St. Helens mist. (St. Helens, Or.) 1913-1933, December 19, 1913, Image 1

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NO 51.
Portland, Ore. (Special) I),r.
((!. The Pacific International Live
stuck Kxpimition Hung open its
portal Ht the Portland Union Stock
Ysnls fur the third time lust week
in it.4 annuul hhnw, with thernoHt
brilliant tinil rcpren ntative f 11 ol
entries in nil cIuhsch, individual,
herd and curliutd lot that lm ever
been nf.i'fi.lili'd in this fiction of
lh country.
S'oek thut ha never known what
it is tu have their color lowered in
defeat on this Pontinent or in the
I'mtod Kingdom; Dennis that
have uipt evuything in the way
of award Ht the International
Livestock Show at Chicago, the
National Dairy Show at Chicago,
at Mate fair ar.d district fairs
without ni;mh r were rcr.-icnted
in that magnificent syuipusiiim of
Sixty-five men and one woman
attended thn pnncnu o cu.,
Hall last Wednesday evening
Mien a ticket was nominated fur
city oflicerH to he voted on at the
special election to he held on
Janunrv 7th Th. ,.!',,. ....
j .in, miaiia nuiiii-,
nated at this meeting will he!
placed on the ticket and any
others who may want to run can
do so by filing a petition within
a certain number of days before
the election. The otlleers to be
elected at this special election
win ie Irom the consolidated
towns of Houlton and st. Ik-lens
and after that election the town J
of Iioulton will be no mere; it:
will all be St. Helens The J
ticket nominated was as follows:
For Mayor. A. W. Mueller; for j
Councilmen, M. Saxon. J. H.
Cronkite, X. 0. Larabee and:
Petitions are Being Circulated
in All Parts of the County
$360,000 TO BE ASKED FOR
livestock tl. en llift Wtik. I he iv
of all stockmen of the west were
focused on Portland. Nearly 10OO
t-ntriis ,' not mi nv U- animal, hut in
dividual herd of varying and
on no lo cutlo:ji cnirie. wen
livestock aristocracy
. . . I . . 1 -
l oruami w me no ccn ior u.i i fjt,ar ( rahnm: for ' ronsi:r r.
n-. - ... :
II. V. Watkins; for Water Com
missioners, A. L. Stone, H. K. '
McCormick. A. T. Laws, II. J.
Southard and U. S. Despain. The,
officers elected at the special
otortion will finhl until the rotni-1
.... i '
luted with the exposition that made ar election in April. For the
the alue run well up into mi!- council two of the nominees are;
lioim. present C'luncilinen of St. Helens,
An aggregate of Jl'.tioo it j while Mr. I.irabee and Mr. Gra-i
premium were nwarded. No x ham are from Iioulton
po-ition f it kind ha., iver at
templed to do no much for its com
munity, for the' tributary
to it. or for the industry it under
take t. foster, Thousn isited .
the yard to we the wcild' t'mst
on exhibition and cloned la I Satur
day wlu re special entertaii.n ent
i. ... i i . r,.r Trie hciiooi '
" , ' . ., Columbia county's residents to this
children and teacher w h i witm w d ,
piacc iiicso.ij' ioui-o-mo v...v.
Petitions are in circulation in
various parts of the rour.ty asking
the County Court to call a special
election to vote on the question of
bonding the county for permanent
road building. The petitions in
form are aH follows:
To the Honorable County Court
of Columbia County, State of Ore
We, the undersigned registered
Voters, respectfully petition that
you call u special election for the
purpose of submitting to the voters
of this county the question of issuing
bonds to provide for the construc
tion of permanent roads in this
county, to the amount of three
hundred and sixty thousand dollars,
to run the number of years each,
as follows:
Sixty thousand dollars to run five
years each.
One hundred thousand dollars to
run ten years each.
One hundred thousand dollars to
run fifteen years each,
j One hundred thousand dollars to
run twenty years each,
i I he aforesaid bonds shall bear
interest at five percent per annum.
The money raised from theafore
I said bond issue to be expended as
I follows:
Twenty-five thousand dollars in
improving the road from Pittsburg
to Iioulton.
j Fifteen thousand dollars in im
proving the road from Clatskanie
to Mist.
Sixty thousand dollars in im
proving the Nehalem road from ihe
Washington county line through
Mist to the Clatsop county line.
Two hundred and sixty thousand
dollars in improving the Columbia
River Highway from 'he Multnomah
countv line to the Clatsop county
MIST 0F 0ECtMER 8. 1893
The Dixon brought a number of
the awatding of the prize cup.
That the Northwest ha become
the rival of the "corn Mates" ha:i
but, den. oust rati l ly tie frst corn
hli.i held at Pendleton a we.k K"
The steamer Kahani is now mak
ing daily round trips to 1'ortlaiul
from this place, leaving here at C
a. rn. daily and returning nt 6 p.m.
Milton's energetic citizens are
making elaborate preparations for
a Christmas tree, with the custom-
nrv services. u i" -
hi'1- some of them measuringl
v .:gh. There was corn in bulk.
?.w corn, white corn, red corn
and kvon.I (-hades between. Prize
1 ...rn it HU roortinir to
..,.. v i ordinance oeio.
and others nmountid to H'". r.u-,
" my M-iif
h. -t Friday. The jK'ople of I r,m"ithc church nt that place on fcatur
toll county had their tir.-t view of Uy evt.ninp, the 2:ird. Literal
r.-.d I Iregon field corn. There was j intr.onage has been assured and
corn i f every description; corn on i ,,lt) nn"ai r promises to be a very
tliv cob. in rows ami piles, com 01. ,,,US!4nt Huccess.
It isn't an avalanche or a land
slide, or any very great victory to
crow over, but we do feel pleased to
. ..... nii council has an
r hear uiai "in
given l y the (). W. U. V -
i ..:i.i .i, in our city. This
trie from 1!0" individual ex- ( f )ulilj(. jtprovcment is
lul.itors were represented. i rt.rmmended by our citizens and
The exhibit was judged by Fro- we frt., B9 if our commendations of
fesors Scudder. Ilysl.'P the ollioials at whose instance such
French of the Oregon Agricultural & m,iv,lm,nt has been inaugurate!
College, after which the entire ex- .j ,oai and ceaseless. U'l wasHhipped to 1'o.tlandand .u-walk movement prodomi-
i. i... . 1... . -o ,,.,,-.,r tine the
ilisplayed for a whole ween .o. na,i ,, wt. win
1 .. poinr
praises loud ami suuo.
A,, reminder of the approaching
for 1894 arete-
in the y'' .' sent out by the
coming owo. .
Innny insurance companies.
County Treasurer Wharton .. yet
County Fruit Inspector J. W.
I'omeroy of Scappoose was in St.
Helens Monday inspecting the fruits
in the markets here. As a result
la boxes of scaly apples were
dumped in the river and others
were coal oiled. At the recent
meeting of the inspectors from
various parts of the state it was
decided by them to insist upon the
laws providing for clean fruit being
strictly enforced. The county
papers were called upon to assist
the inspectors in the matter of
publicity of law violations. Mr
I'omeroy says that he will enforce
the laws strictly in this county and
that the fruit men are expected to
do their part. It would be a great
advantage to all concerned, grower
and consumer, if proper spraying
was done and clean fruit only
raised and sold,
During the dense fog of last
Monday the Harvest Queen in
making a landing at St. Helens,
backed into the old wood dock,
resulting in a damaged wheel on
the boat and the breaking down
of some of the old piling of the
dock. The only regrettable feat
ure of the whole affair, looking
at it from the view point of a St
Helens citizen, and aside from
the damage done to the fine river
steamer, was that the entire old
unsightly and dangerous dock
was not entirely demolished.
The Hassalo has been on the run
in place of the Queen since that
time, while the Queen is being
Drnukon Kan Displays
Arsenal oil tue Iralfla
A drunken passenger on the
Iralda last Monday coming down
fom caused a near
panic among the passengers and
had several fights with the crew
of the boat. The man was armed
with a revolver first, which,
when displayed, was promptly
wrested from him by one of the
boat crew. Then he displayed
a razor and was making threats
and actions as if to carve up
somebody, he was not particular
who, when the members of the
crew took that away from him
also. After some little time the
crazed man again became vio
lent and pulled out a long bladed
knife and was making life miser
able for passengers in the ladies
cabin when he received a short
arm jab on ' the nose, delivered
by the engineer of the boat and
the man went down and out. He
was then searched and all effects
taken from him and he became
peaceable. At Rainier the Mar
shal took him in charge and
placed him in jail.
Methodist Services
In Portland thousands were as-
i.-i. i.. ..i it... corn i xhlluteii
."liiMir.l to r. .
iii M... ulwU.1i .on the eats
sack, in the silo and ground into
... - .1... i.i'oilllCt of
men in nemg no i
the Htate of Oregon, where all ' ' , tQ hh 0,r,ci, duties,
spread out in convincing profusion., . m nttnck of grippe.
A.i rr,..,o., comes into the insm
And now Oregon comes into
ranks of corn growing st;''1"
I iir answers to im
K.i..,.l.v nieht. special .W" ." f- ' . Iv,,r IsHnd. Last seen
ment Hethel & t he lUittcrfield place H
.I,e big fenturo pic- nt , wl he
lure. "The (Vyrnno Massacre
Sunday night, p'('
Cirl Spy in Mexico
nnd chain. l
. . .trif ol Mi iiv.
-ri,.. na d forreco.w,
Sunday night. spocil f''""1"'' i,r!). Jack Api-lcton, Peer is .
Dates Mixed
I). Ernest Randall was adver
tised to appear at the City Hall
last Tuesday night as the third ,
number of the Lyceum Course,
but somebody got their dates
mixed. Hy applying the process
of elimination as to who was at
fault it looks like the Mist will
have to bear the burden of mak
ing the error. However nobody
was damaged very much and we
will make up for it in boosting
for the Lyceum Course from
now on, as we have done hereto
fore. Mr. Randall, the famous
cartoonist will appear at the City
Hull on January 16th, instead of
December 10th, so don't forget
the date this time. He will posi
tively be here on that date and
will positively please every per
son who attends the entertainment.
A good house with three c'.ioice
lots in good location in St. Helens
for sale. Inquire for prices and
terms at the Mist otlice.
The Methodist church will be
dedicated Sunday, Dec. 24. The
services will be as follows: Sunday
School at 10 o'clock, at 11 o'clock
Dr. Homan, President of Wil
lamette University, will preach.
At the F.pworth League service at
6:45 p. m. Dr. McDougall will ad
dress the young peopK The even
ing service at 7:30 will be in charge
of our District Superintendent, Dr.
McDougall, who will preach at that
time. Special music is being pre
pared for the occasion. A welcome
is extended to all. No special pleas
will be made for the raising of
money. Come and enjoy the ser
160 acre farm with 20 acres in
cultivation; have 4 year lease which
will be sold very cheap and at a
cheap rental. Also 6 head of milch
cows, team, hack, harness and
farming implements, household
goods if desired, Prices reasonable,
terms cash. Fair buildings. About
4 1-2 miles from Deer Tsfand. Fine
out range.
2tp W. S. Francis, Deer Island.
The Eastern Star Lodge of St
Helens elected officers for the en
suing term as follows: W. M.,
Mary George; A. M., Margaret
Southard; W,P.,Chas. Johns; Sec.,
E. A. Rotger; Treas., A. King;
Con., Francis M. Johns, A. C. ,
Florence Rotger; W., Nina B.
Gaze; S., H. J. Southard; Ada,
Susie B. Dillard; Ruth, Ellen Dart;
Esther, Flora M. Owen: Martha,
Sarah M. Quick; Electa, Bessie
Chas. Graham Returns
Hismany friends were pleased
to greet Mr. Chas. Graham of the
firm of Perry & Graham, who re
turned home yesterday, Dec. 16,
from an extended trip through
Lower California and Mexico. He
reports great military preparations
everywhere in evidence in Mexico.
Mr. Craham comes home greatly
improved in . health, being com
pletely cured of asthma, from
which he suffered severely before
taking the trip.
I Among me cnaneo m lunug
precincts made by the County
Court this month was the creation
of three St. Helens precincts and
three Rainier precincts. St. Hel
ens precinct No. 1 is all that
portion of the present city lying
south of St. Helens street, also
South St. Helens and the Island.
St. Helens precinct No. 2 is all
that portion of the present city
north of st. Helens street and ex
tending to Columbia City. St.
Helens precinct No. 3 is all the
present city of Houlton aad ex
tending about one mile bejond.
toward Yankton. Yankton pre
cinct joins Houlton on the north
and extends to the present limits
of Vernonia precinct.
fell Known Tonnesters Eeceiye
Canfly ani Have Bii Feei
The members of the lodge of
Pvthian Sisters of St. Helens
held a Xmas tree party last night
at the K. of P. hall, at which
time members of the order and
their families attended. A beau
tifully decorated tree loaded with
goodies was fitted up and each
child, including Emry Quick,
Tommy Laws and William Jen
nings Fullerton, received a bag
of candy. After the tree, a
sumptuous supper was served
and these same youngsters, aided
by Bertie Stone, Frankie George
and Bobby Dixon, had a glorious
time. All the younger children
also had a fine time enjoying the
good things to eat and the in
teresting games.
hotel mm
John Murphy, Bingen
L M Boggs, Fortland
Al W Porter, Kelso
S Simon, Portland
LG Means
J C Hammond, Scappoose
J E Shannon, Portland
J B Godfrey
Mrs S L Butler, Geble
B J Giltner, Portland
J B Fields, Astoria
J S Bacon and wife, Warren
L H Holman, Portland
Rus Schmidt
Lloyd Smith
F J Cook ''
Wm Holland, Scappoose
TACIoninger "
Thos Tracy, Portland
E F Simms
L Hammarstrom, SanFrancisco
Ross Duncan, Vernonia
Ed Garlick, Ridgefield
O C Ferrill
D B Brier
Ed Perry
Letters unclaimed in the St. Hel
ens Post office for the wtekendinf
Dec. 13. 1913:
Mr. O. O. Nickerson 1 letter
Mrs. Roneata Rann
Bert Adams "
Mrs. Anna Shipman
J. T, Keats "
M. H. H. Jennings
Mr. O. P. Finnis
Letters unclaimed by Dec. 27th
will be sent to the Dead-Letter office
Iva E. Dodd, P. M.
In an effort to reduce the ex
pense of buying hats the men of
Spokane have inaugurated a new
style of going bareheaded. If
women would follow suit the
object will have been accom
Carl Passmore
O M Ellis, Portland
VL Powell, Vernonia
E C Baker, Cambridge. Ida
Jack Doan, Portland
WHGutich "
Ronenta Ralen
C C Carter, Clatskanie
F C Parden
Lena Mahn
Edwin H Flies, Portland
Earl R Tappe, Trenholm
J McCord and wife, Clatskanie
N H Lundberg, Portland
HA Griffin
Lester W. Tubbe "
Phil Hopey
Jack Lewis
James Davis
Ernest Schmidt
Chas F Forrester "
D D Lake