St. Helens mist. (St. Helens, Or.) 1913-1933, October 24, 1913, Image 8

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Miss Larua Barber visited friends in
Portland during the week.
James Hunt, was a Porttand visitor
during the week.
All the ghosts and goblins will ap
pear at the City Hull on the evening
the 29th.
Little Morle Hicks, who has been
ill for several weeks, is improving and
seems to be on the road to speedy re
covery. Lost On the Portland road, a child's
pink and white wool cap. Finder please
leave at the Mist office.
Mrs. V. H. Powell was the guest of
Mrs. C. H. John several days during
the week.
Mrs. Lewis of Clatskanie is visit
ing with St. Helens friends this week.
Mrs. Lela r orris anu children of Port
land are visiting at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. W. J. Muckle in St Helens.
Fred Abbott has a second crop of
of raspberries on his property in this
city, which seem to bo as fine flavor
and size as the first crop was.
Judge W. H. Cooper of Rainier was
attending to legal business in St. Hel
lene this week.
Geo. Grant and G. B. Milloyof Scap
poose visited in St. Helens Tuesday.
C. J. Patterson, a merchant of Clats
kanie, was a visitor in St. Helens
Goe. W. Vogel of Rainier was tran
sacting business in the county seat
early in the week.
There will be scrviecs in the Episco
pal church next Sunday evening, Oct.
2G, at 7;30.
Ladies you can get just as stylish
millinery in St. Helens as you can get
in Portland. Everything first class at
Hanson's milllinery.
Every desirable feature demanded in
scientific eyesight testing and intra
ocular examinations, modern eye
glasses and spectacles of today is
generously taken care of by Drs. Lowe
& Turner. When you patronize them
you receive the combined skill of the
trained eye specialist and optician.
The combined years of experience of
these two specialists is an even 40
years. Do you not think their opinion
in regard to your eyes is valuable?
It is yours for the asking.
Kinsey & Kinsey, photographers of
Seattle, Wash., are located in the Hol
comb building at Willamette and Win
ter streets and will remain for 10 days.
The work exhibited by them is of a
high order and they should receive a
liberal partonage.
Roy and Ed Laws sailed last Wednes
day evening on the Yosmemite for Red
lands, Cat., where they will spend the
winter. Both the boys have almost re
covered from their recent illness, but
in order to effect a complete cure with
out taking further chances, they de
cided to spend another winter in South
ern California.
Dave Davis, a former resident of
St Helens and of late years con
nected with the Timberman of
Portland, has resigned his position
with that publication ond has hied
himself back to the farm.
Macbeth at the City Hall next
Wednesday evening.
Floyd Pur.ey of Clatskanie was a wit
ness in the Circuti Court this week.
The newest thing in ladies, Misses
and children's hats. Prices in reach of
all, at Hanson's millinery.
E. V. Conyers and Miss A. Con
yers of Clatskanie were interested
visitor in St Helens last Saturday,
attending; the Masonic ceremonies.
Prof, and Mrs. J. H. Collinsn of
Rainier visited in this city over
Judge Dean Blanehard of Rainier
was one of the visiting Masons on
Saturday night.
Miss Dernice Masten, who is at
tending a school in Portland, visit
ed over last Sunday with Miss Lois
Clear in this city.
Mr. J. A. Allen, pharmacist at the
Good Samaritan Hospital in Portland
visited at the home of Dr. and Mrs.
L. G. Ross during the week.
James Bacon and Mrs. Bacon of
Warren attended the Masonic
ceremonies here last Saturday.
The Beaver Socity of Houlton
will give a dance in the Bishop Hall
Houlton, on Friday Oct. 31st.
Galichio's Orchestra will furnish
the music. All invited.
Mrs K. A. Rotger returned this
week from Portland where she has
been attending her cousin, Mrs.
Watts who is recovering nicely.
Mrs. Ray Watts and Mrs. Geo.
Maygerof Portlond were St Helens
visitors during the week.
Every member of the Maccabbee
lodge of St Helens is requested to
be present to-morrow-evening at a
special meeting of the. bulge. The
State Commander will be here as
will also a speaker from Portland.
Something to eat will be provided.
A floating dock for small boats is
being built along the strand near
the Court House. Several large
logs have been fastened together
and secured to the piling making an
excellent place for the tieing of
small boats, safe from damage by
the large steamers. The City
Council paid one half the expenses
and private subscription paid the
Mr. and Mrs. C.C. Masten of the
camp were visiting in St. Helens
Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Hughes of
Rainier were the guests of Mr. and
Mrs L. R. Rutherford last week.
J. W, McMillan, the postmaster
of Rainier, attended the Masonic
dedication in St. Helens last Satur
day. Editor C. A. Nutt of the Rainier
Review, was one of the out-of-town
guests at the Masonic dedication,
Judge T. A. McBride of Salem
visited his son, Geo. M., here last
Mrs. Curtiss, who gave the lec
ture with the Pilgrims Progress
production, also visited at the St.
Helens High schools yesterday af
ternoon, where she entertained the
school for a time with an address
upon the matter of slides for demon
strating studies. There are two
states in the Union now using the
slides, New York and Pennsyl
vania, and the plan has been
adopted by some of the schools In
Oregon, thus milking the third state
to use them,
Judge J. C. Moreland of Salem
visited with friends in St. Helens
last week, the guest of Chnrles
Dr. and Mrs. Fdwin Ross enter
tained Judge and Mrs. P. A. Moore
of Salem, Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Hol
aday and Mr, Washburn of Seap
poose last week.
Dr. M. D. Harbour of Mayger
and Dr. J. L. Wooden of Clats
kanie visited at the home of Dr.
and Mrs. Zipperer l.tst Saturday
and Sunday.
A Snap
During the present week the St.
Helens Improvement Co. has se
cured an option on the 72 acre farm
known as the old Downing place
near Warren. This place has 40
acres In cultivation and the balance
in pasture, easily cleared. It Is on
the main Portland road, on a milk
route, rural delivery, and telephone.
Less than one mile from a depot
and about a half mile from a first
class high school. An excellent op
portunity for a dairy farm, there
being suflicient pasture and farm
lands to handle 30 cows. This place
can be bought for $125 per acre on
easy terms, and 7 per cent interest
on deferred payments. We have
also several other good farm propo
sitions and a number of houses and
lots in St. Helens which can be had
on the easy payment plan.
St. Helens Improvement Co.
A. T. Laws. Manager.
I nil... ... with 9. lis Irs of
TV 11 w . ...... . - r Call at St Helens lltitcl
Monday. Oct. V. end have Irs. Lowe
& Turner show you the new Invisible
bifocal, with which you can see all
distances. No splits, lines or seams
in the glass to ratc.s dirt or to strain
the eyes. No cement to blurr or
come apart. Light solid, smooth
lenses. They guarantee all their
glasses to give entire satisfaction,
whether they cost $2.00 or more.
One charge covers entire cost of ex
amination, frames, lenses. Free de
monstrations. Scores of references.
Remember the date. In St Helens
Oct. 27. Rainier Oct. 2H. Clatskanie
Oct. 29.
H. S. & M. S. Uurnhani to II. S.
& N. Littlefield. land In 80-7-2.
D. (!. Thayer to W. E. Neivson,
W. H. & L. I-emcko to W. E.
Neivson, land.
II. Hansen to Chris Hansen, land
in 22-3-2.
For Sale and Want Ads
AU U The C Jumna Bria, RMUU
Trappers- Mink want,.,!, v, ."1
uninjurwi. manest price paid. vVrltJ
rreu bveresi, nox 6.,, ()fe
Team for Sale - f years old ,i
broke. Weight about 2Mm
For particulars enquire of lvil
iiyuen, tH-nppxMia, wre. tp
. lr l(, tiwi(t.
with housework after school houri
r or particulars call at Mint office.
10 acres near Scappoose to trail,.
for 6 good cows and $100 cash, orl
would take a horse and $;mo rnort I
gage on land. Aug. Voss,
Island, Ore. jtp
For Kent -Rooms In the Itank I
building. Steutn heat, electric
I light, hot and cold water.
Columbia Co. Hunk.
All kinds of job work done at the I
Mist office, at reasonable prices.
Puilnrii l.l . I I .
nntw.v- ivuv. it'll nuv Inr I
A mi.t n ll f fdv 5.T IIP! PNS R PJSmr ti 0 F
ue i uyiiiULH i -a i . iil,uui i uuwitu,
-J: i "- -'.
r ..a.)fi.'.. (-'-.. .:' .s . - .: 4.' . . N- : - i v.
sale. C. W. Llnd. Warren.
One of the newest and coziest
residences in this city is shown this
week, the home of Mr. and Mrs. A.
L. Stone. Only a few short years
ago, not more than two, the prop
erty on the north side of Nigger
Creek was looked uon as !eing too
far out in the country to make a
desirable location for a home. Hut
Mr." and Mrs. Stone decided that
there was no more desirable loca
tion in the city for a home, so they
secured a couple of lots and erected
thereon the !eautifu! bungalow
shown in this picture. It is situ
ated on a blulT overlooking the
Columbia River, furnishing a view
for about 10 miles up and down the
river. During the summer months
the gentle breeze from the Colum
bia Ib wafted through the house of
the Stones, making it an ideal place
for a home. Since the Stone house
was built other beautiful homes
have been erected there until it has
become one of the choice portions
of the city.
Mrs. A. J. Defiling entertained in
formally on Thursday afternoon with a
card party in honor of Minn Adeline
Allen of Spokane. Two table of five
hundred were played, with Miss Ada
George holding the high score. Dainty
refreshment! were served. Those
present were: Miases Allen, Harris,
George, Perry, Muckle, Ketel, Mrs.
Eugene Illakesley and Mrs. I)eming.
You and your children are safe if
you wear Drs. Lowe & Turner's super
ior glasses eye safe and price safe.
They cost you no more than the in
ferior kinds usually sold and you have
the benefit of their skijl and many
years' experence as exclusive eye
sp cialints. They do net go from
house to house. Consult them for I
day only, Monday, Oct. 27, in parlor, St.
Hi Ions Hotel. Dozens of references.
Remember the day and date. Mon
day, Oct. 27.
When workmen demolished the
steeple of the Methodist church here
this week, tho old corner stone was
removed and several old articles taken
out, among thrm being an issue of the
Oregon Mist of March 2:ird, 1900.
The Mist was then edited by David
Davis and there sre several interesting
articles contained. An item or par
' itcular interest reads: "Work was be
gun on Tuesday by the Multnomah
i county rommissioneis on the building
of s bicycle path from Portland toward
the Columbia county line. The path
will be improved for a distance of
seventeen miles. If a path from St.
Helena to the county line could be
made, wheeling from here to Poitland
would be pleasant instead of irksome."
The home it J. W. VanNatta and
family was the scene of a pleasant
gathering last Sunday. F.ightc n in all
were present for dinner. Tho gather
ing was In honor of mr. and Mrs. II.
A. Hugillof Kalams. W'aih., who are
visiting at the VanNatta home. Those
present were Mr. and Mrs. II. A.
liugill of Kalnma, Wash., Mr. "and
( Mrs. I. G. Wickstrum snd daughters,
C. E. Wikstrom, Mrs Dupees snd Miss
'Lottie Morse of Scappoose, M'. and
Mrs. Prank llerdahl of Karhclur Pint,
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. VanNatta and child-
Congegation&l Church
A church home for friends and
Services -10 a m. Bible sch.)ol.
11 a. m. Preaching and worship.
1:'M) p. m. Song service and ser
mon. Wednesday, 7-I10 p. m. Mid
week service ami Bible study.
Everybody welcome.
F. J Meyer, Pastor. .
Itargain Sale Four lots and 5.
room house. Price f HoO, on giioj
terms. In Houlton, 1 1-2 blurb
from depot.
0-20-p ("has. Smith.
For Sale Two houses and two
lots. Reasonable prices. W. H.
Cm le, St. Helens, 4tp
Fresh Skamokawa Creamery but-
A 4.1k - at.. . II a I.I f
ut, ri renia me roil. mut'Kie bra-
eery Co.
I Election Notice
Purstant to a (K'tition signed by
ninety iunlifii'd electors of the city
of St. Helens, Oregon, presented to
the Mayor and Common Council of
said City, praying that a gwciiil
election be held in naiil city ua
Saturday, the 15lh day of Novem
Ikt, A. D.. 1013, for the purpose
of submitting to the electors of sail
city the ueslion of whether the
City of St. Helens shall be consoli
dated with the City of Houlton,
Oregon, a contiguous municipal cor
poration, under the name of the
City of St. Helens, Oregon;
Now, therefore, by order of the
Mayor of the City of St. Helens,
Oregon, and the Common Council
thereof, notice is hereby given that
o'i Suturday, Nov. l.r.tli, A. P.,
I'J 13, beginning at the hour of!
o'clock in the morning of said day
and continuing until 7 o'clock in the
afternoon thereof, a specisl elec
tion will be held at the City Hill in
the City of St. Helens, Oregon. fr
the purpose of submitting to the
electors of said Citv of St. lleleiu,
the question whether said City ut
St. Helens and tho City of lloulbm
shall In; consolidated into one cor
Dated Oct. I I, 1913.
K. K. Quick.
iU-corder of City of St. Helens.
Columbia County Pomona Grsnpe
will meet with Yankton Grange
(Nov. 1st. This meeting is of grill
importance to all Grangers as there
will Ik? resolutions of great interest
introduced at this meeting. A'l
R. N. Iivelace.
Master of Poinons.
By Gross
oJT.reu. ill, te 100 J ce t er&y M ntce ( a m s'&J U ice a voo W-L