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A Romano of tbm
Cnido von Horvatb
and Dean Hoard
la 1
For fifty ymri the continent of North
America had ln isolated from tho rest
of the world bv the use of Z-raya, a won
derful Invention of Hannibal Fru.l-nt.
The Invention had aawd tha country
from foreign Invasion, an J tha continent
had been united under ont rovernment
with Prudent as president. For half a
century peuce and proaperity reigned In
this part of tha world. The story opena
with ('resident Prudent critically 111. Hia
death is hastened by the receipt of a
meesase from Count von Werdenstetn of
Germany that ha haa at last succeeded In
Knetratlns ths rays. Pytna;. he warna
daughter Astra that this means a for
es"n Invasion. He tells hr to hurry to
the Island of Clryne. but dies before he
eaa tell tha location of ths place. Astra
la nominated for the presidency by tha
eoaxtnental party. Napoleon Edison rails
on Astra, tnforn-is her that ha was a pu
pil ef her father's, and promises to help
her. He ilvtn her a line mads of a new
lr discovered substance which, he says,
will solve ths problem of flvlne. Cheval-
ten dl Leon appears In Europe. He calla
n von VYerdrnstetn and offers htm ths
secret of making (old In return for abso
lute disarmament and peace. The cheval
let la suspected of being an American.
He Is seised at nlitht and carried oft In
en areoplane. Aatra Is Inaugurated as
eident. She receives a Rieesare from
Raon. whose lone silence has worried
her. that he has been a prisoner for two
naontha on the laland of Helgoland and
has Juet escaped. He announces that the
confederated fleet of Europe has sallsd
for America. He premises to cell on her
the following night. Countess Koelny. a,
spy. becemea a prisoner In hope of secur
ing Nspoleon's secret. She falle In love
with him. She s trees te Join him
ettorapt to eecape. By the use ef flre
werta hs summons a curious fly Irs ma
r-Bine wblca resemblea a aaonater eaali
ale escapee and sends his message to
Astra. Edison cauls on Astra as promised
Hs tells Her hts plane for defense have
been completed, but that he will give full
or details at his workshop en the Island
of Clryne In the Pacific. They make ths
trip In three hours. His piano are based
est the peculiarity of the new subatanoe.
otrvnlth. which Is lighter than any knswn
reetsj and :s practically indestructible
The Europeans succeed In passing the
Be of Isolation, but And that the Amerl
sua) havs established a second one Ell-
ace- eel! vers a note to von Werdsns'ln
nj hie nsgsalp demanding that the fleet
bo withdrawn. Edison Is attacked, but
ST ths use of some myatsrlous power he
cesrrors two wcrshlcs and several
dssej. Realising his helplessness W
leaotsln withdraws hie fleet and consents
to naivei-oal disarmament Edison s moth
jr la 111 on tits Island ef Clryne. Counteas
tenet y offers to go and comfort her. hop
ing to discover taieon e secrets. Hhs bo
ItAe to weave a net around Santos Du
pes L. Edison's assistant. Ths oounteso
fees latter from Wsrdsnstsln ofTering
or tne princedom of acftnraburg-Lltho
for Edison's secret. Edison and Santo
start In search of a new deposit of drvn
fth. ttietr supply being almost exhausted.
They find it on the estate of Schtmburg
L4tnow. i ne coun'ens nnany gets Bant
fa to her clutches. Shs gets anothsr letter
rrom werflenstein ssklng her to find out
why Edison Is Interested In the ftchom
horg estate. Edison applies personally to
veroenstetn vmn an nirer for the prop-
any, pet gets no satisfaction.
CHAPTER XVI. Continued.
"Is ths re an answer?" ha asksd la
will yoa see ths countess person
ally" asksd the chancellor.
"Who?" he asked stupidly.
: Oh, never mind, answered ths
chancellor, knowing the man knew
nothing whatever about the message
"who will coma after the answsr. It
there Is one?"
-A bird man."
"A bird man?" Ths count did not
know whether the man was really
simple or not "Where do you live?"
"In America."
-"H'm; that Is a broad answer. Tss
there will be a message."
Hs sat down and wrote:
"My Dear Countess: I am glsd to
bear from you. Tour wishes will ba
fulfilled to ths lstter. I will do my
bast to prspare things for your re-
oaption. Tour legal advisers will
eeiTs tha necessary papers in dus
with best withes and hoping to
hear from you soon, I am,
"Von Wsrdensteln."
Ha sealed the letter, then gars It to
the man, who left tha room.
Tha chancellor pondered deeply
over the situation, then started for
tha royal palace to report Napoleon's
visit and Rosltta's promises to his
When Napoleon arrived boms ba
bad a long conference with Astra.
They were both somswhat depressed.
His disappointment In not securing
tha Peak Suemeg was great, because
ks had many Inventions that required
tha use of drynlth, and be knew that
tha eoanf s actions ware a menace to
tha pesos movement.
They decided that they would marry
ta the month of July. That evening
they woot to Clryne to toll their aator-
mlaetloa to Mrs. Edison.
Napoleoa and Astra spsnt another
say oa Clryne. This time Napoleoa
soodnoted tha three women through
tha wonderful plant where clryalth
was refilled and manufactured lata
parts of aerodromonea and other ase
rul articles.
Boaitta kept her ears and oyaa wide
ope, bat not being trained alone me
afisnlaal Unas sha son Id not sndar
etaad many of tha things sha saw.
Still aha was glad that Napoleon hon
ored her with hia son fid an oe ss from
now oa there would be no objection to
her rlsfUnf ths shops whenever she
Napofs-ee, took Aetra btet to Wa-eV
tagtoa lau ta ths aAaroooa. If ra. Bd
xsoa aad Koeltta walked down to tha
sandy ehore and sat Usteaicg to tha
ware. Tho mother was drs-emlng of
tha happy future tor bar son. Tho
other was weaving Boa throade of tha
at she was tangling about bar friends
Baatoe wag awajr, but ba was ss
pected back soon. She disliked ta aoe
blm leave bar side, as sha feared to
loss tha control that shs bad gained
over blm.
He returned that evening. When
Mrs. Edison retired ths countess etole
out of tho bouse and strolled toward
tho shore, where shs knew Santos
would ba awaiting ber. Santos was
tho happiest of men when shs greeted
him with passionals embraces and
He was ltks a faithful, obedient dog
Whatever Rosltta asked hs did with
out question. Tonight hs handed her
the count's letter, that cams In answer
to the one he hsd sent tor her.
Rosltta opened It, and hs held bis
pocket flashlight so she could road.
"Mr little blond boy. ths time Is
nearlng when my name will be
changed to IHiprel. What do you think
of that? Mrs. Duprel? Doesn't that
sound good to your
Santos' only answer was kisses; bs
had begun to master ths so-cailsd loot
art very quickly.
Do you know bow I hay missed
you? Mr. Edison and Astra were cere,
but since I know you I eaat enjoy
them any mors. I know It Is not right
to feel that way, as Napoleon haa beea
very good to me, but my sympathy Is
with you. dear." Her ana slipped
around his neck. 1 cannot bear hi
criticise you."
"Crlticlee me? Is ba eteeettwnod
tth me?" Ths words were heavy
with dismay. Rosltta knew that shs
had touched the right strings. Wh
told yon that?"
Don't take It seriously. BooSoa. I
have tried to keep It to mysest. bat
I I could not"
"Did be say that I bad not (erred
blm well? Did he say that?"
"Hs did." whispered Rosltta.
Santos breathed lira and flame. Ro
sltta subtly convinced Santos that hs
was tha man. and not Napoleon Edi
son, whose nams should ba ths revered
one tn American history. When art-a
menta were weak, kissel strengthened
them, antll poor Santos was molded
Into a form that sultsd Rosltta. Tbea
shs said:
1 awn ths dryalth deposits la Hun
gary. I nsvsr will give them ta Na
poleon. I want you to be hia assail si
Will yoa corns wttb ms?"
"I sm with you and yours forever!
The tone la which this was said wa
enough tar RoaltU. Sha knew sha had
The Fifteenth ef July.
July It. ths marriage) day of Astra
aad Napoleon, bad beea declared a
aontiaantal holiday.
rrstn near and far cams coaxreta-
latlona. They bad not planaed a gor-
geoss eeremoay. but they could not
stop tbs expressions of lovs that cams
from ths loyal ciUsena. Ths whols
capital was alive with color, and tbs
messages that came and ths sincere
Joy of all. mads ths dsy ons to ba
remembered for years to coma.
Astra hsd mlsssd Rosltta very much.
She had beea unable to attend the
wedding, as shs had been 111 en ths
Island of Clryne tor tha Last few
When Napoleoa heard that the
countess was anabls to at trad their
wedding on account of ber Indkipoel
tlon, hs thoughtfully shook bis bsad.
It seemed Incredible that Rosltta, who
wss so full of vitality and energy.
should ba 111. Ha only said: "Every
Illness has a remedy."
Ha did not give ths matter further
thought. He spent the last day before
his marriage In his aerodromone, the
American Eagls. Where be was, or
what ha did. no one sssmsd to kuow,
and bs did not volunteer ths Informa
tion. After their wedding ranch-eon Astra
returned to her presidential office, aa
there were things that shs wanted to
attend to personally. Especially the
criminal cass of Nlkolsy Mosrak. Tha
Criminal Court of ths continent hsd
decreed cspltal punishment for at
tempted assassination of tho Preeldnnt
of the United Republics of America.
Astra resd the document carefully.
and Instead of signing It, sha wrote:
Pardoned, aad shall ba taatantly re
Bhe dispatched ths pardon by a spe
cial messenger, and then took np other
At ssvsa o'clock sha was at ths Crys
tal Palace, to dress tor tha banquet of
tha Continental Oommerclal aad Ia
dustrlal Association, ons of tha moat
powerful societies organised to pro
mote tha welfare of business neon la.
She ssd Napoleon drove to tha now
Capital Hotel la aa open ear. The
banquet was arranged for 4.000 meats
snd tha whore apper floor was thrown
opea tor tho purpoe-e.
At atoran o'clock tha prooldooUal
party toft aad threaded Ita way toward
the Crystal Palaoe. At tha Palaoe
Jadge Seaalaa ef tha Continental
Ooart awaited them. Hia mission was
to deliver a heavy looking lot tar to tha
Toor sxesllsncy will pardon ma for
taking thia liberty, bat Mr. Mosrak,
tha prlsonsr you so kindly pardonsd.
Instated that thia latter la Important.
aad would not lease tha prison until
I psomleed hlra thai I would deliver It
Astra took tha and thanked
him for Ita safe delivery, thea dis
missed bins with a few kind words.
Napoleoa eeeorted Ms mother to ber
thea retorted to tha Karary,
where Aatra awaited Mm. Her ean
dld, beautiful face was pals and tesrs
gUstsned ta her syss. Her whols be
ta expressed sorrow.
"What la It. dear? asked ber bus-
band, sympathetically.
Instsad of replying, shs banded blm
a letter. He recognised the One hand
writing of tha Couatsss Roslny. It
"My dear Friends aad Protectors :
"I am writing this to yoa both, as I
know yoa will ba married wbea yoa
receive tt. I know you will receive all
kinds of presents, earp rises aad eon
gratulatlons, aa you are both ths be
loved of your followers. But la order
to give more value to the kind wtsnss.
I have decided to tell you tha truth.
the aavarnlshsd. cruel truth.
I wonder If It will surprise yoa to
find that I am. and have been la tba
service of Count voa Wsrdensteln
Tou hsve been the kindest of hosts
Indeed, se good that yoa mads my laek
really despicable but much easier.
Don't taks this very seriously. Life
Is mads up of an sous! portion ef
bad aad good, aad the end la always
the same. Death gathers us all la.
and puts In our places others who msy
find pleasure ta destroying all that we
have sreatsd. Tou both dream of
world peace I wish I could create
peace In my own heart!
"I admire yon both, eased ally Na
poleon, aad for that reason, I bate you
both, being unable to love yoa, as
thsre are no middle streams la nay aa-
Til era la aa asa of my tolling yoa
what I Intend to do; yoa will know It
sooa enough, and yea both will aa
sorry that you aver mat tha unhappy
person waoee name was, once, Rosltta
Roe lay.
And aaw. I srtsb yoa all bapotaass.
aottl we meet again.
"Fttaceee af Scbomburg LJthow."
NapoVeoa quietly folded tha totter
aad banded It baek to Astra. Ha did
not seem disturbed at all. He picked
ap tha eav elope aad saw the No
Tork poetmark.
"It la dear. The countess baa the
secrst of drynlth and, very likely, ef
the aerodromoae."
"But bow did sha get KT
"That remains to ba aoe a. Werdea-
stein evidently thinks that everything
la fair la lovs or war."
"Will you read me that ether letter.
the save the judge brought V asked
"Of coerse. dear. This Is Mosralfs
communication. I wonder what bs has
ta say." Hs s posed ths heavy enve
lope aad a number of sheets fell to
tha table.
"Ta tha President of ths U anted Re
publics of America:
"Since that unhappy evewt, la which
I was selsctsd by Pate as the toe tra
ct ef Death. I have bad many boars
to think clearly aad to leara from my
lanar self that It Is ths rule of Leva,
and not the rule of Force that eboald
rale the world. I have set down the
following facta, so that your ladyship
shall know all tbs motive powers that
msy govern human actioes.
'Tbs fact that my bullet went astray
is dus, not so much to tha quickness
of ths grsat humaaltariaa and Ameri
cas patriot. Napoleon Edison, ss to
ths fact that I behsld the Countees Ro
slny la your company. A moment of
hesitation is enough to frustrate plans
Her Influence naturally, unintention
ally saved your life, as my band and
sys are always true. I an happy that
things turned out as they did.
"Before I explain why the couatees'
presence saved yoa (shs bas dons,
however. Involuntarily, at least oos
good act In her life), I want to toll yoa
that my name Is not Mosrak. aad I am
not a Russian,
My name la Aetxel von Rothenberg.
and eorae years ago I wore tho uni
form of the famous Red Hussars
Tears sgo, when on a vacation trip.
I traveled through Italy; at that time
I could enjoy the great marvels of Na
ture. I was young and noblo-thlskiag
and free. On the shore of the Lego
dl Magglore I found destruction.
"I wss tramping through the coun
try with a sketching outfit aad let
people think me an artist la a se
cluded and beautiful spot, from where
I bad aa uninterrupted view of ths
now-covered peaks of ths Alps, aad a
wide rlsta of surroundings pins-cov
ered land, I struck my saael and bgaa
work. A girl emerged from the only
path and walked toward me. I say s
girl, bat I ought to ssy a vision Shs
was the most bewitching creature I
had ever seen.
She came to me fearlessly aad
greeted ms la a friendly way; I
sketched ber In my ptcturs. Ineldo of
aa hour my fata was sealed, aa I had
fallen In love with her.
uno oay near me ana of my vaca
tion, I received an Invitation to visit
ths castle of the Roslnys. There I
found her. She wss msrried and had
a beautiful little girl about three rears
otd. Shs told ms that shs loved me.
that her husband was cruel to her, and
I believed everything. We eloped
aad she mads ms a traitor Inside of a
few wssks. I was antrustsd with Im
portant secrets and I aotrastsd tham
to her. I loved ber sot
see There la a stirring of tho
body. People are bresking down id
dsr tha tyranny of material posses
sions. Thsre nsvsr was a time wben
women's Intslltgsnce wss so ssgsr aad
Inspirational ; nsvsr a time wbea men
were so wsary of mstal and meals and
miles. It Is all clear to a prophetic
understanding that ws are searing tha
and of oar lessons In three dimao
stosa aad Ave senses.
Striving to Oblige.
Angry Diner Walter, yoa
are not
flt to serve a pig.
Walter I am doing my bast, alr-Jutfsye.
Republicans Aid Reed and Hitch
cock In Its Favor.
Administration Leader Saya Han
Equivalent to Central Hank;
1'redirts Dire Results.
WashlnKton. U. C. An entirely
new fostura was tentatively written
into tho BilminiMtration currency bill
bv tha sonata committee, after a full
day of hosted wrangle.
The new plan was characterised by
Chairman Owen, chief administration
uuDorter in tha committee, as "equW
alent to a central bank." lis ssid ths
nimmittve idiourned with tha matter
"un in the sir."
The new scht mo wouu provuis lor
the centrslixation of one-hslf of the
rest-rvt's to foe held by tha regional
banks in the proposed new system.
This proportion would be plsced undi-r
the complete control or the reat-rsi re-
serve board and would va nt'iu in
Washington to be silministi-red for ths
aid snd convenience of the entire
banking system.
As finally voted on the proposal wss
a modification of a plsn proposed by
Senator Reed, of Missouri, who sug-
geited It as a means oi composing tne
wide difference among members of tho
committee. Senator Keed snd Senator
Hitchcock joined with the Republicans
in voting Tor tne pisn, wnicn wss op
posed by Senators Owen, I'omerene,
Ilullia, O'Gorman and Shafroth.
Senator Owen wss plainly sgitsted
over the progress of affairs in the
committee. After the vote on the
Keed propossl he declared that It an
opportunity were given him he would
demonstrate that the plsn would not
Sesttle. Wssh. A csll for a secret
meeting hss been sent to commission
men along Western svrnue requesting
members of the dsn tn gather at a
secret place to consider wsys snd
mesns of incresslng commission rstes
from the scccpted standard of 10 per
cent to 12 and 15 per cent.
Commission men and jshbers from
the entire North Pacific Coast terri
tory will be In attendance. It is in
listed by the commission men thst it
is Impossible to mske a profit on a
strictly 10 per cent commission bssis
No attempt will be msde to regulate
jobbing prices, it Is snnounced.
Rrpublirana Note Gains, Democrats
See Indorsement of Plana.
Washington. I). C Both Chsirmsn
Doremus, of the Democrstic congres
sional committee, and Chairman
Woods, of the Republican congression
al committee, express satisfaction
with the result of the elections.
"Massachusetts, New Jersey and
Maryland voters," said Mr. Doremus,
"hsve Indorsed President Wilson's
progressive policies, including tariff,
currency and Mexico. The results in-
dicste that manufacturing Interests
are not apprehensive of the tariff re
"Many Republicans hsve been elect
ed to public office now held by Demo
crsU," ssid Chsirmsn Woods. "Thers
has been a tremendous Republicsn
gain and a tremendous Democrstic
loss compared to the Isst elections in
the lime districts. The Bull Moose
aa a party demonstrated that they
have practically no strength at all;
their candidates would hsve received
probably more votes If they hsd sim
ply been candidates on an independent
Progressive party headquarters msde
no statement.
Women Rule Grand Jury.
Redwood City, Csl. Women will
direct affairs of the San Msteo county
grsnd jury, organized here with eight
men and 11 women members. The
jury was drswn from a venire of 17
women and 13 men. Judge Buck
made the selections, holding that wom
en msy serve on juries, although
Judge Cabanlss and Attorney General
Webb recently have ruled to tha con
trary. As soon as tha Jury went Into
executive session tha women elected
Miss Diva Belli as secretary, although
the men nominated a candidate.
Rate Frauds Puniahed.
New York The firm of Elmer &
Amend, among tho country's largest
dealers In chemicals and laboratory
apparatus, plesdcd guilty in Federal
court to clsssifying freight shipments
improperly and wss fined 1600. This
firm it one of 150 prosecuted for simi
lar offenses by the Interstate Com
merce commission. Two other firms
have pleaded guilty. Eimer & Amend
shipped chemical and scientific appsr
atus ss "glssewaro," thus obtaining a
lower freight rata.
Tennla Cabinet Revived.
Washington, D. C Tha days of the
Roosevelt "tennis cabinet" were re
called recentlly by passers-by at the
White House. Julius Jusserand, the
French ambassador, who often played
with President Roosevelt, angsged In
a tennis mstch with Secretary Me
Adoo of the treasury depsrtment and
the Misses Elesnor and Jessie Wilson,
daugthers of tha President.
Friends of General Regard Commu
nication as Ultimatum.
Mssico City Tha undercurrent of
conversation at the natlonsl palace
e.rrUs rumors rsgarding ."resident
ll.i.rts'a attitude in tha face of Wash 'a domands thst ha retire, but
tK. urea Men t himself remslns silent.
llunrts's intimatss are familiar
with the terms of tha communication
which they regard aa mandatory. Tha
memorandum from Washington ssys
that unless General llusrta retires Im
medistely and thereafter has nothing
. (.! with tha conduct of affairs or
tha formation of a nsw government.
ths Tresldent of ths United Ststes
will issue an ultimatum, which if ra-
looted, will causa hiru to call on con
irrsn to authoriss him to una sterner
Huerta's friends regsrd tha Amerl
can communication as conclusive,
sine Cuneral Huerta Is given no
choice regsrding further participation
in Mexico's oltlcisl affairs.
Gencrsl Huerta is reminded thst
any attempt on his part to leave as his
successor any of the men connected
with ths coud d'etst by which ha ob
tained ths presidency or to utilise in
the proposed government any of thoss
chosen In ths recent elections, even
those named as congressmen, would
result In tha definits bresking off of
all relations.
Martial Law Prevaila In Pekln
Arreata and Executions.
Pekin Tha struggle between tha
Chinese psrlisment and President
Yuan Shi Kai has brought about dri
tic action by tha president, which, la
the opinion of many, will have a seri
ous effect on parliamentary govern
ment. I-engthy presidential proclam
ations were issued at midnight expel
ling the Kwo Ming Tang party, num
bering more than 800 members, from
Tha proclsmstions recount tha diffi
culties with which the government has
been struggling since tha Manchu
reign and describe disasters certsin to
follow If parties such aa tha Kwo
Ming Tang are permitted to exist.
A crisis in the situation wss reached
last week when the draft of the pro
posed constitution which would make
the president absolutely dependent on
the psrlisment wss decided on.'
Martial Isw Is in operstlon in Pekln
and the authorities are msking arrests
and summary executions. Prepsra
tions are under wsy for tha elder
statesmen who served under tho Man
chus to resume their positions In tha
At various legations tha opinion is
held that only by strung action can tha
president prevent tha disruption of
China by her own people. Little had
been accomplished by psrlisment,
which hss devoted its time to opposing
the president since it convened. Dis
orders sre spresding.
Copper Mine Workers Prepare for
Idle Winter.
Calumet. Mich. With no hope of a
settlement of the copper strike in
sight, the strikers have begun prepar
ations to carry their .fight for recogni
tion of the union through tha winter.
Stores hsve been opened at Hancock
and Red Jscket by the Western Feder
ation of Miners, and others will be
started at Lauritim, Ahmeek and
South Range. These stores will be
storked with provisions contributed by
strike sympsthizers snd labor unions
snd will be the disi-'huting centers In
their respective districts. leaders
declare there is no suffering among
the strikers. Donations of money are
being received from organfistlons
sffilisted with the Amerlcsn Federa
tion of Labor.
The Calumet A llecla company Is
Importing strikebreakers. Present
production is one-fifth of normal for
the district.
Ths injunction against picketing
will remain In force until November
18, the date set for arguments before
the State Supreme court.
Foreign Itutter Arrives.
Portland The first Important ship
ment of foreign butter has arrived
here. A lot of 6600 pounds of tha
New Zealand product wss reeejved by
a local broker, and later was put on
saia in a retail market st 87s cents a
pound. The price of tha best Port-Isnd-msde
butter Is 40 cents.
The imported article wss pronouced
good by experts, but the differennce
between its price and that of local
butter was not grest enough to causa
any flurry In the trade.
Low Cable Rate Wanted.
Toklo In consequence of the grow
ing commercial relations between Jap
an and tha United Ststes. and In view
of tha opening soon of tha Panama
canal, tha Japanese government has
entered into negotiations with tho ob
ject of obtaining reduced rates for tel
egrsphic communication across the
Pacific ocean (Much of tha telegraphic
business la now relsyed by way of
Europe, but Japanese offlcisls believe
tha Interests of the United Ststes and
Japan require tha estsbllshment of a
cheaper system of communication
Indian Land ia Re Sold.
Washington. D. C Secretary I .ana
has signed an order authorizing tha
sale of the remnant lands, comprising
36.3B6 acres. In the Kiowa, Comanche,
Apsche and Wichita Indian reserva
tions In Oklshoma. Tha sale will ba
by public auction at Lawton, Okla.,
beginning December 8.
Massachusetts and New Jerse,
Follow Nation's Leal
New York Goes Republic,,...
Jersey Progressives Far Be
hind Roosevelt Vote.
New York City.
John Purroy Mitchell, Fusloni.t
elected msyor by 76, INK) plumi!)
over McC.ll., Cf
Lg-Governor Sulxer elected to u.
sembly by large plurality.
New York Ktats.
r....ft.n... i..
'"i"""1"" vicuiry lor sjsetnhl;
and state iiulielar. l.u.-. . 1
, . -. Miuiceieu.
David I. Walsh, Democrxt, ,1
ad governor by probsbly 60,000
Gardner. Republicsn, snd Bird
Progressive, close for second plies'
Governor Koss. Indetiendent, fourth.
New Jersey,
James F. Fielder. Democrtt.
alerted governor by mure thin Jo
000 plurality. Senate and sssembl'y
Democratic. Progressive candidate
falls far behind.
Blair Lee, Democrat, elected to
United States senste.
Henry C. Stuart, Democrat, sleet
ed governor; unopposed.
Third Maaaachuaetts Calvla D.
Paige, Republican, succeeds a R
publics!, the Iste Wm. P. Wilder.
Thirteenth New York Georjs
W, Loft, Democrst. succeeds
Democrat, tha late "Big Tim" Sul
livan. Twentieth New York-Jacob A.
Cantor, Democrat, succeeds a Den.
ocrat, Frsncls Burton Hsrrisoa,
now governor genersl of Philip
plnee. Third Maryland Charles R.
Coady, Democrat, succeeds a Dem
ocrat, tho late George Konlg.
New York Election returns ihoe i
complete triumph for the DemorriU
n 'Massachusetts, where a governor
and state ticket were chosen In four-
cornered fight, the selection of s Drnv
ocratlc governor snd ststs ticket it
Virginia without contest, ths ssend
ancy of fusion ovsr Tammany In Nss
York City, with Indications of Repub
lican victory for the New York assem
bly and the judicial ticket, snd tbs
election of James F. Fielder, Demo
crst, aa governor of New Jersey.
A feature of tha New Jersey lsc-
tion la thst the vote cast for Everett
Colby, tha Progressive candidate, sill
not exceed 4n,0(K), as compared iu
146,410 received a year sgo by Colonel
Roosevelt for President Fielder'l in
dicated plurality is sbout 15,000.
Fielder a vote in the returns st
hsnd is running slightly below thst
received by WW! row Wilson s year
sgo, which wss 17N,Z!!. toe vois
probsbly will exceed 160,000, ss cots
psred with HM.83H received by Tift
Isst vesr. Fielder's plurality in tbs
state Is probsbly 20,000 snd msy ti
ered thst amount.
Estlmstes from Hudson county,
Fielder's home county, show tfcxi
Fielder hss csrried It by 20,000.
Stokes sppsrently hss csrried Eski
county, the home of Colby snd altotbi
home of ex-Senator Smith snqi
Democratic 8tate Chairman Nufest
whom Fielder, on the stump. accoseJ
of working agsinst him.
Portlsnd Returns virtually eon
plcte from Multnomah county
thst tha Columbia River Intarttits
bridge bond issue of $1,250,000 bss
csrried by sn overwhelming rots sm
thst all the ststa measures on wbito
tha referendum hsd been Invokes,
with tha single exception of tha stst
ilixstlon act, have received Isrgs
These returns are from 1""""
plete and 14 Incomplete out of ths in
precincts In the county. if
Sentiment In the county ror we in
state university appivpristion ass
ures was especially strong. Thsnra
one, that appropriating $76,000 for re
pairs and additions to buildings, car
ried by approximately two to ona
The majority In favor of ths I OO.w
appropriation for a new admlnlit
tion and classroom building, whils w
quits so large, wss dec lalva.
The sterilisation dim isuu
i. .u. - ku wnio elssrly iso'
IS (IIV UfUllb VJ ' llfl
eating publle sentiment In ref'"
It. Tha measure ran behind by aw
Jority of about 4 to 3.
Lee Elected In Marylnd'
Baltimore Bssed on Ineomplsts n
torn, 'mm thia lt. Which SPS
ed as a aura Indication of ths "MJ
suit, Blair Lee, Democrat, hss as.
elected to tha United Ststes artists; w
... ... . i jt . f tha ats W
nil ne unexpired mm" -. ilr
dor Rsyner by an eslimsted awW
of from 30,000 to 85,000 over sx-n
resentstlve Tarrsn, KP"D"T
ea-United States Senator wen
Progressive. Chsrles P. WJ. y
ocrat, was elected to conj.--- -
the Third district In place oi
Representative Konig.