet Salve la tbe world lor Cuts, Unities,
Sorea, fleers, Salt Rhenm, Fever Sores, Tetter,
Chapi-ed Hands, Chilblains, Corns and all skin
Krnptlous, and positively cures Piles, or no pay
required. Jt Is iruaranteed to give perfcet satb
fa?(lon, or money refunded, Priee 2.1 ecuts per
box. For Sale tty Edwin Kims.
Norics is nsREDT oivEir, that by virtue
of a chattel niort(r i(.e given by K. A. Kniith
to S!e-ip. Kloxit-rnniii A Co., on the 12th
day of May. A 1.. 111. hjhmi Ibe nersonal
jro(rty, tiereinafter described, to secure
the payment of tiie sum uf KilUen Hun
ilreif und Korth-three Dollars, with interest
thereon nt the rare of ten pvt cent (a-rviar,
from May 12th, 1H61. which mortf age debt be
came due and iavab!e sixty days after said
late. And aherean default has been made
in the payment of said sum. I, as Sheriff of
Columbia county. Orepon, did on Ihe 2sth
day of July, lUi, by written request of the
said mortgagees, dole It rv upon the' er
sonsl property deserilwd fn the said chat
tel mortgage, to-wit: One hundred thous
and feet ol lirst-class cetiar lumber, now
in the lumber yard of K. A. 8tuith's mill at
Mist, Columbia county, Oregon, tiftv-tive
thousand feet of which lumber is known a
"door stock." Now therefore by virtuo of
the said mortpsge, the default in the pay
ment thereof, the written request of the
said innrtRagee and the levy aforesaid, I
will sell at public auction on the 11th day
of August, Mil, at the hour of one o'clock
n. ra.. at the said mill yard at Mist, in the
said Htnte and County, the personal pnir
ty, above described, to the highest bidder
for ca-h, or so much thereof, as may be
necessary to sati.fy the said mortgage, to
wit: The sum of Kift.-en Hundred and
Eiehty-one Dollars, in It. S Gold Coin, be
sides the sura of Three Hundred and Kix
teen Dollars, attorney's fees as provided by
the terms of said ohitt.-l morliriio and the
costs and expenses of such sula
w. a. jir.r.Ktit.
Sheriff of Columbia county, Orcuon.
The foIlnwinR are a few of the farms anil
bther propel ty which will appear in this
column, ami with will be rolu on ti-rms to
suit purchaiera. The best fruit lands in
Uie Columbia liver. Can guarantee the
best ot watir, and one the healthiest lan-s
in Oregon, 'j best farms arc all mar the
.X. V. railroad, and within from out) lo two
hours' ride from Portland, where a coo. I
market 15 afforded for all products:
10 Aeres--rix acres rleaied ; mw house and
barn: running watir and spring; p. ml
" fruit land.
HW Acres Fifteen acres cleared; 3 aeres
of yoilne orennrd , bc;:imiint to bear, also
small fruit: new house, 2tn2'.', 15 sto
ries: (rood weft-water at the door; I lulle
f mm school house.
10 Acres JSir acres cleared; some frnil
trees; pood bouse Wri.'; branch of .Mil
ton creek runs through the land, also
good spring water.
80 Acres Tinilier land in t'ow'itx ci-un-Wa-di
; well timlx-ied witii ytllou- lir and
ami cedar.
'ivuul innsaSTiii
LoggorsS and "V"ood--Chopxors Sunplies
Saws, Under Cutters, Mann's Axes, Wedges, Sledges, Peavys, Chains, Etc. 1
mt rmtvr sthkkt, pioii'k f..himi iiotku ianri.i.
Webfoot Saloon.'
TWOS. C00PKK, rrtiji'r.
Cyrus Noble's Whiskies.
Excellent Wines, Liquors and
An Excellent l'owl and Billiard
V art US A CALL :
Administratrix Final notice.
Kotics is hrbkrv civss that Mary Tlmoi
as. executrix of the last will and testament
of isaav Thomas, deceased, has tiled her
final account ot administration of the said
estate, with tbe county court ef Colninhia
county. Oregon, and that said county court
has appointed Tuesday the 23lh day of
Aueust, Irtil , at 1 o -loclt p. m. f said day,
at the court bouse in said county as the
time and place for hearing of objections to
suid accoimtand for objections of i he same.
1 tits notice is published by order of D. J.
Hwitzer, ju.lvre of said court,' duly made on
me ziai uay 01 juiy irsui.
Mast Thomas.
O. P. Masob, Att'y. Execuirix,
AtlinitiiKlrntor's Sale.
Sotu s is MRRKBY niVKS that pursuant to
a i order of the county f ourt uf tbe H ate
of Oregon for Columbia county, iiuidn on
the eleventh day of May, lKtil. the under
siantd Administrator ot the K-ituU-ot Mary
lleiim-tt, drcea-H-d, will sell at pill. I c auc
tion, t the highest bidder, for cash in liand
att'iec iurt bouse door In the town of
.Vaint 1I lens, olumhla county, Oregon, on
H'lturdny. the 15tli day of Au-ju.-t, lwil, at
11 o'clock . m.. tbe followi iK de-cribe l
r al protierty, belonaina to t'le estiite of
Mary lSennett, dei-ea-eil, toWit: Tbesouth
west quarter of the no:tbwest quarter(.S W
Ki of K W 14) f section six (t) in townsllin
nunilier four (t i north, range oue (II wet
of the Will inn tie meridian and c-mt linina
tnining forty-four (44 ) acres nctrording to
the L'nited States goren ineot survev.
. W'M. II. IIoi.hik,
Administrator of said Kstute.
8t. Helen, Ore-oil, June 10, liftll.
SKCII 1IEIXO TIIK t'ASSK. tt liehnove
y. u to find the in t de-iiablu place ti
puruluise vonr ' l:ivi,;..rntir."
Take this otipnrttin'tv t.i tell the renders ot
.mint mat tney nave ut
e finest I'ne of Wines 1.1 mora and
Cigars to Le found tbisside ot I'oi t
hind. And if uu i-h to
enguKe in tt t;iiiie ot
Thy can n-im e you tiat tliey 1-ovc tin
nt tul'l-' in low'n. Kveryt..iiK n w nn-1
in-lit, yijur piitroungc U rr iHrclfiUy
fc't ILKim. - Oregon.
Land Offtrf tit Oregon City, Oregon June 2ff. 18t.
Notice I Hereby Kfvn l(jnt tlie fnllfwiii(f
UHinel fettler hit (llwl notice nf tain fntt'UIiH
to make Hunl irnf in RupfMirt of hi claim, mid
thatMii'l prtH)t will be mwle before the county
t.lerkof OoliimhU county, atKt, Heieiit, Oiexon,
on AultiiH J, 11, vu: Andrew AnitbrtMip,
home-teul entry N. A7M for Ihe NPj mwtloii
1H, township 3 north, rctnge'i c.t
114 nitme the followliiK witnciKCM to prove
his 'roiittonouM realileni-e upoikatifl culttviifclon
of, mild iiin.l, vlx: William Wuit. H. ii, Maine,
Wiltirirn It ml in, A. T. Crtleey, it It of caiipotMH
potofflfe. ( iuiuIjih county. (rceoti. -julylUuugU
J. T Al'VEUMfS, Kt filter.
VV, A paaiphlat of laftmnatlsa sad as. f
J .raot ot UM Utmt, bulna lluw f
f Olasln pulwis, CnaiL Trade AT V
For j our Drugs, when yon enn buy them ut home
JbfJaKSB Money, nnU snve traveling cxpeiifou.
At a grocery or hitrtlwnre ptore, 'when you can get
get them Fresh ami Pure u. a regular lihurtuuey.
Drug Store,
You will nlways find a complete stock of Drugs'
Patent Medicine, CheniktilH, Toilet Articles
Plain and Fancy Stationery, School IJtHika '
and c!chtoi StipjilieH, amlill Arti
cles iiHiittlly kept in a w$l reg-uhitv-'d
Prescriptions and .Fan&y Receipts,
Orders from the country will -receive our tmiml
Pkomit Attkxtiox
JM PORT hit AMI lr:.U.r:it IN
Diamonds. Clocks
Watches, Jeweterv, and Optical Ccotfs. " :)
Tine Watch arid Jewelrv Rop airing J
Orders from the Country Solicited. 1
165 first Street, Between Morrison mi Yamhill. Portland, Or.! "
Ijind Offlrs al OrcKon City, Orf-non. June II.IHtil.
ottcs Is hereby fftvsu that tha f-'llou-ina
name4 settler has flteil nottre of herlntetttfoa In
make final priiof la stipMrt ft b.r i-Ulia, and
that salil uriMif will be aiane ttnr the Cimiitv
Clerk of Columbia count)', at bt Helens, Oregon,
oil Auk. 4, lstil. vis: -
ADAUNK REED, formerly Alallne Bellcnlr.
iiomesieuu cniry no. r7. i t ine sa oi er zii,
tp 0 n r 2 w. Hh. names the following wttne-wes
to prove her cmilfniious residence utisaiil eul
tiratiunof. sslil land, vlx: i'mlcr s:lloii 21101
K. H. 1. Archibald, f. Arrhlluld. J. I' Well
and II. Johnson, all of lteiili.ii, f. O., Columbia
roiinty, Oregon.
Iy0i 4 iiirn.nm?, jtejfisier.
Land Offlre at Oregon City, Or.. July 21, 1W1.
Notice ts berebr riven that the fnllmrlne.
named settler has riled notice of his liilemlon to
make nnal proof in support of his claim, and
that said proof aril! lie made before the euniiiv
clerk of Columbia county, at SI. Helens, Oregon,
on September w. 11. viae
rniftn rAi i, nursun,
Homestead entry No. SI7S. for the nwU of see.
27tnr2w. He names the following wltnew-
es 10 prove nisconiiauoiis resuenee utMin ana
cultivation of. said land, vis: A. Dotta, Fred
Ke-iben, Columbia Count:
JS1 si
IiiK U-her. Knos Jones and Homer Brown, all of
1 County, Oreiroii.
J.T. aH'ERSON, Beieiater.
' " aff - if
i -rJ .-ji, . gg If f 6W'
a ifti is-.
Land Office nt Oregon City. Or., July 7, VOX.
Kotic la hereby given that the followina
named settler has filed notice of his Intention
hi make final proof in siiirt of his claim and
that said proof will be made Is-fore the ei'imty
clerk oll olumMa county, at Mt. Helens, Oregon,
on August tb, Mil, vis:
Pre-emption I). 8. No. 7&iO for the sw'4 of sec. 1
lp n J w. He names the following wlcnewes
to prove nis coniinuoux rexiuence iiM,n and cui
tlvalion of. said laad, vis: H. D. Hurn.w. H.
Powler, C. Monroe end J. M. Ix-ndsay, all of
Keuoen,oiuin oia connij. vn-cgon.
Jldalt J. T. AFl'tKSON, Ueglster.
The Consolidator Saloon
6or. Thfrd and jpllder 8k,
Portland Oregon
J. H.SWAGER. I'ropT.
) (
The Finest Brands8 of Wines,
Liquors and Cigars.
DIDOT'Q five mn
mvoi mam
The Fi lends of the I'mprletnr In Culuiiilila
County are esiaxially rtiieslcd to cull
when in tlio city.
Land Office at Oregon City, Or., July 13 1MI,
Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has filed notice of his intention
to make Anal proof In support of his claim, snd
that said proof will be made before the County
Clerk of Columbia con my, at al. Helens, Oregoa,
oil Augustus, mi, vis; .
Homestead entry for the s of sec. . t , n
r t w. He names U.e following wllnesiies to
prove htseoiitlnuous resldeuce upon and cnltl
vntien of, said Und, viz: H. It. Kork, '. t.
Kowlcr. t. B. Fowler and C. W. Kmenon. ail of
ajt. Helens, Columbia county. Oregon.
in ku , i. An tKBu., egiiter.
Land Office at Or on City, Or., July M. 1S91.
Notice Is herbv given that tbe foPowlnff-
namad settler has filed aottcn of his IntenHon
in make 0nI proof instn.ixM of his claim and
tbst said proof llt)inaf sbefare tbe Coiiutr
(;lrknf Columls,rtunl. m tit. Ilsien. Un.
gun, '..!, vie
-v:i(,omoK MOCK",
HomeMMid entry No. f" the wH ol ne'4
s.-iti v-4 of nwli of r. t ft, a r 2 sr. He nsm.ii
ll,e Miowlng wunes-cs lo prove his continu
ous r-i!!;nCe iijhii nti'i .-'iiJlH all,;3 rif. nH inod,
Ltn mud RWoen anil !( tli
UUh m1 f 7 , ttnpMwiB.
. Wauit at AmieHtU. InillnMiloflL
LNk Of Hlrni.b T TlrM
Wi iBI UtrrOftlf ReHMBa
HttKiw ana nrr mtttra
. F.BJ11
M tr Mid
t ntffl
iSu9rlnn from WHi4iif
la tliotr f Btiil toA
i. lllvsvei aslaer hxati.
Iks mot mtirimtnttttt tiM OK 101 lid mm4
Vinulpmloa, lA'wr Complint n rUcltj
Thm. H.itnei LMM ana lirm
Vl matt taxi rn PneolM of two sWfjta la DtWLaalB,
&f HART KM WB&MIMft OO HLihiU, Bft
WAITED a trmrelinc anlegtnen for a
firitstluM Cigar Companyv iluitgiv
goof rcftsretite. -.- .
rVllE RETAIL MKRCIJANT is 1 lie nccp8nry
'i'iMetlium of Trade Iwtw wn the 'AIiMJiifuctiinT
nnd tho ConHuiner. He iiint protewt the intercut
of hi cuntomer8 by pnrchiuirig iu the lowest nnd
nntl Ut iimrketn, and hy filing to his patrons
ftt the Lowest lWible Prices.
. In keeping thcfe true principles of trade nlwajH in
vtow.j often leaves theold truck and utrikeH "ncroKH
lots" for Bargains for liitt citomers. His stock of
$SGeneral Merchandise
Is being enlitrged by New Goods Every l)ny.
It Is not conrenlent to name the innnv illlfi rent orf'r-li-s kept
i , , . V. , innnv iilli' iTTlt an (MI'S Kept
on sale, -l. e from )ry lnpris,ri,,tlitiiK. Wear lliiiiili iiicn's
Wear, lliml V caj K.KVt Wear, I'kitir iiihI If,.!, finaer es ami l!nn
neil f iiHiils, Nulls nnd Hardware, Crockery anil (llniswaro. llrmiltii
ami lliinar.. I'ow.ler anil Khot , Hats ami Cu, lloo a ami Bl.ues,
I'utcnt Muilii liiw , Toilet Arf'tlittu.
...! i
'VBMhaaw- y.fJf&L. ?fjmm- raMimf4ftteat '
Fine New Steamer,-
Built for the Kalama and Portland Trade,
Will be ready to go on tho Route
Leaving Kaiama at fi n. m., Arriving at Portland 10. '30 a. m.
Leaving l'ortlnnd at 2:30 p. m., Arriving at Kalama 0:30 n.-m.
w. e; NEWSOM
a!7-tf, r' - ; Kiilmtio w.i,
Wagon and Blacksmith Shop
.J .-.v Ay AMI- Oft AO Js ,-
viz: C r. ynwUj. IX U :m'l-- Jch Hi!lnc
i and Hot:
I foiintv, O
i il7 aii
V. 0, E. CIGAU CO.,
rr mr. all I'l m. iirscus, toiumMa
fiorse-Shoci n a Special ty. :
aii - J. T.' '"" ' b--' ",